Range Report: TRUGLO TSX Pro Series 5-pin

TSX Pro Series Micro-Adjust

I have the envious position of getting to play with a lot of equipment and calling it work. With bow season rapidly approaching—at least in my mind—I have been crawling through catalogs and samples looking for a new bow sight. One product that caught my eye enough to order for a review was the TRUGLO TSX Pro Series 5-pin.

bow sight with fiber optic housing
The author’s favorite bow sight designs feature fiber optic that are completely protected such as the TSX Pro Series from TRUGLO.

The TSX Pro Series is based on TRUGLO’s proven Tru-site Xtreme design and has the features and components I look for in a bow sight. First, the TSX Pro Series looks and feels solid. The mounting bracket and housing is soft to the touch—thanks to TRUGLO’s TRU•TOUCH soft-feel technical coating—however, below that is an all-metal construction with enough machining to eliminate extra weight without sacrificing strength.

The first make-or-break feature of a sight I look for is a circular pin housing. It sounds simple and is most common today. One of my favorite sights from a couple of decades ago (still rattling around in basement) incorporated a “D” shaped pin guard. In those days, we centered the pin in the peep sight. This caused a couple of problems, which were not as significant as the advantage offered when using a round pin guard.

Think back to when you were a kid. Did you ever use the cardboard center of a roll of paper towels or Christmas wrapping paper as a spyglass? You had to look straight through the roll. If it was off, even by just a little, the image on the far end would be obstructed. The distance between the peep sight and pin guard has the same effect and immediately reveals any torque or misalignment by the shooter for better accuracy.

Pins and Fiber Optics

I hate to admit that my eyesight is not what it used to be—more to myself than you—but regardless of age, any hunter can benefit by an illuminated pin. A brighter pin offers a better aim point in bright as well as low-light conditions. The exception would be when the pin becomes too bright and causes a halo that obstructs the archer’s view. The TSX Pro Series uses about nine inches of fiber optic to power the .019-inch pin. The fiber optic is channeled through stainless steel pin tubes. This provides a strong platform and superior protection to ensure the fiber optic cable will be intact when you are ready to take the shot.

These pins are plenty bright to get the job done, but certainly not the brightest I have ever seen. That is not a slight, but just shows a great balance. However, if you need more light, TRUGLO has included an adjustable purple LED to power the fiber optics. This certainly increases the brightness, but also caused a bit of haloing on the green pins. (Author’s note: Always check local regulations to ensure this is legal to have on your bow before hunting).

Additional Features

The TSX Pro Series is flat-out tough. From the CNC machined bracket to fully protected fiber optic pins, the TSX is tough enough to handle the back 40 as well as it would a several mile pack into the backcountry.

A quality archery sight always surpasses expectations with features that demonstrate quality and attention to detail. The TSX features a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring that circles the pin housing and aids alignment in low-light as well as bright, daytime conditions. Likewise, the level has a strip of reflective tape behind the level to increase visibility.

TSX Pro Series Micro-Adjust
Toolless micro-adjust capability is not a necessity, but certainly makes sighting in much easier.

The TSX goes beyond simple adjustment with ultra-fine click adjustments for both windage and elevation. This makes setting up and adjusting the sight quick and easy. It is also a bonus when recording the difference between sight settings for field points and broadheads.

In the past, I was a nationally ranked archer, archery pro shop owner and coach for many years. I shudder at the memory of some of the bows I worked on and in a few cases, the solutions I came up with to make them work. Solutions that would not have been necessary with the TSX Pro Series.

The TSX Pro Series bow sight is adjustable on both the second and third axis. This allows you adjust the sight to calibrate the bubble level against a level surface. However, when the bow is tilted such as when the archer is shooting uphill or downhill—from a tree stand for instance—the level could still be off. Therefore, it needs to be adjusted on the third axis to ensure the level reads the same when shooting horizontal as it is when shooting at an angle.

If you are looking for a quality sight with all of the features a hunter wants and needs, the TSX Prop Series is for you. Do not let the name fool you either. Over the past few seasons, I have hunted with sights costing six or seven times as much as the TSX Pro Series. However, I cannot say they surpassed the features, offered any more quality, or reliability than I have found with TRUGLO’s TSX.

Do you have any experience with a TSX Pro Series sight? Let us know in the comment section.

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