Product Review: Beman ICS Hunter Pro Lost Camo

Beman ICS hunter Pro Lost Camo

If a game animal can see your arrow and identify the color of the fletching or whether or not it has camo, believe me when I tell you the game was over some time ago. That being said, I love camo arrows. Even if the camo is only for the hunter. At times I have matched the camo of the arrows to camo on the bow. Other times, I have used it to distinguish my arrows from other shooters’ arrows using the same target. Whatever the reason, camo matters! Beman’s new ICS Hunter Pro series of shafts are billed as Beman’s “most advanced lightweight carbon” and for good reason.


The ICS Hunter Pro comes equipped with Microlite S Nocks and ViBrake Hot Tail inserts. The Microlite S Nock is a short, stiff nock that increases accuracy by reducing torque. Whether you are shooting ICS Hunter Pro shafts or another arrow, the Microlite S Nock is an ideal choice for any arrow that is Super Nock compatible.

Beman ViBrake inserts
A lot of attention is paid to shafts, but without top quality components, such as the S nock, shaft straightness would mean little.

Microlite S Nocks add about 8 grains to the back of the arrow. That is several grains lighter than many nocks and improves flight by increasing the front-of-center (FOC) of the arrow. Think of a rock tied to a string. Wherever the rock goes the string follows. An arrow is much the same and follows the heavy arrow point at the front. The heavier the point, the farther forward the balance point is from the physical midpoint of the arrow, FOC.

My ICS Hunter Pro shafts came with ViBrake Hot Tail inserts. One problem that has plagued archers for years was screw in points or broadheads that rattled loose. I have seen solutions that ranged from vice grips to thread locking adhesives to wax. Each solution was an aftermarket attempt to solve a common problem. Beman’s ViBrake Hot Tail inserts reduce vibration and assist in quickly stabilizing the arrow for more accurate shooting. As a side benefit, thread lockers should be a solution of the past.

ICS Hunter Pro Shafts

The ICS Hunter Pro is an all carbon arrow and boasts ± .002” straightness. This is plenty accurate for any hunting and all but the most extreme levels of competition. Olympians and similar levels of competition may prefer an arrow with ± .001” straightness, but those arrows typically have many other target enhancing features as well.

Beman ICS hunter Pro Lost Camo
Beman’s ICS Hunter Pro shafts are offered in three different spine weights and come dressed in Lost Camo. With a straightness rating of + .002”, the ICS Hunter Pros are ideal for both hunting and target shooting.

The ICS Hunter Pro comes decked with a PhotoFusion camo weave of Lost Camo and is offered in three different spines. 340s weight in at 8.8 grains-per-inch (g.p.i.), 400s weigh 8.1 g.p.i. and 500s weigh 7.5 g.p.i. Weight is important when calculating speed and kinetic energy. Lighter arrows fly faster and enjoy a flatter trajectory making range estimation less critical. Heavier arrows hit harder penetrate deeper and generally help to quiet the bow.

At the Range

At the range, the Beman ICS did not disappoint. Shooting a 425-grain arrow from a Mathews Z7, the ICS clocked 279 fps with about 73.5 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. The bow remained quiet, not that I would have expected anything less from a Mathews and an arrow of that weight. After a quick tuning session—and a receding crosswind—the ICS Hunter Pros were groping primarily in the spot on a standard NFAA target at 60 yards. What else could you ask for in a hunting or target arrow?

Have you shot the Beman ICS Hunter Pro arrow? Let us know about your favorite arrow in the comment section.

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