1,000 Shootings Before May — Should Rahm Emanuel Resign?

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Although not everyone lives in Chicago, we all have an opinion about the gun violence and how it affects our Second Amendment rights. So, when reading a recent post the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) for Rahm Emanuel to resign, it got me to thinking and wondering how the rest of felt about it. After all, if you are going to push for stricter gun laws while watching your city spiral down with more violence and blaming the lawful gun owners for the actions of the lawless, shouldn’t he take some responsibility? CCRKBA's red white and blue Logo Here is the full release from the CCRKBA.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is calling on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign and “admit his incompetence” after Wednesday’s report that there have been 1,000 shootings in Chicago so far this year.

“Rahm Emanuel’s administration has been a disaster for public safety,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “His incompetence and anti-gun ideology as a public official are responsible for his inability to deal with this situation. So far this year, there have been more than 170 homicides, and the mayor has been all talk and no results.

“His gun control and crime reduction policies have hurt the most vulnerable citizens in Chicago,” he continued. “Under Emanuel’s leadership, the city has never really complied with the spirit of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling in McDonald v. City of Chicago. His restrictive policies have prevented gun stores, where people could obtain the tools to defend themselves and their families. His administration has resisted shooting ranges where citizens could get training and practice. Six years after McDonald, there are still no gun stores or ranges inside the city limits. There is no encouragement to fight back against the violent thugs and drug gangs who prey on the public and have turned the city into a slaughterhouse.

“While the mayor has allowed his city to descend toward anarchy,” Gottlieb added, “his administration has worked aggressively to keep the public disarmed and vulnerable, making them all victims of Emanuel’s failed policies.

“When an elected official consistently fails to lead, when his policies result in more suffering for the citizens he is supposed to represent, and when his strategies have proven to be one huge demonstrable failure, then it is time for him to step down,” he insisted.

“The Chicago Tribune today is calling the shooting total ‘a grim milestone,’ and that certainly describes the overall situation,” Gottlieb observed. “Rahm Emanuel has been a failure at making his city safer. Instead, the carnage has taken Chicago backwards, and the outlook is grim so long as Emanuel stays in office, pushing an agenda that has surrendered the streets and neighborhoods to a criminal element that seems to thrive on violence.

“It is time for Rahm Emanuel to go,” he concluded.

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Is it time for Rahm Emanuel to resign? Share you opinion in the comment section.


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  1. So all the voters that say ” I cannot vote for either candidate for the POTUS” and doesn’t vote, IS a vote for Hillary. Facts are facts a non-participation in the voting process is a VOTE for Hillary. Why is that so hard to figure out. Hillary is looking for you to NOT Vote as all the illegals, democrats and RINOs that vote 5-6 times for Hillary. When you don’t vote and she is elected and your now a criminal due to national California-esk firearm laws, Look in the mirror as your the ones that elected her. Pitiful that you think your making some sort of statement, and yes you are. it is to VOTE for Hillary by not voting for her opponent

    1. That’s just not true. Not voting for somebody is not the same as voting for them. You saying that means that you don’t think Trump has a chance to win unless everybody that’s a democrat and is in favor of the second amendment and doesn’t want to vote for her votes for him instead of nobody at all. This is the problem with many people today. They are all one sided and don’t understand that everybody is different and has there own beliefs. That’s why our government has literally had to shut down because nobody can compromise and everybody is bullheaded. If I am a dem but hate what Hillary stands for and don’t want to vote for her then I won’t. And if I can’t stand trump for different reasons but hate him with equal disgust then I won’t vote for him either. That is my American right to do what I want and vote for who I want. I’m not on hear telling other people what to do and stuff so you need to not say stuff like that. Not voting is not voting for Hillary. If you really believe that then you must not have any faith in your own parties ability to win by themselves and without the help of all the dems like me that are second amendment advocates and won’t vote for somebody that puts that in jeopardy. Basically all I’m trying to say is we are all Americans and all have the same rights to vote how we want and for who we want and it’s not anybody else’s place to tell them that they are wrong for doing that.

  2. It makes no sense to attack Mayor Rahm for all of the shootings in Chicago. It is well recognized that the city has an extreme gang violence problem that has seen many, many innocent citizens some of them children caught in a seemingly endless cycle of revenge shootings. What the city needs is a concerted effort to deal with the root causes of the gang problem. Firing the mayor will not change this problem one bit. I find it hard to believe the Rahm would not do something within in his power to change things if he could. This problem is much bigger than him. Also, this situation did not develop overnight and will not be ended overnight as well. Note that I am a gun owner who shoots once a week when the Spouse will let me out of the house on good behavior so don’t read any “liberal left” “gun control” slant to this posting. My simple point is that it makes not sense to demand the mayor’s resignation simply because of the number of shootings in Chicago. Does he need to get on this? Sure he does. Demanding his resignation as a sign of incompetence is just a publicity stunt.

  3. I agree that’s why I said I don’t think I’m going to be able to vote this year. I cannot vote for somebody who is against my beliefs and my passion and my number one hobby. I like everything about the 2nd amendment and cannot and will not vote for somebody that can and will put this in jeopardy. And as for voting for the other party, I have done this before but only if I like them better then my own party and to me personally I don’t like either of them with equal disgust. I think it is your responsibility as an American to exercise your right to vote but this year I am definitely unsure if I can.
    I also agree that the dems in office these days are not what they used to be but neither are the republicans. I do t care what party you are but if you are in the government you need to be able to get along and compromise with each other. It’s just unacceptable that our gov has had to shut down because the two parties can’t get along and solve any of the many problems our country is facing.

    1. Congratulations, Mark: you just announced your intentional failure to ‘cancel-out’ a vote FOR Hillary Diane Rodham “What difference at this point does it make” Clinton.

      Meanwhile; a quote to keep and repeat as often as possible:

      “[My mom] is the only candidate running who has a rabid disdain for the 2nd Amendment. So it matters to me that my mom is the only person running for president who not only constantly makes that connection but also has a strong record on gun control and standing up to the NRA.”
      –Chelsea Victoria Clinton, January, 2016

  4. Maybe Rahm should be mad to walk a police beat on the south side for a few weeks!
    Yep, those restrictive gun laws in Chicago are working real well, eh?

  5. When the News media talk about killing by guns why is it never mentioned what percent of the killings were done by felon’s who are not allowed to have a gun in their passion or by a person who is not the legal owner or a person with a stolen gun vice a person who in fact owns the gun legally in the killing. Using their theory If they think taking the guns away from legal owners will stop shootings and crime then lets get rid of the police so their is no deterrents to crime at all and all crime should stop. LOL

  6. Beside the fact that he is a Dual Citizen (US/Israel) and shouldn’t be entitled to hold the office of Mayor of an American city, let alone a major one like Chiraq, I think he’s doing a splendid job of allowing nature to take its course.

    If White people would just stay out of the way, they could probably have the land back in about 10-15 years after they drive off the remnants. That is of course if you help the indigies with extra ammo, crack, and heroin. Rahm can talk to his Israeli arms & drug cartel buddies about that action.

    It’s all in how you look at it I guess.

  7. Rahm Emanuel should be returned to the cesspool he was dredged out of .He is on of those who is quite capable of screwing up a junkyard.

  8. He’ll have secret service protection – FOR LIFE!
    It used to be lifetime secret service protection for ex-presidents, then somewhere along the line it changed to 10 years after leaving office.
    Egotistical Obama was DAMN SURE to change it back to lifetime protection!

    If you vote for democrats, YOU ARE VOTING TO DISARM US!
    You can’t have it both ways, Hillary is openly declaring her intent to take our gun rights.
    At this point it is a case of – you are with us, or against us.

  10. First, people need to get a grip on the whole “democrats are all anti-gun” myth. I’m a democrat and I stand against irrational gun control and think that the entire nation should be allowed to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. Chicago and every other area that is deprived of it’s rights should protest, and protest hard. The rest of us should do whatever we can to support them. The 2A is not negotiable, and is not to be infringed upon. Chicago is a prime example of how things SHOULDN’T be done. New York is no better. It’s crap that I have to look through lists just to see where I can and can’t carry when I travel. But my anger is nothing compared to the sorrow felt by victims in Chicago and elsewhere, who can’t even defend themselves because they live in a place that doesn’t honor our nation’s Bill of Rights. So before you bag on Dems just remember, we aren’t all anti-gun, just like all of you Republicans aren’t as dumb as GW Bush.

    1. Well said cath8r. I couldn’t agree more. I am also a democrat, a NRA member and a huge supporter of the 2nd amendment. This is the first year sense I’ve been of age that I might not vote this election year because I just can’t bring myself to help elect somebody that I disagree with so much no matter rep or dem. I think it’s just a shame what is going on with our country. How can anybody with any kind of common sense think it’s ok to not be able to defend yourself. Chicago is the perfect example that proves that violence is worse when you take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. all this gun control talk literally has me sick to my stomach. All the research out there also proves that there is actually less gun violence in places that allow people to have guns then in places that doesn’t. Everything that these politicians are saying is absolutely bs. I’m not sure exactly what we need to do to protect our right to bare arms but I do know for starters is to not vote for anybody who threatens this right. I hope this all blows by soon because one thing I do know is that this could get real ugly real fast. I know I’m not giving up my guns or my constitutional right without a fight. And I think everybody needs to do the same.

    2. When it gets to the point that “they” come to take your guns, are you going to hand them over or are you ready to take a life. At that point it will be them or you.
      Instead of sitting out the elections, figure out if your 2nd Amended rights are important enough for you. If the Democrat Hillary gets in, I will promise guns will be either super regulated or when she gets to pick the Supreme Court to replace Scalia, PLUS two and possibly THREE more during her term.
      Just maybe Trump isn’t looking so bad after all???
      If you love your ability to protect your loved ones, there is no other choice. You may be surprised. And maybe you’re really not a “DumbocRat”??

    3. cath8r, You had a good comment going until the last half of the last sentence. GW was not “dumb” by a long shot, and far exceeded the last 4 “D” presidents (including Mr. Obama) in my lifetime with regard to character and leadership. By the way I don’t consider any of them “dumb” either. On your main point however I cannot for the life of me figure out how a second amendment advocate can be a democrat. I can understand voting for a democrat in local and even state races when appropriate, there are some solid candidates at those levels. However, to be a democrat and vote democrat at a national level is sheer lunacy when you consider the aims of the national committee related to guns. And you know Hillary will be a disaster for gun rights. Sorry, just can’t figure that out. Be safe!

    4. Voting for Democrats is voting against the Second Amendment.

      And against pro-American foreign policy, against economic growth, against good education especially for minorities, against a balanced budget, against police, for higher taxes and spending, for more regulations, for more borrowing, for turning felons loose, for higher energy prices, for perverts in bathrooms, for illegal immigrants taking American jobs, for increasing America’s population by over 100 million by 20250, for racial unrest, for more people on welfare, and for lax voting laws.

    5. Cath8r, while you claim not to be for gun control, most of those (Democrats) who represent you are. Therefore by voting for “Anti-gun Democrats” you are supporting gun control. You cannot be pro 2nd Amendment and still vote for those who would like to see it watered down, restricted, negated, or repealed by any means possible. Like it or not, the Democrat Party has evolved from what it once was to what it is today.

    6. Sorry cath8r but you lost your credibility with your second sentence statement that you are against “irrational” gun control. By inference you are in favor of “rational” gun control, which virtually every Dem gun control advocate espouses to be seeking. That “rational” gun control is minimizing magazine size, limiting the ability to carry concealed to only those who can demonstrate a need, that the mere fact that a 5.56 caliber rifle has a pistol grip makes it an assault weapon and should be banned. All gun control advocates believe the existing or proposed restrictions of the second amendment are rational and necessary. I guarantee not a single advocate would every say, ” Well you may be right that the restrictions are irrational but we want them anyway because they will reduce crime and “gun” violence!”.
      Even if you “irrational” comment was a slip it belies the vast majority of liberals core make up, that they believe we need government control because we, the general populace of the United States, are incapable of making rational decisions for ourselves.
      One last question, would you say that after years of Dem leadership (using the phrase leadership loosely) are our second amendment rights more or less secure. If you answer more secure, then facts have no meaning and you make my point that Dems don’t even know the harm they are doing. If you answer less secure, then you also make my point that government control is necessary to control the ignorant masses.

    7. Cath8r, listen. 30 years ago there used to be “blue-dog democrats”. They were more conservative than most of their party, many from the South, kind of like a redneck that favors welfare. Some of them in Congress were pretty good 2A supporters. But there are no longer any left. They have been driven out of the Democrat Party (now taken over by the ultra left who are now in charge) and now are mostly the more liberal elements of the Republican Party. So Cath8r, if you vote Democrat, you vote AGAINST the 2A…period. There is no other way to say it!!

    8. cath8r wrote:

      “So before you bag on Dems just remember, we aren’t all anti-gun”

      But you’ll still vote for Clinton; right?

      Pay CLOSE attention here:

      “[My mom] is the only candidate running who has a rabid disdain for the 2nd Amendment. So it matters to me that my mom is the only person running for president who not only constantly makes that connection but also has a strong record on gun control and standing up to the NRA.”
      –Chelsea Victoria Clinton, January, 2016

  11. When Obama finally gets out of office and becomes a private citizen and returns to his home town of Chicago, tell him that, because private citizens are not allowed to have guns he may no longer have the armed protection of the Secret Service. Let’s see if he likes that.

    1. Dale,

      While I definitely feel your sentiment and are pro 2nd Amendment all the way; I have unfortunate news for you regarding your comment…Any and all former presidents & First Ladies get secret service protection FOR LIFE. It’s not just former presidents either, that also goes for senators and congressmen as well! Yes I know, what another great way to spend our tax money but this is the sad truth. So Mr. Obama will still not have to know what it’s like to have to personally defend himself or his family like the rest of us.

      If even a handful of these politicians (especially the “anti 2nd Amendment” LIBERAL wack jobs) had to actually protect themselves and their families, there would be BIG CHANGES in Washington and all these extreme left-wing ideoligical cities and states.

      It’s sad that SO MANY must suffer and or die before the general will wake up and see that more gun laws ONLY hurt and weaken the LAW ABIDING citizen’s ability to protect his & hers, criminals don’t care about the law in the first place (hence the CRIMINAL part lol), so more laws ONLY stop those who follow laws. Those who follow laws (us), are not the ones to worry about…apparently the elected officials that we hired to represent us must not know or understand this very simple concept…

  12. GOOD LORD! Don`t these thugs and democrats KNOW that Chicago is a “GUN FREE ZONE” ? Those gun free zone signs all over Chi-Town must be defective!

  13. All of these stories expose one of the basic facts of “common sense” gun control: the lack of common sense. Who would call an exterminator to fix the toilet? Yet that is what the gun-control nuts continue to do. Where are the answers from people who are truly the experts on gun safety: mainly the NRA instructors and the like? If the gun-grabbers don’t want all of our guns, as they continually spout, then why don’t they understand that they aren’t the experts: gun people are! Who better to “fix” the gun problem? Another thing that all voting gun owners need to be aware of is that the Dems are laying in the weeds right now on the issue of gun control because they know that it is a losing issue in elections. Once the dems get control, they will start to push the envelope again. Press your democrat friends who are also gun owners to be stand-up on this one and to not be blind to the fact of this. Once we lose our gun rights, it will be almost impossible to get them back. Let’s push for common-sense government control.


    1. They are bad shots. Just as bad as some of the police that shoot 40 rounds and only hit the thug 3 or 4 times!

  15. No, just keep blaming the neighbors; Wisconsin, Small Town Illinois, that sort of thing. The trick to successful politics is to blame someone else for any problems or shortcomings.

    1. That`s where Obama learned his game at. Blame others, especially the republicans for his lack of success.

  16. There is NO SUCH THING as “gun violence” It is simply violence ” Gun Violence id a politically correct term employed by one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberals to FORCE their agenda on everyone!! If there were such a thing then hammer violence knife violence and auto violence would be incorporated into their vocabulary

    If what our one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberal “friends” say is true about we second amendment supporters then why aren’t all of them dead yet?

    1. Because they feel SAFE behind their army of well armed agents, which they feel entitled to by virtue of their superiority. WE are expendable – THEY are not, THEY ARE IMPORTANT! The more “capability” they succeed in taking from us, outlawing our AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines, THE MORE EMBOLDENED THEY BECOME! Until the day that they are surrounded by thousands of motivated riflemen, they will feel that they are alive because of their well armed security teams!

    His city is performing a vital service – if not for the statistics generated in his, and other like cities – THERE WOULD BE NO JUSTIFICATION FOR GUN CONTROL AT ALL! Every time there is an “opportunity” (mass shooting) we are barraged with STATISTICS of violent gun deaths, the deception being that if we succumb to citizen disarmament, the world will be a beautiful place.
    The lawful citizens that will be disarmed by gun control are not generating any significant part of gun death statistics!

    The millions of lawful gun owners that are responsible, are the gun owners that are seen as a threat to progressive politicians.

  18. Of course he should resign . . or be impeached. He is exactly the same kind of political parasite as we are saddled with in the White House, and he got there the same way . . . by gathering in the votes of wealthy Liberals who want their personal agenda furthered, and of the families of the very same gangsters who are slaughtering each other because they want the government to provide welfare and pay all their bill. With the hard earned money of the working class.

    But he won’t,, because he has no honor or conscience. he is a liar and a thief like so many other politicians propelled into power by duping the welfare masses.

    1. Amen on every single word you said. I still to this day do not understand how he can skirt around the 2010 McDonald vs Chicago Supreme Court ruling? Apparently a city administration as corrupt as Rahm Emanuel. Total contempt and hypocrisy. Every good citizen of Chicago should be marching and protesting for his resignation.

  19. Emanuel is another incompetent who worked for Obama and really doesn’t give a crap how many people get shot as long as he stays in office and there is no provision in law to remove him except by elections. So good luck. This guy is a loser like Obama and most of the people he surrounds himself with. Many of his top people are either incompetent or racist or both. Should be no surprise with Emanuel.

  20. If the people of Chicago had any common sense, he never would have been elected in the first place!

  21. I spend all of my work days in Chicago, but saying that I am in Chicago tells you little about the real situation. The question is, where in Chicago am I?

    On the Near North Side, as the area just north of the Chicago River is called and where I work, there were 0.3 violent crimes per 1000 people in the last 30 days and only one homicide in the last year. Just over 80,000 people live here, which means there are fewer homicides here than the US national average (3.8 per 100,000 people).

    On the South Side in what is known as Englewood, there were 2.1 violent crimes per 1000 people in the last 30 days and 26 homicides in the last year in this community of 30,000 people. That is almost one homicide per 1,000 people per year, 20 times more than the national average. Many of these homicide perpetrators and victims are 18-to-35 year old males, gang member on gang member, often black on black or hispanic on hispanic.

    So what can you do to defend yourself here, beyond staying away from known hot spots? And yes, the situation is worse than this Shooter’s Log suggests. The local papers have stopped reporting murders as separate stories. Tuesday there were 14 shootings including 2 deaths, which are put together into one story:

    You can now legally concealed carry in Chicago, but you will have to leave Chicago to obtain your training as no one is allowed to train for the CCW permit in Chicago. No FFL’s are allowed to reside in Chicago and the ranges that once existed were denied business permits at renewal time. You are not allowed to buy or possess ammo without a background check and a FOID (Firearm Owner ID) card. When you buy ammo online you cannot have it shipped to Chicago, so you have to go outside of the city to purchase ammo, weapons, training and range time.

    Restaurants that derive more than 50% of their revenue from the sale of alcohol are required to post no gun signs at all entrances. CCW permit holders with a gun are not allowed in bars, public transportation, parks, any event that requires a permit or sells alcohol, in any business that chooses to post a no gun sign. If you are found carrying in a business with a posted sign your CCW and FOID are revoked and you faces charges of a class B misdemeanor. In other words, you have to sell all of your guns and ammo and wait five years to start the application process again.

    One high end grocery, Mariano’s, had protestors with signs marching outside of one of their suburban stores until they posted no gun signs in their stores.

    Carrying in the city of Chicago requires a careful process of planning each trip including your route, your mode of transportation, the areas you will pass through on foot, the businesses you will walk into and the areas where you can legally secure your weapon. If you are not driving your own car–Uber and most taxis have a no gun policy and public transportation is out–it can be challenging to say the least. I ride a bicycle around Chicago which is helpful except when you arrive at your destination and realize you cannot legally enter with a concealed weapon.

    I wish the Chicago politicians would spend more time in Wyoming. When you go to dinner in my home state, every would-be criminal knows that probably a quarter of the people in the restaurant are carrying–no permit required–and would gladly step up if someone began a violent act. I know those politicians find it hard to believe, but we have very little violent crime in Wyoming and gun fights do not break out over minor disagreements.

    1. First, I spent time in the Chicago area when my brother lived there, and I would never spend more than an hour there ever again, and that just to change planes at O’Hare.

      Second, Chicago politicians should never be allowed to travel outside the city as they would represent a bio-hazard everywhere they went.

      Third, just like Baltimore and Washington DC, the people of Chicago got exactly what they asked for and deserved. These Liberal slugs are voted into office by wealthy Liberal business people and the families of those very gang-bangers who are slaughtering each other. So, sorry, but I have zero sympathy for them.

      I DO have a lot of sympathy and empathy for the people of places like Colorado and Virginia who don’t want these Liberal worms trying to dictate their lives, but get overwhelmed by the usual Lib power base. And this is only going to get worse and worse as the population of the big cities continues to grow and grow.

      And one final grain of food for thought. People of conscience hate Planned Parenthood because they facilitate thousands of abortions every year and do despicable things to make money off the slaughtered fetuses, and that is not without a certain degree of justification. But in major cities, the abortion rate for inner city dwellers is greater than the number of live births. For example,” In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.”

      Citation:, Feb 20, 2014.

      Similar stats exist for most major cities including Washington DC and Baltimore. Think about that for a minute and consider that instead of 24, 758 future welfare voters, it could have been 56,086.

  22. Anyone with an ounce of integrity would’ve resigned long before now, much less run for reelection. For Democrats, unfortunately, elected office isn’t about ethical governance, any more than gun control is about public safety. It’s tempting to say Chicogoans deserve to suffer the consequences of poor choices. Perhaps they should make Rahmbo Emanuel mayor-for-life, where he could become a national poster-child for the folly of big-city gun-control policies.

  23. I doubt Rahmbo reads the CCKRBA blog. If they want to send a message, they should do it in a forum more people will see, like a petition (and then deliver the petition to City Hall).

  24. They call it Crapcago for a reason. The “gangsta” image is notorious worldwide. And probably more corrupt than Washington DC. It’s all about power and thievery. Until the good folks there finally get mad enough to want a change, and throw old Commie Rahmmy out and put in someone who truly cares, the kids suffer, the parents suffer and the city will suffer.
    What’s the saying?? You reap what you sow. And while they continue to elect these hood rat criminals to run all the political offices while sucking every drop of prosperity from the working class,,grind their fingers to the bone, to try to make ends meet citizens, it just doesn’t occur to them that they could do so much better by electing someone like Rudy Giuliani. YES. A Republican and getting rid of the corruption. Hope and change so far is ABSENT

  25. “Should Rahm Emanuel Resign After 1,000 Shootings Already This Year?”

    To answer that question we need to know if this is an increase or a decrease from the number at this time last year. The article does include this information.

  26. What are you comparing it to? Hey claims. Shot’s Fired to date, is 1,161! Homicides to date, is 194 or roughly 16.7%! Barely something that makes the National News.

  27. All liberals are incompetent, and they are stubborn also… There is no way an obama spawn will admit any shortage in the (lack of) brains department

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