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The Quintessential Gift Guide for Gun Lovers

A personal weapon is always a gift of trust

From the super cheap to the super expensive, here is the ultimate list of gift ideas for gun lovers.

$10 and Under

Ammo—You can find a box of practice ammo (generally full metal jacket) in all calibers for less than $10 a box. Click here to buy ammo.

Targets—Paper targets start out at less than two bucks a pack. Shooters never have enough of them. Favorites include traditional silhouettes, Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird reactive targets and game-type targets for fun at the range. Click here to buy shooting targets.

Passive earmuffs—There are plenty of reputable companies that make passive earmuffs (a gun range essential) for less than $10. Same with safety glasses. Click here to buy hearing and eye protection.

Soft-sided handgun and revolver cases—For quick range trips and typical transporting, a soft-sided gun case protects their handgun, as well as stay cased, as most gun ranges require. There are nearly 100 different types of soft-sided handgun cases in different colors and styles to choose from that cost less than $10. Click here to buy gun cases.

Magazines—It is easy to stock up on quality AR-15 and AK-47 magazines for less than $10 each. Click here to buy magazines.

$25 and Under

Cleaning kits—A combination cleaning kit will keep all their guns—rifles, shotguns and handguns—in tip-top shape. Favorites include Hoppe’s, Outers, DAC Technologies and bore snake kits. Click here to buy a cleaning kit.

More Magazines—PMAGs—every carbine owners favorite magazines are less than $20, as well as are many good 1911 and other semiautomatic handgun magazines. Click here to buy magazines.

Blowout kit—A first aid kit containing QuickClot and a large bandage for dressing wounds is an essential part of every shooter’s range bag. Click here to buy a first aid kit.

Fire starter—Fire starters from Ultimate Survival Technologies are the most popular and highest reviewed. All are compact enough to pack in anyone’s EDC, go-bag or even clip on a key chain. Click here to buy a fire starter.

Tool kits—A screwdriver set is great not only for basic gunsmithing jobs, but around the house, as well. Click here to buy a tool kit.

$50 and Under

Instructional DVDs—Instruction DVDs from Panteao Productions bring famous instructors right into your home and cost less than classes. Supplement hands-on classes at your local range with DVDs starting at $44.54. Click here to buy DVDs.

Bipod—Extendable bipods from UTG will give the common rifleman and hunter a steady support when shooting prone. If you are willing to spend a bit more—Harris bipods are the best. Click here to buy a bipod.

Folding Knife—A 3-inch or longer serrated blade is very popular. You can get a very good, sharp and solid blade from Kershaw, CRKT, Cold Steel or Ka-Bar for under $50. Most serrated models come in plain blades if a plain edge is preferred. Click here to buy a knife.

Tactical Rifle Cases—From backpack style to drag bags, to bags that look like its holding tennis rackets, there is a soft-side rifle case that fits their carbine and their style without having to break a $100 bill. Click here to buy a tactical rifle case.

Maglula—Rifle and handgun magazine speedloaders save time at the range, as well as your thumbs. These speedloaders load ammo into magazines quickly and smoothly without causing shooter fatigue. Click here to buy a speedloader.

$100 and Under

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool—The Leatherman Wave has been a toolbox staple since 1998. It is the multi-tool experts’ best-selling tool. With 17 tools, this is the ultimate pocketknife. Click here to buy a multi-tool.

Shooting glasses—Wiley X-Wear, a top brand in tactical safety and sunglasses have a few choices under the $100 mark that offer fog-free eye protection for shooters. Click here to buy shooting glasses.

SureFire Flashlight—The handheld 6P and G2 series of SureFire tactical lights are a classic for law enforcement and military personal, as well as the ultimate do-want flashlight for home-defense and for those who conceal carry. Click here to buy a light.

Electronic Hearing Protection—Electronic hearing protection incorporates microphones to amplify necessary range commands for training and competition, but also dampens damaging loud noises like gunshots. A good set of ProEars is just under $100 and are made for both men and women. Click here to buy electronic hearing protection.

Range bags—Range bags with multi pockets keep shooters organized at the range and everything in one place. Pick out a bigger bags with shoulder straps designed to hold more than one handgun, ammo, eyes and ears, as well as other range essentials. Click here to buy a range bag.

Over $100

Red dot—Quality red dots from Aimpoint, EOTech or Trijicon are on every AR owner’s wish list. If those prices make you choke, then grab a decent red dot sight for under $200 from TruGlo Tru-Tec or the Bushnell TRS-25. Click here to buy a red dot sight.

Universal green laser—Green lasers that fit on Picatinny and Weaver rails will fit any firearm with a rail system and are easier to see during the day, as well as in low-light and no-light situations. Lasers from Lasermax and Crimson Trace are reliable and the most recommended. Click here to buy a laser.

Handguards and rail systems—The hot item right now for ARs and AKs are M-LOK and KeyMod handguards and rail systems from Midwest Industries, Troy, Magpul and Daniel Defense. For classic handguard and rail systems, look at free-floating systems from the same brands. Click here to buy handguards and rail systems.

Hydration Backpack—A backpack for the range, bug-out or everyday carry that is hydration compatible from Camelbak, Maxpedition or Blackhawk! isn’t something you might think a gun nut would want, but believe me, it just goes with the territory. Click here to buy a backpack.

Gun—What does everyone gun lover want? More guns! Choose from shotguns, handguns, revolvers, or all types of rifles from the very cheap to the they-have-been-very-nice… Click here to buy a gun.

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  1. All that I have asked for for my birthday and x-mas, was ammo in a caliber suitable for one of the weapons I owned.

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