PTR Industries to Leave Connecticut by Year End

PTR Industries

Today, PTR Industries issued this statement and following communication.

A Statement Concerning Manufacturing Encouragement, Economic Growth, and Protection of the Constitutional Rights of Citizens.

This past week an historic and highly controversial bill was passed by the State of Connecticut which will have far reaching consequences to the state, its citizens,and businesses. The bill we refer to is Bill No. 1160, AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDRENS SAFETY. This bill purports to reduce gun violence by banning hardware responsible for less than three percent of homicides in 2011 and claims to increase children’s safety by restricting the ability of those most responsible for it—their parents—to defend them.

PTR Industries As a firearms manufacturing firm, our industrial roots reach deep in the State of CT. Along with other companies in the trade, we were deeply apprehensive at the hurried process to develop new gun laws and fearful that it would generate unintended consequences for our industry. On Thursday April 4, 2013, upon reading the full text of Bill 1160, our worst fears were confirmed. What emerged was a bill fraught with ambiguous definitions, insufficient considerations for the trade, conflicting mandates, and disastrous consequences for the fundamental rights of the people of CT.

The magnitude of the constitutional and economic importance of this bill is such that the disregard for public input (in the final version), and the haphazard production of the legislation should be insulting to any citizen or business in CT. It should be a shock to us all that such landmark legislation could be written in one week, and seen by no one (including the rank-and-file legislators) prior to its emergency certification. Having been present in the deliberations in both legislative chambers, it was clear that a majority of our legislators had not even read the bill- and those that had read it had only a cursory understanding.

The process with which this legislation proceeded, along with the language that resulted gives us no confidence that this will be the last violation of our rights in our beloved home state, and we only hope that this does not set a precedent at a national level.

The rights of the citizens of CT have been trampled upon. The safety of its children is at best questionably improved from the day of the tragedy that triggered the events that lead us here. Finally, due to an improperly drafted bill, manufacturing of modern sporting rifles in the State of CT has been effectively outlawed. With a heavy heart but a clear mind, we have been forced to decide that our business can no longer survive in Connecticut—the former Constitution state.

Furthermore, we feel that our industry as a whole will continue to be threatened so long as it remains in a state where its elected leaders have no regard for the rights of those who produce and manufacture its wealth. We are making a call to all involved in our industry to leave this state, close your doors and show our politicians the true consequences of their hasty and uninformed actions. We encourage those in our industry to abandon this state as its leaders have abandoned the proud heritage that forged our freedom.

Although PTR has not decided upon a specific relocation site at this time, over the coming weeks the company will be actively considering offers from states that are friendly to the industry. We hope to have a site identified within the next six weeks, and hope to have our move completed by the end of this year. We plan to keep our business partners informed on the status of our move throughout this process in order to affect a smooth transition.

We have extended the invitation to join us in the move to all of our employees, as well as all of our vendors. We are pleased to say that we currently have commitments to move from a majority of our employees, which includes ALL of our management personnel, engineering staff and skilled gunsmiths.

It is our hope and sincere belief that this move will represent a step forward for the company;and that by bringing our expertise and core personnel to combine with the business friendly policies, and a motivated local labor force from a state that respects industry and the second amendment that we can expand our operations and not only maintain- but increase the quality and reputation of our products.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to John McNamara, Vice President of Sales, at or by calling 860-676-1776.

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  1. I have to admit I’ve never heard of this company till I landed on this web page. I’m lucky enough (and smart) to “invest” in a HK-91 before the gun ban of ’94. It really is a beautiful, simplistic design. I don’t shoot it since it cost me $500 when I bought it and they’re now selling for $3000+. I think I’ll hold on to it a bit longer to see how much more it will increase in value. I should have gotten the HK-93 and HK-94 when I had the chance. As soon as you move to a new state I’ll be back to check out your product line and probably make a few purchases. …. and now the sales pitch!

    Come to Pennsylvania!


    1. We have plenty of places to ‘set up shop’
    2. Pro 2nd amendment
    3. Shall issue CCW state
    4. Just several hours drive from friends and relatives (that may also be a con)
    5. No helmet law
    6. 75 mile speed limit on some roads
    6. You’d be a big thorn in the side of the states listed below because we don’t give in to neighbor states demands
    NY, NJ, DE and MD have been trying to get us to stop issuing CCW, require motorcycle riders to wear helmets and lower our speed limits for years


    1. Trending toward a blue state instead of a red state. All that riff raff coming in from DE, MD, NJ and NY
    2. 6% sales tax
    3. Clueless when it comes to snow removal (if you come here be sure to buy a Subaru)
    4. Constant road construction with no end or improvement in sight


    1. Currently living in PA
    2. Currently own a Subaru
    3. Have a CCW
    4. Ride without a helmet

  2. Don’t want to seem like piling on, but PTR, just tell your employees they won’t have to shovel 3 feet of snow each winter & I think they’ll make the decision for you… MOST of Texas will fit that category, so we’ll take ya anyplace you want to hang your hat down here. Guess you’ll have to turn your N.Y. Yankee ball caps at the border & get a few Stetsons… Oh yeah, and a couple Rnagers hats to pass around…

    Just another Texas invitation!!!

  3. Central Texas has a bunch of deserving, returning veterans in the Fort Hood area…and it is in Texas…no state income tax.

  4. Hello Gun Makers,
    What a sad day for a state with such a rich gun making history !
    . Consider RAPID CITY South Dakota at the foot of MOUNT RUSHMORE — ‘THE SHRINE OF DEMOCRACY’, a gun friendly town, state and region as a possible new home for PTR Industries. We have great Deer, Mountain Lion, Elk, Antelope, Coyote, Fox, Prairie Dog and Bird hunting and lots of wide open spaces and mountains for simply shooting. Turkey season is on right now..
    RAPID CITY is the home of several ammunition plants (eg.BLACK HILLS and LakOrr,LLC). Also the world famous JACK FIRST gun parts supplier.
    We have a great supply of young engineers coming out of our South Dakota School
    of Mines and Technology (our copy of MIT) and plenty of trained welders,machinists and
    CAD operators coming out of our VOTECH school.
    Our airport is close by and soon to have international shipping and customs
    RAPID CITY is about 30 miles south of Deadwood, the playground and resting place
    of Wild Bill Hickock, our all time most famous gun user.
    CHECK US OUT ! !

  5. Mike nines, we southerners are always welcoming to like-minded northerners. We aren’t the backwooods hicks the media potrays us as. And I think you’ll find find that generally people are very polite, as armed citizens make polite citizens. That goes for every person and company that wants to move south because we still support the Constitution down here. We welcome all of you.

  6. Hobbs, New Mexico is a great site for your move. We offer no snow and all that everyone else has offered plus mile upon miles of open range. Please just check us out and know that there is no gun control in New Mexico.
    Thank You for your time and consideration
    Thomas Whelpley former “Damn Yankee” born and raised in Boston, Ma.
    New Mexico resident for 20 plus years.

  7. We all need to move to gun friendly states where we can make a stand in numbers and where the anti-gunners dare not live as it will be poitally uncomfortable. I will keep track of where you move, and may considder that state as well; and as others have said they are ready to move, and I am tired of the socialists running the local and state governments. Looks like I am heading south.

  8. We would welcome you in Louisiana. A gun friendly state, a large pool of skilled labor, plenty of locations to set up your business and manufacture your products, and we have the infrastructure in place to accomodate your needs for shipping all over the country as well as a port for overseas shipments.

    After all, we are known as the Sportsman’s Paradise and having a built in purchasing base would be a plus for you.

  9. It is really a strong message for a great company like PTR to move a long established facility out of a state because of ignorant, politians who do not represent the people but are only interested in keeping their job. I really applaud PTR for voting with your feet and moving to a community that respects the rights given to us by our forefathers. Stay committed and focused and look at Kansas. Great state with hard workng and religious employees that respect the constitution and the rights of us all. Family friendly and work ethics above approach. God speed.

  10. PTR, this must be the toughest decision you have ever had to make to leave your home state and all the family ties each and every one of you have in your state. It should be mandated that all congressional elected persons, that we the people have voted in such powerful positions in Washington and all our states to READ ALL BILLS before any vote can take place. Nebraska has used tax incentives to bring many quality bussiness to our great pro gun state. La Vista Ne is currently looking for businesses to consider location near Cabela’s. This is right off interstate 80. Hornaday has been in Nebraska for a very long time and looking to expand their current operations. You cannot get any more centrally located in the USA than Nebraska. Best of luck. Pat

  11. Powerful Nebraska stands FIRM & UNAFRAID in defense of our precious 2nd Amendment!!

    We welcome & will protect wonderful companies like PTR INDUSTRIES..

  12. All the people who care bout the Constitution and the companies that support it or depend on it are being forced south, save the ones with big FEDERAL contracts. The country is starting to be forcibly divided along roughly northern and southern lines again, with some notable holdouts such as New Hampshire. It doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that there will be a fracture between states that support the Constitution, and states that want to rewrite it.



  15. Thank you for standing up for Principle, and demonstrating your response with Action instead of words. I am proud to say I own a PTR91. Excellent Rifle! Alabama or TEXAS would be a great location! Thank you again.

  16. We would love to have your business in Greenville NC. Close to the coast and great weather year around. Come see us!

  17. Good luck on the move. You would be welcome in Tennessee…

    Thanks Ross for the input. I’ll contact our governor and do just that.

  18. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. Our Governor will be glad to assist you and our Mayor and City Council give tax incentives to new businesses. Call Gov Scott’s office and I’ll bet you will have a new home here. We welcome you with open arms, your bibles, and your Guns!

  19. North Carolina welcomes you too, we’re far enough north that we still have 4 seasons, even skiing in the mountains. Last but not least, a great shoreline.

  20. I see a lot of people asking the gun companies to move to their state. It won’t do any good to write that here. Have you written your state governor to ask them to move here like Governor Perry of Texas did. Gov. Perry wrote all the gun companies and asked them to move to Texas. Did you ask your governor to do that?

  21. Missouri has good gun laws but we have an Obama clone in the senate (McCaskle) and this is a labor-union state that strangles free enterprise. I agree look at Texas or Georgia.

  22. I’d like to see you move to Troutdale, Oregon.
    Its a beautiful place year round, with great access to Freeway, rail, and FedEx.

  23. Come to Texas! Colt is! We are a gun friendly people, and stand firm to support our 2nd admendment. Governer Perry has done a fine job bringing new businesses here. Talk to him and see what he can do for yours.

  24. I’m glad to read of a company taking a stand like this against the ridiculous joke we call government, state AND federal. I do hope many others follow suit. Just to throw in my two cents… UTAH LOVES IT GUNS AND IT’S GUN LAWS! There is plenty of space and PLENTY of skilled workers to help your transition become reality. Hope nothing but the best for you wherever you end up moving to. Shame on CT’s lawmakers.

  25. @Joel — April 15, 2013 at 1:43 am

    “I do find the pushing of right to work bothering. Lots of union members are gun enthusiasts, and powers of corperations being expanded over workers is bad news, who do you think is pushing WTO/corperate power grab going on since NAFTA it is not unions and unions are great examples of democracy in action.”

    That’s fine. Please get back to me about how great the unions are when you get a fresh Hostess Twinkie and a fresh loaf of Wonder Bread.

  26. Congratulations PTR on your pending change of venue. You will find many welcoming states. I prefer you come to mine, Florida. Whatever you choose, make a new home for you and your employees.

  27. It is a shame that the left leaning legislature in Ct.chose to exploit a trajedy such as New Town to attack the 2nd amendment and in doing so effectivly outlaw the proud and historic gun industry in the state. That being said I must champion my native state for your fine company. The Commonwealth of Virginia would love for your company to avail yourselves to our fine southern hospitality. We love our firearms down here, you can open carry just about anywhere you go, with very few exceptions, ie, courthouses etc, and consealed carry permits are fairly easy to obtain. We are also a right to work state and very business friendly, we even have a spaceport which is ramping up to start supplying the space station. So watch Nasa televison on the 17th to catch a peek of the Eastern Shore of VA, where the spaceport is located and where I live and watch a rocket launch and come on down for a visit, you will like what you see!

  28. I would like to see All gun and ammo manufactuers REFUSE to sell their products to state and local governments that pass these stupid laws and move their manfacturing to states that have better sense

  29. Let the northern boys eat grass and try to live off the land. I wish we could also cut our supply of heating oil off as well.
    Texas Boy

  30. As an owner of the PTR and a proud Kentuckian, I urge you to consider Guntucky, very firearm friendly, strong work ethic and common sense country folks. Low taxes, good weather, great hunting and fishing and of course Knob Creek twice a year.

  31. I applaud PTR for taking a stand AGAINST STUPIDITY, and wish you well. I live in NJ and am looking forward tot he day when I can relocate. Godspeed to all!

  32. Thank you all for standing up and doing what’s morally right. I won’t suggest a new location for your company, as others here have made great suggestions.
    I told my Boy Scouts today (I am a Scoutmaster and Eagle scout / 32 year member) that it is very rare to find someone today that would stand up for what is right, even at the cost of personal loss. You should be proud of your decision to move out of Connecticut. And the legislature there should hang their heads in shame.
    The incicdent at Newtown was tragic, to be sure. My sympathy goes out to those poor parents. But they should be angered more that the existing anti-gun lobby has used these parent’s tragic loss for their own agendas. And what true American would ever spit on our Constitutional rights?
    Another note-what states have the most amount of crimes with firearms? Easy…. New York, Illinois, and California. What states have had the toughest firearms laws in the country? Again, easy…. New York, illinois, and California. Do you think that our government will understand that criminals are criminals because they do not follow the laws?
    I used to travel a lot and most of the states recommended are great places to live. Good luck….

  33. Don’t forget Washington, no income tax, lots of well trained machinsts, lots of experts in metalurgy. Home to nations largest manufacturer, lots of aerospace quality workers of all types. And cheap electricity.

    I do find the pushing of right to work bothering. Lots of union members are gun enthusiasts, and powers of corperations being expanded over workers is bad news, who do you think is pushing WTO/corperate power grab going on since NAFTA it is not unions and unions are great examples of democracy in action. Read what Dr. Luther King, Ike Eisenhower,Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, Reagan (AFL-CIO president of his union, who called a strike)and many others said about Right to work, unions.

    We will need as many friends as we can in our fight to keep all parts of our constitution, they are attack much more than just the seconf, the 4, and 1st are under attack too.

  34. Please contact the Nevada Development Authority to find how they may assist you in relocating to the Silver State. K-VAR is in Las Vegas and we would welcome your firm, too. Prices are low for all property or industrial space, we have a diverse labor market, a business friendly state, and are the opposite of CT politically. We need companies like yours in our state. And don’t forget we have 350 days/year of sunshine and a mild climate compared to CT winters. Our average winter day is 40 at night, 60’s in the day. Summers are hot but no worse than the hot, humid days in the East. We have excellent logistics to US and West markets which is why we have so many regional warehousing operations here. Electric and gas rates are in the lower quintile for our region. And …the Shot Show is held here!

    We hope you consider our State for your firm. Ruger has their main production facility in Prescott, AZ so you’re following a trend in the biz by moving West.

  35. Please don’t neglect to consider Wisconsin. We have a new “concealed carry” law (to indicate the peoples feelings concerning guns). Also, our governor Scott Walker is as pro industry as any governor.

  36. Indiana is a right to work state ,the crossroads of america also we are as blue as they get. I agree we need to boycot these states that want to infringe on others constitutional rights. We would love to have your involvment in educating people about gun safety and the importance of defending yourself. Take for instance the soldiers coming back from war that our country tosses aside if they do this to them how important do you think we are to them.We are but batteries for their endless spending machines. Tax payers stand together

  37. Best thing I ever did was purchase a ptr91kf. Awsome firearm! Not one single missfire, jam, or any problem what so ever after aprox. 1000rds. and seven different kinds of ammo. John, Pete, the receptionist, and everyone there went out of their way to personally assist me in getting just what I wanted. I highly recommend this company and wish them the best. They would be welcome in the Texas Hill Country. And just down the road a piece would be their neighbors Cheaper Than Dirt. 😉

  38. I just finished up reading many of the posts—Y’all have MANY good states in which to choose. Please let it be a red state that votes RED!! It ultimately will depend on what level of incentives y’all are offered.
    I support the move–and will purchase several PTR rifles once they are stamped with a RED state! Hopefully Tennessee…Georgia or Texas!! I was impressed with OK’s track record. Many states in the South would be a great fit— BUT IT SHOULD BE A STATE THAT HAS VOTED RED….CONSISTENTLY!

  39. Would be a true win-win for PTR and Chattanooga, TN. Ronnie Barrett is two hours west manufacturing those awesome Barrett 50 BMGs!!! Mr. Barrett even opened up his own retail gun store, The Outpost. Chattanooga has a billion dollar Volkswagen manufacturing facility and offers heavy incentives for new businesses—Nothing against Georgia (or many other gun loving states), but Tennessee DOES NOT HAVE A STATE INCOME TAX! Cost of living is very low compared to Connecticut and our downtown is thriving!!!
    See you soon!

  40. Michigan would be a great location for PTR. Particularly, look at Oakland or Macomb or Wayne counties. Michigan is an open carry and concealed weapon friendly state with a new Right-to-Work law and a large population of highly skilled engineers and machinists, thanks to the automotive industry. Best wishes.

  41. Another step towards disarming the citizens,be it CT or NY. I am glad to hear that business will leave CT as result of this. Texas will welcome the business that leaves CT as will other free states. It’s sad to see one of the original states that stould up against tyranny to implement tyranny agaist the citizens of the state. The new law won’t do a thing to prevent what happened nor will it prevent such a thing from happening again. Makes one wonder what the moronic state government will do when it becomes obvious that their legislation isn’t working to prevent mentally deranged from killing people young or old.

  42. Plenty of room in South Carolina. Good people looking for good jobs. It is the most hunting and fishing I have lived in. Talk to Governor Nikki Haley.

    Governor Nikki R. Haley
    Office of the Governor
    1205 Pendleton Street
    Columbia, SC 29201

  43. I applaud your decision to take a major stand. I know it will be a huge financial and emotional burden, (your workers’ ties to the community). It’s often rare in the business world to see a company’s moral and ethical compass lead the way instead of the quest for the almighty dollar. I would invite you to move here, but as has already been said, Commiefornia is not the greatest of locations for those of us who still find the Second Amendment a pertinent part of our Constitutional rights. Besides, the ruling class would make the political, social, and environmental hoops you’d have to jump through extremely difficult. I’d buy one of your products to support you, but the Holophobes here have already taken that right away from me. Good Luck and may God richly bless you for taking a stand to preserve a part of what has made this country truly great. Russ

  44. It sad, but important to see companies like PTR in Connecticut and Magpul and several others in Colorado leaving. As a resident of Colorado, for nearly 40 years, though I’m not sure how much longer, I hate to see it, but understand that we need to stand up to them. Magpul has committed to an even further and necessary step. They have said they will not sell products (so-called “Hi-Capacity Magazines” in their case) to law enforcement in states that deny them to their citizens.
    After all, if these laws are effective, Law Enforcement can go back to carrying a snub-nose .38 instead of a Glock or AR-15. They wont need ’em. So don’t sell to them. If they gripe it only shows the hypocrisy of these idiotic laws.
    As an individual concerned with freedom, I know I will not be purchasing any guns or magazines from companies that don’t follow Magpul’s lead, whether I wind up staying in Colorado or not.

  45. Never thought about buying PTR product before but now I am… I was once asked why I own so many fire arms… Well it is because liberal won’t buy one to even protect their own family… Well in Mississippi we have low crime rate here because just about everyone own a gun of some sort and a lot of us have permits to carry so you just might be in trouble if you start anything… PRT come to the south where the weather is warm sometimes down right hot, short winters great hunting, supper fishing and the majority of us with common sense.. Hope you will concreter Mississippi… Where their are a lot of skilled workers…

  46. Mike 369 thanks jim 343 I would like to thank Cheaper than dirt for this forum, there doesn’t seem to be enough people here in CT with the back bone to start a protest against Dictator malloy and his liberal henchmen. I guess I’ll just have to use the written word to inform the people of this country, what is going on here in Gestapo land.

  47. GOOD MOVE: You are welcome in New York – ops bad idea. Then welcome to California – ah, that would be worst than New York. Well, maybe welcome to New Jersey – oh, forget that idea. It is not only a worst than New York, but you would be laughed at also. Let’s see, you could try any of the other new england states but that would just be wasting your time. Since they forgot what THEIR forefathers believed in and wrote. And, I think their universities and schools teachers lost or burned their documents any how. They are now socialist and they do not realize it yet. I think your only chance is to pick ANY of the states in the center of our nation. You would be welcome there.
    P.S. look at Texas first and I know you and your employees will be happy. I was.

  48. Cleveland/ Charleston Tennessee will welcome you with open arms and very low tax rate. This is why a lot of other companies are moving here.

  49. My next purchase will be PTR-91 GI model, I’ve been holding off because money is tight but now I’m gonna make it a priority. Hope it helps you on the revenue side.
    Sincerely, MG, Kalispell, Montana.

  50. Come to the fields of dreams. I hope Iowa has asked you. While in the army I spent time in a what I will just call a 3rd world country. They were great people but I know none of these law makes and loud mouths would ever live a week like alote of us had to for thier freedoms. These people makeing these laws probbly never paid for the right to change these laws. I did not go to Nam but I NEVER HAD A CAKE WALK EITHER. I can’t talk about what I did. We can not fix every one walking down the street or driveing down the road. We have enough laws that cover this. Support the law enforce people and help the unstable ones. States have cut back on help for them.
    Comment by Grayson- April 14 2013

  51. To Jon #361,
    I do feel sorry for you, but I too won’t take or spend any money in Conn. Yes it may hurt the people there, but you all (not just you), everybody should have stood up and stopped what happened.
    So now they too have to suffer, because I would hope that whom ever is left in Conn. next year will vote them out and kick them out of the state as well.

  52. To SFH #431
    I can see that you are not a true American. So I would suggest that you take your unconstitutional statement and yourself to another country where they don’t have constitutional rights. You do not know what the general public needs! You must be one of Bloombergs’ cronies, how much did he pay you to get on here and say that? I bet you don’t drink 16 oz soft drinks either and probably live in NY too!!
    Take your commie ideas some where else.
    Your statement here below;
    “Just stop making assault rifles. The general public don’t need them type of guns for sport.
    Comment by SFH — April 14, 2013 @ 9:07 am”
    How about this, where ever you work, I wished they would quit making what ever they make and put you out of a job, because if they quit making the assault rifle that would put people out of work. OH, That’s right you don’t have to work the government and Bloomberg pay you for not working.
    Get out of here

  53. I will bet that we can find you a place in either Celina or St Marys , Ohio.
    I personally would even come oput of retirement to work for you.

  54. agree with all the pro business/pro gun views. Arizona is a great place also except for our illegals. As said before the best weapon we hve is the commercial boycott of businesses in CT, NY, NJ, CO, D.C. and any other place that infringes on our rights. Get those Liberal SOBs who are Pro Choice to really be Pro Choice and let us decide if we want a gun.

  55. Come to N.W. Georgia. Cheap land, incentives from local and state governments, right to work state, great work ethic, beautiful scenery, and conservative values. A great place to live and work. Give us a shot!

  56. Good for you. The quickest way to get to these misinformed political morons is in the wallet. They claim to be defending our children, by calling certain weapons/magazines/ammo implements of distruction, yet they are fine to manufacture in their states. How can you take these idiots seriously? If they felt so strongly about these uneducated views, then they shouldn’t be able to garner the tax revenue from these companies. What a bunch of hippcrits!!! Come to PA, you’ll have plenty of backing and the facilities to manufacture, since most other manufacturing has abandoned the area.God Bless you for standing up and defedning our 2nd Amendment. I will ensure I and others support your business wherever it may end up.

  57. Come to Texas! Plenty of room for your factory, and plenty of room to GROW! I pledge to buy a gun from you if you move to the Fort Worth area! We have plenty of skilled people here for you to choose from, and your current employees are all welcome!

  58. I’m glad to see this company has the balls to do something about the idiotic politicians in Conn. and move out of there. Unfortunately, they are too small to make much of a difference. Now, if the bigger companies–the gun manufacturers who refuse to take charge and move out–were to join them, then this would make a difference. I’d like to see ALL the gun companies move to Texas for so many reasons I can’t list them here. However, I will say the Left has now targeted Texas. With all the non-Texans, illegals, Hispanics, and transplanted Californians living in Texas now we will be in trouble if we don’t put up a fight now. If every gun company, and gun-related company moved to Texas and set up a huge industrial site and created a power base in Texas we might save Texas from the left. Texas has the land. Move there all you gun companies and related companies. Governor Perry already invited you.

  59. Louisiana would love to have your company located here! We are a proud, conservative State with contemporary tax benefits for new businesses!


  61. today everyone is all about changing religion and gun laws in the Constitution. ..when something happens what do they do? Say a prayer(omg…in school!)and call someone with a gun(the police). Its been said call 911, an ambulance and a pizza then see who gets there first. As for me I’ll be finishing up a cold pizza watching the EMTs. when seconds count the police are minutes away!…police do as best as they can no offense taken towards them or EMTs

  62. I would like to add my invitation in considering moving to the Up State South Carolina. I know what a difficult decision it is to pick up and move yet staying in an unfrendly enviroment would be foolish.


  63. I left CT in 2006. I could no longer live in a restrictive state with a bunch of idiots running it. just think, CT was the largest arms and ammo producing state in the union, now look at it! I moved to central FL and my taxes dropped to almost 50% of what I was paying in CT. As gun owner, FL has less restrictive laws on law abiding citizens, NO state income and personal property taxes.
    PTR I wish you all the suscessfor and you and your loyal employees will find a new home as I did.

  64. Give Fort Pierce Florida a try! Florida doesn’t have state income tax and what a great place to live fantastic climate, and really alot to offer.

    “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence… From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable…The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference–they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”
    – George Washington.

    I guess that says it all!

  65. Nevada would be a great place. Freeport law, right-to-work, shall issue state, etc. Also even the people who don’t own guns believe in our right to own them. Sorry you have to move. #105 says “good riddance”; Nevadans would never say that to jobs or industry. How is it that north eastern states have forgotten where and why our Constitution was written?

  66. I am happy to see this company take a stand for freedom. Just wish the lawmakers of that and every other state would take the same stand.

  67. I think the people of that state should vote to have everyone of the people that had anything to do with that bill be inpeached just as fast as they pushed it through on the people of that state .

  68. It is good to see a business, unlike out elected officials, that keeps its word as promised. I only hope that others will follow your lead and abandon that state and do great financial harm to that state. This country has very little knowledge of just how much the hunting and target shooting activities contribute to the financial well being and economic stability status of all states and industries. The amount spent on all related items most likely total more then half of most states total revenue. And all of this without the thought of the public safety and security recognized by the total population of this country. Your company will be at the front of the line when I want to purchase anything your company makes.

  69. I maybe just a small gun dealer here in the state of Commierado but for what it is worth I hope to soon be selling guns in the state of Florida where I and my wife will be moving to shortly. I am a fifth generation Coloradan but my home state no longer exists. Sadly it is just another liberal piss-hole now. If we do have another civil war it will be ironic that the manufacturing abilities that the North used to win that war will be mostly found in the Southern states this time around. The North could, I suppose, bury the South in a blizzard of food stamps and pot smokers or maybe whine us to death. -Joe Burke Florida or Bust!

  70. And so it starts. There is a divide in this Country, State to State, Party to Party, and Individual to Individual that has begun over what is right and what is not. Those of us that stand on the Constitution and its principles against those that use the emotions generated by a senseless tragedy to weaken the very thing that separates us from other Nations. Political figures seize the moment to gain entry into the National spotlight. They take advantage of a short window of opportunity to take away liberties that Americans have fought and died for,thereby passing them on to us. I am ashamed of those that have “taken advantage” of not only the horror committed in Connecticut, but of all of its Citizens by passing this legislation that will not only be ineffective, but hurtful to future of their State.

  71. Come to OHIO, we have many SKILLED people here and of coarse CAMP PERRY the home of the National Matches!

  72. I really feel for the people of Connecticut. I was born and raised in Willington Connecticut. I left long ago seeing this state go to hell. What gun legislation has done, is nothing to further protect anyone. Obama parading the victim’s families around to promote his agenda is disgusting at best. I for one am so sick and tired of him playing the victim, Congress doesn’t support me, boo friggen hoo. They don’t support ideas that have no chance of solving or preventing anything. Obama has made us a weak country and now wants to limit our ability to protect ourselves and our families. These horrible acts are not being comitted by safe responsible gun owners dumbass. Magazine capacity, nor the design of any weapon makes someone kill. I am proud to be living in Louisiana, soley based on their support for us responsible gun owners, but the moment that ever changes I will move again. How’s Chicago doing with their extremely strict gun laws? Where exactly did Obama come from, oh yeah Chicago. He was elected by people that have banned together and never voted in their lives. We need to come together as a group and get behind a strong republican candidate next election. If we don’t, we have only ourselves to blame. Enough of this crap. We ned a country to be proud of again.



  74. Its about time politicians have to face the consequences of their actions. PTR makes a very fine product, and you guys are doing the right thing. We’d welcome you in Texas.








  76. The Clarksburg, Fairmont area of West Virginia would be a close and receptive move. The FBI has found the area to have a productive and stable workforce with a good education system in place. I79, I68, and route 50 provide a good transportation route. The state legislature just passed a bill banning the confiscation of fire arms during a state of emergency. Almost every home owner is a hunter or avid shooter. State taxes are low. Check us out!

  77. Please tell me who sell your product, So that I may support them and most of all you!!!
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma welcomes you.

  78. Ohio is already set up for manufacturing—-We build the Army’s Tanks. We have the mnfg experienced employees from the auto industry. We have the location, buildings, & future experienced manufacturing employees already in place. Welcome to the Buckeye State.

  79. We the people would love to see you move to Colorado we lost a great employer and company when Mag-Pul left the state. WE THE PEOPLE would love you here but but but… OH YA they took our second amendment rights away in the hunting state. It seems that the “C” states are anti people unemployment at its highest rate and our morons in power just like yours are running manufacturing jobs and taxes out of the state. I am glad to see the leaders or rather the dumb asses in power in your state are just as ignorant as they are in Colorado! Thanks for listening take action

  80. Close up shop, paint “GTT” on the doors and head to Texas. Y’all are welcome here in the Lone Star State! Just the kinda folks we’d like as neighbors!

  81. Oklahoma would be proud to have you. Our Vocational education system partners with business to provide the type of job skills training our industries need, we are a shipping hub with major Interstate crossroads dissecting the State, major Rail shipping access, and direct Port shipping straight to the Gulf, and 2 International Airports for air freight. We are also the only State that has never been fooled by Obama, who never managed to win even one county in either election.

  82. I’m from New Hampshire and would like you to consider you moving your company here.
    Our state has been the home of many gun manufactures, both past and present. As others have mentioned our seacoast community of Newington (the former Pease Air Force Base, now called Portsmouth Trades Port), has lots of room and would welcome your business with open arms and incentives to do business here. Portsmouth Trades Port is located just off Interstate 95 for easy transportation of materials, lots of skilled workers in the area due to the Portsmouth Naval ship yard and othe manufacturing companies in the area, its only a 100-150 miles away from your current location so relocation costs would be less. Your workforces could move easier to NH and still be able to visit family and frends back in CT. You could also use you supplies from CT easier, if you wished to continue to. Finally there is NO state income tax here in NH and there is a right to work law here.
    I know there are other states to consider, and what ever one you final choose to move to will be getting a great business which has honor!

  83. The best situstion for PTR at this point would be for a State truley wanting to be considered for there relocation site, would be to put together a package for them to include;

  84. I’m glad to see the last vestiges of the free-market at work with PTR and other firearm manufacturers leaving CT and CO. This tell us several important things, first that the States that have passed these foolish laws don’t actually care about jobs or a thriving economy. They care only about political posturing from the viewpoint of a tyrant, and an absolute disregard for common-sense in favor of the “appearance” of doing something. They should reap the rewards at the ballot box in the next election. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that crime can never be prevented. Any politician (and I don’t care about the Party of origin) that tells you that he or she can pass a law and prevent a crime is either a fool or a liar with a secondary and hidden agenda. I submit to you that there is some of both types of politician at play in these States. Many of them don’t understand enough about firearms to even make an intelligent decision before they produce a law or cast a vote. The people of the United States are only guilty of one thing – we have elected into office the lowest common denominator into office and have allow them to stay there. To some extend these Socialists and Communists are our fault, we permitted them to get too close to our liberty and gain too much power. The facts are that most are incompetent, greedy, power-mad-bullies that couldn’t make it in the real world so they turned to politics to live off of and bully the rest of us into submission. Have you had enough yet?

  85. I hope Colt and Ruger will also leave,Why pay the high socialist taxes to support the rabble and dregs that don’t contribute to it and that Remington should leave
    let New York,New Jersey,Conn.,Mass. etc.drown in their own waste,I haven’t bought
    any Colt or S&W in years and won’t,Put those Obama supporters out on the street
    and see if the lefties find them work.I have had it with the lousey demorats.
    I’m sure many gun owners voted for this fakir in the White House and they7 should
    get what they deserve.I used to live in the peoples republic of N.J.I know whta
    it’s like to live in a socialist state where you have no rights and gun owners
    are hounded daily with more and more laws on topof bad ones.I hope tjhey all leave
    but they won’t just wait and see they won’t.

  86. I agree with George H. It has always been about states rights. I also agree with the geographic area he describes. A big part of the bible belt also. South Carolina will give you the farm to locate their. Will we see sucession in our life time.
    Steve K.

  87. Your actions honor the memory of the men and women who have fought, bled, and died defending the Constitution. Come to Tennesse but we have a liberal Republican governor who use to be a member of Michael Bloomberg’s MAIG group so beware.

  88. First, I wish to commend you on your Constitutional stance, and wish you, your company and employees the very best in your move.
    Second, You will surely be welcomed with open arms and skilled labor in Oklahoma! A major crossroads, a Constitutionally STRONG state that is very pro 2nd Amendment. We are an OPEN CARRY state now. I believe MAGPUL Industries is moving here from Colorado very soon, also. We are well worth the time to check us out. We hope to see you soon!

  89. I’d recommend Vermont, especially Lyndonville, Springfield, Ludlow or Rutland. Stay away from the liberals in Burlington. Good luck.


  90. You will surely be welcomed with open arms and skilled labor in Oklahoma! A major crossroads, a Constitutionally STRONG state that is very pro 2nd Amendment. We are an OPEN CARRY state now. I believe MAGPUL Industries is moving here from Colorado very soon, also. We are well worth the time to check us out. We hope to see you soon!

  91. please come to Tennessee and leave the incompentent politicians in connecticut, in tennessee i have a 225,000 ft manufacturing facility ready for you to set up shop in, as early as next week, and our legislators are serious about protecting our second ammendment rights. donnie brewster

  92. Oklahoma is the logical choice. If you look to the future, it is one of the least likely states to support any liberal agenda. During the past two presidential elections, it is the only state that is solidly red. Not a single county in Oklahoma went into Obama’s column during either election. We do not have any localized centers of liberalism that rear their ugly heads. No doubt we have a few idiots, but they are in the very small minority. We have a legislature and governor who recognize the value of the second amendment and work continuously to pass new legislation to protect that right. All of the other rights that we have hinge on the second amendment. Please give Oklahoma a good look before making your decision.

  93. We will welcome you with open arms in N E Alabama. We have lost the sock industry and would love to have your business.

  94. Come to Illinois the blue state where Chicago runs the show…Joke…Best of luck with your move.

  95. Sorry, Bryan, but you could be as rich as Bill Gates and armed with a bus-load of the finest court room attorneys in the US, and Illinois would continue to ignore the 2nd.

  96. Unlike the Civil War of 1861-65, we are indeed becoming a nation divided. States are emerging that continue to grant constitutional protections and other states are quickly extinguishing those rights. As Lincoln told us, A nation divided against itself cannot stand. Without any hostile fire among states, a divided nation is becoming a reality. The east coast and the left coast will be one nation and most of the heartland will become another.

  97. South Dakota would be perfect. Plenty of room, low taxes, and chock full of incentives for new business. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  98. PROUD OF YOU PTR!! Come on down to Louisiana! Love to have you and your fine people in an HONESTLY and un-apologetically American state!

  99. Mr. McNamara I would hope that your company would contact Gov. Pence in the State of Indiana as I sure we in the state would appericiate your company and jobs moving to this gun friendly state

  100. If the other firearms Co. don`t move from conn.we the people need not buy their product until they leave conn

  101. Any state south of North Carolina and east of New Mexico seems to be an area that may continue to be the free states of the old USA. Guess what folks, the South was right all along…if you do your homework, you’ll know that it’s always been about states rights.

  102. TDG is right Illinois suck for 2nd Amendment rights. Pig producers have better more protected rights then gun owners in Illinois. Anyway, I think you should stay and fight, through the legal system, for your 2nd Amendment rights in the State of Connecticut. If everybody runs away then it is just a matter of time before more States will be anti-gun States.
    If I had the money I would be in court fighting for my 2nd Amendment rights in Illinois. Maybe that is where the real problem is? Only the rich can fight in the court system for their rights. Maybe we need to change it so when someone is fighting over a constitutional right, and only a constitutional right all court cost are prohibited.

  103. Wow! what a wonderful support from all you people. I live in in the Bamms second term here in Calif. doing my research to move out of here big time. And don’t worry, very conservative and former Army Ranger from the 70’s I have lived here in Calif all my life and I have to admit with 70′ degree average weather, beaches close and what used to be non-hostel Tijuana Mexico ( all those lobsters and coronas sighhhh) But the Sh*t has to stop. were out of here…

  104. We are very disappointed in the choice CT has made and we understand a decision to leave the state. The state is full of hypocrites and to be honest as a resident we too are considering moving to a new state. GA is a consideration along with Kentucky. Best wishes to the company and we will continue to support the company as long as it is a product we CAN purchase until we get out of this hypicritical state.

  105. This legislation was prompted by hysterical people and political whores who will do anything for a vote, who have no or little understanding of guns or the causes of violence in the USA.

    The real issue concerning violence in the USA is the decline in morality in the USA, not guns. It is the immoral or amoral people in the USA who are committing the violent crimes. The means theses criminals use for their crimes will still be available to the criminals and deranged, who do not recognize laws or have to get back round checks to obtain their guns, or the type of guns they use. They can and will continue to buy the guns illegally, or steal them as has been the case in many recent crimes.

    This legislation is another example of politicians who are incompetent to govern and have only their interests in mind when they pass legislation. Just look at the horrible financial state Connecticut government is in! These same politicians cannot even balance a budget, yet they pass laws that ruin the financial viability of the state and trample the rights of the citizens in the process.

  106. Rockledge Florida has manufacturing facilities (previously boat and electronics sites), right off exit of I-95, rail line and wharehouse, 45 mins from Orlando – minutes from the beach. Plenty of ex-Nasa engineers and machinists around.
    Come live in the sun, work and have fun! Business friendly town with mainly middle-class blue collar folks. Fathers play outside with their kids. Plenty of colleges in central FL. Lots of room to hunt.

  107. I sure hope Florida is talking to you – us locals would like to see more Pro 2nd Amendment folks down here that work hard and make quality products!

  108. I don’t buy guns made in CT, MA, NY or CA or any anti-American state, Its about time these yahoos realized that they were supporting the yards that were putting them out of business!!!!

    In the last few decades gun manufacturers and publishers have been moving to such bastions of liberty as Mary-Land (benelli) and Illinois (petersen publishing and many small manufacturers) you guys should show a little intestinal fortitude and common sense and move to places like WY or TX or OK, even TN…good luck you’re gonna need it!!!

  109. Check what the Legislature in WV has done in the past few weeks. Can we say, “Country Roads, Take Me Home?” Y’all come!

  110. 6.Come to Charleston! South Carolina. not only Boeing, Google, Bosch, Blackbaud and many more. Great deep harbor, history, many outdoor activities, lot’s of land west of the city, plenty of industrial parks. Great schools in Dorchester county.

  111. I hope the Ammunition manufacturers eventually stop selling to anyone in government.
    The way to stop this madness is to begin the process of disarming the politicians to the point where they are left standing with absolutely no way to protect themselves from the evil they create.

    The only way to stop these people is by UNITING together.
    The ammo manufacturers are the key.
    why are they silent? We need to try to get them involved in the fight against the Gun Grabbers.

  112. BRAVO!BRAVO!-I only hope that the companies involved in this great American pasttime have the resolve of PTR.We have plenty of room here in Florida and I am sure Texas or Georgia would welcome you also.

  113. Sikeston, MO has plenty of room and easy access to a number of highways. Check with the national companies that are here!

  114. I live in Crockett, TX the town has an industeral site that if a company meets their requirments they will give them the land for free. small town but a nice sie town with larger towns close by.

  115. As a retired U.S. Marine….I absolutely applaud your guts, and standing up to these ill informed, useless excuses for American citizens/Politicians. The Families of these poor children have been, and are being used as Propoganda Pawns, and I am not sure if they even know it, or can comprhend in their grief, what they are doing. Regardless, I salute PTR Industries, and ask all, to include COLT, to leave that God forsaken State of CT. I live in the PRK (People’s Republik of Kalifornia), and I will tell you, this State is out of control regarding the 2nd Amendment. Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi (Bela Legosi), are beyond help. Hyprocrites…all of them. I pray for all States, and particularly this great country of ours, which is being hijacked by a bunch of moronic, UN Loving, Utopia dreaming socialists. We need to wake up call and see what is coming our way. Let’s take our Country back! God Bless.

  116. I am an interstate consumer of hard goods, including firearms and ammunition. I spent in excess of $5k in CT last year. Not a lot of money compared to what some spend but it all adds up in supporting an economy. I join the embargo against CT and withhold any flow of funds to this state. God bless you for taking a stand against legislators that have ignored moral and principled service.

  117. To ALL the people that hate on Cali. You can’t afford it here that’s why you talk bad on us. Yea the people that are in power are dumb as shit but they are getting old and ready to be put in the ground where they belong! In Cali we have plenty of people with CNC machines and we like to build our own with a push of a button and do it every day . California residents (not fake ass government ) welcomes PTR! Come out here set up shop and show the rest of the U.S of A what time it is ! Most beautiful state in the U.S. ! Not my fault you can’t afford to live or Vacation here ! I’ve made it ! And if everybody so against Cali then why do you social media everyday ! Hippocrates ! Come to Northern Cali and prove all these dumb ass’s in there dry ass states wrong ! And if you think Mexican’s are our problem or your states problem, think again stupid ! China is eating ur lunch daily ! Northern Cali representitive and proud ! Got my fully’s , made by me in Cali !

  118. Oklahoma is your state! GOVERNOR MARY FALLEN signed opencarry for our state before the ink was dry.she pushed for the law.Oklahoma’s voted fo was only state to vote 100%for Republican in past two presidental elections by counties.I am sure a call to Marry Fallen and you would find your new home.Its also cheaper to live here. Thanks for your time Jay

  119. I want to know one thing. When are we all going to wake and smell the rotting carcas? At what point are we going to realize that this is just going to continue, that we will have to eventually make a stand and that sometimes, you just gotta defend our rights, weven with brute force if necessary? We are only a few short months away from another forced entry on what would normally be a law abiding gun owner, but due to new legislation and his/her resistance to confiscation or regulation, they sat back and said nothing… still, the Government will go in and eradicate them, trying to set an example. It has alread begun out west… is anyone getting off their duff?

  120. I remind you all that the Constution, says We the people, Not we the politions. & WE can hire them & We the people can fire the politions, with a recall or empeachment. The politions all take the outh of office, to preserve, protect, & defend the constution of the United States to the best of their ability. A violation of this outh can mean removel, & aend of their carrer.

  121. IT’s time for all states that love there freedom and believe in the U.S.Constitution the BILL of RIGHTS TO SECEDE from the rest that don’t believe in anything let along the secound AMENDMENT.SECEDE FROM THE united socialist states of america.


  122. The politicians that passed this law are as competent as the ones that passed the Obama Health Bill. Do they really represent the majority of the populace? Another knee-jerk reaction. This nation is on a downward spiral.

  123. West Virginia has just passed new laws to keep what happened there in State of Connecticut from happening here. We would welcome you to relocate here in the state that’s proud to be Montani Semper Liberi (Latin for “Mountaineers are Always Free”).
    Thanks for standing up and doing the right thing. This knee jerk movement that’s happening all across America is just the beginning of what’s to come if the people of this great country don’t wake up and see what’s actually going on around them and make
    their voices heard.

  124. Tough decision to have to make. It’s too bad that companies have to move their jobs to another state because politicians pass ‘feel good” legislation without thinking and, in many cases, without understanding what they are legislating against. This happened to us in Colorado, where in my opinion, some of our politicians traded votes for political positions down the road. The result was poorly thought out and unenforceable legislation that caused Magpul to move out of state. Bravo! for standing by your convictions and our Constitution.

  125. We would like you to locate here, Springfield Mo area.. A lot of cheap land in Dade, Cedar,Green Countys. We have in Springfield, John Morris,s BASS PRO SHOPS CORP. OFFICES. He has shops all over the USA. Here in the Ozarks we are big on hunting, fishing. We also love our guns some pass down from father to sons.{ and yes the daughters also, they like to hunt turkeys & deer} We have I-44,I-49 I-70 ect Roads N-S-E-& West. Also trucking co. everwhere. BNSF RR, EASY AIRPORTS to get in and out of in SPFD. We also have BRANSON Mo. which draws a large amount of tourist. Our area is a good place to live and work. GIVE US A LOOK! Wm Lynn

  126. We here in Wisconsin would sure appreciate the work. As one of the newest states to adopt the concealed carry law. Our Governor Scott Walker along with Our lead Sherrif Clark respect our right to bear arms, regardless of the Loony Left your buisiness would thrive here. We now have a business and political climate that would encourage our 2nd amendment rights and push back against those mainstream media zombies as they continue to flounder in our state. Please come here. Thank you
    C Dorger

  127. South Louisiana welcomes you with open arms. I’ll pack whatever I can in my truck and bring your company down here myself.

  128. I would like to suggest that you move to Maine we have Brunswick Navel air station. that is looking for some good long term tenants. Many large buildings to choose from. Rail service is available water transportation is close by . You are going to be located in an airport so air transport is easy. as well as trucking companies close by.

  129. Good choice to leave. I only hope that there are companies in Illinois which will take your lead. We are held hostage in the land of a socialistic agenda falling right behind (or more properly equal to) NY, CA, CT etc. We are the big blue state in the middle of a rather red field on a political map.

    I would not call PTR’s move as simply courageous but rather just plain smart. As for all those CT employees that that are to be effected, if you voted Obama and and his minions, or didn’t vote at all, well you are getting what you asked for.

  130. To All,
    I propose we all purchase at least 1 item from PTR, Magpul, Colt and all the other companies who have or are relocating to ‘Right to Work’ states that defend the US Constitution. Maybe even start an organization to promote doing this and posts purchases made to which companies for doing so. This could help CEO’s who may be on the fence about moving to go ahead and make that step. If we show them they will have our support it will certainly be easier for them. If/when PTR moves, I will pledge to purchase one of their products. I live in Florida, but will make the pledge if it is to any state that defends our constitutional and is a right to work state.
    If anyone starts such an organization, I will join it.

  131. ** Anderson, Greenville, Pickens and Oconee Counties of South Carolina **
    The Western mountain region of South Carolina welcomes you. Locate in the Golden Corridor on I-85 between Atlanta and Charlotte. Ask FNH USA how they are faring in our industry friendly environment. Join Boeing, BMW, Michelin and numerous suppliers in a Right to Work State. Education opportunities abound at Clemson University, Univ of South Carolina, Anderson University, North Greenville Univ and two area technical institutes.

    Ground transportation access by I-85, I-185, I-385 and I-26; Greenville-Spartanburg Int’l airport (GSP) provides easy air travel and a new Inland Port Terminal under construction at GSP will provide direct rail freight service from the port of Charleston.

    Generous deer hunting limit at ten per year, and turkey and quail are distributed throughout the area. Several sporting clay, trap and skeet ranges are conveniently located to keep your aim sharp.

    Lakes Hartwell, Russell, Greenwood, Keowee and Jocasse offer boating and fishing for largemouth, smallmouth, stripers, panfish and trout, along with mountain fed streams holding three species of trout; browns, brookies and rainbows. Pack your waders.

    A golf mecca with some of the most beautiful public and private courses in the country, and skiing and snow tubing is available in nearby NC mountains.

    Greenville is a Must Go-To destination for foodies and families; Atlanta and Charlotte are located within a short drive and outlet malls are along the way.

    Y’all c’mon down, hear! We’d love to see ya!

  132. I, too, worry for my country and pray for her. When I grew up and raised my kids, we had real heroes, that were brought to our attention in school. We had a functioning NASA that fueled our imagination. Were things perfect or did they just seem to be? in retrospect.
    Right now, ammunition is on back order that will last how long? It’s not only the ammunition, look at the other freedoms and rights that are being grabbed. We are in for a lot of hurt before things get set right. Stand up and know what is important and when to move, literally.
    I will be looking at your product and will be interested to see where you move. between Alabama and Texas, Alabama is tops for me.

  133. I urge you to consider Wichita KS. The state is very gun friendly. The city has a established base of skilled engineers and machinists from all the aircraft manufacturing in the area. Additionally the state’s income tax is vanishing and I’m sure the city and state could put together a nice incentive package. Give us a look at

  134. Jim of comment 343, I could not agree with you more. We are becoming a country of handouts as the incentives of hard work & creativity are being eroded away with “share the wealth” philosophy of the “give me” generation & no regard for the consequences of their actions as the unlawfull become treated more & more as the victims of their crimes and their victims as if they are the criminals instead.

  135. Texas is very gun-friendly. And very business-friendly. And we’d love to give you some tax cuts to come and set up shop here.

  136. Here in South Dakota taxes are low, cost of living is very low, our economy & weathet are stable. We even have a very high work ethics & not a liberal in sight. Obama & his ilk are NOT supported here (especially once Tim Johnson is gone & he even has a NRA A rating), our legislature even filed AGAINST Obamacare. We are avid sportsmen, & even our teachers have the option to shoot back (By state law no less)! We would make PTR a fine home. As a further suggestion to go with avoiding states Obama carried, look to see a states requirements for: firearms or ammo purchase, & concealed carry (South Dakota is a “shall issue” for a CWP) as these are the true firearm friendly states. If a resident is required to have a purchase or possession permit they are NOT firearms friendly (sorry Michigan, I know you need the jobs).

  137. Glad to hear you are standing strong for OUR second amendment rights. I can’t wait to to support your decision by purchasing a firearm from your unapologetically patriotic company when you have finally settled in your new home!! I would add Montana to your list of choices. Good people, lots of space and very gun friendly!!

  138. Come on down to Alabama! The State will give you land! Lowest electricity cost in the US! Great workforce! Low cost of living! Very gun friendly hunting and sport shooting! Milder climate than the north or extreme south (Texas or Florida). And by the way Florida did vote for Obama the head of this disease!

  139. I am from Connecticut and truly embarrassed and ashamed of Legislative and Executive branch. Unfortunately none of the canidates I voted for won and the ones that did are trying to turn it into a Communist Police State. I my self am looking to find a new state to call home after my military service is done. Good Luck to you John and to the whole PTR family.

  140. Screw people saying they should just not buy from the PEOPLE living in CT. Ya know, the ones who are being forced to live with this new bill, or move away from their family’s and everyone they know as I am now ‘doing. We are the ones suffering, many of us born here, and you would have us punished and say to elect different politicians? There is no such thing in CT. Getting rid of. them is harder than getting rid of existing law. Every. single firearm I own is on the banned list and I have since been trying to buy a revolver as they are not banned(I don’t think they have ever been banned anywhere) and everyone is refusing to sell to me because of where I live, which in turn is doing nothing but helping our government rid us of our firearms and our right to have them. Don’t be a fool thinking that is a political statemen, you should instead help the people living here in anyway possible.

  141. If your interested in Florida let me know , I’ll get you some contact numbers for industrial complexes in Dade City

  142. Don’t bother with Washington State. We have the same idiot liberals that are doing the same kind of BS. And congratulations on your decision. I support you. In fact, I’m going to check out your website and buy something I can’t live without. Or maybe I’ll wait until you move so I don’t send the money to CT.

  143. I believe PTR would find a very welcoming home in Kansas. Lots of hardworking folks used to precision work right here in Wichita. Plz give us a look! Thanks!

  144. Stop your search, I have the perfect state for you…Oklahoma…just have a look at our laws such as open carry; man, this is a pro 2nd amendment state if there ever was one. And, our economy and workforce is among the best in the nation. Welcome to all Free Americans

  145. Plenty of space and people willing to work here in Oklahoma! Plus, we do love our guns. Did I mention we are a “Right to work state”?

  146. We should now have a talk with Kimber and Henry Arms-both of NY. Illinois should put on a “action pending” list.

  147. Kansas is centrally located with great labor pool, an airport in Wichita and a top rating for pro-business environment! Bring it!

  148. I am a satisfied 4-time PTR customer from Louisiana. I think PTR should resist moving because it is expensive, disruptive, and a violation of your civil rights. If you MUST move, then go to the nearest state which is friendly to gun manufacturers; but you should also litigate until you defeat the Con. State law and regain your civil damages. God bless you and good luck against these wicked ‘feel-good’ politicians. We all need students to be safe, whether at college or nursery school; and so competent and willing adults, including faculty, staff, and students may be armed as the NRA suggested. This step alone would probably eradicate 99% of massacres. Best regards, Louis.

  149. Way to go PTR !!
    Check out Tennessee where the 2nd amendment is alive & strong.
    We’d love to have you !

  150. Great move thanks for standing up for all gun owners. I am from the communist state of New York wish all gun manufacturers in New York would do the same. Good luck on your relocation

  151. Come to Lexington SC. I-20 and I-26, Columbia airport in our county Ft. Jackson, MCRD Paris Island, MCAS Beaufort too Charleston AF base Macintyre ANG Shaw Field AFB and home to the 3rd Army. And that’s just the military bases that are close that I can think of. Would love to se PTR in SC ,,, Lexington would be better

  152. Sorry to see you go,but I would like to thank the legislature on a great job on leaving the citizens of CT that much more defenseless against dictatorship. I don’t think the people of the United States realize what is coming. I have lived my entire life in Connecticut. Since Newtown I don’t feel any safer than I did before. I work in a school system, after newtown the schools reminded me of a police state. it made me feel paranoid having the cops everywhere. Why are my fellow citizens in Ct so eager to give up their rights for the false sense of security obama and malloy offer? I have never thought of moving out of this state until this knee jerk over reaction to newtown started. 6 million jews 30 million chinese 11 million russians would not be dead by the hands of Dictators if they had assualt rifles. All I can say is that i hope those of you in the 2nd ammendment supporting states say a prayer for the rebels here in Ct. I am surrounded by mindless sheep. Good job malloy you weakened your state today. If you in the second amendment supporting states allow congress to pass obama legislation against the second amendment than our whole country will be weakened to tyrany in our country and outside countries. The big picture here is that we have internally elected socialists, communists and marxists that want to destroy our country from the inside out. once they are done doing that our external enemies Russia China al-queda N korea will attack.

  153. This gun control bullsh*t is getting out of hand. I hope the people of Conn. along with the people of Colo. can VOTE these basta*ds out before the whole country goes to hell in a hand basket..And I think its time for another PRESIDENT also!!!

  154. As a law enforcement officer and business owner who sells exclusively to law enforcement personnel, I can attest to the business-friendly climate here in Oklahoma. Especially for those dealing in firearms and accessories. Already proud home to Surgeon Rifles, we would love to have you take a look at our great state. The Crossroads of the United States (I-35, I-40 and I-44), World Airport Access and rail access are all available for you here. The state is trying to do away with income tax and all 77 of our counties voted 100% republican in the last two presidential elections. As a business owner, the bottom-line advantages are numerous, especially in shipping, where you have 1-3 day ground freight to most of the U.S.! Give us a try. Check out for more information! Long live the 2nd Amendment and businesses proud to protect it!!!

  155. The state of Idaho welcomes you. come see the opportunities which will allow your company to succeed. We are perhaps one of the more friendly gun states in the union come see for yourselves.

  156. PTR has now been added to my “To Buy For” list along with Beretta and Magpul, Seriously, I think it’s wonderful posters are inviting these 2nd Amendment supporters to their states. How about a campaign (CTD?) to assemble a list of “threatened” vendors in Progressive States, forwarding relocation info to the proper authorities in welcoming states way before the SHTF and give Progressive states something more to think about. (Sorry. I used “think” in the same sentence as “Progressive!” My bad!)

    Just saying . . .

  157. Hey Oklahoma would welcome a move here. Central location, lots of hunters and gun owners. The affordable care act was handled similarly by Congress–just crammed down everyone’s throat without the members of Congress even reading the bill. Speaks poorly for elected officials who listen to idiot media and not to reason for real solutions. BO didn’t do we’ll here either election. Very conservative state.

  158. Mississippi Needs Businesses. Land is low-priced and Labor is Plentiful. Our State Representatives will welcome you with open arms. Contact Phil Bryant. The People are friendly and ready to work. Y’all Come, Live In Dixie!

  159. Texas or any southern state will do. No state income tax and lower cost of living in Texas. Leave any liberals in Ct. One is more than enough here!

  160. As a Cuban American and a United States Marine it saddens me to see our politicians act as if we lived in a communist country, where people have no rights anymore and it’s all controlled by communist dictator’s. To think I put my life on the line to protect our way of life and the freedom that we fought so hard for to find that at the end of this journey it would come to politician’s telling us what we can do and what we can’t do THAT IS SAD. SEMPER FI
    Sir come to South Florida. We will welcome you and your company family with open arms.

  161. Very Proud Of This Company, we can only hope that others will follow. Also, I beleive Pennsylvania would welcome you.

  162. Come to Ocala, Florida. We have Core 15 and would welcome you!
    It also cuts another way. I am a highly recruited software engineer. I have standing employment offers from companies like Amazon, Intel, Bloomberg, and other well know companies. I always politely turn down offers from states that do not respect the second amendment. I tell them as soon as they move their HQ to Florida or Texas I would be interested. I will not live in (or even visit) a state where my God given freedom is not respected and I cannot defend my family.

  163. Good for you PTR. I concur with Scott that Collier County Forida would welcome you. Someone suggested Pennsylvania – forget it; Senator Toomey has recently revealed himself to be no friend of the 2nd amendment. I left Connecticut (born and raised there) for Florida 5 years ago and have never looked back. I’ll be looking at PTR for my next gun purchase.

  164. My compliments for taking your stand. There are many states you can relocate to that will be a great for you to move to, Texas being my state of choice. What ever location you select remember to see if it is a state Obama carried in the last election so you do not set yourself up for failure and Liberals are getting a strong hold. Stick to strong conservative right to work states. That is where you can not pay excessive taxes and have your rights violated as is being done now.

  165. Hi John, You are making the right move and is very sad that you have to make a new home. I just can’t wait to retire and get the h eck out of here. I was born in Cuba and left there because of commusm and that’s exactly what is happening in this state. Just a bunch of communist. Best of luck to you and really sad that this bill passed in the Communist State.


    Albert Entralgo

  166. Come to Florida we don’t have a state income tax and we are Second Amendment Friendly. Our Governor and the population would love to have your business here in the ” Sunshine State “.

  167. Good for you guys, I would say move to Rhode Island but our politicians are as bad or may be more corrupt and worse than Connecticut they have no idea what they are doing. Move to the south where they are friendly to the American way of life, the Northeast has gone socialist Communist.

  168. Why would, or should, any state make an “offer” to such a tiny business. Seems like PTR hopes to capitalize on a changing legal environment. Grow some stones and just move – – and save the press releases for actual news.

  169. PTR makes great rifles and I hope to buy more when they get out of the police state that is now CT. I’m leaving Maryland myself and recommend they take the long view and consider a real hard core pro gun state so as not to have to do this again. Texas is probably a good choice.

  170. As long as we have people electing nuts like Obama and Democrats elect nuts in their State Senate and Houses . I would move companys to a more friendly state. Eastern States are going to liberty and affect the Consitutional rights of others.


  172. Every gum/Ammo company should leave these lib-tard states. Great decision PTR. Thank you for leading the way. I to will look into buying your products.
    If every the day comes that the goverment ever comes for my weapons I want the politicians that pass the laws to come to my home and get them!!

  173. We need the jobs here in ultra liberal Oregon. If they don’t screw up the laws here come on down. At least put me on the list to buy a new rifle once you get reestablished!

  174. Our Governor says “WI is open for business”, would love it if PTR made that slogan come true. Buildings and workers available in Janesville (former GM plant that was closed down).

  175. Thank you PTR for standing on principle. If the libs want their utopia, we need to let them have it, and let them pay for it. We conservatives must hold our ground. The republicans have sold us down the river again. The democrats NEVER compromise and the moderate republicans always give in. We must NEVER NEVER NEVER compromise this issue or we will have doomed our future generations to tyranny.

  176. Glad to hear you stand for more than money. Comment 24 is in error, we still have all our idiot politicians. Stay out of The People’s Republic of California, you and your “evil” guns won’t be welcomed here. Try Arizona, they have decent gun laws, as does Nevada. The best of luck to PTR Industries, and stay strong. I’ll be shopping for your product as soon as I get out of this ultra liberal freak show of a state.

  177. Maybe Conn.should realize there is no heroin made in USA but it is here,it would be the same with guns but only the criminals will have them and hard to defend yourself with a butter knife against them.Why dont the citizens of Conn.go on line and find out what happened to other countries when they gave up their guns.Homicide by firearms went up over 1000% because no one could defend themselves

  178. I never really felt the need to own one of these. However, The day you move out of state I will buy a PTR91KFM4R. I hope you come to Texas.

  179. As Dean Stated,
    United we stand, divided we fall. To many are too lazy and afraid people to stand up tall and defend our constitution and our forefathers and all of the ones that have shed their blood/fallen and the ones that survived.
    people don’t care, they want the government to support them.

  180. Bring it on down to Texas . We are business friendly . In this state we enjoy many freedoms that other states are Loosing and giving up . You cant find a better place than Texas ask Bond Arms of Granbury Texas .

  181. To Jim M,
    You said, “TIME for Civil war is coming! YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY GUNS….just try asshole!”
    I have been saying that for years and nobody believed me and I see they still haven’t woke up to it yet!
    Hey people, Watch either one of the “RED DAWN” movies. Then look out your window, maybe then you will wake up, but by then “IT WILL BE TO LATE!”

  182. Come to Oklahoma. Right to work, legislature is working on doing away with state tax and cross roads of major interstates is dead center of the capital. You can ship anywhere easily and we love guns.

  183. To Bamamamoo,
    You said “One last thought, I keep hearing “… The majority of Americas agree with me…”, I say, why don’t we put this insane gun control issue to a vote?

    The government doesn’t want to give us a vote on the matter of Gun Control (as a matter of fact they don’t want to give us a vote on anything), and there is not enough people willing to stand up to the government. They all say they are, but then they say “Since everybody else is doing it, why should I get involved, let them do it.
    They are to afraid of being put on the “BLACK LIST”. Most people don’t understand they are already on the Black List especially if you own a gun, period.
    I’m not, I stand on my constitutional rights and will defend them ALL, not just the 2nd, and defend my family. Don’t believe me, try me!!

  184. Columbus, OHIO. There are Tax incentives to move business to ohio.
    Our Governor just passed a law to protect the rights of Gun owners, so definitely a gun friendly state. Cost of living and many skilled and diverse laborers as machinists. A contender for sure. Thanks.

  185. God bless you and your company for this decision. And may his hand guide you till its complete. It’s about time “We” the majority stood up and acted out against the irrational thought of the minority! If your mechanic doesn’t fix your car right you blame the wrenches he used!? What’s next outlawing cars and trucks with large cargo areas because of fear of a bomb!? Everything! The Government puts its hands in is broken, or just broke! But these sheep continue to turn to it for guidance. God forbid we ever truly need the actions behind what the 2A was writing for. But if we do, those socialists who forgot their freedom is owed to a man or women who took up arms against a tyrant. Can kiss my TEXAN A**!

    P.S. Welcome arms here in the greatest state in the union! GOD BLESS TEXAS! Lol

  186. If you come to SC (Columbia Area/Lexington County) I will sweep your floors for free for the 1st year. Take care of landscaping…change lightbulbs etc etc.

    Best wishes in your move!

  187. There are only three types of people: Wolves, sheep, and sheep dogs(responsible armed citizens). The stupid legislators of Connecticut wrongly think they can protect the sheep by muzzling the sheep dogs.

  188. Great I wish all firearms industries would do the same and show these politiciane how much taxes are paid by the gun industry. Come on down to Fla.

  189. I hope they consider Wyoming. One of the gun-friendliest states there is. I moved from PA. Best thing I ever did.

  190. John:

    COnnersville Indiana is starving for businessesto bolster the economy. A nice town within an hour of Indianapolis, Cincinnati, & Dayton, Ohio. Check it out. Good luck to you and your employees, and thank you for your decision to standing up to politicians. God bless you and your employees.

    Mike ( proud gun owner and American)

  191. The following statement made by JJ;
    Good riddance. Move it somewhere south where the IQ’s are low enough they won’t give a damn if their kids are mowed down like cattle.

    I have news for you JJ (should be JAJ), our IQ’s in the South are a lot higher than the ones in Connecticut.
    Stop and think about it for a minute, No Guns allowed in State, No Rights. Situation here; (1)Law Enforcement Officers are the only ones armed. (2) It takes an average of 15-20 minutes to respond to a call, (How do I know? Was in Law Enforcement and over half my family too). (3) When you are being assaulted or robbed, it only takes 15- 30 seconds or less and if you are lucky under 3 minutes for this to happen. (4) The no gun laws in your state just opened the doors to criminals, because they know they can;break-in/rob/rape/steal/etc what ever they want because they will have the time and not have to worry about getting shot by the owner. (5) For the best one; You said “they won’t give a damn if their kids are mowed down like cattle. I have news for you a “GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONE”, I a perfect place for some low life or maniac to attack people in groups, why? There again because they know there are no guns there. Our children mean more to us than you care about your children, because ours are going to be safe and protected by an armed and trained teacher/person, to stop a perp from shooting children/people. Your stupid unconstitutional laws won’t.

  192. I support your move.and I also will go one step more and will not order anything on the web.That is shipped from Connecticut. Bill

  193. Come to Michigan. Senator Mike Green et al, sent a formal letter to Magpul to relocate to Michigan. We are bound by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes and have millions of acres of state land for hunting & trapping which has created a rich hunting and fishing tradition in Michigan. Plus, we have a factory workforce second to none.

    Also, our State Constitution states Michigan can regulate above federal law on things that exclusively take place in Michigan. What Senator Green, Brandenburg, et al did is submit a bill that will exempt all Michigan made guns from any federal legislation.

    Please contact Senator Mike Green – is contact information is here:

  194. Come to Garland, Texas. Lots of 2nd amendment supporters, and everyone knows, people in Texas love their guns, and plan on keeping them. No state income tax, and Garland has been the home of many small to medium manufacturing and industrial businesses. We are a suburb of Dallas, and centrally located in the country as far as any kind of transportation or shipping. Great weather year round, low taxes on businesses. We would love to welcome you here in our great state. I’m sure a large number of your products are already purchased by Texas residents already. Just about all the local politicians are pro 2nd amendment,, and so are our US senators.


  196. i hope this state goes bankrupt and they hang these scumbag politicians by the balls. they will all be remembered at election time for their actions.we the people will make sure this time obama and his corrupt government will not be able to fix the elections. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF OBAMAS DIRTY POLITICS.

  197. I’d select a state based on the density of other arms manufacturers. When you get there, form a lobby and super pac to pay off the politician’s err I mean donate generously to their campaign funds to lobby for our rights. Reality sucks, our law makers are for sale to the deepest pockets or to the knee jerk stupid idea of the day. I’d really guess Texas would be a safe bet. I can’t see those folks giving up their second amendment rights without a serious fight, and I don’t mean a political fight. Need to have a drawing for their first weapon off the new assembly line. Special edition run, the “Freedom” edition of whatever you build first.

  198. I’m glad you voted with your feet.
    There’s a nice industrial building available in Monteagle, TN.

  199. Come to ME, we welcome business and now we are trying to become a RTW state. GD just laid off workers because of less demand for military issue weapons, we have the ethic and the ability to help and not so far for people to relocate. We,lome PTR!

  200. Try Oklahoma City, we have I35 and I40 runing through the State. OK is centraly located, rail, air and truck, right to work and I think pro gun, pro life. Great work force people with great work ethics (sp). Pls check us out before you make a decision. Thanks for standing up to triants.

  201. This works for a while. This move will effect other businesses in Conn. resulting in job losses. The losses will be some of the anti-gun whiners so they will be looking for jobs elsewhere. The states with the best economy will be the pro-gun states. So where will they move, to a pro-gun state for a job. Now all this starts all over again. The anti-gunners start whining again – gun control. They aren’t smart enough to realize this is what cost them job in Conn. All they have on their simple little brain is gun control.

  202. Texas would be a great state to relocate to; It s a strong 2nd Amendment and conservative in values. I know you would get great support from the citizens of this great state. You would have support from the firearms and distribution sources; both wholesale as well as retail, so come on down to Texas and receive a great Texas welcome.

  203. Consider Ruston Louisiana. It is located in Lincon Parish. There are great schools, industrial park and people that would love for you to locate here. Louisiana is still a sportsmans paradice.

  204. You need to consider Conway, Arkansas. We are on a major interstate, railroad line and are in the center of the state of Arkansas.
    The majority of the people are supporters of the 2d amendment and are hunters, shooters, and outdoors people and if you look at the Friends of the NRA Banquets that have been in the state this year, they have at least doubled or more in size.

  205. I don’t need a PTR rifle, but now I am going to get one. I believe in putting my money to support principles I believe in. PTR deserves support from the gun community. And the gun community should work together to keep politicians accountable to our Constitution. It will surely cost us, but “freedom isn’t free”. I hope PTR comes to Texas (it’s all been stated above). There are plenty of incentives for new businesses too. Good luck. And, God [please] bless America.

  206. We here in NORTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE would be overjoyed to have you locate here! We love our guns and want to work. The economy offers little choice for work. Ask Ruger how they like it here!

  207. I’d say come to California and help bolster the ranks of the few patriots left in this state, but you’d be moving out if the pot into the fire.

  208. I’m a Connecticut transplant in Charleston, SC. Come on down…the weather is GREAT!! AND we have sweet tea and hushpuppies!!

  209. I feel terrible for you and your company having to move from your home because of irresponsible, constitutionally illiterate, politically correct legislators who don’t have the courage to do the right thing. I applaud you following words with actions. If more companies and individuals do the same thing we may have a chance. If you move to Texas I will help you unload the truck and I will bring my friends!

  210. Only one thing to say to you PTR——THANK YOU——– everyone should leave a state that bans our guns

  211. Raze the building when you leave and give them a pile of rubble. so that they can’t use it for anything

  212. to my fellow californians our legislature will see this as example of how to get rid of those that dont agree with them not as a loss of jobs or revenue.i wish more ct companies would come here and help our stagnant economy.unfortunately ca.has been a trend setter for many years.sadly a ca goes so does alot of the country,sadsly

  213. Bravo sir bravo, thank you for making the right choice. Come to Monroe, NC we welcome jobs and weapons


  215. You would think the politicians in those states that are losing manufacturers and jobs would grab both ears and pull real hard. Amazing they cannot see the impact, or they just don’t care. Really a shame, but….great for Texas and any other state that upholds the Constitution.

  216. this saden’s all who are patriots of this great state and now maybe the people who never thought these laws would
    be in-acted and also a direct attack against the constitution and its citizens,, i think the average american just wants
    to be conquered and plundered! they doctrunate us with illegitimate televesion and bias communist news thats
    sponsored by the white house “CNN, FOX, POLITIC NATION, BILL ORIELLY AND HLN, msnbc, cbs, abc, all have
    failed to keep our constitution safe keeping preserved from the tyranny thats happen here.. God Bless the familys
    in conneticut but any one of us would have given our lives to protect the innocent child of God.. -Oklahoma is Pro-Constitution
    and our Governor Fallin has put power back into the hands of the Statesmen just before this President decided to act.

    -we welcome you to Oklahoma, with open arms. 🙂
    please post the “Firearms equality movement information” so that the people will also not support the Gun grabber
    firearm dealers who sold out to the ATF and Government.

  217. to any of my fellow californians,our state government wont read this as a loss of jobs and revenue but the recipe to get rid of the undesirables that dont believe in them.this once great state is well ahead of ct in its own demise. its a darn shame whats happened here in the last 50 years.remember ca use to be a trend leader for the country,i am very sad to say

  218. I am glad to see that this company is making such a strong stand. I think that it has come to the point that the FireArms Industry needs to stand up to the “feel good legislators” who Dont Give A Damn about saving lives, but are insted interested in token legislation that only hurts the safety of their citizens and the tax base of their states! I support these companies, and I can only hope that this type of action will open the eyes of the idiotic legislators who are causing this to happen….I for one will make sure that I vote against every liberal democrat that I can who has been pushing for gun control!

  219. I highly encourage you to consider South Carolina, mainly Pickens County. We have an industrial park with plenty of room for expansion and its right off the highway. With the tax breaks our governor is giving new companies, I know she, (Gov. Haley), and the state will treat you right.
    Titleist Golf Ball is the latest company to move to Pickens County and I know more will be coming, too. Please, take a look at the upstate of S.C. and consider this great state and location as a possible move.

  220. Thank God there are still people that love our constition and our liberty more than their bottom line! It’s people like you that will make a difference for the rest of us that have the same convictions, but without the resources to make our voices heard. Thank you for having the backbone to stand for what you (and many of us) believe in. One last thought, I keep hearing “… The majority of Americas agree with me…”, I say, why don’t we put this insane gun control issue to a vote?

  221. Come on down to Oklahoma, we love our second amendment rights. We have lots of land. Plus we don’t believe in screwing business, that will help everyone out.

  222. You are welcome in So. Indiana. Great business environment state. Great southern Ind schools. New industrial park with plenty of space and great access to interstates and UPS hub. Would love to have you here.

  223. Florida would love to have you. We have a large available workforce and we definitely are “user friendly” to the firearms industry.

  224. On behalf of Twobirds Flying Publication I commend your actions, and we encourage others like you, and your suppliers, to give serious consideration to a similar approach. We know that all law abiding citizens will support and reward you for your courage and conviction.
    We wish you well; there are a number of states, in this United States of America, that will welcome you with open arms.

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

    Sal Palma
    Publisher and Editor
    Twobirds Flying Publication

  225. I will also throw in GA, the EAST central side, Near Augusta.
    Air, interstate and an open landscape to build what you require.
    Centrally located, 2+ hours to Atlanta,Greenville, Charleston, Charlotte, an hour to Columbia or Savannah on 4 lane divided highways.
    Lots lower tax rates, cost of living, traffic and the general BS in the bigger towns.
    Some areas have a high percentage of people that shoot on our own property, as we can afford acreage. 🙂
    Decent to good hunting and fishing all over to keep the employees occupied too.

  226. Take a look at Everett, Washington. The Pacific Northwest has been very supportive of gun rights. It is also a great shipping hub and have skilled manufacturing labor to fill the positions needed. The largest building in the world is in our back yard. We also have a couple of manufacturing facilities that would suit your needs well.

  227. I would love to tell you to come to New Jersey but as everyone knows the liberals have already moved into the State Capitol years ago. I apologize for my state for their stand on firearms. Its will be interesting to see how much the citizens of this state and our nation will take of the trampling of our rights before someone, hopefully, in unision says, enough !

  228. I’m sure we can find a great location here in Alabama. Constitutional Rights upheld.
    Connecticut has really shown their total lack of reasoning when their legislators approved this law in their frenzied attempt to penalize gun owners. There’s no other way to describe it.

  229. Looks like Ohio is pursuing tax benefits to companies that produce products, rather than just services. Akron Ohio has been a hub of competent labor in skilled trades in the metal and polymer industries. Ohio has overall been increasing state and local rights in regards to firearms. Many, many Ohioans are firearms advocates and they want the work.

  230. Come to Troup County Ga. We have a willing Development Authority that will provide incentives to move here. A few years ago we had a 1.2 billion dollar KIA industry with suppliers move in here. Lots of tax breaks, etc.
    Congratulations on making the move from Connecticut, they will regret the day they violated our constitutional rights.

  231. It is a shame for Ct. as for its deep rooted history of the industry,come check Louisiana the sportsman state

  232. Come to Florida Tampa Bay would love to have and all your employees will receive a bonus due to no state income tax

  233. Don’t bother with Colorado. MagPul and HiViz are leaving the state because of the same draconian, knee-jerk laws.

  234. I would NOT relocate to any state that voted for Obama in either election! These states have a mental problem!

  235. +1 for South Carolina!

    (Don’t go to Louisiana! That’s where the state allowed the Feds to go door-to-door CONFISCATING guns from people after hurricane Katrina, leaving them with nothing to defend themselves in the middle of a wasteland!)

  236. As a 2nd Amendment supporter in CT I applaud PTR moving out of the state. The morons in charge up here have no idea what they are doing. All they know how to do is raise taxes and spend it recklessly mostly in handouts or unneeded projects. If I wasn’t locked into my job I too would relocate….me and my “Black Rifles” and LCPs – large capacity magazines.

  237. As I wrote Mr McNamara, you wont find a more “business friendly” State and Tulsa Oklahoma welcomes all. We also have a Governor who is very pro 2nd amendment rights. We just passed open carry here as well.

  238. come on down to the lone star state, we will welcome you with open arms. we have a saying down here ” there’s two kinds of Texans, those that were born here and those who got here as fast as they could” we have no state income tax and a lot of places with no property tax. we are truly like a whole other country. I know for a fact areas around my city of Houston are growing at a crazy rate, look up Katy Sugarland area, or even Stafford, the Woodlands.. you would do good to at least consider the areas around my beloved city.

  239. We would be more than happy to have you in the LIVE FREE OR DIE STATE as that is what tis country is founded on!

  240. The STRONG 2nd Amendment citizens of WV would love to have you here (Mountaineers Are Always Free)…BUT… we have just seen our turncoat traitor Joe Manchin the Democrat shove another one up our A$$ with his senate vote!

  241. I echo the comments about relocating to Indiana. The heartland of America is an ideal location to ship from also. Plenty of empty manufacturing buildings in Anderson. And let’s not forget about the cheap taxes.

  242. I applaud their decision. Its the only way to send a message to the liberals who want to destroy our rights and take this country over. god bless. we need to support all of the companies whom stand up to those folks in any state.

  243. Come on to Texas. We still believe in the original intent of the Constitution of the United States. We would love to have you here!!

  244. Don’t even think about re-locating anywhere in New England. Take it from a person born and brought up in Ma. (when the liberals hadn’t had a chance to ruin it) and moved here to the great state of TEXAS! We’d love to have you, right to work state, no state income tax, great climate, eager work force and solid Second Amendment protectors. I’ll bet you’d get a great incentive package as well. If you have any Veterans in your work force this is a state that takes great care of them. Check us out!

  245. I am sure the state of South Dakota would not only welcome you but make an offer that is easy on the wallet as well. Sorry for your problems with a state that is not thinking, but rather reacting off its gut reactions to a very real tragedy. However, there are those that would lead them, the public down the garden path of miss information, and that is to be sure one pile of carefully designed by selection re the anti gun people, complete BS regarding this subject. Unfortunately at times common sense does not prevail.


  246. come on down to tennessee, i’m sure ya’ll would like it here. i am so glad to see someone finally standing up for our rights and to the politicans. they need to stay out of our is time for a stand.

  247. Come on to Texas, Colt is already moving its factory that makes competition AR-15s to Breckenridge,Texas. A town of 6500 people with open arms. A town that already has a Mfg. company that is one of Bell Helicopters major suppliers, a d has some large mfg. plants that are empty and waiting to be utilized.

  248. Smart move – take your business and your talent to a much a freer state that will welcome you with open arms. Escape this Dem/liberal cesspool of the northeast. I live in MA and have seen this all my life, just getting much worse.

  249. Hmm… Interesting that no one suggested Illinois… We have air-water-rail-truck shipping. We have skilled workers at all levels, and a Gov Quinn,who needs to make great business deals – tax breaks, etc – to bring business/industry into the state. cost of living is much better down state and near Rockford & Galesburg.

  250. Please consider Hampton Roads Virginia as we have a huge industrial base, ready access to intermodal transport and international markets, a concentration of all Service branches, low cost of living and a state government which Mayor Bloomberg and others of his ilk are always blaming for their firearms problems. Washington DC is a couple of hours drive away in case you need to make a political statement, and we get enough snow every once in a while so you won’t miss it.

  251. Come on out to Kingman, AZ, where we believe in the Constitution! You are doing the right and gutsy thing. Those politicians up there belong in concentration camps; and with their brain-dead – head in the sand outlooks, they soon will be. I got the hell out of brain-dead IL, where the governor loves criminals and can’t do enough for them (he put the axe to the death penalty for cold-blooded murderers)and wants to leave all the good citizens at the hands of gangs – just like Chicago does.

  252. Clearwater Beach, Florida!
    You would be on the beach right now, or on a boat in beautiful waters with dolphins and manatees!

  253. Come to Warner Robins GA. The center of the state and fastest growing County in the U.S. Air Force Near by and close to Atlanta, Macon, FL, Alabama, SC. Great location!!

  254. Dear John,

    It was with a heavy heart that I read your company’s statement on the CTD thread. I posted same on FB echoing your statement. I am positive that I am not alone in extending an invitation to move PTR to Georgia. Shoot, you could move right in next to Glock World here in Smyrna! I’ll be damned if they change any of OUR laws HERE in Georgia! The State of Connecticut trampled through Georgia and her people’s rights once before…they’ll NOT do it again! God Bless You and Yours, PTR and everyone involved in preserving the integrity of PTR; and God Bless Georgia!


    -Matthew Hardwick

  255. You are welcome in Arkansas. We have a Remington plant just outside of Little Rock, so you know we love firearms and you will have a ready supply of “test” ammo.

  256. I’m an old man now. I was raised to be a patriot with no equivocation. I was raised on tales of the heroes to this nation. I served my country, nothing exceptional, I just did my duty. I raised my children to believe in the USA, to know some of its legends and heroes. My heart is breaking, not as much because of Connecticut, but because of our White House. I am losing my pride in my country and I weep.

  257. I,m with all the others on gun rights and commend those companies that relocate and recommend Va. and the Roanoke valley as a place with plenty of workers that need work.

  258. i think it is great that you are not going to put up with their stupidy, sorry that you have to go to all of the trouble but Missouri would love to have you and we have a lot of gun owners who would support you. GOOD LUCK

  259. We would be more then happy to have your company in northeast Kentucky. Our State fully believes in the 2nd amendment and our constitutional right to bear arms. So come on down we welcome the jobs that you will be offering in our state.

  260. Mississippi would welcome them with open arms and most likely give them better tax breaks than ct was anyway.

  261. it is time to rid the liberals off the Supreme Court, and start TRAITOR charges on those that vote to give away our Constitution.
    Thank you CTD for giving us a venue to voice our concerns, but sadly this will probably be the next to go under this administration.
    God bless all here and do enjoy the posts, intelligent, thoughtful thinkers.

  262. I meant to say, had an NRA rating of “A” before these recent senators and representatives bailed out on gun owners. Lets vote them all out next time, ok?

  263. Come to Oklahoma where every senator and representative had an NRA rating before the tragedy and still does. A bunch of them like West VA and Penn will be losing their rating over these recent gun bills. Id you have not been to Oklahoma the last couple decades, you have no clue how it has improved. We also have a first rate gunsmith school in our state. Last but not least 100% of our counties voted against Obama in both 2008 and 2012. That should tell you all you need to know.

  264. Gaffney, SC is one hour from Charlotte and three hours from Atlanta on I-85! Our state believes I 2nd amendment rights and our average individual income is around 35,000 a year

  265. Please consider Texas, this state will never give up it’s guns for anybody. We have a great work environment, beautiful country and no State Income Tax. Your welcome in Texas!

  266. I agree with JiminGa. Valdosta and the Lowndes County Commision have worked with many companies to the North looking to relocate. We have gained Martins Bakery and Steeda Customs. These businesses have been welcome with open arms (no pun intended). Close to railways and I-75 and a willing trained workforce from Wiregrass Tech make Lowndes a perfect choice. That coupled with the stong pro Second Ammendment feeling in Ga. is a great match. Come on down PTR we would like to have you as a proud member of of community.

  267. I hope others follow your move. Why would any firearm business stay in such a horrible anti gun state? I hope the other manufactures move too. I’m sure you’ll be welcome in Indiana. Indianapolis is a fantastic business friendly area to re-locate to.

  268. West Virginia where Mountaineers and always free and you would never need to worry about laws against your product may be a good place to consider. Centrally located to the south and the midwest where guns will always be part of life

  269. Even knowing this will be a huge expense and monetary setback, to me you are making the ultimate sacrifiCe showing that you uphold the ideals of our constitution and specifically your support of the 2nd ammendment. I commend you highly. In the long run may your business prosper even more so for making this decision. I only hope that other companies in the industry who have publicly stated their support also by refusing to sell to LE branches and others in states who have likewise passed restrictive legislation follow your lead if they are manufacturing is such states. Again, I applaud you highly. Please come to Texas.

  270. I saw someone recommend PA being a resident I would say skip this state. Yes we have hunters and a lot of people that support the 2nd amendment . Problem is we also have Philadelphia and Pittsburg and their liberal ideals which has a big sway in PA politics and could swing democratic any time then you would be back in the same boat. Hell I am counting the days till the kids graduate so I can get out of here myself.

  271. Great decision and a difficult one to be forced from your home state. Wish you the best of luck and the state of CT will surely follow in the footsteps of the cities of Detroit, Chicago, and the state of Colorado. Leave it to the criminals that will take it over soon.

  272. Oh, by the way! I would recommend Jacksonville, FL. I live here and love it, and we would love to have your company here!

  273. Dear sirs,
    Thank You for believing in the second amendment and the constitutional rights of the people. I hope the rest of the gun manufacturers and importers leave too. You have done the right thing. Yes I do believe in holding on to my guns and Religion and may God Bless you for doing what you are doing. Paul K. Graham, TSGT USAF retired.

  274. What makes the so called assault rifles such a popular target is that they have become a worldwide symbol of armed conflict. However the American picture is vastly different.

    Rifles are very seldom used to commit crimes. For the last year for which details are available, Chicago had close to 500 murders, but only one by rifle. The story is pretty much the same across the country.

    We as a nation have a high rate of firearms ownership but a very small % of those weapons used for criminal purposes. What’s more the violence is concentrated in a very small segment of the population. Again using the Chicago numbers, Chicago has a population of approximately 1/3 each of white, black and hispanic. A vast majority of the murders are associated with gang and drug cultures, and primairly young men from those segments of the population with the highest numbers of unwed teen mothers. Our gun crime problem is concentrated in about 10% – 15% of the population. The other 85%–90% are too often the victims.

    If the press cared about facts they would discuss these issues, the statistics are overwhelming. Rather they select stories to advance their political agendas. The truth suffers as do the law abiding citizens.

    Take a moment to go on youtube and watch some of the many clips from security cameras where law abiding citizens are confronted, shot, killed, raped and abused by gun wielding trash. It’s a fairytale to believe they will give up their already illegal guns , only the innocent will suffer. One of the best kept secrets in America is that of the number of armed citizens who have been able to protect themselves from the predators. But now the government wants to make sure that the citizens are unable to protect themselves.

    The left loves to play with the language and the modification of the term assault weapons to include non-automatic weapons has as much of an intellectual foundation as defining a prostitute to be any woman who has had sex with two or more men in her lifetime. But the press lets them get away with it.

  275. Tennessee has a superb work force and a huge firearms base. You guys would be welcome here too! Regardless of where you go, best of luck. You did the right thing!

  276. As a CT resident all my life i cannot in good conscious stay here beyond my retirement as a state employee. The libs have been spending and making laws and regulations like they are giving out candy. Too much time inhartford to make up something to justify their position they were elected to. They swore to uphold the constitution of the United States but do just opposite. It makes me sick. I believe Blumenthal started the busnes exodus by regulating them out. Under the auspices of protecting the consumer. I even fell for it by voting for this communist more than once yrs ago. Hard to admit. More and more people and jobs are leaving this state. I will be one them in 2 yrs.

  277. Try Virginia. I’m sure they’d love to have you. They’re already wooing MD f/a businesses after they passed their socialist gun law….

  278. wait till some state ofers you a building and land an help to relocate your key personal after all you will generate a lot of revenue to that state in taxes. good luck an happy trails

  279. Like other gents have said bring your business down here to GA plenty folks will welcome y’all and it would provide jobs to the area.

  280. “It should be a shock to us all that such landmark legislation could be written in one week, and seen by no one (including the rank-and-file legislators) prior to its emergency certification.”

    Then, I guess we could call it ConnectiCare.

  281. T E X A S ! Everything ships from Texas in just a few days since it is mid-continent! No State Income Tax! A few others in your industry have already figured this out and are moving here. Great weather, the best schools, and a very Pro American Spirit here!

  282. May I offer the Great State of Arizona? We alredy have Ruger and many related industries located here, as well as a Governor who is not afraid of the leftist that are trying to bring this country to its’ knees. And yes, we are a right to work state, unlike many that are controlled by the unions, who voted this administration in. Unlike our neighboring states (?)N.M., Colo., and Kalifornia, we are AMERICANS and damn proud of it. Please contact:

  283. I think all of this is rediculous and it’s worse that they can bull head us and force things on us like this. I for one am a responseable gun owner and i hurt noone owning and shooting firearms. All of the laws they are pushing arent doing any good and we all know its many steps backwards not forward. I say this, i am a peaceful man but NOBODY will take my guns!! I do wish this company well and i for one would welcome you here with open arms to Tennessee!

  284. I understand that PTR is thinking of leaving Connecticutt . In South Carolina we have a high unemployment rate but people moving here like Boeing have found out we have good people willing to work hard for a desent wage. Please consider our state Proud gun owner and X-cavalry Trooper VietNam 66-67-,69-70

    Irby Gillespie
    210 JOHNSON Lane
    Piedmont, SC 29673

  285. I had only given your products a cursory glance in the past due to the fact that I prefer to collect the original firearms (albeit it much higher cost) than the ones yours emulate. However, because of your stance, I will now become a loyal customer and purchase your products without hesitation. As was mentioned before me, SC is fast becoming corporate friendly by offering a multitude of tax benefits, skilled laborers/machinists and a protector of 2A. If you happen to end up in Charleston, your walk in traffic alone would far compensate far make up for the expense of relocating in the first year alone. Wherever you end up, keep your convictions strong. Thank you.

  286. Please move to Texas. It has the best governor in the USA and the state has no income tax. Centrally located and just plain perfect.

  287. Michigan is very gun friendly.
    MI just OKed suppressors.
    MI just discontinued State Police registration of handguns.

  288. Come to Florida The sunshine state. Many people here too property cheap and no state tax. No sense in putting all of our eggs in one basket
    Buy putting all the manufacturers in one place.

  289. Come on out to Kingman, Arizona. We have Strum Ruger in Prescott. King man is on I-40 with an airport and the railroad. Come grow with us in sunny Arizona.

  290. Bravo PTR. Just as people are leaving New York for the outrageuos taxes and nanny-state Mayors iron fisted control, this will hit them where it hurts. I’m sure with your company and all employees, there will be a BIG tax hit on Conn. Too bad, so sad!!~Best of luck in finding a new location. I would suggest Tucson, but our elected officials are so anti-business and growth, you would be better off in Conn.I would take a good look at Texas.Keep us all posted on your search and upcoming move.
    Jim, a proud veteran and American!!

  291. Being from CT its really sad to see the once great firearm heritage of this state go into the toilet overnight. Being only 5 minutes away from PTR i wish them the best and many of us here are proud to see them take a stand and hope to see others follow suit. These politicians WILL be in the unemployment line come next election!

  292. Stupid legislators of CT.
    If I’m gonna do something bad with a gun, I’m sure as hell gonna buy a gun off the street where I don’t have to go through the legalities and let it be traced back. I’ll bet you, that I could get that done in CT anytime, law or no law. All you’ve done is oppress law abiding citizens, and helped enrich the illegal gun runners, because their prices and business probably will increase in your state. Perhaps your citizens are smart enough to start a referendum.

  293. Georgia is a great state to relocate to. Marietta is just a few miles northwest of Atlanta, and very close to the Glock company. Very inexpensive to live in area. Lots of military bases, and lots of great people. Georgia Tech nearby for source of high quality engineers. ( my son being one). You wouldn’t regret it.

  294. Shreveport, Louisiana would welcome you with open arms.We offer great tax incentives. General Motors was here and now Elio Motors is locating in our wonderful city. Give us a look. You’ll like what you see!!!!!

  295. Texas would be Proud and Honored to have you chose our state. Our Fore Fathers are applauding you from their graves as are all of us Americans who love this country and love what it once stood for.

  296. Thank The Lord that there is a company willing to stand up for what is right. I commend you for your stand. I know the move will not be easy but it will pay big for you in the future. Keep standing up for what is right.

  297. Come to where I-35 and I-40 meet, Oklahoma! Strong workforce, lower land prices, staunch 2nd amendment support and I’m sure you could get large state tax break. We would welcome you with open arms.

  298. Its a shame – these laws are unconstitutional on their face. The people of CT need
    to rise up and repeal this nonsense. and if I can get enough support I will do it.
    I am a CT resident and have standing.

  299. I say come to arizona they have the most protection of gun rights in the country .I moved here 1 1/2 years ago because they have the most protection of your civil rights
    I would say the next place would be texas.

  300. If you want to thrive in a truly conservative state, OK is the place to be. We are the reddest state in the union, every county went red in the last two presidential elections. Libs have no influence here!!

  301. I think GA is on top so far 🙂
    Come down here! We’ve already got American divisions of HK and Glock, AAC, Masterpiece arms, and TAPCO to name a few. I picked up a PTR-91 GI model in December and it is amazing.
    Good call on leaving CT.

  302. Come to Michigan. We just became a right to work state, and we could sure use the jobs your company would bring. I’ll bet if you talked to the right people in gov’t they’d offer some tax break incentives to make the move worthwhile. The good news is, even though in national elections we seem to go for the wrong candidate, our legislature is predominately pro-2nd amendment. So I don’t think you’d have to look at moving again anytime soon.


  304. N.E. Ga. is perfect we have an industrial park in Ringgold just off Interstate 75 and 5 minutes to Chattanooga Tn. You would be welcome here.

  305. Nebraska would welcome you with open arms. And the cost of living and operation is less than most. Our senators have a perfect voting record on 2A rights including the U.N.s Arms Trade Treaty(knock on wood).

  306. Please consider West Virginia, it is Avery gun friendly state and one with a rich tradition of hunting and shooting sports.
    West Virginia has been the victim of another form of Washington tyranny, the EPA has evicerated the primary industry of WV, coal. I think the state of WV would welcome the entire firearm industry with friendly policies and willing workers.

  307. Connecticut Legislators are like all the rest. They are psychopathic killers, theives, thugs, crooks, liers, cheats, biggots and etc. These things are the ones responsible for the murder of the children and should be held accountable, charged with neglagent homocide, and depraved indifference to the lives of the children the permitted to be slaughtered with their “Criminal Empowerment Zone” Although gun laws are getting a bit lax in Michigan I wouldn’t come here for it is not much better than CT.

  308. Vermont. Progressive politics without oppressive agendas. Wide green mountains, hunting/sporting culture, and in need of jobs. I worked at Tubbs Snowshoes, during the last days we made them in the USA and I can attest that there is a labor market ready for production. VT is the most open State regarding gun carry/possession.

  309. criminals also use cars to escape after their crimes so following the same line of thinking, they MUST also remove all cars from law abiding citizens. Take all the cars away and only criminals (and politicians) will have cars

  310. Several of us in Washington State would love to have you! I’m speaking for those of us here who still have the ability to use our brains and believe in our freedom as citizens of our once great country. On second thought, I’m afraid Washington State is not far behind CT in the way our ‘self entitled’ elected officials and residents act or think. Avoid this place like H@#!

  311. Come to Texas. We have a climate that is far better than Conn. as well as politicians who support the Second Ammendment. We even have a NASCAR Race that is sponsored by the NRA. Tell your Senator Murphy to stuff it…..

  312. Michigan has a long and proud history of manufacturing and is industry friendly. I hope our State is being considered, I know you will find a friendly citizenry here.

  313. +1 on the New Hampshire relocation state for your compaany.
    And were Tax free too!
    “Live Free or Die”

  314. Move to Florida. Weather is good. Plenty of good workers. And no bills even being looked at to stop law abiding citizens from owning weapons or to businesses wanting to grow.

  315. South Dakota is perfect
    No state income tax
    Right to work state
    Strong Midwest work ethic with good schools
    Cost of living is low
    We just passed a law to allow guns on school property because of Ct, not the opposite!
    No one is going to trample on this states gun laws

  316. come to Nebraska. we would welcome you with open arms. great work ethic here in the midwest and some of the lowest transportation costs in the Country. Send some people to Omaha and give us a look.

  317. I’m sure if you contact Michigan’s governor Michigan would make it worth your while to move here. We love to see businesses move here. We are also a gun friendly/hunter friendly state.

  318. I congratulate you in standing up for us all and before the year is up and if I find one I will have a gun from ptr industries in my collection. I hope colt follows your lead.

  319. I have just made a personal choice to boycott Conn. I will not do any busness with any thing/person that was made in-sold by- distributed from that state.I know this is not going to bankrupt them but if enough of us do that little thing -it will hurt them. Get on board and join the boycott!!

  320. Good for PTR!
    Too bad Remington caved to big government in NY.
    I’m sure Scott walker and Wisconsin would also welcome you!

  321. I wish ur company would come near Memphis in West Tn, there are a lot of good machinist in the area that would make excellent gunsmith and builders check it out, Veitnam Vet former member of 1st Battalion 50th infantry, Charlied company, Veitnam 1970

  322. There’s plenty of room here in Alabama and you would be very welcome here. We are a business friendly state!

  323. We will welcome you in Oklahoma, where the people want. To work, and where the 2nd Amendment is valued. We are Right-to-work, and open carry. The people ate friendly and competent, and te government is business-friendly. We would love to have you in Oklahoma.

  324. I had never heard of PTR Industries but I applaud their strength of character and moral stand. I am a police officer and I 100% support law abiding citizen’s rights, including their 2nd amendment rights. When I make a stop and find out that someone has a CCW, I actually feel BETTER about it. Many are surprised that I don’t even care that they are carrying. Why should I? They are law – abiding citizens; I have nothing to fear from them!

    I suddenly find myself in the market for an HK-91 clone. I support companies that support my rights. We must stand together or we will surely fall.

    I live in Ohio and they are fairly supportive of our rights here, but we are too evenly divided to count on that long term. It seems to me that there are more gun friendly states to the south.

  325. John the VFW here in Mountain View AR just listed 10.4 Acers next to the Industrial Park and wold be glad to sell to your company to relocate. Good luck with your move, we all stand behind you and the industry.

  326. Don’t come to Colorado! Our legislation has drank the Kool Aid as well. The only states truly gun friendly anymore are Alaska and Montana.

  327. Mr. McNamara,
    I just read your message passed on by “Cheaper Than Dirt”.
    The Constitution state, what a joke!
    This legislation reminds me of the “Affordable Care Act” ( AKA “Obama Care” ).
    As I recall, Nancy Pelossi said ” We need to pass it to find out what is in it”.
    The recent series of mass shootings is indeed horrendous; however, feel good, knee jerk legislation does not pan out.
    Deranged individuals and crooks will secure whatever implements ( firearms, knives, axes, hammers, baseball bats, vehicles, etc. ) that they want to use in their criminal acts.
    My Dad introduced me to the shooting sports 55 years ago at the age of 5 ( do the math ).
    I am an avid hunter and pinker.
    To this date, I have never experienced a situation where a firearm loaded and discharged without assistance.
    I hope the voters in this country will wake up very soon.
    Good Luck with the relocation.

    I will follow your progress.
    Jeff Pullen
    Lynchburg, Virginia

  328. I am a retired police officer from Connecticut. I was unable to afford living in CT 20 years ago when I retired, so we moved to north central Florida. It is by no means paradise here, but is, for the most part, firearms-friendly! I am sure the folks here would love to see a company such as PTR relocate here. Wherever PTR chooses to move, it will be an asset to that area. Connecticut’s governor, and the prevailing liberal/socialistic/democrat attitudes are the ruination of a once great state, the birthplace of the firearms industry in our nation! I hope Stag Arms and other similar companies leave CT, too.

  329. San Antonio – Military City USA would welcom you.

    No income tax
    Inexpensive land, housing, energy and transportation
    Good weather year round
    Right to work state
    Tort reform and Loser Pays rule
    Castle doctrine is honored
    Concealed carry is encouraged
    Long deer and dove seasons

    Need we say more?

  330. We here in CT are many owners and shooting sport aficionados who have been over run by hand wringers and Lib-tards who left their home states of NY, NJ, Mass & RI because of the oppressive laws and taxes, then proceeded to elect the same type of tyrants into office that they ran from in their former states. We will be leaving soon and they will run a once great state into the ground, as they did in their previous states. Like vermin they are, infiltrate and destroy.

  331. Good riddance. Move it somewhere south where the IQ’s are low enough they won’t give a damn if their kids are mowed down like cattle.

  332. Welcome to Southern Ohio In Ross county a big hunting area. They take our guns and we will be invaded by other countries. What is next. Bows and arrows. Than the knives,How will those dummies cut their stakes. God have mercies on the this country that has shed it’s blood for God and country with guns to give us the freedom we have! EUGENE

  333. I recommend Mississippi, the reason why is we are VERY gun friendly. I think it would be a great opportunity for your company as well as Mississippians. We currently do not have gun manufacturers in the Magnolia State. I hope you consider this.

  334. I spent summers in Connecticut and fondly remember how cool I thought the rampant Colt was…rearing on a gold orb atop the Colt Armory’s blue dome with gold stars there in Hartford. Now just history, like the state, a shell without tradition. That said…
    I now call Columbus, GA home, along with H&K USA, Ft. Benning, and others. Come on down!

  335. Oklahoma is a progressive state that offers incentives to new business coming to our state. We are gun friendly!

  336. Come to TEXAS it’s the ONLY PLACE TO BE. Texans are the leaders in manpower, but highly skilled manpower. Texas have most of the FINEST MACHINISTS in AMERICA. Our state laws are VERY CORPORATION FRIENDLY. So don’t waste your time looking anywhere else. Texas is the place to be…..

  337. Come on down to TEXAS! Great cities and towns in which to locate, plus some of the best hunting and fishing anywhere!

  338. I am with Walter on your company locating at Pease International Trade Port
    ( Portsmouth Air Port ). He beat me to the punch. I live just over the river in Maine. We need jobs and I believe both the state of New Hampshire and the local people would welcome you. I believe Pease would be a perfect location for your firm.
    I wish you the best.

  339. Yes South Carolina would welcome you with open arms! The Greenville area is ready and willing for you to move here or surrounding area! You won’t find a more friendly state to your views on gun s and manufacturing of them!!We would be proud to have your company call us HOME!!

    In Florida we fight hard for our 2ND. Amendment rights, and God willing we will always
    keep them.



  341. It’s wonderful to see a company follow its convictions and strike a blow for the America the leftists are working so hard to flush down the commode. I relocated from the People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland to West Virginia, a state that has always had a strong gun culture, in 2002. PDRM has been moving left for decades and is now as anti-gun as CT and neighboring Washington, DC. That some states are disarming their citizens and converting them to helpless subjects isn’t all bad. Criminals will migrate to places where they have the least risk of encountering armed potential victims. That will result in fewer criminals for Mountaineers like me to dispose of.

  342. It would send a clear message to the politicians if every gun and ammo manufacturer made a pact to stop selling ANYTHING to any agency of any type in which the agency’s leaders decided to outlaw their constituents from owning the same. The pact and list of companies who signed it could be listed online for all to see.

  343. PTR is doing the right thing and I as well ask that all firearm related businesses located in CT move out and take your tax revenue with you.

    If you and your employees want to remain in a CT-like weather climate, may I suggest Wisconsin? Apart from what you may think, Conservative ideals mostly rule the state. Yes, there are a bunch of hippies that hang around the capitol but they aren’t what lives out in the mainstream. We love our guns here.

  344. We here in CT are feeling the pain of these a##hole politicians. I can only hope that the fervor shown by us during these “hearings” is remembered next election day. While I will miss having PTR in town, I wish them continued success. In fact, I hope Colt, ASC, Mossberg and Stag pull up stakes too, so Malloy can explain the continuing erosion of the tax base in this state.

    He certainly looks like the hypocrite that he is when it was discovered that he was trying to woo Bushmaster to CT just weeks before Newtown. Now, suddenly, firearm industry is unwanted.

    What a jerk-off.

    What makes me sick is the complete ignorance of this state’s firearms heritage. Ah well, I’ll be taking my leave from this cesspool soon, if all goes well. In time, the libs will find themselves fending off the masses they promised so much to, with no one left to shake down. Then they’ll be wishing for a few firearms…

  345. I bought my first PTR for 750.00 maybe 7 years ago? I love ’em! So, as a long time fan, I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for us. I hope that the rest of the firearms manufacturers in CT, MA and NY follow your lead. To demonstrate how much I appreciate what your doing i’ll donate 100.00 to a fund that you may establish for that purpose.

    It defies logic that people blame guns for what happened in Sandy Hook. I am pasting this article URL from The Economist from 4/12/13 because it states my position better than I can on this matter.

    After you read this you may see why I am bewildered by the fact that the video game industry has a major presence in Boston, where you cannot keep your MSA, because its against the law.

    Regards–Bill Pietrzak

  346. Quote: “The process with which this legislation proceeded, along with the language that resulted gives us no confidence that this will be the last violation of our rights in our beloved home state, and we only hope that this does not set a precedent at a national level.”

    The precedent was already set at the federal level when they rammed through obamacare without even reading it. CT & NY were just following that example when they did the same thing with gun control legislation. Next up is the gang of eight immigration reform bill which they plan to ram through with no review. This is our new form of government a basically criminal enterprise.

  347. Last year I would have said, come to Maine, its the greatest state in the Union, and that we would welcome mutually beneficial opportunities. Regretfully, the democratic legislators have been working hard to follow the lead of the imbeciles in New York and Connecticut also by trampling on the Constitution. Don’t come here, liberty conscious people are not safe here at the present time. In better twe would love to have you next door! Good luck in your search.

  348. Missouri is not that far away. Central location
    To the whole country. Missouri was rated by CNN as
    One the states with weakest gun laws. I take that as a compliment.

  349. I hope the California Legislators who are literally running business out of this State read this. Especially the comments.

  350. TENNESSEE would also welcome you and it is GREAT place to live. Nashville is the population center of the US and has great interstate and rail access. Barrett is already based just south of Nashville in Murfreesboro. COME ON DOWN!

  351. I would like to see you come to Wisconsin, home of a hard work ethic. I saw too many companies I worked for go south and go out of business.

    We have abundant roll-formers for your receivers, close to chicago steel producers, state of the art investment casters and as well as automated injection molders, but stay out of Milwaukee county.

    Many talented workers have been laid off by Oshkosh Truck- part of the peace benefit.
    We are overnight shipping from the Twin Cites as well as Chicago and you can get LTL loads of 4130/4340 barrel stock overnight from Ohio.

    We offer a lot of advantages here in addition to a large local customer base.

    Dan Bobzin, Logistics Consultant

  352. Sad you have to leave but what a great company to offer the invitation to your employees to go with you…best of luck at your new home! Michigan can always use more jobs.

  353. Come to South Carolina !
    I can connect you with local development boards that will welcome your factory.
    CT is just one more example of Liberals Gone Wild !

    This chapter in American history is headed for a very bad ending !
    I am a 3 rd generation American combat veteran and growing very weary of the idiots in our government that are running us all into the ground!
    I lived overseas 30 years and have visited 100 countries.
    Socialism Does not work ! And it will not work here…

  354. Look at Arizona and particularly the northwest suburbs of Phoenix. Surprise AZ has a well defined Industrial area and is getting good reviews. If I can be of assistance please contact me.

    The state government is setting up a group to aid the disposed manufactures from the UNFRIENDLY states to make the move here. State Economic incentives are available plus the cities of the Northwest Valley all have economic development teams to help.

  355. PTR, Feel free to come to West Virginia, we got plenty of fabricators, engineers, and hunters/ sport shooters, to welcome you guys an the jobs with full open arms! and this is coming from one of those engineer’s!

  356. I won’t waste your time or be made fun of by suggesting where I currently live (“SMSC” – The Socialist Mexican State of Californicate) but would ask that you take a look at Michigan or Arizona. I tentatively plan to retire to AZ and Summer in Michigan where I was born. AZ has some of the least retrictive gun laws in the Country and Michigan (although a Blue state) has started to come around on the gun laws and has a fantastic industrial base. Both states offer incentives. South Carolina is also a good choice, as are Georgia and Louisiana, but all are somewhere between Arizona and Michigan on the gun issue. Texas is great too – still considering that for retirement.

  357. Come to Pa Forget CT. May CT see the economic disaster headed their way as others in the gun industry move away. I will be buying from PTR in the future.

  358. Here in Colorado we just had 2 Manufactuers ( can u you say Magpul) leave because of the knee jerk reaction of our Dem. dominated State Legislature and a wimpy governor. By the way our Gov. is in Israel this week kissing you know what. Watch for Higgenjoker to run with Hillary next election. Hello Wyoming!

  359. Consider everyone’s hometown, Prescott, Arizona. Sturm, Ruger & Co. is here. Mile high town, friendly people, much support for 2nd Amendment. It is near Sedona, Jerome (mining ghost town kids love)and ski in Flagstaff. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with flightline at local airport, Yavapai College, Indian Casinos on Yavapai reservation. Look at it. Good luck with your move. You are doing the right thing.

  360. PTR i9 more than welcome in Arkansas, a state that believes in our constitutional rights and is not hasty in passing uninformed, irresponsible legislation. This state also doesn’t operate with it’s budget in the red, and is very business friendly.

  361. Texas, especially San Antonio where I live we would love your business and personally I enjoy your products.

  362. Good for you. If our real votes don’t count, we’ll vote with our feet.
    Beaverton, OR

    ps Don’t come here, veryyy liberal.

  363. PTR welcome to Texas. I am a gun dealer and I will start proudly stocking your firearms with the texas name on them. In Texas we love our guns and hate our liberals. Come join us.

  364. I urge you to consider Hickory, North Carolina/Catawba County as a potential site for your business. We are a business-friendly community located 45 miles northwest of Charlotte, and we are serviced by Interstate 40, Norfolk-Southern Railroad, and a towered airport with instrument landing approaches. Housing costs are low, there are many vacant manufacturing sites available (due to the furniture manufacturing downturn during the recession) and property taxes are among the lowest in the state. Crime rates are low, and our local school systems are excellent; local community colleges and a small university contribute to a capable and educated work force. This area is a great place to work and raise a family, and you, your employees, and your business would be greatly welcomed and appreciated here.

  365. Good job PTR Industries! This company, like others, has displayed, and with great clarity, the guts to fight back against the unlawful racketeering activates perpetrated against law abiding citizens and our Second Amendment Rights by some states such as the State of Connecticut. I hope no weapons manufactures will even sell to states such as Connecticut until such a time when they pull their heads out of their @$$es.
    Shame on you State of Connecticut and BRAVO to PTR Industries!!

  366. I hope the people of Connecticut get what they wanted. These liberal idiots think that bad people won’t exist by taking away guns. I for one, am glad all these companies are starting to hold the places they stay accountable for their actions. I am not a PTR fan, but I can DANG well bet i will support them and buy a few of their firearms! I don’t understand how people think getting rid of guns is gonna stop the crime. All it does is un-arm the good citizens that abide by the law. Last time I checked, the newtown killings happened in a place where NO GUNS ALLOWED was stamped on the door! Use some common sense.

  367. I have never owned any of your products, but I can assure you that I will and long before you have relocated. I will not bother to give you recommendations as to where to move to, but I would like to compliment you on your decision to move out of a state that obviously feel no commitment to your company OR the constitution of this great country. I have not be able to decide if gun control advocates are completely ignorant of the facts involved with their arguements or have consciously decided to overlook all relevant fact and stick with an agenda filled with distortions and outright lies.
    I compliment on your courageous decision. I look forward to purchasing many of your company’s products for many years to come. Best wishes for a bright future in a location that will support both you and the second amendment.

  368. John P. (#4) they may have been aiming at the foot but they definitely hit the immense void between their ears! Texas welcomes you . . . NO STATE INCOME TAX, one of the very few!!!

  369. Why not go all in and move to Idaho. Gun friendly, right-to-work state, and already a part of the American Redoubt. A couple of towns up north already have a growing firearms manufacturing base. Get the heck out of the East.


  371. God Bless PTR for their heroic stand for the American public and the Constitution. 42 Senators should be charged with the Capital Crime of “TREASON” for their votes to give away our Constitutional Right to the Socialist United Nations. It is up to all of us to demand criminal action for them, then exclude their States for vacations, business or any other venue that brings revenue to their States. They have turned their collective backs on the American Taxpayers and the most precious words ever written, The American Constitution.

  372. Come to missouri we don’t have any jobs left here thanks to Obama taking our auto industry jobs at chrysler. We must stand up to all our elected officals because this is only going to spread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  373. I live in Ohio, Don’t come here. Move to a State that has no State Income Tax and give your employees a raise in pay!!! God Bless all of you! Jim Timmins.

  374. Perhaps Smith & Wesson and colt industries will follow suit. Plenty of opportunity in Florida, warn weather and a business friendly government. No State income tax +++

  375. Time to make a stand. The very rights which forged this country and freed us from tyranny are seriously threatened. And yet this governement does not see the many similarities between itself and the king of england. I’ve had enough…Goodbye socialist republic of Maryland.

  376. I bought a PTR 91 this fall right after the election and I am very pleased with it . I knew nothing about your company when I bought it but am happy to find that you are the type of company that supports the Constitution. Good luck and I am sorry this is forced upon you but I’ll bet you will be better off because of it.

  377. I second the recommendation to move the our seacoast community of Newington in tax free New Hampshire. The former Pease Air Force Base, now called Portsmouth Trades Port, would welcome your business with open arms and incentives to do business here.

  378. Hats off to PTR. Thank you for taking the courageous lead where more will follow. I am sure there are many viable states that will provide a warm welcome and incentives. Stay away from Illinois as I’m sure you are already aware of the senseless politics in this state. I’m sure it will not take Rock River and Springfield long to make their moves. I live here and will be moving once my kids are on their own. The state is totally ridiculous and it’s not just with firearms.

    I’ll be sure to support PTR with your new endeavor and future purchases.

  379. Thank you for taking this stand. I look forward to purchasing your product from your new gun friendly home. God Bless you all!

  380. Move out west to Utah as we fully believe in the second amendment. Ass far as business friendly and cost of doing business, you can’t beat it. That is why our state has many manufacturers moving here frequently. There is also a strong workforce.

  381. Thank you for standing up to “der commisar”. Wouild like to invite you here but I can not. The People’s Democratic Repulic of Illinois is just as bad. Good luck in your relocation. W.R.Fischer

  382. It’s a damn shame that illegal legislation was passed illegally. Those politicians need to be incarcerated for violating their oaths. They went to law school but they don’t even know the definition of the word, infringe. The point was well made about parents now being restricted to protect their children by virtue of their gun rights being trampled on once again, for over the 20,000th time. It is time for the PEOPLE of this country to stand up and fight; enough is enough. Throw those bastards OUT of Office! I believe enough people are ready to take up arms and take back this country. How long are we going to wait? How bad does it have to get? IMPEACH OBAMA. BURN FEINSTEIN AT THE STAKE. PUT BLOOMBERG IN A STRAIT JACKET.

  383. As a PTR owner I’m glad to see this decision and I hope other firearms related businesses will follow suit, not only in CT, but CO as well. I hope you will consider moving to NM, we could use the jobs, welcome new industry, and know our constitutional rights.

  384. Ouachita Parish’s city of Monroe- West Monroe Louisiana would more that welcome this Company to our Town. We have a great Technical/ Community College (LDCC) with New CNC machines for any training needed. Check out West Monroe, Louisiana ! Please! We will love to have you and any transferring workforce here.

  385. Just remember Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, housing is cheap, and we all know how to build guns in Texas.

  386. You have to think of the future. Some red states may be going blue (think Colorado of long ago compared to now). I suggest Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming, all states that are beautiful and still have that Old West attitude of self-reliance and respect for guns. (A shame: my wife and I used to live in CT 34 years ago. We left then because I wanted to move west. I was aggravated that officials put “No right turn on red allowed” at every stop light in the state when the federal government required states to allow such right turns after stopping if the way was clear. The feds wanted to save gasoline; it exempted those intersections where a sign was posted prohibiting right turn on red. Hence all those signs. CT officials did not trust its citizens to drive responsibly then, just as it does not trust its citizens with firearms today.)

  387. Two thumbs up for taking a principled stance. I will not buy products from hypocritical companies: those that continue to do business in, and pay taxes to, the same states that prohibit their citizens from owning the weapons they make and sell. Some people just don’t get it: gun buyers tend to be ardent believers in the 2nd Amendment and a very principled bunch. We wont do business with anyone even remotely associated with a reduction in our rights.

    A weapons manufacturer that stays in Colorado, Maryland, or Connecticut should look in the mirror when wondering why they’ve lost business from principled buyers like me.

  388. I just forwarded the PTR article to a member of my state legislature. I’m certain that this fine company would be more than welcome here in Texas . . .

  389. You know, in Collier County Florida we have gun friendly people, no State income tax, reduced corporate tax, and a foreign trade zone located on an airport. All of these are just waiting for you to bring your fantastic business to state that welcomes you

  390. Check out all the pro gun laws being passed in my state of Kansas. I think it would fit your needs perfectly. I will do my part to spread the word, I’m sorry your state has betrayed the ones who have supported it for so many years.

  391. Fellow law abiding Americans:
    It’s time for the gun owners of America to use our strongest weapon of all to defeat the stripping of our constitutionally endowed rights. We need a boycott of all states who are supporting this tyranical trend. Stop visiting, trading with these states. United we stand, divided we fall.

  392. Come to Michigan’s beautiful upper peninsula! The development zone around the former airbase that is now Sawyer airport has tax breaks you won’t find anywhere else plus railheads.

    There is a great supply of local labor; machine tool workers, you name it. Here is the link:

  393. I applaud PTR for taking the extraordinary step of relocating the company. I realize this a tough decision – the employees of PTR may or may not be able to relocate and follow you and I wish those folks the best as you move forward. But it is these tough decisions that need to made, making a strong statement to CT that you will not compromise your beliefs, even if it is at the expense of tough business decisions. I wish you well during your transition.

  394. I would have loved to say, “Plenty of room in Colorado!” but the idiot lawmakers from California have invaded our once great state and have begun to ruin it just like they did on Kalifornia

  395. I stopped doing business with any company located in the SSC – Socialist State of Connecticut. Not fair to the “ma and pa”? Too bad. Stop electing morons.

  396. Gun owners all across NYS feel the same as you John and we expect Remington Arms and it’s affiliates to abandon NYS also and with good reason.

  397. Texas welcomes you! No state income tax. Right-to-Work state. Plenty of open space with access to major interstates, airports, sea port and rail lines. What more could you ask for?

  398. Unfortunately I live in NY which is worse than CT! I wish all of the firearms manufacturers in both NY and CT had the stones to do what you are doing. The problem is the yahoos in charge would just shrug their shoulders and turn the buildings into unemployment and welfare offices, or perhaps distribution centers for the Obamaphone

  399. I second the recommendation for a move to South Carolina. South Carolina is not only gun friendly and a strong supporter of the 2A but is also a business friendly state with a pool of skilled workers that are ready and willing to take on any challenge. Boeing and BMW are just a couple of examples of the quality workforce available in our state. Regardless of where you decide to re-locate I applaud you for the decision to do so. It’s unfortunate that it has come to this and I’m certain the folks of CT will soon realize the error of their ways.

  400. The Portsmouth Air Port area has many large buildings and is where Sig Sauer just mover to an empty building from Exeter, NH. Ruger is also located here NH. And Thompson div just move to it’s parent Co. location. There are a great many sites with buildings in the area worth looking into. Has good access, air, sea and roads.
    Just wanted to help.

  401. The Internet is suppose to be a great place. Let’s see how well it works. You can tell we have people in CT. that obviously are against our constitution and rights, by passing all these unconstitutional laws.
    Let’s do like the companies that are leaving CT, and if you buy/sell/trade on ebay, don’t buy anything from that state.
    They have shunned us and our constitution, so turn about is fair play. Let’s do the same to them.

  402. I’m glad to see at least some companies are smart enough to know when there products are not wanted by UN-AMERICAN / UNCONSTITUTIONAL people.
    Hope you find a great location and show CT. what idiots they really are. That means the schools will still be “GUN FREE ZONES”, meaning they really don’t care about their children after all, because criminals will still have their guns and KNOW that the schools won’t have any guns to stop them, OH, our Law Enforcement will be here to stop them. I was in Law Enforcement and I don’t care what you say; An immediate response is needed (like maybe 30-45 seconds at best)and the response time for LEOs’ to arrive 5-10 minutes at best.
    They just really want to be like Bloomberg and have you live your life the way they want you too.
    I really feel sorry for you ignorant people in CT., you just opened your doors to more criminals than you want, perfect place for criminals. You hurt your children more by allowing this to take place.
    Oh, I get it, you got a free plane ride with obama at our expense (tax payers dollars) and room and board,food all for free, for backing obama. You truly don’t care about your children past/present/future
    Just remember don’t come crying to us (REAL AMERICANS) when you find out what a mistake you have made.

  403. It just goes to show you how ignorant our senators and congressmen are in this state. Good luck PTR our heart is with you even though some of us can’t leave.

  404. Come to Pennsylvania! We just a short road trip away and this state is filled with hunters and 2nd Amendment defenders. The highway and transportation system in areas like Scranton, PA have always been attractive to the industrial base, as also is the work force and work ethic found here. Give us a look while you are in this search mode!

  405. John, come to N.E. GA, we’re close to interstate, yet, far enough from Atlanta and Greenville that we’re not too crowded for busiinesses to move into.

  406. I for one thank you for standing up to a dictatorship in the making.
    This is becoming the norm now, not the exception.
    I live in Maryland and have made a decision to leave this clown state.
    I will take my money elsewhere.
    I will continue to support your business, even more so now, for standing up to tyranny.

    Good for you !

  407. People of Connecticut, you will need to buy more vasoline if you keep your elected officals in office for any longer.

  408. I second the sentiment to move to Georgia. Go about 10-15 Miles north of Atlanta, get some cheap land to develop and put up a building (or buy an existing one). The engineering company I work for was in an office park for 4 years, and by year 5, we had sold so much buisness that we were able to purchase and develop a big piece of land, buy a machine shop/fabrication company and build a facility that exceeded all of our needs. By year six we have filled our nice new building to the max with engineers, salesmen, designers, and document control and paid off 75% of the cost. Before years end, we may break ground on the property to expand both facilities. I’m just saying, if you have a product that sells (You do), a right-to work state, low state and property taxes, affordable land and the hunger to put out reliable, in-demand products, you’ll do well here.

  409. John, I’m am quite sure that finding a new home for PTR won’t be an issue.The expense in both assets and man hours will be the largest problem. Too bad “someone” else forced this upon you. I know it’s a long trip, but I know of a small northwest Iowa town that would welcome you. We already have manufacturers that deal in international markets. And I’m sure the local development board could offer some incentives (lower taxes,discounted utilities, etc. etc.). If any of this sounds interesting contact John Pohlman at (712)845-2643. I’m sure Laurens, IA would LOVE to be your new home.

  410. I have passed PTR’s contact info and a link to this post to the Director of the Georgia Economic Development Dept. We’d love to have them here.

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