PTR Industries Opens Doors in South Carolina

For some years I have enjoyed firing the PTR 91 rifle. I am on my second rifle and I enjoy it very much. The PTR 91 is quite an accurate rifle for long-range use and it chambers my favorite rife cartridge, the .308 Winchester. I have sent quite a few rounds of Winchester USA FMJ practice loads downrange. The rifle is a great all-around go anywhere do anything shooter. I was excited to learn that PTR Industries was making a move to South Carolina. Now that they are settled they have designed a special edition as a show of thanks for South Carolina’s support for the gun industry. South Carolina thanks PTR as well because PTR has put South Carolina in the forefront for moves to the state. By the way- the SC Legislature unanimously passed a bill supporting the gun industry and their move to South Carolina. That deserves our respect. PTR was moved to relocate due to the passage of gun laws that stand to cripple the gun industry in New England. And it isn’t just gun-related laws, but a general difficulty in dealing with the government and an insufferable structure that makes business difficult for anyone.

The move was the work of many local and state businessmen and the Governor. I was very impressed by the delegates in attendances, and the atmosphere was very friendly. These men and women were dedicated to bringing in business, providing jobs, and placing the people first. I was particularly impressed by one elected official that stated that while he had not been on board from the start—he was newly elected—he was doing all he could to continue his support of business and commerce. I was also impressed by the craftsman putting together the Precision Target Rifle. The fitting of a precision rifle isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish and these folks were at work fitting the rifle with precision. There are modern CNC machines and the latest equipment to be certain, but in the end a rifle like this one must have a hands-on approach. PTR is producing rifles with battle rifle reliability and target gun accuracy. While I do not wish to distract the folks one their job, but young many stopped his fitting job long enough to share how he sometimes goes ‘out back’ to test a rifle. Right down the middle at 300 yards he smiled.

PTR Industries rifles on the racks
There are the rifles headed to Cheaper than Dirt! Just kidding, but we can certainly get one headed your way!

On Monday, June 30, Governor Nikki Haley toured the Aynor facility and received one of the first specially made PTR rifles. The Governor heft the rifle like a pro and answered press questions while holding the rifle. This Governor is a great asset to the state, and frankly, when the Governor, the legislature and local government bring in business instead of making it difficult for any business to operate, it is an inspiring thing to witness and participate in. Some of the folks moved from Connecticut, and many were hired in South Carolina. That is a significant contribution to the economy. The jobs are good jobs as well, and the folks are employed as skilled craftsmen and women, skilled gun makers of the first order. I know a lot about building firearms, I have done so myself on the gunsmith’s bench, and it isn’t easy to get a good gun right every time. The people were the real story and the people who build these guns know what they are doing. A solid thanks for Governor Haley for her unwavering dedication to the 2nd Amendment, to the people, and to the industry as a whole and especially the gun industry.

Readers, within the week, look for a report on the PTR 91 rifle.

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  1. This PTR is The BEST ” HK CLONE ” not pattern HK , That I have ever purchased to date . I bought a PTR91 “PISTOL” for SBR conversion. IF it shoots like I have read it does I would give some serious thought to a Long Range PTR , Better yet with all of your innovated designing ,,,Why not a PTR ” Bull Pup “? But 3K for a Long Range Rifle is a bit pricy . After being deployed with the Germans in Iraq and constantly having issues with the AR10 / L.R. rifles due to sand , the roller block design vs gas impingement ,,, A few extra pounds vs reliability leave no doubt in my mind ! I finally turned to the Bushmaster AR30 and still had reliability problems due to the constant sand . Make a L.R. 308 and own a big piece of the PRODUCTION RIFLE CLONE MARKET , but it has to be under , well under 3K . 3K puts you in the Hand Made market , that puts you up against the Moore Advanced Dynamics Hand Made market . Keep up the good affordable production market and run away with the Clone market . Hope my 1st PTR / Pistol to Carbine SBR lives up to the hype ! I invested another $700 in HK/PTR upgrades for my conversion , And that’s just to be able to shoot it until my Tax Stamp comes thru . Affordable , reliable alternative to the AR ,,,,, Will it hold up to a reg, auto sear conversion ?

  2. Love this weapon, I live in NC but at least your are close by. I can drive down there and purchase one with the right documents! I wish NC had an operation like this, thank you, Don Skinner

  3. It would certainly be one hell of a political statement that would be a dagger in the heart of gun control if the original 13 states of the Confederacy would come to an agreement that would allow for identical CCW permit rules and transportation of ordnance across state lines. A united South with a common Second Amendment agreement and enforcement would make the rest of the country look backward and bureaucratic.

  4. Good job South Carolina and PTR !! Now please work on making my Alabama (and all southern states) concealed carry permit valid there!

  5. I live in the south[FL] But i do know 1 state up north that will never give up on their 2nd Admentment rights and that is WEST VIRGINIA..So too STAG ARMS, COLT, and RUGER come on down and to all you ANTI GUN STATES please put up BIL-Boards entering your state saying, THIS IS A GUN FREE STATE and NO GUNS ALLOWED and please while your at it put up SIGNS on homes saying THIS is a GUN FREE HOME and I will be watching the news too see how it all works out for you.

  6. I am from Texas, so no connection to Conn. or SC. But we have found South Carolina Very beautiful and very Friendly ! The hush puppies are to die for if I might add.

    We like Nikki Hale’ys get things done attitude and Conservative stances! And as Texans we are very happy to see PTR and SC commit to action when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, Perhaps we will keep it all in the south…..let’s be neighbors and Friends in re-establishing the Constitution Bill of Rights and States Rights.

    PTR will prolly be a purchase for me…just to support your efforsts and good actions …also heard Good things about the Gun.

  7. if you take into account the the sandy hook incident was all fabricated, it is a VERY sorry loss for CT.

    1. Wait till Colt and Ruger leave the state. Then these Yankees will have no manufacturing capacity in their state. The South will rise again!

  8. I’m sad to see them leave , but the idiots in the north can only find to blame an object for all the ills . Instead of thier failed policies ,in attacking the real culprit , which is the diagnosis of mental illness ,and the liberal news , making instant movie stars out of assailants .

  9. Dixie will rise again! Undoubtedly out of the ashes of the idiots in the north east and the other states mentioned. I applaud the southern states who are making the effort to attract new businesses from ill advised states run by gun grabbing politicians. I only feel sorry for the folks who’s lives are undoubtedly being ruined. I agree with Darth Vader, we have to support only the states that respect our rights and you’ll never know how hard that is to admit because I live in California, but as soon as my wife retires we’re both getting the hell out of here.

  10. I am glad to see another ordnance and weapons manufacturer move to the South. I belong to a growing group of hunters and shooters in the South who en masse have decided to boycott any ordnance manufacturers and even major retailers located in anti-2nd amendment states, like California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. No need to support politicians who oppose the 2nd Amendment with our hard earned money and let them use it against us through collected sales tax dollars!

  11. As a CT resident, I was sorry to see them go. On the other hand, I applaud the great big “F-U!” and middle finger salute they gave to Governor Malloy and all the other anti-gun zealots who said “they won’t leave” in reference to all the gun manufacturers in the state. Stag Arms is another one contemplating a move. I would be gone already if I could just get my wife on board with leaving. She’ll go if something bad happens (death in the family, loss of employment, etc.)

  12. I give the State of South Carolina quite a bit of credit. They are quickly becoming a State in which gun manufactures feel comfortable doing business there. The northeastern states loses, is definitely the southeastern states gains. I don’t want to see anyone lose their jobs. Especially over some zealot politician. However, I truly believe the northeast is going to see many problems. Not only are the gun manufactures going to leave (who hasn’t already). But you’re going to see the gun manufacture vendors follow in toe too, This is definitely going to hurt the northeast financially. Politicians, need to learn and think very hard if they still want to keep their jobs,. Because no one is going to mess with the people’s Constitutional Rights.

    All citizens should be concerned. Even if they’re not an advocate of the 2nd amendment. Because, when you mess with one amendment and have success. Then it tells the politicians they can mess with any amendment. And the next amendment they go after. Could very well be an amendment that’s dear to you….e.g., the 4th or the 1st could be next. People need to take this great nation back. And let the politicians, that they work for us. And that we the people are NOT their Subjects.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Dr. Rick S.

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