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Seven New Products for Shooters and Sportsmen

green bullpup rifle with integrated sight

With hunting season in full swing and Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect time to gear up, start writing your wish list or shop early to beat the rush. Here are seven new products for shooters and sportsmen.

Steyr AUG A3 M1 Semiautomatic Rifle

Steyr’s latest model of the legendary battle rifle, the AUG, is a semiautomatic version of the full-auto Steyr AUG SF. The new Steyr AUG A3 M1 has an integrated mounting system similar to the AUG A1 and a Picatinny rail. Other additions include a VLTOR sling swivel stud and a quick-release button. The Steyr AUG is a gas-operated, short-stroke semiautomatic rifle with an adjustable gas system to reliably shoot any .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO ammo. Built in Alabama on a VLTOR receiver to meet import requirements, the Steyr AUG A3 M1 has a 16-inch chrome-lined FN barrel. With the attached flash hider, the barrel is 18.375 inches long. The barrel is quickly interchangeable for other calibers. The world’s militaries have carried the Steyr AUGs into battle since the late 1970s. The bullpup design, in which all internal working parts are located rear of the pistol grip, allows for a more compact rifle without sacrificing barrel length that is excellent for close quarters combat. It is 28.25 inches overall. Weighing 8.15 pounds, the Steyr AUG A3 M1 has a synthetic stock, folding original A1 style foregrip, 30-round translucent magazine and can be switched to suit left-handed shooters.

Ruger 10/22 Collector’s Series Rimfire Rifle

Black synthetic stocked .22 Long Rifle Ruger 10/22 semiautomatic rifle.
Unique to the Collector’s Series model is the special receiver and bolt markings and includes three BX-1 10-round magazines.

The Ruger 10/22 Collector’s Series .22 Long Rifle semiautomatic rifle comes with everything you expect from a 10/22—Ruger’s legendary detachable rotary magazine, extended magazine release, manual safety, scope base adapter, hammer-forged barrel and a polymer trigger housing. Unique to the Collector’s Series model is the special receiver and bolt markings and includes three BX-1 10-round magazines. Also included with Ruger’s 10/22 Collector’s Series rifle is a commemorative 50th Anniversary box, stickers, pin, a replica of the original Ruger 10/22 advertisement and a limited edition sign. The Ruger 10/22 Collector’s Series rimfire rifle has an 18.50-inch barrel, 13.50-inch length of pull, black synthetic stock and fiber optic sights—with the rear sight being adjustable. It is 37 inches long. The 50th Anniversary Collector’s Series Ruger 10/22 makes an excellent addition to any collector’s arsenal, the perfect gift for Ruger lovers or your child’s first firearm.

ETS Group AR-15 Translucent Magazine

Translucent AR-15 rifle magazine.
These might just be your new favorite magazine.

Elite Tactical Systems Group (ETS) spend a year designing and testing its first product—an AR-15 magazine. The fully translucent mag allows for quick round count and is made of an innovative flexible plastic that is incredibly durable and impact-resistant. The magazines come with either a built-in coupler or no coupler. The ETS AR-15 magazine utilizes a stainless steel spring, a true anti-tilt follower and clip-on dust cover. One hundred percent made in the USA, the ETS mags have an aggressive non-slip design for quick, drop-free reloads. These might just be your new favorite magazine.

Sight Mark holographic sight
For less than $200, the upgrades on the Ultra Shot M-Spec match those of the most expensive holographic rifle sights.

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Red Dot Sight

For its price point, Sightmark’s updated Ultra Shot M-Spec red dot sight has quality and features no other red dot can match. For less than $200, the upgrades on the Ultra Shot M-Spec match those of the most expensive holographic rifle sights. The Ultra Shot M-Spec has a clear red 60 MOA circle with a 5 MOA subtension and 2 MOA center dot with six daytime brightness settings and six night vision settings. Digital controls on the left side of the unit to adjust the reticle’s brightness are easy to access. Handling up to .50 caliber recoil, the Ultra Shot M-Spec is shockproof and a protective hood covers the unit’s 33mm by 24mm dual pane glass window. It is submersible to 40 feet and has a 1,000-hour battery life. Field of view is 105 feet and the parallax is set from 10 yards to infinity. Mounting the Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec takes seconds with the quick-detach throw lever. Constructed of magnesium alloy, a material lighter than aluminum, Sightmark’s Ultra Shot M-Spec red dot weighs eight ounces.

Drop-point fixed blade machete with a black powder coat finish
The Ken Onion-designed Chanceinhell survival machete is a cross between a large survival knife and a small machete.

 CRKT Chanceinhell Survival Machete

The Ken Onion-designed Chanceinhell survival machete is a cross between a large survival knife and a small machete. The lightweight and 2.5mm thick blade is black powder coated 65Mn carbon steel and 12 inches long. Made to carry comfortably for long periods, the knife comes with a nylon sheath and multiple lanyard points. The handle of the Chanceinhell machete is double-injection molded with a PP core and textured rubberized TPR overmold. The CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) machete cuts wood for fire or shelter or will clear a trail through thick foliage when you are out in the wilderness. The well-balanced blade swings naturally and the grip, though unconventional for a machete, is ergonomic and has a handguard and finger grooves. Overall, the CRKT Chanceinhell is 17.88 inches long and weighs 1 pound 4 ounces.

 Champion Traverse Bipod

Black swivel bipod
Champion’s Traverse bipod, Field and Stream 2013 award winner.

With Champion’s Traverse bipod, you will never have to switch your shooting position or readjust your rifle when hunting or target shooting. Perfect for following game in the field, the traverse bipod moves side-to-side across the landscape, as well as moving up and down to compensate for terrain. When you have your target in sight, quickly lock your rifle into position with the lever-lock for rock solid shooting. The all-metal Champion bipod is available in four different models, with spring-loaded telescoping legs from the shortest—6 to 9 inches—to the tallest 14.5 to 29 inches and more lengths in between. The Champion Traverse bipod won Field and Stream’s Best of the Best Gear Award in 2013. It attaches to your rifle via standard sling swivel studs.

 Engle DeepBlue 25 Cooler

White cooler with heavy duty latches
In the Engle 25 DeepBlue ice stays frozen up to eight days.

Originally designed for serious sports fishermen, Engle coolers utilize marine-grade latches and gaskets for an airtight seal that all outdoorsmen will appreciate. Made for harsh environments, Engel ice chests keep your game, fish, food and drinks fresh for days longer than less expensive coolers. In the Engle 25 DeepBlue ice stays frozen up to eight days. With two inches of polyurethane insulation all around the interior of the cooler, including the bottom, you need less ice to keep what is inside cool for longer. The 25 DeepBlue cooler’s leveling system at the bottom allows the cooler to self-drain when ice has melted. All Engle coolers are made of UV-resistant, easy-to-clean polyethylene and are built to last. Your DeepBlue 25 Engle ice chest withstands up to 350 pounds of weight on top, so use it as a hunting seat, fishing rest or even a step stool. Padlock holes make the cooler bear proof and the built-in handgrips and ergonomic rope handles make this 18-pound ice chest great for camping trips, hunting camp and the boat.

Do you own any of the above products? Would you recommend them to others? Tell us which ones and why you recommend it in the comment section.


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  1. Anyone know what makes this new ETS Group’s translucent magazines any more innovative or unique than the similar product produced by Lancer Systems, the L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine? I’ve used the Lancer AWMs for quite some time and they are my favorite magazine, even above the Magpul Gen 3 window mags. The Lancer mags have stainless steel feed lips, which I prefer. If anyone’s used the new ETS product as well as the L5 AWM mags, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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