New Product Spotlight: “The Five Most Dangerous Guns”

Picture shows a black tactical semiautomatic shotgun.

By now, I am sure you have read Rolling Stone’s July 2014 article titled, “The Five Most Dangerous Guns in America.” As one of the most stupidest pieces of “journalism” I have read in awhile, Rolling Stone contributor Kristen Gwynne apparently researched—I used the term loosely—which guns were the most “dangerous” in America. Meaning, which guns criminals used to commit the most crimes. She came up with this asinine list:

  1. Pistols
  2. Revolvers
  3. Rifles
  4. Shotguns
  5. Derringers

Have a good laugh here.

So in jest to Ms. Gwynne’s ridiculous article, I am highlighting Cheaper Than Dirt!s newest, most dangerous guns.


“…Popular among handgun owners…”

Picture is of a hammer-fired black pistol.
Holding 12 rounds, Steyr’s L40-A1 shoots in double-action only.

Steyr L40-A1

A year after releasing the 9mm L-A1 pistol, Steyr recently announced the availability of the new .40 S&W model, the L40-A1. The L40-A1 is a striker-fired, full-sized polymer-framed semiautomatic pistol with a full-length slide and 4.5-inch barrel. Holding 12 rounds, Steyr’s L40-A1 shoots in double-action only. Similar to a GLOCK, a passive safety integrates into the trigger of the L40-A1. However, Steyr calls the redesign the Reset Action System Trigger. It breaks at a crisp and clean 5.6 pounds. Intended for use as a service, competition or target pistol, the Steyr L40-A1 also makes an excellent self-defense gun. Everything about its design lends itself to point and shoot reliability. The high angle of the grip means the barrel axis sits lower in your hand for an instinctive point of aim and aids in lower felt recoil. Further, the Steyr exclusive trapezoid-shaped, drift adjustable sights make it easier to focus on the front sight—aiming is instinctive, quick and accurate. A Picatinny rail allows you to add accessories. It is priced aggressively against its competitors.

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Specifications and Features

Caliber: .40 S&W
Capacity: 12 rounds
Barrel: 4.52” cold hammer-forged
Trigger: Double-action only Reset Action System
Operation: Striker-fired
Safety: Integrated safety
Sights: Drift-adjustable
Frame: Polymer
Slide: Mannox-finished steel
Grip: Anti-slip checkered
Overall length: 7.9”
Height: 5.1”
Width: 1.2”
Weight: 28.8 ounces


“Some grenade launchers, shotguns, and rifles also have rotating barrels, but the term “revolver” is generally used to describe handguns.”

Ruger LCRx

Picture shows a Ruger LCRx, a small revolver with exposed hammer.
The LCRx is now also available with an exposed hammer.

Ruger’s introduction of the newest model LCR during SHOT Show 2014 gave shooters the option of a single and double action small pocket .38 Special. With the extreme popularity of the LCR in previous years, the LCRx is now also available with an exposed hammer. Constructed of a mix of 7000-series aluminum, stainless steel and polymer, the LCRx has a changeable Hogue Tamer Monogrip, matte black finish and weighs only 13.50 ounces. Unlike many easy-to-conceal pocket revolvers, the Ruger’s LCRx has a replaceable pinned ramp front sight. The barrel is only 1.875 inches long and the Ionbond Diamondblack-finished cylinder holds five rounds.

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Specifications and Features

Caliber: .38 Special
Barrel: 1.875”
Capacity: 5 rounds
Frame: Aerospace-grade, 7000-series aluminum Monolithic
Cylinder: Fluted, Ionbond Diamondblack-finished
Action: Single/double-action, exposed hammer
Grips: Hogue Tamer Monogrip
Finish: Matte black, Synergistic hard-coated
Overall length: 6.50”
Height: 4.50”
Width: 1.28”
Weight: 13.50 ounces


“Pulling the trigger of a rifle fires one projectile at the intended target, as opposed to the shotgun’s ability to spray.”

Pciture shows the entry level AR-15 by POF.
POF-USA’s first entry-level AR-15 has all the same parts and quality as the company’s regular P-15 rifles.

POF-USA Puritan AR-15

POF-USA’s first entry-level AR-15 has all the same parts and quality as the company’s regular P-15 rifles such as three mode piston operation, drop-in trigger, enhanced anti-tilt buffer tube and a one-piece bolt and bolt carrier group, but incorporates the new E” Extraction Technology. The Puritan has more than what comes standard on typical “entry” level AR-15s, such as the Magpul MOE stock, handguard and pistol grip and KNS anti-walk pins. The single-stage, match-grade trigger has a 4.5-pound pull. Included on the rifle is a bayonet mount, A2 flash hider and an ambidextrous safety. “God Bless America” is proudly stamped on the ejection port.

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Specifications and features

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO, .223 Remington
Operation: Short-stroke gas piston
Barrel: 16.5” nitride heat-treated barrel, 1:8, ½-28 thread
Capacity: 30 rounds
Safety: Ambidextrous
Stock: Magpul MOE
Trigger: Single-stage, match-grade, 4.5 lbs.
Overall length: 32″ to 35.25″
Weight: 6.7 lbs.


“Additionally, the explosive that creates the energy to fire the gun occurs in the fixed shell of a shotgun rather than the metallic cartridge of a rifle.”

Beretta 1301 Tactical Semiautomatic

Picture shows a black tactical semiautomatic shotgun.
The Beretta 1301 Tactical is available in 12 gauge only with a 3-inch chamber and will fit four 2/3-inch shells.

In a bid to win over the tactical market, Beretta introduces the 1301 Tactical semiautomatic shotgun. Optimized for law enforcement, home defense or 3-Gun competitions, the easily maneuverable Beretta 1301 Tactical has a compact fixed stock and 18.5-inch barrel. At the height of the 1301 Tactical features is the self-cleaning BLINK gas operating system with a cross tube gas piston. Beretta says this system makes the 1301 Tactical cycle faster than nearly half of any other autoloading shotguns on the market. The oversized, easily accessible controls matched with the shotguns aggressive forearm texture makes the gun comfortable to operate and shoot, securing your grip on the shotgun never slips. The Beretta 1301 Tactical is available in 12 gauge only with a 3-inch chamber and will fit four 2/3-inch shells. The length of pull on the compact stock is 13-inches, but Beretta includes two spacers for ½” or a full one-inch adjustment. There is a reversible enlarged safety switch, and protected front and adjustable rear sights. Lastly, a Picatinny rail allows you to add a flashlight or red dot sight.

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Specifications and Features

Gauge: 12 Gauge
Barrel: 18.5″ Steelium cold hammer forged barrel (tri-alloy Ni/Cr/Mo)
Chamber: 3″  (accepts both 2-3/4″ and 3″ shot shells)
Capacity: 4 +1
Operation: Semiautomatic, gas
Safety: Crossbolt and reversible
Sights: Ghost Ring rear sight with adjustable windage and elevation, removable front blade sight
Chokes: Optima Bore HP choke system
Finish: Matte black
Weight: 6.7 lbs


“Derringers, small pocket or palm-sized pistols with one or two barrels, have no strict legal definition, but are included in the ATF’s trace form as a category of firearm.”

Bond Arms Backup

Picture shows a black and gray Derringer.
Texas-based Bond Arms releases a compact, lightweight and concealable special edition Derringer, the 2014 Bond Arms Backup.

The word “Derringer” refers to the original single-shot pocket pistol. We now think of the Derringer is a double-barreled and often dual caliber two-shot pistol. Derringers were popular with women, due to its ease to conceal. Traditionally a Derringer was the smallest, but still functional pistol you could buy. Besides the DoubleTap, we know modern-day Derringers are from the smallest pistols available. Designed to resemble the original 1860s Remington Double Derringer, Texas-based Bond Arms releases a compact, lightweight and concealable special edition Derringer, the 2014 Bond Arms Backup double-shot, double-barreled .45 ACP pocket pistol. The Bond Arms Backup has a 2.5-inch barrel, with the option to interchange with a .357 Magnum, .45 Long Colt or .40 S&W. It has a crossbolt safety and spring-loaded cammed locking lever for a tighter barrel and frame fit. Loading and unloading is quick and easy. The Backup’s frame is stainless steel with a matte finish.
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Specifications and Features

Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel: 2.5”
Safety: Crossbolt
Grips: Black rubber
Frame: Stainless steel with matte finish
Sights: Blade front and fixed rear
Overall length: 4.5”
Weight: 18 ounces

Out of the five most “dangerous” guns listed above do you want the most and why? Tell us in the comment section.


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  1. The most dangerous firearm I know of is the .38 revolver my mom carries in her Playtex cross your Heart holster for the past 78 years. She cleans it weekly. She goes to the range with us but not on Tuesdays. (Bingo).
    Thats how my mom fights crime.


  2. Secundius. You must have information I don’t. I do not recall any report that there were a lot of guns / people with guns at any I the shootings. Maybe you have the inside scoop. Further, assuming some people did have guns during these shootings they would also need the opportunity and where with all to use them.

    JIM. We are all very impressed now … Thank you, you are very intelligent.

  3. @ Andrew.

    What I remember the most about the Mall Shooting Story There were a lot of guns their, it STILL DIDN’T STOP the killings.

  4. I very much enjoy your website and thank you for the time you obviously out into your research. With all due respect, however, I would like to suggest that you get some help from an editor prior to publishing your articles. Any professional writer or journalist should care about proper sentence structure and grammar. Thanks again for the great information!

    1. Read the liberal press, then talk to me about professional journalist and sentence structure, let alone facts and the truth!

  5. Ron White said it best. “You can’t fix stupid.” I wonder how anti gun she would be if i saved her child in the local mall from some piece of garbage bad guy who decided to shoot it up. Would she criticize me for carrying? Or keep her mouth shut and thank God i was there that day. She’s the one who blames her ink pen for being a bad speller. Makes sense to me, right?

  6. — Her article is an exercise in the ridiculous since her list is not only the most dangerous guns, but also All of the guns in America with the exception of Machine Guns. She must have slipped on that one.
    — However I am sure the list makes perfect sense to the typically ignorant, anti gun, anti-second amendment, limousine liberals! But really, how much sense can you expect from people who have no common sense to start with?

    1. Of course, Rolling Stone’s point is that the “most dangerous” gun is every gun. It’s kind of like asking how to tell when a politician is lying; his lips are moving. I disagree with Rolling Stone. And they’re not as smart or funny as they think they are.
      Saying all guns are dangerous is like saying all cars are dangerous. Yet tens or hundreds of millions of Americans own and use cars daily, despite the deaths they cause.
      The problem is human depravity, not the devices they employ.

  7. The first comment to the Moronic article should have been “There are NO dangerous guns” , Only Dangerous people , and that she must have been refering to Guns that were less reliable than others. All firearms sold in the US have to meet strict standards of Manufacturing. therefore More expensive Firearms will last longer and be more reliable that the Less expensive ones. there are guns that you could not get me to shoot , But thats my choice and its your chioce to buy at your price range. educate yourself and allways buy Quality…God Bless

  8. Someone needs to hand deliver a copy of the actual FBI murder statistics to her so she can at least have access to the true facts!!! Plus anyone who believes that or defends that stand should read them also, no politics just the trueth then have have to make a conscious effort to believe the lie over the trueth!!! If they still do we know they are sheep (no insult intended to the mentality of sheep)!!!

  9. Sir, I work in places where a gun would be nice to have. I am a truck driver. The places I go are high crime because there is a lot of stuff to steal and not very many people around to stop the thieves. If you stop the truck at a light they will cut the lock and be in the trailer throwing stuff out in the street as you go down the road.

  10. I own several guns listed by Kristen Gwynne’ article on 5 most dangerous guns. One of my favorite carry guns is a Bond Arms 45/410. I can assure her that it is definitely a dangerous weapon, ON THE RECEIVING END!

  11. As one of the most stupidest pieces of “journalism” …..

    Most stupidest?! Really? Do you have an editor?

  12. To Ms. Suzanne Wiley….go get ’em girl! I think it is so cool that you are so knowledgeable on weapons. My daughter has a deep interest in guns also but since she lives on the east coast, she can’t stay in practice.
    I truly wish there were more ladies out there that had as much interest in guns that you do. I have no problem in learning from others, in fact ladies actually do a more thorough and comprehensive review on so many items; they are always direct and to the point! Keep up the good work and your interest in educating the rest of us!

  13. So, all five categories are the most dangerous. Yep, that narrows it down, all right. Judging from all the typos and errors in the article, Ms. Gwynne must’ve been pretty rattled just writing on the subject. It’s hard to pick my favorite, but just the idea of her mentioning the overwhelming popularity of Glock among LEOs (in an article about dangerous guns, no less), suggests I’m missing out by not having one.

    “When it be time to busta’ cap in yo’ @$$, two outta’ free policeses say ‘Make mine Glock!'”

  14. I would like to have the AR-15. My Win. Mod 70..06 was stolen along with my Fathers 03 Springfield, Brownning Semi Shotgun and multiple rounds of ammo during a home burglary.

  15. Ignorance is the single most outstanding characteristic of the anti-gun press. Kristen Gwynne sets a new high, or low as the case may be, in that regard.

  16. I have handled, not fired, the Berreta 1301 and it looks a feels great. The price ticket is the only thing keeping me from owning one. If they could get its street price down to $650 new, I’m in.
    It would become my primary home defense weapon.

  17. “Be as innocent as doves, and as wise as serpents….” “I tell you sell your cloak and buy a sword”. Some words of wisdom attended to the great physician
    , teacher, healer, and savior (excuse minor misquoting)

  18. Wow, gotta be a medical doctor ! as useless in the real world as most of them seem to be at the hospitals and clinics. If your faith in the police is so pure why then do you have a concealed carry permit ?? Do you hunt of during your commute ? Or is it Just so you can throw that out there to give yourself some kind of status ? Why don’t you get rid of it and go do some “volunteer” work in the ghetto where some dope head could care less how politely you banter with him see how much help even with 5 min. Response time . That’s a lifetime in a life of death situation. Some people are forced to work , live , visit friends or family , or just drive through bad areas . Your arrogance and ignorance although maddening is no surprise anymore . I have nothing but respect for the police but not every crackhead and thief only has a knife ….. And some of them aren’t to keen on letting you walk away to the police and they can’t be everywhere. If that knife wielding stalker of yours would have forced the issue more or got closer to you before you could get away would it be a fair assessment to say you had it coming cause you were somewhere you “shouldn’t have been”. Should someone not save someone’s from bleeding to death or do CPR cause ” that’s not his job” …… “Sorry buddy I know CPR but I’m a teacher so you’re just gonna have to wait for a doctor to see you ! “. I’d rather face your twisted legal system any day rather than let harm come to myself , my loved ones , or innocent bystanders . Sad as it is …… Some people just give you no alternative. Stick to getting people hooked on pills , or giving pad advice for astronomical fees, or whatever it is you to in your little imaginary world .

  19. DR. HARRY. Why do you assume that because I person has a CCW permit he is looking for trouble? Why do you assume we are all just waiting to shoot someone? Your statement about having to carry a gun because you’re in an area you shouldn’t be is beyond stupid. As for myself I investigate abandon houses … alone… guess where most of those houses are. I have had justification to pull my gun on more than one occasion but have not done so but instead finessed my way out of the confrontations. I have never talked to anyone that was just waiting for the chance to pull the trigger. In fact every permit holder I have ever talked to has said much the same thing…last resort and no other choice.
    Your dependence / reliance on the police suggests that you are naïve regarding what the police do. Cops are incapable of stopping most if not all serious crime. Nothing against cops but they are not except in the rarest of incidents in any kind of position to do anything but arrest and investigate.
    Your comments make you appear somewhat arrogant. It appears in fact that you simply feel you are considerably smarter than the average CCW permit holder. May I respectfully submit that based on your comments you’re not.
    See how easy that was…. I just became a doctor…………………….

    1. Is there a real DOCTOR in the house? Oh yes there is… Very well said DR. (hehe) Mc Ruger.

  20. I would say the shot gun would be at the top for lethality in defense . Then the AR for second . Third would be the pistol . Fourth revolver . Last is the derringer .

  21. I would say the shot gun would be at the top for lethality in defense . Then the AR for second third would be the pistol the the derringer .

  22. The Rolling Stone left out one terrible weapon, the Daisy Red Ryder.
    Good heavens don’t you people realize that you could put an eye out with that thing?

    1. @ edree: Oh yes indeed, the Daisy Red Ryder was in-fact covered. The stellar in-depth research by this crack reporter covered it under category #3 – Rifles. How on earth did you miss it? Sheesh!

  23. I looking small gun for my wife semiouto 6-7 OZ,no kick back light weigh.
    OrBond Arms Backup,the shooterer’s revolverspistols

  24. First, if you are going to a place where you need to carry a gun, and are a civilian, you should NOT be going there. If you have to be somewhere that you require a gun, if it is not on your person, it will do no good. Big pistols in the woods, shotgun in the home, derringer or small 38 cal in pocket on ankle holster. The best weapon is your mind and common sense. It is unfortunate that some substitute carrying a gun for both.

    1. Uh, like for instance, maybe a movie theater full of unarmed civilians who many of which probably wished they had a firearm in their possession when the shooting started? Or, maybe, let us just say Government workers or active duty military on a Naval base who are RESTRICTED from having a personal defensive weapon on them and are hunted by a civilian contractor type? Stick to practicing medicine Dear Harry. Your advice column is WAY OUT of focus with mid-stream America. Let us see how common sense defends maybe you or your family when evil enters the picture and you left your firearm at the gun store for someone else to purchase. The best weapon is in the hands of a trained concealed handgun license holder who can not afford to wait for the police to eventually arrive and establish a crime scene after the shooting has already ended. With all due respect, you probably voted for Mister Obama not once, but twice…?

    2. With all due respect RPK, I did not vote for Obama. I also do not walk around looking for trouble. I have a concealed carry license, and am in the record books of Safari Club for handgun hunting. You can always wait for police to arrive in public, as you may not know the difference between an undercover agent and a criminal. I had a fellow follow me to the office, and instead of get out of the car and shooting him because he had a knife in his hand, I got his license number and went to the local police station to let them handle it. They all know me and asked, “why didn’t I shoot the bastard?” I told them it was their job. Continue with your bad attitude and I am sure you will find trouble and be able to use your gun somewhere. Hope you have lots of money to hire a lawyer. Most police officers never use their firearm during their career, and you will never have to use yours if you are prudent. Enjoy your fantasy world of making believe you are batman. The best weapon is to stay out of troubles way, and let the police handle things.

    3. Dr. Harry wrote, “You can always wait for police to arrive in public, as you may not know the difference between an undercover agent and a criminal.”

      Are you saying that EVERY situation that occurs in public no matter the dynamic will ALWAYS afford EVERY citizen an opportunity to wait for police to arrive? Because I can assure you that your logic is seriously flawed and very dangerous advice.

      Are you also contending that ALL officers know every undercover officer from EVERY different agency? Because I can assure you most officers do not know any more than you would. But that you thought such a thing lends to your discredit.

      And as for the “fellow that followed you with a knife”, while you were under “concealed carry” – unless you were worried that for some weird reason that “fellow following you with a knife” was really some “undercover officer”, you could safely have deduced he was instead a real “criminal”.

      So with that, why then would you not want to do your civic duty, which is everyone’s job in society, and monitor or even detain the individual so he wouldn’t hurt another human being?

      Instead you ran away like a girly-man and left him out there to find another victim. Worse is that you come on this forum acting all high and mighty and somehow think such cowardice is worth bragging about by passing it off as an act of your superior intelligence.

      While it is most definitely your right to run from confrontation and live your life as submissively as you like, please refrain from chastising others because they chose to live their lives as real men.

    4. The Batman eschews the use of firearms, due to having witnessed his parents’ murders by a gunman. He prefers using stealth and technology to overwhelm bad guys, many of whom are armed. “Death Wish” protagonist Paul Kersey might be a more suitable object of fantasy.

    5. Wow, what are you exactly a Dr. of sir? You are a fool in the first degree and are spouting dumber than dirt on a website that is dedicated to being as straightforward as possible. Go home and dig a hole and bury yourself in it. Dr.

    6. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try trouble finds you. And criminal do not act when the police are around.

    7. Dr. Harry:

      I’m sure you are well-meaning but you are also incredibly naïve if you think that people do not encounter life threatening situations as they go about their normal day-to-day lives.

      I’m going to cite four incidents in my own personal experience that will clearly refute your ignorance. In each case, I was neither looking for trouble nor doing anything to invite a problem.

      1) As a young newlywed with an absolutely beautiful 23-year old wife, we determined one weekend to go camping with another couple of our age. The other woman was also very attractive.

      It was late in the season and fairly cold. The state park campground with close to 100 campsites was almost empty with only two other campsites occupied. We set up camp with no other campers nearby.

      We were cooking dinner when a car loaded with what appeared to be jocks from a nearby college pulled through the campsite spinning their tires and throwing out empty beer cans. They roared through our circle and then departed but we could hear the car as they made the rounds of the other campsites.

      We were camped up a slight hill about 30 yards from the road. In a few minutes the car came back and six big guys, three white and three black, piled out and started up the hill toward us.

      t. reached into my backpack and pulled out my S&W .38 Police Special revolver and fired one shot at a tree in the opposite direction from whence they were coming.

      When I turned around they were meekly climbing back into their car. They drove away, apparently leaving the park. Draw your own conclusions as to what might have happened if I had not had that weapon

      2) Several years earlier I got home late from work, and was eating dinner in front of the TV watching the first pictures of the Alaskan earthquake of 1963 or 64. There was a knock at the door.

      When I opened it, there were a guy and girl that I knew and another guy I didn’t know. They were friends of a former roommate who had moved away and they were looking for him.

      I told him he had moved and they asked to use the restroom which was upstairs. They headed for the restroom and I went back to the bar to finish my dinner.

      When they came back down the stairs, the guy I didn’t know walked up to me and started running his fingers along the sleeve of my shirt, saying, “I don’t like that shirt you are wearing; I think I’m going to take it off of you and wring your neck with it.” I looked at the telephone across the room. The guy I knew said, “Don’t try for the telephone because if you do, I’m going to jerk it out of the wall and ring your neck with the cord.”

      I ran for the stairs, got about half way up and told the guys to leave. They started after me. I ran into my bedroom and slammed the door (no lock). I grabbed an empty .22 Marlin Mountie lever action rifle and was standing at the ready when they burst into the room

      They came to a screeching halt and the guy I knew said, “my buddy just got out of the army and knows 24 ways to take that gun away from you.

      I replied, “I just got out of the army and I know 24 ways to keep him from it. Here’s what I’ going to do if you come for me. I’m going to shoot him in the gut and I’m going to butt stroke you in the mouth. Then I’m going to shoot you.”

      We just looked at each other. I told them to leave again and one of them said he was afraid I would shoot them the back as they went down the stairs.

      Since the gun was empty, I took a chance and said. “I’m going to put this gun back in the closet. If you decide o beat me up, you better kill me because if I recover I’m going to hunt you down and kill you.”

      I put the gun back in the closet and they walked down the stairs. As they departed they started yucking it up, telling me they were just kidding. I just told them to get out and never come back.

      They left and I returned to my now cold dinner. What do you think might have happened if I had not had that rifle?

      3) When I lived in Chicago I had to attend a seminar at Notre Dame in Southbend.. I returned home after dinner leaving about 10:30 p.m. That put me on the infamous Dan Ryan Expressway through Chicago’s south side at about 1:30 a.m.

      As I approached Chicago’s south side, a deep black voice came on my CB radio saying, “I’m gonna kill me a white man, tonight.” There was not another car on the highway and I kicked my speed up to 85

      The voice repeated and I looked in the rear view mirror to see headlights coming up behind me fast. I maintained my speed but the car kept gaining and the voice on the CB repeated itself two more times.

      The car, a big black Cadillac limosine, pulled along side me, matching my speed. It stayed with me for about a minute then it sped off and left the expressway at the next exit. I was unarmed and terrified. Was that car the source of the voice on the radio?

      4) While living in Chicago, we decided one Sunday to take my five-year-old daughter to the Museum of Science and Industry where we had been several times before. Unfortunately, I missed a turn and found myself the heart of Chicago’s south side before I could turn around.

      I went around the block at the first intersection, got back on the main street and started back. A car load of blacks pulled up next to me shouting obscenities and threatening to kill us.

      I was unarmed but I got out of there as quickly as I could, not fearful for myself but for my wife and daughter.

      Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in the country but every day innocents are killed and threatened as they go about their daily routine bothering no one and not asking for trouble.

      In only one of the above cases was I where I should not have been and in that case, it was an accident that cloud have happened to anyone…especially someone not familiar with the area.

      It is people like you with your namby, pamby, love-everyone belief that trouble only comes to those who look for it and that you can resolve this situation by taking guns from people and let law enforcement do its job.

      Unfortunately, law enforcement was not available to me in these incidents and in those two situations where I was not armed, I was a potential victim with no protection whatsoever. I survived by the grace of God and for no other reason.

      Many have not and I personally knew one who didn’t. But that’s another Chicago story.

      Please, just shut up about claiming that many who carry are looking for trouble. You’re just playing into the hands of the anti-gunners.

    8. @ Lenwood.

      In 20 or so years, as a delivery driver I’ve been robbed a gun-point four times. I had a friend at that time, that was robbed eight times in one month, twice by the same person. All robbers have one thing in common. They don’t give a DAMN about your problems, they ONLY give a DAMN about their PROBLEMS.

  25. I dont care if her choice of vocation has mad her life hard or not. Anyone in her line of work and at her level should do a little research. Every small arm ever created in the history on the human race will fit into categories 1, 3, & 4. Except maybe the smooth bore musket, not a shotgun yet not really a rifle either. One could argue it is a smooth bore rifle. I think you get my point.

  26. I’ve read quite a few comments in different places related to Ms. Gwynne’s article. I have to say that it really hasn’t seemed to have generated any actual controversy. It is almost universally panned as a poorly written, extremely badly researched article that shows the writer to be yet another liberal speaking on a subject which they obviously have absolutely no information about.

    Beyond the subject of guns, her article calls in to question her basic ability to conduct research. Suggesting that she intended the list as a way of showing that all guns are dangerous ignores her failure to accurately demonstrate an understanding of what the information she received about gun traces actually meant by suggesting that gun traces are only conducted in relation to violent crime.

    To respond to this particular article however, I found it to be a clever and unique sales pitch, and kudos to the author. To respond to the question the article posed, and as a nod to so many of the comments related to Ms. Gwynne’s original article, I chose…the derringer.

  27. I did not say I thought her article was well written, quite the opposite in fact, but then G man I lack your skills in the arts of ” government profile techniques” ” and chose to go on all her works as a civil libertarian and not just a single issue.
    You know me not and if you do then you are part of illegal problems besetting this nation.
    Did Rolling Stone request an article from her on Open Carry of AR 15 or
    did they see a niche piece that fits within their readership?
    Did she deliver the goods and recieve her pay and did Not Rolling Stone Magazine recieve attention beyond its normal levels?
    The lady does not work for gov employ she is an independent buisness woman who happens to be a free lance journalist, an occupation which is one hard choice to not only economicly survive but thrive within.
    I do not know woman personaly and base my opinions upon published works, and what her peers and critics write of her
    Apologize because comments strayed beyond a parrots cawl of , ” oh pretty gun, oh pretty gun, and ” stupid anti gun, stupid anti gun” and took a
    good look at the lay of the land before taking pot shots..
    Contrary to your accusations upon me I meant no insults towards CTD and its readers, and I wrote it out in mentioning what I found upon other gun related sites.
    In this case I happen to look at Rights over all, not just those of fed cops and the unfortunates with lesser gun rights, some people do know there were ten of them once upon a time; Well Ms Gwynne is fighting for many
    of those rights, but obviously guns is not one she favors.
    I held a degree in English lit. Until I could not sell or employ so I broke from its rigid form and had contributions being published in poetry, Natural Sciences and Hunting-Fishing mags and advertizing
    For a short spell a spell as a contributor to ulltra conservative news rags upon American History and militia issues.
    I quit because news rags of their anti-semite and racial bigotry became
    Fascism Western style that in 50’s through 70’s held closeted fed supporters.
    I will not now stoop so low as to use the tactics of of stereotype and
    charicture to stem dissent and assassinate anothers character; As it is a
    tawdry literary trick so well used by gov agents and agency to hide their
    own agendas from being scrutinized.
    I apologize to any and all for my bad graces and boring post, and promice that with close of post , I will comment here, no more, forever
    No I will not unsubscribe to its sales site.
    Lastly, @G man, if your psycho profileing diagnosis is out of recent
    government or military manual; then no wonder this Fn nation is in such deep doo-doo and headed into full blown Fascism and Police State tyrrany.
    I am so out of here!.

    1. HB I didn’t need to read your life story, but I did take the time to look up Kristen Gwynne on Google Images, and oh daddy, I wouldn’t mind doing a “hide behind” with her.

    2. @ Hide Behind: So now we must add hypocrisy to your inane brand of philosophical tirades. The evil capitalist empire that you often bark about is all of a sudden your cozy little friend when you need it to defend the reasoning behind the employment choices of this poor civil rights journalist as she whores her irresponsible freelance wares to the corporatist state just to make a living.

      How pathetic of you to overlook her lack of introspection as if she has no choice in her chosen profession or the articles she elects to write. But hey, as long as the Rolling Stone’s corporate ranks gobble it up and troughs it right back out to gratify their liberal readership dollars… it’s all for a noble cause in your book – eh?

      You seriously just admitted to defining her success, not by having the integrity to ensure the quality of her journalistic content, but rather you’ve gaged her success by the amount of controversy her garbage managed to stir up – and regardless of accuracy no less. You’re a real class act all right.

      But worse is your negative innuendos you’ve toss at my service as a federal public servant, which shows how impassively unreceptive you have been to all of us here in this forum. For had you the slightest inclination to ever actually expand your mind through anything we’ve ever written here, you would have caught on to the fact that I am not at all in lockstep with the bulk of my employer’s ideology.

      It is precisely the servants such as me willing to risk our careers daily, that helps keep our government in check. So you’re welcome.

    3. I don’t think that anyone understands what you are talking about. Even you. An individual with an English Literature degree would be expected to have a better grasp on the English language and a more succinct ability to express himself than you have demonstrated. I am happy that you have accomplished so much in your life, but it is clear that you have gone on a rant and lost sight of what your topic of conversation was.

  28. Hide Behind seems an appropriate name. You remind me a lot of Oblahblah …. outstanding delivery of zero information. How proud you must be to be able to waste so much time saying nothing or at least nothing anyone care about.
    Have just a super day Hide Behind.

    1. You’re funny Jake! I have to agree with you on HB’s long essay above. Like WTF is he saying?….LOL

    2. Jake I’m not sure if my first reply got edited out, so I’ll repeat that your comment is funny as hell, and when I read his post I didn’t know W–T–F he was talking about. When I see some of these posts by fellow gun owners, sometimes I want to Hide Behind a block wall while shooting at the gun range.

  29. @ Hide Behind: To spend so much time writing as much crap as you do to while away your days is one thing, we tolerate (or ignore) you to a point. But your latest attempt to convince people that Kristen Gwynne cunningly knew she was using intentional stupidity as a tool to invoke a sort of healthy controversy in order that she might bring awareness to the masses is downright insulting to the CTD readership.

    There is nothing you’ve said nor could ever say that would convince a reasonable person that you believe your own bullsh*t. You like playing the antagonist… plain and simple. I suppose it stems from your dire need for attention – and so you will invent controversy at any opportunity in order to get it.

    It’s called projection, meaning that you fabricate admiration towards others such as Gwynne from that which you aspire to do yourself, that being – to antagonize others. However, Kristen Gwynne is not deserving of your approbation as she is simply not as clever as you give her credit for.

    So while Kristen Gwynne‘s shallow article did in-fact create controversy, it was only your wishful thinking that astute journalism had anything to do with it. Anyone possessing the most moderate of reading comprehension abilities could clearly see Gwynne had no business writing anything about guns.

    But don’t take my word for it, I think you’ll find the 6,500 (and counting) reader comments that followed Kristen Gwynne‘s article speak for themselves.

  30. I like Ms Gwynnes and Rolling Stone magazine and I will not attack Ms. Gwynne personaly as she individually has done far more towards fighting for and keeping people aware of Civil Liberties , there by enhancing Liberty, than any pro gun journalist out there.
    This piece of hers is :IMO: most assuredly not at all one of her best works; At least on surface does not seem so; Yet a good journalist knows the value of controversy in bringing issues to attention of others.
    And damn well done; this woman sure knows how to get the spittle flying in the pro gun crowd and up a magazines readership, her fee is well deserved.
    Weapons Wanted: John Wilkes Booth pistol, Rifles that killed Martin Luther
    King and Real one that killed Kennedy, John Waynes personal revolver, Springfield Bolt action used by Sgt York, and full auto Thompson used by
    Baby Face Nelson.
    I would also like The soap and lampblack carved gun John Dillinger used to get out of Jail, his full auto 1911s in45 cal, and the revolver used by Fed who snuck up behind and assassinated him.
    As to the weapons pointed out here, they are but readily available toys of some slight interest that had a good lead in to draw our attentions to them,
    I leave my thoughts upon this issue to both sides of gun controversy, but
    more especially to the pro gunners who sometimes react as they ike would enjoy burning books, and their authors.
    Censorship is the strongest drive in human nature; Sex is a weak second.”
    There are many ways and forms of Censorship, and two are of stereotype and charicature. Both remove the object, person or item religion, from discussion- As you never leave an opening for them to present their own original opin ions.

    Jeeesh, By the reactions of gunners you would think she is the Anti-christ and the leader of an invading horde of latio teenaged immigrants..
    Good for her, complacency is the gunners worst enemy
    This latest bit of hers will only increase her following and for Rolling Stone helps keep its Magazine in the limelight but to give the lady her due, she is a Free Lance Journalist and has a quite large following that know her as one who does not back away from controversy .
    She is a rabble rouser that draws atte

  31. How can anyone be this ignorant and hold a job as a journalist? Every time I read something from a Liberal Constitution hater I realize just how much trouble this country is in and how grossly uninformed the left really is.
    I guess that’s part of the plan, keep feeding the people lies and keep us divided.
    It is so sad that people like this are actually running this country.

  32. The 5 Most Ridiculous People(s) in America

    1.) Kristen Gwynne.
    2.) Kristen Gwynne’s Editor.
    3.) Kristen Gwynne’s Admirers.
    4.) Anyone that found Kristen Gwynne’s article informative.
    5.) Anyone afraid to own Derringers as a result of the Kristen Gwynne article.

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