Product Review: Wiley X Eyewear Romer II Advanced Safety Glasses With Changeable Lenses

Wiley X Eyewear Romer II Advanced with grey lenses.

Most of the gun nuts I know are on the neverending quest to find just the perfect holster, but not me. Thank you, Flashbang Bra Holster.

My quest for some time now has been to find the perfect pair of shooting glasses. I have always been a cheapskate when it comes to range gear, the cheapest plinking ammo, the cheapest targets—paper plates with drawn-in bullseyes—cheap muffs, and the cheapest shooting glasses. In fact, I made a free disposable pair last half a year. However, I do believe that my quest may have just ended. In my opinion, with hearing and eye protection, you get what you pay for and why skimp on two of my favorite senses? The Wiley X Wear Romer II Advanced safety glasses fall on the higher end of the pricing scale, but they are worth it.

The veteran-owned American company, Wiley X Eyewear makes top-quality tactical, motorcycle, fishing, racing, shooting, safety, and sunglasses. All of which are made in the United States.

The Romer II Advanced glasses come with three interchangeable lenses—grey, clear, and rust—and a matte black frame. The lenses are made of scratch-resistant, shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate that meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards. Besides being an ISO 9001:2008-certified facility, Wiley X Eyewear puts every pair of glasses and goggles through an impact test. Every frame and lens must hold up to a 1.1-pound weight dropped at 50 feet without breaking and a 1/4-inch steel ball falling at 150 fps without breaking the lens or detaching from the frame, per ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards. The package also includes an instruction card on how to change the lenses, and a nylon, zippered protective case with a heavy-duty plastic gear clip and two Velcro® belt loops.

Wiley X says the Romer II Advanced shooting glasses fit medium to large heads. I typically wear a small and they fit me without much slippage. When I bend down to reach into my range bag, they are just a tad loose and need readjusting when I stand back up, but they do not fall off.

The frames and lenses are extremely lightweight and are by far the most comfortable frames I have ever worn.

They came with the smoke lenses installed. I immediately attempted to try out all of the lenses to make sure they all fit. At first, I was afraid to put too much force on the lens when I was trying to pop them out. I did not want to break my glasses, but they proved themselves sturdy and flexible. With a firm, but gentle grip, the lenses came out easily. Putting in the clear and rust lenses was quick and simple, too. Wiley X Eyewear calls the way the lenses go in and out of the frame, SLOT technology, making the lenses secure inside the frame, but easy to change.

All three lenses are very wide, giving you a full range of view without any obstructions. With my smaller face, though, I will not be winning any fashion contests while wearing them. However, for the range, I chose function over fashion, and I am thankful for the full and safe coverage.

Inside the frame on the arm pieces that fit over your ears, there is a rubber wave pattern for comfort and a non-slip grip. Also inside the frame are the ANSI Z87.1-2003 and a made in the USA stamp.

All three lenses are crystal clear and glare-free with minimal fogging. I love the interchangeable lenses, because I do not have to purchase any other glasses. The clear lenses allow 89% light transmission and are good for indoor and outdoor shooting. The rust lenses filter out blue light and enhance contrast in low-light shooting situations. The grey lenses, which Wiley X also calls smoke do not distort colors and are excellent for a very bright sunny day outside because they offer the most glare reduction.

Besides normal wear and tear, all of Wiley X’s glasses and goggles have a full lifetime warranty against defects.

Specifications and Features

  • Wiley X Eyewear Romer II Advanced safety glasses
  • Gray, clear, and rust interchangeable lenses
  • Matte black frame
  • Subdued logo
  • SLOT technology
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 high-velocity standards
  • Meets GL-PD 10-12 MCEP standard, superseding MIL-PRF-31013 ballistic standard
  • Ultra light, ergonomic design
  • Includes zipper top nylon case and cleaning cloth

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