Product Review TRW-332: Concealment Pistol Organizer

Even though I’m not a huge fan of off-body carry, as a girly girl who loves fashion, I do sometimes sacrifice my holster for a cute outfit. Now, before any of you purists decide to jump down my throat:

Yes, I know I could choose another outfit. I do have a Flashbang bra holster and yes, I am aware there are alternatives such as thigh and belly carry. However, sometimes certain outfits just do not work with any form of carry. Many women choose to carry in their purse and never on their body. I’m not here to judge—I’m just glad women are taking responsibility of their own safety. You should too.

I am not going to address all the ins and outs of purse carry here, but Kathy Jackson, owner and writer of The Cornered Cat, does an excellent job explaining it in her blog Should I Carry in my Purse? There are many choices in concealed carry purses with built-in holsters, but since my personal style is more edgy than classic, I do not own one. I could drop my gun into my regular purse, but its such a bottomless pit, I know that’s a terrible idea.

In comes product TRW-332, a black leather executive organizer with a concealed holster inside. My gun stays concealed, so I can safely keep the organizer on my desk, a tabletop, on the car seat, and in my purse. No one is the wiser that my gun is easily accessible. I’ve carried a form of day planner my entire life—from being a college student to a professional writer. Even for those of you who don’t work, especially stay-at-home moms, no one is going to question you carrying an organizer. They definitely won’t think you have a gun stowed inside. Another plus is the black leather agenda is gender-neutral.

Upon first impression, I was surprised and impressed by the quality of leather from Roma. The picture on the product page does not do it justice. Constructed of top-grain cowhide in matte black, the concealed carry organizer looks more expensive than it is. The reinforced stitching is flawless all the way around. To protect your handgun, there is a cardboard-type padding sewn inside the leather.

One side of the day planner is fully covered in Velcro®, while the opposite side has a clear plastic ID holder. On the Velcro side is a removable holster and elastic magazine loop. The magazine loop has Velcro on one side. The holster, also leather, has thick Velcro strips on both sides and a Velcro retention strap.

On the outside of the organizer is a YKK lockable zipper—two keys are included—and a removable leather carry strap that stows away inside the planner.

The holster measures 5.5 inches long with an open muzzle and 3.5 inches wide. My little Kel-Tec P3AT with a 2.75-inch barrel slips right in and draws quickly and smoothly without snagging. The holster stays firmly in place while drawing. While keeping the concealment organizer laying on my desk, I can pull the gun out with one hand, while the holster stays in place. I keep the retention straps open while I’m not transporting the planner so my gun is easily accessible. However, while moving around, I keep the retention straps down. The gun will slip out of the holster if jostled too much.

Although the description says the holster fits a full-sized, 5-inch barrel, I have not tested any other size than my Kel-Tec.

An ID pocket on the inside measures 4 inches long and 2 inches tall, which is longer and shorter than a Texas driver’s license and a Texas Concealed Carry permit. A permit fits in fine, but sticks out the top.

Though the organizer conceals well, it does not double as a real organizer. You might be able to put a pen and a small calendar inside, but the purpose of this particular model is for concealing your handgun only.

Pros: looks, quality, lockable zipper, draw is smooth and quick Cons: does not do double duty as a true day planner, ID pocket size

Specifications and Features

  • Measures 9.5×6.25×2 inches
  • YKK zippers
  • Top-grain leather
  • Removable elastic strapping and magazine loop
  • Adjustable holster
  • Plastic ID holder
  • Black leather
  • Lifetime warranty
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Comments (7)

    1. 1)The person who set this organizer up must be left handed. A rightie couldn’t get the gun out in 5 minutes. Somebody should think “marketing”. 2) For the “organizer” to have “real” value, it should organize. That be worth an extra few bucks.

    2. Fred, i was wondering the same. I am going to go to the lical micro center and check out the ISLES of protection for day planners and note pads that i can modify like this item but for a right hand draw.

  1. Thank you for a lot of great ideas, I’ve been thinking of my concealed carry options since I’ve had to start walking with a cane, I’ve bought a stun cane 1 million volts and carry a 40 cal Ruger in my pocket as well again thank you!

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