Product Review: ModGear Deployment Bag MOLLE-540

When I imagine a deployment bag, I think of a large duffel bag or backpack with enough room to put boots, BDUs and other issued-gear. The ModGear Deployment bag, product number MOLLE-540, is more the size of a range bag or toiletries bag. It also works well as a tool bag, basic first aid bag or video/camera bag. For any of those uses, this bag is the perfect size. With a variety of ways to carry it—a buttpack, shoulder bag or handheld—the ModGear deployment bag serves plenty of uses. Made of tough polyester, the bag has rows of MOLLE-compatible webbing stitched all around it. On the back are five snap-down MOLLE straps so you can attach the deployment bag to a bigger pack.

There is one main compartment, a front pocket, and two side pockets all with PALs webbing. The dimensions of the bag in the description are not exact. My bag has an external measurement of 15 x 7 inches. The main compartment measures 9 inches long internally.

Inside the main compartment on the inside of the flap there is a thin mesh zippered long pocket and two additional mesh pockets on each side of the main compartment. Inside the main compartment is a total of three pockets.

The zippers are very stiff on the front pocket and my pens will not fit in the “pen pocket.” However, shorter, thinner things will fit such as lip balm and a used pencil. The front pocket also features two adjustable straps inside with plastic snap buckles.

Equipped with a reinforced “H” handle attached close to the bag’s top, even guys with bear paw-like hands can grasp the handle when the bag is full.

There are two compression straps with plastic snap buckles to keep the flap closed tightly down.

The two side pockets will expand and each has a small pocket on the inside.

Stitching is relatively consistent, but loose in some parts. When used as a range bag, I only put one handgun in it, a few magazines and two boxes of ammo. I want my bag to last, so in order to save the stitching, I don’t weigh it down with too much gear.

It includes an adjustable shoulder strap that extends to a surprisingly long length. The strap has a stiff, rubber-like pad. There are two metal D rings to attach the shoulder strap.

In my opinion, for the price the bag is worth its money in size, quality and variety of uses. The bag is available in black, OD green, Army Digital camo, or coyote tan.

Pros: price, versatility, MOLLE straps and webbing Cons: stitching, size of carry handle, size of “pen pockets” Specifications and Features:

  • 15.5” x 7.75” x 4”
  • Polyester construction
  • Nylon zippers
  • Reinforced H handles
  • PALs webbing
  • 1.5” webbed shoulder strap
  • 10.5” x 7.5” x 4” main compartment
  • Zippered flap close
  • 10.5” x 4” zippered mesh flap pocket
  • 0.75” webbed compression straps with plastic snap buckles
  • 8” x 5.35” administrative exterior pocket with webbing
  • 2 rows of PALs webbing
  • 2 envelope pockets
  • (2) 4.75” x 3.5” side, zippered pockets with interior pouch
  • 5 snapping MOLLE straps
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Comments (2)

  1. I have this bag in OD Green and for my purposes it is the perfect range bag. Smaller than most bags I see at the range but perfect in my experience for 2-3 handguns, eyes and ears, small spotting scope or binoculars and a few magazines. I carry my long guns in a separate bag (of course) and ammo in a can, so for me this small bag is perfect. Fits great up on the bench without taking up too much room. I agree with the article that some of the zippers are very stiff, but I would rather deal with stiff zippers than flimsy ones. I disagree with the article about the size of the pen sleeves on the front, I find them to fit both large pens (gel type) and even a 3″ folding knife (kershaw skyline). Great bag for the price. Just make sure you check the dimensions before ordering, it may be smaller than you anticipate.

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