Product Review: CAMP-172 Katadyn Micropur MP1 Water Purification Tablets

Do you know how to procure safe drinking water? There many situations in which you may need access to clean, safe water. Disasters such as a flood, hurricane, earthquake, disease, or a water main collapse can all contaminate your city’s tap water. If you are a primitive hiker, camper, or backpacker, you know how important safe drinking water is. In addition, if you plan to travel overseas, you should know how to make water safe for consumption. All of these scenarios require pre-planning on your part to avoid sickness. A Swiss company called Katadyn Group knows how important safe drinking water is. The company has been making water purification systems since 1926 and is now the largest supplier of portable water treatment systems in the world. Katadyn writes, “90% of the world’s fresh water supply is contaminated.” Clear water may be deceptive, so you should always keep supplies with you to make water potable (drinkable). Katadyn makes a variety of water filters and purifiers that make questionable water safe to drink. For city dwellers, travelers, campers, and hikers, Katadyn recommends their Micropur MP1 water purification tablets, which utilize a chemical reaction to make water safe.

Each tablet contains sodium chloride and meets EPA test standards. One tablet will make one quart or one liter of water safe to drink. The Micropur tablets work best on clear, not cloudy water, as they will not remove dirt and sediments. If your only source is cloudy, highly questionable water, it is best to filter the water first through a towel, cloth, commercial filter, or a coffee filter before treating it with the tablets. Simply drop one tablet in a liter or quart of water and wait for four hours. After four hours, your water will be safe to drink.

Katadyn’s Micropur tablets are effective against killing viruses and bacteria, including cryptosporidium and giardia, two of the most dangerous microorganisms found in water in the United States. Both cryptosporidium and giardia are parasites that cause gastro-intestine problems in humans. These two parasites contaminate our water systems through human and animal waste. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are around 780,000 cases of cryptosporidium a year in the United States.

When looking for sources of water, avoid stagnant water and water without vegetation around it. These two factors strongly indicate a highly polluted source of water. Micropur tablets work best with water that is less contaminated. Avoid water close to roadways, factories, plants, and agricultural areas, as it is more polluted than water you will find upstream. You can also treat water from your commode tank, hot water heater, and water pipes.

Katadyn’s Micropur water purification tablets are the only tablets of their kind to be EPA registered. The tablets come in a pack of 20, which treat 20 quarts or liters of water.

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  1. I caution anyone who takes internally any chemical. We had an Airman stationed at Eielson AFB Alaska have a serious allergic reaction to iodine water purification pills. It is a must to try any method only in the neighborhood of an emergency facility or better yet, consult your Doctor. This has been a “GUN NUT NO BULL MOMENT”

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