Pro Gun Advice: Kay Miculek Touts the S&W M&P22

Kay Miculek

At a Babes with Bullets Clinic, Kay Miculek, head instructor for the group, discusses the merits of the Smith & Wesson M&P22 rimfire pistol with Deb Ferns, BwB’s camp director.

On Kay’s recommendation, Deb purchased an M&P22 from Cheaper Than Dirt. Kay notes that the M&P22 pistol has the same feel and fit of the M&P centerfire pistols she shoots in 9mm and 40 S&W. She says the M&P22 is suited for women who need to work up to centerfire pistol training while building good mechanics.

Introduced in 2011, the S&W M&P22 semi-automatic rimfire handgun is chambered for .22 Long Rifle cartridges. The front sight is drift adjustable and the rear is click adjustable. The pistol measures 7.6 inches in overall length and weighs 24 ounces, mainly due to the lightweight aluminum-aerospace alloy slide.

The barrel is 4.1 inches long and is carried atop a metal frame. The manual safety is ambidextrous, and the pistol operates only as a single action. Like other M&Ps, it has black polymer grips.

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Comments (4)

  1. Got mine a month ago. Shoots fine, for a .22. Cheap stuff stove pipes or FTE or FTF like cheap .22’s do… less than my Sig Mosquito did… CCI stuff does much better. I like it, helps me train with my 9C. I recommend it, but its not perfect by any means. I look forward to trying the new Ruger 22 pistol.

  2. We own one of those. Sadly, it’s back at Smith with less than 900 rounds through it. The slide is sticking half way back and there’s all kinds of bad wear on the inside of the slide and the guide rod. Smith has had it for about 3 weeks now and we haven’t heard a word from them. While it’s fun to shoot, I don’t think it’s on the same quality level as the centerfire M&Ps.

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