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Pretty in Pink: Radians Pink Range Gear

Pink Radians passive shooting earmuffs

I have been shooting with my trusty pink Radians Remington passive earmuffs for over five years now. They work well and are comfortable, so it hasn’t occurred to me to replace them. However, I recently got a new car and keep forgetting to put my range bag in the trunk. (You know you’re a gun girl when… you keep eyes, ears, targets, and ammo in your car at all times.) I was facing a quickening deadline and had to make it to the range. I could have chosen to use the eyes and ears provided by my range, but since I don’t know where your ears have been, I passed. Instead, I decided to buy new muffs and shooting glasses. Fortunately, I work at a place where I have plenty of choices in hearing and eye protection, so I opted for the Radians low-profile passive earmuffs in pink ($13.97) and the matching women’s shooting glasses ($11.97.)

Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses with silver frame, pink accents and clear lenses
Virtually fog-free, the quality exceeded the price, as well as my expectations.

I was pretty stoked to finally invest in a pair of quality shooting glasses. My cheapy disposable ones should have been disposed of long ago. Radians offer its pink shooting glasses with an X-TREME anti-fog lens, but Cheaper Than Dirt! does not carry those, so I was a little leery. I have had issues in the past with shooting glasses fogging and in turn doing a number on my accuracy, but I figured these were bound to be 100 times better than my scratched up, fog-attracting old ones, so I went in with a positive attitude.

The Radians women’s shooting glasses have hard-coated, scratch-resistant clear lenses and a sliver frame with pink accents. They exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact standards. These glasses also feature an adjustable rubber nosepiece and rubber-tipped temples. They are very lightweight and fit my face perfectly. The lenses are extremely clear and unless I look down, I almost forget I have them on. My private shooting bay was extremely hot and sweat quickly beaded along my forehead. Some fog and moisture did collect at the very top inside corner of the lenses. However, it was never enough to force me to stop shooting to adjust or wipe the glasses—a first for me! Though the Radians women’s shooting glasses do not promise a completely fog-free lens, they are extremely comfortable, don’t make me feel like a dork because of their compact size and were moisture- and fog-free enough for me to be completely satisfied. I’m really excited to have them and wonder why it took me so long to buy a better pair of shooting glasses. The quality exceeds the price, as well as my expectations.

LowSet Earmuffs

Radians’ LowSet women and youth’s passive earmuffs offer a 21 NRR (noise reduction rating), adjustable CoolMax headband and a folding, low-profile design. The ear cups and adjustable headband are padded. Adjusting them is quick and easy and once on, they never slid off or became lose. The foam-filled ear cups cover my ears completely and were comfortable, but hot. Sweat did gather inside. The cloth-covered CoolMax headband is comfy, cushy and soft on my head—much better than the plastic headband on my old Remington muffs.

Pink Radians passive shooting earmuffs
The thing I love most about the LowSet muffs is that my rifle stock never interferes.

The thing I love most about the LowSet muffs is that my rifle stock never interferes. The low-profile design totally clears the stock and my muffs stayed in place the entire two hours I was at the range. Despite the gun stock relief cuts in the Remington MP 22 earmuffs, I find my both my rifles’ Magpul stocks push the earmuffs back off my ears to the point of making me nervous. Another pro to the Radians is how compact they fold up. The Remington muffs are bulkier than the Radians. They don’t fold up. The LowSet Radians are easier to carry and pack.

One con is the 21 NRR rating versus the Remington’s 22 NRR. You wouldn’t think one decibel would make a difference, but my ears felt a little funny after leaving the range and removing the muffs. There wasn’t any ringing, but I felt like I was talking a bit too loud when wrapping it up with checking out of the range. I’m not sure if it is the lesser noise reduction rating, the ammo I was shooting, or the amount of time I spent at the range, but there was a slight difference between the Remington and the Radians. Full recovery happened about 10 minutes after leaving the range. Despite this, the Radians pros outweigh its cons and I will be switching from the Remington to the Radians as my go-to pair of earmuffs.

Color Comparison

Radians compact earmuff next to pink Remington earmuffs
The Radians are a darker pink and fold up more compact than the 22 NRR Remington earmuffs.

Not all shades of pink are created equal. You might hate bubble gum pink, but love hot pink and what shopping choices you make reflect your preferences. The Remington muffs fall on the lighter side of pink. They look more baby pink to me, while the Radians are a darker, brighter shade of pink.

Overall, the Radians are sleeker, fit more comfortably, and don’t get in the way of my rifle stock. For a dollar less than the Remington earmuffs, you get a more expensive-looking product and a more comfortable fit.

Radians also manufactures shooting gloves, disposable earplugs, custom-molded earplugs and electronic hearing protection—all in pink.

What brand of earmuffs and shooting glasses do you swear by? Share it with us in the comment section.

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Comments (8)

  1. There are more toy guns that are black than any other color. Maybe all real guns should be pink.

  2. I prefer the Browning Buckmark passive muffs – same low-profile design, but 26 NRR instead of low 20s like most other slim muffs. The difference is very noticeable in an indoor range or enclosed outdoor range.

    They, too, have a pink model for women.

  3. I grew up hunting and shooting. Took wife and kids to the range. They shot everything I owned.Gun safety was preached to me by my father as well as I to my kids Didn’t have safe back then, but I killed their curiosty. I actually like the idea of purple and pink guns for the ladies. I am seeing so many ladies at the range these days. They are our future gun rights protectors

  4. I can’t see why females need a firearm that is Pink in color, I think it would get little kid’s to pick them up first. I mean the pink weapon does nothing, but the ammo does. What’s next pink ammo!

    1. Glock Guy,
      Thank you for commenting. If you have children, regardless if your gun is pink, green, blue, FDE, stainless or black, it should be inaccessible to them.
      Pink ammo isn’t what’s next… we already have it! Federal makes a 12 gauge pink shotshell and Hornady makes a .38 Special 90-grain FTX® Critical Defense LITE round with a pink bullet.

    2. I agree–Look I am one of the stanchest supporters/advocates of The Second Amendment and huge firearms aficionado in general. That said, I do not believe even in the slightest that firearms should be finished with colors that even remotely complicate the ability to ascertain or differentiate between “Real” guns and “Toy” guns. I’m sorry, “fashion has absolutely NO PLACE in the firearms industry, PERIOD. This Country is becoming more and more nonsensical by the freaking day…Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

      That said, I don’t care what color/s one selects for any accessories but not the GUN…

    3. PINK SHOTGUN SHELLS ! I have seen them.That’s your pink ammo.I fired a few–no shrinkage.Will reload the hulls. You are the Glock Guy. I have seen 9mm practice ammo in PURPLE brass! They would sell a lot of it in West Hollywood if they had gun shops. All this is in fun. I remember the first time I saw a pink shotgun. Felt confused. Of course I am the guy who just for fun got a North American Arms Cap & Ball Mini from CTD.That gets looks and the girls will come down the line to see it.Mini dose look like a toy.

      Good call on the kid thing. I get your point. Keep um safe!

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