President Trump to Speak at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

Candidate Donald Trump at 2016 NRA-ILA Leadership forum

Certainly one of, if not the biggest highlights of the 2016 NRA convention was when then candidate Trump spoke. I do not say this due to any partisan political views. Instead, I am recalling the mile-long line to get into the convention hall to see Trump speak hours before the NRA opened the doors. Regardless of the political preferences of the participants, all were pro gun and wanted to hear his message. Now, fast forward one year and candidate Trump is President Trump, but I am sure the lines will not be any shorter. Here is the full release from the NRA: Candidate Donald Trump at 2016 NRA-ILA Leadership forum NRA-ILA’s annual Leadership Forum is one of the most politically significant and popular events in the country, featuring our nation’s top Second Amendment leaders in government, the media, and the entertainment industry. The Forum is also a must-stop for candidates seeking the highest levels of elected office. The 2017 leadership forum includes President Trump, governors, congressmen, and senators.

When President Trump speaks at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in April, it will be the first time a sitting president visits the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits since Ronald Reagan!

Will you be at there to see President Trump speak? Did you see him last year? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. I am not ashamed to say that I am a yuge Trump supporter!
    Along with my concealed carrying wife and gun savvy kids
    As Jason said, the secret service will pay the agents no matter who is in the White House
    I am for defunding EPA, planned parenthood and NEA
    You did not mention NPR but I would like them defunded also
    NASA got a 3% cut. I would like to see NASA get an increase, but 3% is a small amount and the Europa mission is funded
    You want freedom to” govern your body, “I can only assume that means abortion
    Abortion is killing potential human beings and I am against it
    However, it is best left to the individual states
    President Reagan was right when he said the government is the problem
    We need to ” drain the swamp” and that includes Rinos feeding off corporate welfare
    We should starve the Federal government of all but essential functions
    I would love to attend the NRA convention and hear our president speak
    But I am busy at my job and cannot attend
    Make America Great…Again!

    1. President Trump has run the Secret Service out of money with his continued vacations and multiple family members living all over the place.

      If you get rid of the EPA, what stops people from dumping poison in the water?

      What functions do you determine are essential for the government to have?

      What year did you graduate high school?

  2. No, I will not be attending any event where Trump is speaking or appearing.
    As a proud gun-owning American woman and mother, I cannot in any way, justify supporting a man who advocates – and jokes about – sexual harassment of women, attempts to remove my rights and those of my daughter, to govern our own bodies (imagine if he tried to create laws that told men what they could and couldn’t do with *their* own bodies), is de-funding Meals on Wheels (to feed the elderly), the EPA, the NEA, NASA, and Planned Parenthood (which does NOT use federal money to fund abortions — but, it does help women who can’t afford mammograms).
    In addition to the above facts, he has spent well over $21 MILLION DOLLARS of our taxpayer money in less than 8 weeks, for Secret Service protection while he vacations and spends his weekends playing golf at his private resort in Florida. This is UNACCEPTABLE!
    If we add up the cost of Secret Service to protect his wife who is living in New York, which is estimated from between $150,000 – $300,000 PER DAY, it comes to $ SEVENTEEN MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, which will be payed for by me and your readers.
    Now, I don’t know what the financial demographic of most Shooters Log readers is, but I’d venture to say most of our salaries don’t approach what it costs to pay for even ONE DAY of Melania Trumps security detail.
    So, NO, the only thing I’ll be attending that involves Donald Trump, will be protests, to make sure that he does not attempt to take away anymore of my rights as a woman and a US citizen.

    1. I’m a bit curious….. Did you complain about this when Obama was in office? Did you forget our national debt more than doubled in 8 years? Did you forget Obama as a whole spent much more than this every time he took a trip most places. I could go on, but I won’t waste anymore of my time. Have a good day!

    2. So you are saying Obama spent more than Trump every time he went on vacation? That seems odd.

    3. lt appears Laura is a bit misinformed. Apparently she spends much time watching the alphabet news channels. First off, he isn’t ‘removing’ your or any other woman’s rights. He is simply giving the choice back to the individual state where it belongs. Remember he said ‘Less government in our daily lives the better” Or do you prefer the government telling you what you can and cant do? And as far as your SS money numbers, they are inflated as well. Do you really believe that the government went out and in less than 100 days hired scores of new SS agents just for President Trump? No, they did not. These are agents who are already on payroll and would be getting paid whether providing security detail for the first family or for a average Joe WH staff. Try listening/watching a new source of information, you just may learn something

    4. Laura were you supportive of Bill or Hillary? Did you take offense about his habitual sexual abuse of women? Did you join any protests against Hillary during her campaign?
      If so I applaud your consistency..
      If not then sit down and keep quiet while the adults are talking.

    5. So we can only listen to people we know are consistent. And you’re saying this in DEFENSE of Donald Trump? Are you serious?

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