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New Budget Proposes Almost $1.5 Billion to Protect You from Gun Violence

Gun Purchase Background Check

President Obama wants to protect you from gun violence.

Just reading that, you know this cannot be good. In his latest budget request, Obama requested $1.1 billion for gun control and “to protect Americans from gun violence.” But the assault on our Second Amendment rights will not stop there. Adding fuel to the gun control fire, the Department of Justice (DOJ) asked for an additional 382.1 million for gun control.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama and introduce “Now is the Time” gun safety initiative. Will they get it?

A closer examination of the DOJ’s budget request shows an allotment for $2 million to be doled out for smart gun technology grants. Of the $1.1 billion, The Washington Beacon has reported that $182 million is earmarked for the President’s ‘Now is the Time’ gun safety initiative.” introduces ‘Now is the Time’ using every recent firearm related tragedy including Newtown, Aurora and U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. All have been linked to mentally ill shooters. If the White House was serious about protecting our children, it would have requested the money for mental health not gun control. However, there are few political points to be scored by combating mental health.

Behind the White House’s efforts is Bruce Reed, Obama’s chief of staff. Reed served during the Clinton administration as a domestic policy advisor. He was also instrumental in working with the senator Joe Biden to draft and pass the Crime Bill of 1994—more commonly referred to as the Assault Weapons Ban.

According to, ‘Now is the Time’ seeks to include all of the following:

  1. Require background checks for all gun sales.
  2. Strengthen the background check system for gun sales.
  3. Pass a new, stronger ban on assault weapons.
  4. Limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.
  5. Finish the job of getting armor-piercing bullets off the streets
  6. Give law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime
  7. End the freeze on gun violence research
  8. Make our schools safer with new resource officers and counselors, better emergency response plans, and more nurturing school climates.
  9. Ensure quality coverage of mental health treatment, particularly for young people.

Let’s take a look at the goals one at a time.

Require Background Checks for All Gun Sales

Gun Purchase Background Check
Background checks for all gun purchases.

This has been a hot topic around many gun circles. It closes the so-called gun show loophole. In reality, what it does is prevents the transfer of firearms between private parties. To be clear, it is already illegal for me—as a private person—to sell a firearm to a person who could not otherwise own it. However, the onus is on me to ensure the buyer may legally own the weapon. The antis have blown this way out of proportion by using rhetoric that dubs shows “Illegal Arms Bazaars.” This is another case of trying to make something already illegal…more illegal?

Strengthen the Background Check System for Gun Sales

Of course, all of the mass shooting the antis hold out as the impetus for their gun control legislation has been linked to legal sales of firearms. In the case of Newtown, the weapons were not properly secured. The others purchased their weapons legally. As usual, this will only affect the law abiding citizens and not he criminals.

Pass A New, Stronger Ban on Assault Weapons

Because this is a great use of our tax dollars—not! The crime rates have plummeted since the expiration of the first Assault Weapons Ban (almost 20 percent) while gun ownership of the very weapons they seek to ban had skyrocketed. As for the whole scare tactic of referring to modern sporting rifles (MSRs) as assault weapons, that has been covered ad naseum. They have learned from the past or simply have not cared.

Limit Ammunition Magazines to 10 Rounds

TAPCO Gen 2 Mini-14 Full Mag
Standard capacity magazines would be limited to 10 rounds under ‘Now is the Time.’

Jerry Miculek can accurately shoot 18 rounds from revolver (including two reloads) in under 12 seconds or something like that. Sure, Jerry is a wonderful freak of nature and a pleasure to watch, but it does not take a trained shooter to swap a 10-round magazine. At best, you would slow the psychopath by a couple of seconds—hardly a measure that would keep our children safe. In reality, do they think a person bent on committing mass murder would really worry about how many rounds he or she was legally allowed to have in the mag?

Finish the Job of Getting Armor-piercing Bullets Off the Streets

Look at the FBI’s own stats. Long guns account for about 3% of murders. The standard rounds from most rifles will already defeat body armor. Armor Piercing or AP rounds are typically military surplus steel core ammo from abroad. This is little more than a veiled attempt to reduce ammo imports of military surplus for certain popular calibers such as 7.62×39 and 7.62×54. This would do nothing for safety. Instead, it would reduce supply for plinking and increase prices.

Give Law Enforcement Additional Tools to Prevent and Prosecute Gun Crime

This could be legit. As with most items on the gun control agenda’s list, the devil is in the details. I could see some support for additional resources to solve cold crimes involving firearms or something along those lines. However, I strongly suspect this money would more likely be used to kick in doors in an attempt to enforce the draconian laws of Connecticut’s registration restrictions and magazine bans than true gun crime.

End the Freeze on Gun Violence Research

There isn’t now, and never was, a freeze on gun violence research. The congress may have squashed the antis government supported slush fund, but anyone is free to research it. However, without dangling the carrot of government-backed research, how will they ever get the skewed numbers they seek?

Make our Schools Safer with New Resource Officers, Counselors…

Somehow, I do not think the White House is getting on board with the NRA’s “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun campaign.” If that was the case, I could get behind this one.

Ensure Quality Coverage of Mental Health Treatment

We can only hope the majority of the funds would be directed here. After all, we do not need more gun laws and murder is already the highest crime in the nation. Another law will not deter a bad guy and the mentally ill are not focused on whether or not their actions are within the letter of the law. The majority of mass shooters commit suicide when law enforcement arrives. They have no plans of being adjudicated. I will reserve judgment on this one until I see further details, but we can hope…

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Comments (32)

  1. As a “reformed democrat” I’m tired of the BS this administration is putting out. They’ve been an embarrassment that I can no longer defend. And I’ve survived some pretty bad administrations but they haven’t all been democrats. With half the country drinking the poison lemon aide that these clowns are putting out I’ve come to the conclusion that we have to make sure that they’re unemployed on the next election cycle. But who do we vote for? We only have two viable parties in this country and that puts us between a hard place and a rock.

    The last couple of times the republican’s front runners were almost laughable. I could have voted for the senator from Arizona but the bubble headed beauty queen that would have been a heart beat away from the oval office who could see Russia ninety miles away from her porch in Alaska was too much of a reach.

    Then you backed it up with the guy who wears magic underwear who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and made his living cannibalizing companies with his rich friends and ruining hard working peoples lives.

    I have no attraction to the republican party that used to stand for reason but was taken over by the religious right who believe that the world is five thousand years old because some charlatan on a pulpit told them so. Don’t confuse them with the facts should be their motto. And I guess I might as well finish by pissing everybody else off because I do believe in the separation of church and state and a woman’s right to choose.

    So Happy Easter and where do we go from here? Hank

  2. You know, tomorrow is ‘tax day’. So today, I had to write a HUGE check to the IRS to go along with the obscene amount of money they already took from me in the form of withholding. When I see numbers like these, $1.1 BILLION for gun, it’s nice to see the President, et al. spending my hard earned money with such care (/sarcasm). When they ask me to give them tens of thousands of dollars each year to ‘help with the deficit’, then they turn around and burn billions on BS programs, my rear end starts feeling REALLY sore!!!!

  3. Even if the technology works. The question is will the government force all guns manufactured after a specific date have this technology? If so then the government is treating the gun industry like the car industry. The price of a car is not what it is because of the cost of production, but because of all the safety and electronics they now have.

    If people don’t start now to limit the smart gun technology then it is only a matter of time that your gun is like your phone. At some point the smart gun will have GPS and data link recording of when it was used and where it was used. Do you want that?

    1. Very well stated frantz. Another thing to keep in mind is the possibility of a future EMP attack by terrorists or worse, our own govt. If your gun is electronic then it wouldn’t help when you needed it most.

  4. At least our congress is starting to see the sham of a president (yes with a lower case p) and voted his budget down 413-2

    1. Ok, so once again I see the same dysfunctional nonsense in this group of posts as we have in our federal Congress… With a few exceptions most of you are knotheads that really should not express your opinions as they really do nothing to solve the problems. As I tell my son, stupid opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one and without exception they pretty much all stink! Pack your petty ass crap up and move on.

      Instead of your bloviating about how bad our government (government we the people choose) is, do something constructive, stop listening to the political bloggers and pundits and contact your representatives at the local, state and federal levels and push them to address the TRUE underlying problems common to all of the violence in our society…. Education/poverty/drug abuse/and lack of mental health outreach, and I am not talking about criminalization we already have that. These four things are the common thread in all the issues related to violence and is not limited to mental health, and until we stop the denigration of those that do not share our opinions and start listening we will continue the current stupidity.

      And to be clear, there is nothing wrong with background checks…
      Magazine limits will not change the outcomes by any appreciable %…
      While more convenient, semi-auto’s are no more deadly than revolvers and pump shotguns…
      Availability of access to tax supported mental health is paramount to interdiction…
      True community supported education through undergraduate college will impact poverty…
      We need to stop spending a trillion $’s/year on military related spending (i.e. Homeland Security/Pentagon) and return to a citizen army as we had before WW2 and to stop being and funding the “World Police” for everyone else out of our own pocket. Time to take care of our own.
      And finally, you want to gork yourself out on drugs fine, require posting an insurance bond as part and parcel of your use, and get your legalized drugs from a licensed pharmacy where you can get the info on what you are using and how it will eventually kill you. Stop putting these people in prison for “Crimes against the Self”.


  5. Ok, let’s play devils advocate. Snap your fingers, guns disappear. Research your news lately, a knife in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage, and it sounded like the kid didn’t even know what he was doing with it. Think if he had skill

  6. Please don’t get me started. Now a days it’s hard to admit that I’m a ‘reformed democrat,’ but things have changed dramatically in this country. I can no longer tolerate the gimme gimme direction of the democratic party took to which I was born and bred, but I also can’t stomach the last couple of looneytoones candidates the republicans proposed. They’re all nuts and there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable middle ground anymore. I feel like a bastard child with measles at a family reunion.

    I work with a bunch of over educated teachers who know nothing about firearms, don’t want to learn, and are afraid of them. And they’re leading our youth.

    I’ve always tried to consider myself to be a responsible gun owner but they seem to be hell bent on making me an outlaw. The Marine Corps taught me to shoot in the sixties, I hunted in the seventies and then I got rid of my arsenal when my kids got to be teenagers. We were city dwellers and there was an accidental shooting a few doors down the street and it seemed like the wisest thing to do at the time, Sadly, I’d always enjoyed target shooting and I’m afraid I don’t trust the cops anymore to do their job. That’s what got me back into the shooting sports and thinking of home defense.

    If the gun grabbers have their way all I’ll have left in my safe is a 12 gage pump and a revolver. Everything else I own is semiautomatic and will be declared illegal. what ever happened to, “No exposed facto laws?”

    I honestly don’t have a problem with them checking into me when I buy a firearm if it keeps some lunatic or criminal from legally getting one. All my magazines hold anywhere from four to ten rounds. With my arthritic fingers I only wish the ones that hold four held ten. But most of them are worthless now anyway because without ammunition all I can do is use them as a club since they don’t have bayonet lugs.

    Our local range instructor convinced me to get into reloading and now I have a bout 2,000 rounds cleaned, sized and primed. I have bullets but no powder. Not the right powder anyway. I have too much respect for the quality of my firearms to use some of the crap people are using in desperation. .

    My wife recently asked me what I would do if they came for our guns and the first thing that came to mind was what Charelton Heston said, “They can take them from my cold dead hands.” I never thought that could happen but now I’m not so sure. Hank

  7. It makes no difference how many laws are passed, whether or not they apply to mentally-ill perps who spray classrooms with gunfire, or to gang-bangers who decide to shoot it out with each other, possibly taking some innocent bystanders out in the process.

    If some nutcase or gangster wants to acquire an “assault rifle” or semi-auto pistol, and he is hell-bent on using it to kill people, no amount of laws will stop him. When Adam Lanza decided to take out 26 kids at Sandy Hook school, there were umpteen laws against his outrageous act, yet that didn’t stop him.

    More “laws” will be no better than the laws already on the books and will do nothing except punish law-abiding gun owners who comprise over 99% of gun owners. As for “helping” the mentally ill, psychiatrists’ hands are tied in that they can hold what are deemed “violent” patients for only so long, after which they are allowed to roam the streets with minimal or no post-treatment help. Some of these nuts should be kept in mental health facilities indefinitely, but the ACLU and other do-good organizations have fought for the “rights” of the mentally ill, creating an atmosphere of wheel-spinning in the arena of trying to prevent the mentally ill from creating future Sandy Hook incidents.

    Ten-round magazines won’t solve the problem. As for gang bangers, public hanging might put a dent into their use of guns during their crimes…regardless of whether it be armed robbery, aggravated assault, murder, rape, etc., but again, the ACLU and our liberal attitude toward death sentences won’t allow it, so again, we are stuck with a society that still refuses to get serious with the bad guys.

    “Use a gun in a crime: go to jail” should be changed to “Use a gun in a crime: go to the gallows.”

  8. He has to get rid of firearms and the freedom to protect your family before he can piss our country away .obama has no love for AMERICA or its citizens, and he completely disrespects our constitution.Im proud to say I LOVE AMERICA…AND OUR RIGHTS! Obama is a disgrace to our nation. We better learn to speak Chinese if he stays in office. Just my opinion and constitutional right to speak it.

  9. What the liberal media and liberal politicans for banning guns do not tell the public is this. In every location where conealed carry permits has been leglized, violent crime hs decreased. Whee would the gov. be if we needed protection. Ha!

  10. Well, I prefer not to seem so narrow minded. Gus are dangerous in the wrong hands. The problem is – how to prevent getting guns into the wrong hands, and at the same time, preserve our rights.

    The government, like all other political entities throws good cash at changing appearances without fixing the problem.

    This is a complex problem that requires a complex and tested solution. Do you recall the healthcare bungle where Obama stated that all parts of the plan were not thoroughly tested? Well it is the same with gun control. Bans on certain weapons and magazines and types of ammunition will not stop the violence. It just appears to be a step in the right direction for those who are ignorant to the cause of gun violence.

    One of many proper steps would be to look at the history and mental stability of those purchasing guns the moment they apply. Personally I do not believe your average home owners really need AK47 rifles or UZI’s, but that is just me. I do like collecting cool things if I have the cash.

    Methods today are archaic and don’t have much merit with todays violence.

    By the way – the statement about arming everyone is just stupid. Equally stupid is banning everything. There has to be an acceptable middle ground.

    1. First, there is no way that an instant check can determine your or my psychiatric or mental health, since there are no records of such evaluations for us or most of the Amertican public. So that won’t work. Second, it wouldn’t be pracitical, since one’s mental health might change, due to numerous factors. You would have to have a mental evaluation once a month to make that work, and even then it wouldn’t catch some people.
      Second, the police aren’t able to protect anyone. For them to be able to protect my family, one would have to be stationed outside my house, or accompany my wife and me everywhere we go. Nor are they required to protect us. Their job is to catch the criminal after he commits the crime. Rarely do they get to stop a crime. The 911 response time is about 15 minutes at best. By the time they get to the scene, the crime is commited, and all they can do is try to catch the perpertrater. The safety the police provide is an illusion. Watch a riot sometime, and see how well the police stop it.
      As to why we have a 2nd amendment, let me refer you to the Federalist Papers. They explain what the amendment is for, and it isn’t protection from criminals, although carrying a firearm does help do that. Admiral Yamamoto, of WWII, who went to Harvard, and spent several years in the US before the war, stated that the Japanese war machine could defeat the US Army on US soil at the beginning of WWII. But they couldn’t defeat the civilians, who would have been behind every rock and tree. I am a retired US Army Infantry soldier, and he was right. Look at the size of our pre-wwII army. It was the smallest army of any international power in the world, and the worst equipped. The deterrence to invasion was the armed civilians. This was also true for Communist Russia, according to Nikkita Cruchev, who stated the same thing in the ’50’s.
      Finally, if you are in a restaurant and someone walks in with a pistol or a shotgun to shoot everyone in the place, which would you rather do? Wait for the police and hope they get there in time, or have someone like me that shoots combat master with a handgun and has trained stop him in around 2 to 5 seconds? If the police aren’t there in 30 seconds, you’re going to be pretty much out of luck. Rember the response time.

  11. I’m a dem, but I don’t support any of the knee-jerk gun control crap going on right now. I want you all to keep in mind that conservatives aren’t the only ones who own guns. I find it interesting that one commenter here wonders where the money will come from….did you also wonder where the three trillion dollars for the Iraq invasion was going to come from? And then I see the word “communist.” I seem to remember a whole boatload of conservatives who were more than ready to give away their freedoms for security back in the days of GW. I fought that back then, and I fight this assault today. What you are seeing is an example of what I’ve been saying for years…a rag tag group of terrorists can not take away your freedom; you can give it away and your government can take it from you, though. That is what this gun control fiasco is…it’s people who don’t care about their 2nd amendment rights and are willing to give them away, and the current administration is more than willing to take it away. Just imagine…GW’s ill-named “Patriot Act” combined with some hair brained gun control act. Both sides need to get their heads screwed on straight from what I see…

    1. Actually, he’s not. I voted for George, and still would, but the Patriot Act was a poorly conceived law, which does infrenge on our rights and our privacy. I’m retired military, us army infantry, to be exact, and have been on the sharp end of the stick, and am currently in Afghanistan, have paid my dies, and have the scars to prove it, which may or may not be more than either of you can say, but I know several people who are liberal on some issues, who are not at all liberal on the second amendment. This gentleman seems to be one of those. Also, the best way to support a freedom is to exercise it. If he is a gunowner, he is by definition a gun rights supporter. Just remember, gun control is being able to hit your target. Sight picture, alignment, proper trigger control, and breath control give you control over your gun. And you should control several.

    2. Freethinker great comment, and the thought of the patriots act and some of these new gun control laws is terrifying. i think it will spell the start of the second american revolution. having seen modern civil war first hand, it is not something we want in this country now or ever, but if pushed to far we will fight.

      your point about how we are losing our freedoms is valid and spot on accurate and should be taken to heart by every american out there. unfortunately most will not heed your wisdom. but rather attack you for it.

      where you and i disagree is that i do not personally believe either side has their heads screwed on backwards. just the opposite actually is my beliefs on the topic. when you look at the current situation you can not help but ponder the possibility that what is being done by BOTH PARTIES is intentional and planned. that is why nothing changes, in 2008 i voted for Obama, (im and independent), his promise to reverse Bush’s unconstitutional acts, orders, and directives as well as his background in Constitutional law made him seem like the ideal president. but in retrospect, he has to date only renewed, expanded and made permanent those very acts, patriots, military commissions, and John Werner defense acts. looking at all that i can only believe that the Democrats and Republicans are two heads of the same hydra and nothing more.

  12. the NRA’s “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun campaign.” is the only way to make our cities and streets safer. If every responsible American was armed there wouldn’t be school violence or drive by’s. The perpetrator would pull out his weapon, maybe get a shot off, then be mowed down by several people. In all the ‘school shootings’ if the teachers, staff or even a janitor was armed, then do you think the death tolls would of been so high? We shouldn’t need a cop in the schools to protect our children, that’s what the school staff is, or used to be, paid for.

  13. My question is simpler, “Who is going to protect me and my family from those who seek to “protect” us from “those evil guns”. Thanks, Barak and cronies, I think I can protect myself and my own better than you can.

  14. Gun control has never been about crime, it’s about control. The government wants to control every aspect of your lives, including your security. They want everyone to truly believe that they need the government to survive, that they must rely on them to live happy lives. Don’t give in people, vote against any politician that supports any gun control laws, Dem or Rep. 3% of Colonials stood up against the mightiest empire on earth in 1776. You are not powerless.

  15. “Make schools safer with New Resource Officers, Counselors” ? What is a resource officer? How will an unarmed counselor make a difference? Here in Texas, most school districts utilize off duty Peace Officers to work inside their schools or have their own PD’s and it has been working great! I am a retired Texas Peace Officer and have worked many schools over the years and have found that the students are your best source of intelligence and will come to you willingly when dangers are present.

    1. A Resource Officer is an officer from the local PD…although often one they can spare from community enforcement if you get my drift.

  16. These funds must not be granted! This taxpayer money will be channeled into the DNC to elect prog libs to further erode America and enable the socialist/marxist agenda.

  17. The government is only trying to do to us like they do to other countries. They want to disarm us down to only being able to eventually buy airsoft guns so they are the extreme super power and to eventually be un untouchable so no one can argue there controlling decision making! Wake up America and open your eyes all you anti gun protesters because eventually you will need a gun or weapon in your hand to protect your family!!

  18. This $1.5 billion came from where? Oh yeah, the erosion of our military
    forces we need to protect this country. By golly, if they can’t have tanks,
    artillery and other weaponry, then of course you need to spend the
    surplus on disarming the entire nation. Are we really that close to a

  19. Every one of those anti gun nuts should be required to spend 1 night on the streets of south side chicago then open their idiot mouths.

  20. This is just another paranoid communist tactic to control the country. We the People will NEVER surrender our weapons. Mandating background checks for everypurchase will only create an enormous black market and add more criminality to our society. Congress has better things to allow this corrupt and seditious so-called “admiinistration” to waste our tax dollars on.

    1. I just hope that the politicians running for office will remember what happened the last time draconian gun control measures were passed. Democrats (primarily), that backed the for now dead magazine capacity laws were run out of Washington in droves. If they think, after the massive increase in gun sales since their last attempts at passing anti firearm laws that were eventually overturned, that the American voting public has changed their attitude concerning their Second Amendment Rights, they are even more stupid and short sighted than their actions as Congressmen currently indicates..
      If the Democrats are dead set on overseeing the complete demise of their party, then let them go ahead and attempt to pass anti gun bills.
      The crimes are being committed by people with Mental Health issues. If any action needs to be taken it should be to fund the care for the mentally ill and to some degree open the books of the violent mentally ill people to keep firearms out of their hands and leave our Second Amendment Rights intact for the vast majority of the citizenry.
      Obama seemingly is always seeking more billions that the country doesn’t have toward manufacturing laws that will have no effect on the crime rates. EVERY state with strict anti gun laws has incredibly high rates of crime. An armed citizenry has proven to be a much safer citizenry. But Obama always seems to ignore the facts and pursue the lies and fabrications of his special interest contributors. If his party follows him on this they will drop like flies in election after election.
      The people and even the street cop all agree that firearms in the hands of the law abiding citizen is a great deterrent to crime and every true statistic validates this fact.

    2. Tell it like it is. Take all of of our gun and the bad people will still have them and use them too kill and steal from everyone else that can’t pay to have private guards to protect us. The regular police can’t be every where and t he jails still let criminals out too kill, rape and rob again. So leave the guns with the people who will defend them selves and others that can’t !! Or will not do it them selves.

  21. There is no such a thing as “Gun Violence”. It is People Violence. Would you call a incident of a person run over by a drunk driver, “Car Violence”? Of course not. No gun every picked itself up, loaded itself, aimed itself and fired itself. Calling it gun violence deflects the reponsibility from where it belongs, the person who is enaged in criminal and illegal behavior. Until we recognize that fact we won’t be able to address the problem.

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