President Obama: Okay to ‘Politicize’ Oregon Shootings

Barack Obama

Within moments of police confirmation that a violent criminal, Chris Harper-Mercer, had murdered students at a Roseburg, Oregon community college, President Obama said on Oct. 1 the shootings should be “politicized.” In a statement delivered by the president on the “Shootings at Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, Oregon,” held in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room at 6:22 p.m. EDT, President Obama said, “Well, this is something we should politicize. It is relevant to our common life together, to the body politic.” Obama also said in those remarks following the shooting that the only way to halt “gun violence” was for voters to choose politicians in 2016 who would vote to disarm citizens: He said, “And it will require that the American people, individually, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican or an independent, when you decide to vote for somebody, are making a determination as to whether this cause of continuing death for innocent people should be a relevant factor in your decision. If you think this is a problem, then you should expect your elected officials to reflect your views.” Obama also suggested that gun owners revolt against the “organization” that claims to represent them—a clear reference to the National Rifle Association, though he didn’t name it.

He said, “And I would particularly ask America’s gun owners—who are using those guns properly, safely, to hunt, for sport, for protecting their families—to think about whether your views are properly being represented by the organization that suggests it’s speaking for you.” The president also said the United States should emulate other countries’ responses to mass murder, in particular, Australia, whose ban and confiscation of privately owned firearms he has mentioned before as a model he would like to follow: He said, “We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours, allies of ours—Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it.” Click here to read the president’s full remarks, or watch the accompanying video to see what the president said.

What do you think of the president’s statement?


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  1. Dan Ham: Not sure what you are talking about in your rebuttal to Sharia Law, claiming that Christians are forcing you to do anything. Maybe you had parents that made you go to church, which parents are supposed to raise their children, but then life choices are up to you. Sounds like you have some problems with life choices? You comment, that coming to the Christ has to be ones own choice, Amen. Anyone who is not choosing that path, has chose another and have rejected the free gift of God. But I’m confused at how, in our Liberal and Progressive (evil) society you feel that you are forced to be “Christian”? Sounds like you live in a different world than I?

  2. Milkman I am not in Afghanistan. There are only 16 states that have banned Sharia Law. Fortunate for you Texas is one of those states. At least I don’t my head buried in the sand. You sound like one of those who argue for the sake of the argument.

  3. The joke is anyone thinking the police can protect us.
    The only time I have call 911 (I live in the country), it took 30 minutes for a sheriff’s deputy to show up. Had the situation developed, it would have been over before the law got here.
    The average response time of the police is 23 minutes, the average response time of my .45 is 1150 fps. And it is dependable and always at my side.
    To politicize these tragedies is an abomination of the presidency, but then again his whole presidency is an abomination.

    1. Totally agree, and this BS thinking that restricting, banning, pricing out of reach of many, all attacking the legal law abiding gun owner is BS. But, this is a political season. I am hoping that if by some chance a Republican wins the white house, and republicans keep control of the house, as the fear of gun control drops, so will the prices of guns and ammo. However, I wont hold my breath for prices to come back down to earth. Im sure the huge profits will keep companies marketing with fear mongering.

  4. Yes I did have a gun taken from me by the government. One which I purchased 100% by the letter of the law but which was later declared not legal. It was a street sweeper. Now there are shotguns which are very similar and are legal again, The BATFE has too much power!

  5. Well Milkman there really is no peace anywhere on the planet. By the way I do not watch or listen to programs so stated. Really do not consider myself to be a bigot. I just live in a real world were real things happen, good and bad. There is one thing I feel pretty positive about is that liberals could not survive Sharia Law. A law and a religion that is very dogmatic. You either do or don’t under it, if you don’t you suffer the punishment no matter how severe it is. By the way Islamic faith is real conservative on their view points.You can live in your world and your perception, as far as I am concerned.

    1. Where do you live Joe, Afghanistan ..?? I live in Spring , TX there is no Sharia Law anywhere near here in my world or anyone else’s for that matter..

    2. we never have to worry about Sharia Law in this country. We have something much better. Christian Law. Forcing everyone, even if they dont want to, to follow Christian dogma. Sharia law does not scare many, as it has not chance of ever succeeding. Its what we have is what is scaring many. And just for the record, Im a born and raised Christian and have no problem with peoples personal religion. Its when they want to force everyone to abide by their believes. Jesus said you must come willingly into the flock.One must want to be baptized and willingly accept Jesus as their savor. Not forced to do it.

    3. I’ve been a Christian all my life too and I have never seen anyone trying to force Christianity. Of course perhaps you feel that people following their faith instead of government is forcing religion.

    4. Exactly Dam Ham , you are the only person here to respond to me w/ cordiality and civility… thank you ,, and thank you for pointing out the obvious that no else here wants to admit . “We Never have to worry about Sharia law in this country”..! It never has a chance of succeeding … Now if we could get everyone to stop Spazzing out about Moslem’s and other minorities, and regurgitating Fox news fear-mongering rhetoric …

    5. Dam Ham your approach is a positive one, but many states and cities have excepted it. Currently there are only16 states banning the use of it. Sharia law does not scare me, but it is based on the Qur’an. Suggest you read Sharia law Chapter 5, The Kafir. Kafir is for non believers of Islam and includes Christians. You may have to deal with it in certain areas of the United States. It is a law favored by Obama and recommended by him.

  6. Look America here’s a Clinton era no child left behind scholar who thinks that the Government and Police can protect us all. I listen to some of the men you mention and not one of them have mentioned any English words about having the equipment your talking about. An AR-15 sold to all U.S. citizens is not an assault rifle. Think about this now how many military countries would give their military personnel a semi automatic? I am a combat Veteran and my weapon was fully auto and so was all the other countries I have served with. I have set a rifle on a bench for six months now with the ammo beside it with a camera recording this rifle waiting to see if this lazy rifle will ever load itself and start shooting at me. Guess what folks this peace of sh^% gun will not load itself or even move, THIS DAMN THING IS SO LAZY. You keep listening to Hillary who should have been in prison since the 90″s and Obama and waiting on him to save you from thugs who are looking for sheep such as yourself who is afraid of a gun to protect themselves. I’m tired of these dumb ass people who think the government will fix everything.

    1. Robert: You and I must have acquired our rifle from the same place. Mine is just as lazy as yours. In the many years I have owned it and others, never once did it open the safe door and load itself, much less shoot at me or anyone else. I am just curious though where in God’s name does Obamass think he is going to get the manpower to take our guns? The Military? Local Law Enforcement? Every active duty uniform I talk to (Military and LEO) advises they will not confiscate legally owned firearms. Makes sense to me. This just confirms my beliefs that our Grand Poo Bah is Delusional.

    2. Ya these lazy pieces of crap just sit there like they are stoned on pot or something never moving but to be serious for a moment this POS er, um I mean POTUS is exploiting these tragedies to try to further his anti gun agenda by attempting to brainwash the American people that guns are evil when the only evil we have concerning the issue is corrupt government officials trying to disarm us. if this liar Obummer really wants safe schools where crazies and religious zealot terrorist cowards will steer clear from is to get rid of the gun free zones and properly train and arm the teachers. instead of banning guns in schools the school leadership in public schools and student body on college campuses should be empowered to be able to defend themselves against these senseless attacks.

      it is totally laughable to even entertain the notion that our government or any law enforcement agency has the ability to protect its citizens from violent crimes and keep them out of harms way is simply naive wishful thinking the only sure thing federal government and local law enforcement agencies can actually do is investigate the crime after the fact and zip up the body bags of the innocent dead in the aftermath of these kind of crimes. Not only is it we the people inalienable right to protect ourselves and loved ones but is also our duty and responsibility to keep our selves, loved ones and communities safe from violent predators yet our elected leaders are doing everything in their power to prohibit us from our rights and responsibilities while empowering the criminals by making us easier prey.

      it is beyond my ability to understand how these idiot politicians think criminals obey gun laws maybe some one can explain it to me.

  7. Exploiting this nation’s tragic events for the sake of advancing one’s political agenda is nothing short of disgusting and disgraceful. The anti-gun lobby has exploited every such tragedy for years, convincing the survivors and families of victims that evil people would not have committed these heinous acts if this country simply abolished the second ammendment. Isn’t it ironic that all of the mass shootings taking place over the last 15 years or so, ocurred in “gun-free zones”?! I highly doubt that hiding behind stickers on a window, oppressive legislation and highly-flawed logic will keep Americans safe from violent or mentally deranged criminals.
    Anyone who seriously believes that hiding behind a sticker and disarming law-abiding citizens, will keep them safe from violence, must be suffering from delusional fantasies. This country’s “leaders” have collectively failed the public by perpetuating these fantasies and pursuing their egotistical political goals instead of uniting and empowering Americans to stand together against violent criminals. WE are our own best deterrent. Criminals are opportunists and predators. They don’t typically strike “hardened” targets, so why is our government so eager to offer them more and more “soft” targets?! How much more blood do we need to shed at the altar of politicians’ special interests?! Bottom line is, law-abiding Americans will always stand up for each other and what is right. The Bill of Rights is non-negotiable and this nation is not like other nations! Our rights and freedoms were paid in blood and sacrifice. If we sell out to the psychobabble manipulation and rhetoric the career politicians want us to believe, we will truly have shamed ourselves and over 250 years’ worth of sacrifice our forefathers (and mothers) made to preserve the integrity of this nation and the freedom it proclaims.

    1. Truth my friend. But its a fact that politicizing a tragedy is something politicians, lobbyist, and extremist organizations do. And often. Look what happened after 911, Homeland security, Patriot act, attacking Iraq who had nothing to do with 911, The Reagan shootings brought us the Brady Bill and more.. There are many other examples of tragedies that politicians from both parties used to remove freedoms, create restrictions, and make the American people more subservient to the powers of the government over the years. Lets hope this time, there are enough of the 80% gun owning Republican voters, and 34% of the gun owning Democratic voters, to work united for once and not allow this BS to pass. But I’m a dreamer I know. The right and left would not work together, even if it could stop stupid gun laws from being passed. and both sides would blame each other for it

  8. Look, those that support the Progressive mission will never, never debate on fact and data, nor law, because it apposes them. The simple truth is you have to vote in those that commit to conservative, constitutional values, vote them out if they don’t hold to it, and arm yourselves. Just think how easy it will be with the Progressives trying to take this country by force; what they are going to throw there “to-to” at us? The “Kool-aide Drinkers” are obvious, don’t waste your breath on them, all they will do is name call and mis-direct.

  9. Hi Jake D, I read your comment and I 100% agree with you but don’t waste your time on people who made up their mind, it will take a miracle for these people to open their eyes. You know what I call these CORRUPT POLITICIANS – “HIGH PAID ERROGANT FOOLS” the money comes from the citizens, the decisions they stupidly make is influence by their moral values – their own selfish interest, which is being an “ERROGANT FOOL DECISIONS”, if ANYONE will challenge me on my comment, THINK AGAIN BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH!. Just looked at the condition of this world – we are all contained in it and we are destroying it for sure, because of our STUPIDITY.

    1. Marcelino I agree. I should just ignore theses people but it’s hard to. Stupidity pisses me off.We are never going to change these people and I wonder if it is worth trying anymore.

  10. Hi Caleb, obama and his administration, will continue to mislead the nation about GUN CONTROL, because the truth behind the lie is to disarmed citizens so they are defenseless against a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT, WHO WANTS TO SLAVE IT CITIZENS. We have become so evil, look at the condition of this world, and we have existing laws that punishes criminals and uses guns to commit crime and it is OUR FAULT for voting for these CORRUPT POLICIANS IN OFFICE. Criminals is not deter by laws, It’s like AIDS people will have sex even they know the risk. The problem is that people are not able to defend themselves, some people would rather have someone defend them. Criminals target places and people that they know that can’t defend themselves or there is no security measures in place. The so called department of education is not honestly educated themselves of protecting our students and their personnel and obama and his administration is to blame and not the lie they spreading. Thank you for reading and hope you agree and share it.

  11. I once saw a poster of a prairie covered with tall grass and below it was a quote from Admiral Yamamoto. And I paraphrase: I would never dream of invading America, behind every blade of grass is a gun. That is peace through strength, long live the right to bear arms.

  12. ….And another racist idiot speaks. Where’s your evidence? How does BO’ tenure as POTUS stack up against G.W. Bush? (Also claimed by many to be the worst President this Country has ever had)…Lets see, G.W. 9/11, lied to get the Country into 2 illegal and unjustified Wars. Blew it with the Russians repeatedly. Oversaw the worst Economical downturn since the Great Depression…

    Obama…. Nobel Peace Prize…Captured Bin Laden. Implemented a Nationalized Health Care System..Iran Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty….Dismantled a major Radical Islamic Faction. Got the Country out of Iraq..(the illegal War Baby Bush started)…

    How’s that stack up Genius?

    1. You may want to cut back on the Kool-Aid and MSNBC combo. Bush was no prize my any means but you may want to check and see the list of Dorkocrats that supported the war. Obama did NOTHING to earn the Nobel. Oblahblah Care has cost most of us more money, he lied to the country repeatedly to get it implemented and he destroyed a system that covered 70% of the country to insure 30%. The Iran treaty is a disaster. The only thing he dismantled is the US military, pulling out of Iraq created ISIS and his killing of Bin Laden was based on Bush intel.
      Unemployment is now 17%, we owe more money than in any time in history, black unemployment is the highest in 50 years, he covered up Benghazi and Fast and Furious, he used the IRS illegally against republicans, he lies about support stats for gun control. He refuses to work with republicans and he promotes racism and division. This is only a small fraction of your presidents garbage.
      He is the worst thing ever to happen to America

    2. Obama never captured his d**k. A female and seal team six dumbass killed Bin Laytorest. Obama has spent more money than all Presidents together. Obama a national healthcare system that has now cost taxpayer more than 4 trillion dollars and is kicking people off daily and Doctors are making patients pay up front due to the fact that the government has spent all our money and can not pay these doctors visits. Iran nuclear deal. The US has had a policy for more than 200 years now that we do not make deals with terrorist but Obama has had dealings with the Islamic brotherhood another terrorist group. He also had dealings with acorn William Errors an arrested terrorist. The dismantling of a major Radical Islamic Faction I’m not sure of who you mean there but that would be because Obama is Islamic and has them at our white house.

  13. That might be the stupidest post on this entire blog….Get a Life. Get over yourself…Lay off the UFO Conspiracy Videos.. There is a vast difference between an unpopular POTUS and a Murdering Tyrant. Your hybolic BS adds nothing to the conversation and exposes just how stupid you really are. It also makes everyone else with skin in this game look bad. Stop being a Moron.

  14. There’s been another ___________ in America.

    a. traffic fatality
    b. shooting
    c. prescription side-effect death
    d. stabbing
    e. death by accident in the home
    f. drowning

  15. Why do you and the writer of the article have to use this crazy AHs name? I live about five minutes away from UCC. I went to school at UCC. My Sheriff refuaes to call this crazy anything but a 26 year old male. Please do not puplisize this shooters name. Let it drop from memery and remember the 18 victims. I also spent 29 years with DCSO. At the beginning of that time I worked security at UCC in a deputy uniform as a reserve deputy. When Obama came here and polluted our arispace there were many signs that said he was not welcome. There were many persons that were armed in that group. I am retired and work part time at the hospital and was there that Thursday night. Dealing with the national mediia is just so much fun.

  16. Hi Jake D, I’m not sure if I understood your comment to me about obama.
    I hate what Obama stands for and all the lies and his administration is doing. I strongly believed what the forefathers of this nation built to protect our freedom and corrupt politicians like obama (not capitalized because I have no respect for this person) are slowly destroying the foundation of this country. I strongly believed protecting the second amendment. What I’m saying is that, “obama and his administration “IS LYING USING GUN CONTROL TO BE THE ANSWER”. Law abiding citizens that follow gun control laws, KNOWS THE TRUTH ABOUT “GUN CONTROL”. I hope I made myself clear about my comments.

  17. Don’t all tyrants rise to power by standing on the bodies of dead citizens? No difference here, except he makes sure he’s not standing on the bodies of poor people where the body count is highest..

  18. I think everyone is missing the point on gun control. It is not about human safety mass shootings or the NRA. The reason politicians both left and right want to take our guns away is because they fear an armed America. They want to take our guns so they can shove their rules and regulations down our throats without the fear of an uprising. Remember the 2nd Amendment is about opposing the tyranny of a corrupt government. Countries like China (Mao) Germany(Hitler) and Russia(Stalin) all had a constitution but they had no right to bear arms. Mass shootings and gun violence is just a smoke screen for the anti-gunners and corrupt government. So my friends be brave stand your ground and do your research before you vote that is how we will keep the right to bear arms.

    1. Hi Randall, I agree with you, it is not about safety – it is about being able to defend yourself. Gun control is the lie that the Obama and his administration is slowly using to disarmed the law abiding citizens of this country, to make sure that the when the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT RUN AMOCK, the citizens can’t defend themselves.

    2. I agree, I wonder though mass shootings would drop if Obama quit pointing fingers, and instead move to make much, much stricter sentences on gun abusers a requirement. Crack down on gun abusers, and show people they get in huge grouble when they use a weapon for something. like that. I think awhile back in Richmond Virginia they did something similar, and crime that involved guns dropped dramatically. Also, instead of disarming the entire population (90% of whom are innocent responsible owners like you and I) and instead tried to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally insane. Insane folks I believe shouldn’t necessarily have a gun.

  19. Yeah. Go ahead and write the POTUS a letter. See how long it is before his SS or Justice Department comes to pay you a visit?

  20. Everyone is tired of hearing what I have to say about gun control and mass shootings. So I’ll just repeat what Chris Harper-Mercer, the Roseburg shooter, stated on his Facebook just before he made his attack. “No body will ever remember who you are in this world, but your name will go down in history if you kill somebody. The higher the body count the more famous you become.” I guess that says it all about “POLITICIZED”. The more the media reports all of these shootings, the more mentally ill people will make their mark in “HISTORY”.

  21. The president talks about mass shootings in our country but he doesn’t talk about mass bombings in other countrys or other ways of mass murder. It is all about Gun Control and Confication..

    1. dch.

      Obama, has been in Office in his Second Term for 1,004 Days and there have been 994 Mass Shooting’s Nation Wide. But in Chicago, is about 0.318 of 1% of National Total.

  22. The Liberal view seems to be that the solution is to impose the same conditions upon the rest of us that caused the victims in Roseburg to be defenseless.

  23. So how many of you have actually written your congressional representatives or even the President himself? You do know that’s possible?

    You all seem to express your views on these pages. Now take those thought and put them to good use and who knows it may even do you some good.

  24. I agree with Rich B this idiot should have been impeached a long time ago.Thank God for the NRA.They are one fighting for our second amendment rights.

  25. “continuing death for innocent people should be a relevant factor in your decision.” Obama.
    Was he talking about Planned Parenthood?
    Gun control has nothing to do with reducing violence. Criminals and thugs do not follow the letter of the law. Enforce the guns laws on the books. Why is the media silent on black on black crime? Don’t want to upset your voting block? Obama swore to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States, ALL OF IT, not just the pieces he likes.

  26. Thank God there are associations like the NRA that are fighting our government to protect our rights to bear arms. Once we cave to surrendering our guns, it will be the end.

    1. Delusional conservative chatter,,, Oh no the end is near if they take my .50 cal Sniper rifle away… Boohoohooo good grief people get a grip..

    2. @Milkman

      The govt. taking ANY gun away from a law abiding citizen IS the beginning to the end of a constitutionally gaurenteed right. I think it may be YOU who needs to get a grip.

    3. And have they(gov.) taken ANY gun away from any of you Insano gun fetishistas..?? I have 2 guns and no government agency has knocked on my door or contacted me about my guns being confiscated.. Quit being such a hysterical gun spazzo Dan…

    4. @Milkman

      It appears you are on of those liberals that feels what’s good for you is good for everyone. I have no fetishes…just an interest in collecting a diverse assortment of firearms. Every new gun control law passed is an attack on the second amendment right I have to pursue that interest. New laws have no effect on criminals…they don’t obey the law. No, I have not had a firearm taken from me by the govt. yet. By fighting new gun control laws, I intend to keep it that way. Guns aren’t the problem, criminals misusing them are. Harsh prosecution using the laws we already have against these criminal acts is the real answer…not further burdening of law abiding citizens.

    5. Well Milkman how interesting. Now why do you suppose they are bringing in 100,000 male Muslims into anti-Sharia Law states? Just to create chaos, so the states will switch. I suppose you also support Sharia Law. A law that does not recognize women rights, gay rights, or liberals rights. A law and its case law that is based on interpretation of the Qur’an. A law were the final decision is based on the Imam of a Mosque interpretation. We are seeing that the UN maybe Sharia compliant and Obama favors it. Does this mean the Imam of Mecca is running the administration of this country and the UN? Because that is exactly what it means. Only you are the delusional.

    6. I’m delusional ,, yet you conservative bozo’s are the ones coming up w/ all these ridiculous/ preposterous theory’s about who does what , and whats going to happen to us’s the same broken record of BS that keeps spinning on FOX and Talk radio .. the same mumbo-jumbo from the likes of Limbaugh,Beck,Hannity, O’riley, Levin,Jones, Savage, Coulter,Geller, .. I wish you guys and your lot could just all move to one place(Mississippi) and stay there and not infect the rest of this great nation … You could wave your stupid rebel flags all day long have 30mm howitzers, RPG’s , mortar’s and all types of military hardware to police your ridiculous state .. while the rest of us could enjoy peace & happiness w/ no Xenophobia & bigotry about the big bad Buddhists or Hare Krishna’s that are coming to get us….. and you could have your Donald Trump / Ted Cruz / Bush#3 or Bobby Jinderp as your politicians…..

    7. Yes Milkman you are delusional. You refuse to see what is right in front of you. No one is making up Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development or Strong Cities Network. You are as Lenin said a useful idiot. As a brainwashed socialist I’m sure you will continue supporting the takeover of America. … Enjoy. Assuming you actually have guns, I’m sure you will be happy to turnover your guns when they do come for them.

    8. I see a bunch of mass hysteria from lunatic conservatives like yourself Jake D w/ wild theories about people coming for us and our guns.. You guy’s are spazzing out over ridiculous BS spouted by inept people w/ narrow-minded ideals .. No wonder you guys are so fearful you’re religious beliefs , political beliefs are so out of touch w/ reality its no wonder you poor excuse of a political party is suffering the consequences … You can call me a brainwashed socialist , kool-aid drinker , useful Idiot, whatever .. Just remember you rhino’s are a dying breed, and people want more common sense gun-legislation , so we can stop all these senseless mass-shootings.. You can PRAY all you want, but that isn’t stopping a damn thing…..

    9. It’s RINO Milktoast and you obviously don’t even know what it means. You go ahead and live in your fantasy world where you don’t have to deal with reality. I feel sorry for you and I feel sorry for the country because there are people like you.

    10. I honestly could’ve cared less what that acronym meant , i thought it meant hardcore conservative , and after a quick trip to google i now know what it means … Okay no biggie.. We are still coming for you and your guns and bibles Jake the big brown Muslim ,Mexican,Asian Horde is coming to inseminate your daughters and give you mixed grandchildren…. There is no escape you will submit…! lol

  27. We should be asking the right question of why until now there is no SECURITY MEASURES WELL IN PLACE IN OUR SCHOOLS TO PROTECT OUR STUDENTS AND SCHOOL PERSONNEL? Criminals and insane individuals have been targeting schools and killing people who can’t defend themselves and have to wait for the armed police to protect them if not to late for some. politicians including obama have armed secret service to protect them and tight security measures well in place where they work and our schools until now don’t have security measures in place. No one seems to ask obama and his administration, “WHY THERE IS NO SECURITY MEASURES WELL IN PLACE IN SCHOOLS?”

  28. Let me start out saying this. I’m not smart at all and if there is something wrong with what I’m about to say please tell me.

    A long time ago we were under the rule of England. Around 1776 or so. We didn’t like them imposing Their rules on us. So we decided to fight and break free from them. In doing so we won our independence and the right to rule over ourselves. Thankfully we had a bunch of good leaders who came up with a few basic rules to live by. That guaranteed all of us certain freedoms. Will just call them the constitution of the United States of America. And we been living under them sense. We been fighting everyone who wants to take our freedoms from us. I never thought I live to see the day that the ones wanting to take our freedoms from us would be our own government. We built this country so great everyone wants to come here. We the people should only allow a few people from other countries to come here and live as long as they become a citizen. We are allowing people to come into our country because they don’t like what is happening in their country. We should never let this happen. If you don’t like what’s happening in your country stand up and fight to change it. Around 250 years ago our leaders made sure we will always have what we need to fight our government from imposing its will on to us. And there slowly taking away what we need to fight them. So we are slowly becoming a king ruled or a communist country. It’s easy for our president to talk the talk let’s see him walk the walk and be a real leader give up your secret service and armed protection for you and your family. Let see all our political leaders who want to take away our right to protect ourselves give up theirs first. That will never happen because they think there better then you and their life is worth more then yours. It’s that kind of thinking that is tarried our country apart. Every citizens life should matter. And we should make sure every citizen has what they need before we start helping other people in other countries. Thank you for reading this. And please keep fighting for our constitutional rights.

    1. Sal, unfortunately we are dealing with CORRUPT GOVERNMENT and society has become more evil. Citizens are to blind to see what is really going on in this world. And our freedom is being taken slowly but surely.

  29. looks like american citizens learned from their government/military.. stop having war then talk about gun control.

    1. @ brittany.

      It’s 2015, and since 2001. We’ve (the United States of America) have been in at least NINE War’s/Conflict’s, TEN if you Include the Korean War. Because technically it NEVER ended, An Armistice was Signed, BUT NO PEACE TREATY.

      1. Afghanistan War, 2001 to ?
      2. Second Iraq War, 2003 to 2011.
      3. War in Darfur, 2003 to ?
      4. War In North-West Pakistan, 2004 to ?
      5. Mexican Drug War, 2006 to ?
      6. War in Somalia, 2006 to 2009
      7. Operation Enduring Freedom – Trans Sahara, 2007 to ?
      8. Boko Haram Insurgency, 2009 to ?
      9. Second War In Somalia, 2009 to ?
      10. Korean War, 1950 to 1953, to ?

      We the American People, are getting SICK of Fighting “Chain Wars/Conflicts”.

  30. I had been thinking for a while about joining the NRA. Obama’s comments helped me make my decision. For the next 5 years. Thanks Obama!

  31. What else would you expect from a socialist traitor commie rat? A man who never served day 1 in the United States Armed Forces. Yet, who has the temporary distinction of touting himself as the commander-in-chief, an honorary title at best. A man who preaches gun control rhetoric and yet hails from one of the worst cities of gun violence in the nation, Chicago. A man who can not utter the words “Islamic terrorism” for fear his real beliefs would be compromised. ALL things which happen in the dark, SHALL be made evident in the light. This guy is no exception to that rule. The truth SHALL BE revealed one day long after his sphere of influence and personal agendas have ruined this country.

    1. @ RPK.

      And just how many Other Politicians fall into that Category. At least 80% of the House of Representatives and Senator’s haven’t served in the Military.

  32. I say the traitor and his commie friends should be hung for treason.
    Thank God the people in Oregon told Pres. Obama to “stay home,
    we do not want you here.” 2014 FBI Report says feet & hands,knifes& Clubs beat out RIFLES in deadliness. NEW FLASH Mr. President..

  33. If Obama is so damned impressed with the way they do things in other countries, why doesn’t he resign and move to one of them? America…love it or leave it!

  34. Who are the idiots who elected him in the first place. Oh that’s right they’re still hanging out in homeless shelters. How did that workout for them. Try to disarm me.

  35. I think it should be politicized. Politicians could be looking at placing armed national guardsmen in these places. France ant the other countries that he says these things don’t happen do that. Put the American citizens money here in the states to protect the citizens of the is instead of going on another vacation. All this is the governments fault. They need to wake up and do the right thing.

  36. It is baffling that the supposedly compassionate Democratic party can only rant on about gun control after every mass shooting without ever talking about what is causing our young people to become so disturbed to want to kill their friends. They never ask what is influencing them to become willing to die and take others with them. No concern over the violent video games played for hours day after day or the drug culture or lost hope of going anywhere in life. No they only care about gun control.

  37. If we are going to follow GB then we need to add knives to the gun grab since they are proposing that now. There’s no way to protect everyone from everything. As long as the Earth is made of rocks, there will be weapons. It seems many politicians have no interest in protecting the people but protecting their power (tyranny). This is a mental health issue but too many people use it to advance their agendas.Put the effort and money into mental health services instead of erroding our rights (so much for everyone having the health care they need).

  38. I am still baffled at how this sleaze bag got elected. How on earth could the American public not see how anti-American his ideology is? I just hope the damage he’s done can be repaired when he’s gone.

  39. Personally, in my honest opinion, I believe he should have been impeached for not following and protecting or constitution..

    1. These countries he references as models have had a spike in violent crime after gun bans just not by gun. It makes criminals more brazen knowing they’re victims are unarmed. The FBIs own 2014 data shows gun deaths behind bare hands and feet and knives on deadly violence list

    2. The reason congress would not impeach odumbo is because they do not want to labeled as racist. Color has nothing to do with it. if the man cant do the job he was elected to, or in this case bought, he needs to go. How much more simple can this be?

  40. Yo Dumbass….”The Body Politic” is an American Education based Historical description of People that actually VOTE…Voting in Socialist or Communist Countries doesn’t exist…You Morons will literally say anything. and facts or reality have nothing to do with your desperate, ignorant, racist bigotry. You are NOT HELPING…STHU

  41. Australia and Great Britain have had massive increases in violent crime since their gun bans went into effect.If you disarm the law abiding population the criminal population will thrive.This is a proven fact.

  42. Did you notice how he references “The body politic” that is the term the communist party uses for it’s members.

  43. Does it not take a person with a gun to stop an armed bad guy from killing more than before he was confronted with an armed good guy? If there was someone (good guy) armed to confront the bad guy instead of waiting until the authorities arrive, there would have been a lot less casualties if not any at all. I say armed guards should be posted an all schools as first responders..It would also help if we had a leader that would unit the country instead of creating an environment that encourages a dividison..

  44. Obama and his cronies don’t want to disarm everybody they just want the political elite namely themselves to be the only ones with guns and therefor power.Never forget that freedom and the ability to chose and protect or.own beliefs.and.values are only available to americans because we have guns to force our government to do as WE THE PEOPLE decide.

  45. It is a ploy so the American people cannot revolt when the parties that be decide to take a more hands on approach to affairs of the state. Why not let the individual states decide whether or not they want a ban in their states. I am sure that there are some states that would pass such measures. Then all the people who do not want the freedom to bear arms move to those states and live under police protection.

    I hate to say it ladies and gentlemen but taking guns away from honest people will only mean that the dishonest people will have more victims to choose from.

    Do you think that all criminals get their guns through legal means? All I want is to be able to protect myself and my family from those who mean us wrong. Not to break laws, not to rob, steal, or kill (unless I have to).

    Our founding fathers knew that our Military alone cannot protect the interests of of our nation. It is one of the few measures that assures that foreign military’s or fascist regimes will think twice before invading our country head on.

    1. @ Richard

      Please, I’ve seen the Movie version. It was WORSE than the Original version.

  46. I cannot believe I heard a President of this country compare us to Great Britain, the country that we struggled and fought to get away from. The tyrannical control. I really wish that someday everyone realizes that the amendments in the Constitution are just guide lines to every ones GOD given rights, that the 2nd was designed to protect them all, that the reason for such laws of the land where to stop one man, one ruler ever controlling the people again. It was laid out to make all men equal no matter wealth religion or creed. To hopefully one day again we will wake up and become Americans once again.
    To work for a living, to strive to keep this country great like we have always done in the past. Not to allow a tyrannical Government to rip apart this great country that was created in the pursuit of happiness and true freedom, and not to allow them tear apart the Constitution for political gains of one man. Stop making laws of everything good or bad and stand up together to rid the evil that is plaguing this Nation.

  47. One, it’s a mental health issue not a gun control issue at all. Just as in the so called Sandy Hook mass shooting, this one might have been another staged event with Crisis Actors. How can they be so ignorant to think real Americans will ever give up their own means of defense against anyone including this hell bent tyrannical government, let alone the current Islamic state immigrants now pouring into our country while Obama unzips our fly for a Russian-Chinese attack. His mission is to destroy America, our job is to stop him, Hillary or any other Socialist from doing so. I personally never thought they would have done this much damage without being removed from D.C. by force and hung for treason. Our military forgot its their duty and legal authority to do so. I wish they would wake up realize who they truly work for, the American people!!!!

  48. Stop all media coverage of every single gun shooting for one year. Consider it a test to find out whether the mass shooting events are just for publicity or political shock and aw agendas.

  49. Obama speaks he would like to follow what other countries have done in as far as gun control ie; Great Britain, Australia, etc. Did we not fight to get away from these countries and their political oppression throughout the infancy of this great nation???

  50. Here are some records posted by the FBI for 2014 Because of ongoing calls to ban or restrict the capacity of AR-style rifles—or what some gun illiterates refer to as “assault rifles,”—it’s worth noting that murders by all rifles (as reported by the FBI) totaled 248.

    “Other weapons,” aka clubs, bats, rocks and so on, were used in 1,610 murders.

    Knives or cutting instruments were cited as the instruments in 1,567 murders.

    In fact, the total number of murders committed by assaulters’ hands and feet totaled 660—more than double the homicides committed by all rifles.

  51. Of course he will politicize it, he’s a politician, with an agenda.
    He will use someones tragedy to get what he wants. He has no shame.
    Every time there is a “mass” shooting, he comes out.
    There are more deaths in his former residence in Chicago(with draconian gun laws) than in these mass shootings. Just more shooters than one. You never see him look there. It really isn’t about stopping violence. “Gun Control” is about “people control”.
    The more they see people will sacrifice rights, freedoms. or liberties for some false security, the more they try.
    Once you loose that “right” it doesn’t come back, if you change your mind. Be very careful.
    I also hear about “common sense” gun laws. So far nothing proposed would have stopped any of these shootings.
    They blame the NRA.
    What laws that would have prevented any of these attacks, have been blocked by the NRA? None.
    Tea Party people and NRA members aren’t the ones doing the attacks.
    As long as an inanimate object and the wrong people are being blamed, nothing will be solve
    The best deterrent for a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

    1. @ Jim H.

      I believe To Date Chicago is .318 of 1% of National Average in the last 1,004 days that Obama has been President.

  52. Is pretty stupid to think that disarm the citizens like australia and other countries will resolve gun violence… In example… When australia disarmed their citizens the real criminals that of course don’t respect or follow gun laws were now givin the opportunity to do home invasions armed robberies and shoot people that resisted to get robbed….

  53. Of course its politicized. All politicians politicize it. Those who want more gun control use it for their careers, as those who oppose more gun control will. Republicans will use it by saying they are fighting for the gun owner, Democrats will use it saying they are fighting for the anti gun and victims of gun crimes. To get upset over a politician saying they will Politicize something seems silly to me. Its more upsetting when a Politician lies and says they are not politicizing anything. If a politician opens their mouth, they are politicizing something. What does bother me is Obama threatening to use executive order to counter a second amendment right. Now while executive orders are not unusual for Presidents to use to go against the will of the majority, Bush, Clinton, Bush H, Reagan, all the way back to John Adams have done so, not many if any have use it to go against a constitutional amendment.

    Also, for a little executive order facts.,,

    “executive orders however these orders are only binding on members of the executive department of the federal government. They are not legally binding on anyone outside the executive department.
    Only laws passed through the formal legislative process have full force of law. Executive orders do not meet this requirement.
    Congress alone has the power to write and pass laws. If congress chooses not to pass laws that the president advocates for the president can in no way act unilaterally. The president is restrained by the Constitution.
    The president must enforce laws that are passed by the formal legislative process as they are written. If the president does not like a bill passed by congress or feels it violates the Constitution then the president can veto it before it becomes law.
    Issuing executives orders that are given the full force of law is a clear violation of several provisions of the Constitution.”

    here is a chart of all executive orders since day one of the USA..

    Also, and I know many have opinions that will disagree with this, but facts are facts. Opinions are not facts.. Obama has done less to restrict guns, ownership and use, than most presidents have in their life times.

    Reagan, gun control laws when Gov of California with the Mulford act. with NRA support I might add.

    Bush H Bush, gave us assault, ak, and import of gun and ammo restrictions and bans.

    Romney, assault weapon ban as Gov of Massachusetts

    Brady Bill, though signed into law by Clinton, was created and its originating and main driving force was republicans.

    and there are more I could post, but you get the picture……

    Now I am not for democrats or republicans. I am not for anyone of any party who wants to restrict safe, sane, honest American citizens from having the right to own firearms.

    I also am against this Shaming and bullying BS that both sides use against those who dont think in lock step with them. All shaming, bullying, making rude comments about others who dont agree with you ever does is make the ones you are abusing, double down in their ways. Which makes finding any thing to agree on impossible, and makes getting what you want near impossible to ever get.

    1. Oh, and I forgot, and hopefully my post wont be moderated out.. but being as 34% of gun owners vote democrat, does not make them evil or anti gun, Obama, Reid of Pelosi loving or someone you should verbally abuse . If you embraced them on the common ties of gun ownership, you might find that we gun owners can win this battle to take out guns and gun rights away. Most of the more liberal gun owners are not any lessor people than republican gun owners, they just like the idea of universal health care, good education, fair rights for working people and such. If you actually talked to any of them, you might not see they are all that bad, and like all human beings have things they disagree on, they can often do more good with a common cause than nit picking every little difference as a way to divide and dismiss them. You never know.. And yes, many of the 34% of the democratic voting gun owners buy many products, at Cheaper than dirt and all the other suppliers. Do you really want to just alienate those customers ? If you do, then just put that on your webpages and let them know that no democratic voting gun owners are allowed to buy from you.

  54. I am sorry but something needs to be done here. We can’t just blow off the weekly shootings by mentally disturbed people by standing behind the 2nd amendment as our answer to this. I own a gun, legally and with a background check and a more intensive check for a concealed carry permit. Was I put through any unbearable stress through any of this? No, it was a easy process so why are we so against background checks for every gun purchase? It will not stop all of these shootings as there are just too many guns already in circulation to ever catch up but if it stops even one shooting in the future it is worth it. Those with nothing to conceal should be leading the discussion on what is needed to start fixing this issue starting with background checks and working to get mental help for those that are commiting these horrible crimes rather than fighting tooth and nail to do absolutely nothing.

  55. Yes….more gun control…Really! Think about this. We made drugs illegal, and they are literally everywhere. Can be bought by anyone. So making them illegal did not get rid of them, and neither will it get rid of guns. If in reality you could get rid of guns these so called sick people would still commit mass killings. There are many ways to create deadly explosions that could kill even more people. You can’t stop a person from committing these types of crimes, because, they are willing to die themselves in the committment of the crime, therefore can’t be stopped. So, so called gun laws are not the answer. But if you, President Obama, want it so bad, then lets start with you. Disarm all of your body guards first. Then you can start talking more gun control. But that will never happen. You people think you are special, and it’s ok for you to have whatever you want and take away from the common man. Well the majority of Americans are against these gun control, or cofiscation laws. There are plenty of gun control laws already in place. It is not as easy as you say to buy a gun. Americans know that. We also know that in cities with very strict gun laws are just as unsafe, as you say, as any other. I’ve not seen the evidence you speak of. All you are doing Mr. Obama is setting up America to lose all of her freedoms. I think that you are only pushing an agenda, one that America does not need, or want. So IMHO you are the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. We don’t need or want your gun confiscation. I’ve heard people from Canada and Australia speak about their country and how it was affected by gun confication, they all say “don’t let them take your guns”. If it were so good then why would they feel that way??? America knows this is not the answer!

  56. Obama’s fixed election started it all. He is not an elected official after all. We should run Mr (not president) Obama out of office.

  57. It’s sad that the pres never talks about killings unless it’s a school or a black or Muslim then it’s all about a hate crime being done he sends his people to the thugs fuenaral but not a word about this Muslim who targeted christins he’s preaches more gun laws but Chicago has the roughest gun laws in the USA and they kill me people a week then 5 other states together it’s not a gun problem it’s a people problem it’s a lack of morels being taught to our younger genration of free loading you owe me youth and it’s not just blacks it’s white also. We have gotten so far down that people use welfare to bribe the votes. If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish feed him a life time . Seems like our genration was the last to be raised to respect others work hard to support your family. Men who stepped up to raise their kids not shack up with 5 different women and babies with each. We as a country use to take pride in a honest days work now they sit on their lazy butt with their handout crying give me more it truly is sad how far down we have come

  58. The second amendment is very clear.

    Amendment II

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    The Founding Fathers, having just broken away from Great Britain, understood the new federal government they were ratifying might one day become just as tyrannical. If it had the authority to control citizen access to firearms, then it could disarm them, just as the British attempted to do. This would make any attempts to restore liberties futile. The Second Amendment was specifically included in the Bill of Rights to prevent this.

    The Founders made it very clear what the Second Amendment means. But if we do not fight against any and all attempts by the feds to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms, then it loses all relevant meaning.

    1. @ madkenno.

      We all know what the Send Amendment DOES SAY, unfortunately the NRA has a DIFFERENT IDEA of What it SHOULD SAY. The version, is: “A well regulated militia, being necessary FOR the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” A fundamental difference in the meaning of the text. Some people will argue that it means the same thing. If so, why is it necessary to change the WORDING. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  59. Here in a nutshell is the real problem you and I and them.
    Local elected and appointed attended the mourners gathering in partnership with the President and they coooed and curtsied instead f telling the bastard the community as a whole does not want you here.
    They instead, due to respect for those grieving held their tongues even in public, as the community populace when asked said Obama was a boob.
    Yet when I had phoed up aquaintences in oregon gun buisness and clubs guides etc and asked if they were going to prrotest far from gathering at airport either at arrival or leaving they all hemmed and hawed, gotta make a living ya know and cannot afford to get their name on list.
    I gave up fighting for others Rights when others gave up fighting for others and began whining and sucking own thumbs cryi g woe is me and where can we get some donations from.
    If the fight to preserve (lower case “r”) their right of self defence is todays goal WTF even mention 2nd Amendment.
    The last few generations grew up spoiled by e,me, mine mentality and today the gun has become a “Selfie” with no more real national freedom symbolism than would a picture Obamas smirking face.

    1. Sir,
      I’ve yet to go to any pity parties, much less my own.
      Or post incessantly of our plight.

      Yet where are the Patriots?
      What CAN I/we do?

      Writing to congressman or the president is useless.

      Taking arms against the government is ludicrous.

      Who will STAND?
      Advertisement and getting to the people is expensive.

      NRA and/or other organizations seem limited and ineffectual.

      Instead of all the bitching let’s put our heads together and find a effective Way!

      There must be a way.

    2. I agree. and if gun owners could get over their political party biases, and start working with the over 34% democratic voters who are gun owners, it would increase their footprint and give gun owners a lot more power. Especially as then it would be openly and widely known as a bipartisan issue, and not just a Right v Left as it is now.

    3. Hi Hide Behind (interesting handle): You are correct many, many good people are AFRAID of the Federal, and quite often their State and local governments. I have had the unfortunate experience in direct contact with State and local bureaucrats and know some individuals who work, or have worked for these two levels of government. While there are some employees of these over-large and over reaching bureaucracies, a huge number of the employee base are there simply to put in their time and get a pretty decent retirement from on-going tax revenues courtesy of you and me. They don’t question their orders and don’t really care how what their particular cog in the big wheel affects the citizens who pay their salary. They want a very simple list of things from US: a job that they don’t have to work too hard at, money and yearly raises and a gold clad retirement at a relatively young age. While I’m going to go on here, I forgot to exempt the military from these comments; by the military I mean the enlisted and officers under the UCMJ NOT the civilian military workers on our bases. I was in the Navy for six years as a young man and I regularly was in contact with some, literally, lazy, clock punching civies that would drive you crazy. But I digress. The Federal, State and local worker-drones are an ever growing voter bloc to maintain their way of life and keep those in power who are dead set against any privatization of government services. As far as I’m concerned, all but law enforcement and the military should be out sourced to private companies on five year contracts up for renewal in a competitive environment; no union requirements or Federal employment laws need to be applied.

      So, to get to my real answer about WHAT WE CAN EACH DO. I vote, I volunteer for candidates I feel strongly about (go Ted Cruz!), I give money to those candidates (go Ted Cruz!), I live small, save my money, keep a go bag (indeed a go RV all stocked up except for food), I keep my pistol, rifle and long range shooting skills up (I’m not great, but I get the job done; we’re not all a Chris Kyle), I voice my opinion AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN

    4. Continued from my last post (fumble finger it)

      What can we do? We can each do what we can as I noted in my last post.

      Now, at the age of 61 and seeing our lying, so-called conservative Representatives and Senators who SWORE and ran for re-election on repealing the ACA and stopping the illegal actions of this President. Then they literally BETRAYED us by coming back after the election and in cooperation with the Democrats they passed a major continuing resolution that fully funded every single thing that they campaign against. LIARS AND TRAITORS. Sooooo. I put my money and my time behind getting the States to Amend the Constitution to legally, literally tear down the Federal government with the exception of only five or six, very tightly defined responsibilities. I think Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments” is a good start, but I would specifically lock the Federal government down it what it can do; no wiggle room that develops when the so-called Supreme court “interprets” the Constitution over and over again and creates out of whole cloth new rights and new job for the Federal government. If you are interested go to:

  60. Why does the traitor-in-chief and not mention that more people are killed in one weekend in Chicago than have been killed year to date in mass shootings? Why does the liberal, controlled media, not report about the daily incidents where good guys with guns have stopped and prevented bad guys from violent activities?

    Why? Because it does not suit their agenda and would call into question their real motives.

  61. Whatever you think of the president, that’s your opinion. But to call him the names and continue to denounce him non-American is absolutely idiotic. The fear that some commenting on this topic is unbelievable. I will never understand the fear that some people express about people of other races and blacks in particular. The spread of such hatred is simply un-American in and of itself. Many of these comments are without foundation and just plain IGNORANT. . . .! It never ceases to amaze me that the one thing in common among these haters is low IQ, lack of education, economically challenged and more. And, the fact that there are many blacks that have risen above this ignorance with education, economic well being, intellectual status is fearful to many of the people commenting on this sight. Sad state of affairs.

    1. Well said. Unfortunately first amendment also guarantees idiots’ freedom of speech. What could we do?

    2. Granted name calling is useless. But the man in the White House is useless. A man is proven by his actions not by his words. I just don’t understand why our “Elected Officials” are afraid of him?

  62. There is a lesson from history that tells all about gun control. In 1939 or so Hitler used his SS troops ( our homeland security ) to take all the guns from the population of Germany . He than declared that It was the safest nation there was. We all know what happened then! IF WE DON’T LEARN FROM THE PAST WE ARE DESTINE TO RELIVE IT>

    1. @ Don.

      And just exactly how does that compare to or with the United States. I don’t recall reading about any Mass Gun Confiscations in the last 6 & 3/4 years that President Obama has been in Office.

  63. I give a pa t on the back to citizens of Oregon who commented [We don’t need fewer guns but more guns in the hands of honest law abifing people]

  64. Why is it that Obama never mentions the fact that an illegal who was deported several times shot and killed an innocent person in San Francisco a few months ago. I guess that killer one was one of his friends.

  65. I’m so sick of looking at this useful idiot’s punchable face. And that voice yearning to break into his natural ebonics is grating. But once he’s gone, the next one will be just as bad, if not worse.

    I’m with Chuck Heston on this one – “From my cold, dead hand.”

    These elite, globalist, NWO jockeys are nobody in my eyes. They are just flesh and blood like the rest of us. They have their illusions of money, power, etc. but they don’t own my heart, soul and mind. If they want to send their goon squads after me because I refuse to bow to them – to leave myself open to their whims and the whims of other criminals who wish to do me harm and take what’s mine by giving up my right to protect myself as I see fit – then send away you foul bastards. I will give you what for with every fiber of my being. I may die in the end, but I’d rather die on my feet like a Man, then on my knees like a slave.

  66. I just don’t understand what these people are thinking. It isn’t the guns! You can lay a gun, a knife, a shovel, a frying pan or what ever, on a table and none of them will do anything, until (someone) picks them up. Wise up people.

  67. When the going gets tough Obama goes politicking and fundraising.

    The trip to Oregon continued the “blame conservative gun owners ” for gun deaths polarization and offered Obama the chance to invade the soft underbelly of LA democratic political machine.

    Leaving Oregon without any suggestion that the shooter’s abandonment by his father, being raised by a radical black mother, filled with psychotic drugs which he bragged on the internet – taking contrary to instructions, armed by his mother. Obama did not inquire if rap music with its 24/7 message of drugs, violence , thuggery and the treatment of women as sperm dumpsters might have played a role.

    Obama’s arrival in LA was over the head of my office in Santa Monica. Two presidential helos, and THREE Osprey painted in white house colors spewing tons of carbon into the atmosphere. That did not include the fuel needed to fly the helos in a large transport and the fly the Osprey cross country . The taxpayers of course footed the bill for yet another cross-country fundraising trip.

    if you want to understand the pattern of murder

    If you want to live in a really dangerous neighborhood find one where obama took more than 80% of the vote.

    1. @ flyR.

      The only MV-22B Osprey’s in HMX-1 (aka the Nighthawks) are “Green Tops” (Support) none of them are “White Tops” (Executive). Ant there ONLY Two, not Three.

  68. More lies from the mentally defective person currently living in the White House. We should enforce existing laws, hand down maximum sentences for violators (beginning in D.C.) and stop letting criminals off for irrelevant technicalities. Obama, stop destroying the United States of America.


  69. So if the government unarms law abiding citizen’s in the U.S., how is the government going to unarm the bad people like (knives, plastic bags, rope, guns, tazers, pens, shoes, fists, belts, keys, plastic utensils, sticks, and more)? How is the local law enforcement going to protect us every day? (Is the law enforcement going to assign an officer to each individual in the U.S. to protect us aginst bad people that still can obtain all kinds of weapons every day/every second?) On average, it takes about 15 min to 2hours for some law enforcement to respond after the phone call is made if the person can even call at the time of the crime.

    I guess if we are in harm’s way, we will need to tell the bad guy time out and give me an hour so i call the police to report the situation and for the pokicevto get here first then they can resume the attack, and then the law enforcement can take action at that moment so the police can stop the situation. What protecting our Second Amendment Rights? What us worrying about losing a love one to a crime or is this concerned population control?

  70. Note to every US citizen, the 2nd Amendment to posses & carry firearms doesn’t matter if just 1 American wants to do it & the rest don’t! That 1 person shall carry & piss on the rest of you! I’m such a one! Wake up!

  71. The plain and simple fact is this… If you are a law abiding gun owner, as I suspect everyone posting on here is, and you don`t vote, then you get what you deserve when it comes to our 2nd amendment rights. If you think that your gun rights are under attack now, wait and see what happens if the Hildabeast or Sanders gets elected president next year. You think Obama is bad? You ain`t seen nothing yet. These 2 will go after guns non-stop till they achieve their goal of disarming all law abiding gun owning Americans and leaving us to be slaughtered by criminals. Apparently these 2 wanna be presidents do not think that there are any democrat gun owners out there. It is high that those folks start making their voice heard because they sure as Hell aren`t hearing from them yet. The time to vote democrat just because you are one has come and gone, Obama has made sure of that with the divisiveness he has practiced from day one. We are law abiding gun owners that have done noting wrong, yet we, along with the NRA are the ones being blamed for all these shootings because the liberal media has an agenda to promote and we are the target. It`s time to rid Washington of this disease known as liberalism and get some new blood and ideas in power. I don`t agree with everything that Trump says, but at least he has the guts to say what I guarantee every single person reading this thread has said at one or another in the last 10 or more years. It`s time to take our country back and maybe a guy that isn`t a lifelong politician is the one to do it.
    Remember, there is only one thing that scares a politician and it is called the ballot box. In 2016 lets scare the Hell out of the democrats that want to take our rights from us and get out and VOTE! If you aren`t registered, then the time is now because there is a storm coming named Hillary and she will be our worst nightmare, take it to the bank!

    1. Scott, you have it wrong buddy, we vote but it matters not since the One World Government has the entire politicians & all Corporations in their pockets as CHUMP CHANGE! You ever watch MSNBC? I don’t but have seen the white haired woman named Brzezinski & her father along with Rockefeller, Rothschild’s, etc. rule the world in the shadows. The 2nd Amendment is an Americans Right to posses, carry, etc. as the only Law of the US! 65,000 gun laws in US are all illegal! That means, no age limit, no arresting, served time then the individual is then legally able to carry without anyone pissing & moaning about it, IT DOES NOT MATTER! Every man, woman & child has the right to defend themselves from harm-PERIOD!!! It is so past time to take this entire government to task & delete every politician, lobbyist, judge, etc. & strip them of their wealth so welfare blacks, muslims, commies, liberals can all be deported to Mexico with no US Citizenship! God Bless America! Now lock & load & be ready within a minute to fight!

    2. Quite a moderate view you have, buddy. 2A was also in place for losers like you. You’re no different than that idiot who shot up the OR school. You want war, you will get one. That’s what People’s arms are for, domestic terrorists like you. Go ahead and make a move. You will be taken out by citizens like me in a sec.

    3. Chickenhawk, While your enthusiasm is admirable, your points of view are not. You do not want to go on a public forum and start threatening the leaders of our country, son. You want a visit from the FBI? You keep talking that sort of drivel and it`s going to happen and there won`t be a damn thing you can do about it. Killing our leaders only makes them right in their minds about all gun owners and the media will make sure of it. We don`t need anymore bad press especially when we aren`t the problem. All you are doing is showing the rest of the world that you are due back at the lab to get your bolts tightened. Settle down son. I honestly can`t believe that they haven`t yanked all your posts yet. This makes Cheaper than Dirt look really bad allowing that sort of dialogue to stay online

  72. All to often the media reports only when guns are used in a horrible incident. Never when they are used to save a life, or prevent a crime.
    To report that a law abiding citizen used a legally owned gun to protect himself or his or her family, or a total stranger from some lowlife criminal, as a story on the top of the hour news.
    That would not fit in with their agenda to disarm the American people!
    As for giving up my guns? Never! They’ll just have to wait till I am out of ammunition and dead. Just remember that they want to take away all guns from private citizens not just assault style weapons.

  73. Someone who demands 24/7 armed guards to protect him and his family shouldn’t be going around trying to make us peasants unable to defend our families. He should lead by example. Get rid of all the people with guns around him and walk freely among the people to show he supports not having guns. Obama and all the politicians and all the anti-gun movie star liberals all have armed guards because, well, they deserve to live more than we do. They are all full of crap. Disarming law abiding citizens to stop crime is ridiculous and won’t work. I’ll bet the crime has erupted in Australia and those other places. They use box cutters and knives now, and criminals still have guns.

  74. Posting comments on sites like this one is preaching to the choir! If you want to post comments in support of the 2nd amendment, go to CNN’s web site or some other site where the anti’s live!

    1. Mostly, it does little good to post about this subject on either site, as people already have their minds made up. IMHO, most of the mass shootings are prescription drug related. We are the most over medicated, and over fed, nation on earth. After a weird episode with Ambien, I quit taking it. Side effects on young people are under studied, or down played by the drug companies, because there is big money to be made here.

  75. A president who wants to disarm the people is the worst trojan horse money can buy. Growing up in Australia, I saw the gun bans take place there and advise all Americans to fight this one to the end – DO NOT GIVE IN on this topic.

    Removing a single tool of murder DOES NOT eliminate murder.. Removing the most important tool of defense does indeed increase crime in every area, leaving you vulnerable in your own home.

    The spread of “constitutional carry” among the states is a great step forward, although it is still law giving you permission for something that is already a right.

    BE CAREFUL America, there are campaigns to disarm you that rely heavily on your limited attention. DO NOT just go along to get along. If your friends just vote for these jokers because their family has always voted that way, or they feel some sort of racial guilt, perhaps your next best step is to review your friendship criteria.

    You have been warned..

  76. This is the political turd whose Gun Runner project has resulted in the violent murder of thousands of innocent American and Mexican people. it is an insult to us all that he DAREs to take this position. Any justice at all in this world would result in his imprisonment for ordering the violation of the existing gun laws he pretends so hard don’t exist!

  77. Liberalism is a disease! and it is destroying America! it all started with the election of a complete unknown! How stupid can the Liberal public be?voting for that Bozo twice? and that equally pathetic V.P. There whole goal is to deceive the people,they use every opportunity to distract us,& take our minds off the real issues at hand(OBFUSCATION)and they are good at it! and the liberal newspapers & most T.V. news is on there side too. Using this shooting incident to try & disarm U.S. citizens! placing blame on the gun? and not the person who fired it! just remember the first thing Hitler did was to disarm Germany,so its people were helpless! don`t let that happen here sheeple! Oh & if anyone is stupid enough to vote for Hillary?? please send me your phone number,so I can have you baker acted! God forbid if that evil bitch wins! She has blood on Her hands from the Benghazi debacle!

  78. The POTUS who took and oath to protect our Rights should not speak out against them as the influence is far too great. Obama politicizing the issue divides citizens. He clearly has no idea how to be a boss and has no business as the president.

  79. We must let the anti’s politicize and publicize their views no matter how distastefull ,some of the funerals were ongoing that day and a visit by the slimeball Commander in Chief to push his and others agendas is expected.
    Actually his coming was an organized event and he was not totally unwelcome at bereaved and survivors meeting.
    That his appearance had all the markings of impropiety was shed off his and handlers back, but then again the US populace has become the most brutish and boorish peoples on earth.
    Anything for a buck and this Politicalaction is just one more symbol of how low of character whole nation has become.

  80. Democrats are doing their best in destroying anything worthwhile. They voted in Prop 47 in CA. Property crimes UP 900%. That’s their twisted way of making things better????

  81. I am sick and tired of Obama and everything he stands for his views do not reflex mine or anyone I know our constitution is the only law of our land I consider to be supreim and every time something like the recent event happens instead of dealing with mental Heath which is the real issue he wants to strip us our our 2nd amendment right to bear arms what part of shall not be infringed does he not get impeach him for crimes unthinkable of our president

  82. So much easier to sit at the computer complain and watch the Walking Dead Marathon than actually do something. It isn’t the politicians it’s us. We let it happen and WE let it continue and our kids will pay for it.
    I personally am looking forward to the day when I can tell my grand children about when I was a kid and WE were free. When they ask me why WE didn’t stop the takeover I will proudly tell them i posted on the computer as much as i could……..

    1. Are you suggesting an armed insurrection against the government of the United States of America? You do realize that is called Treason.

    2. I’m sure King George the Third felt the same way about the Founding Fathers.
      Treason is a matter of perspective.

    3. So looking at the big picture not just the fact that some people dislike are president. 90% of people hear gun laws and they think you’ll have to surrender your guns. That or they will come in your house and take them…… No that’s not what it is but I would like to say if it takes me another 2 hours to purchase a gun. Or when I got to sell it I have to take the information to the sheriff’s office so be it. That means when I leave the house and have my firearm on me I don’t have to worry About EVERY person I see. Potentially Shooting the store, movie theater, daycare that I’m in. I say at the end of the day it would be worth it.

    4. The simple solution is to get out and vote. If don`t vote, then don`t complain about your freedoms being taken from you. It`s as simple as that for starters.

  83. What should have been in place at that Oregon school was not in place. At least one armed and trained security guard would have been able to change the outcome. Even so, a few students would have died. That was inevitable, but the shooter would have have had the time to reload and start all over again. No amount of legislation can stop a determined shooter. People need to realize that no amount of prevention can prevent deaths by a determined terrorist. All we can reasonably expect is to minimize the damage.

  84. He has no sence. If he did he would put armed guards in schools. The terrorists only attack the places that are “Gun free zones”. Criminals don’t listen to laws. If he had a brain in his head and the people that are anti-gun they would see this trend, educate themselves on firearm safety and they would probably get one themselves.

    1. Right on!!

      My comment was different but I was trying to suggest Obama put his house where his mouth is and disarm his house including getting rid of his personal protection. I say lead by example or stop his agenda. My guess is he would feel like a sitting duck.

  85. I wonder why the White House isn’t a gun free zone! Obama lead by example sir! If you expect military offices to be gun free why not your current home? Asking that we all disarm and rely on police alone would make more sense if our fearless leader would do the same. Not sure about anyone else but I would never disarm and rely on police for full protection if he’s not willing to take that first step himself. Thoughts?

  86. Guns are such easy targets for politicians who have failed in their responsibility and service to their voters by not correcting the actual problem causing gun violence – mentality incompetent people in an over-populated environment. Ironically, it was Reagan who gutted the US’s mental health programs – which have never recovered. Obama certainly hasn’t stepped up to correct it.

    The central problem is the professional politician whose only job is to get and stay elected. We have a systemic failure in our governing and election system and the people are refusing to address it. Things will only get worse until the people demand change.

    1. Mason, You referred to Reagan as the president who “gutted” the mental health system. It goes back WELL before that.

      Fifty years ago, we had institutions for the criminally insane. Almost all of the mass murderers we now encounter would have been identified early on and locked up. JFK started the policy of “Deinstitutionalization”.

      Over the next several decades (and predominantly under president Carter), the institutions were closed and the inmates turned loose with handfuls of medication (in the vain hope that they would stick to their meds). Instead, the rates of homelessness and mass murder went up.

      Mass murders have continued to rise in DIRECT PROPORTION to the degradation of mental health care wrought by Democrats. The “catch and release” mental health policies of Democrats are DIRECTLY to blame for the atrocities we now face. The left USES these atrocities as props to push their agendas for gun control and for welfare programs.

      Republicans have continued to propose legislation to institutionalize the criminally insane. Democrats want to keep the insane people on our streets. Republicans tried to prohibit the criminally insane from purchasing arms. Democrats immediately tried to include every military veteran who ever went to counseling.

      One must ask the question… do the Democrats want to protect the public, or will they ignore atrocities in order to push their agenda at any cost?

    2. While the responsibility for a lack of solution is the fault of both so-called US political parties, the problem and the most damage ever done to the mental health system in the US is historically and factually assigned to Ronald Reagan. For the record: “One month prior to the election, President Carter had signed the Mental Health Systems Act, which had proposed to continue the federal community mental health centers program, although with some additional state involvement. Consistent with the report of the Carter Commission, the act also included a provision for federal grants “for projects for the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of positive mental health,” an indication of how little learning had taken place among the Carter Commission members and professionals at NIMH. With President Reagan and the Republicans taking over, the Mental Health Systems Act was discarded before the ink had dried and the CMHC funds were simply block granted to the states. The CMHC program had not only died but been buried as well. An autopsy could have listed the cause of death as naiveté complicated by grandiosity.

      President Reagan never understood mental illness. Like Richard Nixon, he was a product of the Southern California culture that associated psychiatry with Communism. Two months after taking office, Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, a young man with untreated schizophrenia. Two years later, Reagan called Dr. Roger Peele, then director of St. Elizabeths Hospital, where Hinckley was being treated, and tried to arrange to meet with Hinckley, so that Reagan could forgive him. Peele tactfully told the president that this was not a good idea. Reagan was also exposed to the consequences of untreated mental illness through the two sons of Roy Miller, his personal tax advisor. Both sons developed schizophrenia; one committed suicide in 1981, and the other killed his mother in 1983. Despite such personal exposure, Reagan never exhibited any interest in the need for research or better treatment for serious mental illness.” Excerpted from “American Psychosis: How the Federal Government Destroyed the Mental Illness Treatment System” by E. Fuller Torrey with permission from Oxford University Press USA. Copyright 2014 E. Fuller Torrey.

    3. Mason, the “community mental health centers program” that was being touted by Carter is the root of the problem. We used to institutionalize the criminally insane. Now they drop into local clinics and get sent right back out the door with a bottle of pills (Kennedy’s idea). The problem is, many of these folks CANNOT be properly treated with meds, and even those who can, seldom stick with the meds they are given. Without the ability to put certain people away in proper care facilities, they end up in our prison system, and they end up on the streets where they hurt others.

    4. I would argue that violent crime has also been rising as a portion of the illegal immigrants coming in, and particularly from the violent ones that Obama let out of prison. He has no interest in protecting people – only creating problems that he can use to push his agenda, and believe me – he HAS an agenda. This was the reasoning driving Fast and Furious until someone squealed – they might have gotten away with that if not for that person. And someone need to tell me why the President wasn’t Impeached over that one incident that both he and Holder were involved in, and a death resulted from? I mean other than Congress urinating on themselves whenever he walks by.

    5. @ BobbyMac.

      To date President Obama has Pardoned and Commuted the Sentences of 110 people from the Prison System. George W Bush, his predecessor 189, Pardoned and Commuted.

    6. Condita – Sort of a silly argument… unless maybe you don’t realize that presidents traditionally issue most of their pardons as they leave office. For instance, Bill Clinton freed some 150 prisoners on his last day in office. Just wait… I’m sure Obama has a DOOZIE of a list waiting.

    7. Reagan started the trend when he was governor of California and pushed to have all funding rescinded from government-run mental institutions. Other states soon followed suit. His reasoning was that it should be covered by the families of the mentally ill, those too broke to do so.

    1. @ Jerry T

      I believe the major consensus among Historians, is. That the 18th President of the United States, Hiram Ulysses Simpson Grant. Was the Worst President in Office. And George W. ranked 4th Worst President. Obama doesn’t even rank in the 40 percentile group of Worst Presidents.

  87. A couple of simple questions: 1) what are the plans to stop the flow of illegal arms into the country and why are laws not being made stricter for offenders? 2) why should we disarm ourselves for a government that has proven over and over that they do not have our best interests in mind?

  88. One response mentioned how negative effects of the act of joining a local militia or other types of radical groups.

    Announcing we will take whatever actions necessary to stop government would just put someone within the realm of domestic terrorist organizations. Which will not effect the changes we all want.

    Seems trying to change government from the outside near impossible.
    There are some groups such as NRA, American Hunter. Yet seems we need even more, a great voice and positive thinking with positive actions.

    There must be a means to effectively and non violently effect the changes needed.
    Yet what?

  89. In my lifetime, I have witnessed periods of great patriotism. One such period was after 9/11. Our country was united as a result of this national tragedy. The aura of patriotism seemed to permeate every corner of our nation and every faction of our society. Today, there seems to be a chasm in that patriotism. It is this current state of division that these thoughts come to mind.
    What is America to me?
    America is the greatest nation in the world. It is the place where my immigrant grandparents, who wanted more opportunities for their children, left their homeland and chose to settle. It was Lady Liberty who welcomed them, as she invites and welcomes all races and religions to assemble as citizens of freedom. It is a dream that was conceived over 200 years ago and continues to live today.
    America is a democracy determined by the embodiment of our laws inscribed in our Constitution. It is a nation that believes our future lies in the sovereignty of “we the people” — a nation under God because it is “In God We Trust.” It is a nation that allows us to speak our minds without fear or condemnation by our government. It is a land of opportunity, and it is our people who continue to light the path of America’s destiny.
    We are the stewards of freedom.
    As we listen to the discourse of the political debates in the campaign for the presidency, we hope that the topics of discussion address our country’s ills while focusing on what unites us as an exceptional nation. It is important to remember that it takes a right wing and a left wing for an eagle to fly; however, the eagle’s heart lies somewhere in the middle. So should be the tone of all discussions.

    Written by Joe Chillura

    Points of discussion; The President of my United States of America would be proud to present there Birth Certificate at anytime to anyone. A true American is proud to be born in America. The Consitution of the United States was written for the test of time. It was if they knew the communist socialist influential pressure would be present in the future that we would need protection for our own Government. One of the first steps in any Dictatorship is to disarm the people. This will never ever happen in America. As the author stated above, America becomes one when faced with evil forces against it. I am proud to be an American.

  90. Once upon a time America was blessed with leaders with a moral compass, they did the right thing instead of the” politicly correct ” and usually incorrect. A story that always makes me think of what America stood for in condensed form . During the first reading of The Declaration of Independence in New York city the citizens tore down a statue of King George and 40,000 musket balls were made out of it to use in the Revolutionary War. That’s the America I want back.

  91. Once upon a time America was blessed with leaders with a moral compass, they did the right thing instead of the” politicly correct ” and usually incorrect. A story that always makes me think of what America stood for in condensed form . During the first reading of The Declaration of Independence in New York city the citizens tore down a statue of King George and 40,000 musket balls to use in the Revolutionary War. That’s the America I want back.

  92. Sure would be nice to get a good man (or woman) in the office of President… I really miss a good moral, constitutional leader…. Or maybe never had one, and would be overjoyed to have one. God help us..

  93. Does anybody remember when some political leader band guns. Result:
    The ultimate solution. Extermination. Wake up America.

  94. Fellow readers help me understand something. All we hear about is closing gun show loopholes and regulating internet sales on firearms. I have yet to buy a gun from an online dealer, but I window shop from time to time. Every sight I go to transfers the gun to a ffl dealer that then performs a background check. I have been to plenty of gun shows and when you buy a gun they perform a background check so what are they trying to fix?

  95. Our Dear Leader, the Community-Organizer-in-Chief knows full well that when he calls for the “Politicizing” of mass ‘gun violence’ deaths, there will be a lot more of them (two, and counting, so far). These sociopath killers want to go out in a blaze of glory, publicity, fame, and notoriety, and having the leader (office holder) of the free world sharing his stage towards their efforts, NOW is their chance! Obama knows this full well, and using his twisted rationale that “any means are justified by his ends” in pushing his agenda, a few more inconsequential American citizen deaths are what’s necessary for him to succeed. Get ready for a flood of Obama’s (un-Constitutional) Executive Orders. His ultimate goal is not gun control, but people control. Just say, Hell no.

    In short, the first 13 States demanded, as a condition for their ratification of the Constitution, what eventually became the Second Amendment so they could defend themselves against an out-of-control central government, and bring it back in line with said Constitution.

    NOTE: The ‘militia’ does not mean our National Guard (now controlled by the Federal Government), it originally meant, and still does mean State militias that answered to their respective States. If you formed a militia today, the Feds will put you on their domestic terrorist list (and everything else is upside down, too, but that’s another story).

    1. @ Kent

      Not TRUE, That National Guard is controlled by the Governors of Each State during Peace Time and by the President in Times of War.

  96. If the government wants to reduce the nutjobs commiting gun violence they are going about it all wrong. There needs to be national reciprocity for ccw holders and outlaw gun free zones. Almost all of these shootings occur in places where the crazies think that they won’t be stopped by armed civilians. When Isis douchebags attempted to shoot up the Mohammed cartoon convention in Texas look what happened. I live in Pennsylvania where about 10 percent of our adult population have carrying permits with no mass shootings happening here.

  97. It does not matter what I think. The president is a pin head and he has done the same thing over and over again. Same actions, different day and locality. He is as predictable as the sunrise and sunset. He has never once suggested that increasing Mental Health Treatment may in some way help defusing the problems that cause these killings to start with. He has never been happy that the people who own guns and handle them in a proper manner, are not going to roll over for his wishes. He has an ego bigger than America. He fells that whatever he wants should be granted without question. He can babble on and on but in the end, he cannot make laws on his own that would take away our second amendment rights.

  98. I do not think it needs to be politicized. What needs to be published is the mental health issues most of the shooter have suffered from. It is not the Guns just the nuts that have them. It is giving the law abiding owners a bad rap. Check our European & other nations that have strict no gun policies & see what weapons are now used. We probably will have to outlaw knives hammers etc after the guns. People were killed with weapons way before guns were invented.

  99. He started the poloiticization immediately, and he is not done by a long shot ! This next week or very soon you will see a PO that will try to make it appear he has made some great accomplishment in gun control ? The reason for all of this attention is simple , it is a diversion to take peoples attention away from Putin’s actions and Obama’s total failures in the ME in general ! This is a convenient flash issue and he will certainly use it to divert his many criminal acts !

  100. One of the survivors said on the news that they felt gun free zones are a haven for this type of sick individual and also felt that a legally armed individual on campus could have prevented or reduced the loss of life. I was moved by the warm response to Obama’s visit by Oregon Citizens, LOL. Isn’t it interesting how the frequency of mass shootings has become a regular occurrence under this presidency. Kind of makes you wonder. Oh they wouldn’t do that would they…remember Fast & Furious? I fear that after the next suspicious and convenient mass shooting occurs under this president, he will whip out his pen and say if Congress won’t ban guns then I will by executive order, as he has done so freely in the past. He may even abolish the 2nd Amendment through executive order citing that it is outdated and does not apply to the modern society. Gang members always seem to get their hands on sub-machine guns and they could care less about federal prison unlike law abiding Citizens. Obama needs to get a handle on that problem and perhaps when he stops the supply of illegal weapons coming in from outside the US crime in the inner-city will drop. But then he is encouraging illegal immigration so no hope there. Look how well gun control is working in Obama’s precious Chicago where it’s nearly impossible to legally own or carry a handgun but all the gang members have them. Obama’s primary goal before he leaves office is “fundamental transform” of US Citizens into Servants. If you resist, don’t worry about social security because all your necessities will be provided for you in one of his conveniently located FEMA re-education camps, including free interment or possibly cremation. Don’t depend on the military since he fired all of the Patriotic military leaders. 1984 is just coming a little late.

  101. I think that gun laws are strong enough. The government needs to fond a way to better police them. This might cut down on some cases of extreme violence.

  102. The president was not speaking for us. One of the first thing Hitler did was to disarm the public. Read the book «The Harbinger» it describes how America, at this time is following along just like Germany did in Hitler’s time.
    Robert Green

  103. Not that I would agree with anything that’s come out of the HNIC’s mouth in relation to this particular topic, but Gun violence has been a Political Football at the Federal level since the Brady Bill. You can thank the Republican’s Golden Child Ronald Regan for that. That was about 30 years ago. SO this statement is nothing new. I voted for Obama in the last two elections not because He was the ideal Candidate but because the Republican backed alternatives were ridiculous Clowns that had no business in the White House. In the 8 years BO has been in office, not much has changed on the Republican side of the Isle. It is still well stocked with idiot assclowns. It is up to the Republican Party to get rid of people like Trump, Carson and the other nutjobs and supply Voters with a viable, sensible candidate that supports ALL parts of the 2nd Amendment along with being able work with the other branches with the goal of running this Country effectively. Otherwise, it is going to be an uphill battle for all gun owners with organizations like the NRA (which I don’t consider much better than the Left Wing Liberal Gun Control Zealots on the opposite side), laughing all the way to the Bank.

    1. Well Me you are obviously not an overly intelligent person, typical of the left, and here with your own little agenda. It is always fun to hear from the uninformed brainwashed crowd though. Thanks

    2. Well Jake, Obviously you’re planning on voting for Trump. LMAO.. You’re apparently a friggin brainwashed dumbass….SO yeah, thank YOU for your less than 2 cents worth and proving my point in the process..

    3. Oh i get it now, you’re a troll. No moron Trump is a long way from my first choice but i can assure you it won’t be Clinton. We just don’t need another lying socialist like Obama.
      Of course I’m sure a Kool-Aid drinkin sheep like you can’t wait to have Hilary in place

    4. Apparently you are either too dumb to understand or to lazy to actually read what I said…
      *Quote” It is up to the Republican Party to get rid of people like Trump, Carson and the other nutjobs and supply Voters with a viable, sensible candidate that supports ALL parts of the 2nd Amendment along with being able work with the other branches with the goal of running this Country effectively”. …end Quote. Once again, thanks for proving my point…

    5. To say you voted for BO because the other side ran RINOs is like saying if you got a cold, you should take a shot of malaria. And while Trump can seem kinda goofy, he still speaks to the issues that are at the heart of the problem. That’s why he resonates so strongly with the American people. Ben Carson shouldn’t be compared to Trump; he is a highly educated man, a true conservative, and best of all, not a career politician. Either one would be a far better choice than another RINO like Jeb Bush.

    6. Your analogy is pretty ridiculous and fairly ignorant. Let’s see, a cold with the Democrats or shooting yourself in the head with the Republicans is more accurate. Believe it or not, there was more at stake than just 2nd Amendment theology or interpretation. So far nobody has showed up to take any of my Guns. Has anyone asked for or taken yours? I mean you are legally able to own a firearm, correct??

      I have more Ammo on hand than I will ever realistically use. In fact since BO has taken Office, my “collection” has more than doubled. Background checks make sense. Spending a few extra minutes at the Gun Counter never bothered Me much. It gives me more time to “browse”.. I am all for weeding out as many screwballs as possible in the interest of Public Safety. In less you enjoy reading about Nutjobs shooting up Schools & Movie theatres, so should everyone else. If THAT makes me a “liberal”, so be it. I’m a Liberal. But I’m a gun owning Liberal. I also am a Lifetime NRA Member/Liberal. All this Media created 2nd Amendment hyperbole is the best thing that ever happened to the NRA. The Gun Manufactures/retailors have literally made out like Millionaires in Whore House.

      History is littered “highly educated tyrants, dumbasses and failures. BO is a Harvard Law Professor. Trump began his career at his father’s real estate company. Never went to college and spent a fair amount of his Career dodging allegations and indictments for violating NY State’s Fair Housing Laws. He is a NYC born & bred Attention Whore who grew up on his Daddy’s Money. If you think Trump has your 2nd Amendment Rights at heart, then you’re a bigger dumbass that I originally thought.

      Will History show BO a Dumbass or a failure? Time will tell, but with a Nobel Peace Prize (while in Office), the Capture of Bin Laden, the continuation of dismantling radical Islamic State, the nuclear non proliferation pact with Iran (if it comes to pass and I think it will).. Along the implementation of Nationalized Health Care (which for the record would have saved both my Parents & my Late Wife’s lives) if it had only come in time. (The Republicans did everything they could to block it)…I’m thinking History is going to be kind to BO and his Administration.

    7. ME- You should be very proud, you are a good Obamite. History is written by the victors so yes only time will tell. I am wondering though what Obama did by the time he was given the Nobel Prize to earn the prize? I wonder how you can claim the “continuation of dismantling radical Islamic State”. The nuclear non proliferation pact with Iran is a joke but perhaps you’re just going by what you heard on MSNBC. And, Obama Care is costing me considerably more money as it does for most working people and i can no longer go to my doctor of 20 years.
      History my in fact be kind to Obama but is depends on who is writing it. The 94 million people out of work may see it slightly different than you.

    8. Obamite?? LOL….Hardly….But I am open minded and intelligent enough to know Truth from lies, deceit, bigotry, incompetence, small mindedness and ignorance. Which is pretty much what the Republican Party has had to offer for the last decade & a half. I voted for Reagan, I voted for H.W. & G.W. Bush. I voted for Baby Bush twice. Both time’s I watched that administration Forrest Gump it’s ways down the years all but destroying this Nation’s Economy, General Welfare, and Military Security with deceit, incompetence, misplaced partisanship and just plain stupidity.

      Nobody will ever say BO was or is perfect. But as I stated previously, NOBODY HAS COME FOR MY GUNS. The only people that are taking advantage of this Media created Circus are the Gun & Ammo Manufacturers and organizations like the NRA. I’ll toss Political Writers like the One that wrote this article in with them.

      The hard truth is that if Nationalized Healthcare is breaking Your Wallet, it’s because you are either too uninformed, or unmotivated to do something about it. Is it perfect? Far from it….BUT IT’S A START. Financially over burdened Family’s can afford to insure their Kids, and the Elderly are no longer forced to choose between buying food or buying medicine. That is FAR more than anyone from the Republican side of the discussion has even attempted to accomplish.

      As I said before, the first Administration in modern politics to forward Gun Control legislation was a Republican One. A self described & self heralded CONSERVATIVE one at that. So calling someone a Liberal because they support a safe 2nd Amendment over a Free For All where any Nutjob with the cash can park a Machine Gun in his living room is a disingenuous, selfish and stupid.

      Have a Nice Day..

    9. “PARK A MACHINE GUN IN HIS LIVING ROOM”. ” Obviously you don’t have a clue. Id be willing to wager you’ve never voted for a Republican. I’d also be willing to wager you don’t know one end of a gun from another. You are a good troll though, I’ll give you that.
      Oh and by the way millions are paying more for health Ins under Obama care but of course MSNBC doesn’t report that so you wouldn’t know.
      Yes I said OBAMITE………….

    10. Oh Puleese….Every time One of You Right Wing Screwball Paranoid Republitards gets backed into a corner with a dose of truth, Your inevitable response is to start calling people names and making accusations & assertions that You HAVE to know are ridiculous, stupid and unprovable. Typical Jerry Springer mentality.

      I live 8 miles from a Nationally sanctioned 1000 yard PALMA range. I literally grew up there running targets and hand loading competition grade Ammo for myself and other shooters.. I’ve been a Hunter all my life. I’ve hunted on 4 of the 7 Continents. I own more guns than all the people you probably know combined.

      There’s a whole lot more I could say to your stupid narrow minded comments but quite frankly, you’re just not worth the trouble. Go in Peace. Rest in Peace. Enjoy Your Delusions..

    11. That Nobel Peace prize is a joke! Totally meaningless drivel. Do you recall the other 3 presidents who received that award? Teddy Roosevelt, a big-government progressive; Woodrow Wilson, our first Socialist president; and Jimmy Carter, our weakest and most inept president until 2009. And let’s not forget Algore and his global-warming scam. That not only earned him this “prestigious” award, but also made him filthy rich. If the Nobel Prize was actually merit-based, it would have gone to Ronald Reagan for ending the cold war.

    12. Wow I guess all that Hope and changy stuff must have worked out pretty good for you!! It sure didn’t for me..!! Nor for the 95 million not working or doubled number on EBT from 23 to 47 million. The Nations debt doubled from 8 now 19 trillion. My insurance doubled in cost.. Kids are throwing out their food at school. and the Middle East is set for World War !!! Great Job Mr. President! Also you must say, the best Gun and Ammo sales man in history of this Nation.
      The Liberals have gotten everything they wanted and this Country is a Mess..The only thing stopping them from taking more gun rights away is the NRA. They represent all law abiding Gun Owners and defend the 2 Amendment. You might want to just turn over your Fire Arms to your Local Police Dept. Drink some more Liberal Kool Aid and Tune in to NPR . God Help this Nation if we get another Liberal for President!

    13. You must have a memory about 10 seconds long. God help this Country if we get another GW Bush for President.

    14. The Bushes are all RINOs, part of the problem. We need real conservative leadership, someone like Ted Cruz, if we are to have any hope left at all for this once-great nation. Although with half of the voters (legal or not) just voting for more money for themselves at the expense of the other half, it’s probably too late already.

  104. It has to be politicized because nothing else has worked. The problem is politics but everyone is afraid to admit it. The problem is the left wants everything their way and the right wants everything their way and neither is willing to move an inch towards the middle.

    Freedom is not free!

    I had to take driving lessons and a test and be of legal age to drive a car. And I am fine with that. Cars are dangerous. I have to registry my car and (except for the taxes) I am fine with that too. It helps to ensure I will get it back if stolen. I don’t see it any infringement of my Right to own my gun if I have to do the same to own and carry a gun. That is a cost I am willing to pay for my freedom to own and carry my G17.

    That does not mean anyone is going to come and take away my gun, nor does it keep me from buying another gun.

    I agree that the NRA is over reaching and it is because of them and their deep pockets buying “politicians” that nothing is getting done in Washington or in our local communities to help stop people who should never come near a gun, have one – or 14 guns!

    I do think I should be able to carry my G17 wherever I want because I went through the advanced training and hours of practice at the range to be confident I can hit the target OR KNOW NOT TO SHOOT if I don’t have a clean shot.

    What I don’t want is 20 untrained, scared, gun toting students emptying their magazines from 20 different directions at a bad guy. Innocent bystanders will surely die.

    So there has to be some balance and that can only happen through politics. And it has to be at the federal level so I can freely travel from Nebraska to California to Florida to New York carrying my G17 every where I go. Again, that can only be done through the political parties working together.

  105. A Matter of Private/Personal and National Security
    As a veteran that served during the Viet Nam debunkle I learned very early that fire power was and is the key to being secure, confident and able to respond to any and all threats of aggression, oppression and terrorism be it domestic or foreign.
    Even though the 2nd Amendment was authored to protect the natural and universal right to protect ourselves by all means necessary be it handgun shotgun semi automatic rifle or baseball bat, we have governments that are threatened by the fact that we are armed. This government literally doesn’t want us to have the right and ability to protect ourselves, our families, property and our communities.
    Why is that? Why is this administration making it such a priority to control, limit the possession of fire arms of lawful citizens of America (notice I said America and not the US)? Could it be the UN?
    To answer that question, it is imperative that we take a very hard and serious look to the pass for the history of some of the most totalitarian, oppressive and murderous governments in the history of mankind.
    As you review the following historical data, keep the why in your mind.
    Here are some hard facts that need to be integrated into any truly intelligent comprehensive critical thinking about the gun issue.
    A Little Gun History
    • In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    • In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    • Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
    • China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    • Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    • Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    • Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century as the result of gun control: 56 million and I will assume that 99.9% were normal working class people that were absolutely no threat to their respective governments. A total violation of human right to defend themselves and their neighbor, if need be.
    Notice that regardless of the politics, whether communist, socialist, dictatorial, it made no difference.
    Now democracy wants to join and become a member of the historical record of murderers and assassins.
    You won’t see this on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information. Why? The answers in the history and half of the writing of history is the hiding of truth.
    During World War II the Japanese and Germany realized and understood that if they did concur American and allied military forces they could not and would not concur the American Citizens. Only the people, exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear whatever arms necessary would not be taken easily.
    Personal or individual opinions of gun ownership are not in question here and are not the key issue. John Q Public really doesn’t care if his boss, neighbor, barber, insurance person owns an AK- 47, M4, AR-15 semi or auto. Our neighbors do not care. It seems to be the governments that are more comfortable with a disarmed citizenry. We need a real answer to that real question, without the spin. If we can’t get an answer to the obvious, we need only to look to the pass.
    One of the hardest realizations to face is that the most dangerous murderers have been tyrants waging war against those within their own borders who disagree with them and might undermine their power and control. Most Americans think it can’t happen here, but it is already happening. People from Italy, Russia, Germany, Spain, Argentina, China and other countries are consistently telling us that the early stages of the destructive tyrannies in their countries were just like what is happening now in the US — as well as in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe etc.
    The people of a small township in Georgia are advised and encouraged by the then elected Sheriff to arm themselves, and I might add without a conceal carry permit. Not all are gun owners and do not carry a side arm, but that’s the beauty of it, the element of surprise…keeps the bad guys guessing.
    Population 126,321 (approx 96,000 are adults)
    Domestic Violence 2% (guns may or may not have been in the home)
    Assault/Battery 2% (week-end good times, no weapons used but all were armed)
    Homicide 0
    Burglary 0
    Robbery 0
    Home Invasion 0
    Total 4%

    Detroit’s police chief, James Craig, ran a little experiment in 2014, Craig encouraged the city’s residents to arm themselves. His police department issued over 1,100 handgun permits. More than 8,100 guns were registered in the city.
    As a result, crime dropped by 12 percent.
    But Craig wasn’t finished. In a survey of 1,800 felons, he discovered that “armed citizens” were their single biggest fear.
    I will make it my mission to disseminate these facts to everyone, if I have to personally pass this information out on the street corners of America. And you need to know that I’ll have a lot of help.

    Any law enforcement officer that is capable of critical thinking and capable of individual thought will agree that lawfully armed citizens make his job a lot safer and easier. He knows they are there, protecting themselves and their communities from the bad guys.

  106. Hi im a patriot amd i hunt ,fish and a NRA member and im so sick and tired of people saying we have enough proof to impeach obama why isn’t he behind bars like the terrorist he is ?????well I’ll tell you why he’s the d3vil himself and totally evil and if you cut his head off he will grow another he must be destroyed !!!!! God save us from that monster amen

  107. Because: Our Constitutional Rights derive from the Natural Law and our Citizenship – not our ‘character’ or mental state be they real or imagined.
    And: The fear of others is insufficient on its face to use as a basis for depriving others of their Constitutionally protected Rights.
    And: No US Citizen can be arrested and charged with a crime for doing nothing other than freely exercising a Constitutionally protected Right.
    We can see how the Federal government quite clearly has no actual authority whatsoever to impose conditions or limits of any sort on The People’s Constitutional Rights – which by definition includes the 2nd Amendment.
    Further, no US Citizen can be charged with a crime for refusing to comply with any infringement of their Rights.

    That being said, the NRA is being set up to look like some kind of monster – when in fact they are effectively powerless and always have been. The only reason the Government allows the NRA and other groups like them to exist is because they provide the illusion of ‘doing something about it’ to the millions of people who would otherwise actually be doing something about it.
    The proof is easy enough to see: The NRA and all the others have never once successfully lobbied to restore any class of Citizen’s rights once the government has illegally taken them away. The only people whose Rights they ‘defend’ are those whom the government grants permission to exercise them.
    Now, what do you all suppose NEEDS to be done about that?

    1. Sounds like a few ready to jump on the Oblahblah band wagon and trash the NRA. The NRA may not be everything they pretend to be but they have been a big help to gun rights.

  108. I am completely fed-up with the inundation the ” news readers ” regurgitate every time some ” mainsreamed ” nut manages to attack in a ” gun free ” zone ! If the number of infanticides at a Planned Parenthood abattoir was under ten the place would shut down . Chicago on the worst of days has far fewer murders than the abortion factories in that city ; and NOT ONE WORD in the ” news ” .

  109. Everyone was stunned, horrified and grieved when the story unfolded of the latest school shooting in Roseburg. Equally disappointing, again, to hear our POTUS politicize this tragedy yet again with useless calls for gun control. This misplaced ardor should be channeled into an effective methods to reduce and eliminate these horrific happenings.

    Making campuses a “gun-free zone” is just plain stupid and only contributes to a higher death count. Stupid restrictions on guns only do the same thing.

    It took the first police only six minutes to arrive at Umpqua Community College. However, those precious six minutes could have made the difference between 9 people losing their lives and perhaps far fewer, as statistics prove. When a public place does not permit a lawful concealed carry permit holder to carry a weapon (whether a teacher, student or visitor), or have an armed security presence, then the ONLY people that will have a gun on campuses will be the individual with criminal intent. They will have free reign to do whatever they wish, until the police arrive.This campus was effectively a gun-free campus. Their policy from their student handbook states, “Possession, use, or threatened use of firearms … on college property, except as expressly authorized by law or college regulations, is prohibited.”

    FACT: In a study of 100 mass shootings it is shown the average number of people killed when stopped by police is 14.29; the average number of people killed when stopped by a civilian is 2.33. (

    A) Let’s get rid of this stupid notion that “gun-free zones” have any practical value whatsoever.
    B) Let’s pursue ideas that allow trained individuals (whether private security, retired police, staff or private citizens with concealed carry training and licensing) to carry weapons on school grounds and in other public places.
    C) Let’s address how to effectively identify and monitor those with mental issues and restrict them from being able to purchase/own firearms. We have sufficient history (unfortunately) to be able to do this.
    D) Let’s define how those who take psycho-active drugs (which have been present in the vast majority of mass shooters) and keep them from possession/ownership of firearms.

    These issue have rarely been even adequately discussed, yet they are the most likely avenues through which serious strides can be made in reducing or eliminating such disasters.

    Statistics prove that those states where concealed carry permits are easily obtained (with proper training) and are a “shall issue” state, those states have a decidedly lower rate of violent crime (see Florida, Texas, etc.).

  110. Are they going to ban plastic water bottles because they can be filled with gasoline?
    What about pressure cookers?
    Rocks, sticks over a certain size?
    I have guns in my closet and beside my bed and I have never seen not a single one of the move on their own. So how is it that “GUNS KILL PEOPLE”?
    I thought it was people that kill people. Crazy people.
    How can you “disarm” every craze person to the point that they can absolutely not harm themselves or anyone else?
    As a people we would go back to eating raw meat with our fingers.
    It is true that guns are very efficient killing machines but so are meat cleavers, butcher knives, baseball bats, cars, buses and trains.
    Where would it stop? No more bows and arrows.

  111. Thanks to the Oregonians for showing “the skunk” just what millions of gun owners really think about his policies….NRA should organize a 10 million gun owners march on washington to get rid of gun free zones…

  112. Maybe the effect of having violent gun shooting video games and violent gun shooting TV shows all day long , year after year is having the expected results. Young people who can not differentiate between reality and fantasy. That is about 20,000 hours of violence driven into the brains of a 25 year old. Even an ape would shoot people after that much mind numbing exposure. If we believe in total freedom of anything goes, than we also should expect the results. Instead of more gun control why don’t we spend the money and effort on improving the family unit and teaching basic right and wrong.

  113. Seven short years after 911 and the libtards vote in a muslim for president, Now they all sit back and scratch theirs empty heads wondering what happened. Did you all get your free phone yet?

  114. Obozo wants to be a dictator so bad he can taste it. He has done more to divide the American people with his racial rhetoric, riot inciting hate speeches against God loving Americans and law enforcement than any mass shooter has done. The son of bitch finances and arms our enemies. My point is why hasn’t this treasonous bastard been impeached and prosecuted yet ?!!

  115. This country was once founded as the grand democracy experiment, a great nation made up of diverse people and backgrounds.
    There was and still is no other country like it.
    Imagine a country by the people for the people.

    Seems it’s become a social experiment now.
    Government completely out of control, rights slowly being broomed under the carpet.
    The state’s given up their independent rights to a tyrannical government that treats its citizens as children.
    Controlling the media, dictating what we do and what we need to know including all moral and ethical standards.
    Blaming guns, knives, baseball bats or any thing instead of the criminal and in turn destruction of our justice system.

    Where are the Patriots.

    1. A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It will exist only until the voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

      From that moment on, the majority will always vote for candidates promising the most benefits resulting in a democracy that is destined to collapse because of loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

    2. Obama really needs to focus on getting the hell out of office with his rediculous views and policies. obamacare is an disaster and now he wants to disarm law abiding citizens, WHY? instead of talkin about GUN violence, he needs to focus on VIOLENCE period. why is there so much violence in America. and I pray we don’t get Hillary in office or we are really screwed.. NO MORE DEMOCRATS

    3. Contact your state and federal elected senators and congressmen and tell them to have hearings on the prescription drugs EVERYONE WHO HAS COMMITTED ONE OF THESE IS OR HAS BEEN ON ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDICATION. Look it up. Power goes to those that show up.

  116. Giving up guns equates to Tyranny from the Government… It happened in Germany and will here if we allow it to happen. I know what I will do… DO YOU know?

  117. Sure by all means…let`s emulate the morons of England. Let`s give up our guns KNOWING that it will NOT stop homicides, in trade for a weaker nation. Let`s give up our guns so a tyrannical govt. will have a cakewalk down easy street so we can become JUST LIKE ENGLAND. Obam is without a doubt the most IGNORANT POTUS this nation has ever seen!

  118. It’s really ignorant that the liberal crowd, including Gabby Giffords, are jumping all over this NAU Flagstaff shooting and making it seem like the final straw for achieving their ignorant intentions. These frat boys at NAU were fighting with each other and one pulled a gun. This kind of thing probably happens in Chicago every day, with men and gangs fighting and someone pulls a gun. This can happen anywhere in any state at any time, and it can be a knife, a club, or any other weapon.

    I’m really angry at the news coverage today, so I had to write this.

  119. Personally I think it is wrong to politicize someone’s death regardless of circumstances. Let the families have their time in mourning and prayer for closure. In reality he has offended them, and could careless. Even his trip to this town will not close these peoples wounds. From what the news is announcing he is not welcome. They really do not wish to hear his gun control BS.

    1. Does anyone think that these incidents aren’t interconnected and used as tools to addle and confuse the American people into capitulation??

      Barack Øb☭ma has POLITICIZED everything and anything he can to attain his legacy. Øb☭ma is the absolute worst thing that has happened to freedom!!

  120. NOW, to add fuel to the anti-gun rhetoric, the latest school shooting in Arizona. One dead, three wounded, the shooter in custody. Barry is sure to take advantage of this shooting. CRACKPOT THEORY: Obama and other Liberal Gun-Grabbers are somehow arranging these shootings to promote a National Gun Confiscation. Don’t think so? Look to history for crimes committed by the U.S. Government against it’s own population. WW 1, Wilson suspends Habeus Corpus , American Citizens can be arrested and help without cause or trial for an indefinite period of time. WW 2, Japanese Americans arrested and help in interment camps, without cause. The 1950’s the U.S. Government releases germs into NYC subway tunnels to study the affect of these germs in densely crowed population. The Murrah Bombing OKC,(if conspiracy theorist are correct). Clinton caused the bombing to be done to promote Martial Law and gain control of the government. It wouldn’t be the first nor will it be the last time politicians have harmed or killed their own people to promote an agenda.

    1. @ Roy Holbert.

      George W., Lobbied Congress in 2006 to Suspend the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, and FAILED. Then Did it Again in 2008, and SUCCEEDED. Obama, REINSTATED the Act in 2011 by Executive Order.

    2. Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shoots JFK & others. He was killed by Jack Ruby,(who would shortly die of “cancer”), before he can be brought to trial. Most of the more recent shooters are shooting themselves before they can be brought to trial, this time one is caught before he kills himself. How long will he live before trial. Curious, isn’t it??? FACT – The US government, and many others, have experimented with various forms of mind control for nefarious reasons.

  121. McRuger- you do what you can. I picked up my family and got the hell out of Conn and moved down South.Best move I ever made.These are my kind of people who still practice America.Sure we got our share of a-holes but its nothing compared to the animal houses of the northeast.L aiso have a big mouth and look for libs to argue with. just to piss them off.Be prepared brother and let the assholes know it Life Member NRA

    1. Steve i actually should apologize for my post. We all do what we can and what we are comfortable with. I sometimes get very exercised that WE are not more visible and active. I also need to keep in mind that the administration is hoping we do something stupid to justify further action on their part. I would love to see the day WE put a million patriots on the Mall in DC.

    2. steve b and McRuger: Quite often on these CTD blog discussions I am a rather strident anti-socialist voice. I applaud LOUD voices telling anyone who will listen that America is headed for destruction. By destruction I mean that the Federal government and many State governments are actively turning the screws on freedom of ANY KIND. Private, American citizen, ownership of guns that are the equal to what police and our military have (yes, I’m serious, and I know that it sounds crazy) because there is a growing set of elected officials in Washington, Federal bureaucrats and law enforcement at the Federal level who believe that the Federal government should be in absolute CONTROL of the country. The small area of our country named Washington D.C. is a reality distortion field that sucks in new comers and warps their thinking very, very quickly. The prevailing gestalt in Washington D.C. is that America needs a centralized, firm (backed up by Federally controlled guns) and all powerful government. What they really believe in is fascism. Most of America is asleep and has been lulled by seventy years of relative prosperity and are more interested in their six pack and the NFL. (I gave up all sports watching/following over 15 years ago because I felt I was not paying attention to what was truly important in America and the world.) I believe that we are very far down the road to the Federal government openly crushing State power of any kind, Federalizing all State and local police. They will do this with targeted examples of putting Police departments under scrutiny for their lawful Policing tactics and calling them racists and by finding State officials who are bucking a Federal environmental law or some such and literally destroying that official. The screws will be turned faster and faster until all levels of government will be scared to do anything that the Federal government is against.

      I know this is a dark vision for America. My basis for these thoughts stem from the fact that the party in Washington D.C. that we have depended upon, hoped for help from, the Republicans have in the last seven years proven that they aren’t conservative, freedom loving representatives and senators. As a group (there are a handful who are working for us!), they are only playing the Washington D.C. power game. This power game has nothing to do with what good Americans want, it is simply the gaining and exercising of power. In addition, there are a HUGE number of Republicans who simply want to stay in their cushy $174K jobs, eat $1000 dinners courtesy of K Street lobbyists and retire at 50% of $174K with access to Federal healthcare not the ACA they set up for all of us little people. I am convinced that the only way out is an Article 5 set of Constitutional amendments that literally tear out 90% of the Federal governments power over States and citizens. The amendments should address many things and I believe a good start is Mark Levin’s Freedom Amendments (you can get this book on Amazon). In addition to Mark’s set of amendments, I would go much further. The Federal government should be explicitly constrained to a very, very small set of responsibilities. In addition to the defined set of responsibilities we should also, have metrics to measure the Federal government’s performance and if it fails some bar of performance measurement, the President and all 535 members of Congress should be removed by law in an orderly fashion over a two year period. This will focus anyone who REALLY WANTS to be an elected Federal official on their actual job and not on looking more and more things for the Federal government to control and ruin.

      I am sixty years old. I look back at what the Federal government has said it will do in my lifetime and what the results are. The record is nearly 100% failure. The Federal government cannot do anything well, if at all.

      I would want to limit the Federal government to the following specific tasks:

      – In conjunction with and with the assent of all States involved, define and maintain the interstate road system
      – Maintain the U.S. Navy in size and readiness to keep the seas safe for American shipping interests
      – Maintain other armed services to allow the U.S. to respond with overwhelming force against enemies of the U.S. (We need to severely curtail the President’s ability to deploy force without a 60% vote in both houses of Congress)
      – Make treaties between the U.S. and other countries as long as no Federal or State law or Constitutional right is abrogated by the treaty
      – Maintain the Post Office with the power to eliminate it in areas of the country where a more competitive, private service is available and willing to maintain the service
      -Maintain a centralized law enforcement information repository to allow the law enforcement in each State to see the ‘big picture’ across the country

      That’s it. Nothing else. No Federal drug laws, EPA regulations, etc.

    3. Well put I totally agree. There was a time Gov. did not foul Everything up After WW2 when the Greatest Generation came back Truman deported 2 million illegals in order to give more jobs to those Blessed Vets. Eisenhower in 1954 actually deported 13 MILLION ILLEGAL MEXICANS in Operation Wetback. That was when America had Leaders with testicles Mc Ruger you never have to apologize to me
      I believe you are as pissed off as I am

    4. Yep. I am very, very angry at the literal traitors in government. I am quite serious about the word traitor. As I understand it, at the Federal level a traitor is a person who gives aid and comfort to the enemy. Well, we’ve been at war for quite a few years (I don’t care if the war is declared or undeclared, out troops are out there fighting and sometimes dying; that’s a war.) Many in government are actively aiding and definitely giving comfort to many of our enemies.

    5. Sean, you`ve said everything I`ve thought of over the last…oh, at least 10 years. This is NOT the country that I grew up in. The worse thing that happened to our country was POLITCAL: CORRECTNESS. Our leaders have used this to tear this country to pieces. I am 58 years old so I parallel with much of your thought process and agree with an article 5 set of Constitutional amendments to “jump start” this country” Unfortunately I believe it will take a military coup before that can take place. Anything we must do to END this political charade is ok with me

    6. @Sean: I would add to severely limit the number of executive orders the president can write so that the president will have to think about when one really needs to be written.

  122. Yet here we sit, again, complaining, pounding our chests, Molon Labe. Everyone is pissed about what we know is happening but we will sit and do nothing until it is too late. When the socialists have won we can tell our grand children how we did nothing but bitch to each other on the computer as we tell them about a time when America was free.

    1. I`m open to any, and all ideas McRugar, and I mean any. My email should anyone wish to spout their ideas, here it is.
      I would suggest that anyone who wishes to do something other than “complain as McRugar puts it, post your emails too. Maybe this would set off a chain reaction to action! I hear your post McRugar

  123. Not one mention from our fearless leader about the intentional killing of Christians in Roseburg. But he readily jumps on politicizing the shootings in order to advance his gun control agenda. Had the criminally insane Brit, yes he was a British National and of mixed blood just like our dear old CIC, been confronted by students, or staff capable of returning fire things may have turned out differently. These mass murderers aren’t NRA members. They aren’t your average American. They are criminally insane. They need to be taken off the streets and institutionalized. As these nut cases are treated for mental illness that needs to be put into the FBI’s system so when background checks are run that is a red flag and they aren’t able to purchase a weapon. The progressive left makes me sick. They are slowly but surely attacking the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights until it fits their ideology.

    1. Im guessing he didnt want to politicize it LOL being the shooter was a registered republican that is.

  124. @ sinbad.

    You might what to Reread the 1990 Revision of the Ethnicity and Race Laws. Because Birth Mother determines Ethnicity and Race, Not the “Seed” Father. That being the Case, President Obama is WHITE, not BLACK. Chew on that one, Slick!

    1. Herr Katzenjammer-Muslims determine the religion of offspring by the religion of the father..When I was In Iran in 1970 I got surrounded by hundreds of young men who did not care where I was from.All they cared about was what my religion was.Tatoo this inside inside your cranium:religious Muslims Put Religion Above All Else-including your right to Life

    2. @ Steve b.

      As I recall, Obama’s Father was born a Luo-Roman Catholic and converted to Islam later in life. Your NOT Born into a Belief. Obama’s Mother was a and Grandparent’s were Atheists. When Obama became of Age, he became a Protestant Christian.

    3. His name then was Barry Sotoero. His “Christain” name He ALONE changed it to Barak Hussein Obama…that my friend is “Muslim” NOW tell me that piece of crap isn`t a Muslim???

    4. problem is, like with his birth certificate , even when his full length BC was released and published in papers across the country, those who dont want to believe it, still wont. No matter what. Even if they have solid proof that Obama was not a Muslim but a Christian, I doubt you would believe it. Because you dont want to. Not because its not possible or true. Which I dont know if its true or not. I do know there are many Muslims who hate the radical muslims just as much as you do, and that the majority of Muslims, over 1 billion in the world, are not radicals who hide behind their faith to commit murder, but just want to live in peace like most of us do. But then again, for those who dont want to believe that, they never will .

    5. @ Bigmag47.

      What does that prove? I use to work with a guy named Jim. He had his name Legally Changed to “Pony Boy”, as far as I know his Religion Stayed the Same.

    6. Yes but do you know anyone black or white that doesn’t consider him black. Not that it makes any difference but that is how people are.

    7. Muslim is a religious belief pertaining to the civilization of Islam . As far as Obama being white.Just know your friends laugh at you behind your back.
      I don’t recall anyone saying Obama was the first White president.But you can paint him with whatever colored brush that floats your boat.I never mentioned a dam thing about color and I don’t need to read your 1990 Revision off anything my point was he’s a self proclaimed Muslim. My comment as short as it was directed at the fact he’s a Muslim gun grabbing prick.If you have a problem with it then what are you doing on a gun site.Just one off those guys that has a need to argue about stupid things?

    8. @ sinbad.

      Both my Parents, were Lutheran’s. I was BORN into a Lutheran Family. When I came of Age, I became a DIEST.

    9. “Leave a comment

      Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. Please be respectful of others. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval.”

      Obviously , this is not a true statement..

  125. So let me get this straight. “He said, “And I would particularly ask America’s gun owners—who are using those guns properly, safely, to hunt, for sport, for protecting their families—to think about whether your views are properly being represented by the organization that suggests it’s speaking for you.”” but just before that he said “Obama also said in those remarks following the shooting that the only way to halt “gun violence” was for voters to choose politicians in 2016 who would vote to disarm citizens:” – so which is it? The latter I’m pretty sure. He’s counting on people being so stupid as to believe his now notorious redirect . And he would be right – for the sheep.

    1. Just think these shootings happened in a gun free zone or in Arizona nearly a gun free zone since the students were allowed to have guns but had to keep them locked up in their car. A lot of good that does when you are sitting in the classroom and the SHTF. Just like in Houston where a Jack in the Box kept getting robbed because the had a sign on their door “No gun allowed”. If a criminal knows knows he may be challenged by people with guns he will think twice about trying something.

  126. Obama is a worm. He is the worst president we have ever had. Period. He has put the USA in more jeopardy than any other president.

  127. Obama must think we are all a bunch of idiots. That nobody is going to look up Australia’s crime data. After Australia’s gun ban, Sydney is experiencing 160% increase in violent crime and the country has seen a 20% increase in gun related homicides. There are days it would be nice to be next the podium when he is doing this, and jump up, and publicly call him a liar.

  128. Paris train hero Spencer Stone in serious condition after stabbing in Sacramento today. Obama to call for knives to be banned (sarc. – don’t hold your breath).

    Prayers for the hero turned stabbing victim.

  129. ” Politically”, which is the way the Obama administration looks at everything, any time they can depict anyone as victims, and depict themselves as their rescuers. Their specialty is never letting a good crisis go to waste.

  130. You guys are right .It is about perceptions that thelow information voter can accept. That is why Hillary has reversed herself all over the place. Barack Hussein is the same . He does not care about you or yours one bit, but he wants your vote.perceptions is what Roseberg is all about and why Chicago is not even mentioned.Black lives are important but black votes are what its all about if you are concerned about perceptions. Dems already own the black vote therefore they dont have to work at it. However Roseberg is White and that is why Barack Hussein is there.Guns are the catalyst., but white votes are the issue.

  131. Of course the current occupant of the white house will politicize this issue. Committed socialists aren’t like most Americans. They will do ANYTHING to advance their agenda. Lie, steal, kill (not by their own hands usually, but they will set up situations where blood is spilled and then take advantage of it). ANYTHING. I expect no less from committed socialists. Interestingly, even though Karl Marx is the key intellect and author of the socialist manifesto along with Friedrich Engels (most often referred to as the Communist Manifesto these days), he was seen as weak and nearly useless to Vladimir Lenin. Lenin only trusted those who would riot or cause riots, and use guns if necessary to make violent change. Lenin supported using weapons to force their changes in Russia. As soon as he rose to power he quickly did what all socialists do: take all the guns away from the subjects under their control and make sure that they have a loyal military/police force to wield firepower on their behalf.

    Obama is doing everything he can to push forward to eventual gun confiscation. He is talking about ‘common sense’ gun control measures ‘like in Australia.’ In Australia a mass shooting was taken advantage of and the socialists in that country extremely quickly, and on the tide of emotion, passed a nearly total ban on the private ownership of firearms. Obama doesn’t say he is for banning all private ownership of guns because he knows 70% of the American public (even many Democrats) are pro private ownership of guns. But, he does know that if he keeps repeating phrases that sound reasonable, ignorant people will be convinced. I know most readers of this space remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” He repeated this over and over again along with other Democrats. It is obvious to anyone with a brain that this was a bald faced lie. Obama probably knows that he won’t get a gun ban during his Presidency, but if he can move the ball further up the field towards what will turn out to be fascism with only the Federal government having guns and smaller amounts of guns in State officials hands, his ultimate goal with eventually be realized. The progression is usually something like this:

    – restrictions on who can qualify for gun ownership
    – tighter and tighter restrictions on gun ownership every time something in the news makes it possible
    – registration of all firearms in private hands or you are a felon
    – confiscation of those registered firearms

    This sequence is very well known to the socialists.

    Why do socialists do this? Because they don’t simply want the freedom to live the way they want to, but they want to force everyone else to live as they dictate. If you don’t believe what they believe you must be crushed or convinced. Because they can’t kill everyone who disagrees with them, they have re-education camps or gulags to tune up the thinking of wayward citizens. Keep ’em locked up for twenty years and most of the fight is knocked out of them – if they survive the gulag.

    This is the ultimate zero sum game.

    Fortunately, in the last five to ten years Americans as a whole are distrusting government in general and the Federal government in particular and believe in the framers of the Constitution intent with the 2nd Amendment: To allow the citizens of this country to defend themselves from a tyrannical Federal government. If a State became tyrannical you could simply move to another State. You cannot escape the Federal government’s reach. This is why the framers wrote the Constitution with a specific, enumerated set of Federal responsibilities. The Federal government as it is currently constituted, is an illegal entity.

    1. Obama probably knows that he won’t get a gun ban during his Presidency, but if he can move the ball further up the field*******Dianne Feinstein want’s to confiscate all so called assault weapons . on CBS’s 60 Minutes, Feinstein said, “If I could’ve gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them — Mr. and Mrs. America turn ’em all in — I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.” So we all know Feinstein’s ultimate goal.

      Sarah Brady speaking on behalf of HCI on “The Phil Donahue
      Show” September 1994. “We must get rid of all the guns.”
      If the head of the biggest control organization and the most active Senator and Sarah Brady about gun control want to take alway all guns, why are you surprised that people think that there are people who want to ban guns? In 1976, then chairman of the Brady Campaign, Nelson “Pete” Shields stated in New Yorker Magazine, June 26, 1976,

      “We’ll take one step at a time, and the first is necessarily – given the political realities – very modest. We’ll have to start working again to strengthen the law, and then again to strengthen the
      next law and again and again. Our ultimate goal, total control of handguns, is going to take time. The first problem is to slow down production and sales. Next is to get registration. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and ammunition (with a few exceptions) totally illegal…………the legacy lives on.

  132. I believe Australia took all the guns away.
    Legalize conceal and open carry laws and then we’ll see where the crime rate goes.
    What are the stats within the jurisdiction that allow carry?

    1. Ken, get and read all the books written by Professor John Lott. While it was quite a few years ago now, Lott was a college professor who wanted to use nation wide gun ownership and crime statistics to show, one way or another, what the effect of legalized self defense with guns and shall issue concealed carry. He has authored a number of books on this subject (they are all still in print and available on Amazon; search for John R Lott Jr). Put simply, the title of his seminal book “More Guns Less Crime” is a true statement. I can’t remember how long ago it was first published (gotta be over ten years though and several new editions have been published with updated data), but he, his statistics and conclusions have been attacked many, many times. Lott defends his work successfully whenever there is a true discussion. At this point the anti-gunners won’t talk about him or argue his data at all. They tried and got their head handed to them on a platter. They can only ignore him because if they even mention his name more people will read his books.

      As for Australia, after the gun confiscation crime and murders went UP. The University of Melbourne several years back put out a statistics backed study that concluded that the gun confiscation did not make anyone safer and did not save any lives. While it didn’t quite go there, there are some comments and some graphs that indicate that the gun confiscation actually caused MORE deaths.

      I was on a business trip to Australia about three years ago. One night I was listening to the local news and there was a report that the port authorities had discovered a shipping container (A SHIPPING CONTAINER!) full of guns. Handguns, rifles, AK’s etc. Stuffed full. At the end of the report the authorities commented that they were sure they did not get all of the smuggled containers bringing in weapons.

      Banning guns only leads to good people getting killed and a crushing, deadly tyranny by those in power.

  133. Darn right that mass shooting should be politicized. EVERY mass shooting should be politicized.

    And this is exactly HOW every mass shooting should be politicized:

    Every time there is a mass shooting, sane politicians should urge the voters to run out of office every politician who has ever supported any gun-control measure that would NOT have prevented that particular shooting, and to give support to every politician who has proposed a constitutional measure that WOULD have prevented that particular shooting.

    This would put an end to the political career of every politician who has ever supported any gun-control measure that has ever been proposed, because no gun-control measure EVER proposed could prevent a nutcase from committing a crime of extreme irrational hatred in a gun-free zone.

    Like all mass shootings, gun control ITSELF was a significant cause of that particular mass shooting. The nutcase killer chose to attack his victims in a “gun-free zone,” as opposed to any other location where they might possibly be able to defend themselves, SPECIFICALLY in order to extract the greatest amount of damage and thus to secure his infamy. Mass shootings ALWAYS are about securing INFAMY.

    If we take away the enticement of defenseless targets in “gun-free zones,”these nutcase mass shooters will not be able to gain INFAMY. So, in their inherently cowardly way, any potential mass shooter will HAVE TO find some other outlet for whatever causes them to want INFAMY and, perhaps, even get the help they so desperately need.

    Until the nutcases are under control, gun-control measures are completely irrelevant. For example a nutcase recently used a cop’s gun to commit a mass shooting in California — proving that, unless guns are taken from cops, too, some nutcases and criminals will ALWAYS be able to get guns one way or another.

    When the nutcases are under control, if guns start going off on their own to commit crimes, then we can deal with those mechanical defects as they occur (which they won’t, of course).

  134. Obama, what a sanctimonious twit! Never ever letting any crisis go to waste. I trust the NRA more than I’d ever trust a liberal.

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