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How to Prepare For an Asteroid Impact

Artist rendition of an asteroid falling to Earth

Seven years ago, NASA discovered a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) named 2015 PDC by Minor Planet Center, with a diameter of 460 to 1,300 feet. In April 2015, after close tracking of 2015 PDC for a month, the International Asteroid Warning Network issued a warning that the asteroid was on a definite path for a direct collision with Earth.

NASA, in collaboration with other countries with space programs, successfully deflected the asteroid with spacecraft. Noted from space observations around the world, the asteroid was broken into two pieces.

One of these pieces poses no threat, while the other is predicted to have a 54% chance of hitting Earth next week. This piece measures around 300 feet in diameter. NASA warns that an asteroid of this size will create the equivalent to a 50-megaton explosion, causing a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. A press release warning of the incoming impact reads,

“If the fragment impacts on land, wood frame buildings would almost completely collapse out to a radius of 10 km (6 miles), and windows would shatter out to a radius of 25 km (16 miles)…This would be approximately 10 times more energy than that delivered by the 30 to 50-meter (100 feet) asteroid that damaged over 2000 square kilometers (800 square miles) of forest in Siberia in 1908.”

20 million people from India to China are being evacuated.

Just a few days ago, 800 Whistle Blower—a website claiming to have the inside scoop on all the information the government hides from us—posted a blog pointing to all the evidence that proves the recent military exercises called Jade Helm 15 are actually a maneuver so the U.S. military can respond to a “mass extinction event coming 2015.” That event? Most likely, the coming asteroid predicted to hit Earth anywhere from September 22-28, 2015.

Before scrolling all the way down to the comment section of this blog to express your disgust, put down your tin foil hats and read on. Because none of this is actually true. (Except one thing. There was a real asteroid that exploded over Siberia in 1908, leveling 770 square miles of forest. That actually happened.)

The asteroid impact scenario described at the beginning is taken from a real disaster planning exercise that happened during April 2015’s IAA Planetary Defense Conference in Frascati, Italy.

Other predictions you may have read, either on 800 Whistle Blower, doomsday-readiness or other conspiracy theory sites about the world ending at the end of September 2015 aren’t happening either. Not based on any scientific fact, that is. (If Armageddon is upon us—that’s between you and your Maker, not you and a lowly blog writer from Fort Worth, Texas.) The hype surrounding an asteroid impact hitting the Earth this month has made so much noise around the web that NASA and FEMA both have released official statements denying the claim.

Paul Chodas, an asteroid expert at NASA’s Near-Earth Object office says, “There is no scientific basis, not one shred of evidence, that an asteroid or any other celestial object will impact Earth on those dates. If there were any object large enough to do that type of destruction in September, we would have seen something of it by now.”

Building damaged from falling meteors in Russia.
Damage from an asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia. The falling meteors injured 1,000 people.

NASA may discredit these doomsday predictions, but not all the theories are based on science fiction.


  • The International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) is real. The IAWN is an international group formed in 2013 under the suggestion of the United Nations that monitors “Near Earth Objects.”
  • NASA is developing a deflecting spacecraft. Called the Asteroid Redirect Mission, NASA is currently developing a robot that will be sent to a “near-Earth” asteroid.
  • In February 2015, NASA released a report stating it had found over 12,000 “near-Earth” asteroids—an increase of 70% since 2010, when the number was 666. (Red flag. I know.) “Near-Earth” in this case means it takes a shorter amount of time to reach those asteroids than it does to send a spaceship to Mars and back.
  • PHA is a real term. Potentially Hazardous Asteroids are based on how likely the asteroid is to hit the Earth. Asteroids smaller than 500 feet in diameter and that are 4,650,000 miles away are not considered. There are currently 1,608 PHAs.
  • On January 26, 2015, asteroid 2004 BL86 flew by the Earth. It is the largest and closest known asteroid to Earth until 2027. It was 1,800 feet wide and 745,000 miles away.
  • On February 15, 2013, an undetected asteroid 17 meters in diameter exploded 17 miles above Chelyabinsk, Russia. The energy from the air blast of the explosion measured the equivalent to 470 kilotons of TNT. The falling meteors from the explosion damaged buildings, shattered windows and injured nearly one thousand people. The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky said, “Those are not meteors, it is America testing their new weapon.”

For fun, let’s pretend an asteroid of a significant size is going to hit Earth—how are you going to prepare?

Per the exercise at the conference, an impact would cause an earthquake it if fell on land or a tsunami if landed in the ocean, mass evacuations, severe collateral damage to structures, infrastructure, vegetation and utilities, and loss of human lives.

Preparing for an asteroid hitting Earth is much like you would prepare for any other major natural disaster. You want a bug-out bag, emergency vehicle kit, evacuation plan, and plenty of non-perishable food and drinking water.

September is National Preparedness Month (#NatlPrep) and the Shooter’s Log has covered almost all natural disasters, here are the top 10 blog posts that will help you prepare for the “impending doomsday asteroid.”


What do you think about all the talk about the world ending this month due to an earth-ending asteroid collision? Talk to us in the comment section.

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    1. @ Joe.

      Yeah, I guess they Miscalculated or Extrapolated the Dates, AGAIN. I wonder what the New Dooms Day Date is going to be…

  1. I, and I am certain many others, are aware of the underground bunkers that FEMA has built, with food and water supplies enough to last several thousand individuals for 50-100 years, in case of some sort of catastrophic event, either from natural causes or human causes, to preserve the government. The problem I see with an extinction caused by an Asteroid Strike is basically, the surface of the planet won’t be habitable for several hundred years afterwards. Those individuals who seek shelter in those places will be long departed by the time the planet is able to regenerate itself.
    Good Luck All…lol

    1. The rest of us will be homeless. I guess they will rethink their plan now that the pope has asked us to do more for the homeless. Do we have to move to Syria before we qualify?

  2. Suzanne– Back on page one I said that this would be fun. Don’t stop writing this type of stuff. Like your work. If the blog gets dull you could try something on camping with Bigfoot and the Chupacabra.

    1. Thanks, Old and Grumpy. I really appreciate that!
      I wish I could write about the one time I went to Fouke, Arkansas to search for Bigfoot (true story). However, if you have ever been to Fouke, you know the story wouldn’t be very long. HA!
      But Chupacabra, on the other hand…I could get behind a story about tracking him down!

  3. Every couple of years there are some “End of the World” events predicted. Obviously false ones. For this time, even if there is to be an asteroid impact soon, it’s not going to be the End of the World. An enormous catastrophe, sure, but not the End. Those Christians who believe this “End” to come from this asteroid, I ask you, “when had the Tribulation happened? Those things in Revelation that’s supposed to happen before the End?” I will tell you when: Not yet. Therefore, there isn’t going to be an end of the world in the coming days, weeks, months… heck, even years! It’ll be a gradual process and not a sudden killer asteroid or such that’ll end the world as we know it. ’nuff said.

  4. I’m reading this articular and thinking Gee great! “I downloaded windows 10 that I got for freaking free (when’s the last time that’s ever happened) onto my laptop, then finally got all the junk and virus off the system so it’s humming along like never before and in fact my first computer that actually works worth a damn for a change and now you tell me an asteroid is going to wipe out most of civilization and the planed? ……. well crap! Then I’m going to just go out and shoot my guns to kill the time. 🙁

  5. Don’t take life so seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive. Asteroid, volcano, earthquake, tsunami… who cares? We all WILL die. It’s a matter of WHEN, not IF. Enjoy the time you’ve got and stop wasting it trying to avoid the inevitable.

  6. Listing the immediate effects of an asteroid impact is all well and good, but what about the secondary long term effects? What about the material thrown up by the impact itself? Nuclear winter scenario. The immediate and protracted effects would leave us all well and truly f’d.

  7. I don’t know why any of you guys are worried about an asteroid. Emperor Barack the Last says that we will all die from climate change.

  8. You have all the Conspiracy Nutjobs all in a panic with this “article”.
    Good for you!
    I love it when crazy people panic when something out of any persons control is predicted, or happens!!!

  9. Other predictions you may have read, either on 800 Whistle Blower, doomsday-readiness or other conspiracy theory sites about the world ending at the end of September 2015 aren’t happening either. Not based on any scientific fact, that is. (If Armageddon is upon us—that’s between you and your Maker, not you and a lowly blog writer from Fort Worth, Texas.)

    God damnit yes. You’re an amazing blogger.

  10. I tempted fate. I rode my 10 speed bike across Oakland Ca. on side streets during the bad times in the 70s.I was young and fast back then!

    1. If you are a white boy and a republican, the meteor has nothing on you. If you can get thru Oakland you arealmost a God.

  11. Sorry but there is NO Asteroid on course to hit Earth at least not one big enough to cause damage. most burn up in the atmosphere and even a 300 foot wide rock would be mostly if not completely disintegrated should it descend toward Earth. This Doomsday scenario is hoax.

  12. All this talk about the end of the world and “asteroid” And no one said nothing about CERN? they have been building the largest man made machine seens the 70-80 and there plugging it in full power on 9-23-15 read about that one 17miles long plus the other parts.. If you believing Heaven & hell from what there saying can happen with CERN it will give u the chills.. God Bless us all

  13. Are you serious? There was no “real” asteroid named “2015PDC”, first of all asteroids are not named using 3 letters like this hypothetical asteroid. The asteroid would be first named by the year of discover, for instance the asteroid 1999 RQ36 was the 916th object observed in the first half of September, 1999 and was given its official designation at a later date as 101955. The hypothetical asteroid named “2015PDC” was part of a hypothetical scenario at the 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference (PDC).

    Here is a link to the JPL website that talks about the conference and the hypothetical asteroid 2015PDC –

    Here is an excerpt from the conference. Again this is all pretend. We are not going to be hit by this asteroid. It will be a different one someday, but no one knows which one yet or when so stand-by for further updates:

    “At the 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference (PDC), to be held April 13 – 17, 2015 in Frascati, Italy, a hypothetical asteroid impact scenario will be presented and used as a basis for discussion. NOTE: Although this scenario is realistic in many ways, it is completely fictional and does NOT describe a real potential asteroid impact. The scenario begins as follows:

    The asteroid is discovered on April 13, 2015, the first day of the conference, at magnitude 20.9, declination -39 degrees and heading south. It is assigned the designation “2015 PDC” by the Minor Planet Center, and classified as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) based on its orbit. (To reinforce the fact that this is not a real asteroid, we are using three letters in the designation, something which would never be done for an actual asteroid.)”

    1. Don’t worry, I brought the artical into Photshop, added some pics of people from some old japanees eatrthquake, took out the not being real part and send it to my folks. My mom FREAKED out. and was packing up some of her stuff and getting ready to leave.

  14. Well, if it’s a big one, the best preparation would be to bend over, place your head between your knees, and prepare to kiss your butt goodbye! With any luck, it will land in a progressive liberal city/state though…yep.

  15. With over 3,053,628(deg) 03’33.41″ of Space and less then 1% actually Charted. It’s “Very Easy” to miss Something that Could Conceivably Kill Use All In a “New York Second”.

    1. That’s referred to as a “New York minute”; meaning about 1 second.
      Thought you’d like to know. LOL
      But you’re still correct about the time length.

  16. I have to agree with G-Man! You’ll NEVER Known it’s going to Hit, Because NOBODY is going too TELL YOU. NOBODY even saw the Last One Coming, Until After it Flew Past the Earth…

  17. There is a Super Volcano under Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. It has erupted at least three times an average of 600,000 years apart. It WILL ERUPT AGAIN! It is overdue for the 4th. When it does go again the US will CEASE TO EXIST! Much of the US will be covered in volcanic ash tens of feet deep! NO GAME ANIMALS WILL SURVIVE! Dust will prevent sunlight from reaching the ground WORLDWIDE for possibly 10 years. NO CROPS will grow. 99% of the 7-8 billion people on earth will starve to death if they don’t die of thirst! If it happens TOMORROW, Obumma and his favorites along with the preppers in underground bunkers with AT LEAST 15 YEARS WORTH of food, water, fuel and medical care will be the only survivors!

    1. BJI, was near an inactive volcano about 20 yrs. ago, in Wyoming. The thing is massive, about a mile across. There was a road that you could drive to the rim of the crater, if you so wished, I didn’t. Did eat dinner at a small cafe, that overlooked the mound from about half-a-mile. It was big enough for me. Was told that it had been inactive for about 100,000 years.
      Sadly, inactive doesn’t mean extinct. If it ever erupts, won’t end the U.S., but it will take out a fair sized chunk of Wyoming.

    2. Sorry but it WON”T destroy the US. Yes it will leave a layer of ash on the Rocky Mountain states but it will only threaten the Mountain West. It will cause global temps to drop slightly increasing snow cover and creating longer winters around the world but we don’t know if it will ever blow again. Plate Tectonics is still a new science and we really don’t understand much about the inner Earth. It could be that the pressure that was there has been bled off through other mechanisms. We simply don’t know for sure about anything

    3. Alarmist of the 1st order there. I’ve been hearing such all my live long life.
      More serious are falling off our financial cliff, tornadoes, earthquakes, politically caused wars, and widespread diseases disasters. yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all. If any disaster actually does occur, life will be tenuous, some will survive and some will not. Pure chance whether YOU survive or not. A thousand ways to die. Mall, church, train, plane, car, lightning, et al.

    4. I’ve tempted fate by walking down the side of the Hawaiian Kilauea Iki volcano, across the mile flat where sulfurous steam was and is escaping, climbed the wall on the other side. Be brave BJI, live life while you can, life is uncertain, eat dessert first!

    5. I live about 90 air miles from Yellowstone. If she is to blow anytime soon, there is nothing I can do for initial survival preparedness in order for me to survive the initial blast It’s been nice knowing y’all!

  18. Before I decided to move an inch I’d want to know were it was going to hit. If it wasn’t even close, why waste time grabbing a Go-Bag and bugging out?

    Personally, I hope it hits D.C. when all the government is there and lands dead center of the White House just after the call to prayer… or at dinnertime..

  19. The hard cold reality is that no government technically capable of detecting such an impending catastrophic event would ever actually inform the public. Release of such information prior to impact would actually create pandemonium that would obstruct and delay governmental implementation of emergency plans and preparation.

    Unfortunately much of those plans do not include public assistance as much as preservation of a functioning government.

    Case and point – many governments actually did know in advance of the 2013 asteroid that impacted Chelyabinsk in Russia. Those governments were simply following their impact plans, which as I’ve stated, was to NEVER notify the public and just prepare for any fallout after the fact… which is exactly what they did.

    This is why it is very important to have an open mind to alternative sources for such information rather than always writing it off as tinfoil-hat-wearing kooks. With government policies in place that absolutely prevent the release of potential celestial impacts at any level, the network of amateur astronomers is the only way we will ever have some type of advanced warning.

    Like that which occurred over Russia, not every atmospheric entry is catastrophically devastating, so some advanced warning could save lives. Just don’t EVER expect such a warning to come from your government.

  20. I always joked that if we knew the end was coming, my wife and I would get some great music, a few bottles of rum, and a comfortable soft sleeping bag to . . . er, cuddle in, and then go wait at ground zero. 😉

  21. I make a fresh aluminum foil hat each week. Considering how people get worked up over stuff they miss read in posts THIS WILL BE FUN! Just remember to take your meds before you post.—- Popcorn, beer, and back to the bunker!

    1. REALLY, That is the stupidest thing I have ever read here. “Isn’t it going to hit washing D.C.”. What king of BS is that. Don’t you know that it already happened and BO is space born bacteria. People thought he was an african muslim. He’s way too stupid to be an african, almost stupid enough to be muslim and meteor never hit twice in the same place, or is that lightning?

    2. @Vecktor 16
      lmao yea it is here in dc lol space bacteria thawed form the global warming of the glaciers like the thing and found it’s way to DC lol thats great lol .

  22. Well as long as you are willing to talk about asteroids etc may I throw something else into the mix to think about. Ever wonder why Osama picked the date of Sept. 11 ? Go back to Sept 11 1683 and learn about the Battle of Vienna. The Muslims wanted to conquer Vienna and then conquer Rome . In the process they wanted to subjugate the Christians to Islam or be put to death.The Islamic fighters suffered a defeat at the city of Vienna with the help of Polish forces and thus Europe and most of you now are Christian. Now ponder the actions of mass Muslim refugee invasion into Europe today and our dear Presidents action of giving the Imams nukes and funding. History repeating?

  23. Find a cave ,dig a very deep hole and pray lol that is about all we can do i mean if it hits close enough to where you actually live you may not want to survive it even there could be SBB (space born bacteria ) cause a major die off of human life ,riots and chaos afeter will be overwhelming and after going through andrew in fla living in homestead (why i now live far inland in ohio valley ) help may not arrive for up to a month or more some of us depend on meds to live as i do without them i have maybe 30 to 60 days left if i am lucky anyhow .Pray this never happens andrew and katrina would be childs play in comparison and we waited 10 days for help to get into our part of homestead in sth dade cnty,Fla defending what little we had lef from roving packs of looters and people just thirsty and hungry with AK 47’S our group of local homeowners banded together for this and luckily we managed to make it this a thing where you be afraid ,be very afraid of ever happening .God help us we are anywhere near the impact zone at all.Most likely you will not make it till help arrives if ever .Since bow season for whitetails opens on sept 26th this yr i will be sitting in my treestand and die doing what i love most there is no point worrying about surviving it it hits anywhere near Ohio valley .We would surely be doomed .

  24. the only thing that you can do is hope it not big enough to wipe us out completely, hope the impact from a smaller one is not on your head. Hope it does not form a dust cloud that blocks out the sun and wipe out everything.

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