Post SHOT 2013: Daniel Defense Integrated Suppressed Rifle (ISR)

One reason why I love the AR-15 platform is how customizable it is. There are so many ways to trick it out for whatever your needs are—be it home defense, hog hunting, 3-gun or plinking. Some of the coolest AR-15s I have had the pleasure to shoot are suppressed and short barreled. Daniel Defense unveiled its latest AR-15 at Media Day—the Integrated Suppressed Rifle (ISR).

With the Daniel Defense ISR, you get both an SBR and a suppressed AR-15 with one tax stamp. Daniel Defense put a non-removable 5.7-inch suppressor on a 10.3-inch barrel. Overall, it makes the rifles barrel a legal 16.1 inches. Daniel Defense built the rifle on a pistol-length gas system and made a custom gas block that also serves as the suppressor mount. The gas block is inside the suppressor.

Chambered for the popular .300 AAC Blackout, Daniel Defense put a Magpul MOE buttstock on the ISR with its fixed sights, handguard and 12.0 modular float rail. The rifle ships with one 30-round Magpul PMag and a hard case.

Even though the suppressor is not removable, the monocore baffle is rifle for maintenance and cleaning.

Even though Daniel Defense has yet to release the sound reduction rating for its suppressor, rumor is it’s close to 30dB.

The ISR’s MSRP is $3,199 and delivery begins in April 2013.

We shot the ISR full-auto version and in the freezing temperatures during Media Day, the rifle was quite the hand warmer. The tolerances on the ISR are tight and it sounded like Daniel Defense’s other rifles outfitted with a Surefire Suppressor.

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Comments (5)

  1. SBRs are “illegal” in Michigan, however, suppressors are legal, so if you want to own a suppressed rifle that is still fairly short, this is the only way to go. If you were to remove the suppressor, this rifle would be illegal in Michigan, because the barrel is under 16 inches.

  2. John,
    The only state I can find where an SBR is illegal, but a suppressor is legal is Washington State and that information is not updated either, so things might have changed by now. I see how the information that Daniel Defense provided could be confusing.

  3. Yeah, I get that the barrel is 10.3 but it has a permanently attached suppressor, so it isn’t an SBR. it just looks like one because of the integrated suppressor.

    Saying that you “get both an SBR and a suppressor with one tax stamp” might scare away customers in states where SBRs are not allowed.

  4. John, the barrel on the ISR is 10.3 inches. Without the permanently attached suppressor, you would have to have a separate tax stamp.

  5. If it is 16.1 OAL with a non-removable suppressor, how is that an SBR? doesn’t that make it just an integrally suppressed upper? am I missing something?

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