Post SHOT 2013: CTD Suzanne’s Three Favorites

SHOT 2013 is over and while we are still going through all the pictures of the neat guns and gear we saw, I find this year’s show was anti-climatic. It seems companies did not spend time on research and development and the products I found innovative, turned out weren’t innovative at all. Like Boberg’s XR9-S—out for at least a year. It must have just slipped past my radar. I don’t know, but I suspect gun manufacturers were spending time this last year busting their butts just to keep up with such high demands for their existing products. No one in the gun industry had downtime to brainstorm. So no chainsaw-mounted AKs this year.

The few zombie-related products there, were so completely unexciting I didn’t even bother. Even I am over the zombie thing.

Some of the gear was pretty cool, but we all know it’s about the guns. Even though nothing made me jump up and down, here are my three favorites from SHOT Show 2013: Boberg XR9-S, Daniel Defense Integrated Suppressed Rifle and IWI’s Tavor.

Boberg XR9-S

Once only successful in machine guns, the Boberg XR9-S uses a “reverse loading” technique that loads ammo nose forward without the need for a feed ramp. This means you get a full-sized barrel into a compact frame. You can load 9mm +P ammo into this bad boy and shoot it without the sting of hefty recoil. If you are looking for a good carry pistol with guaranteed stopping power, the Boberg is an excellent choice. Even though the Boberg XR9-S has no slide stop, racking the slide is easy due to its light recoil springs. For someone that has difficulty with semi-automatic handguns due to the stiffness of a slide and the amount of felt recoil, the Boberg XR9-S is worth a look.

Daniel Defense ISR

For me, a short-barreled and suppressed AR-15 is the ultimate rifle. Obtaining an AR with a barrel shorter than 16 inches and with a suppressor takes time, patience and money. A separate tax stamp is required of both items—the short barrel and the suppressor—because they are both considered Title 2 restricted items. Even though it is legal to own a short-barreled suppressed AR-15, you must go through a process and pay a fee to make those items legal on your rifle. However, Daniel Defense has solved this inconvenience by configuring a rifle that has both a short barrel and suppressor but requires only one tax stamp. The ISR (Integrated Suppressed Rifle) has a 10.3-inch barrel and a permanently attached 5.7 inch suppressor, making the overall length of the barrel a legal 16.1 inches. Chambered for .300 AAC Blackout, it ships with a 30-round Magpul PMag.

IWI Tavor

An Israeli military service rifle for years, the Tavor bullpup is available in many different countries—even Canada—is finally making its United States debut. If it is not on your do-want list, just wait until you shoot it. A truly unique design, the IWI TAVOR sets itself apart from other popular bullpups with its truly 100-percent ambidextrous design, quick-release barrel and brass deflect. It comes with a 30-round magazine and accepts after-market standard AR-15 .223 Remington mags—including Magpul PMags.

Even though there were no real surprises at this year’s SHOT Show, the offerings did not disappoint. Until next year, we will patiently wait to get our hands on the best of SHOT Show 2013’s guns and gear.

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  1. I presume you intended to state that the DD ISR is chambered in .300 Blackout and not .330 unless there is a now cartridge out there I’m not familiar with.

  2. Thanks for the great articles and reviews. I really enjoyed reading them & learned some new things for a change. Respect.

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