Popular Firepower Gets Reviewed

Kahr CM9
Kahr Arms CM9

Is a .380 too much of a sissy round for conceal carry? If you think so, then the Kahr CM9 might just be the gun for you. I use a Kahr for concealed carry and I absolutely love it. The CM9 is a full-blown 9mm handgun with a 6+1 magazine capacity. It is almost identical to the far more costly PM9, and the differences are negligible. The Kahr is a striker fired dual action only handgun specifically designed to hide on your person. There is no internal magazine disconnect feature, so the gun will still cycle without a magazine in place. Shooting a Kahr is somewhat similar to shooting a Glock. The trigger pull is very smooth but a bit long, since it is dual action only. I will say that it takes a little practice to be able to tell when the striker is going to fall, since the trigger is so darn smooth. Overall, the Kahr is carry gun perfection. It’s tiny size balanced with the hard hitting 9mm round is a perfect way to give yourself piece of mind when walking the mean streets.

Mossberg 500
Mossberg 500

Ah, our old friend the Mossberg 500. This old warhorse has been in service since 1961, and shows no signs of slowing down. Perfect for any shotgun application, the 500 has changed little since its early days on the drawing board. Police, military, hunters, home defense enthusiasts, and zombie hunters alike have all carried the 500, and with good reason. What makes this little shotgun so great? Price initially comes to my mind. How else can you get a gun with this much firepower for $250 bucks? Another huge advantage to the 500 is the ability to add all the extras. There are thousands of ways to customize your shotgun. New stocks with adjustable lengths, pistol grips, rail systems, optics, ghost rings, flashlights, slings, you name it, someone has stuck it on a Mossberg. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, the 500 is a pump action gun, so you can literally fire any type of 12 gauge ammunition you can get your hands on. I have two barrels for my Mossberg. One is an 18.5-inch barrel for home defense; the other is a 26-inch bird barrel I use for hunting. I have always said that if I could only have one gun, it would be a 12 gauge pump shotgun.

Remington 750
Remington Model 750

Did you say you have a semi automatic .308 for $548 bucks? In the field, patience is a virtue but when it’s time to take action, sometimes you need the speed of a Model 750. Its improved gas system provides faster, smoother cycling. Its balanced low-profile design handles like lightning. Rapid follow-ups are its specialty, but famed Remington one-shot accuracy comes standard. The Model 750 Synthetic features all the new Model 750 improvements, only with a synthetic stock and fore-end. Hogs will be tumbling down in droves when you have this bad boy in your pickup truck. There is a plethora of after market accessories and modifications you can buy for your gun as well. This weapon will put a high volume of the precision .308 cartridge downrange for a lifetime. Go ahead; throw that narrow window wide open with the quickest gun in the woods, the Model 750.

Maverick 88 Security
Maverick 88 Security

The Maverick 88 is an even more affordable version of the famous Mossberg 500. These blued steel beauties are simple and strong. A bead sight tops the 18.5” cylinder bore barrel up front; while in back, a thick recoil pad protects your shoulder. The Maverick holds 6 rounds of 2 3/4” 12-gauge ammo, or one less if you’re using 3” magnum shells. Twin action bars make sure the pump moves smoothly after each shot goes downrange.

Remington 870 Express
Remington Model 870 Express

Police squad cars all across the country have carried the Remington 870 for decades now. This Express Synthetic model holds 7 rounds of 12-gauge ammo and its twin action bars help ensure that smooth pump action that made the 870 famous. A simple bead sight tops the 18” cylinder bore barrel. Remington milled the receiver from solid billet steel, and the finish is a weather resistant coating. The 870 can shoot 3” magnum shells as well as 2 3/4” standard shells. The Remington 870 is legendary, and a great shotgun for just about any purpose.

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