Hi Point Gets Cool New Digital Camo; Offers .380 Carbine Model

Hi Point Carbine chambered in .380 with tan digital camouflage

I guess it does not bother me to admit I love Hi Points because I am a fan of any gun I can buy cheap. Notice, I said I can buy cheap, not a cheap gun. Hi Points certainly fall into this category. Sure, there are stories about how this one failed or that, but then again that is true of Ruger, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Remington, etc.

Hi Point .380 in pink camo
Hi Point has added an element of cool to an already popular offering with several camo patterns.

As a gun writer, I am anything but gun poor. I have two large safes and multiple smaller safes. Some firearms are collectible, other are family heirlooms. I have guns for hunting different types of game, competition and several loaners that I am reviewing for future articles and a book I am currently writing on the 9mm. Among the guns I own and feature prominently are High Point firearms. Sturdy, heavy, even clunky—all of these have been used in the past to describe Hi Point, but let’s break down why I own Hi Points and you should too. (My primary EDC handgun is a SIG. It has been since the mid ‘90s and I just can’t give it up.) I remember Reginald Denny being pulled out of his truck during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. I do not ever want that to happen to me or a loved one. However, I do not want to drop $700-1,000 on a gun to keep under the seat in a micro safe in each of my vehicles. Well, perhaps I want to, but can’t afford to.

Likewise, when living in the far-from-civilization parts of Arizona, in desert territory, I prefer a long gun for protection and as a touch of coyote medicine. However, the gun is going to suffer from the elements to a degree, dust and just generally being beat around the truck/trunk on backcountry roads. Sure, it will have a case, and all but anyone who has carried a trunk gun for any period of time knows the abuse it will suffer over time.

It is situations such as these that make me prefer a gun I can pick up cheap, but still rely on to go bang! when I need them to. And a .380, 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP starting at $130 or a carbine for the trunk at $250 is a deal I cannot pass up.

Hi Point Carbine chambered in .380 with tan digital camouflage
Hi Point introduced a model featuring John Browning’s little brother to the .45 ACP with the introduction of a carbine model cambered for .380.

Hi Point .380 ACP

Perhaps you caught something new in that last statement. For 2015, Hi Point introduced a model featuring John Browning’s little brother to the .45 ACP with the introduction of a Hi Point Carbine model cambered for .380. The solid, sturdy platform, combined with the smaller caliber round makes it ideal for anyone adverse to heavy recoil. Best of all, thanks to modern cartridge technology, the .380 is a very dependable self-defense round.

Cool Colors

Whether bugging out, hunting or just wanting to distinguish yourself from the crowd, camo has its place. That place is now on Hi Point firearms too! Hi-Point Firearms has expanded its hydro-dipping services with new Camo Carbines that include patterns such as digital desert tan, pink Muddy Girl colors and traditional woodland camo.

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Are you a Hi Point fan? What do you think of a carbine in .380 and the new camo? A touch of digital camo will certainly play into my future planning when I upgrade a couple of stowaways. How about you? Share your thoughts or experiences and color preferences in the comment section.


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  1. .380?
    Why not .25 auto?
    How about .22 rim fire short?
    Better yet, why not .17 cal pellet gun?
    The only reason I have a .380 is that my daughter purchased it, and it fits in my front pocket.

  2. A few days back I gave my comments and praises for my Hi-Point 4595TS carbine which runs flawlessly, I can almost assume the 380 will work just as well, as I mentioned earlier in my post I have installed a red-dot on my carbine and the red dot really improved the MOA at 50 and 100 yards, I know it sounds like not a big deal but if you are out hunting with this weapon you need at least that much stretch with the 45ACP caliber bullet, the +P 185 grain DRT brand works superb, the reason I am back and commenting again is that I also want to share additional information about my carbine and perhaps some of you might considerate trying it. I want to let the readers in this POST know about how my Hi-Point can be converted real quickly let me explain , I have the ability to remove the red dot very quickly and attached an
    AR-15 style carry handle, I then add the original front sight post for fine tuning the POI, this type of customization adds to the Hi-Point looks and design, “amazing huh” nothing like having AR-15 parts on a
    Hi-Point carbine, it also lets me keep the wind age and elevation functions at the rear sight and the elevation function at the front post you can ZERO in the weapons sights real quick an easy,one more thing the high capacity magazines from Pro Mag also work well about 95% of the time in my carbine I have figured out how to fix the small flaw in these Mags should run 100 % once I fix the flaw, I would also post a picture of my Hi-point carbine with AR-15 carry handle if CTD would allow it, hope this helps someone considering buying one of the Hi-Point Carbines.


  3. I agree 100% about the capacity of their mags. I have come close to buying HP several times, but the capacities of their handguns and especially their Carbine, but changed my mind at the last minute because of the limited capacity of the mags.

  4. As far as 380 goes, IMO, any gun is better than no gun when you need it, as long as you know how to use it and have made up your mind with no reservation before you pick one up that you are completely willing to take a life with no hesitation should the situation arise.

    That being said, I own pistols in both 380 and 9mm and a HP 995ts 9mm carbine. Not my first choice but modern 380 +p hollow point defense rounds should be respected at self defense distances of 50ft or less with a well placed shot. I would certainly opt for the 9mm carbine over a 380 though.

    As to the HP carbine, equipped with the red dot sight I have found it to be unfailingly accurate to 50 yards (that is the extent of the distance I’ve shot it at), never a misfire or misfeed. Now I don’t know what else needs to be considered for a weapon to be classified as defense worthy, but I can’t imagine I would ever have a need to pick off invaders at 1000 yards so this along with my Springfield 9mm and 12ga Mossberg 500 fit my purpose.

    I only have a couple of issues with the HP 995ts that would also apply to the 380, neither being fatal. The first is the magazines are a bit flimsy being a single stack design, and HP would be well served to produce an extended mag for their carbines. The second issue is the stock rear sight is too long to mount optics to the top rail without removing it. I would prefer to also have the irons as a fail-safe fallback. As far as the rest of it goes, I pull the trigger, it goes bang every time no matter what I feed it, and hits what I’m aiming at. I haven’t had to take it apart to clean it yet, a bore snake and standard rod is all Ive needed. What else really needs to be said?

  5. They NEED to make some standard capacity magazines for their carbines. What is the max, ten rounds? And I think you can get aftermarket 15 rounders made by one of the worst magazine makers in the business. (ProMag)
    That’s just sad. They would sell a lot more carbines if they offered some reasonable capacity.
    I would have bought one years ago, but who wants a carbine with 10 or 15 round magazines?
    They may sell nicely in restricted states, but people in free states want some reasonable magazine capacity!
    Come on Hi Point! I own one of your C9’s…it works. But I’ll never understand why they don’t
    1. Make some higher capacity magazines
    2. Come out with all their handguns in a double-stack configuration.

    You can’t tell me they wouldn’t sell like crazy.

  6. I have no problems with the highpoint carbines, but to compare the highpoint pistols to the major gun makers by saying ” they have all had issues” I think, is misleading. It’s true that no gun or manufacturer is perfect. They can all be made to jam, if mistreated enough. But some do much better than others under a wider variety of conditions. My personal experience with highpoint handguns is one of utter frustration. They have been, almost universally, unreliable. Whereas, most of the mainstream manufacturers typically put out very reliable products compared to the highpoint pistols. Again, I have no complaints about their carbines and have found them to be very reliable, but butt ugly. Just my opinion. Maybe your luck will be different.

  7. @ Hide behind ,
    sounds like a lot of useless babble to me i hunt for food in fall and always try and bag enough for the yr and the founding fathers put the 2nd A into the constitution to keep ANY TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT FROM INFRINGEING UPON THE PEOPLES FREEDOM ever again it was rebels with guns saving their 1 in 50.000.000 chance as you so stupidly stated freedoms and asses from any threats ,governrment infringement on a large scale against the people of this nation we fought to win and keep free.religiuous prosecution, and survival in tough times that made and built this great nation with firearms and the will of the PEOPLE, WE THE PEOPLE that should do all in our power to keep it as is and protect ourselves against any and all threats not my ego ,w/e else you want to call it as you did above you kind of people have no clue of what the 2nd amendment and bill of rights stand for and why they were put into place at all. Everything you said above is just dumb in my opinion as an american living in 2015 America. And as far as corrupt it seems to be the current admin doing all the fking up and all who have worked under it are the most corrupt of all time in America and trying to destroy us from the inside out and they are doing pretty damn good at it i could on and on but no need those real Americans out there know exactly what i mean .

  8. Please lets keep the subject on Hi-Point carbines I own a 45 ACP carbine and this weapon operates flawlessly, I added the tru-glow red dot and it really improved the accuracy of this carbine the best accuracy has come using +P ammo this carbine handles it very well and the power behind the +P ammo really adds to its MOA…… if you really consider the design & thinking behind the Hi-Point carbines it really sets it apart from other similar caliber rifles, this carbine has mag carriers that you can add, a pistol grip, a laser, rails, flash suppressor, and even a light .. all sold by Hi-Point to fit there carbines who else does this . for there customers? the Hi-Points are sold at a very affordable price. I have no complains about my Hi-Point besides it has a lifetime warranty, and American Made if anything goes wrong with it Hi-Pont will replace or repair your carbine.

  9. Paranoia, is it contagious?
    Lots of talk about what to do when house is bring invadrd by those with intent of ravishing whole households including fido and fluffy the gerbil but the reality of evil doers being demons is quite rare.
    Over two thirds of burlary happen in daylight 9-5 and of them 60% are not forcible, open windows unlocked doors etc.
    The greatest % of property crime are committed in the most heavily armed portion, South along The old Mason Dixon Line to texas, Oklahoma Ark Kansas Misdourri.
    If you live in those areas you are twice as likely to have your home burglarized by armed forcible entry than in Detroit or Watts.
    A true crash and thrash home invasion even if awake is almost impossible to defend against and unlike most burglarys they take place at night and last but very little timewise.
    The best defense against home invasions burglar or property invastion for theft is a damned good home security system that includes in and outdoor lights, perimeter warning secutity buzzers and properly built door
    and window security.
    The gun is last ditch defence.
    As to choice of round in home, mine is minimum 357 Mag or 40+Pcal with bullets that will plow through 2×4’s like butter with enough oomph left to shread bones.
    No hiding behind corner walls and door jambs .
    Pistols were always for close up killing and placing longer barrels upon them but marginally increases any rounds performance.
    The 380 cal high point like any fire arm made can be used as defensive weapon if need arizes, but for all real life intents and purposes it is no
    more than a cheaper in cost toy , a fun gun.
    I would not go to war; take it backpacking or use for anything more than a plinker, a role already filled in my battery by 22, 22mag and 17 cals.
    I since pre-teen gave up drinking red white blue kool aid, and decided to live in real world where men were free to think and fend for selves and knew enough to not be led by bullsh***’s.
    Gun ownership has nothing to do with defending nation, as to national ideals we sold and merced them out a long time ago and are now owned and part of most corrupt nation in existence.
    No today our need for guns is primarily to fill our emotional needs, add to both vicarious and actual recreational opportunities, our buisness or hobby, and lastly to await the chance of 1 in 50, 000,000 to save our ass if

    1. @hideaway,
      Living down in miami dade county most of my life i was the victim of a home invasion before while living there we always want to think it is someone else not us that will get home invaded or mugged or robbed in streets of our home towns but there are times when you are the victim that is why i now have 2 very large mean pit bulls and have had big mean dogs every since that will never happen to me again the dogs give me the time to get my weapon if i even need it these dogs will just eat the guy most likely and wont need me and i never leave home without my carry weapons you are the 1 living in the fantasy world of 1 in 50.000.000 chance of it happening to you yes it can and just may some day . You will sure want more than any .380 at that time or rimfire when it is you that now has his life in danger or ya families as well. Read the stats man 1 in 50.000.000 is a ridiculous figure odds are way better it can happen to you.

  10. I own a .45 HP Carbine. A few hundred rounds down the pipe and all good so far.

    Come on guys, it is a pistol round and expecting quarter sized groups at 50+ yards, ain’t going to happen.

    One thing I discovered though is that you want to reload to a maximum length that works in the HP magazines. For my .45, I found that maximum acceptable length for that caliber is a couple of mm too long. They jam the magazine. So I decreased the max length a couple of mm less and they reload perfectly.

  11. I tend to think of my guns in two ways. Tools and toys. I own a HP 9mm carbine that I consider a toy. My tools are the first ones I would go to in self defense. If I ever have to use the HP as a tool, it means all my other centerfire rifles are out of ammo and whoever I’m in conflict with is beyond pistol or shotgun range.

  12. I’ve owned a 995TS for four years now. Through thousands of rounds it has never malfunctioned and is very accurate out to 100 yards. One day I might even actually have to clean it. It is the AK of pistol caliber carbines.

  13. While shopping for a 9mm carbine I had the opportunity to test fire a beretta storm cx4, a ruger pc9 and a hi point. While I longed for the ruger it’s price put me off. I was sceptical of the hi point and returned to the range with the borrowed one several times before I was convinced it would operate reliably. Finally made the purchase and have not regretted it, never a failure of any kind with several loads. The only complaint I have (and I know it is not intended to do this) is the accuracy at 100yds, always about 7 inches no matter the ammo, but at 25 yards a very acceptable 2″.

    1. Really? Sighted my 4095 with an inexpensive Truglo red dot. At 50 yards my 3 round groups touched each other. At 100 yards, three round groups at 1.5 inches. However, at 100 yards they were several inches to the left of center.

  14. As far as life of a Hi Point, like my 40. I have put more than 1000 rounds through it, and it is still ticking. There are probably people on here who have put more rounds through theirs. CCW I use an IWB holster in the small of the back or a bulldog slide holster, but it all depends upon what an individual is use to carrying.
    There was a comment here about Hi Points as a law enforcement throw down. That’s really an old perception. Many departments and states require officers to ballistic registered their service weapon, off duty weapons, and personal weapons.

  15. ill keep this brief,im a retired gunsmith and have worked on enough hi points that i finally refused to work on them. if you are betting your life with a hi point, you are going to lose! these are only suitable for law enforcement throw downs. these are in the same class as R G, and ravens .

    1. Hi-point is famous for their lifetime warranty that transfers from owner to owner. Why exactly would any gunsmith who doesn’t work for hi-point have worked on multiple hi-points for any purpose other than modification outside of factory specs? If there was a problem with their function they could simply be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. I’d love to hear about what work it was you were doing to them that wasn’t covered under warranty.

  16. Not everyone is hung up on killing some one or going to war against neighbors and illegal aliensand thinking of their homes a Castles under seige.
    Some of us just like making noise and destroying pop cans and paper varmits,
    So as with pink huns who cares when the “fun and comradrtie of others at range is half of rxperience.
    Damned tired when some gear freak saus uou goota have the best people shreddrr made and all I am doing is firing inexpensive round nose.
    The making of firing ranges cop and military ex havens takes a lot of openess of the gun culture and lowers it to survival mode.
    Just my take, but I am a true Liberal and just do own thing and let live.

    1. Since you are reading this and patronize CTD, we are holding out hope that you are seeing the light and may refrain from drinking to much Kool-Aid…. There is hope for ya.

      As I’ve said a HP is about the cheapest and best semi-auto protection you can buy (even to plink with).

      One more point – if you have a gun at home make sure your family learns gun safety and safe gun handling. All my guns are in safe(s), period… I taught my spouse and boys, we have no grandchildren, yet.

  17. If I have one real quirk about pistol round carbines it is that if I got a pistol in one caliber I gotta have a carbine that takes same caliber. And the magazines are interchangeable.
    In semi carbine extended capacity mags shpuld be standard? At leat 20 or 20+ rounds.
    Same goes for lever guns, If I have a rifle then I want a pistol be it revolver or semi in same
    If I find a “used “HP carbine in 380 it had better come cheap.
    The one nice thing about your pistol cartridge carbines; they are good weapons to introduce new shooters to sport, and then to introduce to pidtol in same cal.
    To each their own and who evrr said guns have to always be practicle; As to my self, Now and then I just love to shoot the hell out of targrtets down range as fast as I can, and then hand weapon to a friend and watch them smile as they do same.
    All while not having to brave thr recoil.

    1. @LB

      Agreed. My locked door and windows are all the warning an intruder needs under the law. Period. This was even emphasized by the LEO who taught the CC class. This is a private domicile and anyone entering uninvited is considered a violent intruder.

    2. Lucky you guys, but I doubt you live in the Socialist Republic of Ohio. They are one step from requiring you to retreat into your ‘bedroom closet’ to justify our use of lethal force. As far as I’m concerned you enter my home uninvited you’re now a criminal and a threat – but Ohio does not see it that way.

      Here is where a National Uniform CCW & use of force would clarify to all — but in the USA we allow States/Cities in America to create their own Laws per their political agendas – being devoid of reasonable logic.

    3. @N6JSX

      I hear ya’ Brother.

      We are blessed here in Virginia to have the combination of a Southern mindset and an extremely effective grassroots pro-Second Amendment organization. We defeated a Castle Law bill last year because it put too many limitations on the use of force to defend your home, so we are now in a good situation that states that if someone comes into your home, and you are in fear for your life or the life of your household, you are justified on the use of lethal force.

      BUT . . . having said that, I have a multi-million dollar lethal force protection policy through USCCA and have a service agreement with a pro-Second Amendment attorney service. I will do whatever is necessary to protect my family, but they won’t benefit from me sitting in prison either.

    4. Not true i live in Ohio we now have the casatle doctrine in Ohio if a man or (woman)enters your home without being let in or tries to get into your vehicle while you are in it you have no duty to retreat in Ohio now with or without a ccw permit and can use lethal force to protect yourself in the State of Ohio so you need to relearn your own state laws my friend . SB-184 in ohio gives us the caSTLE doctrine no duty to retreat as of 2009 in Ohio if attacked or the home is entered without an invite.

    5. The Second Amendment dictates that every state in this union of states have the same gun laws, and any laws restricting that RIGHT, is illegal in every state that restrict that right!!! YES, we need all state and local laws that have or attempt to circumvent your National right to keep and carry, should be repealed and made illegal if ever attempted to be infringed in any way shape or form, PERIOD!!

    6. @ Mikial.

      In a Past Article, you mentions something about a 9-mil for you Wife. I ran across a 9x19mmR/Parabellum Revolver made in Germany. Called the Korth Waffen (Arms) Sky Marshall, ~19.75-ounces and with a 2-inch barrel. About $900.00 USD…

    7. If someone has entered my house, car, tent, garage, outhouse, shed … whatever, illegally, they are automatically the aggressor. We keep our doors and windows locked, even when we are home. There is no way for anyone to enter our home “accidentally” … it just isn’t possible. Therefore, any person in our house without our permission is engaged in an act of belligerence and represents a threat to the life and well-being of both myself and my wife.

      In North Carolina, no jury will be required: neither for that person, nor for me.

  18. I own a 995 carbine, I love it. I bought it used for $185. It’s a lot of fun to shoot, and 9mm doesn’t break the bank. It was very well used when I bought it and I must have put well over 1,000 rounds through it with never a problem. I’m really surprised how accurate it is. $ for $ the best money I’ve spent on a gun. I don’t depend on it for self defense. I’ve got other carbines and pistols for that. But, I certainly wouldn’t be afraid to grab it if I had to.

    1. I’ve heard of enough HP firearms that give more than adequate service to believe that there is probably at least some elitism in the nay-saying I read.

      HP has to deal with the same product liability laws that Colt, Kimber, Kahr, Sig and all the others have to, so I’ve got to believe that their firearms meet at least minimal standards for mechanical reliability and safety.

      I already have a Calico LWS Liberty 100 (9mm, 100 rd standard magazine) carbine. There is a design flaw in the magazine that the manufacturer doesn’t seem willing to fix (a simple change of one part from plastic to ordinary (1010 or better) steel would do the trick), so I won’t be getting another of those, but I’ve been considering a 995 from HP. (Not interested in a .380 when I already have an investment in 9mm.)

      FIRST a Dillon 1050 reloading press and a good cache of reloading supplies and THEN more bang sticks.

  19. I own a HP 40SW steel frame, for my bedroom protection gun, why? One, it is a good size/weight, it fits into my big paws very comfortably – I know I have a solid pistol in my hand. Two, being a NRA Cert Inst of all the PP’s, I want the bad guy to know I’m armed. When I jack that slide back and let loose seating the first round that HP is the loudest ker-clunk ever heard — anyone on the other side of my closed bedroom door knows what just happened – I don’t have to tell them. They can be certain what will happen if that door opens.

    Now do I shoot the HP often, no, as I’m not confident of its life span. But that is not the purpose of my HP – I have other pistols for fun shooting/training. My HP is to send an audible message – scaring the crap out of any house-breaking uninvited trespassing intruder(s) when that slide seats. I’ve found the HP to be highly accurate at close center-mass range – my hope is I do not have to send a clip of hollow points but sure will if needed, without remorse!

    For the price HP is the best home-protection semi-auto pistol I could buy. I chose the 40SW is it’s the most preferred police round due to its good stopping power. If you must pull your protection pistol you will not even care how heavy or if it kicks – due to adrenaline/fear is flowing in in the most trained shooters! I find this HP is too big and heavy for CCW.

    USN Vietnam Vet. / NRA Cert Intr

    1. The first warning an intruder is going to get is a bright flash of light followed almost immediately by a very loud bang. Repeated as needed.

      Sorry, but being an NRA instructor or USN Vietnam vet (2/3 of the USN never got anywhere near Vietnam and almost NONE of them ever cleared a house occupied by hostile forces … which is what we are talking about here) does not impress me – living does – and letting the bad guy in my house know where I am and what I am armed with strikes me as being suicidally stupid.

      Yeah, some “bad guys” will hear that and head for the exit … but the ones who stay are, like me, not easily intimidated, and, if I did as you recommend, I would have just given away the ONLY advantage I did have.

      I knew where I was hiding and they didn’t. Now, they know.

      I still don’t know how many of them there are, where they are all located and what they bring to the fight … only that they might have reinforcements and I definitely do not.

      If they (how many are there?) have combat experience, I am now officially dead. Even if they don’t, I am not likely to survive. And neither are you.

      No thanks.

      I keep my arms loaded and locked … and you’ll never hear me thumb the safety off anything I own, much less rack a loaded round into the chamber (FTL, anyone?). When I practice at the range, I put one in the pipe and thumb the safety on before holstering. Then I thumb the safety off as I bring the firearm forward. By the time my muzzle is horizontal, I’m ready to shoot.

      If my aim is good, the intruder will never see the flash of light, either. If my luck improves, he/she will be alone. If not, may the police have to crawl over a pile of bodies to find me.

    2. I mean no disrespect to your service. I attempted to enlist USN during that conflict, myself (AFEES Ft. Wayne – Detroit). However, the topic under consideration is CQB inside a building and that is not the Navy’s forte.

      Letting armed opposition know your location is lousy tactics no matter what Joe Biden says. More than that, it invites mechanical failure at the worst possible moment. Suppose you rack the slide and the round does NOT go into the chamber or the rack does not lock closed?

      In that case you have just advertised your position and STILL do not have a functional firearm in your control. You have to re-rack and hope for a better result next time with no chance to diagnose and fix the problem.

      The reason you won’t hear the “bad guy” rack his slide is because he came through the door ready to shoot. You were already on both of your back feet because the whole thing is a surprise to you (he / they was / were psyched to do it already) and you started with an empty weapon. To rack the slide now is to introduce the potential for mechanical failure at exactly the worst possible moment in your life. Instead of simply needing the firing pin to impact the primer, you now need every mechanical system on the firearm to work. There will be plenty of opportunity for failure after the first shot is fired … I urge you not to encourage it before you fire your first round.

      I urge you to leave the gun cocked and loaded and rely on whatever mechanical safety devices are provided to prevent unintentional discharge. Do not give your position away. Do not risk a mechanical failure to load during a time of great peril.

    3. Ever see a cop rack his slide before returning fire?

      In the case of a group home invasion, your home will be totally over-run in a matter of seconds … perhaps as few as 2 or 3 but almost certainly less than 5 seconds per floor. The people pouring through your doors will be armed and violent. When parts of a second matter, don’t go on the defense — attack.

      An armed bad guy is not impressed by the sound of a rack sliding. He’s way ahead of you. An unarmed amateur (if he even recognizes the sound … no guarantee there) will be back with his friends because they now know that you have firearms and ammunition in the house … and that you hesitate to shoot.

      When I see “the Joe Biden defense”, I cringe. Joe wants his wife to empty a double-barreled shotgun out the back door. Even though illegal, that will work just fine for Jill Biden, because there are a dozen Secret Service agents swatting mosquitoes around their house (praying that she isn’t pointing the thing at them) who will be swarming the place within moments.

      If you want to scare an intruder away, don’t rack the firearm, aim it at them with deadly intent. That’ll work even if nothing else does.

    4. Bill, you have made a lot of interesting points. This how I look at it. My idea is to put myself in the best tactical advantage inside and outside the home. Figure out were your best tactical advantages are and your worst tactical disadvantages are. This requires looking at the inside of house as a combat zone. I practice it without a firearm when nobody is home and then I practice it at night without a firearm when people are sleeping. I what to know were the people in my home are at and expect the unexpected. This provides me with kill zone scenarios and were bullets will fly through walls without injuring innocent people or family members. The idea is to put oneself in the best tactical advantage inside the home and to advise and train family members what to do, were to do, and what not to do during an event.
      All because the intruders are going to gain entry into the home and do everything to their advantage.

    5. Ya we were never were floating targets on the river or had to make relief night patrols outside the base fence.

      I think this string has wandered way of High Point, and needs to be closed.

  20. Hi Point carbines are fun to shoot. Accurate and reliable. Not interested in .380 as it pobably won’t benefit from the added barrel length, not enough powder.

    .380 did start WWI though.

  21. I have the 9mm version and really like it. I crowned the muzzle and couldn’t believe the increase in accuracy. I doubt I would be interested in the .380 version as the ammo is too expensive compared to the 9mm that is widely available.
    I also put a muzzle flash suppressor on it as well as scope. For the money, you can’t beat the Hi-point carbine.

  22. Humorous, the ghetto gun. The real guns carried by the gangs and the most popular are the Glocks and the Sigs. The people in the hood have just got to look cool and big, bad, and tough. They buy a firearm on bases of prestige. When most people buy on functionality, cost, reliability, and accuracy.

    1. @Joe


      And just to clear, they either “purchase” they either purchase stolen guns on the street or just steal them themselves.

    2. Another useless only in survival & shtf if it was all i could get hold of just long enough to get a bigger better weapons platform . I have never cared for the .380 round at all in most any weapon chambered for it Why these so called gun co’s keep coming out with these goofy animal prints i will never get either the GOLD plated Desert eagle was enough to make me sick of seeing them then they went to these atrocities they are making now in these awful animal print patterns . Even in a carbine the .380 is almost useless on anything bigger than a small dog or big rat head shots or to the face would be my only option with it and at point blank so i did not miss and only to get a better platform off them and i would then leave him the .380 cal weapon and move on better off with the ol 9mm MAKAROV i carry in my ankle holster way better round and very accurate much better than any 380 round and only 1/1000th shorter than the 9mm luger A carbine in 380 with that pattern you could not give me for free in real world .JMHO

    3. If the 380 is only good for dogs and rats unless at close range, come on over to my place stand 10 yards back and let me try out some of my rubber bullets. If your still standing after 15 non lethal rubber 380 bullets smack you at 1000 feet per second I’ll buy you a beer.

  23. I see all these Hi-Point guns with huge extensions on the magazines. My question is, why are they not available to the public, and if they are, where do you find them. I keep checking Hi-Points website but, there are no extensions for their mags. They are very hard to get in and out of the 995TS.

    1. @Mark

      You can get a 14 round after market mag from Promag that extends further, but they will cause damage to your carbine and void the Hi Point warranty.

  24. I own a few guns from Springfield, S&W, Glock, Ruger, Beretta, Magnum Research, Marlin, DPMS and so on.

    I also own several Hi-Points, and always will. They are great, inexpensive, accurate, reliable guns. I’m not a big fan of the .380 round, but I did have a Hi-Point .380 that I put a case of ammo (1000 rounds) through with no problems while getting ready for a contract in Iraq, and then gave to a step-daughter for home defense.

    Their carbine is loads of fun, and i have one in .45 ACP so i can swap mags with my HP .45 pistol.

  25. I’m a Hi Point fan and own a 40 S & W. Purchased it after watching numerous videos were three guys kept trying to destroy it, and it kept on firing. Sure it’s bulky, but not anymore than the rest of the 40’s. I like many others have owned Smith and Wesson, Colt 1911, Beretta, and Walter. Not much of the carbine fan except for hunting. I have considered purchasing a Hi Point 380. For the dollar amount the firearm is extremely reliable and accurate.

  26. I have the 4095TS, and love it… I only have a few hundred rounds through it, but it has no indication of problems… She won’t win a beauty contest, but anybody breaking down the door cares as much about that as me

    1. A profoundly thought out and well reasoned argument. However, that’s ‘ghetto’ BTW, and ‘dam’ is correctly spelled only if you’re referring to a structure designed to contain water. Other than that, spot on! Well, except for the fact that few (if any) ghetto/getto dwellers use carbines in their daily endeavors.

    2. Rite on Tim (pun)!
      I almost bought the .40 carbine the other day, but watched a video on breaking it down. I still may get one, but looks like a lot of parts to take off. The good part was the tool needed is stored on the gun.

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