9mm Pocket Pistols Compared

9mm Pocket Pistols Compared

These are three of the most popular 9mm pocket pistols sold last year. Their features vary considerably. The Kahr and GLOCK are both reliable and proven designs. However, the Shield is a fierce up-and-comer. Which one would fit your needs as a daily concealed carry weapon? 9mm Pocket Pistols Compared

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  1. The G26 is so bulky it’s hard to compare to the slim 9mm guns. VERY few people can pocket-carry a G26 well. Even the Shield is too big for most.
    Also, the SHIELD is more like the P9/CW9 than the PM9 (and the one in the pic has 6+1, whereas the SHIELD has 7+1–so it should read 8/9, not “7/8” for capacity of the Shield.
    The comparable slim 9mm guns are the Shield, the CW9/P9, the PPS and the XDMs. The PM9 is a step down in capacity and size, and probably the only real pocket pistol 9mm of the bunch.

  2. My daily carry is a Seacamp LWS32. Very small, fits in any pocket with a Galco pocket holster and the .32ACP is fine for any up close and personal defensive situation.

  3. Sorry, for a small concealed carry pistol you should go with a Baretta Jet Fire in .25; carry it cocked and locked. You don’t have to manipulate the slide it breaks for insertion of the 1st. round. It fits just about anywhere.

  4. I have a M&P Shield, Ruger SR9, Springfield XD-9 all in 9mm. I just bought a Sig P250 full sized 40S&W that is DAO, and can be changed to compact or sub-compact (but just try to find the kit). I like the Springfield for no safety that is why I may consider the P-250 if I can get the sub kit. Now I carry the S&W Shield when I can legally. I like it a lot, but I am not confident with a round in the chamber and safety on; however, you cannot beat the size, weight or controllability. I had a Kahr CW40 in 40S&W and it was a handful to fire. I also had problems with feeding. After returning it to the factory for warranty repair, it would lose its magazine after the first one or two shots. I GOT RID OF IT. Will never buy Kahr again. Also take down was a pain in the ass.

  5. I tried a Glock, but the trigger pull was awful, don’t know if it was just that gun or them all, but went with a Springfield Compact. Took it back to the factory custom shop for their CC workover, and had the trigger set at 4.5lbs. Really did a find job…the trigger is like glass!!
    The Springfield’s just fit in my hand right & I have never had a problem with them. I also bought a sub-compact & the 4.5 barrel XD/M.
    Good for winter or cooler CC, but for summer CC I have a Beretta TomCat 32cal with special hi power frangible ammo. VERY nice lil gun!!

  6. I have a P11 I sent back for the firing pin job (shoots 100%)no jams all ammo, and a Smitty model 60 in 357. I would recommend the revolver over any auto for deep carry, the average gun fight being with In 6 feet and only 2 shots fired total, the extra flame coming out the barrel it maybe enough to stop there heart before the bullet hits them lol. If you need to take on a army of bad guys you really need the extra weight of a full size to get on target over and over again .

  7. Hard not to like the Bersa, Mark. BTW, have you shot a UC45? A tad big for CC but an incredible value and real accurate for a .45 with a 3 inch barrel. A little hand cannon it is.

  8. I would choose the Glock 26 here.

    But when I was shopping around for a pocket-rocket-9mm almost ten years back now, I settled on the utilitarian Kel-Tec model P11 (which at the time was a revolutionary hi-cap pocket 9mm). Still years later, it is arguably one of the best in its class.

    Love mine.

  9. Mike, I’m with you. I really like the Bersa 380 Plus. I got the factory rubber grips and it fits my large hand perfectly, as good as my H & K P30. 15 rounds of .380 is nice to have in your hand. It’s also very accurate at 20 yards, cycles anything, is a breeze to break down, has a lifetime warranty, and conceals very well. All that under $400. Can’t beat it.

  10. What’s the BEST gun? The one you have with you when you need it. I get bored and switch. Sometimes it’s my Sig compact 1911 45, other times it’s my Rohrbaugh R9, and when I’m in shorts it’s my NAA 22 mag with Gold Dots. I’ve have most all of them but if their at home… know the rest.

  11. I have had my Taurus 709 Slim 9mm for anbout 2 years i carry it everwhere i go .I put about 400 rounds of all brands of amo and it eats all of them .Never had any fte or stove pipes.I also carry at times my full size Taurus 24/7 9mm which i have put shoot about 1,000 rounds of all kinds of amo thru it before i even cleaned it . i would trust both of them if need be.

  12. I found to like the Kimber “solo”, 9mm It’s small reliable, and accurate.
    It’s a little spendy but I like it, no open hammer to jab in your back
    It hides well.

  13. I carry the Glock G27 in a Crossbreed holster. It’s so concealable and comfortable that I often forget I have it on. I just had a Ghost Evo Elite trigger job done on it and it’s awesome.

  14. I have the Glock 27, the Kahr PM40 and PM9. The Kahr’s are much easier to conceal as single stacks vs. the Glock double stack. I like the M&P Shield and I’m looking for one for my collection. Depending on the clothing you can wear dictates the weapon. Always carry spare mags though !

  15. Joyce,
    I’ll ditto the responses to you so far. My wife was at the same place you are with difficulty racking the slide on my nano, 9 shield and oh my gosh my G30. These are my carry weapons and the G30 is just always around. Long story short, look at revolvers for immediate concealed carry and self defense, but don’t give up on the semi-auto idea too quickly. My wife is doing much better and loves my 9 shield (looks like I need a replacement for that!) after understanding that just because she is small (5 foot, 125lbs) doesn’t mean she can’t manage stiff slides. She hates my nano as the trigger pull is long compared to the shield. My G30 …. she really hates the recoil on that one! To rack the slide on all of these, she uses a push pull technique … push forward with the right arm while pulling the slide back with her left. Grip is key. Have a firm hold with finger off the trigger! It was way too easy for her to make the mistake of using the trigger as a leverage point. After a little correction (Fear Of God), she has it down … Pick up some snap caps for practice until you get the feel. There is comfort with a semi in knowing you have more than a revolvers 5 or 6 rounds … My wife’s accuracy is embarrassing …. dead on bulls eye most of the time in nice tight patterns never outside the inner ring. Her first shot is almost always dead on followed by an embarrassing dead on second shot. Now if she can accomplish that under pressure … and that is where the comfort level comes in. . Keep in mind that these little semi-autos will loosen up the more they are fired … it is either that or we just get used to them and build up the strength in our wrists and arms!

  16. For me the gun I carry is the Glock 33, .357 SIG, it is the only gun I concel carry and it is very hard to detect.

  17. I carry a kimber solo i havent seen anyone that has commented using one but it has kimbers reliability with a 2.7 inch barrel at just 5.5 inches long and 3.9 inches tall with ambidextrous mag release and safety it is by far my choice despite all the negativity with the early models i have had no problems out of mine after putting two hundred rounds through it. My only complaint is the price at $850.00 (at a gunshow) it was a little high for me but now owning and shooting it im completely pleased with paying the extra costs.

  18. I’ve owned the Kahr PM9, and while there’s a lot to like about it, I never took a liking to the trigger. I have a Springfield XD9 I keep at home, and I love that trigger. So, I sold the PM9, and now my new concealed carry gun is a Springfield XD40 subcompact.

  19. I went with the Glock 27 .40 cal. I bought a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel and a few 9mm magazines. Now I have a .40 cal AND a 9mm. A two-fer, Glock 26 and a Glock 27.I can swap out in 20 seconds. The 9mm is match grade and rocks 100%.

  20. I carry my Smith & wesson SW1911 Sub Compact 45 cal in a Rhino holster. it fits between my belt and pants, it has a clip that goes onto my pants and a loop that goes over my belt. It keeps the pistol tight againt my side, in strong side catty and also in a cross draw position. I also have one of the Rhino holsters for my Sig P238 and a Sig P250 compact that I have, but I carry the SW1911 98% of the time.

  21. I have a Kel Tec PF9 and a P11. I love them both. I have a 12 round mag for the P11 and a belt clip for it. The PF9 fits my pocket and I also have a sticky holster for IWB carry. I have had no [roblems with either.

  22. To Mike at comment 119…

    Some people carry a 45 because they can’t find an IWB holster for their Desert Eagle. The ammo debates get tiring in a hurry, especially when all of the hokum about stopping power comes up. In the end the best caliber is the one you like the most and shoot best. If the need arises and you can produce a real, working handgun and put one or two rounds of any caliber into the target, you’ll come out just fine in the vast majority of defensive situations the typical carry permit holder will ever face.

  23. I have a Glock 26 and I’d buy it again. It’s not the smallest 9mm out there by any means but in my opinion it handles much, much better than smaller, thinner options out there. It’s supposed to be comforting, not comfortable.

    I can’t speak for the Kahr or the S&W, but compared to say an LC9, I vastly prefer knowing that I can draw the weapon and reliably put rounds into the pie plate. The smaller packages are great but they’re a lot more difficult to handle. What I like about the G26 is that it handles the same as a full-frame pistol, especially with the magazine extension (+2 rounds as well). I carry it in a level 2 Serpa holster which I have no trouble concealing under a sweatshirt (which I can wear here 7-8 months out of the year and almost year-round after dark).

    Again, if you’re looking for the smallest one the G26 is not what you’re looking for. But I think the balance of concealability to handling and firepower makes it a very good choice.

    If you don’t like 9mm, try the G27, G30, or G36. I put a few rounds through a G30 and I was quite impressed with that as well.

  24. i bought a sig sauer 9mm nitemare,put on acrimson trace laser and this is a great pocket pistol with some decent pop.with 6+i the 9 is better than my 5shot j frame-a little pricey but with a little more firepower and easy to carry

  25. Steve I agree I ave the Diamondback DB9 and have had some work done to it and it usually is in my pocket and I usually have my M&P Shield 40 on my side and have had it polished n some trigger work and I love it never any problems fom the first shot. I must admit I did have some initial problems with my Diamondback I sent it back and they replaced a few parts with upgraded parts then I had a buddy polish and throat it and it is amazing. I also have a Kahr MK9 but being all steel it is a bit heavy for my pocket, but I take it to the range because it is the smoothest most accurate gun I ever fired and it shoots +P ammo so if I go in a bad neighborhood it’s in the console and or my house gun for self protection I have a S&W governor 45/410 rounds and its in the nightstand

  26. Joyce, From the issues you raised, I’m quite certain that you’d be very happy with a small frame revolver (for example, a Smith and Wesson “J frame”). Small frame generally means smaller overall size and smaller weight. Usually holds 5 bullets rather than 6, but the smaller number of bullets means a lighter, smaller weapon. A “J frame” in .38 caliber is an outstanding self defense weapon. Depending on the model (a gun dealer or gun show would be a great place to handle one) it can be very light weight. I wanted to get my wife a small 9mm for self defense. One look at her trying to cycle the slide of the semi-automatic made me say “no way”. With a semi-automatic, you need to have the strength to pull the slide and the presence of mind to be able to diagnose and correct a “failure to feed, failure to eject” scenario. That’s tough for anyone to do in a self defense situation. With the revolver, if the bullet doesn’t fire, just pull the trigger again and the next bullet will fire. What could be simpler. Very easy to load. The operation of the revolver couldn’t be easier to understand. Point and Shoot and nothing else to think about. My wife was also intimidated by the size of a .38 cartridge when she first saw it. We are going to get her used to shooting by renting a revolver in .22 Long Rifle caliber. When she feels comfortable using a revolver in the lighter caliber, we will purchase the .38. My analogy is that shooting a revolver is like riding a bike while shooting a semi-automotic pistol is like riding a motorcycle. If I haven’t ridden for a year, I can jump on the bicycle and ride without a problem. If I haven’t ridden a motorcycle in a year, I have to re-familiarize myself with the controls first. Same with guns. You don’t want to have to re-familiarize with a semi-automatic in a self defense situation. You will always feel comfortable picking up a revolver and using it. Not necessarily so for the semi-automatic. Another way to put it…If the bad guy was coming after me and I saw two pistols on the table that I had never seen before (and was therefore unfamiliar with) – a .38 revolver and a 9mm semi-auto – which would I choose to use? REVOLVER, EVERY TIME.

  27. I didn’t read all the replies and man there are a lot, anyone ever use the Ruger SR9C? I upgraded to it after giving my LCP380 to my son. It’s in the same range as these, but the safety features are fantastic. Add the fact that you get a 10 and 17 round mag and it’s just a great bargin. My CZ75B (sweet 9mm) is just a little too big and my Taurus Tracker is my “Late night get out of my house” gun. Just wanted to throw in my two cents. Cheers all.

  28. My Kahr did not feed correctly on first use. Apparently, this is a well described problem that I didn’t understand at time of purchase. When chambering the first round from a freshly inserted magazine, the slide must be pulled back and locked. Then the slide must be allowed to go forward by releasing the slide by depressing the slide release lever. If you just pull back the slide and release it manually (i.e., if you don’t take it all the way to the locked position and then use the release lever to send the slide forward and chamber a round)you will often get a mis-feed and failure to fire. This is no problem when you’re wide awake at the range. No problem changing mags because the slide locks open after the last round. However, my PM9 does not have a safety. Before understanding the problem, I figured that I’d carry a full magazine with an empty chamber for safety, then pull the slide and release it manually to chamber a round if I needed one (e.g. for self defense). Experience at the range proved that this would be a very bad idea if your main concern was self defense. Now, I always carry with a full mag AND a chambered round but this is dangerous if there are kids around and I leave the pistol in a jacket or vest. Be careful

  29. Reply to “Joyce” Many of your smaller handguns will be hard to rack the slide when new…My Taurus PT709 was very difficult, I have one of those rubber grippers you use to open lids on jars and bottles and racked the slide with that several hundred times over the course of several days, then went to the range and fired several hundred rounds and I can say the slide FINALLY got easier to rack….It has to be somewhat
    strong because it has to eject the spent shell casing so the next round can feed into the chamber…If the spring was weak you would have a lot of stove pipes…Bottom line is it does get easier over time…I am a pretty good sized fella and certainly understand your concern..Hang in there, my wife had the same problem for a while…
    good luck

  30. one hundred and fifteen comments and it looks like I’m the only one to admit carrying a Bersa, that’s fine tho because I know it’s about the same size as the others being talked about here but has a 15 plus one capacity which I would definitely take over 6-7 or 8 rounds and I know that none of the “real gun guys” here won’t say that a .380 doesn’t compare to a 9mm

  31. Sorry guys, but I’ll stick to my CZ-75. I’ve never in over 2 years and 2000 rds. had a fte or ftf plus I’ve got 15 in the mag and I can carry it in my pocket. I consider it the AK of pistols. Drop it in muddy water, shake it off and shot it. For sheer stopping power I’ll take me full size Springfield 1911 A-1 with stack mags that hold 15 rounds.

  32. Boberg XR9-S is an excellant pocket carry pistol. Easy felt recoil even with +P ammo. 7+1, 3.35″ SS barrel, 5.1″ long, aluminum frame, 17.5 oz unloaded w/mag. Yes, it is pricey with base model at $995, but I trust my life with it. [I like the Rohrbaugh being compared to a Mecedes, but would you buy any car that needed to replace the shocks every 150 pot holes?] Any of the above mentioned pistols will be acceptable if you are willing and able to practice, practice, practice. [Rohrbaugh does say that their pistol is made for self defense, not practice. Sorry Rohrbaugh, but I can’t justify spending $300 more than I did for something I can’t practice with.]

  33. ….I have the Glock, granted it’s thicker, but I carry in a modified shoulder harness and it’s nicely concealed.

    I appreciate having the extra rounds, further increased by carrying 2 expanded mags in the other armpit, and the slightly longer barrel. Plus the Glock’s legendary reliability was the deal sealer for me.

  34. I have carried a Kel Tec PF9, and it’s OK. However, I can trust my Sig P938. It’s fun to take to the range, and it eats everything.

  35. I shot al three extensively and ended up with the Sig P938. The 1911 is very forgiving, easy to carry, great shooting.


  37. I have the Taurus PT 709. I like it a lot! Had it about 3 yrs. Nice Glock-like trigger. But slimmer grips, which work better for me and for IWB. Now I want a Kahr
    CW9 or CM9. I like the trigger on them and the fact that they also have slim grips.

  38. Steve, if you`re looking for light and small, I`d recommend the Taurus PT738, It`s a 6+1 pistol that only weighs 19 ounces fully loaded. I have one and I love it. It`s very easy to conceal and has a lifetime warranty. I picked mine up for $235, n.i.b. out the door from a dealer at a gun show.

  39. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Diamondback DB9. I carry one daily and find it to be an excellent carry gun. Unloaded, it weighs only 11.ounces and it’s 5.6 inches long, .80 wide and only 4.00 high. It has a 6+1 capacity and it’s striker fired with a 4.5 lb. trigger pull.

    So it’s smaller than the three pistols listed, and with the exception of the Kahr, it costs less too!

    The only downside is that you can’t shoot heavy ammo or +P ammo through it. But, I think 115 grain hollowpoints will definitely ruin someone’s day. Is it a .45 ACP? Not, but it’s a gun that is easily carried and that’s better than a gun on the nightstand at home….

  40. Too bad the SCCY Industries CPX-2 9 mm subcompact auto was left out of this comparison as it is small, light weight, very affordable, has a 10-round mag and is very well-made in the U.S.A. I have one and it’s a helluva gun for the money…!

  41. @Steve. My G27 is my usual carry gun (have it on now), but I have a Ruger LCP & LC9 for pocket carry. The LC9 is quite nice, I like it, it shoots well, and has been reliable. LCP “is what it is”. For certain pants, it conceals better. Not comfortable for over 50 rounds at the range, nor does it fit “anyone’s” hand, but the LCP has a purpose. I had a P-11 that i never bonded with. I’m sure it’s a fine gun, but I had nothing but issues. Very sensitive to ammo, sensitive to non-standard mags, and basically I never developed a trust in it. The LC9 is my pocket carry choice. FWIW, my IWB carry guns are a G27, G30, and Ruger SP101 .357.

  42. I have been carrying a Glock 27 for some time now, and with summer coming I’m looking for a smaller option. I have been looking hard at the Sig P938, or even the P238. I like the idea of 9mm over .380, but frankly, as someone said earlier, I’d rather have something than nothing, and the 938 seems impossible to find. I want something light and small, but light is higher on the priority list. The Glock is so thick and heavy. I have never owned any handgun other than Glock, so any manufacturers I should look at? Any feedback on Diamondback? I currently have a Glock 22, 23 and 27. Feedback on Sig P938? P238?

  43. Walther PPS for me. Great ergos (standard backstrap), easy to conceal any time of year (gotta have it to use it),I shoot it really well and it has been flawless reliable for 2000 rds since day 1.

  44. A lot of info on here for Joyce myself or any body else, looking to purchase a ccw. Go to gun shows, find a gun shop you feel comfortable in and pick a sales person that you feel you would be comfortable with. Ask what different hand guns they have available. Pick up each one at a time. Put it down. Try another one, and another. Pick each one up from a different position as it lays on the counter. Try it in your purse or pocket. Rent the one that is the easiest to purchase and grip well in your hands, right and left. Move it from one to the other. Most calibers have different bullets. Then rent the one you feel the most comfortable in hand. Try semi-auto and revolver. There are a lot pros and cons about both pieces,as well as calibers. For you this is about buying a piece of fine jewelry. The one that fits the best and shoots the best is the one.

  45. i seen a posting on here that you can convert a glock 26 to shoot 40 cal.ammo.wich is wrong .you can convert a glock 40 cal. to a 9 mm or 357 sig by changing barrels only to shoot the 357 sigs from a glock 40 cal but to shoot 9 mm ammo out of a glock 40 cal you must install a conversion barrel like ones sold by lone wolf distutors and bt useing glock 9 mm magazines as the 40 cal.cases are bigger and wont feed right with a glock 9 mm conversion barrel installed .you can use the 40 cal. glock mag,s to shoot 357 sigs with a 357 sig conversion barrel .but you must start with a 40 cal.glock and switch to a 357 sig barrel to shoot 357 sigs from a glock 40 cal. and you can use the 40 cal mags to shoot 357 sig bullets but to shoot 9 mm,s from a glock 40 cal .gun you must use a conversion barrel like ones sold by lone wolf dist,and use 9 mm, mags.for it to funtion correctly .you cannot switch a 9 mm glock to shoot 357 sigs or 40 cal as the slide is machined for just the 9 mm barrel only .from Sgt M.J.P.

  46. I have shield in 9mm and the Taurus pt-709. The 709 just feels better in my hand. Great triggers on both. Pt-709 needed mag extensions for my pinky .

  47. I choose the Taurus PT740 Slim. It`s very narrow, light and more powerful in the 40 caliber S&W platform. The price is excellent too. I got mine from a dealer for $349 with 2 mags and the stainless steel slide at gun show about a year ago. You can`t beat it for firepower, price and concealability, plus it has a lifetime warranty. My other concealed carry pistol is a Taurus TCP 738 .380 caliber semi-auto. It is very small, similiar to a Kel-Tec in size/ weight. It weighs 19 ounces fully loaded with 6 hollow point rounds, and again, it`s got a lifetime warranty. I picked it up at a gun show from a dealer 4 months ago for $234 tax, title, out the door.

  48. I own 4 compacts/sub-compacts: Glock 23 Gen4, SA XD-9 3″, LC9, and LCP. I had a trigger mod and reduced recoil spring done to the LC9, and bought stainless guide rods and reinforced springs for the LCP and LC9; along with grip ext that adds an extra rnd in the mag for both… all from Galloway Precision in N.C. The work took awhile due to the demand, but it was well worth the wait! Those are my Conceal Carry and back-up. I keep the G23 in my vehicle and is by far my favorite weapon system of those four. My XD-9 is fun to shot, pretty accurate, and can take quite a beating between cleanings; but only have it as a spare back-up to my G23 just in case. My next purchase might be a Christensen Arms 1911 Commander for my full size.

  49. What about the sig sauer p-250 the sub-compact is a small pocket pistol like the other and it holds 12+1. Also can convert into a 40 cal, 45 cal, 357 sig. and all can beconverted into full size, compact or sub compact. Gun of the year 2012.

  50. Great discussion. I have been looking into pocket 9mm for the last 6-weeks. The SW M&P Shield keeps floating to the top of the list. I have been on the auction sites for weeks watching people price gouge this handgun and was ready to take the plunge today. But instead, I went to my local gun shop. Lo-and-behold, they just received seven of them and I paid only BOOK PRICE ($449.00) for it. I just cleaned and lubed it and am ready to head to the range. It is light as a feather compared to my Springfield EMP and HK P30. The 0.95″ feels right. I just ordered a front pocket Recluse holster for it.

  51. i have owned and carried legally concealed hanguns fron a beretta 92 alot of models of smith and wessons and glocks and still bet my life on a well made 1911 designed 45,i have carried 9 mm,s and 40 cal. as backups and and have found good and bad design problems with all most anny gub if i look hard enough ,i really was suprissed by how well my kap pm9 shot and have never had a defect with any glock and carry a model 21 and a model 3o for a backup weapon as the magazines are interchangleble so spare mag,s for my 21 will fit either my 21 or 30 ,just carry them chamber loaded in a really good holster .of the compact 9 mm backups i have now found my favorate to be a keltec p-11 with the 12 round factory mags and 15 rd s+w 59 15 rd mags as a great high capacity backup as it will carry 15+1 but is so much smaller than a glock model 19 that also carries a 15 rd mag,and although the trigger pull is a very safe 9 pound effort i am very sure it will fire with either hand and can be carried fully loaded with 1 in the chamber ,off duty i carry the newer model sig c3 ,45, with officer frames and commander length slides and do have x/s gig dot sights on all my carry guns and laser grips and just put the laserlyte sb3 on my keltec p-11 and crimson trace grigs on my 1911,s and glock 21 and really like the new crimson trace railmaster i installed on my glock 30 and yes i do have a tactical designed 12 guage in my house and car trunk and a well dressed bushmaster ar 15 .i do have a few different designed ak 47,s abullpupmodel and an underfolder but still believe in carrieng 2 expensive small flashlights and pepper spray as a non lethal possabilty ,but keep your carry guns in good holsters and its better to be great with 1 gun than just okay with many .practice really matters as i have been shot twice and still won the fight and lived to tell about it and remember the kiss rule .keep it simple stupiid .things change really fast when you are getting shot at so simple is better i can say that from real gunfight experience .you have to act and think without trying so the more you train the better you will be when its really needed.and always carry 2 knives .anything really important you should have at least 2 on you .even an old cellphone can still dial 911 wether or not you have it on an active celluar service plan so hope for the best but prepair for the worst at all times .its you job to protect not only yourself but anyone that just happens to be at the wrong place at a bad time . do you have a smoke alarm and a fire exstingisher.i bet you do but how many of you have ever actually had a fire to deal with .well think of the same thing when it comes to personal protection and you will never regret after something bad happens that you were not prepared .from Sgt M.J.P.

  52. After being issued an M9 in the marines, a glock for law enforcement, and shooting my friends Sig(all full sized), I had to buy a sig p938 for my pocket. To those who say sig is too pricey, I say how much is your life worth? Other than that, I can see why people love the other styles but every pistol I buy from now on that I intend to carry will be a sig. Quality precision, and very ergonomic.
    Happy shooting, Semper Fi…

  53. I’m sad that the Beretta Nano and the Kel-Tec P11 aren’t featured in the list. I’d love to see a side-by-side comparison of all 5 guns. Although I’d already be rooting for the Hammer-Fired Candidates from Go…

  54. Reading these comments is truly an education. Intelligent discussion. I have to agree with commment #50 by Marvin. NANO is the way to go. I’ve had mine for some months now with zero problems. Put about 2,000 rounds through it with no FTF or FTE situations. I usually feed it my “Carry” ammo – Federal 124 Grain Hydra shok JHP’s. The pistol is accurate, fits my small hand perfectly – with the extended magazine to support my pinkie. Very easy to take down for cleaning. What was that old TV Commercial? “Try it…’ll like it.”

  55. I’ve carried a S&W 4006 for the last 18+ years. Heavy yes, but reliable and accurate. So it took me a lot of looking to find a smaller carry auto that I would trust. I finally looked at the Kahr CW9. It has a single stack 7 round clip so the finger slip issue was solved. Easily concealed and accurate. I didn’t replace the S&W, I just got it a good friend.

  56. @ 47. Joyce. the best advice I could offer is go check out a range that rents guns and you try and see what you are comfortable with. Everybody has a preference… check out what is a good fit for you

  57. Hi all, I have had the opportunity to shoot each of the 9mm’s discussed. Being disabled ease of carry is of great importance. I find the Ruger LC9 meets the needs and when equipped with the LaserLite laser it becomes a very formatable unit. Thanks all for the great comments.

  58. I prefer a Kel-Tec P-11. I also owned a Kel-Tec PF-9 and Kahr CW40. The Kahr is too heavy in spite of having a plastic frame. That left me with the two Kel-Tecs, and I eventually sold the PF-9 in favor of the near double mag capacity of the P-11. The thicker “handle” on the P-11 is not a drawback in my pockets.

  59. Lots of good input on CCW’s other than the G26, Shield, and PM9. I own and have carried the G26 and PM9. With proper break-in, I’ve never had a misfire with the PM9, and love the smooth, consistent double action. Limited rounds, however. Glocks are always reliable, but the G26 is a bit too wide for my personal tastes for plain clothes concealment. This article was focused on the 9mm, which I chamber all of my handguns in, except one. My new favorite CCW? The Sig P238! Yes, somewhat of a compromise in ballistic fire power, and a different battery of arms (1911ish), but highly concealable, minimal kick, very accurate in CQB, and super Sig reliable! Great back-up ankle rig, or otherwise.

  60. I have a Ruger LC9 and love it. It fits in my hand perfectly. I have large hands and found the 380 LCP too small. Yes, just like gloves and shoes you can go too small. Find a handgun that fits and that you actually like then you will carry it more.

  61. I don’t have near the experience of other people concerning handguns who have added comments. Do you really expect to shoot a primary carry weapon other than break-in and occasional live fire. The Nano comes up on target without trying like a good old bird gun with the built in drop. Those are the things I would be more concerned with for this type of weapon. I would be more than happy if the use of a Nano remained within the constraints listed above.

  62. What about the Kel-Tec P11 & PF9. These are great guns; accurate, reliable & most of all not over-priced like many “name brands”… plus they are small.
    I carry the P-11 with 12 round mag +1 in the chamber. It weighs only 14.1oz unloaded & 20.3oz fully loaded with 13 rounds (I just weighed it). I have put 1000’s of rounds through mine & have had no issues.

  63. First, I understand all of us have preferences of certain weapons, but the question was, Which one would of theses would fit your daily conceal carry needs? For me it is the Glock. I have had it for 10 years now and it has been accurate, reliable and comfortable. Secondary to that is I also have the Glock 17 and I like the interchangeability of holsters, accessories, internal parts, etc…

  64. Reply to Joyce. Great comments. I am somewhat new to autos but agree, it takes some strength and dexterity to operate the slide. Especially on larger ammo guns. They have stronger springs. I played around with a Ruger SR22 and found it very easy to slide and operate. You may want to start with something like that . It is a really fun little pistol and cheap ammo so great to practice with.

  65. I have shot all three of these guns.(Kahr PM9, M&P Shield, and the Glock 26) The Kahr is too small for my hands. It jumps around with every shot. Also it is way to expensive. The Glock is also too small even with the extended grip. The Shield fits perfectly. I own the 9 and the 40. Great guns!! Now we need some great holters made for them.

  66. I’ve shot all 3 guns tested and spoken of in the article. Personally, I am not fond of the 9mm. I carry a Kahr CW45 and find it to be one of the best little .45ACP you can get. I don’t like the Glock in any configuration. S & W makes a good gun but they lost favor with me a few years back. Can’t find any fault with my Kahr and feel that the only decent defense round is the .45 with quality ammo. Hollow Points proffered.

  67. I carry a Kahr CW9 right now and would love the slightly smaller size of the PM9! While I’ve barely hit the 500 rnd mark, I have had NO issues. Extremely simple to break down and clean as well. I’ll take any of them though if someone wants to get rid of theirs…

  68. The Ruger LC9-CT is everything one needs in conceal carry and more. Compact, excellent magazine capacity, reliable laser sight, reliable with all ammo, great sights, easily concealable. This compact 9mm is the best I’ve had and doesn’t cut into me, and is not difficult to conceal or carry. Try one out!

  69. @ Joyce, I have been told that all compact semi autos have a stiff slide action because the spring is so short, and there for stiff. My wife has the same problem. We have considered the revolver as an alternative, but I would love to hear of other options as well.

  70. I’ve owned a Gen III Glock 26 since 2004, and I personally love it. I got a great deal on it back in the day, and carried it holstered on my plate carrier when I was in the service; the Navy-issued Beretta’s grip is a little too wide and a little too deep for my hand. I had a kydex lefty holster made for it that attached right to MOLLE/PALS webbing. I’ve also carried the weaponv in a leather IWB holster. I put Meprolight night sights on it, finger extensions on the magazine floor plates, and wrapped the grip in a little skater’s tape- it’s now my perfect concealed carry gun, and has served me flawlessly for over a decade. A friend of mine used to have the Kahr, and although a fine weapon, I like the trigger pull on the Glock better. Speaking of concealed carry….

    I’m not sure that these are proper “pocket” guns. I’m a solid 195 lbs. and 6’0″, and I can’t fit any of these guns into my pocket (I’ve tried with the Glock, and a friend of mine used to have the Kahr; I can’t speak to the S&W Shield, but I’m not hopeful based upon measurements listed here).

  71. Regarding the comment posted March 15, 2013 @ 2:56 pm, the Glock 27 ejector is different than that of the Glock 26. The magazine followers are different, too, for the two different size cases of the 9mm .40 S&W cartridges.

    I’d be surprised were the conversion from 9mm to .40 S&W as described a safe, reliable firearm.

  72. I considered the Glock 26, but felt that it was too large for pocket carry. I was not able to find a Shield anywhere. After months of comparing different similarly sized guns, I purchased a Beretta Nano. It has been an excellent gun. I have fired a variety of 9mm brands and weights with no issues at all. I carry it in the pocket 40% of the time and IWB 60%. It came with a 6 and 8 round magazine. I am a big fan of Smith and Wesson, but I would not hesitate to recommend the Nano.

  73. In response to Joyce’s question, “Now, with that said…. the hardest thing for me to do at this point is evidently having the strength to push the slide or some of the levers seem to be really stiff…is that just me and do I need to toughen up and build dexterity and muscles or is it again part of the feel of the gun and some are easier than others?”
    I am a 72 year old woman who had shot rifles in my youth, but was just introduced to handguns. The deciding factor for both of my first two purchases (Beretta U22 Neos and FNS 9) was whether I was able to disassemble the guns to clean them. I have found that my hands did toughen up and I did develop more hand strength. (I also worked on hand strength with one of those spring loaded hand grip things and worked on arm strength with a 5 lb. dumbbell.) Nice gun shop personnel have shown me alternative methods for racking the slide and even for getting around that awkward (and for me, impossible) method of disassembling a Glock, which was my third purchase after I learned how to do that. I’m having fun and take great satisfaction in seeing my shooting skills progress.

  74. Seriously, the best CCW is the one you’ll have with you when you need it. Be it a NAA .22 Mag or a 1911 .45 the one you have with you is the one you need. Start there first. What will you have with you? I carry a NAA .22 Mag in my pocket always and then a variety of weapons depending on activity, clothing and possibility of use.

  75. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re satisfied, just carry and don’t let ‘them’ take away your right.

  76. I don’t like any of these pistols, especially the Glock. This so-called safe action safety is a crock. In high stress the finger goes to the trigger and more than one accidental discharge has occurred with tragic results because of it. The shooting in the Oakland Subway, the cop on her way to the board, even the dumba$$ DEA with his Glock 40 on youtube… The Kahr is better with the DAO, but no safety features otherwise, even the passive striker block is better than the Glock. Haven’t seen the S&W. But nope, give me a manual safety or a decocker with a double action any day. Much safer, adds the little extra decision or longer trigger pull and intent into the combination of draw, click and fire as opposed to draw and fire… Glock is an unsafe weapon as far as that goes. A Sig, a CZ or even a 1911 carried locked and cocked is better in my book. Now let the storm begin…

  77. I’ll stick with my KelTec PF-9. It is lighter, and fits my hand better than the others. I have never had a problem with it, the sight are good, and it is quite accurate.

  78. I have a Ruger LC9 as my pocket carry. I honestly wouldn’t want anything larger for pocket carry. However I really like the 9mm cartridge in my pocket. I am starting to think more about an even smaller carry such as a .380, but I am concerned about how much I really am giving up in caliber. Anyone have any suggestions on 380 v. 9mm for pocket carry?

  79. Interesting, about a week a go Cheaper Than Dirt advertised the SCCY compact 9mm, double action only pistol as a great concealed carry gun for a great price. It’s the same size but lighter than my Ruger SR9C and fits the same belt holster perfectly. It is also an option for my wife who has a difficult time with most DA triggers. I also like the DAO trigger because I don’t need to fumble with a manual safety. I do have a pocket 380 for those deep concealed needs.

  80. I own or have owned most of the handguns mentioned on this post. The main thing as posted earlier, Know your weapon! Be comfortable with it and practice regularly with different ammo to make sure your weapon cycles correctly. For me, I never leave the range without shooting a couple of mags through my Sig 238 .380. I love this little guy. I own the Rorhrbaugh R9s, glock .357sig sub compact, PM9, Sig 938, NAA .22mag (that I do carry a lot with loose shorts), but I always seem to reach for my P238 for conceal carry. When I’m not concerned with concealment I take my S&W Governor to and from my business. Now that’s protection!

  81. joyce, I see no one has replied to your question. I know how it feels most men do not give us credit for knowing anything about guns. A gun is one of those items that a man should get for his wife/g.f. without her input. From one to another I can and will tell you that yes some slides are hard to operate. Also reading all of these comments I do not see the safety aspect addressed either. When I carry a firearm in my purse,I want one that I feel is safe. If you are looking for a small firearm that is easy to operate and I feel has the safety issue addressed check out the bersa thunder .380. That is my choice.

  82. I should add that for grip feel and recoil, the CZ 75 is fantastic. I see Joyce is looking for advice and would suggest for her the CZ 75, hard to find but not impossible.

  83. I have the 40 shield, I feel like nothing compairs to it. I have large hands and the shield fits me great. Plus if you get a 40 shield you can convert to a 9 mm, with a barrel change, But you can’t convert the 9 mm shieid to a 40. On of the tabs has a hundreth of a mm difference.

  84. I carry a Kel-Tec PF9 super concealable, can purchase a belt clip that eliminates need for holster.Inexpensive, shoots great, light weight, 8 rounds I love it.

  85. I started with a Taurus 709slim, which was wholly unreliable with FTEs in many cases every other round using various types of ammo, and that’s after it was sent back to Taurus twice. I will say they are really good about the warranty and agreed to exchange the 709 for a PT111 Pro. Needing a reliable CCW I picked up a Glock 26 and as with Glock it shot every time, great gun, shoots well, easy to teardown & clean, my only complaint was the thickness… I was able to buy a S&W Shield 9mm when they were released. I absolutely enjoy every aspect of the Shield, it shoot extremely well and in my opinion has less recoil than the Glock. It conceals better and is accurate for a pistol its size. I dont have have a complaint really, other than perhaps a bit more capacity. I have total peace of mind with the Shield knowing it will be there if I ever need it.

  86. I have a Springfield 1911 .45 and a CZ 75 P01 9 mm. For conceal and carry the CZ is light and narrow with very little imprint. I also like the looks of a CZ 75, it like metal artwork. The 1911 is my favorite for just shooting and conceals nicely under a coat.

  87. I bought the Taurus 709 Slim a few months ago for under $300 after rebates. A very compact and concealable piece along with a Fobus paddle holster. Also use a Pearce grip extension

  88. I have both the Kahr pm9 and the glock. A lot of people love the glocks and may have good reason. I have not shot the SW yet but have shot their MP model and liked it. The Kahr does take a good 300 rounds through it before it does not jam and the slide becomes easy. The trigger will take some time to get used to. I can say it is a great, small carry gun when broken in. The Glock is a good gun, very reliable, never jams but the feel is not my favorite. I don’t know why but all the articles I read never mention Springfield. I am a big fan. Springfield xdm have the best grips and feel perfect in your hand. They can be adjusted for hand size and makes accuracy much superior over Kahr and the Glock. I own 2 springfield XDMs, 40 cal. 4.5 inch (awesome) and a 9mm 3.8 inch, the 9mm may be a bit big to carry compared to the Kahr PM9 but I love the feel if the Springfield and for reliability I will but it right along side the glocks any day. I have not bought a XD model only because I love the grip and feel of the XDM. Regardless to what you carry comfort and size can be lost for feel, trigger pull and accuracy. Don’t miss out by not trying the Springfield models!

  89. I own the S&W M&P Shield – it is a fantastic little gun – not good for pocket carry
    but great for IWB carry, it is accurate, never jams and is fairly easy to rack and disassemble. I carried a Kel-Tec P3AT for a while, it was a great pocket carry but it was totally unreliable. I sent it back to KT twice and it still wasn’t right, it was also far less accurate than my Shield. Also the KT was harder to rack than my Shield..

  90. Much of the concealed carry is a personal choice. As a CCDW instructor and gunsmith, I’ve either fired, carried, worked on or taught with all the pistols mentioned here. All the comments have merit and I don’t dispute any of them; however, remember that you are staking your life on your carry piece. Pick the one you can shoot well in a varity of situations and condition, then take it to a compentent gunsmith an have him minimize its flaws as much as possible. Then you are prepared. Personally, I carry the Walther PPS in 9mm. Yes, it has a long trigger pull and reset, but most people are pretty amped up in a self defense situation, so not sure this would bother you. CCDW pistols are not competion shooters – they have a single purpose. A good gunsmith can take care of that trigger with minimum work, besides, the Walther only has a 1 year warranty anyway. Finally, as to caliber size, if you can shoot the gun well, size has less concern. In periods when ammo is in short supply, 9mm usually can still be found. Train well and often, you will shoot well instinctively.

  91. Another vote for the Kel Tec PF9 here. Its my EDC, light weight, extremely reliable and REASONABLY PRICED! Got mine from the Kentucky Gun Co for $249 shipped.

  92. I seriously considered the Taurus Slim, but decided on the Beretta NANO. Absolutely great pistol, with no FTF or FTE with all ammo incl. reloads. Can pocket it if desired.

  93. Everyone here seems to have an opinion on what gun you should carry or ammo. Bottom line carry what you’re comfortable with and know where your bullets are going to go. If your gun has ever jammed is it one you want to trust your life with? Of the three listed, as long as there have been no jamming issues carry what you’re comfortable with. My choice is none of the above. But I’m comfortable with what I carry.

  94. Just wanted to throw in a comment for those newbies to owning and supporting guns.
    Growing up my father taught us how to respect and have respect for firearms, how to shoot and protect ourselves. Recently, I’ve begun to shop for home protection (thought the judge, public defender or an old favorite, the shotgun) and a conceal carry (thought maybe a 380 or 9mm for start) weapon. So, here I’m asking for your insight and thoughts…. after shopping over the last couple of months trying to educate myself and talking with shop owners, various gun owners, family, friends both female and males, I have learned everyone has a preference. Probably the best advice I’ve gotten so far is …to get one that fits your hand, the feel, the weight and try shooting it, if possible. Once I get the right fit, shoot, get more comfortable, it will become more natural and fun and I’ll keep up the skill. So, far I’m on target.So wanted to give a shout out to all of you guys who are patient and taking the time to teach us ladies your sport/hobby or job…. Your advice just may help to save the life of your wife, your sister, daughter or any lady.
    Now, with that said…. the hardest thing for me to do at this point is evidently having the strength to push the slide or some of the levers seem to be really stiff…is that just me and do I need to toughen up and build dexterity and muscles or is it again part of the feel of the gun and some are easier than others?

  95. I agree with Reidd^^. The Sig 250SC is a great carry weapon. And Sig will out perform all of these other brands by a long shot (except maybe beretta).

  96. I’m quite surprised they left out the Sig Sauer P938 in the comparison. I was able to get my hands on one last year and love it for a carry. I did have some problems with the Sig when I first got it but Sig fixed them with a 1 week turnaround at the factory. I picked up a Shield for my wife and am impressed with it too. That is her favorite for a concealed carry weapon.

  97. What about the Rohrbaugh R9? Sure, it’s expensive — but so are Mercedes Benzes. The Rohrbaugh is astoundingly small, all metal, and elegantly engineered. It pre-dates the current crop of micro-nines and still beats them all out on every factor (other than price).

  98. Kel-Tec is the obvious winner for compact, reliable, and most importantly affordable. I carry a P-11 9mm with 12rd mag, belt-clip for holster, and armalaser installed. I am small frame, 150lbs 5’5 and the p-11 has no print when worn at 1, 3, or 5 o’clock with belt-clip (GREAT CARRY ACCESSORY). I carry with one in chamber, which is very safe even though this gun has no safety feature, it does have a 9lb 2-stage trigger, which is impossible to accidentally fire in my opinion. And for the people who bash Kel-Tec as being cheap and unreliable, I completely disagree. I’ve put thousands of rounds through it with no failures or malfunctions, and I can’t say that about my Glocks… Its easy to clean and field-strips in less than 5 seconds. I picked mine up from BUDS online for $230.00 a few years back. Worth a try if your reading this article and thinking I can’t afford these guns…

  99. BOBERG XR 9
    Long barrel for a very small packade, uses +P, low recoil,dependable, and under $1000. A beautifully conceived and percise pistol. Love mine.

    They have a longer version out now.

  100. Taurus 709 is comparable in size to the Smith Shield, however its about half the price. The Sccy is comparable to the Glock, i think a bit smaller in some areas but it has second strike capability.
    I think this comparison is a bit off, if your going to do a comparrison one should review all, Kimber Solo, Sig, Taurus, Smith, Beretta, Kel Tec, Sccy, Walther and Kahr. Give us the straight dope on all with a graph on features.
    I have been trying to decide on one myself, i have narrowed it down to two, the Smith and Taurus.My heart says Smith but my wallet says Taurus.

  101. I have found the Ruger LC9 with +P rounds to be comparable in performance and utility as a light carry weapon.

  102. I have the 9mm Shield. It’s everything and more they say they are. That said, my favorite is the SPRINGFIELD EMP 9MM. Check them out shooters. They’re pure 1911 from the ground up.

  103. Don’t leave out the Springfield Armory XD 40 sub-compact. .40 S&W, less than 6″ in length, about the same width as the glock, backstrap safety, and it’s 12+1. Shoots great, very well balanced and comfortable.

  104. I chose the Taurus PT709 9mm as my carry gun, I looked at those in this article and the best buy for the money was the 709, I purchased several additional mags and mag extensions from Pearce and now have a comfortable, able to properly grip and conceal carry gun…Have put several hundred rounds through it with no problems..I am very pleased with my selection

  105. The most important part of this selection process is the piece that fits the person and environment. Large frame semis aren’t for everyone. You must be tactically prepared and familiar with what you carry. I carry a Sig P290 or a lighter Keltec 380. I recently purchased my wife a Ruger LCR 22mag revolver, simple but very effective with the mag punch. Remember personal protection/self defense will be close quarters and all of the mentioned weapons will be very effective. The 1911 is a wonderful piece too a little cumbersome for concealed carry though.

  106. I have a pm9 and the XDS45. PM 9 is noticeably smaller and the best choice for pocket carry of the two. You can’t go wrong; both operate flawlessly. I would buy both of them again.

  107. I love the feel of the Kahr, but after owning 2 of them, I cold never get either my MK9 or p45 to feed reliably. So I gave up on Kahr. Shield has been flawless, my glocks have been flawless.

  108. I carry the Glock 26 with a 15 round G19 mag and X-grip insert in a Blackhawk IWB holster and sometimes a Ruger LC9 in an ankle or pocket holster for backup. Love the Glock, but only like the Ruger.

  109. Where is the kel tec PF9? You know the reasonably priced average mans pocket 9mm. It kills me that these “journalists” believe that if a gun cost less than $500 they aren’t worth mentioning.

  110. I don’t own a pm9 but I do own a kahr mk9. Bassicly the same gun with a metal frame instead of PM’s polymer. It is a little heaver but I love the small pistol. Kahr really spends time with their designs the comfort in my hand is great and the trigger is the smoothest I have ever felt. I bought a sig p290rs just to compare a different carry pistol and I sold it, there was no comparison for me the kahr was a better gun. If you haven’t pulled a trigger on a kahr I would suggest doing that, the next time you see one in a display case. In my opinion kahr is the best compact carry for the trigger and accuracy as well as comfort.

  111. I own a shield in 9mm, a walther pps in 9mm, a ruger lc9 & a glock 26. I love all of them but the walther is the one I carry. Great trigger, great sights, light & yes very slim.

  112. Have tried several different pocket pistols including Ruger LC9, Kek Tec PF9 , and M&P Shield. Love the Shield. It goes just about everywhere with me. No problems what so ever with its operating.. Comfortable to carry, fun and easy to shoot. Wife likes it so well she wants one but can’t find another right now. May try a Nano as an alternate. Carrying the Shield all day feels like there is nothing there. Perfect with a Supertuck holster.

  113. There was a real life situation with South Carolina Trooper Mark Coates. In a struggle with a BG after a trafic stop, Mark dumped 5 rounds of 357 into the body of the BG, center of mass as he was taught to do. After that, the BG managed to shoot just one 22 into Trooper Coates’ heart. Google Mark Coates to get more detail. The BG is still alive today and even gave a fight to other troopers who tried to cuff him after the shot. The video of this shooting serves as training to scores of new recruites. All that just to say that I have no confidence in an SD situation with a 9mm. I feel like I have no choice but to carry a G29 10mm. It’s not too big, certainly heavier than a G26, but it’s the best one-shot SD gun that I can find. I wish other Mfgrs make SD 10mm as well.

  114. There are many good choices in guns and there will always be a contest as to what is best! Over looked here and often elsewhere is the line up from EAA SAR. I have just purchased the SAR K2 and am waiting its delivery via USPS. These are extremely well built guns at a gift price. I paid $300.00 before shipping for the 9MM K2.Reviews are very positive!

    For backup, I’ll stick with my old 1908 Colt .25 ACP in perfect condition. It set the standard and deserves to ride proud!

  115. Did you purposely leave out the Taurus 709 Slim?
    6.24″ Long
    7/8″ Grip Width (.95″ slide width)
    4.53″ Tall
    18.5 oz Unloaded (17 oz with titanium slide)
    3.28″ Barrel
    7+1 Rounds
    White, 3 dot sights
    Purchased (Taurus 740 Slim [in .40 S&W]) for $299 2 weeks ago.

  116. I guess I don’t think of a Glock 26 as a pocket pistol! I have a G27 that I regularly carry IWB, and even though my two Desantis pocket holsters specify a G26/G27 as one that fits, I couldn’t see using it for the pocket. I have a Ruger LC9 and a Ruger LCP for pure pocket carry (and formerly a Kel-Tec P11). Even on some of the pants with wider pockets where I use the SuperFly (rather than the Nemesis), the LC9 is as big as I could see going in my pocket.

  117. Walther PPS for concealed carry, no doubt. I have the XDS .45, too. Both excellent. In 9 tho, love the Walther, shot them all.

  118. I own or have owned The G26 and the PM9. I love my Glock but for carry the Kahr is the smallest and lightest. I recently purchased a Kahr CM9 which is considerable cheaper than the PM9 but has all the same features.

  119. Any thoughts on the beretta nano, I feel like it was passed by in this evaluation. I find it to be small (for my hand) and a bit choppy in the pull, but a discrete carry that matches the khar. I haven’t used the 8rd extended mag for it, but having my pinky on grip sounds like a huge ergo gain and accuracy boost. That being said, I haven’t found any carry size weapon that comes close to my kimber 45 ultra 10. Not sure why they discontinued that beauty, it was a winning horse.

  120. I prefer the Sig Sauer P250 Sub-Compact to those, although smaller than my hand, it makes a great concealed carry when I don’t carry my Glock 19

  121. I carried a Glock 26 for years because it had been my official off-duty service weapon. I carried a Glock 17 on duty in uniform before I retired. Because the Mag was double stacked, I always felt the 26 was a little bulky for concealment. I recently did a 4500 mile motorcycle trip and took my Kahr P9 with me instead of the 26. The Kahr was approximately the same height and width, but being single stacked, had a much narrower profile. This made it easier to conceal. However, I really prefer the trigger pull on the Glocks.

  122. I haven’t shot the Kahr; I dislike both of the others for multitudinous reasons. The Sig P229 and P239 are both much superior to either.

  123. I purchased the XDM 9MM a few days ago. I shot both the S&W. and the Glock along with the XDM. It was the way the xdm felt both shooting and just holding it. And hey, 19 round mag, grip and trigger safety, not a bad choice. IMO.

  124. I have to disagree Doug.

    The Walther PPS had some serious issues up until two years ago when they FINALLY addressed them, and is far from a superior pistol. I owned the PPS, G26 and Shield at the same time, guess which of the three I don’t own now. The PPS, while being as thin as the shield and as short as the G26 has the grittiest and longest trigger of the three, along with having to fully release the trigger for it to reset, which has a severely adverse effect on accuracy during rapid fire. Then when you want to carry a spare mag Walther, in true German over-engineering fashion, decided to put these HUGE floor plates on the magazines, which makes them awkward/uncomfortable to carry, whereas the Glock and Smith both have floor plates right around the same size as the mag body, so they are much easier to carry a spare with.

    The Walther has its merits, and it is better than a lot of the other options out there, such as the Ruger LC9 and KelTec PF9, but calling it superior makes me think you haven’t tried much of the competition.

    It flew under the radar, and for good cause.

  125. i vote for the NORTH AMERICAN ARMS in .22 mag. after a lot of thought about when and how a pocket pistol may be used (less than 15 feet dim lit and etc.) a one inch barrel makes sense and you can carry this 7 oz. little gun anywhere !. as far as a 22 mag. is concerned i have taken a lot of flack from friends , but no one has volenteered to be shot with one ! ! !

  126. Although each of these compact 9mm are each more than a fair representives of their “type”. The PM9 is an excellent choice for the smaller hand and as a purse ar pocket pistol. I was kind of suprised that as the Glock was included on this list that the Springfield XD 9mm SubCompact was not. Seems a bit odd that its not included here. Although considered to be a mid frame auto theses days I would include my faveroit here, Browning HP, likly the father of the high capacity magazine pistol. I was issued one in SEA in 1971 and have it to this day. It may be a bit bigger than what’s considered a pocket pistol but fits quite well in my coat pocket none the same. Anywho, good lost and post.

  127. I do have a couple of small 9mms, but for my protection I would use a J Frame In 357mag or small 45 ACP.

    With the 9mm, it’s best to use frangile ammo or Winchester Rangers.

    My favorite 9mm pocket pistol is the S&W M39, Smith keeps rebuilding it for me under their warranty and it still shoots extremely well.

  128. Why go with a 9MM when you can go with the Springfield XDS in 45ACP in the same platform, size, and weight. Got one and love it,and carry it when not carrying my SW 1911 sub compact

  129. While popular all these pistols are basically polymer striker fire guns and don’t have much appeal for some of us that prefer steel guns with a hammer and safety for cocked and locked carry. I’m not arguing the merits of one type over the other, its just a matter of preference like the the type of watch one likes to wear. After all a pocket/carry gun is like any other personal item that you carry with you day in and day out, so you better get one that really appeals to your senses. My main carry pistol is a full sized 1911 and none of these 3 guns have anything in common operationally or aesthetically with a 1911. One has to train very differently with them. Getting confused when the the time comes to reach for either pistol is the worst thing that can happen. So my choice for pocket/backup carry is the Sig P938 Extreme. Not only is the P938 aesthetically and ergonomically close to the 1911 even more significantly its manual of arms is nearly identical too.

  130. I might be a little biased since I already have an M&P .40 compact AND a full size .40 and an M&P.22 but if I were to just put on my “little gun” well, that would be my Bersa .380 plus, saw something the other day about a .40 Shield, may have to check into one.

  131. I have both the Glock 26 with a manual safety from Brownells and the S&W M&P Shield and both are excellent 9mm for accuracy and concealment. I use the Glock 26 as my duty weapon, Uniformed Courthouse Security, because it is lite and I’m able to use a level 2 duty holster. If and when Blackhawk or someone else comes up with either a level 2 or 3 for the “Shield” I will probably use it also for duty. I have never fired the Kahr so I can’t really shed any light on it, what I can say whether you choose the Glock or Shield you will have an excellent firearm for accuracy, concealment and ease of breakdown for cleaning. Both the Glock and Shield have never jammed regardless of what ammunition I put through them. The best thing is you can carry one and still carry the other for a back up.
    Good Shooting to all and Thank God for the NRA!!!

  132. I think the Glock can be converted to a 40 S&W by mere addition of a barrel for about a $100.00 and then you have a Glock 27 too and without chaanging magazines, either (I believe). At least my Glock 27 was changed to a Glock 26 via a cheap barrel and NO magazine changes nor anything else. Works fine. For some concealability liabilities, you get a serious amount of ammo in the Glock too, vice the others.

  133. I chose the beretta nano. The wait on a shield is insane. The Glock was too big. The Kahr was too expensive. The Nano has been great.

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