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Help Pick Ruger 10/22 50th Anniversary Design Contest Winner

Ruger wants fans of its firearms to help design a Ruger 10/22 rifle to commemorate the 50th anniversary of America’s favorite rimfire rifle. And the Cheaper Than Dirt! community can help select the winning design. Ruger has placed 10 entries in the Ruger 10/22 50th Anniversary Design Contest website for viewing and voting through November 1. Interested rimfire fans can go to the website and vote once per day for their favorite designs.

“We selected 10 finalists based on the style of their submitted design, Ruger’s ability to produce, and its appeal to Ruger consumers,” according to a statement from Ruger. “Then, we’ll let Ruger fans vote for their favorite design.” The winning designer will receive a production version of the entered rifle; a trip to the Newport, NH plant to watch the production run, and $5,000 to be used toward the purchase of Ruger products. The remaining nine finalists will each receive a standard catalog Ruger firearm of their choice.

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What would you do if you won the Ruger 10/22 50th Anniversary Gun Design Contest? Tell us in the comment section.

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Comments (10)

  1. Gary from Michigan rifle won the contest. I am looking forward to getting one to shoot at Appleseed where they shoot from standing, sitting and prone with a sling at 25 meters/yards.

  2. To each weapon a designated round is favored , and before I decidev upon its accuracy and reliability at least 5 or more examples as to weights nullet design and powder chsrges go into and through that weapon.
    I have owned different Ruger products over a 50 year period and I stand by my original stayement ad to both the 10/22 and Mark 1 entry levels as clunkers but servicibl we and reliable.
    Upon arriving home from Nam first weapon bought was a Ruger pistil

    Ol and I fired at leasy 100 rnds a day for months thru it and today my wifes cousin still brings it out to shoots.
    I grew up conserving ammo and new vaue of an accurate firearm but you found limits of rifle or pistol and you tried to bring your skills to them in those years today we expect ! 1″ or sub out of an out of box non 22LR, Rifle at 100 yet some will never find that.
    The 22 ammo in 40-50-60’70 other than Ely or Federal Target was very inconsitent and 22 having base asseating depth did not help eithrr.
    My scores with last Ruger target pistol was in 5 shot rapid firees average 2.7 hits which at 59 then not too sha-shabby.
    I do not normally post abilitys as too msny years now passed but I love talk of weapons capability
    IN CASE YOU WANT TO know my high standard that I also bought when I got home did fire under 1″ at 25 and a Winchester Target rifle 5? Shot even then under 1 at if memory serves me right 1″ at no wind 50 and indoors to 2 at 100 peep
    Mt 270 semi Hk .4 At 25.
    My old crack sgot made fead shots on dnowshoes and gray squrrels in 1952. With 22 bees at !
    15 yard max.
    Sorry but I likr guns and weaponry but am not married to any so do not fight ovrr criticism of chunk of metal.

  3. Very few individuals can shoot up to the accuracy of any Ruger Products [ except for most mini-14s] I mean to consistently shoot up to their accuracy potential. Sure most of us has had one exceptional day and have posted that target above the reloading bench… They are also “built for stout”. If properly maintained, they almost never wear out either !Many people need to speak to their experience not their hearsay.

  4. This is for Hide Behind. Your comment is unmerited. I have a Mark I bull barrel that I bought in the late 70’s or early 80’s. I shot a prairie dog at 150 yards dead center in the chest with quite a bit of hold-over. I still have the weapon and it shoots like a dream. Where does this “cheap” talk come from? Ruger is another name for HEAVY DUTY accuracy and longevity! I think you may just be a poor shot or use substandard ammunition.

  5. The 10/22 was just a cheap clunker of a plinker as was the Mark aI pistol, and to some extent both playrd off of military look alikes of that time; 30 cal m1 and the WWII German Walther and Lugars.
    Both clunkers for the masses. Dependable and good enough accuracy to keep sellling beer can and pop can 1/2 missed shot 22 rounds.
    No thanks to Ruger who when one gets honest just dumped them out there buy em like they are or no, entry level but it was the best part of the shootist tha went aftermarket to turn clunkers into some of most accurate and reliable weapons in the world.
    Hell Ruger sat on its ass and finally now it wants recognition
    , and truthfully this advertizing ploy is pretty much a clunker as well.
    Advertize el cheapo.
    To all those who found and pushed tthe after market that made the 10/ 22 into the standard it is today; Ruger owe them big time.

  6. Personally I like the rifle from Gary-Michigan. It seems to be a great all weather rifle that addresses most of the problems with production rifles right out of the box. It has decent adjustable peep sights. A stock that is adaptable for length and height plus sling studs. It has an integral scope rail. The threaded barrel addresses the versatility of added different muzzle devices and from what I read the flash hider is not only a thread protector but is actually to protect the muzzle and crown from damage. Seems like a well thought out project. From what I understand, Ruger is likely to make their own Commemorative/Anniversary model as well as a wood stocked take down anyway so we might get a good out of the box usable rifle in Gary’s design.

  7. I believe the design should be a reflection of the original weapons platform, with some Gold accents, an embossed or laser engraved 50th Anniversary Model notation and maybe a new after market trigger/bolt release dropped in as an improvement. This adds the old guard with some plausible upgrades.

  8. The first gun I ever shot was my dad’s Sears & Roebuck .22 bolt action. (As a WWII pilot and Korean P-51 instructor, he passed in 2005). I still have his .22 in perfect firing condition. He bought it for $12.50 in his day. Since then, I have always loved firearms, hunting, plicking, and training my children about gun safety, game, accuracy, and respect. The first handgun I ever bought (after “hand-me-downs” from my dad) was a Ruger Security Six .357 with adjustable sights. Since then, I found the heavy duty and HIGH quality of Ruger firearms. I have many Ruger firearms including Blackhawks, 10/22, Red Label shotguns, Ruger No.1, etc. AWESOME craftmanship on ALL!!! Ruger is the standard for durability, craftmanship, accuracy, and American legacy to future generations! A 10/22 that is one-of-a-kind, would be more than a trophy piece. It would stand for my dad’s love and respect of firearms, training future generations, and propagating the love and respect for Ruger quality and responsibility of future generations. I do hope the 50th anniversary version has a PROMINENT Ruger logo on the stock that speaks to the legacy of Ruger!

  9. They take you to see the production run not a one off of your design and you get one of the run….. NOT a one off.

    I will toot my own horn yes I am William from Missouri in the final 10.
    I would beg and plead for people to vote for me but I am so far behind I am accepting the fact that I will just one of the final ten….

  10. To win any thing is good but a one off 10/22 would mean having the only weapon I would not fire.
    The weapon would be for my Great Grandson and it would be placed in a special safe to be presented to him some time in future.
    I would purchase some 20, 000 22 LR in various wts and configurations and weather protect them as well.
    Next would be a secret addition of personal note from me to him.
    The lad is but three today and due to my health I will most likely never get to help him learn the how, when, where and the why of becoming an excellent rifleman and not just a common plinkrer.
    I would also add some accessories optics, mags, special triggers bipod the usual tack ons’ for tack driving.
    Along with some 20,000 various brands, wts , to go in safe for it as well.
    There is no finer weapon for man or child novice to expert to own and to attempt to master and fine tune his own abilitys and find the capabilitys of than a Ruger 10/22.
    No matter ones age or skill levels the rifle can fit your own personal purposes
    As today we look upon the threat of confiscation of weapons I trust there is enough Of Our Revolutionary Spirit that his dad or other family members will some day, legal or not, dig it out and hand it and theeir own skills began under their dads and Gramps guiding hands.
    Screw the contest gonna start putting the package together now.
    No need to wait for some pretty toy the genuine article is already available.

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