PETA Says ‘Payback is Hell’ to Injured Hunter

The caring, thoughtful souls over at PETA plan to use a billboard to taunt injured Utah hunter Bradley Greenwood after Greenwood slipped and was gored by a bull elk he had just shot. According to a Salt Lake Tribune report, Bradley Greenwood, 51, killed a large bull elk September 7 in the Davenport Draw area of Diamond Mountain, east of Vernal. He was attempting to move the elk when he slipped, falling on the antlers of the elk.

An antler impaled his face and neck, causing Greenwood to struggle to breath. He was able to dial 911, and rescuers found Greenwood, placed a tube into his trachea to keep it open, and flew him to Ashley Regional Medical Center to be stabilized.

Referencing Greenwood’s accident, the PETA website currently displays an image of a large elk with blood dripping from its antlers. The image accompanies a story about Greenwood and is overlaid with this text: “Payback is Hell. Leave animals alone.” The writer, Christina Matthies, also gloats, “Greenwood isn’t the only hunter who’s hurt himself drooling over a ‘big rack.’” To rub it in further, PETA said it plans to place the ad on a billboard in Vernal, Utah — a town located 30 miles from where Greenwood was injured.

A few questions for hunters to ponder:

  • Does PETA’s callousness — one might even say glee — about Greenwood’s injuries surprise you?
  • In your opinion, would PETA’s Christina Matthies or other PETA representatives have rendered aid had they come upon the injured Mr. Greenwood?
  • If you have an acquaintance, co-worker, or family member who’s a PETA member or sympathizer, do they agree that Greenwood’s injuries are “payback” or “karma?”

Let us hear your comments and thoughts below.

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Comments (42)

  1. PETA is so stupid. There are way more animals killed by vehicles than all the hunting combined. That is truly a waste because no one benefits, except maybe the prisoners that get fresh road kill. I bet 99% drive cars, and have accidentally killed a creature in their lifetime. With all the swinging dicks in the world, animals need to be culled. We have encroached on almost all the wild land and now there is only so much to go around. PETA are hypocrites just like the wacko environmentalists that drive cars bitching that the oil companies are distroying the planet. What about the 7 billion assholes on the planet? I bet soon the aliens will discover Earth and open season! Seriously, if we don’t hunt, PETA assholes will end up running Bambi over instead of feeding our families. Animals taste good!

  2. Being arrested as terrorist (PETA), by the Russians a something I find myself cracking a smile about thinking about it. Being out at the Marshall Islands and PETA protesting something stupid and you look and see the fuel slick from their ship, yeah that’s very environmentally friendly.

  3. Hummm, let me see having fun with a man injury Karma or Being arrested for Terrorist by the Russian, I choose the latter. You got to love the Russia, I stay put them in a prison in Siberia.

  4. My question is does Mr. Greenwood give a crap how PETA wastes their money, or what they say about him. If it were me I would put a billboard up right by there’s with a picture of me eating a big hunk if meat saying “pay back is delicious”

  5. I saw a bumper sticker ‘Arms are for Hugging’ on a Prius yesterday. My first thought: “let that sucker hunt his own food, then”… same thought applies here. Of course the PETA wimps are probably mostly vegan, but they’ll still go hungry eventually (most vegans i know have ended up reverting to meats, rather than dying from malnutrition).

  6. It’s sad that fools can command such attention from such foolish comments. That story deserves no further recognition. I can only imagine the deparation that man was faced with, and sincerly hope he recovers without further complications. Hunting, actually all activties in the wild by sportsmen, creat memories for life. He’ll certainly have a memorable story to tell around camp. Happy trails Bradley Greenwood, and congrats on your Elk!

  7. All I want to say is that we cannot pick and choose when the first amendment applies and when it does not. It is freedom of speech and opinion for all, however unfortunate or enraging that may be.

  8. Hey, look at me,I’m an American where supposed to kill our dinner, even God says I can. Holy CRAP! A few mention killing peopel from PETA, is PETA out killing hunters. Is PETA saying kill the hunters? Just consider this, do you need to kill in order to live. NO! Burgers sure taste good, though. Love it when someone interjects GOD into the discussion. Faith is faith, that’s all. No matter how hard you believe, it does not make it true. And #29, did you know there are right wing baboons who don’t hunt. It’s people like you who are un-American. This country has always had two sides, and more. I guess your simple narrow mind can’t think that broadly though. Look, hunt away, but don’t get your right wing panties in a bunch because another American does not agree with what you like to do. Man, when did it become so wrong to be right. Liberal, gun toting, occasional hunter, animal loving, Atheist. But I may be wrong.

  9. If PETA ever dared to launch an assault against me or my hunting rights, I would consider it personnel. Personnel enough to launch a counter assault against them. If they think hunting accidents are funny or just karma, then wait till they get involved in a car wreck and see what karma does in return. I can’t believe we have let America turn into a sewage lagoon full of left-wing baboons. Just like gun control advocates and Commie control freaks.

  10. PETA members are all insane. In the past they have raided fur farms in the middle of the winter and released hundreds of mink all died from the cold or from starvation because they were totally dependent on humans. PETA said it was better for them to starve to death than be used for fur.

  11. I have worked with animal rescue groups before and all I can say is these groups are filled with psychologically disturbed people. Many have had bad experiences as children which have traumatized them. As a result, their decisions as adults are based off of what the traumatized child would think. i.e. At the age of 10 I saw a cow butchered and I was terrified and nobody explained what was going on therefore, I base all of my decisions about the treatment of animals off of that experience. It really is a simplistic thought process they are using. “One person mistreated and animal therefore, all people who come into contact with animals are abusive and only I (and those who share my philosophy) know how to treat animals; everyone else is ignorant and substandard.”
    When this type of thinking is left unchecked it can be very damaging. When people of the same mentality congregate, radicalism usually ensues. Simply put, where there is no reason, there will be extremism.
    Animal rescue programs like PETA usually fail to realize the necessity of culling animals to ensure the survival, health and overall quality of the species. A prime example would be the caribou herds that were so vast in number they became diseased. This occurred in the early ’90’s. Had the herds been culled in a controlled manner, the caribou may not have had to endure the disease process at all.
    Though the killing of any animal can be disturbing to the ignorant, the benefits of such actions usually outweigh the negatives. Regulated species are usually healthier because the competition for food is diminished, their environments improve and the risk of disease is also diminished; not to mention the reduced chance of inbreeding or illnesses and deformities passed on by recessive genes.
    All that being said, I believe PETA’s actions towards the wounded hunter are nothing short of victimizing. Hunting is one of our society’s norms; having pity on a wounded human is one of our mores (pronounced moor raise); the right to bear arms is our constitutional right, a norm and a more of this society (the majority still rules here PETA). Therefore, using the same logic as PETA, it stands to reason that criminals violate the rights, norms and mores of a society; since PETA violates the rights, norms and mores of our society, PETA is a criminal organization.
    Since, logically speaking, PETA is a criminal organization, should it not be disbanded? Should the members of PETA not be arrested for criminal acts against our society and tried for such?
    Why, as Americans, do we just let organizations like PETA and the members thereof bully us to the point that we just give up and let them victimize us? Why is it a grade-schooler can be kicked out of school for chewing a pop-tart into the shape of a gun and be labelled a possible terrorist and an organization that is known for actually terrorizing people gets away without so much as a dirty look? Why is it that when American organizations were investigated by the government in order to find who was funding Al Queda and the Taliban, nothing was done when PETA popped up as a guilty party?
    People, we need to reclaim our country, our rights, our society of peaceful, law-abiding, productive, proud Americans from the tyrannical oppression of leftist, liberal control freaks whose entire agenda and not-to-mention psychological stability
    is questionable at best.

  12. Peta, as an organization, has no moral ethics whatsoever. Individual members of PETA may have some, but before too long they will see that there is no level of uncaring that they will not stoop to to prove that they care, and after they figure that out, they will leave PETA. Chilish behavior is not becoming in the least.
    Robert Seddon

  13. Here’s what I think. I think these anti-killing people would be happiest if we all drank salt water and ate sand and rocks. It’s the only I can think of to avoid killing something for sustenance. I am frankly sick and tired of fanatics that live in a dream world where life doesn’t renew itself through death. Maybe they see vegetables as always dead things and so can eat them feeling righteous. There’s no cause for alarm here, though. Mother Nature has long ago decided that those who try to bend her rules soon find themselves in a heap of problems of their own making. Like, “Hey, where’d all my soybeans go? What do you mean the deer ate them? And they’re diseased deer, too? Oh, S**t!”

  14. Personally, I think every hunter should forward a copy of their kills, before and after gutting, to peta. I have a daughter that is an animal lover,(but has no issue with hunting etc…, just mistreatment) and even she thinks peta people are fools and hypocrites for the animals they euthanize. So HUNTERS: FORWARD THOSE PICS TO PETA!!!

  15. I find that whenever I have a small dead animal (frog, lizard, mouse, etc) – especially in a dry, flat form – that the cost of an envelope without a return address to PETA headquarters is worth it for the smile it gives me all day long.

  16. Purely Pathetic – Educated – Tree hugging – Assholes, that’s probably why poor judgement is at best what they are able to muster.

  17. I may be going against the grain, but I think PETA may be weaker than it was a few years ago. I’m not saying we don’t have to worry about them, but with many states passing “Right to Hunt” laws, I think PETA has taken taken a few hard punches. I think with their plans to use the billboard, they’re trying to regain some of the sympathetic chumps that used to support them in the past. They’re getting desperate and are using advertising the same way Obummer and his left-wing liberals use their socialist B.S. to try to snooker the American people. As far as I’m concerned, PETA is anti-American. But we still need to keep an eye on them.

  18. PETA, that’s: “people eating tasty animals,” right? Tell the nosy clowns to mind their own business and eat their tofu. It clogs up my garbage disposal. Hank

  19. These peta people should be making plans to move to the UK or elsewhere, any destination of their choice, where the public regime is much more to their liking, instead of trying to convert ours to theirs.

  20. I apologize first if this sounds inflammatory but I seriously support this: we should distinguish harvesting wild animals from the sport of hunting.

    harvesting animals, especially for food or pest control, should only be controlled for safety of people and property, and assurance of future harvestability. In other words, rules pretty much like what we have now, except that a few traditional ideas like not hunting does would be re-examined and possibly revised. I think people should continue to be allowed to harvest wild animals.

    On the other hand, the way we hunt now isn’t really very sporting. If it really were a sport, hunters would be killed or wounded more often. There would be a sporting commission which would adjust the allowed weaponry (ranging from bare hands to modern hunting rifles) until the ratio of hunters wounded or killed to animals wounded or killed was roughly equal. Give the animals a sporting chance, so to speak. If that ratio changed over time, the commission would adjust weaponry accordingly. This might give insight into how many of those stories about trappers killing bears with just their bowie knife are true and an estimate of how many trappers lost that fight and never came back.

    I will stick with harvesting deer for food (and sometimes pest control).

  21. Did you know that God was the first one to kill an animal, and it wasn’t even for food it to make Adam and Eve some clothes. God gave man rule over the Earth so that we could use all it’s resources to care of ourselves, not so we could protect and care for the Earth. That said, hunting is for the well being and preservation of the animal kingdom. “Leave animals alone” please, left alone the poor animals would soon perish and the peta’s would have nothing to march for. Just sayin…Curtis

  22. This does not surprise me that PETA would do this. They are the ones who are inhumane and justify violence when trying to protect animals. What hypocrites. Actually if they do the billboard, it will make them look like the radicals they are and that hurts the even more. So go for it. Good people will reach out to this man and the PETA morons will get what they deserve.

  23. PETA will always be PETA. They are uneducated about the purpose of hunting and will always refuse to learn. They have their agenda and.they will blindly follow one another to the point of making uncivil decisions like relishing over the poor hunter’s misfortune to make their stupid misinformed point. I live in Wyoming and have a large family and if it weren’t for hunting it would cost us thousands of dollars a year to buy enough meat to feed everyone and wild game meat is the best thing you can put into your body taste and health wise. And to Elijah in comment 6 it’s not the killing of the animal that’s fun, it’s the hunt and the memories shared with my father, grandfather and my son’s, the good meals. I respect the animal and thank them every time I feed my family from their sacrifice. Thanks

  24. I’m hardly a PETA fan, but if you don’t want to make wildlife mad, kill ’em. If someone shot at me, I’d shoot back, and the elk was doing what was natural to it. Don’t get your knickers in a knot over what PETA says.

  25. As hunters, we need to aggressively petition Congress to protect our culture. The American hunter’s culture is being decimated. Groups like PETA and Gun Control Groups are the modern day equivalents of culture cleansing. Hunters (and fishermen) need to stand united. Our culture (hunting) is painted on cave walls in petroglyphs around the world, dating back thousands of years. Ours is a culture was the “only” form of a family’s subsistence in the U.S. until only a few decades ago. In many parts of the world, it still is. In California, hunters and hunting will continue to fade into obscurity more and more with every new legislative session that outlaws lead ammunition and weights, closes public lands, and taxes our hunting rifles. As a lifetime hunter license owner, it is becoming a challenge to jump over all the hurdles. All thanks to PETA and others. They pick at it little by little. My guess is hunting will cease to exist in California within the next 20 years if action is not taken. Once this takes hold in California, the groups like PETA will be emboldened to do the same in ??? New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Florida, you get the picture. Don’t allow this cultural cleansing to continue…stand up and be heard, we need more and more Hunter Protection laws introduced and passed from Congress and from legislators in all 50 states. Please do your part to “PROTECT HUNTING CULTURE AND HERITAGE”.

  26. Hold on a tick. CtD, did the man get gored, or did he fall on a dead animal? Saying he was gored by a bull elk makes its sound as though the man “was a victim” rather than this just being a freak accident, which make me feel like you’re twisting the truth. So yet again, no honesty in journalism these days.

  27. One way to test the PETA position is to apply it in an extreme, but possible, situation.

    Should there come to be a disaster of Biblical proportions, Mr Greenwood would be able to use his skills to harvest game for food and is most likely able to take care of himself and his family in the absence of modern resources. Many firearm owners and hunters could do the same.

    On the other hand, the PETA rabble would be sitting outside in the rain, starving to death unable to acquire basic food and shelter. PETA supporters are typically government-dependent, have limited physical skills, and are generally unproductive. In the worst case scenario, they might try to take from the productive hunters at the risk of their own sorry lives. Payback would indeed be hell, Ms. PETA.

  28. The greatest danger from PETA is their on-going efforts to take over county animal control offices by offering to contract out services by their two front operations, the ASPCA and the Humane Society.

    Once the ASPCA gets status as a local law enforcement agency, they start prosecuting people for violating their private anti-human agenda.

  29. When my brother was a researcher for the Army, doing medical research with animals that would facilitate new and improved surgical techniques for injured soldiers, PETA activists destroyed their work on several different occasions, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands, not to mention the losses in solid research that might have saved the lives of our men and women in uniform. Today such research facilities have ironclad security that no PETA idiot can breach, but vigilance is still a watchword at such places.

    I suspect that as security tightens, PETA will look elsewhere to do its dirty work. Hunters should also be vigilant for more than just billboards and scurrilous magazine ads. It’s unlikely such folks would impose limits upon what they consider “appropriate” in their fascist activities. Forewarned is forearmed.

  30. 1. No. Not at all. It would surprise me more if air continued to be life sustaining tomorrow.
    2. I would like to think so, but based on the PETA members I’ve met, I really doubt it.
    3. I no longer associate with anyone who would be affiliated with PETA. I used to know some though. I was once on a first date with a girl and we were walking through a part of town where a lot of granolaey people gather. We were approached by a guy in a PETA shirt who was holding a clipboard with a big PETA sticker on the back. He asked if we had a minute for a survey (keep in mind I’m wearing a big leather trenchcoat) and my reply was “Not for PETA.” Got dumped on the spot and she took a cab home. I shrugged and thanked the guy for keeping me from wasting any more time or money on her. He flipped me off. I considered it to be a good day. Based on that encounter alone, I’m willing to bet that a great many PETA supporters would consider this accident to be karma.

  31. I don’t like to see anybody hurt, but killing for fun seems pathological to me. Leave the animals alone sounds like good advice.

  32. Ms Matthies is certainly correct when she mentions how many a “guy” has drooled over, and gotten into trouble by wanting, a “big rack.”

    The payback is limited because the elk is still dead and hence did not know that he ended up goring the hunter (unless PETA believes that the elk has a spirit that was watching from elk heaven as the hunter gored himself). No doubt some PETA members do believe this.

  33. To answer the three questions first….
    1) NO it dosn’t. PETA has grow increasingly agressive and dangerously fringe in the last two decades
    2) I’d like to think that they would render aid to anyone who was injured but I won’t be surprised if they didn’t.
    3) not that I’m aware of

    to Boomer: “Soilent Geen is PETA” …… I mean people! LOL

  34. I have to admit I’m a little surprised People Eating Tasty Animals (PETA) is so callous. One would think they would want to be invited over for the next BBQ instead of saying such ugly things about a fellow meat eater. Oh well; I guess one never knows about some people, eh.

    Do you think if we sent a cooler of Venison over to their campsite it might soften their tone a bit? One can hope anyway…

    On a more serious note. Does PETA know what happens when herds and species in general are not culled when their food supply dwindles? Do they know the entire species in the area suffers to the point of starvation? If it happens over a longer period of time the herd can actually shrink in stature size and herd size but not before many of the herd dies a horrible death from slow starvation and then killed by predators they would normally be able to evade.

    I have a very soft heart for animals but I am also a realist when it comes to how the world’s food chain works. These bleeding hearts are misguided but if they could understand the way of nature and how we humans are over populating the planet; maybe they would want to issue tags for humans someday so our herds could also be culled and turned into Soylent Green.

    Ok; that last paragraph was a joke just in case anyone missed that but the notion could be true if we continue to overpopulate. Just sayin’ and looking at both sides.

  35. What else could one possibly expect from PETA. They are so radical, that the FBI has them on a watch list because of their violent past behavior. Doubt if they would render aid in a timely manner. I have a sister that is a PETA member, and we don’t talk much. I’ve had problems with PETA members during disaster recovery operations. But it is expected from such a group of uninformed people.

  36. you know whats going to be so awesome with these PETA douche-bags is WTSHTF is that they will be the first to turn into flesh eating Zombies! now that will be some righteous payback in two ways…
    1. they get to eat real life flesh.
    2. we get to kill the asshats legally with our Govt. issued Zombie permits!

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