After Paris, European Union Tries to Tighten Gun Controls

Voice of America is reporting that the European Union plans to tighten rules governing the issue and use of guns, EU officials said after interior ministers were summoned to a crisis meeting in Brussels following the deadly attacks by armed militants in Paris.

According to a VOA release, “Ministers, who will meet on Friday, will try to push through quickly rules aimed at making it more difficult to acquire weapons and to track them better —  possibly marking firearms with serial numbers — and do more to ensure that guns de-activated for sale as collectors items cannot be fired again.”voa_radio_us-1440 The Voice of America (VOA) is funded by the U.S. Government. It is an international multimedia broadcaster with service in more than 40 languages and an estimated weekly global audience of 171.6 million.

VOA further reported, “Firearms can be de-activated so that they can no longer be used for lethal action. But loopholes and different national legislation among EU members can be exploited allowing for weapons, thought to be out of use, to be re-activated.” “This is particularly pressing because of evidence that the January attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo was carried out with Kalashnikov rifles that had previously been decommissioned for legal sale,” VOA quoted EU officials as saying.

VOA reported the European Commission has been working since 2013 on new rules for common minimum standards across the EU on deactivation of weapons, and on a review of existing legislation on firearms to “reduce the legal uncertainty caused by national divergences,” an EU official said.

Do you think new gun-control measures the EU is trying to implement will be effective in stopping terrorists’ use of firearms?

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  1. Ron White was right, you can’t cure stupid. The E U and progressive liberals in this country are living proof of that…and there seems to be no cure.

  2. Funny that every country that has bowed to the wants of the UN and gun control being at the top of the list, has been infested with well armed muslims. And it don’t take much sense to figure out that those NO GO ZONES means that they have guns and U don’t! Gun laws are a big OL welcome mat for muslims just like the thugs are to Chicago! Fact, GUN LAWS have NOT worked ANYWHERE! England will be one of the first countries to fall to islam, they have one of the largest populations of muslims of any other civilized country!

  3. Too bad that the EU can’t figure it out that the Muslim invaders will not pay any attention the their gun control laws!

  4. It is hard to understand the stupidity of some people. I would be wanting the gun laws relaxed, so I and others could carry. The terrorists will always find a place to get guns, so all the new laws will make no difference except make them work a little harder to obtain guns. I have no fear of people licensed to carry and welcome that. Gun free zones are the favorite places for criminals and nut jobs.

  5. Maybe they should rethink their gun laws. Just think, if there would have been one or more legal gun carriers in that venue that would have returned fire on the terrorists it may have disrupted their plans and helped people excape instead of being cattle for slaughter.

  6. It is time to start thinking about how far we will go personally to disobey laws that we know will lead to confiscation of our means of self defense from thieves and the government. Civil disobedience can cut both ways not just the left side of the street.

  7. Some time ago, a Belgian colleague teased me that int he US, it seemed like people were afraid to leave home unarmed. Now, they wish they had that choice.

  8. Rule #1 The progressive agenda is to disarm the regular person like you and me. They will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

    Rule #2 Crooks will always be able to get guns without a problem; usually they can get them from our own Government.

    Rule #3 The only way to stop bad guys with guns is with good guys with guns.

  9. Why they keep punishing the law abiding citizen?
    Well here are a few thoughts on the subject.

    The bleeding hearts liberals on the left need yet another tool to help them to sway the opinion of the American people.

    The gun grabbers need to justify their existence and positions in politics and government.

    More talk of gun grabbing drives up demand and prices but also generates more tax revenue for an already greedy and mismanaged Washington.

    disarmament of the American citizen gives the government complete control of the American citizen.

    These are just a few brief and simple thoughts on the subject and the subject of gun control, registration, confiscation and banning extends farther into the abyss of the why questions than I care to go but; the answers to these questions and more can be found in the agendas of the politicians like Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi, Boxer, Blum, Reid, and all the rest of the gun grabbers.
    The U. S. Constitution was not written to be misinterpreted, it was not written to justify any individuals personal or political goals. It was not written to be questioned as to its true meanings. Its verbiage was never intended to be questioned.
    The U.S. Constitution was written by our founding fathers and intended to be the law of the land. Its existence was and is intended to be the go too for the answers that one may have regarding freedom, ownership, religious, freedom of speech, search and seizure and yes the Right To Bear Arms. The U.S. Constitution, much like the Ten Commandments, was written for the then and now. It’s true meaning does not change to accommodate a society in midst of change and growth. Remember? The Commandments were carved in stone and was not and is not subject to interpretation. So goes the U.S. Constitution.
    Never give up your right to bear arms.

  10. Europe has not been able to keep their subjects safe for centuries. The idiotic gun control laws reflect the idiocy of American anti gun NUTS. The crazies can be found worldwide, even in the most “civilized” countries. Doubling down on their failed gun control laws will only ensure the deaths of even more Europeans.

  11. Europe just can’t get over the idea that order and state control trumps personal safety-or that it even equates to it.

  12. A terrorist and local thug is two different things. You’ll diminish the use of firearms by local thugs because it will take them a little longer to acquire a firearm, but you will not stop a terrorist. A terrorist will have a much wider network to acquire the materials needed for an attack.

    It’s ironic governments don’t want their citizens to have guns yet will provide them more than they can use when same government wants their citizens to kill other government citizens.

  13. It continues to baffle me that these gun control idiots don’t get it. They continue their takeaways thinking that this is going to make things all better. How stupid can they get. The bad guys don’t go through background checks. Go ahead, take the guns completely away…see how that works for ya’. Nothing will change…in fact it will only get worse overnight. Like Matt says (above)… Gun Control Zone = Free Killing Zone. Why they keep punishing the law abiding citizen is beyond me.

  14. Any terrorists who read this article will be laughing themselves to death at the insanity of it. Hopefully, that is the intent of the author. Perhaps the geniuses in the EU should also consider issuing restraining orders to keep the terrorists out of their countries!
    To quote Albert Einstein, “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.”

  15. Its too bad we do not have some kind of national or at least a local, (an individuals State ect. ) call to arms.

  16. There is an underlying assumption in this. That assumption is that if stopped from procuring guns terrorists will throw up their hands in defeat and switch to political discourse. I think history pretty clearly shows that those intent on killing and destruction will find a way to follow through. Guns may be fairly easy and low tech, but an IED, or commonly available chemicals, or fire, or poisons, or cars, or airplanes, or…or….or, are not much more difficult and at least as dangerous as guns.

    I strikes me that the issue is thus not “can gun control keep guns out of the hands of terrorists” but instead “at what level of difficultly (in the procurement of guns) will terrorists decide to switch to more easily available methods of killing?” Would the EU prefer that terrorists start using suicide vests, VBIEDs, and other types or available destruction? Is the EU ready to turn itself into a police state in order to prevent such attacks? The answer may be yes…but mark my words it goes WAY beyond guns.

  17. The same liberal dribble. We see how well the 150 plus federal gun laws we have in the USA work to detr crime. The fact is, if a criminal is set on killing people with a gun, they will. And they will obtain it illegally, whether by theft or buying it in the alley or on the corner. The only thing more stringent gun laws do is hinder law abiding citizens.

    So, with regards to making more gun laws, I believe the quote by Albert Einstein sums it all up: “doing the same thing over, and expecting different results, is insanity”.

    1. There are more than 20,000 laws on the books in the U S and 98 percent of them do not work, the 2 percent that work are conceaed carry permitted laws

  18. It is amazing that they keep making the exact same mistakes over and over and expect different results. An unarmed citizen is nothing but a subject. To be able to defend oneself is as natural as breathing, except if you live in Europe.

  19. I realize that I am an unsophisticated, uneducated, ignorant Redneck (I got the “Redneck” thing from Jeff Foxworthy because I am guilty of at least two items on his “You might be a Redneck” qualification list) so I am probably not worthy of commenting on the thought processes of my European “Betters” whom look down their noses at me because I do not believe that any engine of more than 2.6 liters is a huge gas guzzler that has no place on American roadways (90% of new Mustangs with “available” turbo charged four and six cylinder engines sold in Europe, have been equipped with massive V-8’s), I own enough fire power to adequately equip a 6 man “Killer Team”, I think the new Dr. Who and politically correct little Clara sucks on so many levels, I prefer a slab of bloody, partially cooked (preferably charred on the outside and blood red and cold on the inside) beef to Spam or fish and chips, sometimes I slip up and say “ain’t” in conversation, I only have 15 years of Education (there was no Kindergarten where I started school and I just couldn’t stand another year of listening to a bunch of liberal assholes spend more time complaining about the lack of social and economic values of today’s (60’s and 70’s era) conservatives instead of attempting to increase my knowledge and understanding of the subject matter of whatever class I was in and I still believe that any game played with a spherically (round to all you other ignorant Rednecks) shaped ball is not nor will it ever be a “Football”…. Now that I have established the short list of my qualifications as an American, let me say this about that. There are thousands of miles of unguarded and unprotected borders as well as coast line along the Mediterranean, Baltic, North and Norwegian Seas and the Atlantic Ocean and I am pretty much convinced that even an American could figure out a way to get from the Middle East to any major European city with a hand full of dedicated, well armed killers determined to cause as much death and destruction in as short a time frame as humanly possible before the final act of blowing themselves up killing as many civilians as they can during that process knowing that every individual in the free world (with the possible exception of a small group of well armed Rednecks) will live in fear that someone just like him (or her) is on their way to their city or town and that they will be the subject of news stories and general conversation for years to come. So, yeah great leaders of Europe, you have several options, you can gather up all of the remaining legally owned firearms (you know where they are and who owns them), you can ban all legal import and sale of all firearms, knives, hatchets, axes, chainsaws, pencils, forks and anything else with a point, sharp edge or capable of discharging a projectile of any kind with velocity sufficient enough to pierce a vital organ or a major artery in the human body and cause the death of said human (oops, guess you should include all compressed gasses as well as all devices capable of compressing said gasses) and you can strongly advise anyone considering entering Europe illegally and in the possession of anything deemed to be an illegal “weapon” as determined by the great intellectual minds of the leadership of Europe shall be dealt with in accordance with whatever laws they should come up with next and punished in a manner befitting the crime in question or you could be like your predecessors (like Neville Chamberlain) and offer them an appeasement, no wait, you’ve already done that with unquestioned entry, immediate enrollment in all of your “Social” programs like free health care, food stamps, welfare, public housing, higher education, that really worked well didn’t it? You do have another option, get all of the few remaining factual historic documents you can lay your hands on and study. Read how George Washington and a raggedy bunch of dedicated farmers armed with hunting rifles (and pitch forks, shovels, sticks, knives and anything else they could grab that could be used as a weapon) was able to run the mighty British Army and the greatest Navy afloat at the time out of America and then come to understand why no standing army has ever occupied American soil since (a brilliant Japanese Officer said it best, something about an armed American citizen behind every blade of grass). Then study General George Patton, he based his strategies on the great conquerors throughout history and in spite of all of the political bull allowing Montgomery to grab the glory for Europe and the concessions made to the Russians which let them plunder, pillage and rape their way through half of Berlin as payback for the Germans actions during their little foray into Mother Russia, was able to lead one of the greatest armies in the history of the world in the liberation of Europe only to see it handed over to the Communists, Fascists and Socialists he had just saved them from. Give your people back their guns and stop trying to rewrite history. At least give your people a fighting chance, give them the opportunity to defend themselves. Laws are meaningless to criminals and to those cowards recruiting the weak minded and then filling those minds with visions of glory and a life in paradise with their virgins while the asshole that sent them out to die returns home to rape his latest female captive until he tires of her and kills her or passes down to some other low life… Your laws will not stop them, but you know that, your laws are not about stopping Terrorists, your laws are about gaining more control and making the people just a little bit weaker until finally opening the door for the U.N. to take control. An unarmed citizenry might be more civilized, but “civilized” means nothing to a person raised from birth to hate any and every one whom believes differently or prays to the same God in a different church and does not believe that Mohammed (am I allowed to mention that name? I mean, being an infidel and all) is the end all be all of a long list of supposed messengers from God. You cannot stop a bullet with a piece of paper no matter how many laws are printed on it and you cannot save your people from a Terrorist by taking away their ability to defend themselves. Why do you think all of the “mass killings” in America take place in Schools, Churches and places that do not allow legally armed citizens to carry firearms in their places of business and why are the majority of all Terrorist attacks in cities where the citizens are unarmed and I guess that is all I have to say about that… Thank God for the Second Amendment… Semper Fi.

    1. Well stated, StevnKng! I am thankful for every man and woman who understands your most excellent position.

  20. This is another attempt to disarm even more EU people. Unfortunately, there’s no second amendment in Europe. If you do believe in Freedom for all, even for people already oppressed in Europe, please do support a petition to stop this law proposition:

    Because, once they would pass it in Europe, you can be sure all US anti-gunners will use it to try to pass it in the US too. France already have serial number on all firearms, with complete registration (even for double barrel shotgun, some pepper spray and alarm guns), there’s already universal background check, ban on several type of guns and a very heavy paperwork process (NFA like) to get a simple semi-auto rifle or any handgun (including for a .22LR), mandatory secured safe as well as annually health and mental health checking, with still no right at all to carry and obligation to transport any firearms only between home and shooting range…

    Pretty much everything Bloomberg, MDA, Brady and such would love to impose in the US. And of course, it doesn’t work!

    So, let’s be brother in arms and united to stop this ridiculous and dangerous anti-gunners agenda.

  21. One of the countries, I believe it was Armenia, has gun shortage as the population wisely has been buying every gun available to them to protect themselves from the hordes of Muslims passing through their country.

  22. By the way, us Virginians (outside) of DC have plenty of protection and exercise our right to concealed carry. We love our neighbors in DC and will gladly defend them.
    An analogy I just heard: If you have a bowl of grapes and you know two are poisoned would you pick one and eat it or dump the whole bowl? Syrian Refugees…,

    Gun control zone = free killing zone
    Post a Gun Free Zone sign and you’re putting a target on that building.

    I like to think that if these A-holes tried anything like this here that we would have enough armed citizens to make it impossible but the sad reality is that the places that are likely to be attacked will be: 1- In a city like NY or Chicago where no one can carry anyway or-
    2- In a venue such as the concert in Paris where concealed carry is discouraged or banned.

    So basically until AMERICANS start realizing the importance of our 2nd Amendment and the rest of the world takes notice then these unfortunate events will probably keep happening.

  23. It requires a special brand of stupid to use an argument of failure of gun control laws as the basis to pass more gun control laws.

  24. Because we all know gun control laws will stop Muslim terrorists every time. I knew Europe was run by idiots, nut I guess I just didn’t realize how truly stupid they are.

  25. The gun control laws were a blatant failure in Paris because they weren’t stringent enough?
    If it doesn’t work, in the first place, try it harder.( Sarcasm off now.)
    It still won’t work.
    Why do I need to pas first grade arithmetic to make a comment?

  26. Then they wonder why they EU keeps getting hit by terrorists, the public is unarmed! how convenient…Gun free zones get people killed, dumbasses just can’t quite wrap their socialist narrow mind around that…. thats why Isis has said its going to hit new york and D.C. they’re gun free zones, don’t see them coming to small town or mid america, we’d send them to allah faster than he can provide the 72 dumbass virgins…I wonder how they ever arrived at that number?…

  27. Aren’t these AKs that were used ALREADY illegal over there?? The existing gun controls for nothing to stop them. Especially when you let anyone cross your borders without a check (like the WH has ordered Border Protection to do for Syrian”refugees”) – they can just walk or rail in with a dozen AKs in their bags

    1. These terrorists had military FULLY AUTOMATIC Ak47s…explosives,andhandgrenades. Do the morons think they were purchased at a gun shop? I suggest that there is probably at least ONE MOSQUE storing weapns/explosives in Europe . More likely, many Mosques.And these morons thinks they will save everybody by taking guns away from the citizens…Although most of the people do not have guns. Pure INSANITY/STUPIDITY>

  28. Just when you think there’s a glimmer of hope that “maybe” the Europeans are starting to learn (even if our own idiot president will never learn), they end up going back to do more of what partly caused their problem in the first place.
    No hope for them. Our hope is running out but not completely gone (unless Hitlary gets elected)

  29. Stupidity prevailing — again! We have the 2nd Amendment and they need one over there!
    So-called gun control is only applied to legal gun owners! Criminals do not follow these laws, and that’s why they are criminals in the first place!
    All this will do is create more gun-free zones, which should be called killing fields!

  30. No, I do not think more gun control measures in the UK will reduce terrorist attacks. It will heighten the attacks through out the UK. The people and villages will become sitting ducks for ISIS/ISIL. They need to use the current scenario of Iraq before enacting more gun control. Most people think that when the Kurds are fighting ISIS that they are fighting hundreds people. In most scenarios they are fighting less than 23 ISIS combat fighters. That is why they are nicked name DASH. Dash is a strike, escape, evade tactic used by various military units dating all the back to the commandos in WW II and the War of Independence in this country.

    1. “Daesh” is rarely used in Western media. It’s an acronym for the group’s full Arabic name: Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham. It’s kind of backwards with no word for state but basically it means the State of Islam in Iraq and in Syria. It is becoming a more popular title in Europe and the Middle East but ISIS looks upon it as somewhat of a slur

  31. Being first generation American, I can only tell you how greatful I am that my father left europe before I was born.
    Their government has failed to protect them and all they can do is further deny europeans to protect themselves.
    How willing can a people be to lead themselves into a slaughter. First, they have next to no immigration control and now this. I remember the first time I went to europe. The open air markets were staffed with europeans. Now watch out. You’ll get pick pocketed by a Moroccan while you are getting a hard sell from a Syrian.
    They have given up their individual identities with the Union and are now giving up their lives, future and sovereignty.
    I believe their must be some huge guilt complex europeans and those of their decent have due to their success compared to a lot of other cultures.
    Its not just europe. Its happened in California, New York, Oregon, Washington and so many other places its not even worth mentioning. I guess they like the results because they seem to be doubling down. They must like the schools segragated by gang in California. Not that you’ll ever hear they actually do that, but they do. I guess they like towns, citys and suburbs where you cannot go if you are of European decent (here is looking at you Oakland, Memphis….) .
    At least when I was kid and where I grew up race didn’t matter and people embraced family, community and the 2 amendment.

    1. Trump said he would require ALLstates to accept any state issued concealed carry permit . Meaning, a Texas permit would have to be honored in New Jersey or California. That is the way it SHOULD be already. I guess a person has to decide whether to follow the “Law” when they go to those states that do not recognize another states permit. I would rather have my weapon, and not need it, than need it, and not have it.
      When was the last time, just walking down a street that a police officer came up to you, or someone you know, and out of the blue, checked if you were carrying a gun? ( and no crime was committed prior to a search?) it has never happened to me EVER. I would take my chances, in either New Jersey, or Californica.

  32. Just what Europe needs, more and stricter gun control laws. All the while, terrorist, criminals and such do not obtain their weapons through recognized channels. All this will do, is make it even more difficult for good people to get weapons for self-defense. Stupid people do stupid things and to further disarm civilians in-light of what is happening, not just in Europe, but world wide, is the apex of stupidity. These ‘goblins’ that are bent on hurting people and forcing their own warped ideology on the world, will not be stopped by a few more ‘gun laws’ to be ignored.

  33. The powers that be in the EU want Islam to wreck whats left of the West in Europe. The population is powerless as they are at best armed like 18th century peasants.

  34. What planet do these people live on? They already have almost total firearms bans in these countries why would they think that MORE legislation is going to stop terrorists from obtaining the firearms and ordinance they need? Thank heavens we still have the 2nd Amendment and we better work hard to hang on to it.

  35. How many lives could have been saved if they allowed concealed carry?
    The real answer is to allow citizens self protection, not more restrictions.

  36. Is anyone surprised that Socialists will punish innocent people due to the actions of criminals and terrorists. They will take a lawful person’s means of protection away in order to give a false sense of safety. Be ready for more idiocy to happen here too.

  37. Hey V.O.A. kinda late for better gun control. You want better gun control ? Try using both hands, over and under.

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