CNBC Attacks The Remington 700

Recently, CNBC put out a hit piece accusing Remington of knowingly producing faulty rifles. The reporting portrayed the Remington Model 700 rifle as unsafe in any hands and blamed Remington for deaths and injuries that could have easily been avoided had the users followed proper muzzle discipline. Read this post to discover whether Remington is negligent or CNBC is raising needless flags.

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Caring For Your Historic Firearm

“How do I care for my antique firearm?” Our interview with John Gangel last week was quite enlightening, and he shared with us some fantastic tips on storing and caring for antique firearms. Check out this post for some very detailed ways on keeping that antique firearm in tip top shape.

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John Gangel on Collector Grade Firearms

Mr. Gangel has been collecting antique firearms for the better part of 50 years and knows the industry inside and out. He was gracious enough to speak at length with us about his background in firearms and give us some insights into fine gun and antique firearm collecting.

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Safety and Training

Guide to Buying Eye Protection and Shooting Glasses

Outdoor and indoor ranges absolutely require you to wear both. Even if you are shooting on your own land, you should not go without ear or eye protection. Check out this guide to see which is best for your activities.

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