Gear, Parts and Accessories

MultiCam Pattern Camouflage

Made in the USA, MultiCam use a unique, non-repeating pattern to prevent our troops, and you, from being seen. Read this post to see how the MultiCam how they use the brain’s ability to use pattern recognition to achieve this goal.

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We Talk To Sheriff Jim Wilson About Remington’s Versa Max

Learning about hands-on experience with the Remington Versa Max 12-gauge shotgun is second only to trying it yourself. Remington really went all out on flexibility and versatility, out of the box…you don’t have to buy a lot of add-ons and extras to customize this shotgun to you, your style and even the season. Read this interview between Cheaper than Dirt and Sheriff Jim Wilson for all the details.

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Competitive Shooting

Airsoft Practice for Maintaining Shooting Skills

Using an airsoft replica saves ammunition costs and improves your shot. Read this post to discover just how to do that for your practice sessions.

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