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Above and Below — The Right Optic Needs Solid Legs From Sun Optics

Sun Optics Bipod with extended legs

Once you have the right optic selected, you’ll want a solid rest for long-range shots in the field. With the introduction of five new bipods, Sun Optics offers everything you’ll need for on top and underneath you rifle. Sun Optics Bipod with extended legs Sun Optics USA offers both fixed and tilt Bipods. The Fixed Bipods are fully height-adjustable from 6″-9″ or 9″-13″, but offer rock-solid footing for stability and accuracy. They feature a QD attach, extra long mounting platform, large diameter mounting bolt and one-touch spring loaded legs for fast deployment. These bipods fit tightly against the fore end for secure mounting and have rubber-tipped legs that fold forward or under the fore end.

The Sun Optics USA Tilt Bipods offer the same great features as the Fixed Bipods, but with an adjustable platform for full tilt functionality. The Tilt Bipods have adjustable legs that expand from 6″-9″, 9″-13″ or 13″-23″.

The Sun Optics USA Bipods are available in the following configurations: SKU CBP6 6″/9″ Lightweight w/QD rifle stud attach, MSRP $67.99 SKU CBP9 9″/13″ Lightweight w/QD rifle stud attach, MSRP $69.99 SKU CBS6/9TILT 6″/9″ Lightweight Tilt, MSRP $89.99 SKU CBS9/13TILT 9″/13″ Lightweight Tilt, MSRP $92.99 SKU CBS13/23TILT 13″/23″ Lightweight Tilt, MSRP $99.99

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