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There are certainly more worthy organizations looking to provide support to our returning wounded heroes than I have money to support. I wish I could give to them all, but that is impossible, so like many others, I have to pick and choose—especially with the economy the way it has been.

Recently, I came across Operation Bows and Heroes which is worthy of an article in and of itself, but in addition to cash donations, Operation Bows and Heroes is looking for new and used equipment.

Tink Nathan, Founder of Tink’s Deer Hunting Products, operates Operation Bows and Heroes.

Cash strapped? No problem, why not donate some of that extra gear in your closet or man cave. After all, we have all bought a release, pack of broadheads, bow case or some other piece of gear that did not work out the way we hoped. Perhaps you just kept something as a spare when you upgraded. What could be better than scrounging up that extra gear and donating it to a wounded vet? It is a fantastic way to give thanks to a wounded vet and introduce someone to the wonderful sport of archery. In fact, Operation Bows and Heroes provide equipment to family members as well. What a great way to recycle your youngster’s equipment after they outgrow it.

Recently, Operation Bows and Heroes announced it was supporting The Moonlight Fund retreats to help returning wounded military personnel.

The Moonlight Fund

Burn survivors Henry F. Coffeen III and Celia Belt, the medical team at S.A.M.M.C., Ft. Sam Houston, Texas and executives at Ernst & Young founded the Moonlight Fund to provide services to burn, blast and amputee survivors. The Moonlight Fund has been committed to emotional, financial and in-kind goods and services since 1998. In 2012, the Fisher House/Newman’s Own Foundation chose the fund as the top non-profit in the nation. This award was specific to their tailor-made retreats and ability to provide a variety of services with low overhead.

Newman Foundation honoring Moonlight Foundation with an award
Celia Belt accepting the Overall Newman’s Own Award from General Martin E. Demsey, Tom Indoe, President and COO of Newman’s Own and Mary Jo Myers a Trustee of Fisher House Foundation.

Tink Nathan, Founder of Tink’s Deer Hunting Products, operates Operation Bows and Heroes. Nathan is a life-long archer, bowhunting legend and patriot, and certified archery instructor. In addition to the Moonlight Fund retreats, Tink Nathan’s Camp Verde Outpost Ranch, Camp Verde, Texas is both a refuge and an empowering experience. Operation Bows and Heroes’ training volunteers and archery instructors provide one-on-one personal archery training and education to wounded soldiers and their families at the Moonlight Fund retreats. They also provide each attendee complimentary bows, crossbows, arrows, targets and equipment to take home after a fun-filled weekend of triumphs.

Mr. Nathan noted, “We work hard to make a good match of trainers and equipment to the participants, depending on the soldier’s injuries, to maximize the results. The experience is a good physical challenge as well as a self-esteem builder. Our soldier’s families have also found the archery lessons to be one of their favorite activities as well as the most requested activity.”

Nathan continued, “We obviously need help in supporting this amazing program for our wounded soldiers and their families. A typical archery set up costs, on average, $950.00. Much of the cost depends upon the particular injuries and abilities of the participant as what type of equipment works best for each situation. Additional costs include the use of retreat sites, lodging, food and transportation for our wounded soldiers and families.” Operation Bows and Heroes and The Moonlight Fund are requesting financial donations and new and used archery equipment to help continue these worthy programs. The Moonlight Fund is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization where all donations are tax-deductible.

You may Send Donations to:

The Moonlight Fund 676 Highgate Drive Bandera, TX 78003

Are you willing to make a donation of either cash or equipment? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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