Obama Signs Executive Order Banning AK-47s

AK-47 with camo finish, barrel pointed to the right, lying on a log.

On Wednesday—a day before the Malaysian airliner was shot down—President Obama quietly signed an executive order targeting Russian oil, natural gas, finance and defense companies. Hidden in the details, was a section that effectively bans AK-47s. As always, the devil is in the details, so read on for the straight scoop.

Mikhail Kalashnikov
Mikhail Kalashnikov

While signing an executive order to impose new sanctions on Russia, President Obama used his pen to also further his agenda of gun control by including a ban of parts used to build or repair Russian AK-47s. That is the headline and certainly bad news for the gun community. The order immediately will have an effect on Concern Kalashnikov.


Concern Kalashnikov’s U.S. importer is RWC Group. The new ban will include Izhmash rifles—rimfire and centerfire bolt-action rifles—and semi-automatic Saiga rifles and shotguns based on the Kalashnikov action. Fortunately, there are a few facts in which gun enthusiasts may find some solace. First, the law only applies to Russian made AKs. Therefore, all AK’s and parts imported from other countries are still legal. Second, Executive Order 13662 does not impact any firearms or parts that have already been imported—well almost…it seems there was a gray area regarding item already imported, but which money was still owed to Concern Kalashnikov.

The obvious question of transactions in progress was immediately raised, and the Treasury Department offered a quick clarification:

374. If I own a Kalashnikov product, is that product blocked by sanctions? Am I able to resell a Kalashnikov product at a gun show or other secondary market? If a U.S. person is in possession of a Kalashnikov Concern product that was bought and fully paid for prior to the date of designation (i.e., no payment remains due to Kalashnikov Concern), then that product is not blocked and OFAC sanctions would not prohibit the U.S. person from keeping or selling the product in the secondary market, so long as Kalashnikov Concern has no interest in the transaction. New transactions by U.S. persons with Kalashnikov Concern are prohibited, however, and any property in which Kalashnikov Concern has an interest is blocked pursuant to OFAC’s designation of Kalashnikov Concern on July 16, 2014. If a U.S. person has an inventory of Kalashnikov Concern products in which Kalashnikov Concern has an interest (for example, the products are not fully paid for or are being sold on consignment), we advise that U.S. person to contact OFAC for further guidance on handling of the inventory. [7-16-2014]

In plain English, it means as long as you own the product and do not owe Kalashnikov Concern any money for it, you are clear of the executive order, can shoot, sell or do whatever you please with the firearm or part within the limits of the existing laws. However, if you have any product on consignment, layaway, or what-have-you, you’ll have to work it out with Kalashnikov Concern—without running afoul of the federal government.

Picture shows a Saiga.

The purpose of the executive order was to sanction Russia for actions relating to the Ukraine. However, this is unlikely to move the needle on that front, but will certainly impact the future of RWC Group and the American jobs it provides. As of the time of this writing, RWC is expected to release a statement in the coming days. However, by the time of this article’s publication, it may already be available.

Did the President simply act within the Nation’s interest, or were firearms included as part of a larger gun control agenda? Give us your take on the President’s latest use of his pen in the comment section.

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  1. I can not believe Obama did that. He’s out now, no worries; he can never manage again. The right to bear arms includes all foreign arms, including keeping those from the battlefield & ones from England & France. He would not understand that anyway because he never fought in the patriotic wars, like me. The amendment never had a restriction, that’s what my father Thomas wrote. It was not meant to be changed for capitalism. I know why though, his stimulus package included selling stateside AR’s. Disregard that order.

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  3. “Of all the weapons in the vast soviet arsenal, nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947. More commonly known as the AK-47, or Kalashnikov. It’s the world’s most popular assault rifle. A weapon all fighters love. An elegantly simple 9 pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood. It doesn’t break, jam, or overheat. It’ll shoot whether it’s covered in mud or filled with sand. It’s so easy, even a child can use it; and they do. The Soviets put the gun on a coin. Mozambique put it on their flag. Since the end of the Cold War, the Kalashnikov has become the Russian people’s greatest export. After that comes vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists. One thing is for sure, no one was lining up to buy their cars. ” – Quote from “Lord of War”

    It’s too bad that these sanctions have effected the import of quality AK builds, but to Mr. Ruger’s point, it’d be kind of strange to impose sanctions on Russia without AKs being included. It’s crazy to me to see entry level AKs now come in at a higher cost than entry level ARs, and what I would refer to as just a “standard AK” come in at the same price point as a tricked out AR.

    I haven’t researched this much, but my hope is that anything proprietary about the AK platform is long expired, and U.S. manufacturers will take this as an opportunity to invest in the tooling, and make quality receivers and forged/ lined barrels (not the garbage we’re seeing right now).

    I also hope that other manufacturer’s (not necessarily U.S.) take the recent events as an opportunity to manufacture and import affordable 7.62X39, 7.62X54(not sure this one should be on the list), and 5.45X39 ammo.

    1. Also, as a side note, I know the recent Century Arms AKs (100% U.S. manufactured) will get brought up. I heard the reviews on the milled ones are outstanding.

      I haven’t shot one, but I have lifted one and I was not feeling buff enough that day to think that I would enjoy hauling that rifle around for any length of time.

      A quality U.S. made stamped AK (as close to the established Russian manufacturing process, open to improvements) with a solid barrel seems like a wet dream to me.

    2. One AK-47 that did not make your review is the new Kalashnikov USA AK-47 (.

      Their rifle is similar to the Saiga I previously purchased, but they offer several models of a finished rifle.

      I understand the rifle is being manufactured in Pennsylvania with the full approval of the Russian AK-47 manufacturer.

      Prices range from the low $700 to $999.00. That pricing is very attractive based on my initial investment and related conversion costs, and it is a real AK-47.

      Kalashnikov USA is now manufacturing a U.S. AK-47 under license from Concern Kalashnikov, and this will eliminate the need for 9022r compliance. Additional detail is available at:

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  5. I suspect I will rile up a fair number of you folks but I have rethought this issue and you get to read about it.
    First off don’t mistake thinking I am anything even approaching a leftie, liberal, socialist, communist, democrat uninformed nut. Personally I think Obama is the worst thing that has happened to this country and the biggest deterrent to freedom in my lifetime (60 years). Having said that. I certainly understand the anger over the AK ban however consider this: 1. Obama does not have a clue. He is a mouth piece for the Soros /Bloomberg crowd. 2. Obama was not about to go to war with Russia over the invasion of the Ukraine nor should he. 3. Putting sanctions in place at least gives the appearance that he is doing something and we know the left is all about appearances. 4. Obama was not about to put a freeze on Russian products and specifically leave out AKs. That actually would be dumb. 5. If we never see another Russian made AK in this country we will be just fine. 6. If I’m not mistaken I believe I just read the Russia wants to start building AKs here.
    Personally I buy American Made Guns Anyway but if the big O banned guns manufactured in a “friendly” nation I could see a problem.
    Our concern is 2A, The Right to Bear Arms. It is not the right to purchase Russian made guns. We need to pick our battles carefully and fight them well and we aren’t even doing that.

    1. Mr. “Mc Ruger” convincingly steers attention away from the grandstanding. He offers some hearty “food for thought”, and it would behoove us all if his remarks received our collective consideration !

      WELL said “Mc Ruger”.

  6. Just another example of President Erkel screwing things up. This has nothing to do with Russia. This is simply an excuse to ban guns. Being the communist that he is, one would think that he would love Russia and RUssian goods.

  7. If they can’t be bought from Russia, the simple solution would be for Colt to start production of AK47’s. After all, they’re in the hole with money woes so start producing something else.

  8. So of I’m reading this correctly Russian AKs are banned and the dirty piece of shit obama added in last minute “parts that could repair or build Russian AKs” which I’m supposing includes Romanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, and Serbian parts kits?
    Effectively reducing the AK market to american made AKs only?
    Yugo (Serbian) AKs and Russian AKs aren’t very interchangeable when it comes to parts.

  9. When one door closes, another one opens. This is great news for IOC and Century Arms. Hell, I like my American made AK-47!
    Got Americans working!!!!

  10. It was a ban on AKs it was a ban on anything being imported that’s russian made want to mention that a little more than saying it was just against AKs

  11. Did the President simply act within the Nation’s interest, or were firearms included as part of a larger gun control agenda? This question was posted at the end of the article. First, this president has never made one decision that was in the nations interest. Second, his entire agenda has been to weaken this country, and the people. Obama thinks the Constitution is a door mat, and freedom is something he want to eliminate. Well Mr. president, The people will not go quietly into the night. Live free, or die!

  12. Anyone who has solved a problem knows you don’t patch the reaction or effect and expect the cause or problem to somehow go away. But this is what is happening in the US today.

    A firearm is a tool, a machine, not a living breathing entity. Any irresponsible usage seen occurs relative to the influence of an action, the cause.

    Causation should be the focus, the place energy is spent, but instant-gratification garners votes.

  13. Demsco I absolutely agree with you as well as G-Man. I must say I am dead set against any censorship and believe that political corrects is a violation of the 1st.
    I guess what people don’t understand is that if people would do what they know is right there would not have to be laws forcing them to act a certain way. As an example: It should not be illegal to say the word Nigger. It is simply and arrangement of letters. However people with common sense and an ounce of decency know that it is offensive not just to Blacks but to a lot of people. Therefore I choose not to use it. It’s up to you as an individual to decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong.
    We should and could put nearly every social issue in this same arena. Another example is sharing your good fortune or “redistribution”. We as conservatives believe that if you have the ability to help those less fortunate, you do so. You share what you have because it is the right thing to do and you want to help others. However it is dead wrong for the government to force you to give by taking it from you and deciding how to pass you money out. Doing things because it is right and doing things because the government forces you to is a fundamental difference between the Conservatives and Liberals. We do things because it is right.
    RIGHT get it, Right to do Right, Right. Come on that’s pretty good.

  14. Nikola I think I need to disagree. I agree that they are puppets and that include RR as much as I liked him. Now let me say first that I am a dedicated Conservative and always have been. However from what I know I think Kennedy really tried to break out of the puppet job and fight the system. I was just a kid then but I think part of the reason he was killed was because he resisted knuckling under. just my 2 cents

  15. Perhaps Obama will next support Hamas by banning the further import of Israeli Tavors. It would be a double win, furthering his gun confiscation agenda, and supporting his Muslim brothers.

  16. EO 13662 may only apply to the Kalashnikov Concern (Saiga) and Russian AK 47’s now. In my opinion, Obama is testing the water. HIs next move will probably be to ban all AK 47’s regardless of country of origin.

    The other impact of EO 13662 is going to be the price of those remaining AK 47’s. RWC Group, the sole Kalashnikov Concern (Saiga) importer signed a deal at the 2014 Shot Show to import 200,000 AK47’s over the next 5 years for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

    Source: Kalashnikov plans to sell up to 200,000 rifles in US. Read more: 14 January, 14:05

    Other manufacturers will now have to fill that 40,000 rifle annual void. When demand exceeds supply, the price of the goods in demand increases.

    Prices on all AK 47’s, regardless of country of origin will see significant price increases. American jobs at the importer, distributor/dealers, and Saga assemblers like Arsenal Inc., Las Vegas, NV will also be impacted.

    The EO 13662 may also help Obama regain his title as “Gun Salesman of the Year.” Atlantic Firearms posted the following on their web site “NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS…

    Please Note: Due to the recent Import Ban on Russian Based AK firearms we are experiencing heavy order volumes . Please expect it to take approx 4 – 7 business days for any order to ship out , CA Orders may be slightly longer. We are working hard to ship orders out as quickly as possible . Thank You.”

    The Shooter’s Log reflects a number of positions on EO 13662. In my opinion, EO 13662 was issued, not to punish Russia for it’s involvement in Crimea and the Ukraine. It was issued as a test to see how far Obama could go to attack the Second Amendment or impose more gun control prior to the 2014 Mid-term Elections.

    Please form your opinions with a cautionary note. Obama, historically, plays on tragedies to promote his agenda. EO 13662 follows that same format. Regardless of my position, I still respect the opinions of other regarding this matter.

  17. I define a nigger not as a race but the moral issues of the person. Obuma is a true nigger. He is underhanded and dishonest. A virtue of a true nigger. Impeach!!

    1. Come on man, don’t need that crap. Its bad enough that if one disagrees with Obama they are classified as a racist and it is this way because of comments like this. I don’t care what his skin color is or what any liberal/progressive skin color is it is their policies I hate. Not to mention many blacks dislike him and are 2nd amendment supporters but when they see these types of comments they begin to think they are in bad company and we can lose them. Regardless of all that, hating someone because of their race is just plain wrong man and I am as conservative as one can get. Cut the crap, just cause your on the internet and can remain anonymous it doesn’t give the right to say whatever you want. Would you call a black person a n***er to their face? Nope, so don’t say it online or at all. Go take a sensitivity class or something.

    2. @ demsco: Well said. I back your perspective 100%. And to add to your well written and accurate position… In this day and age anyone with a functional amount of common sense should have the intellectual wherewithal to understand the stigma attached to such a word; and thus should know there is simply no place for it anywhere, at any time, or for any reason within modern dialogue.

    3. Obama is just a pupet like all US presidents since 1913 and Wilson..
      they are working for Rotschild, Rockefeller, JP Morgan and other elements of global shadow goverment.

  18. Finally, Somebody see’s and got the greater picture!

    All that being done, is the can being kicked further down the road.

  19. Is this band on Russian AKs necessary? Will it be effective? It only involves AKs sold by Russian companies. The loop hole is many of the Russian Ak’s could be sold to a third party that can legally sell them in the U.S.
    So in the end it isn’t like you’ll be out of Russian AKs. They just will cost more because they are prohibited.

  20. I am taking a contrary position to most. I support this Order to impose sanctions on all Russian products. If that includes Russian AK, so be it! Gas, oil vodka, everything!

    At one time, America stood for something. The greatest generation rationed everything from cocoa and sugar to gas and rubber to support our troops in putting down oppressive Axis powers. You folks are whining about this? Buy Israeli. They make some very fine weapons. Buy Brazilian. Heck … You might even consider buying American and keep our own economy fore most.

    Do not think that I support this administration in most things. I do not. The President AND CONGRESS are shameless in their lack of basic economic understanding. But to remain on topic … This is necessary and should be enacted without exceptions.

    1. @Bob

      you’re blind mate if you dont see what is happening all around us, all over the world. Why ban all russian products , they didnt do anything (dont watch CNN,BBC,SKY, MSNBC etc..). US did a terrible thing to Ukraine and to their people supporting neonazi’s there to come to power and now they want to sancion russia for giving humanitarian aid to those people, taking care of 100k refugees from those regions and giving weopns to un-armed peole being killed by Nazi’s and other right wign militias paid with USD (your tax money) to impose a dictator there to work in western interest agains its own people.. wait and see that shit will come to your doorstep sooner or later, we will see if you will defend your home or not (than you will understan).

  21. ONLY RUSSIAN AK’S FOR NOW , this pres is very devious , once he starts chippimg away he just signs another exec order next will be anything from the former soviet block that does not condem russia, this is excactly what obuma has wanted , this is his chance to ban what he feeels should not be owned by american public, he will not stop with just this if we do not fight him at every chance , the man is evil almost antichrist like and hates america as we know it , he admitted to it in college many times , why did you stupid idots not do some reasearch on this guys beliefs BEFORE YOU ASKED FOR CHANGE? WELL YOU GOT JUST THAT ,CHANGE IN AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT, now lets be NK or iran like now is his beliefs he should have the power of a king he feels and acts like he does , why do we keep letting him get away with it ,BECAUSE WE FEAR THE BLACK MAN IN AMERICA WILL RIOT, well let em riot stop fearing the bastards and get him out of office now, its not because he is black we want him out its because he sux as leader and is dragging america down the toilet into the sewer . and all his dem buddies need to be fired and replaced with non rights stealing law makers not lets ban everything we dont like in america people we have in office now.

  22. @G-Man

    thanks for clarifying, now after reading how it actually works, we need to fix that system. If the presidential office created a loop hole for the president to take advantage of shouldn’t there be some sort of check and balance to ensure this type of thing doesn’t happen in the first place?

  23. The lowlife scummer has spent more money than all of the past presidents have collectively…The George Jefferson of his day Movin on up…and his lowife partner! Get rid of this Liar, traitor, phony and Terrorist sympathizer!


  24. @ Mc Ruger: You did well… the way you worded everything up there. It certainly hit home for me. I’m glad you didn’t laugh it off this time because it made a difference for me, as I’m sure it will when others read it.

    It put things into perspective and affected me in a positive way, so I felt it important for you to know that something as simple as a forum comment can possess the power to make a difference. So thanks.

  25. G-Man Not scolding anyone. I would usually laugh it off. I guess it was one of those day it just hit me the wrong.
    I guess we need to take time once in a while to vent even if it is about vacations.I certainly understand your need to keep the record straight. God knows there is enough garbage flying around in the media now days.
    Thanks for your comments……

  26. @ Mc Ruger: You are absolutely correct to scold us over our commentary that is without a doubt ridiculously insignificant when compared to the severity of the issues of the day. I think it important that you be acknowledged that your efforts are duly noted.

    And while I am a guilty party to some of this dialogue, please know that as I type my responses, I too feel as you do about the absurdity that creeps into the content in contrast to the grave realities we currently face.

    However, I also feel that when someone replies with irresponsible anecdotes that are nowhere near factual, I become concerned that a younger or more impressionable reader may be persuaded to regard such things as fact and possibly even spread them as truth.

    Based on this, I feel it my duty to directly refute such statements at every turn in order to correct the record. Rarely will you ever find me starting such ludicrous banter, but often you find me finishing it.

    I hope you understand.

  27. This is the single most important issue facing the country right now….. WHO TOOK THE MOST VACATIONS AND WHO SPENT THE MOST MONEY ON VACATION.
    Is it any wonder the country is in the shape it is in?

  28. @ Benny: For something to be considered a fact it must be indisputably absolute. Such was not the case in your comments regarding presidential vacationing expenses.

    First off in order to properly lay “all the facts on the table”, there are only two official categories of travel for the President, First Lady, and Vice President: They are either Official or Political. There is a third category known as Unofficial, but is reserved for very unique circumstances and rarely if ever used.

    There is no category for presidential vacations and since vacations cannot be considered Political, they must always be classified as Official Travel and therefore are provided at no cost to the President.

    In contrast to another of your statements, the President has no option as to the manner in which he flies, and therefore will ALWAYS fly on Air Force One. So there will never be an instance for him to decide, as you put it – “if he plans on flying there on AF1.” He will always be on Air Force One. This of course excludes short helicopter flights aboard Marine One.

    There is a hint of reality to your statement about paying air fees, but it never applies to the President, and most certainly will never be the cost of a “1st class airplane ticket”, as you’ve described it.

    Instead, the facts are that prior to 2010 there was an expectation that on Political designated Air Force One flights, the affiliated political party would later reimburse the government commensurate with regular airfare fees based on the normal commercial rates to specific destinations.

    The fees were tallied based on a head count of only the political staffers on board each flight, and never applied to the President or his staff. In any event, there was never a first class ticket fee because the 89th Airlift Wing which manages Air Force One is not a commercial airline.

    Subsequent to 2010 Obama made a new rule come into play where the procedures towards Political flights shifted to a chartered plane based model rather than a head count. However, the rules allow for the mixing of trips as Official and Political thus making reimbursement for the Political portions quite convoluted and hard to track. As you can imagine, most Presidents can take advantage of such confusion and they are never audited.

    Why no audit? These rules I’ve mentioned are set by the Executive Office of the President to begin with, and are merely a courtesy if followed. It is entirely based on an honor system and not subject to GAO audits.

    As a general rule, the Executive Travel Guidance is not made available to the general public and it is considered presidential privilege. Not even Congress dare question them or their own president one day may become open to scrutiny by opposing parties. It is simply an unwritten code that has always been left alone.

    And no, you may not lump preparations and security together. They are two distinctly separate costs to the tax payer that vary widely based on the destination decided upon by the President. The funding is allocated much differently as well. For example, travel overseas must be paid for by the State Department and travel within the U.S. is paid for by the White House.

    Prepping and conducting bare-base security costs millions more as in the Obama destinations as opposed to the frequented destinations by Bush.

  29. Hopefully, this will fall in the appellate courts, if it ever gets that far.

    I am somewhat curious how they are going to enforce the ‘owe money to Kalashnikov Concern” part. Are they going to sequester any money sent from the US to them?

    If ‘gun control’ was the goal here, I don’t think he realizes the number of AK47 manufacturers there are or how many Russia/Chinese/etc AKs there are in the secondary market. It’s a global marketplace. It is virtually impossible to ‘outlaw’ any type of firearm by sanctions as most are manufactured at multiple locations.

    Next week, Obama will want to cozy up to the Russians over or something. The sanctions will go out the window. I don’t know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, but most people I know don’t care about the Ukraine or believe we can control what Putin does.

    This an attempt at an incremental change. I just don’t see how punishing Russia over the Ukraine is an overwhelming ‘state interest’ when it comes to the second amendment.

  30. As long as this AK-47 ban is temporary and tied with the other sanctions I don’t have a problem with it. We are trying to force Russia to stop bullying Ukraine. That means eventually ALL of their industries should be boycotted. Guarantee they will be hurting long before the U. S. will. I can live with the temporary inconvenience of not having AK-47 parts as long as it is temporary.

  31. @ Jimmy.

    It’s for training usage only sir. What do you think the Army said to themselves, Let’s order 600,000-magazines. So we can deprive Jimmy, from buying any of these FINE magazines. Us your brain, THINK. The Military use’s more Ammunition for the purpose of Training ALL-YOU KNUCKLE-HEADS then they do in Combat.

  32. What shows this Ak/Saiga ban is a Hyppocritical move to suppress our Gun Rights is that Obama doesn’t apply the same rules to himself.

    The U.S. Army JUST announced it was buying 600,000 Saiga/AK magazines ( for its forces! That is just the Army, buying. Who else is buying from our Federal Govt from Saiga/AK at a time the US Citizen is now banned?

    I leave it to you to look up the Federal buyers announcing buys after the Obama Ban.

    He doesnt care about punishing the Russians.

    If he really truly cared, why not volunteer all Federal agencies to siscontine usage of the Saiga/AK lines as a symbolic pro American Gesture, not just forcing it on us tiny by comparison buyers, We the People.

  33. @ Benny.

    The ban applies to all importation of AK-style weapons, Not to the Ak-style weapons currently, already here in the country

  34. playing devils advocate again:

    You might be able to buy direct from a Russian website for now, but take this into consideration.

    I used to buy shoes directly from the Asian Market, they make em and send em here and our stores mark them up unrealistically.

    When Obama installed sanctions against the Chinese for their knock-off market, my bank began to block any transactions with my Chinese suppliers.

    Same thing will happen with Russian Firearm companies, they will still have their websites up, but I guarantee you the way this sanction is enforced is your bank has to block any transactions going to Russia.

  35. actually to make sure we have all the facts on the table,

    our money (tax payes) only covers his security (you can bundle preparations in with security). He has to pay his own rent, and he actually has to buy a 1st class airplane ticket if he plans on flying there on AF1.

    Not saying he was right in taking all those vacations, but its unfair to him to say we paid for all of it. He paid for the majority of it since you can argue that we would pay for his security regardless if he was in the Oval Office, on a foreign relations trip, retired, or on vacation. We still pay for any living presidents security.

    And last about Bush (I actually got to shake his hand and trade a few words while he was in office) Bush is from Texas. I like the way they handle govt. there. I don’t know the actual time frames, but when govt isn’t in session all of the politicians go back to their normal lives and jobs. Bush worked on his ranch. Bush was working when he wasn’t working

  36. Can someone please explain to me if this ban is against the AK47, or if its a ban of Russian Made Firearms?

    If its only Russian Firearms, than feel free to go purchase an AK47 from any other manufacturer.

  37. This looks like a routine bout of sanctions to me. If the Russian defense industry is targeted this makes sense and there’s an easy way around it for American companies with an interest in Russian AK-47’s…do businesswbusinesswith entities Kalashnikov Concern has no interest in.

    1. @ Ray.

      Think of it as SNOW. The Soviet-era Russian’s Designed/Developed/Produced/and Distributed the Snowball (e.i. AK-Rifle), Obama is banning Russian made Snowballs, the problem is that half the countries of the world have Snow. You can get the Snowball’s from anyone that has Snow, The applies ONLY to Russian Snow and Russian Snowball’s.

  38. What this article’s title should’ve been is, “Obama Signs Executive Order Banning Import of Russian AK-47s and parts thereof.”

    Leaving out that detail made me think I needed to get my gun and get ready to shoot the cops that were coming to seize my weapon. The only way this executive order affects the private owner of a russian AK is by limiting us to buying parts from other sources, which is regrettable since russian parts are superior in durability. But hey, if worse comes to worse, I’ll make my own damned gun parts.

    On a second note, Concern Kalashnikov is not the only way to get russian parts.

  39. Wow, aren’t we a little off point in this discussion thread? The subject is AK’s. If you want to whine and cry about Obama this and that while Bush did this and that, go to a whine-site to do so. The simple point is that Our President (loved or not) has signed an order banning certain AK47’s. Did he have the right… sure he is president. And although it may inconvenience us (the US market), there are several different ways in which one could purchase an AK if they choose to.

  40. Kalashnikov’s monetary impact is miniscule when compared to Russian oil & gas concerns! Obozo is just using the opportunity to ban the guns. He’s using the same shameful tactics as “Operation Choke Point” – any means available to attempt to remove guns from the US citizen. We MUST stand up for our 2nd Amendment Rights!

    1. If you STILL OWN A GUN, then your 2nd Amendment rights are still intact.

  41. Unfortunately this is just the beginning..Government and the Democrats believe that safety means “no guns”..They do not see that guns are a necessary “evil”..They are the means for the common man to defend themselves when no one else can..Law enforcement can’t save you..They may arrive to pick up the pieces..I would never feel safe in today’s society without guns..We should be keeping better track of the mentally ill, instead of letting society push them onto the states where they can become a lethal problem…

    1. Ok. The headline was obviously meant to incite anger in an audience of gun enthusiasts, many of whom are so quick to see a conspiracy in everything Obama does. OFAC sanctions are a completely normal way to punish a country such as Russia, whose nuclear arsenal makes it a terrible idea just to impose sanctions using our military, this executive order unfortunately affects RWC, but doesn’t materially hinder our ability to obtain parts or trade in AK47s. As this is the most popular and plentiful gun design in the world, we aren’t exactly going to run out of them. I’m a Republican, but I’m also a rational human being. Obama has done next to nothing to show an “anti-gun agenda”, The Brady Foundation actually gives Obama one of the worst scores of any president when it comes to gun control, it isn’t high on his agenda and nothing has been done to increase control in a meaningful way in the past 6 years (at least from a Federal level). Stop drinking the Limbaugh cool-aid so our party can stop looking like a bunch of paranoid nutcases and we can win over the moderates who don’t particularly like the fact that the democrats are wildly irresponsible when it comes to fiscal policy and who have emotional knee-jerk reactions every time someone gets shot. Without toning down the paranoid rhetoric, we aren’t any more responsible than the democrats and won’t manage to win elections needed to set our country back on the right path.

  42. EO 13662 was issued to, supposedly, punish Russia for their involvement in the Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. The EO bans the “Importation of the Kalashnikov Concern (Saiga) Rifles.” In my opinion, the President acted and utilized this current conflict, not to punish Russia, but to impose “Gun Control and Attack our Second Amendment Rights.”

    The AK 47 Rifle has been the focus of Gun Control advocates like Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign, Senator Feinstein (D-CA), AG Holder and Obama for years. This EO may, to some extent, punish Russia, but it also infringes on our “Right to Bear Arms,” and further demonstrates Obama’s pension to “Selectively Enforce the Law.”
    This information may provide a layman’s clarification, to some extent, on Presidential Executive Orders.

    “Can Executive Orders be Overridden or Withdrawn?

    The president can amend or retract an executive at any time. The president may also issue an executive order superseding an existing one. New incoming presidents may choose to retain the executive orders issued by their predecessors, replace them with new ones of their own, or revoke the old ones completely. In extreme cases, Congress may pass a law that alters an executive order, and they can be declared unconstitutional and vacated by the Supreme Court.”

    Source: Our long-term hope is that the next President will repeal EO 13662.

    If I remember correctly, many of the Bush Administration Executive Orders were repealed by the Obama Administration when Obama took office.

    “Can Executive Orders be Overridden or Withdrawn?

    Thirty days after being published in the Federal Register, executive orders take effect. While they do bypass the U.S. Congress and the standard legislative law making process, no part of an executive order may direct the agencies to conduct illegal or unconstitutional activities.”


    In my opinion, the provisions of EO 13662 for the “Ban on Importation of Kalashnikov Concern (Saiga) Rifles” is a blatant and clear demonstrations of the Obama Administrations total disregard for the U.S. Constitution. I have addressed both of this concerns with my U.S. Congressional Representatives. I have not, however, received any response from Congress at this time. I also understand that the NRA and NSSF are watching this EO 13662 closely.

    Prices on the remaining Kalashnikov Concern (Saiga) Rifles will spike, and we will probably see another shortage of imported 7.62X39 Ammo. RWC and other dealers and distributors of these products will probably be forced to reduce their workforces. The question now is, “Who does EO 13662 impact more; the Russian manufacturers, or the American companies that import and distribute the of Kalashnikov Concern (Saiga) Rifles?”

    1. Not likely, this can has been kicked do the road by every President since 1988.

  43. Indubitably, Oh-bummer was not Stalin, but instead Russian on Putin de facto gun control measures in place. Defrauding the free people of these United States, one deceptive executive order at a time.

    1. Ill always keep my fire-power. 5 highly trained attack dogs and a whole arsenal. With everyone in the house hold able to use them. Ill have some fun if they come here.

  44. Obama has wanted to get rid of any and ALL guns since taking office. He finally gets a chance to stop the flow of Russian ak`s. This will NOT hurt Russia one bit. What it does hurt is people wanting to buy RUSSIAN ak 47`s. Anytime an opportunity to get rid of firearms presents itself, Obamonkey will be on it like flies on sh-t!!!

    1. Bigmag47.Obamamonkey???? At least you’re out in the open about being an ignorant pig. Thanks for making all other self respecting bloggers on the right look bad. You optimize exactly what I’ve been writing about in earlier posts. Plain old bigotry. They are at least savvy enough to disguise it.

  45. This ruleing will not hurt our economy. It’s like a penny in the ocean if it does a negative turn in our gun sales or “sales” for our economy then we don’t deserve to be the world leader that we are. Africa can buy and sell for 20$ Bc they have no economy.

  46. You can still find all the parts online. I have built a few and plan on building more. Even though they banned the import of Russian parts and firearms. Find a Russian website and they will still ship you your parts. You can buy direct. Oh and its cheaper to boot. No middle man.

    I do not see it as buying from the enemy. I see it as taking parts they may need later on. More of a benefit to us really. We also get the firearms e want. An EO for this is a joke. And anyone who says its not part of Nobama agenda has got to be kidding. He has been doing this crap since the start. I seen one guy state that he watches the news everyday. Well if that is so he/she would have noticed that this has been going on for a long time. There is a reason congress wont back Nobamas decisions. Because they do not agree with him. Which also makes me believe that he has threatened other actions if his toes get stepped on. Who ever believes in our government has some serious issues if they do not see what has been going on. Other presidents have been impeached fore much less then what he has done. And yet he is still in office. Look at Clinton. He got a BJ and he got impeached. Nobama has ruined many peoples lives, lied, and have taken away from American. Makes me wonder if Clinton getting impeached wasn’t just everyone else being jealous.

    Let me mention the Obamacare crap. I signed up looked for a plan for my wife, the kids, and myself. The cheapest they could show me was a little over $600 a month. $5,000 deductible for major medical, and the co-pays were higher then what I pay my doc for a regular visit. When I called them to see the best they could do was drop it to around $550 a month. Cheaper for me not to have it. Oh and not to mention all the people I know that have lost there health coverage due to the new healthcare reform. Its a joke. Another TAX they didn’t call a tax.

    I wont buy into it. Period.

    People can call me racist or whatever they want. Plain and simple Nobama has to go.

  47. OH Ramone You make it so easy. You are a sheep Ramone you are just following the lies coming from the left. If you want to believe everyone that disagrees with Obama is a racist or White Trash believe it and thump your chest. That is all you’ve got to defend your king with.
    Personally, I think it’s a real shame that such an obviously intelligent man and our first Black president is such a tragic failure. He was capable of great things but the country is not ready for total government control and a socialist way of life. This has nothing to do with his being Black but you have convinced yourself that it is and that will not change.
    Our economy is not better Ramone. What’s wrong with you? Have you bought gas or food or paid a utility bill. Do you have a job or have you looked for one. Relative family earnings at 1980 levels. Unemployment in minority communities is at an all time high as is unemployment in general if you don’t cook the numbers. Half of the country is on some kind of public assistance. Do the research Ramone I’m not making this up. Quit taking the official news medias information and don’t listen to Fox or CNN find out for yourself.
    Again you are puking the liberal line assuming that conservatives want war. Well we don’t. True there are people like McCain that want to invade everyone but We the People don’t want our sons and daughter off to war again. My son was in Afghanistan 8 years. I know what it’s like.
    I won’t respond to you again. I know you are who you are and you are not going to change. I just feel so sorry for people that are so brainwashed that they can’t even consider other ideas. It is just sad.
    Be happy in your fantasy world.

    1. I could say the exact things about you. First of all I don’t watch fox or CNN. I went to college and graduated. I read and I do research extensively and form my own opinions based on factual statistical information. Your world might be of fantasy but doesn’t make you right. Maybe in your political ideaology. That being said. Go back and read the Bush Doctrine and the conse There’s lots of information reinforcing everything Ive said and believe. However I learned in late 80s the need of maintaining the status quo in the middle east was always necessary. The first Bush knew it thats why he left sadaam in power.You fail to address any of this in terms of the world order or lack therof today.. Point after point and all you can do is revert to the childish name calling and dismissiveness that is so characteristic of most of the comments. You try and cover it with a little intelligent banter but I know where you’re coming from. Bring me facts not lip service. You really don’t have to respond. I appreciate your son’s service and the sacrifice. Action speaks volumes. Just remember that mutual respect goes a long way as well. Not just here but in the politicsl process. There’s more than enough blame to go around just dont put all on one man. Solutions: Term limits. Get billions of dollars out of the politics. Career politician is a disservice to all of us. Clean house not just republicans but democrats as well. They all have as some level of responsibility.

  48. I’ve read a few posts here by libs that have been reduced to d*ck measuring by comparing the number of days each president went on vacation. And of course lacking their own intellect, these libs have to fall back on their talking points handbook and find themselves left with Al Sharpton’s spin that Obama took only 93 days of vacation time as compare to Bush’s 367 days.

    And like so many other instances in these forums, I once again find myself completely blowing the liberal mind with the reality of facts which completely dispels the myths these libs cling to and send them scurrying like cockroaches. So here we go (again):

    Unlike Obama, Bush owned his vacation retreats which were effectively set up as functioning White Houses that he continued to work from. So outside of these functioning locations, the reality is Bush only spent 18 real vacation days at miscellaneous locations free of a presidential workload.

    In contrast, Obama does not own any vacation retreats and therefor costs the tax payers millions more towards preparation, security, staff and rent when he vacations. Unlike Bushes 18 days of vacation, Obama as taken a total 92 days of true leisure time unrelated to any connection with work.

    Bush clearly was the more effective vacationing president in both work and tax cost savings to his public.

  49. Yes, I do believe this is just a part of Obama’s war on guns. Let’s face it, in Africa you can buy a fully automatic AK for $20.00, so I know this will not affect the Russian economy at all. I’m sure a de- milled rifle or parts for one are sold so cheaply, that the import taxes are probably more than the item itself. That hurts our economy worse than it does theirs, so in this case we are cutting off our nose to spite our face. The only benefit is to further Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

  50. I just want to say one thing to the piece of shit that deleted my post. KISS ME WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE, MF!!!!

  51. Looks consistent with the American policy of punishing Russian oligarchs for the behavior of their little Tsar. Plenty of other sources of AK gear without enriching an enemy of ours.

    BTW, the headline, after reading the piece, looks kind of nonsensical.

  52. VACATION TIME Kennedy: First of all if you are going to throw out numbers how about giving your reference. 2nd regardless of your reference there are a few things to consider. 1. Obama and the old lady take separate vacations …. are both being counted? 2. Obama has taken several vacation calling the official business … do you know if those are counted?
    3. give me the amount of money spent by the Obamas on vacation and compare it to other presidents. 4. Bush, who you people love to keep tossing up, took his vacation at his ranch … he went to his home not Marthas. 5. no other president ever went on TV and told Americans to tighten their belts and prioritize the turn around and take vacations to Hawaii, Spain, China, Africa, etc…There is no defense for Obama try as you might he is the worse president in history.

  53. NB, In thing both Moldova and Georgia, took place during George W’s administration. And he did JACK@#$%, when and after it took place.

  54. OH PLEASE Ramone …. You are so transparent. I frankly could care less about AKs, don’t own one and never will. I buy American Made Guns from American Companies not from Russia, China, Brazil, or Austria. Once again you toss out your racism card, but it really all you have. Explain why I didn’t like either Bush or Clinton either ..what does that make me Ramone. You bitch about congress not doing there jobs…. Congratulations on memorizing the standard company line. Think now, do you suppose that everyone on the right side of the Aisle is a racist or maybe they just don’t agree with the Obama plans and agenda…. See, and this is fact, the Lefts idea of compromise is to have the opposition agree with everything the left wants without change. If the opposition does not agree they are racists, homophobes, sexist, anti environment, TEA BAGGERS, flat earthers, or if nothing else works, uneducated or stupid.

    Yes I do remember my country pre Obama, my first president was Eisenhower. it was a long way from perfect, and frankly I we have never had a president I totally agreed with. For sure the past affects the preset and all that has come before contributes to the present. However, I have never seen an administration that is so Blatantly against the constitution, so in violation their oaths, and so willing to lie. I have never seen an administration that hates the things that made our nation great. People in this country no longer trust the government and are very concerned about the future and this is due to Obama. Open your eyes man. Stop watching Fox or MSNBC or CNN or whatever you watch and do some research. Stop being a sheep and open your mind to what is really going on. Black or white Obama is bad for this country and his movement with followers like you will be it’s ruin unless stopped.
    Now please let it go. Talking to Liberals is just exhausting and such a waste of time.

    1. Didn’t call you a rascist but alot of the rhetoric coming from alot of folks on this site is. ” WHITE TRASH MOTHER” to quote a recent post. You believe what you want to but the facts suggest otherwise. Our economy is much better despite obstructionism as a party platform. I have friends left and right of me that lost 401ks and retirement under Bush. I served in the military under Bush. He meant well but nobody ever talked about shooting him or vilifying him every time something comes up. We still believed in this country. They (people you refer to) who don’t trust this government.. They dont trust it because a black man is president. I look at the facts. He kept most of Bush’s policies and even kept some of his appointees afterwards. Foreign policy wise he’s doing what most of us believe. Using diplomacy vs. war mongering We know where that leads. As I stated earlier I’m no sheep. I’m more like Teddy Roosevelt. I walk and talk softly and I carry a big stick. Just calling like I see it. And I’m not the only person. We adults at least most of us, wouldn’t live very long if we slapped every person we disagreed with. AND AS A COUNTRY WE ARE TIRED OF WAR. Diplomacy first. Fighting as a last result. That’s why the globe is a mess right now. Obstructionism has also had an impact. Congress is dysfunctional. The leader has to lead.

    2. Hey Ramone………………His mother was white trash and his old man was a low life scummer commie. The truth hurts doesn’t it. Do your research. There is nothing racist about this comment. Just plain truth. Deal with it home.

  55. Well I was gonna leave a comment till I read your restrictions, then I figured WTF! I guess the first amendment doesn’t mean shit in this country any more. Anybody, in the USA who actually works for a living and is not on welfare and can shit and wipe their ass knows exactly what is wrong with this country. But hey, I’m not allowed to say it. BS to the max! Gee, I hope I wasn’t disrespectful of others.

  56. If there was ever a reason for contraception he is the prime example.Bore from white trash mother and sired by a lowlife scummer

  57. Get your head out of your ass and wake up…this lousy two faced ,terrorist sympathizer lowlife scummer that never did a worthwhile thing in his entire career, has ruined everything and anything he has touched,the opposite of Midas touch is turns all to SHIT! Like him!

  58. I agree with Jake D .Also he was not bold he hide it like most do if they are not brave and present a bill to us.Just don’t care about handycaped people who simply need to protect their family.I’m miles from 911 protection.They would be just too late to help.
    David G.

  59. just playing devils advocate, not on either side…

    Im sure you can still get a “good ole” (LOL) Century Arms AK47 made right here in the USA…

    of course you can also custom build you an AR chambered in 7.62

  60. This will have negligible impact upon the US gun industry, or on importers other than RWC. I do not see any hidden evil intent here with regards to firearms. This appears to be simply part of a larger political issue related to the situation in the Ukraine. You could substitute “diesel fuel” for AK47 and the situation would be the same…no more Russian toilet paper imported, the importer gets it in the shorts, and if you’ve already got it and paid for it, you can use it or sell it. No one would think that was a big conspiracy to generally restrict American Citizens’ use of diesel fuel.

  61. So let me try this again. I guess maybe someone thought my posting video of an AK i’m proud of is spam?
    Will this impact other AK variants? I myself own a WASR, Romanian AK. I’ll try to post video of my rifle again. FYI all mods shown were purchased through Cheaper than Dirt so think of my video as a nice plug for them.

  62. Jake D. I’m not even close to being a sheep. I don’t need anyone to think for me. I call a spade a spade. All this hoop la about the President is based on hatred and disgust of a man (bigotry and racism) cloaked in the shroud of distaste for policy. And I’m not calling you a pig. There’s enough of them out there. And every time they have a chance to stoke it up they do. I dont agree with everything he POTUS does but I dont disagree with everything either. Why trade with our enemy’s? I dont see any constitutional issue banning the AK. Just an opportunity to sell guns. He’s not a king but he is the president. If congress was more effective in handling their business the president wouldn’t need to do EO’S. It would take years to get anything done. Example the last 5 years. You’re part of the problem. I remember where this country was before there Obama came to office. Do you? All the right wing B.S. comes out if someone brings up the past. The past affected today’s world. Lies, division, and negativity. That’s all fox news and conservative talk radio b.s.. I listen to it every day…. Talk about sheep. You guys are hilarious. “The pot calling the kettle black”.

  63. Another Obama loving comment from Ramone. Typical of the Liberal Sheep Ramone says don’t blame the King or his court blame Bush. Hey Ramone Your King has taught you well to blame everyone and anyone but never assume any responsibility. I know Bush was no prize but update, Obama is president now and is responsible. Here’s the part you Obama lovers can’t swallow….. ALL OBAMA HAS DONE IN 6 YEARS IS MAKE EVERYTHING WORSE, DIVIDE THE NATION AND LIE. OBAMA AND HIS COURT ARE CRIMINALS FOR ALL THE REASONS YOU KNOW FULL WELL AND ARE TO BRAINWASHED TO ADMIT.

  64. Obama is trying to punish Russia for their bullying. I don’t have a problem with this situation. Though I’m always sad knowing I can’t go to the store soon and purchase anything on my mind. I already have a few anyway. The U.S. Is the biggest gun consumer so, this hurts the Russia pocketbook. He’s still paying attention to the detail as of now by telling us what’s ours is ours and can do with as we see fit. Stand up for the ones that can’t defend themselves against a tyrant. And may there be peace on earth. I’ll die before my guns get taken from me.

  65. Stop the damn paranoid idiotic gun grabber crap. You can’t have sanctions against some industries and not others. Grow up.

  66. LMAO well she is that , if i had to wake up to her every morning my gun control be my own trigger finger to my own head lol. can Prolly print a poster size pic of her ugly mug off the net lol. Think i saw pelosi looking zombie targets @ cabelas lol. Could have been twins .She does favor the walking dead lol.

  67. You can’t buy one from China! Clinton banned all importation of Chinese firearms into the USA many years ago.

    1. @ 2WarAbnVet.

      I’m no sure, but, I think you refering to Norinco which produced the Type 56 Assault Rifle (an AK-47 knockoff). Which also made counterfeits of almost everything US made, that they could get their hands on.

  68. Your weapon would not be affected if there ever was a ban. Then again you can still buy one from China. Replicate one that uses all american parts. This is all a ploy by gun businesses to sell more guns. It’s our constitutional right to bear arms but it never said AKs. I own several weapons including military style weapons, could care less about the notorious AK. This is just an anti Obama tactic to get people who are blinded by their disdain for the POTUS to run out and buy anianother gun. Seen this ploy year after year.

  69. This blog is quite a fun read. But I don’t dare check the notify box because I’m tired of my inbox blowing up.

    I just hope TulAmmo doesn’t get the axe. Does anyone else make cheap, steel, corrosive ammo with wobbly specs? Just wondering?

    Also, where can I order my Nancy Pelosi poster Damian? I’m into wickedly ugly chicks.

  70. There are plenty of USA manufacturers of AK variants that I’d rather buy from anyway. Good to support the USA local guys. Obama is silently happy he could include firearms… why isn’t he banning trade with Aeroflot and GE; landing rights in the USA to Russian airlines; or expel Russian Embassy personnel ? So much more could be done that would be far more effective.

  71. The problem we face isn’t just the banning of firearms it is the the fear of our government. They know that if they tried to take away our rights we will fight. So the actions they are using are hidden in other laws and executive orders. It is not time to be rid of the BATF it is time to make a change in our elected official’s. It is time the people of this nation take a stand and take action against the people who abuse their power. They need to understand that we elected them and we can hold them accountable for their actions. Most people don’t know that the federal government has protected the elected official’s from the laws that we have to follow. Basically making them above the law. They don’t have to pay the taxes they expect us to pay. They have also made it so their families and them selves don’t have to repay government loans such as student loans. They vote on their own pay raises. We need to take that power away from them and take back our freedoms.

    The laws that they say help to keep criminals from doing harm don’t work and need to be corrected. We allow lawyers to have to much freedom on both sides to manipulate the laws how they see fit. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors are encouraged to put people behind bars because the more people in jails and prisons the more money the get from the government. Because of that way to many people who are innocent and cant afford $300.00 per hour for a good attorney get put in jail. Which in turn costs the tax payers who cant afford it in the first place. Which also over crowd’s the prisons and jails so they are forced to release people who actually need to be in jail. The laws need to be simplified. If you did it you go to jail or are executed. It is all to common that it is the accused who is forced to prove innocence rather than the way the law intended it to be where the accusers have to provide the proof of guilt. We are only human and not perfect so the laws need to be simplified. We don’t need more laws we need harsher punishments and we need to hold the ones accountable who are making the laws and enforcing those laws for the wrong doings.

    I could ramble on all day as to what I see wrong with our government but no one really cares. All people want to do is walk around blindly and let the media feed the bullshit so I am not going to waste anymore time trying to prove how ignorant the us citizen has become. I will just leave you with this last statement.


    Ps: to all the grammar Nazi’s out there find something better to do the try to point out the flaws in people’s thoughts because they made a mistake in grammar and punctuation.

  72. Initially this angers me but I have to reserve my opinion on this situation until the sanctions have been lifted to see if the ban is also lifted at the same time.

  73. You put a jackass in the white house you get the kind of crap we have been getting for the last five and a half years this jackass has tried everything Possiable to impose his wants on the people of this great country he is a Putin in our house it Boggs my mine just how dumb some people in this country can be to cast a vote for a person so willing to take away out freedom I am one pissed off disabled vet. To thing that my time served was for this jackass

    1. Disabled vet as well and agree with you David, Nam era vet but disability not associated with time served. Thanks for your service brother is most greatly appreciated.

  74. BATFE…

    Bureau of…:

    Alcohol… No mention in the Constitution that allows for the regulation of taxation.

    Tobacco… A legal substance to own and use, again, the Constitution is SILENT on regulation or restriction.

    Firearms… A CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT to Keep and Bear and SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED which DENIES registration or regulation or access too and Firearm, accessories or ammunition.

    Explosives… Again, the Constitution is silent on any regulation of the poer or authority to regulate or DENY acess or ownership.

    On it’s face, Blatantly Unconstitutional, and in its oerational aspects, a Deliberate ACT of Treason against the People and the Constitution.

    Chargable, and Punshable by Death for any attempts to enforce an Unconstitutional law.

    1. The constitution is not silent on this topic. It says that the right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ….Therefore restricting or regulating is only done with the purpose of infringement or controlling ….Get it!

  75. All you Russia lovers should be ashamed to call yourself real Americans. Why don’t you buy guns made right here in America? The AK-47 is the tool of communists and terrorists worldwide. If you love Russian guns so much, why don’t you go live there?

    Real Americans carry Winchester, Colt, or Springfields, not Ruskie AKs.

  76. Amen, There is no reason to fund are Enemy, U as a american should no that , We really should have stopped purchasing the shit our selves and there wouldnt of been a band! just saying

  77. Don’t need FOX news I’m not swayed by BS either way…If it looks likea Duck, walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck…it aint a Cow! Moron
    If you think its right to keep the lethal bleeding of our country to Lowlife 3rd world ideologies , then you are the Frigging problem!

  78. I’m a true RED, White, Blue, through and through All American. and Disabled Vietnam Veteran. I believe in the Constitution, and ALL it’s protections and Liberties Granted to Citizens, as long as their activities are NOT OUTSIDE THE SCOPE OF VIOLATING THE LAW. i.e. Driving under the influence of distractions or disorientation, Premeditated Murder, or anything that deliberately and intentionally harms others.

    It is mine and your UNALIENABLE RiGHT to OWN any weapon … WE CHOOSE … It is the ACTIVITY IT IS USED FOR, that is illegal.

    If I can afford to own a Tank, and park it in my yard, that is my right. IF AND WHEN it is fired upon another that would make it’s ownership illegal. not just the mere ownership.

    Come on people, get your head in the game, pay attention to what is happening. If you don’t like the way things are occurring, issues can and will be changed by contacting your legislators and voicing your dissatisfaction with the government, that is predominately used by, and for protection of the few select elitist.

    Use your voting power at the polls. If the elected ones don’t get it correct, DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE AND RESEARCH, then help put a person in office that will get the job done CORRECTLY….to benefit the MAJORITY of U.S. CITIZENRY by NOT SUCCUMBING to political pressure or foreign influence, OR for their own personal gains.

  79. I think President Obama over step his powers of what President can do. That ‘s congress job.

  80. We NEED to get this communist out of the white house before he totally destroys OUR AMERICAN United States. If some of you people can’t see this it’s time to take off the rose colored glasses!!!!!
    I could go on about him but you can tell where I stand!!

    1. Sharon:

      You sound like the one who is a communist. You must be some kind of a Ruskie lover. If you love Russian products so much, why don’t you go live there. This is America. Love it or leave it.

  81. Yes, this is our President throwing a bone to the gun control movement, but, Although I despise Obama, his domestic kingly policies, his race baiting, his foreign policy (or lack of), his gun control crap— the Russians are occupying part of Moldova, Georgia, and now the Ukraine. The news fails to mention that the reason there are so many Russians in Ukraine and those other countries is that Stalin murdered and starved the native populations and replaced them with Russians. If Putin is intent on reforming the GLORIES of his KGB days with the Soviets, we should do what was done when Ronald Reagan was President— BUY NO RUSSIAN GOODS.. The US bought $27 billion in goods from them last year. —- None of this matters, as our weak-kneed allies in Nato have become dependent on Russia– and Putin knows it. If you want an AK-get one built here, or by a friendly country. It sucks to have the King decreeing this, but we should be doing it voluntarily.

  82. First thing, we are only talking about Russian made firearms, they are plenty of AKs from other locations. I can see how this might turn into a slippery slop, which is what most aware gun owners must always keep in mind, give them an inch and they take a mile. The simple truth of the sanctions are, we should ban everything imported from Russia or the effect will be minimal, why the hell is Vodka still being imported? Second, it should be obvious to anybody by now, that Obama will do anything he can to restrict firearms, more so when he can just go around congress. I mean, back in 2008 the only thing I knew Obama stood for, based on his record, was he believed all Americans should be disarmed.

  83. I don’t see it stated, but should we worry about a 7.62×39 ammo shortage? I’m not sure where Tula and Wolf are made. I have always bought Herters.

    1. Most cheap AK ammo comes from Russia, even though we do get ammo from other locations. Just the same, this will definitely cause the price of ammo to go up, as the supply will become strained.

    2. Both Tula and Wolf are predominantly (not all) manufactured in Tulskiy Patronniy Zavod a Tula Cartridge Plant in Tula, Tula District, Russia.

      We expect sanctions to eventually affect this market, but not as of late.

  84. If the people of this country continue to allow attacks such as this on our Constitution by rogue presidents, I fear they will live to regret their inaction. Every time such an attack goes unnoticed by uncaring and politically uneducated citizens there is new danger that many others of their Constitutional rights will be Executive Ordered away one chunk at a time.

    Does anyone think that cutting off the sale of this weapon and its parts, into the United States, will in any way cause any real harm to the Russian economy? Probably not. This is an attack on one brick in the wall of your gun rights. When the politicians finally sell us all down the river, one brick at a time, we will have lost all the rights everyone thinks are sacred.

    So, wake the hell up America!

  85. It’s absolutely amazing how the folks selling guns are so impacted by banning all AKs. It’s a Russian weapon and if it benefits a country that is starting to act like an enemy of old, then why buy it. If we as Americans are too ignorant to make the connection then so be it. Go out and buy an American made AR platform. We wouldn’t buy guns and weapons that directly helps the Taliban or al Qaeda. Right now Russia is not much different. They supplied arms to a group that ultimately shot down a passenger plane full of innocent people. The
    AR-10 is an excellent weapon plaform and it helps workers in the good ole USA, not Russian elitists bent on reclaiming the old Mother Russia. Economic sanctions are what they are. Money going to Putin and his cronies doesn’t help us. If any of us had relatives on that jet what would you do? Probably not run out and buy an AK. Buy an American AR, if you have to have the need military style weapon and support your country. I own the 5.56 the .308 and 6.8spc. You couldn’t give me an AK. Don’t blame the POTUS for doing the right thing. Then again if it rains out your buddies cookout most of you guys blame Obama.

    1. Cookouts, rainstorms, invasion of nations, bankrupting, the USA, lying, being an illegal POTUS by virtue of birthplace, ruining healthcare, subverting the Constitution, failing to enforce laws, changing laws illegally, changing his own illegal laws illegally, cheating on his “wife”, lying to Congress, lying to everybody.
      You name it; obammmy has done and will until he is no longer in that position, no matter how it ends. Wake up, you idiots, this man has his agenda, he is working it and he is destroying this country. Wake up…does not matter what side of the line you vote on or or registered. This devil has committed to ruining the USA and the liberals are blindly helping him do it each day. That senile moron harry reid is even worse. He just follows, obammmmmy knows what he is doing.

    2. Ramone, you are right on target with your comments. I wish we could still buy clothing and electronics made in the U.S.A. I would be willing to pay more for American made products. God Bless Amercia

    3. Ahhhh………where is your indignation to Obama’s Fast and Furious? About his cover-up of the same? Don’t cry about Russia selling anything to their allies without holding King Obama responsible for the many hundreds that he helped to kill in Mexico and the USA. You could not care less about Brian Terry could you? If your savior Obama tells to to parrot what he tells you you would do just that. Bush did it. Baaaaa.

    4. No indignation at all. Blame the director of the AFT at the time for the screw up. Then again I’m late paying my gas bill because I had to go out and buy an AK. When my gas is turned off I’ll just blame Obama. Just joking. Lol. But most of the posts seem to be so anti Obama. Be anti Putin. Congress is suppose to handle there business but they can’t figure out how anything. Blame the tea party for a weak and disfunctional Republican party and blame fox news and conservative talk radio for stoking the flames of everything negative. Go back and check out 06-08. Stock market crash 401k gone homes in foreclosure. All the headlines. Financial colapse. This country was a mess. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan made Putin stronger. I saw it year after year. Same thing with Iran and North korea. And now we’re dealing with the consequences. Don’t just blame Obama. They’re plenty of names to add to the list. And it’s not Holder, Pelosi or Reid. It could read Rumsfeild Cheney Rove and Bush. They made the mess and we’re (America) still cleaning it up.

    5. Thank You Ramone for the best explanation of this issue. When misinformed people hear about these kind of things secondhand and panic , start spreading false rumors, the next thing you know idiots start hoarding guns and ammo and drive the prices up. Then none of us can enjoy our sport.

  86. President Obama did not sign such an order. This is a ploy to sell more AK’s. Just wait for the 2016 Election and the January 2017 Inauguration.
    If it is a Republication you can kiss Gun Sales goodbye. I own many guns and weapon companies stock. They have certainly done well with all the Obama hype ” Get yours while you still can “. The Weapons Manufacturers are geniuses. Thank you for the good job. Bob

    1. You think that they or the President didn’t just impose more sanctions on Russia? Maybe you should take a look and see how many Saigas and other Russian weapons and parts that come from Kalishnikov are around in a bit. There were Vepers all summer they are gone. There can be no more imported until they raise the ban. This is about our government blaming Russia pro russian rebels in Ukraine. Personally I don’t see where Putin has mush to do with them. They are asking him to stop these rebels. They claim he armed them. When they broke into and over ran Ukrainian bases. I don’t think it is in any ones best interest to have poor relations with Russia. Then again I don’t know a lot. I also feel like Snowden did the right thing by the citizens of the US by reporting to us we are being lied to by Claooer. That he is lying to Congress abou the amount of personal info they are keeping. It like DNA and the patriot act. What ever they say goes. Beleive them they never lie. I feel our government is more corrupt and our freedoms are in jeopardy now more than ever before. Gay rights are are far more important than the rights we as tax payers and citizens were guaranteed in the constitution and bill of rights. It definitely upsets me when our country has sat back and armed those ISIS terrorists. I see them driving Ford trucks and armed with our weapons they took from the Iraqis and were donated because of Syria. Every thing seems a bit bass ackwards to me. Personally I feel Obama and our government should be respecting the laws we have. And uniting with Russia and the other allies to get the ISIS stopped. They are indiscriminately killing christians, all iraqi soldiers, any one they feel is not Radical Isam and doesn’t believe in Sharia Law. Stoning and killing women. Shooting prostitutes on sight. Crusifying and beheading people. And our own government is sueing each other. Our government these days reminds of Nuri al-Maliki in Iraq. Getting rid of anyone that doesn’t suite them. Qualifications have little to nothing to do with anything. Immorality is the main goal of our Government more so than society. More important for obama to show putin he can sanction him than to take care of all the people in ukraine and Iraq and get rid of the corruption and real terrorists. Except where would they (Our governement) be with out jobs?.

    1. G W ALREADY DID. With the Patriot ACT. Executive orders should be stopped.
      They just allow the other branches of government to skate on an issue.
      Notice that NOBODY said a word about its constitutionality.
      That Bush action opened the door for anything goes.

    2. GW Bush let the gun ban expire, he had no side to choose that way. Although, he did not support the ownership of any AK, or AR, he always thought it was a persons constitutional right to own, keep, and bear these arms !!! Get your head out of your but Tom Tom !!

    3. Sorry Concerned,
      But Tom is 100% correct. GW was a moron. He created 2 of the worst agencies ever. When you’re in the government you NEVER EVER create an agency period, end of story. You are a Republican and they are just the right side of the Democrat Party. The Patriot Act was just another failure of Republicans and the continue the failures daily.

    4. Tom is right. The Patriot Act and massive multiple executive orders were supported by the traitor Bush. Obama and Bush are both undermining the Constitution. Open your eyes!

    5. The Patriot Act was a law passed by Congress. It is not the same as King Obama proclamations.

  87. Isn’t that like Obama saying that citizens can no longer buy Chevrolet’s? Cars Kill MORE people than guns.
    This just shows the stupidity of our Politicians are. Just buy AR-10. This is just a ploy to the the anti-gun lobbyists off the administrations back. This shows how stupid Bloomberg is.

    1. Up front I want to stated that I am very pro 2nt ammendment. Russia and most Russians want a return to the old USSR. And if banning Russian made AKs prevent that than ok, AKs are not banned, just Russian made AKs. If you love an AK than you do not need a Russian to build one. Plus this is part of a short term political action that in time will probably be reversed when things settle down. To much money to be made in the sales.

  88. So what’d you expect? Ban all imports from Russia except the AK parts? And that was done BEFORE they shot down a passenger plane. Do you think we should keep buying stuff from Russia? ANYTHING? I say ban everything from Russia, ban all US citizen travel to Russia, ban all Russian national travel to the US, ban ’em to hell. Squeeze ’em till they squeal. If you and your customers want to continue to support the Russian government and its tyrannical way of treating the rest of the world, then we should ban you,too.

    1. Totally agree. Not all, but probably most here are to young to remember the Cuban missile crisis. I remember being in Tampa Florida in 3 rd grade and going through air raid drills. That is the Russia Putin wants to get back to. He just visited Cuba last week. And by the way, they called them air raid drills. But in a nuke attack, a group of 9 year olds sticking their heads under school desks is really just stupid.

  89. This president well keep at gun control till he get all guns out of the american peoples hands You young people may not think gun are your thing but when there gone and the government controls everything you do you wont like that.Guns made america strong dont forget it.Lets keep this country free. The onlyway to do this is for people to own guns and keep this creazy government off our backs GOD BLESS AMERICA

  90. I own a Saiga chambered in .308. Does that affect any parts I may need to order if the gun needs repairs? I have bought the 25 rd plastic mags made here in the USA so I know those won’t be affected should I want to buy more. Does this affect the Tula ammo in 7.69×39 and the 7.62x54R?

  91. It is necessary as a country to have a single voice when dealing with any other country that does something we don’t support. We can’t say on one hand we don’t support them, and then on the other hand be buying products from them – whether it’s firearms or baby food makes no difference.

  92. If I were Putin I would drop tens of thousands of AK’s from planes over the U.S. What better way to tell Obama to stick it.

  93. Is there any limit to what this president will go to further his socialist agenda on the American people? Can this nation stand two more years???????

  94. This was just part of the sanctions and is not a ban. No need to get hysterical over it or use it for political purposes. Should be interesting to see how long until the sanctions get lifted.

    1. @ Steven Hamburg: You’re kidding right? Contrary to your statement, this is nothing but a political issue which makes political speak quite appropriate when addressing this very topic.

      And for you to even contemplate the sanctions being lifted as if they would happen in your lifetime shows how truly disconnected you are from the actualities of this situation.

      Go research the required actions to reverse sanctions along with the historic tenacity of Russia and then come back and tell us how apropos you were to make such a statement.

      I really try to refrain from being condescending because I feel it is counterproductive to any argument, but some people’s mind-sets are so amazingly out of kilter with the realities we actually face, that I’m convinced ever more strongly that we are truly doomed as a nation.

      Some people just need to be verbally smacked around from time-to-time.

    2. He is right, you are wrong! To much money on the line internationally for the sanction to not be lifted at some point. I say a year max. But if everything in the sanction is lifted, but the AK ban, than we have a problem. But who needs a Russian AK anyway. Think of the opportunity for an American company to step in an fill the void.

    3. @ Dale: You seriously just randomly decided for the U.S. State Department and our Nation that sanctions will only last a year “MAX”. And from which geopolitical science doctorate and career do you draw such vast knowledge and wisdom that allow you to make such a projection, other than the wind passing from your derriere?

      For you to make such a random statement without anything of substantive value that would convince us of your credibility, well it makes you look rather foolish. Are you basing this on a gut-feeling? Please tell us you have more than that.

      On the other hand I happen to be quite involved with such matters and have worked with the State Department in preparing advisory processes for the Executive Council. I can most assuredly inform you that “money” is not a top consideration in such matters.

      There are so many internal rules and factors required to be considered in concert with other nations before sanctions can even be deliberated for resolve; namely the country they’re against must comply with strict conditions as set forth in any sanction resolution or order.

      So unless you can tell us all when Putin will order his Federal Assembly to convene for a vote on a reversal of their annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula into the Russian Federation, please stop make nonsensical dodo.

      Consider yourself schooled.

    1. Damian,
      Yes, you just ordered some, but that was what they already had in stock. I understand that we can’t get any more AK ammo shipped in. Apparently, that applies to just Russia. If other countries have AK ammo to sell, I’m assuming we can get that. At least, I hope.

  95. Had russian made ammo such as tulammo also banned i hear alot of talk saying it has does anyone know for sure

  96. Seems that most do not understand just what Obama is. Over the last few days I had reviewed a vid of Alex Jones program where he FINALLY openly refers to Obama as Satan. Clip was probably from several months back-I do not remember as it was not especially memorable to me as I already know this as a fact supported by PPSimmons youtube vid on Jesus’s reference to Obama in Luke 10;18 and many other reported references to Obama as Satan in the Bible. Before I had found any evidence of Obama being Satan on youtube as reported from the Bible, I had already (Jan. 2013) concluded that he was due to my finally being able to establish that he was, as I supposed, lying about being a Christiam and was actually a muslim (which means idiot)- as most Christians can likely see Islam is effectively Satan’s religion.
    And where you would expect to find Satan at this time is as the President of the United States-where he can best undermine and eventually take over the pivotal Christian country of the world-NDAA and martial law provisions, etc etc..
    Conspiracy theorists say its the Illuminati or the Masons, Skull and Bones or Alex Jones’s favorite, the Globalist bankers, Communists or DHS, etc. It really is and isn’t all at the same time. Kind of like it is a conspiracy, but one of only one mind. That is why it all seems so coordinatedly moving to world (NWO) take over. You see, Satan, controls people thru programming their minds (basically-I call it remote hypnosis, the CIA would call it by their name, Covert hypnosis, but it is both remote and covert. Done from a distance without the persons knowledge. Satan has been programming people for thousands of years and he now controls and has (as God has said in the Bible) deceived the ‘whole earth’. Not all through mental hypnotic programming, the upper levels Obama various past Presidents, pivotal world leaders, personages are most certainly total puppets to the degree that they could quite accurately be referred to as Satan-as Jesus does Obama in that Luke 10: 18 verse. Obama is actually that one of the seven heads of the beast that receives that ‘mortal wound’ that he does not die from allowing the Anti-Christ the supposed justification to pronounce him God. He is not the Anti-Christ himself Many blacks and most Muslims have been pre-primed for this and already call him God. Those not so directly controlled are still very effectively ‘influenced’ while the vast majority are simply fooled by lies, false flags, etc.
    Little piecemeal items like this Russian made AK-47 and parts ban (what happened to the AK-74?) can be added to hundreds if not thousands of items to make a very good picture of how he is systematically dismantling this country. Lots of items have been mentioned above-he will not fix any of them. Also did you know that he helped create and trigger the home loans/banking crisis of 2008 by voting into law a provision that made it basically impossible for banks to refuse loans lest it be considered discrimination? Of course you can see how he has been busy helping spend us to financial collapse. There is a reason Satan came as a black, radical Communist, Muslim homosexual Democrat–to better exploit the evils already waiting in those groups for him to utilize to seize control.
    Lots of people will give up their guns fairly easily because they will think they will save themselves a lot of trouble to do so and, hey, the police will still be there to help them anyway if there is trouble. Or so they will tell themselves. But Satan serving cops will just be coming back later to more easily arrest and eventually kill you if you do not take the mark.
    You can kind of see what it is about if you realize the police are just giving you the same kind of deal home invaders, robbers or murders do–cooperate or we will kill you. But basically if you are a police officer or one who cries for or votes to enact gun control laws you are beyond that line where it is certain that you serve Satan and will be going with him into the Lake of Fire at the end. That is because, when you take away a persons means to defend themselves against whatever crime, you have allied yourself with and assisted those robbers, murderers, rapists, etc. and have been all along been helping disarm the public to smooth Satan’s path to eventual take over. We have been fairly universally programmed (and so have they) to believe that they are the good guys but that is not true now and never really was and we need to get away from that social programming and see them for what they really are.
    It is probably more easily appreciated that those who assist homosexuality thru laws and the celebration of it are more readily seen to serve Satan helping to destroy those souls. But both groups serve Satan’s purpose and have the same end.
    Many people recognize that false flags are for the purposes of forwarding gun control but likely few understand that some part of false flags and most of these ‘mass’ murders are committed by individuals who have been so programmed to do so by witches acting to in Satan’s interest to promote gun control. You see that all these guys seem to be or go ‘crazy’,do the act and then most all uniformly conveniently eliminate any further consideration of their pathology by offing themselves I have encountered similar before during my look at what was in those days called the ‘Stargate’ spy program where the Army, CIA (?) whomever would teach guys how to psychically ‘remote view’ during out of body travel. Its doable, I’ve done it. Most of the guys apparently were not very good at it. ‘Supposedly’ the project was eventually shut down because after working a while too many of the guys would just sort of go ‘crazy’. I don’t know if the people running Stargate ever came to realize why this was happening, but in my view it was most likely because you can be detected while ‘remote viewing’ especially by witches who are familiar and likely alert to such things. Unknown to the project operators and guys, they were likely detected then attacked and neutralized to a degree which often resulted in their seeming to go ‘crazy’. At which point they would be retired from the project and it was ‘said’ some made it to insane asylums so you might appreciate that it can be quite heavily effective. I’ve even seen witch programming in the actions of some actors in the Kennedy assassination. What REALLY pisses me off is that it is fairly easy to program a small unknowing child to play with daddy’s big gun and end up killing him, herself or a friend-basically sacrificing them to help further the call for more gun control. Feel like you want to cut some witch throats? Help yourself. You should, God said, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!” Of course he knew what was needed-but that is murder by these days by Satan’s laws which mostly rule this country now. Ever wonder how it got to be that we don’t these days kill most of the turds and sphincters that God said we should kill. I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to rediscover those of God’s laws in the future. Might as well, they sure as hell are coming to kill us!

  97. Keith must live in another dimension to think oabma is a strong President. The only thing strong about obama is he walks softelt and carries a big speech.

  98. That is still better than when Cheaper Than Dirt tried banning AR 15’s and assoc products. Neither is an alignment with the Constitution. You know, shall not be infringed.

  99. I think gun grabbers took advantage of the situation. if they want to hurt Russia of its actions, this was not a good way doing it. Americans must oppose such decisions i.e. ban on AK-47 and AK-47 like + parts.

  100. I seldom agree with Obama’s decisions but this time I think he may be right or at least less wrong than usual. If Concern Kalashnikov (CK) had been singled out for special sanctions I’d say the import ban on their products is unfair and simply an end run around Congress to further an anti-gun agenda but they WEREN’T singled out. Banning imports from CK is no different than the sanctions imposed on Russian banks and oil industry companies. Their aim is to hurt Russia’s economy. I don’t know how many Americans will suffer some form of hardship because of the import ban but I’m positive the Russians will suffer more.

  101. AMEN Badbird, you said it all. The BS here has been fun but we cannot depend on politicians are not going to change things. They are all in it for themselves. If we as a nation, or half of the nation, do not take a stand like some of these towns have done to keep out the new illegals we are going down as a nation. I have read that the Oblahblah administration is trying to provoke angry demonstrations and more to justify Martial law. I however do not care I’m in.
    “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”
    ― John Basil Barnhill
    “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.”
    ― Lysander Spooner
    “Under tyranny it is right to be a rebel!”
    ― Robert Fanney
    “So long as tyranny exists, in whatever form, man’s deepest aspiration must resist it as inevitably as man must breathe.”
    ― Emma Goldman
    “If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. …Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. …Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
    ― Frederick Douglass
    “The executive power in our government is not the only, perhaps not even the principal, object of my solicitude. The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared, and will continue to be so for many years to come. The tyranny of the executive power will come in its turn, but at a more distant period.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson, Democracy in America
    “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
    ― Adolf Hitler
    “The Second Amendment is timeless for our Founders grasped that self-defense is three-fold: every free individual must protect themselves against the evil will of the man, the mob and the state.”
    ― Tiffany Madison
    “We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices…. Government has to make those choices for people.”
    ― Hilary Rodham Clinton
    And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  102. This is absolutely in Americas best interest. Obama will have Putin backing down again, as he has every time. Glad we have a strong President and got rid of the weak village idiot from Texas.

  103. I own a few AK-47s currently. I know I’m grandfathered in but can I sell it or pass it along to my kids? Or are they basically worth zero since they are now banned.

    1. @ Gun Owner: AKs are not banned. The order only effectively places restrictions on the importation of new AKs from specific Russian export companies.

    2. You are a victim of ignorant fear-mongering. AKs are not banned. Certain companies that produce AKs in Russia have been banned from direct purchases by US citizens. This only applies to folks completing purchase orders or planning to buy… Citizens in possession of products by the specified vendors are not affected.

    3. Hey Dive, how about you just step your immature rude ass aside and allow us grownups to answer in a more sophisticated and non-demeaning manner. Kind of how I did above when I beat you to the correct way to respond in a civil society.

      It appears you’re determined to show everyone you’ve got your big-boy pants on, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to poop in the big potty yet. Now go nap-nap and let the adults chat here.

    4. I must have missed where I called anyone a name or made false accusations. As you stated, your wisdom and intelligence far exceeds mine.

      I was impressed by your first response, not so much by your second response. But, internet is a wonderful place and the people we just based on the freedom of the internet often turnout to be something totally different in person. Therefore, I cede to you and it’s back to the defenestration of this piano. It’s my turn to be the Russian’s and I only like Chopin vodka, not his music.

      Keep the blade sharp and the powder dry

  104. I support the 2d amendment and have more guns than most of you, including an AK but, most of the comments I have read here are laughable.


  105. t/y, never read it, never will but i bet obuma has a copy on his nightstand of mein kampf and studies it nightly.

    1. lmao 2@ pelosi sexy poster lol now thats funny . That is one crack smoking looking hag if i ever saw 1.

  106. We oppose tyranny here, but trade with Putin and his supporters? I’m not buying from Russia or their allies in Serbia or “Lugansk” until Russia stops its Nazi-style expansion into neighboring countries.

  107. Careful 12EO333 your ignorance is showing again. Go back down to Moms basement lay down and look at your sexy Pelosi poster… it’s been a hard day for you. Oh and Fox sucks as much as your MSNBC (PROVDA). The only difference is MSNBC uses the official approved lies.

    1. You have to be a liberal Dem-O-Rat because only a fool would say a stupid remark like that.

      At birth every baby should be given the right to carried a conceal the age of 18. Thay must keep a crime free record, finish high school or they will not the permit and will not be license to drive a car.

      Crooks have guns, kids on the street have guns, terriost have guns and it looks like the US is going down the same street as many countries fighting in the streets, I hope not but Obama and his gang of liberal Dem-O-Rats, or crooks have to be stopped now!! TODAY!!!

  108. It is scary what this president might do or try to do during the remainder of his term. The fight to keep our rights has escalated. Thanks for the information

  109. Be prepared for the elections to be suspended and a national crisis will arise that will result in marshall law being declared so that those in power can stay there, is it possiable? you have to decide for yourselves, , you just have to pay attention to the power hungry people in Washington DC right now, why keep electing the same old people that don’t do nothing and have no intentions of truly and honestly represent the same people that elected them

  110. Here let me put an end to this so we can get back to talking about fire arms. Obama is the worst President we have had since WWII. The Polls have already show that. He has done nothing to make anything better in this country. The End.
    Thanks for listening.

  111. I think gun control is the elephant in the room here. Did President Obama ban Russian vodka also? I think that should shed some light on motive,
    does anyone agree.

    1. I agree. That is a very good point. Ban Stoly, not AK, and work on freezing Russian assets in Europe and U.S.

      Just like fried shoestring potatoes were “boycotted” so should Russian products.

    1. If the people keep knuckling under and complying with illegal ‘laws’, bans and everything else odious to the Second Amendment in particular and the US Constitution in general – the people in office will continue to infringe. That is a fact. The only way to put a stop to this whole matter once and for all is for the people to wake up, realize that no one is going to stand up for their rights in any effective way (including shills like the NRA, GOA, eyc…) – and begin acting upon their Rights by ignoring, refusing and generally no longer choosing to comply with ‘gun control’ in any way regardless of the personal consequences that such acts of patriotic courage would undoubtedly incite the government to mete out to those who would stand by their Rights and say NO MORE with their actions rather than words and donations. Sadly, the Citizen of today is largely soft, spineless and fearful enough that such a gressroots movement will likely not happen. Stand up for your Rights or don’t – there is no middle ground and no one to blame but yourselves.

  112. Obama has never acted in America’s interests. Period, end of story. The only thing sadder than having a rabid anti-American in the Oval Office are the people who blindly continue to support him despite all the evidence of how incompetent, illegal, and immature he and his administration have been.

    If he really wanted to hit Putin where it hurt, he and the Europeans would work to undercut Russia’s energy industry and ban selling Russia parts or equipment they need to keep their domestic economy propped up.

  113. all true, best comment on the true king obuma yet.. The man does everything when no one is looking and at 3 am in the morning while we are sleeping , every single other day we wake up to either a new scandal, news on the ones we have on record , and new executive orders written at 2 am when no one is around to argue them ,HE IS NOT THE KING OF AMERICA THERE ARE CHANNELS HE MUST GO THROUGH, he avoids them like the plauge , this man is the black version of hitler only a little smarter , a little remember i said ,not much.He is just as bad .Whats next march all white christians into ghetto’s then camps like 1930s poland all over again , the man must read mein koff at night before he goes to sleep , Hitler must be his hero.I bet he took Abe lincolns pic down and replaced it with adolf Hitlers in white house,3 his true hero.

  114. Thats bs , bush never took as many vacations or for as long as king obuma has and still does , he spends millions of taxpayer dollars going on vacation to play golf , what planet you living on mam sure is not this one , damn you dems just cant admit you put an idiot in the white house can you , its killing you idiots . And every domocrat under him has broken the law for him , fast and furious,lois lerner ,the list goes on and on hillary herself and benghazi is the biggest lie of all and stll being told over and over again,admit dems , your people are crooks ,liars ,and theives.And out to ruin our constitutionional rights at every chance and you still defend them , talk about a moronic party , you democrats are the kings of bs and lies.And george bush was lied to about iraq , he was told we needed to be there and all you dems were convinced of it as well and all voted yes lets invade iraq,so tell someone does not keep up with current events your lies , we dont buy them anymore. At least bush seeked congressional approval before doing anything ,KING OBUMA just does as he pleases AND GETS AWAY WITH IT time to stop him in his tracks come november all you dems will be crying, your king will be powerless we well vote down anything he tries to push through ,your are all getting pink slips in november primaries and we will have both the senate and the house then making king obuma powerless to do any more damage to america as we know it.

    1. President George W. Bush, spent a total of 367-days on Vacation. While in office. President Obama, has spent a total of 92-days to date on Vacation, While in office. But, again George W. did have a Co-President in Dick Cheney! I don’t know who Co-President Dick Chaney’s, Vice President was. Probable either Karl Rove or Scooter Libby.

  115. This is the reason we are in the position we’re in. Idiots argueing about if he did something instead of going out and making a stand agadir this treasonous piece of crap we call the president. If you can’t see the hundreds of executive orders as what they are, your blind. He is destroying or country trying to make the whole world his. Big business, Big Pharma, irs, gun control, blatant violation of the Constitution, executive orders while Congress is not in session, how many more things that he had his fingers in do you need pointed out before you sheeple will awaken your true patriotic hearts and not just believe what msnbc dictates to you? Impeach this asshat and get a real American who isn’t in bed with the Muslim brotherhood in to office. End rant.

  116. 12E0333 and Jake:
    Knock it off! You struck a nerve, now let it go. You’re getting personal and acting like spoiled children. That usually accomplishes nothing. Stick with the facts. He signed an executive order, why and what will it do? How will it effect you personally? What will it do to our country? We don’t all agree on everything and if you can’t stand the heat get the hell out of the kitchen and simply agree to disagree, but do it respectfully. This name calling just pisses people off for the wrong reasons and you lose your message.

    As I see it we now have two political parties that have sold out to their extreme wings, one left one right, and I can’t accept either one anymore. I feel like a bastard child with leprosy at a family picnic. As a moderate, which I’ve always been, a friend sadly noted that I no longer have a place in the political spectrum. I don’t belong on either side and my vote isn’t likely to going to count in future elections but I’m sure as hell going to try to make it count through my friends. But that’s no excuse to side with either of these two bat shit crazy groups. But I’m not going to call either one of you stupid because I might disagree with what you believe.

  117. It would appear the agenda of a few, has derailed a conversation about an executive order restricting the sale of a specific company and a specific product. It now appears to be a conversation bashing the U.S. government and people. That sounds as if it’s time to close this thread and move on to a different topic.

    Departing with two comments –
    1) If the issue is restriction of the sale of an specified companies products and services, while those products and services are available elsewhere… There isn’t an issue, unless you feel the companies are unfairly being treated. Bring that up to your elected officials and pressure them to change (bitching on the internet in a random forum does not help you achieve the objective)
    2) If you feel so strongly that your government is committing criminal acts, produce the evidence that supports your claim. If you are unwilling or able to produce the evidence, you are only complaining and expressing an opinion without fact. If your opinion is expressed in an attempt to scare or create fear in the public, you are a terrorist. If you hate your government so much, wait 4 years for it to change or find a government that meets your expectations. If you just want to bitch and moan about shit in general… go to a forum titled “rants and raves”, where you can express your complaints without evidence.

    Dive out.

    1. Well said Dive. To add to that: Knowing and believing is practicing what you know and acting on that belief. Otherwise all these “comments” are extensive, documented assumptions. Arguing here is a waist of time. Get out of your head and on your feet, out of the shade and into the heat.

  118. 12EO333..I have tried to be nice but now you’re just showing your ignorance. It’s easy to see now you are just a sheep that watches MSNBC (the official news of the socialist party) and actually believes the garbage they tell you to believe. I know now there is no sense in talking to you because you have been thoroughly brainwashed. I feel sorry for you but even more I feel sorry for this country because of people like you. Do most of your conversations start with…”I’m entitled to”………………

    1. Actually Jake you haven’t tried to NICE AT ALL. And, I’m sure you listen The Fairy Tale Fox News (Oxymoron) Organization. Like The Bill O’Reilly Comedy Hour, Sean Hannity’s and the Wacko-Bird’s Variety Show and The Five Talking Morons.

  119. 12EO333. You have to really have something wrong with you to believe that Oblahblah had nothing to do with the IRS targeting, lying about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, spying on Americans, etc. The man is incapable of telling the truth.

    1. Jake if you have direct physical evidence on any Obama wrong doings, bring it out. Put Up, or Shut Up!!!

  120. name 1 lol?????????? are you nuts what rock you been living under , you must be one stupid democrat to even say that , he is the most criminial pres ever in this countries history, what has he not done isnt ilegal for his office , hi lies , takes 5 million dollarar vacations a yr , passes laws with his pen and phone , lies to american public ,brings in thousnads of illegals , what has he not done that is not illeagal for his position , everything he does is an abuse of power.your an idiot dude,WAKE UP. And he send his secretaries and underlings out to outright lie to the american public over and over again on national news but he is no criminal? your nuts.

    1. The GOP Congress, doesn’t want too fund the US Navy, they don’t want to fund the VA. and the veterans coming home, they don’t want to the crumbling infrastructure of the United States, they don’t want to do anything about border security, the spend 4-months out the year in Washington. And still don’t do anything. If that not a crisis, I don’t know what is.

      George W. Bush, spent more time on vacation in one year then Obama has in six years.

    2. GOP Congress? The GOP has the Senate?
      Doesn’t want to fund the Navy, the VA, or returning vets? Do you have any evidence of your claim?
      Don’t want a secure border?
      Howe stupid are you?

    3. I agree with you completely, but holy hell man. SPELLING is kind of an important thing in written debate. You’re spot on with your retort, but the points are overlooked when what you’ve typed is so horribly composed.

  121. 12EO333 You’re right about one thing…you can’t think. Illegal appointments when congress was not in recess …. courts already said the were not legal appointments. single handed changes in Obama care laws in violation of the Constitution. Using the IRS against conservative groups, Fast and Furious, Lying about Obama Care and Benghazi. I could fill a page and you know it. He has no business still being in office. Blind sheep like you are just sad and I won’t waste anymore time on you.

    1. How many investigations has Daryl Issa done now on OBAMA and the IRA. And time has Daryl Issa come up with nothing. That petty much sums it up

    2. Why would Issa investigate the IRA? Oh wait you’re another liberal brain stem. Oh by the way the “IRS” has already apologized for their targeting of Conservative groups which lends itself to being illegal by statute. Move along Sparky!

    3. Nice!
      liberals are idiots.
      I like to use this adage, “confuse a liberal, use facts and logic”

  122. TO REALAMERICAN ….YOU’RE NOT AND TO 12EO333 ..WE ALL KNOW NONE OF THIS IS OBAMAS FAULT. You are both a couple of Obama sheep following your king to destruction. I hope when it’s all gone you’re happy. Oh and RealAmerican shove your racism. I didn’t like Bush or Clinton either …what’s that make me?

  123. HEY 12EO333 I DON’T KNOW IF YOU NOTICED BUT BUSH ISN’T IN CHARGE ANY MORE. The left is never able to defend the criminal Obama but they are good a blaming everything else.
    2. The number of executive orders is meaningless. What Obama is doing is on the edge of criminal in his imperial presidency and much of it just plain illegal.

    1. Name ONE criminal act that OBAMA did, or ONE Illegal thing he DID.

      I can’t think of ANY. If you have proof or evidence PRODUCE IT, I’m sure John Boehner and Daryl Issa. could use that evidence.

    2. One? It seems that everything Obama does is 1) wrong-headed, 2) illegal, 3) ineffectual, 4) amateurish, 5) ill-informed, 6) self-promoting, 7) un-American, 8) harmful, 9) incomprehensible, 10) unconstitutional, 11) lame, 12) dumb, 13) really dumb, 14) all of the above?

      Here are a few, located after a cursory check …

      President Obama used an Article 2 signing statement to deem unconstitutional a measure HE had signed into law contained in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The law stated that he must advise Congress within 30 days about any plans to transfer detainees from GITMO. Obama basically stated that this was “unconstitutional” and that his unilateral action fell within his purview. Once again Obama used selective discretion as to what law he feels he must adhere to — in this case it has severe ramifications for our national security.
      Read the rest of this Patriot Update article here:

      Just a few weeks ago Obama quietly used executive action—one of his new favorite pastimes—that has got gun owner’s feathers in a ruffle. According to Obama’s newest unconstitutionally enacted law, healthcare professionals are now required to violate HIPPA privacy laws and submit medical data to the government. The illegally obtained data is then used as justification for gun confiscation by the federal government.

      I think it can be unequivocally argued that Obama is a traitor. When he illegally makes a deal with terrorists, releasing 5 of the worst for 1 soldier who deserted after renouncing his citizenship, then the leader of our country is complicit in treason.

      Worse yet, Barack Obama has taken the position that he can rewrite any law he chooses, any way he chooses, for any reason he chooses. In other words, although Obama is not a dictator, he IS CLAIMING THE RIGHT TO EXERCISE DICTATORIAL POWERS for himself. This is extraordinarily dangerous to our republic. As Congressman Trey Gowdy has pointed out, if Obama claims he has the power to change Obamacare or illegal immigration law at his whim, why couldn’t he do the same with election law?

      Obama has violated the law constantly, he’s violated the Constitution. Listen, he’s given amnesty for illegals who entered the U.S. before the age of 16. He’s given amnesty to illegals who have relatives in the U.S. He’s given amnesty to illegals who are parents or guardians of people. He’s given amnesty to, the key word, ‘illegals!’ It’s already illegal. You can’t violate the Constitution if you’re doing something legally. He’s doing it illegally. He ought to be impeached and so should Eric Holder. Congress has no guts for it. The Republicans are pusillanimous peewees, they don’t do anything about it and they should stand up and be counted instead of running for the exit every time they bring this up.
      Read more:

  124. James I do agree with most of your comments. However I di lay much of the blame on the elected officials on the Right. I do not think they are giving us what we want. On the other side. I read something a while back that went something like: It’s not Obama we need to worry about its the people that support him. Yes, changing the minds of half of the country in an Unimaginable task. We have a generation of Entitled raised by a generation of Entitled and with no since of Responsibility or self-reliance.

  125. Always look at the facts.

    “Russia’s Top 10 Exports
    The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Russian global shipments during 2013. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Russia.
    Mineral fuels including oil: $304,559,452,000 (57.9% of total exports)
    Iron and steel: $20,050,729,000 (3.8%)
    Pearls, gems, precious metals and coins: $14,367,047,000 (2.7%)
    Fertilizers: $9,119,157,000 (1.7%)
    Machinery: $8,815,393,000 (1.7%)
    Wood: $7,324,251,000 (1.4%)
    Aluminum: $7,181,742,000 (1.4%)
    Inorganic chemicals: $5,009,209,000 (1%)
    Copper: $4,962,945,000 (0.9%)
    Electronic equipment: $4,914,638,000 (0.9%)
    All 10 of Russia’s top exports posted double-digit gains over the 2009 to 2013 period, the slowest of which was Russian aluminum at 24%.

    The top grower among the leading exports was non-industrial diamonds under pearls, gems, precious metals and coins — an export product category up 257.2%. Inorganic chemicals were in second place (up 126.4%) followed by machinery exports (up 65.7%).”

    In 2010, Russia exported $10 billion in total weapons (from tanks to ammo) to the USA; AK-47s and similar rifles would only make up a minute fraction of that total amount. As listed above, there are so many more (likely thousands of) items exported by Russia to the USA that Obama could have sanctioned, items that would have a huge impact on Russia’s economy – weapons, however, are clearly not among those items.

    The facts clearly show that Obama specifically targeted the gun industry and pro-gun supporters – there is no doubt that this is an anti-gun political statement made by the Obama administration.

    For all the pro-guners out there – I feel your pain and anger from the atrocities against our freedoms, by our current administration. I ask one thing – whenever you write or speak in a public forum, please stick to the facts and leave emotion and vulgar for the private times. Everytime we don’t (I’m guilty as well), we lose respect and credibility (from anti-, undecided-, and pro-gunners) and hurt or cause. Please fight the good fight and help to restore our rights!

    1. Nuckinfuts,
      Your statistics prove that Obama’s agenda IS gun control That’s what I thought but the stats prove it. These people operate like snakes in the grass. Looking at it from another angle, Putin is laughing at the weakling policy of banning AKs. Russian AKs are sold world-wide. They are in every country and will continue to sell to those countries. One country refusing to buy AKs, the U.S., is not going to impact their sales figures at all!

  126. what if i want a VEPR 7.62x54R, does the “ban” on russian AK-47s apply to those veprs or JUST THE AK47 variant and not the 74, RPK, AKM, dragunov variants?

    1. @ Denver, A follow up answer too your last question.

      What I’ve heard, I apply ONLY too NEW Imported AK-style weapons, not AK’s weapons that ALREADY been imported into the country.

    2. Denver,
      I think that it includes the AK-74 also. On a website I visited yesterday that sells ammo, they said that they can no longer get AK 47 ammo nor 5.45 x 39–AK 74 ammo.

  127. As much as I hate gun control, it’s the right thing to do; those ruskies are up to no good in the Ukraine and we need to make them feel some pain. Congress hasn’t made a move here probably because of that. I stopped buying their cheap corrosive ammo a while back when I got a reloading press and I’m glad that I did.

  128. I’m seeing different numbers online, closer to the 180 range and bush in the 500s which is not great in either case, but it’s more or less about the reasoning behind them.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but was the idea behind the executive order meant to be able to get stuff done by bypassing the normal chains of congress during times of crisis when congress was unable to in time? If this is so, it seems a little extreme for something like banning the import of Russian made goods.

  129. The Republican Congress claim they have the votes to override Obama veto, I speculate to wonder why they haven’t, unless they themselves don’t want to.

  130. In 6-years of officer he’s made 92-executive orders, while George W. has made 592 in 8-years of office. It seems to me he’s been very careful not to use the executive orders option.

    1. If you remember, Bush’s executive orders were during a time of emergency and crisis. We had been attacked and were in effect, at war. Most of Obama’s EO’s have had little to do about crisis and almost everything to do about his leftist agenda.

    2. @ 12EO333: In reference to your comments back on page 4 – To prevent making a fool of yourself you should attempt to research some facts first. A Google search is merely a few keys stokes away so there is no excuse unless you intended to deceive other readers.

      The actual facts when comparing executive orders follows:


      George Bush: 171 (During first attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor.)

      Barak Obama: 147 (No domestic crisis. Controlled House and Senate.)


      George Bush: 120 (Continued post 9/11 government overhaul.)

      Barak Obama: 36 w/ time remaining (No major crisis. Controlled Senate.)

      So as you can see this is a short cry from the fabled 592 you claimed for Bush and Obama’s executive orders exceed your ludicrous assertion by almost 100 orders.

      But to any side in this argument, you display your deprived comprehension and intellect when presenting the number of executive orders as if it were a factor in such matters. Rather it is the intent of the order, manner in which it was executed, positions of dissenters at the time of execution, and current political climate of the time that one should weigh out the appropriateness and effectiveness when discerning the earnest practicality of any executive order.

      However, I can assure you given my lengthy position in government, that I can attest to Obama’s regular and ongoing use of tactics and non-transparency for being as secretive as possible when establishing the majority of his executive decisions.

      I never experienced this level of deception during the Bush administration and it is cause for alarm.

  131. As much as I do not like the fact he banned Russian AKs, I can at least understand why. Russia is doing some pretty messed up stuff right now and to be honest, I don’t want to support them at all.

    That being said, he only banned the import of AKs from Russian, which I would assume we can still import Russian MADE ones as long as they are from a different country.

    The one thing that really scares me however, is the fact he is using executive orders left and right which were made for times of crisis; not whenever he feels like it. I really think he should be going through the proper channels to get these types of things done.

  132. What the Hell did you think was going too happen, Obama was going too go STUPID on US. It was a No Brainer, from the start. You don’t have too be genius to have, figured that one out.

  133. You’ve all made good points but all we’re doing here is working each other into a pissed off frenzy. I don’t think any of you will disagree that it boils down to the fact that our government is broken. We’ve been sold out, not unlike any other time in history, just now more blatantly. Eisenhower warned us about the industrial/military complex and we haven’t been at peace since I was born. Wars are hard on our sons and daughters but they’re great for the corporate economy and that’s who our government is serving. Our congress should wear coveralls with patches like NASCAR pit crews advertising who’s paying them off because it sure as hell isn’t us
    Since I’ve been old enough to vote we’ve had a collection of clowns in the oval office from both sides of the aisle who seemed to try to one up man ship each other in stupidity. We need a legal cleansing of our government. Shit can these incompetent homesteaders who are on the public dole and not listening to us.

    Start at the top and work down and let them know that we’re fed up. We voted in term limits and we have some of these clowns who have been in office so long that they’ll probably die there of natural causes. One thing is public service and they don’t seem to understand that if they don’t represent our interests that we will shit can them. At the rate they’re going I think we are going to make history in the next few elections

  134. For “Real American”, In the absence of a cogent constitutionally based argument, you are left only with the “race” trump card. The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, “AMENDMENT [II.]
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of
    a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
    shall not be infringed.” Where in this amendment is there allowance for an executive order that constrains a citizen’s right to own a Russian made AK-47, should the citizen chose that manner of armament?

  135. Any time you disagree with Obama or say anything negative about something he’s done and some idiot always pulls the race card… Point is, he has done nothing but weaken America and took away rights and ripped away the very constitution this country was founded one.

    1. Really ! The last time I read the Constitution, Congress is responsible for Funding, not Obama.

      Our Navy is being reduced from 430-ships to 306-ships. Congress doesn’t wanf to fund the building of any new BURKE class Destroyers, or any ZUMWALT class Advanced Destroyers, or replace both the TICONDEROGA class Cruisers and PERRY class Frigates. Explain that one!!!

  136. Obama has no real interest in punishing Russia. Now, punishing Americans; that’s an entirely different matter.

  137. The AK-47 ban in his order is part of his gun control strategy. I t is irrelevant to the issue with Russia over the Ukraine.

    1. What AK ban? The article states that the EO blocks buying AK parts from one distributor… Not sure where the “AK Ban” has appeared. Was Russia the only folks making AKs… I’m not an AK guy, but I thought Chinese, Czek, and other countries had manufacturers that produced AKs in mass quantities.

  138. @Mc Ruger – each time I get fired up about politicians, I stop and remember that in a Democracy, we always gets exactly what we deserve. Our forebearers voted in the founding fathers: they got what they deserved. Today, we have what we have because the average US citizen WANTS to be given what they haven’t paid for. It is not the fault of the politicians – they are doing exactly what their constituents have told them to do, what they were “hired” (elected) to do.

    We need, rather, to change the average citizen into someone who understands that you should only get what you pay for, that they can best protect their freedom by defending everyone else’s freedom, that the government (or rules in general) cannot substitute for individual responsibility, that you cannot give someone a free lunch and expect them to ween themselves off of that free lunch, etc.

    And that is when I get depressed. I am a High School Math teacher and it is hard enough to get kids to really THINK rather than just memorize procedures. It is hard enough to get parents and kids to accept that the grade students are given is not a measure of self-worth nor a capricious “treat” handed out but it is actually a measure of their understanding of the material presented. I cannot even imagine what it would take to get the average US citizen to give up free lunches or accept personal accountability.

  139. I want to address Damian above who said:
    “It is time to eliminate any one person or agency that is impeding our rights as free americans to use our rights and 2nd amendment contitutioninal rights.” and went on to say: “when will congress act and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH TIME TO PRESS CHARGES AND IMPEACH THIS PIG IN THE WHITE HOUSE THAT SEEMS TO HATE AMERICA.”
    I absolutely agree and certainly understand your passion, however, Our Republican elected officials are nearly as guilty as the socialist left. Most are RINOs at best. It is time to vote in Hard Right legislators that will live by the ideals of the Constitution and dump the pretenders. Further we who are Constitutional Conservatives need to be more vocal and much more visible. When they break the law, their oath or violate the Constitution we should have a million people on the mall and demand change. Write and call legislators and tell them to do their jobs. We all need to be more involved.

    1. What are you to impeach him. Being Black while being President. As far as I know, even that’s not an Impeachable Crime.

  140. I really feel like you guys slam Obama cuz he is black its really sad cuz I bet money yall love Bush the guy that bankrupt tge country and invaded another one based on a lie say what you want but that is the truth Obama has no agenda and by the way I love guns and I am a licensed CHL holder but I will respect you more if you admit you’re a racist cuz that’s exactly what y’all sound like. Their is NO AGENDA. LAST time I checked our markets are getting better and more jobs are being added monthly I do think that all these mass shootings are apart ofc some type of conspiracy but its not of the president its someone more powerful.

    1. No, They slam him because he isn’t a good representative of the people. Quit trying to use race as an excuse for his poor performance.

    2. That probably everybody voted for him twice. A his approval rating is the 50’s and the Republican Congress is less than 10.

    3. I don’t dislike BO because he’s black.I dislike him because he is a race baiter & a bigot.He doesn’t care about vets or this country.He is a liar.He seems to only care about himself & the agenda you say he doesn’t have.These more powerful people you refer to are the ones pulling his strings.I don’t see one thing that has improved in this country since he took over.You’re living in a fantasy world.He is taking us down the wrong path.We are less respected on the world stage than ever.The only thing he seems to follow through on is his eagerness to do away with guns.

    4. How long did Bush keep us in Iraq, and how long did Obama keep us there? Facts don’t change based on race. Weigh out what Obama continued while blaming Bush the entire time. Why are we still in Afghanistan? Because Obama has an agenda just like every president does. Everyone has secrets, just some are deeper than others.

    5. You seem like a pretty intelligent individual however I have to say it has nothing to do with race we haven’t had a good president in decades our country has been gong down hill for a while with terrible representatives and I’m not just saying presidents the senate and congress is corrupt and only makes decisions based on personal gain. Now bush was not a good pres neither is Obama and where ever you live I would love to move cause here I live unemployment is high nearly everybody is on govt assistance and it’s with this comes moral an social decay and drugs. People promise jobs and offer enough pay to barely scrape by. It’s like this with any company if te store manager is terrible his boss tells him he has got to go and fires him now we te people are our govts boss we need to tell them their doing a terrible job and they need to get out. If you run the quick Mart you don’t need I be worrying about the jiffy mart not getting enough customers

    6. The problem with people loke you is that you cannot see what is happening past Bush and Obama. There has been a steady push to bankrupt and push us further under control of the Feds or worse. It’s been happening your entire kife. Past leaders have done it under the RADAR, obama does nit care to hide anything anymore. You will one day wake and FINALLY ask yourself, What the fukc happened, hiw did we get here. Your very freedom is at stake and you don’t even realize it. Obama is an enemy of the people, as was Bush

    7. The problem with people like you is that you cannot see what is happening past Bush and Obama. There has been a steady push to bankrupt and push us further under control of the Feds or worse. It’s been happening your entire life. Past leaders have done it under the RADAR, obama does not seem to care to hide anything anymore. You will one day wake and FINALLY ask yourself, What the fukc happened, how did we get here. Your very freedom is at stake and you don’t even realize it. Obama is an enemy of the people, as was Bush. Sorry, but I could not correct the original post, so I edited here.

    8. You’re an idiot who sees racism in everything. I hate obama. Hate him more than being a legless cripple from my service to this country. My wife is bajan, and she’ll tell you the same damn thing. Shut your mouth about race you used tampon. I don’t see too many comments bashing obama’s melanin count, only his wonderful leadership.

  141. He is no better than the person in office …in fact worse …he needs to be ousted for treason in my opion

  142. How about we Ban all terrorist sympathizers ,lying ,phonies and intellectually challenged Morons from taking office ever again like Obama.
    This countries biggest mistake to NEVER BE REPEATED AGAIN! Total disgrace to all those that made the ultimate sacrifice!This treasonous lowlife should be hanged!

  143. I do not think that signing an Executive order is the real problem here. I and anyone else for that matter can buy AK’s anywhere in the world and at a better price and quality. The problem I am hearing is that there are a lot of people that do not like Obama, and they are using this to air their feelings. We have had bad presidents before and will likely have a lot more, but saying that he overstepped his bounds in this is not right for anyone to say EXCEPT congress. All of the bleeding hearts that do not like what Obama does need to make sure they VOTE next time and elect someone new. But for now, he IS the chief Executive in charge of the United States and since we are not privy to what all he sees and hears, cannot judge what he does. I am not an AK guy myself, but if I want one I wouldn’t buy it from Russia to begin with. I am not a pro Obama person either, but until we as a people vote in someone better, he is what we have. Impeaching does no good, look at Clinton, he is more liked and well thought of that before he was impeached.

  144. Signing executive orders is not really the mans job he is over stepping congress and I’m pretty sure that’s an impeachable offense also why is our government so worried about Russia when there are bigger issues that we could help with (I’m not saying we should I personally I think we should stay as far away from foreign politics as possible) like the fact that we are funding Israeli terrorist while Pakistani people are murdered every day

  145. Idiotic. I am sure that Putin’s response will be to immediately ban imports of American products totaling at least 10 times the revenue stream.

    I’m sure of it, because that’s exactly what I would do.

  146. I disagree with “dive master” but clearly he thinks he knows all and has all the workings of the world figured out (I.e. good guys/bad guys and whatever “chomo” means) We have an enemy to this country and it happens to be the tyrant in the white house. It is shameful how he has done is doing and how such cattle think what he’s doing is really for the betterment of America. I hope people can smell the coffee eventually despite some people having their head so far up their ass they can see their own teeth.

    1. You’re are welcome to disagree, I encourage it. I don’t know it all, not even close. That said, I don’t subscribe to fear-mongering and misdirection.

      Chomo is short for Child Molester. It’s a shorthand term used in law enforcement.

      Chris, what I find interesting about your comment is that your entire comment starting with “We have an…” is an emotional plea in which you don’t provide support for your claims, but yet create the perception that you are the “…knows all and has all the workings of the world figured out…)

      I firmly believe in every written word of the bill of rights and constitution. If you were to provide evidence substantiating your claims, I’d jump on the band wagon with you… But, without evidence to support your comments, it’s just white noise. I challenge you to turn your white noise into something we can’t dismiss or ignore, with the evidence you have.

  147. Who cares? I don’t buy Russian ammo, nor will I buy Russian weapons. Why should I feed my enemy? Bulgarian AKs are a better AK. Russians aren’t the only people that make 7.62×39. So why buy it? Because it is cheaper? And it is dirtier and fouls your rifle and you are still feeding your enemy. So why do it. There are better AKs out there.

  148. You’re very special Divemaster. That Obama put AKs on a list of sanctions it not the problem. After all you should never let a good crisis go to waste and frankly I am not an AK guy either. However please acknowledge that there is an agenda here. I will bet you a bright shinny nickel that if Putin became the nicest guy on earth tomorrow all sanctions but one would be lifted. Guess which one. A foot in the door is an opening by any other name.. but be happy.

    1. Acknowledge an agenda — Sure, I acknowledge an agenda to not have US dollars funding an apparent invasion of Ukraine by a superpower.(assumption based on what is known). Any other agenda, would be speculation.

  149. Undertaking Congressional acts by oneself is not in the best interest of our country. He is out of line. Nothing new.

    He open mics it and tells the Russian President, Medvedev, he would be more flexible after he was elected to his second, (another disatorous) term. Flexible about whst!? With an enemy of our country!!!

    He’s full of excrement up to his eyeballs.

    The constant “Fund Raisier-In-Chief”, at his finest.

    He needs to go!

  150. The number of people that see evil in every action and manipulate random disconnected events to their own conspiracies are amazing.

    An executive order calling for sanctions against purchasing services or products from a country that is doing bad things, seems to be appropriate. Manipulating the context of the event and fear-mongering to promote your own beliefs is evil in itself.

    If the article has any accuracy in it at all, then it is safe to say that citizens can still acquire and own the products they love an cherish. Just please don’t fund the dictators that kill their own people, invade other countries, build their reign on terror, death, and bribery…

    Personally, I do the same. If someone is a chomo, beats their wife, filled with hate, or some other person on person crime, I choose not to allow them to benefit from my spending. Why would I want to give money to a Chomo, so they can go molest other kids… F that, I want that sucker to starve, be evicted, live under a bridge, and eventually find mercy in an unspeakable death. There is nothing a Chomo would sell, that I couldn’t purchase from someone else.

    But, if you folks feel purchasing weapons from someone like the person mentioned in executive order is okay and you’d rather judge the person saying don’t buy from the Chomo as an infringement of your rights… go for it… I’m not an AK person, but if I was, I would just buy from another source, while smoking my Cuban Cigars…

    For those of you about to flame me or don’t bother reading my comments but jump to conclusions… get over it… I am a proud owner of some great items and no one is going to remove my right to own them…

    1. Ditto what Divemaster said. You beat me to the punch. I do not agree with Pres. Obama but (1) he *is* the POTUS and (2) he is doing his job on this one. Yes, bummer that one of the things Russia is selling us happens to be one of the things I love (hey, I like cheap oil too…), but the bigger issue is not giving money to an international bully.

    2. I actually agree with divemaster. I’m sorry that AK lover will hurt a little but since prices might go up but is not always about “me”; sometimes you have to be a little selfish less and take one for the team

    3. Thank you divemaster, Well said! Can someone please tell me what Obama has done to further this nefarious anti-gun “agenda”? WTF are you people talking about? Please tell me all the bad things coming out of this White house that are destroying your 2nd A. rights!
      I’m waiting…. The silence is deafening!

    4. I guess you don’t know but children born in Mexico and south Central America have 6x the vaccinations as kids in the US . So is anything the United States is the problem . But after reading your nonsensicle hate filled rant I don’t expect you to operate in a world of facts and logic …

    1. It is time to eliminate any one person or agency that is impeding our rights as free americans to use our rights and 2nd amendment contitutioninal rights, This is just what obuma the pig wants , total control over all americans , total police state , let the immigrants in and bring their exotic deseaeses into our shores then force us to house and feed them , put em on a bus and send em right back , we have starving people right here in america overflowing the food stamp,medicaid,welfare systems to the limit now and he wants to bring thousands and thousands of poor unhealthy people into our nation and destroy it , when will congress act and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH TIME TO PRESS CHARGES AND IMPEACH THIS PIG IN THE WHITE HOUSE THAT SEEMS TO HATE AMERICA.

  151. Chuck, I agree with your line of thought, but it stops at the word “sanctions”.

    A president picks and chooses which sanctions to impose, so Obama had literally thousands of alternatives, with even more affective means, other than to go for the gun industry.

    As a matter of fact, sanctions provide a president so much flexibility that the ones finally decided upon actually do reflect a representation of that president’s specific political interests and thusly can and should be construed as a personal political statement.

    Presidents have plenty of advisors and are extremely aware of these public perceptions; and base their actions accordingly.

    My point is a pro-gun president, regardless of party, easily has the power and effect of sanctions while staying as far away from gun-control as they choose. Obama chose not to.

    Make no mistake; Obama selected the weaponry as an anti-gun statement.

  152. I am pro gun, pro rights. It’s true Obama has socialist tendencies/agendas and doesn’t would like to restrict gun ownership. It’s a fact that the liberal media helps this by demonizing any and all guns with their headlines to sell papers/gain ip traffic. All this even though gun deaths are actually trending down and we’re a comparably safe country.

    Despite this, I back this rule as I believe a Republican president would/should do the same. This is about weakining a totalilarian ruler who wants to invade and control the freedoms of eastern europe and beyond.

  153. He got a ‘twofer’ on this one,. He’s pissed at Putin and the Russians and he’s trying to disarm us. Taking away the AK’s is just a small part of the overall picture, Both were accomplished with the stroke of a pen because he know s the house would go tell him to go F- – k himself just on general principle.. This clown and his cronies have to go. We need to clean house in Washington and cut off what little political cahones he has left for the next two years. With a democratic minority in the both houses he should be effectively neutered. But who are we going to replace him with? Do you think Cam would be willing to run?

  154. Most of us gun enthusiasts that also keep a pulse on world politics (e.g., Russia Sanctions), knew this one was coming. Up next will be the companies that provide us the cheap Russian ammo. Which actually we thought would be sanctioned before these guns.

  155. McR, you echo the words my father often repeated. As an interesting sidelight that many may not have known is that Obama was a student of the teachings of Saul Alinsky, a community organizer (as was Obama) and malcontent. Do you see any parallels here?


    Born: Saul David Alinsky, January 30, 1909, Chicago, Illinois

    Died: June 12, 1972, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

    Education: University of Chicago, Ph.B. 1930, University of Chicago Graduate School, criminology, 1930–1932.

    Occupation: Community organizer, writer, political activist, socialist democrat.

    Notable works: Reveille for Radicals (1946); Rules for Radicals (1971)

    Saul David Alinsky(January 30, 1909 – June 12, 1972) was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals. From that book here are Saul’s thoughts on how to create a social state:

    There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people

    2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Any of this sound familiar?

    1. @ Smitty 550.

      You might want to read Ronald Reagan’s Legacy a little more carefully.
      Because he closely parallels what Saul David Alinsky, did while in office.

  156. Pretty Simple … Oblahblah grabbed hold of an opportunity to extend something that may be in the nations best interest into his hidden agenda. This is how the system works. No different than pork barrel spending. Many readers will think that this is no big deal but please be ware…. Rights are not taken by huge sweeping legislation. Rights are taken a little at a time starting with what appears to be “meaningless”, “no big deal”, “doesn’t affect me moves”.

    1. I am not sure that the ATF or any other agency will be able to legally enforce this piece of an “Executive Order”. He is legislating instead governing. He has overstepped into the realm of Congress and I believe that is an impeachable offense. Oh that’s right he thinks he is the dictator of the world and he can do anything he wants and yes let’s not forget his shit doesn’t sink… Oh my I almost forgot, he thinks he is above the law and only enforces the laws of the land that he wants too.

      I guess it is a damn good thing that my firearms are all made in the USA.

  157. In Obama’s hands, a phone and/or pen is a dangerous thing. Gee Willikers…I must have slept in my high school civics class when they taught us that the Executive branch only enforced laws and that the Congress was responsible for creating them. Apparently, Obama has taken over those responsibilities merely by invoking “Executive Privilege”, so why don’t we save some money by just sending them all home.

    1. What a joke, the law is for one type of rifle from one country, not even the best AK around. Get it from somewhere else and your fine. Or do you like licking the Russian back side so much.

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