Obama Seeks to Link Gun Control to Government Benefits

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President Obama is seeking to expand gun control through executive action and the back door. All it takes is a phone and a pen to potentially strip the Second Amendment from millions of citizens who have never committed a crime. In fact, the President is looking to equate anyone whose monthly Social Security disability payments is being handled by another (Alternate payee) in the same classification as drug addicts, felons or illegal immigrants. After all, who needs Constitutional protections when you can reinterpret the law through executive action and deny people their constitutional rights? 05 itshouldnotbecalledguncontrol The President is redefining the concept of gun control through expanded background checks by looking to existing federal law that restricts firearm ownership of citizens who are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or Mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.” This is where it starts to get murky and dangerous for the Second Amendment. What does “marked subnormal intelligence” mean? Mental illness? Condition? Disease? The administration or any bureaucrat can tailor the definition of any of those terms to criteria that would strip millions of their 2A rights. And where would it stop? After applying the new criteria to those receiving benefits from Social Security who would be the next target?

Historical Perspective

The plan to expand background checks is not new, but was not expanded to Social Security for a reason. The 2007 Virginia Tech murders marked 32 deaths by a man who had already been declared by the courts to be mentally ill and ordered to undergo outpatient treatment. At the time, the court order was insufficient to warrant mandatory inclusion into the nation’s database. The database, NICS or National Instant Criminal Background Check System, is a system for determining whether prospective firearms buyers are eligible to legally own or possess a firearm. It was enacted in the early 1990s after being mandated by the Brady Handgun Violence Act.

After Virginia Tech, Congress expanded the reporting requirements, but the Social Security Administration determined it was not required to submit records, according to LaVenia LaVelle, an agency spokeswoman. Now the President wants to force the Social Security Administration to do just that via executive action and without the input or consent of Congress.

Reasonably, there are a few naysayers; political spinsters from the gun control ranks that would accuse us of being radicals and conspiracy theorists. However, we can look to the government for our answers—specifically the Department of Government Affairs. How does the Department of Government Affairs define disease, condition or incompetency? It is not cut and dry, but certainly those suffering from mild forms of PTSD, stress or other traumatic injuries would fit the new criteria.

Currently, there are approximately 4.2 million adults receiving benefits that are managed by a “representative payees.” Taking that to a personal level, my grandmother who is in her 90s could no longer legally posses an heirloom firearm that belonged to my grandfather before he passed a few decades ago. A friend with severe arthritis who has his daughter handle his finances would be barred from ownership. The gentleman has not shot in probably 20 years due to his condition, but he is a semi-retired lawyer (i.e. he is still mentally competent to practice law) and has one helluva gun collection that is still growing. How is he suddenly incapable or unsafe to own a firearm? Seal_of_the_United_States_Department_of_Veterans_Affairs

Gun Control v. Gun Rights

The only people in favor of this plan have preconceived gun control agendas. Critics—not just gun rights activists—including mental health experts and advocates for the disabled have blasted the plan stating an expansion of the list of prohibited gun owners based on financial competence is wrongheaded and misinterprets the original meaning of the law. Difficulty balancing a checkbook should not be a reason to strip individuals of their Constitutional rights. Would we suspend their freedom of speech, protection from self-incrimination or force them quarter soldiers in their homes during peacetime under the same guise? The law was designed to prohibit ownership from someone who has shown a strong tendency or suspicion of being violent, unsafe or dangerous. However, instead of increasing safety and security, the law would have the effect of pushing those seeking treatment or benefits into the shadows—or worse, away from treatment altogether. I have had the pleasure of hunting with dozens of disabled or recovering veterans on industry-sponsored trips over the years. Some had severe disabilities from combat—mental or physical—but all had a strong desire to overcome and regain a sense of normalcy. If President Obama’s plan comes to fruition, memories such as these would be a thing of the past.

Eric Hollen, a U.S. Army veteran and Paralympic athlete, competes in a 50-meter pistol competition.
Since when does a blanket decision regarding a disability bar an individual from gun ownership without due process?

A Ray of Hope?

Republicans have introduced legislation to change the policy. The Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, now under consideration in the House, would require a court to determine that somebody poses a danger before being reported to the background check system. It is time to crank up the machine and remind your congressional representatives that you support the Second Amendment and our veterans.

Where do you come down on the President’s attempt to expand background checks? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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  1. Obama, LOVE’s the 2nd Amendment, in fact he LOVES so much, that when in 2008. Then President George W. Bush, Successfully Repelled the “Posse Comatitias Act”. President Obama REINSTATED the Act in 2011.

  2. WTF is “executive action”? If he wants to sign an executive order he just does it. He doesn’t need to “see” jack sh#$. WTF is this article reporting? Other than the usual “Obama is black and wants to take your white, redneck guns away!”

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Don’t be shy. Please feel free to not hold anything back and show us all just how racist you really are. You wear your hateful bigotry so well.

    2. Hi, G-Man.

      While I agree Kevin is a bit over the top here, you do have to admit that Obama and the Libs have painted all gun owners as knuckle dragging white rednecks.

      Which is actually funny since when I was doing some security work for an executive of a very high visibility African American organization, I asked if he wanted me to come and do a security assessment of his home. His response was to grin and put his hand on my shoulder and say “No, Brother, I’m good. I live where everyone has a gun,” 😉


      Obama is what he is . . and we all know that he is not what a POTUS should be. But you can’t paint all African Americans based on him. My neighbor is an intelligent, highly educated black man who owns guns and he and I have already talked about how we will support each other if the SHTF.

  3. Puzzled and Curious: I was able to Track Back the Date of this Presidential Memorandum, to 16 January 2013. WHY IS Congress JUST Acting on it NOW. Two and half years later, and their Just Responding to it NOW. WHAT THE HELL have they’ve been doing for the last 2-1/2-years. Were they just Hoping that if they Wished Hard Enough, It Would Just Go-Away. If someone has a Reasonable Plausible Explanation, I’d Sure Like Too Hear It…

  4. You know what, I apologize to everyone on here for letting my personal feelings get the better of me as I read comments by people who sit safely in their homes behind a keyboard belittling those who have put their life on the line for them.

    I am sorry of anything I said offended anyone and I will just let people say and be as stupid as they want. It is their right . . . a right paid for by the blood of better men and women.

    I will not reply to anything else of this thread but i will read what is said, and if i have stepped over the line, my sincere apologies.

    1. @Mikial: I’m here for gun technology topics primarily. This constant barrage of political topics from CTD can get you very wound up and stressed out. Please don’t get down on yourself, and please stick around. You’re one of my favorite people.

      As far as your keyboard statement goes, I feel that we’re all Keyboard Cowboys in one way or another. Sometimes it’s fun to join a forum or website where the goal is actually to leave your house and meet the people you’re talking to 🙂

    2. Thanks, Brother.

      I’ll break my word enough to say thank you and much appreciated,

      Words of wisdom.

      And I will accept your good advice and just stick to technical gun enthusiast topics.

  5. Our forefathers who constructed the foundations of this country with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights never intended to be amended ,ridiculed, dissected, and made a mockery of, the way it has down through the years. The original was good enough for my forefathers and it’s good enough for me. As for gun control, the liberals think that if they take away our guns and right to own guns the problem will be solved. Well, I would bet everything I have that I could lay a whole table full of guns fully loaded, chambered, and cocked and come back in a hundred years, those guns would still be there the same way I left them. The problem is the idiots who are trying to get recognition in papers and on TV. Stop publishing this and keep these goobers in prison where they belong instead of them walking the streets. Another thing about our justice system, when someone commits a murder, put them to death without delay. They gave up all rights they had when they committed the crime. Someone caught stealing, they loose their rights too. First offense they loose a arm, second offense, loose another arm. Guess what… problem solved. They can no longer pick up anything to steal. People will think twice before they commit a crime because they know the consequence. With an over haul of the justice system, the jails and prisons would be almost empty. Think about it…..

    1. @ Gene C: I agree with you for the most part, But for the first offense, Cut off his thumb on the hand he used to steal…..Second offense–the hand of his other arm. I can almost assure you….There would be no third time. Ideal in theory…But the bleeding hearts here would consider it too barbaric. Effective, yes. But……


    1. @ Donald Bray.

      For WHAT, Hmmm. So far he hasn’t broken any law’s. Public Opinion of his Job Approval Rating, Isn’t an Impeachable Offense of any Law’s that I’m aware of.

    2. How about Dr./ patient confidentiality, sending VA records to the FBI to take guns away from Vets? That is a law being broken!

  6. What a tool this guy is. Having never served in the armed forces he has NO IDEA what it takes. An honorary title at best in his case, Commander-in-Chief, is laughable. Leaders lead front the front. This guy can not even do it right from the back end.

    1. @ RPK.

      The “Guy” in question was born in 1961, which would have made him 12-years old in 1973, when the Vietnam War ENDED. He was Studying Law at Harvard Law College during the First Gulf War. And in he US Senate, during he Second Gulf War. He’s a Credited University Law Professor in Constitutional Law. He know the Law’s of the United States, better than ANYONE (including “The G-Man”) on this Website. Hell Ted Cruz, was a Adjunct (Paid) Law Professor at the Texas Law School. And he NEVER made it through the First Semester.

  7. @Secundius: Mr. S…I’m afraid you’re right. I never paid close attention in the past to the workings of politicians, but I’ve gotten a clear picture lately of some of the lowlifes (And I don’t bite my tongue when I call them that) who call themselves representatives of the people–especially their constituents–and I will vote to replace them in every future election. If we cannot erase them, then we need to replace them.
    In addition to the prerequisite for POTUS, I feel every politician who runs for office should be required to sign a promissory document to the effect [that] IF elected—should he fail to act (with diligence) on the promises made during campaigning…he will be recalled and replaced. As I said, I know very little about politics, but that doesn’t sound unreasonable to me. Either make good on your promises or you get the boot. Either that, or definitely no 2nd term for you.
    That’s just my opinion.


    1. @ WILL.

      I live just outside Washington, DC., in Northern Virginia. With transportation available I can be at the Capitol Building in about 20-minutes. I see the CRAP, Up Close and Personal. About 10-years ago, I was in the Capitol with some Friends, in one of the many Viewing Wings that portrays the Past to the Present Art Work. I was just outside one of the Men’s Room’s their, when a Suit came out wearing a Republican Party Pin on his Right Lapel. I never saw the guy before in my life. He tripped over my Wheelchair with me in it. And after Dusting Himself Off, looked at me and said. “I wish your were DEAD” and that all Disabled Veterans were a BURDEN to the Taxpayer’s Money. Something I will take to my Grave. I served this Country, and Now I’m relegated to the Landfill. I’m a Republican, what did I do wrong. My friend’s wanted to throw him, over the Railings onto the floor , about 10-meters below on his “GD’d” Head. That day, I was Never More Ashamed To Be An American. Sec…

    2. Secundius,

      You’re not the one who should have been ashamed, that disgusting piece of garbage in a suit should have.

    3. @ Mikial.

      Thanks, I needed that. Sorry, I didn’t respond right away. But memories like that boost my Blood Pressure to Extreme Danger Levels. Had to take a Catapres (Clonidine Hydrochloride) and “Ride” it out the side effects. Sec…

    4. @ Secundius: ?!; ?!; Mr. S…..For some reason, I thought/assumed you were somewhere around the Northwest U. S./ Alaska area. My Aunt worked in the Pentagon and lived in Manassas, more family in Manassas Park, and an uncle in Centerville. My father was a Guard at the National Guard Armory in D C after he retired from the Navy around ’60-’61. I have a cousin a year younger than I who was the president of one of the banks in Manassas….He’s probably retired by now…..Who’d a thunk it? Small world.

      And I feel your contempt for that POS who treated you like that. Had that happened to me…..and I say this with all honesty, I would have done my damnedest to send the SOB on a freefall experience of his life.
      Though I am 90% disabled w/ 50% PTSD, I’m good for one heave before giving out. I think I would have tried to do my best that day. The only thing which would have made it worse would be if you had voted for him prior to the incident.

      AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH: I get so mad sometimes at the arrogance of some elected SOBs once they get in office. Had it happened to me, and were I one of his constituents, be assured……the public would have been apprised of his actions and indifference posthaste. Especially with any witnesses present.


    5. @ WILL.

      I think you mixing me up with “Pete in Alaska”. Nope, A Northern Virginia boy since at least 1962. Just be JFK, got Assassinated, before that Western Europe and the Far East Asia. Sec…

    6. @Secundius:

      I’m very sorry that incident happened to you. That moron will get what is coming to him, if he hasn’t already.

      Please try to forget about that worthless person, or at least don’t let him affect your self esteem in any way.

    7. @ ss1.

      Glade I could Find You! Question, Are mounting Holes of the Universal M1 Carbine the same as those of a Johnson M1 Carbine. A friend of mine wants to get a “Enforcer” Stock for his Johnson. He likes it better than the Paratrooper Fording Stock.

      I think the Guy was a “One Term Wonder” or a Congressional Assistant. As I said before, I didn’t Recognize Him or see him on one of the many “Talking Heads” programs on Cable. Being in the Capitol, is like being in a Foreign Country. They have their on Rules, and the Capitol Building Police answer ONLY TOO THEM. I ashamed of the Quote, but unfortunately it does apply.

      “America has the best Politicians money can buy. The Democrats and the Republicans are equally corrupt where money is concerns, It’s only in the amount where the Republicans excel”. by Will Rogers, Actor/Cowboy/Humorist. Dated 29 May 1930…

    8. @Secundius:

      I have never owned or shot an M1 Carbine, so I’m sorry I can’t answer your question. In past threads I was always in favor of AK’s.

      Regarding your comment “Being in the Capitol, is like being in a Foreign Country.”……….I have never been there, but from your story and description, and things I’ve seen on TV, I totally believe you.

    9. @ ss1.

      For some reason, I thought your were in to M1 Carbines. Must have confused you with someone else, it was a “Shot In the Dark” anyway. I never got into either AK’s or AR’s, I’m into Bolt-Actions or ww2 Semi’s like the Garand’s, and some Post WW2 Rifles and Carbines. Yeah, Capitol Hill has gotten to the Point where Real is inside the Capitol Building and Virtual in outside the Capitol Building. Where they feel Safe and Secure, from, US (the People)…

  8. Guys-if Hillary gets in Gun Rights will be the least of your problems.The current Administration is ok with handing over 150 Billion to a country that has declared war on us! They wont have to develop nukes,they will BUY them.A small nuke across the southern border and obama has realized his goal. The next Pres. needs to have BRASS BALLS.He must be able to communicate to our enemies and work with our friends-especially Israel to contain the nuclear armed self declared enemy of our Blessed country. He must then be able to contain and then control a coming monetary collapse of our economy.So the guy is a slob,what do I care so long as he saves us from destruction obama has planned. Who else could handle it?

    1. @ steve b.

      Since when has Israel been a Ally of the United States? Israel has been selling American Technology to the PRC, since at least 1992. With friends like that, who needs enemies.

    2. @ steve b.

      Israel an “Ally”, Yeah Right. Try telling that Story Line to the Surviving Crew of the AGTR-5, USS. Liberty.

    3. When did the Israelis try to fly a plane into a building or bomb an American Embassy? Every President sets the tone for American-Israeli relations and this one fails at diplomacy on every level. if it were not for Israel we would have been hit with an EMP by now. America and Israel share technologies, not all but we do share them. Benjamin Netanyahu cannot rely on this President at all and has to make decisions in light of that, If it were up to Obama he would have given Israel over to the Palestinians.

    4. @ Rob Ruk.

      Between Dick Cheney and Benjamin “Bee Bee” Netanyahu, I don’t which is WORSE. Cheney is Covert and Netanyahu is Overt.

    5. @ Rob Ruk.

      What on Earth are you Talking about Sir? Who mentioned anything about an Israeli Plane Attack on a US Embassy.

    6. @ Hans and Magilla . . .

      So what? Now you’re Iran supporters?

      Israel messed up in 1967. Someone . . either deliberately or out of sheer stupidity ordered that attack on a US ship, and I hope they burn in hell for it. Johnson covered it up to keep the lid on things, but it was messed up.

      A few days ago a US Apache had a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan that killed 7 Afghan allies. I’ve personally had to take cover from “friendly” arty fire that would have killed me just as dead as enemy fire.

      Have either of you ever actually been in a war, or do you confine your “combat” to the keyboard. Stuff happens. Deal with it.

      But now you’re going to support the Arabs over Israel in the Mideast. Let me tell you something, if the Muslims destroy Israel, they will be encouraged enough to destroy Europe and the USA next.

      I’ve done assignments in Israel, the West Bank, Beirut and a dozen other places. I’ve seen first hand the rabid hatred of the Muslims for anyone who doesn’t fit their concept of righteousness. Catch a clue!

    7. @ Mikial.

      The USS Liberty, attack to place ~25 nautical miles off the Egyptian Coast. Several Hundred’s of miles away for Israel in International Waters, no less. NO THREAT WHATSOEVER to Israeli Sovereignty.

    8. I am fully aware of the circumstances of the attack. Trust me on this. I do not condone it, I do not excuse it, I do not want the people who perpetrated it to get off Scott free. But time moves on and as I said, I hope the people who caused it burn in hell, but the problem today is countering a greater enemy . . . the Muslims.

    9. So, one incident and you hate Israel? were you or one of your family members affected? Henry Ford loved Hitler and supported him, does that mean we should boycott the Ford Motor Company and blame Ford for the deaths of 6 million Jews? I do not see or understand your reasoning.

    10. @ Rob Ruk.

      I don’t hate Jews at all sir. But if one of your Top Commander, went “Rouge”, than you have a Very Very Serious Problem, Great Still if and Army, Air Force, and Navy. Followed those Orders, considering NO ONE went to Trial or went to Prison, the Orders had to come for the Very Top of the Government. That means from the Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, himself.

    11. @Magilla

      If you want to support the Arabs and the IS people, then I suggest you head on over to Syria, or Yemen or Nigeria or Somalia, all places I have either been or supported security programs for people who are working there, and submit yourself to the Islamists.

      Because you are part of the problem. YOU are sitting back and dissing Israel and the USA in favor of these animals.

      So you know what, if you have been there and walked the walk, then I will be happy to discuss this with you until the sun comes up, but if you haven’t been there, haven’t lost friends to IEDs and gunfire and to torture, haven’t seen the bodies floating past in the river, haven’t seen the starving dogs eating bodies by the side of the road . . then you can just keep you pathetic opinions to yourself.

    12. LBJ escalated the Vietnam war by an incident that never occurred, the Gulf of Tonkin incident. A rogue President. There are plenty of atrocities that have been committed by the U.S. If you abuse an animal you may get 5 years but it is perfectly legal to kill a child in the Mothers womb.

    13. @ Rob Ruk

      Why not, you want to Boycott Gun Companies and Ammunition Manufacturers, just for Operating in What You Perceive To Be the WRONG STATES. If that’s HYPOCRISY SIR, WHAT IS?

    14. @ Magilla,

      To correct the fallacies in your comment, the USS Liberty was 25nm NW off the Egyptian coastal city of Arish which placed it also within 22nm of Israel, and NOT “Several Hundreds of miles away from Israel” as you’ve claimed.

      Your assertion that the Liberty was “NO THREAT WHATSOEVER to Israeli Sovereignty” might be plausible if you had not excluded extremely important details such as the fact that Israel was in the middle of an intense war that had just began 4 days earlier against an enemy of coalition Arab Countries which included Egypt. The entire area and surrounding water was an active combat zone.

      As a result of the intense conflict, the USS Liberty had been ordered out of the coastal area, but due to communications delays from their command, the ship did not receive the orders until hours after the incident occurred.

      Israel had made quite clear at the onset of the conflict that any unidentifiable ships would be targeted and engaged swiftly. Unfortunately the USS Liberty was not a distinguishable U.S. battle class either, but instead was a common vessel used by several other countries and for commercial shipping as well. This particular ship had been retrofitted for signals intelligence gathering.

      Making matters worse is the Israeli Military having previously encountered and captured Egyptian ships which had disguised their identities with Western markings, thus leading them to think the same of the minimally marked USS Liberty.

      Heavily investigated by both nations, the incident was concluded to have been an unfortunate mistake. Israel took full responsibility that same day and immediately compensated millions to the families of the deceased and to the injured seamen as well as payment for damage to the ship.

      Though conspiracy theorist then and now continue to invoke anger over the incident, periodically declassified documents, which include recordings made by Israeli pilots and tapes intercepted by American intelligence, all continue to indicate this to be a friendly fire accident.

      So you can rewrite history all you want, but I will always make sure the record is set straight.

    15. @ G-Man.

      The interesting thing about the Incident Sir. Was the fact that the Israeli Commando’s that took the ship (USS. Liberty) were in Israeli Uniforms and the After Action Report’s made clear references of the fact it was a American Naval Ship they boarded and the crew on the ship’s were in fact US Navy personal. Funny isn’t it.

    16. @ G-man.

      Actually Sir, the Distance is just over 325.8-statue miles. It’s only 22-statue miles, if you count the Sinai Peninsula, as being part of Israel. Which it isn’t.

    17. @ Magilla,

      No, I find you funny; because no “Israeli Commandos” ever “took the ship”, nor were they ever allowed to “board” it. This was a point of pride made quite clear several times throughout official AARs by both the Captain and crew members.

      The Liberty Captain was so angry by the time Israeli rescue helicopters arrived that he refused their assistance and waved them off. When they continued to hover, the angry Captain even ordered his men to prepare to repel for potential boarders. The Israeli helicopter crews acknowledge this stance and flew off without incident.

      Another documented fact archived in official reports is that once the Israeli torpedo ships realized their mistake they ceased fire immediately and offered the Liberty assistance – to which the Captain also declined.

      Simply put, the well documented record of events from both nations clearly shows that at no time did any Israelis, let alone some commandos, ever board the USS Liberty.

      As for the ship’s location information during the incident, that too is well documented and has never been in dispute by anyone… until you. Regardless, official records most definitely never placed the Liberty anywhere close to your Google map distance estimates in relation to Israel.

      As a matter-of-fact, had they been the hundreds of miles away as you claimed, they would have been in compliance with the relocation order that was received too late and the incident would never have occurred. As it stands, one of the most detrimental aspects that led to the entire event was how that stand-off order arrived too late to make a difference.

      You need to stop researching the Al Jazeera conspiracy specials that have recently flooded the Internet topics and dig deeper for the official record.

    18. @ G-Man.

      The interestng thing about US History, is. When in the Interest Of National Security, IT NEVER HAPPEN.

  9. @ G-Man: And….. on your closing line, I reluctantly agree with you. I just hope that those who {mistakenly] voted for the current (I can’t bring myself to even print his name on a full stomach) occupier of the WH. remember their mistakes–MYSELF INCLUDED [the first time, but definitely not the second]….Kick the female runner to the curb as hard and quickly as possible so that she gets the message loud and clear. Else, I feel we will definitely be headed toward some severe civil unrest such as we have not seen in a century and a half.
    We’ll just have to wait AND SEE.


    1. @ Will.

      Hey Will, Sec here. It basically a Piggyback Rider attached to a Bill. Congress has taken measures to remove Funding from the US Postal Service, Veterans Administration, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Wounded Warrior Program, and the act that covers Soldiers & Dependent’s Commissary Privileges. He want’s to see how far Congress is willing to go to GUT the Programs. Congress can’t act on One Without Acting On the Other. Sec…

  10. @ G-Man & steve b:
    Damn…I think this crow needs a little salt.. BUT…..I STILL think the #1 requirement for POTUS should be prior military service…..Preferably with some Command Experience in wartime/combat areas. Someone like IKE. Right or wrong, it’s what I think.


    1. @ WILL,

      On that we both agree. I will always expect the person responsible for ordering our troops into battle to have at least some experience in the military. Otherwise they are not qualified to sit as the Commander in Chief over our military.

      This is especially important given the Presidential authority to unilaterally order military action without always having the consent of Congress. At least when Congress does it, we can be assured some of the voting members have some military background to assist in their decisions.

      Likewise, military experience is just as important when ordering troops out of battle. Obama severely lacked such experience which is why he failed in Iraq for pulling troops out way too soon.

      So after Obama’s blunders, I can accept Trump over Hilary any day should the people be so inclined to make him President.

  11. Will=since when is not being an asshole a requirement for POTUS?John McCain is a her for what he endured but his performance as Senator leaves something to be desired. As for military experience we need someone who understands the military-Geo.Washington,H.Truman-and understands the threats ,both foreign and domestic.

  12. Just call him deferment Donald. He is right up there, in my books, with “I had other priorities in life” Cheney…

  13. @COLONEL TERRY: RE; Federal Registry; If you believe that the Gov’t. is NOT keeping a Firearms Registry–in violation of Federal Law… Then you are as ignorant as those who think the Gov’t. is “looking out for their best interests”
    They’re full of BULLSH!T and so are you.

  14. It should be noted that on December 21, 2012, In his Friday morning news conference, National Rifle Association chief executive Wayne LaPierre floated the idea of a national registry of the mentally ill as one way to stem gun violence.

    He then lambasted the government, stating: “How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation’s refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?” he asked.”

    Turns out, many states are ahead of him: at least 38 states require or authorize the use of certain mental health records for use in a firearm background check, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

    The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits gun sales to individuals who have been committed to a mental institution or “adjudicated as a mental defective.”

    The federal law pretty much says that anyone who has been involuntarily committed or anyone who has been determined by a court to be a danger to themselves or others, those two categories are prohibited from possessing firearms; also included would be other individuals, falling into those categories, who may also be receiving disability benefits, not because of the receipt of benefits, but only if they are incompetent, suffer from a debilitating mental disorder and require a responsible person to receive and administer their benefits because of such a disorder. These provisions were enacted some 40 years before Obama became president.

    Obviously, no one wants dangerous mentally ill persons to harm others with an improperly obtained firearm, and we must make certain that any database, including the state and federal databases currently in use, or any new database under consideration, must not improperly dessiminate adverse information regarding any individual on disability, or not, who is qualified to possess a firearm.

  15. of course Trump scares the crap out of them. He is the example of American Success.he loves the Military,he creates JOBS, he builds America rather then tearing her down,he owns a GUN, he isnot bought,he is brash and outspoken,he Loves America ,he is from Scottish blood,he respects the Constitution,he admires our Allies,pays homage to our history, is proud of his success{ME TOO},can read a balance sheet,is responsible for a huge payroll,deals with corrupt unions and corrupt government.In short is everything the flop in the white house is not

    1. @ steve b: Part of your [spewing] of praise of CHUMP TRUMP may be correct, BUT, when he bashes and disrespects a dedicated and decorated member of our Military… Then he’s nothing more than an A$$HOLE and shouldn’t even be in consideration for running. What does HIS DD214 say? HUH? What’s that? Does he even have one?
      The FIRST requirement for POTUS should be:
      #1; Are you a veteran of any branch of the U S Military?
      YES?– Proceed.

    2. @ WILL,

      I don’t mean to jump in here, but I find it hard to resist. I implore you to reevaluate the actual dialogue between these two men (Trump and McCain), but without the military pomp.

      McCain insulted Trump and his supporters first after a Trump rally in Phoenix when thereafter he (McCain) publicly called them all “crazies”. That is unacceptable and quite irresponsible for a senior Senator to refer to any supporting constituents as “crazies”, as well as intentionally insulting.

      I don’t care what kind of war hero a man is, he is not entitled to such respect after he abuses his position to immaturely insult and degrade the public as McCain so carelessly did.

      As for Trump’s retort, it was appropriate given McCain’s deplorable behavior to start. But let’s examine exactly what Trump said back, “He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

      As harsh as it sounded, Trump spoke the truth. The act of being captured does not entitle anyone to the labeled of “hero”. After all, it is only civilians that make downed pilots into heroes, but from a military perspective you’ve actually screwed up if you got yourself shot down; which is what McCain did.

      I suspect that Trump is wise enough to have researched the real story behind what McCain did wrong that day which led to his capture. And thus, Trump’s comment, “… I like people that weren’t captured”, is quite fitting.

      When one is as competitive as Trump, it is not hard to see why he views the rest of the pilots that actually completed their bombing runs that day to be the true heroes for their success, and McCain as a failure. Especially when McCain has admitted he failed to follow proper procedure that day.

      Just smothering veterans in a blanket of honor without question, as I feel you have done here, is inappropriate. It clouds judgement and prevents proper examination of the real person. I blame McCain for another very serious failure in his life that has affected mine and millions of others, that being the fact he is responsible for putting Obama in the White House.

      In closing I wish to make a few disclaimers here – I am a veteran and so I comment with a military mindset. I do not personally know Donald Trump, but have worked with Senator McCain on several occasions and feel he is out of touch and way past time for him to retire.

    3. @G-Man,

      As always, spoken with reason and consideration.

      I agree . . McCain performed like a hero in captivity, but he has not performed like a hero as a Senator. He, IMHO, is a RINO.

      Too many times has he acted like someone who does not have the best interests pf patriotic Americans at heart . . . and no, I’m not going to enter into a debate with anyone over this.

      I voted for him against Obama in 08, and to tell the truth, so many of the things he said let his supporters down and helped Obama win. Again, water under the bridge, but he has let us all down too m,any times to be a hero beyond his time in Nam.

    4. @ Mikial.

      I have Respect for Lieutenant Commander John S. McCain, III., USN. Naval Pilot, POW, Squadron Commander and Vietnam War Fighter. But I have absolutely NO respect for Senator John S. McCain, III. Next Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, McCain has to be one Most Crooked Politician on Capitol Hill. Racking in MILLIONS in Defense Contract’s, Off-Shore Bank Houses. He DOESN’T Support any Party I know off. And Represents Himself, and ONLY himself, he’s NOT even a RINO…

    5. Well first you can respect McCain for his military service. That’s a given. Anyone who serves deserves respect but ALL people deserve respect. Being a Vet is NOT should NOT be a requirement for president. Trump has his accomplishments. McCain as a politician as far as I am concerned is a flop. What we need is to get rid of these career politicians. VOTE them out. Their big salaries and fat retirements at the expense of tax payers. By the way I am a vet and yes I posses a DD214.

  16. when is this worthless SOB going to get put down like the dog that he is? how can he keep breaking the law and not be in prison??? at least impeach this animal.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly! Where does this feckless coward get the right to dictate who should and shouldn’t have guns, I thought he was a Professor of Law, not a dictator. Actually he doesn’t have the right to enact laws anyway!

  17. First, let’s consider what La Pierre said:

    “Obama wants you to believe that putting the federal government in the middle of every firearm transaction — except those between criminals — will somehow make us safer. That means forcing law-abiding people to fork over excessive fees to exercise their rights. Forcing parents to fill out forms to leave a family heirloom to a loved one — standing in line and filling out a bunch of bureaucratic paperwork, just so a grandfather can give a grandson a Christmas gift. He wants to put every private, personal transaction under the thumb of the federal government, and he wants to keep all those names in a massive federal registry. There are only two reasons for that federal list of gun owners —to tax them or take them.

    Without getting into a philosophical argument about gun laws or rights, the issue here is whether of not La Pierre’s facts and words are true.

    Obama has not proposed a federal gun registry, which is currently barred under federal law. But LaPierre’s words–part fact, part falsehood, part paranoia–are counterproductive, not helpful to the cause of gun rights.
    His hyperbolic and over the top misrepresentations turn off reasonable minds and ultimately, by fanning the flames of his targeted audience, inflaming ever more conspiracy and angry irresponsible words, he does himself, NRA and the cause of gun rights a harmful disservice.

    1. Colonel in respect to gun rights the Constitution in the 2nd Amend spells out citizens have the right to own guns. The Supreme Court has ruled that citizens are protected by the 2nd to own guns. The attack on the 2nd by Democrats has always been the focus of the party. The Democrats have passed all federal laws pertaining to gun/crime control in this country. The NFA 1934, the GCA 1968 and the Assault Weapons ban of the 90’s. ALL passed to “control crime”. No! It does more to infringe on the rights of citizens. But then if the Democrats are so concerned about crime why not enforce and prosecute existing laws? It appears that laws are passed but not enforced. The failure of our government is enormous. They have failed with the VA Admin, Social Security, Medicare and the list goes on. Is this really what we need more government oversight? I DON’T THINK SO!

  18. this POTUS has to go! Barrak Obama is destroying this Great Republic and our Constitution. Congress and the senate is allowing it to happen because these filthy rich self interest groups lobbyist are lining their pockets and it is the hard working Americans who actually break their backs to give nearly half of their paycheck to keep this Government running who are the ones suffering the consequences I am so sick and tires of these career politicians trying to ruin our lives and I don’t think I am alone. If we continue to sit on our hands and continue to stay silent we will soon be living in a place that resembles the third Reich. or communist Russia.

  19. Here is an interesting fact that no one – and not a single ‘gun rights’ PAC – wants to publicly address: There is a reason why our founding fathers decided that the Bill of Rights should be a document itself rather than mixed in with the rest of the Constitution. That reason is to put those Rights ‘outside’ of government. To frame them as ‘red lines’ that the government can not cross for any reason. In plain english, even where there is a ‘legitimate interest’ in achieving any given goal or result – the government is constrained to do so in a manner that leaves all of our Rights completely untouched. If a thing can not be done without in any way effecting the free exercise of said Rights, the government is in practice forbidden from doing that thing. What this means with regard to the 2nd Amendment is simply this: Since our Rights derive from Citizenship and not any other thing (except perhaps Natural Law), the government is actually in practice forbidden from prohibiting ANY US Citizen from buying, owning and enjoying their 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms. This is supported further by the fact that no US Citizen can be arrested and charged with a crime for doing nothing other than freely exercising a Constitutionally protected Right. The only way that a Citizen can be deprived of that or any other Right is to be stripped of Citizenship through due process of law – and currently the only crime which carries that potential penalty is treason. Like it or not, every US Citizen who is not actually incarcerated is free to legally buy and own a gun. Havine a criminal record for any reason can not be considered suffucient to strip a Citizen of their Rights. That is how it actually is. And I am waiting for the day that ALL the ‘gun rights’ PAC’s out there stop helping the government illegally disarm Citizens and start publicly repeating the facts I have posted above. No one needs a ‘license’, a background check (government permission), or to register their purchase or themselves as owners of their personal property. Likewise no one requires any license or permission from the government to sell firearms to other US Citizens. And since on top of all this, ‘gun control’ is an utter and total failure on its face, it is clear that we need to put a stop to these actions of a government gone just about completely bad.

  20. I assume that you know that the VA already reports Vet’s who do not control their monetary benefits to the FBI to be included in the data base of criminals etc.

  21. Just a friendly reminder that the Second Amendment can’t be “taken away.” In order to lose it, you need to surrender your weapons. Sure, you might be killed if you resist confiscation. But you’re going to die someday regardless, so if it comes down to it, you might as well die on your feet with your boots on. If that happens, make it count and take some with you!

    Another friendly reminder: It isn’t Iran, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, or any other Designated Boogeyman of the Year that’s robbing us of our constitutional rights. They’re not the ones imposing gun control, spying on us without warrants, or confiscating property without trial. Furthermore, no foreign power has the capacity to invade and occupy the US. Non-state groups like the Taliban and ISIS are far too tiny, and foreign countries with large armies (like North Korea) couldn’t get their troops to our shores without getting nuked.

    Therefore, it’s obvious that the ONLY threat to our freedom comes from the US political class and its police and military enforcers. Unnecessary laws and the mercenaries who enforce them are what limit freedom. Think about that the next time you thank “our” troops for signing up to invade foreign lands in service to the politicians who hate our freedoms.

    Blasphemy? Heresy? Maybe. But it’s also the absolute truth.

    1. You do realize that many current and former military are gun owners correct? Also you probably need to read Article 1, Section 8 (Powers of Congress), of the Constitution.

  22. The devil is in the details. Details are something that progressives add AFTER a law is mandated. As many know already that is the philosophy of a good progressive. Now that this president is mandating by presidential decree and while congress is trying to come up with an alternative, a lot of guns can be grabbed that shouldn’t be. Except of course the gang bangers guns. Too dangerous and politically incorrect. Rinse and repeat.

  23. The second amendment was put in place so that citizens can protect themselves from an oppressive government. We now have that government . It is the governments decision if they want to push its citizens to the point of revolution.

    1. @ JTH.

      You are aware that the “Dick Act” (Militia Act) of 1903 and Amended in 1908, supersedes the Militia Act of 1792. Article 1, clause 16…

  24. Our president won his position by legal means. He will be replaced by someone who shares one major common driving philosophy: “F*ck the constitution and the will of the people – I am King” depending – of course – on what (in addition to their a**holes) can be found in their crotch.

  25. Is this possible??????
    1. Well funded covert Cabal producing and unleashing a unique type of home-spun terrorist, with full knowledge and support of “some” individuals within the Administration.
    2. Purpose to gain further support for gun control.
    3. Reasoning…too much coincidence behind all the recent mass killings and Administrations finger pointing at Gun Control as the first solution.
    4. Leads to 2016 Presidential Martial Law Declaration, all prior to election.
    5. Results in Obama’s self declaration as something more Perminant as Presidant or some other title he comes up with. Orders all citizens to turn in your weapons under the guise of Martial Law. Enforces this Declaration using our Military against us. Not only to maintain “order” but to insure ther collection of all arms.

    If you are honest with yourself, none of this is beyond the scope of possible with this current Administration. Never before in our history would anyone thought this would be possible in this country. I do not trust anyone in Washington and I am not a paranoid person. Too many officials at all levels of govt. are out for themselves. Not everyone, but enough to poison the water.

    Keep an open mind to this train of thought. I pray I am overly concerned, but am cautiously watching all that unfolds. You should be doing the same.

  26. Sadly the “DUMB MAJORITY” is running the “US of A” into a deep hole of worthlessness.This once great nation is no longer the country the world respects and trusts.

    “We The People” are no longer served by the people we voted for and trusted to run this country the right way.

    “We The People” are now serving our elected “Masters in Washington”. Who only serve themselves.Too many of the “DUMB MAJORITY”, are too busy with their own life problems to concern themselves with the running of this nation and it’s problems.Thus the continued lowering of the American standard of living. The “bar of life” that was once set high in America, is now so low, you need to crawl on your belly to get under it.

    There are too few of us “SMART MINORITY” to make the changes this country needs to put America back on top. Our numbers are too few to make the difference with a vote.The only way for the “SMART MINORITY” to help right the continuing wrongs of this country.Is by a BLOODY REVOLT. YES, BLOOD must be spilled to thin down the numbers of the “DUMB MAJORITY”. So the “DUMB MAJORITY” will become the “DUMB FEW”.That is the only way I see this once great country, becoming a great nation again.

    Tyranny has many faces, right now the “DUMB MAJORITY” is one of them.

  27. being diabetic and having mental capacity diminished due to low blood sugar, where does that leave me.?

    1. @ john winder.

      Probably the same place it leaves me? Fighting “Back-to-Back” in a CVS Pharmacy protecting our “Med’s”…

  28. At least this article managed to have the facts mostly straight – even though the tone was nearly as bad as the ridiculous nonsense from the NRA that started the panic (of course, starting a panic is a routine part of the NRA’s fund raising program, exactly the same as the the anti-gun crowd uses slanted headlines to create a panic to push support for their side). First fact: “Obama” had absolutely nothing to do with this – the whole thing was at low to mid level in DoJ. Second Fact: It really has nothing to do with either Social Security benefits or disability benefits, other than that the Social Security Administration it the agency that has the records. Third fact: This is only about people who HAVE been declared incompetent to manage their own affairs. Fourth Fact: (Finally one to get a little upset about) yes, the standard for being incompetent to manage your own affairs is not quite as stringent as for being mentally incompetent or being ‘a danger to one self or others.’ In many cases the individual being declared incompetent to manage their own affairs simply goes into court and agrees to let a close relative handle their money for them, often with no opposition. Fifth Fact: There is no “Gun Grab” planned (despite the dire warning in the NRA fund raising pitch) – all that would happen under the planned program would be that people who have been declared incompetent to manage their own finances would be unable to buy a gun. Yes, it is POSSIBLE that in some rabidly anti-gun location, some local officials might demand that the ‘incompetent’ individual transfer their guns to someone qualified (which would normally be the same person who had been appointed to manage their finances, almost always a close relative, usually a spouse or adult offspring). NOTHING in this would allow the government (federal, state, or local) to take the guns – at worst they might make the individual transfer guns to someone else.

    Does this program go too far? Probably. Is this really anything new? Not really – the law has not changed, the only issue is what constitutes being mentally incompetent to possess a gun.

    1. The NRA thrives on half truths to promote fear and gun sales (BTW they represent the gun manufactures and not the gun owners). People need to do some basic research because just becasue it was on the internet or some pundit mouthed it does not make it true.

    2. Thank you Tom for your intelligent presentation of facts. Its amazing how certain agencies distribute disinformation, and some people are receptive to this without doing their own research. I was amazed when the talk of President Obama taking people ‘s guns away, and people in droves headed to the gun shows across the country to make those people selling guns very profitable. Whats really funny is we still have our guns. So much for fear mongering.

    3. @ Tom, this comment and those of Ron and RetiredCW4 are not serious . . . right? This is satire like the kind published in The Onion.

      And if you are indeed serious about the tripe you are spouting, then you are either seriously misinformed or you are living in what Rommel called “Cloud cuckoo land.” If it wasn’t for the NRA and other organizations and grassroots movements, we would all be registering our BB guns, because that’s we would have left.

      And for that matter, groups like the GOA and NAGR say the NRA is too liberal and soft. If these organizations are so unnecessary and ineffective, then why so people like Pelosi and Feinstien hate them so much?

      And Ron, if you think no one has lost their guns, then I guess you don’t live in New York or Connecticut where the new gun laws have resulted in the police showing up to confiscate weapons. And I guess you’re not a vet who is now under the microscope to see if his/her guns should be taken away.

      If we don’t stand together, we are screwed. Period. And sorry if I am coming across a little too forcefully here, but it’s people like you that open the cracks that the libs use to drive a wedge between our ranks and weaken us in support of the Constitution.

      I’m sure I’m going to get flamed by you, and probably some others because of these comments, but then, I have never worried much about being popular, only about being free and standing up for the rights of all American.

    4. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution for over 20 years of active duty (to include combat) and swear the same oath now. I do have an idea what the Constitution states and have “put my skin” in the game to defend it. The NRA represents gun manufacturers (the are a large part gun lobby). Their primary mission is to support legislation that benefits gun makers and not you.

    5. @Mikial Apparently your tinfoil hat is too tight and cutting off blood flow to your head (not to your brain, which is located elsewhere).

      You do realize that EVERY anti-gun federal law that has been passed by the US Congress in the past fifty years passed with the endorsement of the NRA – no, don’t pretend you are shocked, look it up. All the anti-gun crowd needs to do is get some nitwit in Congress to propose some really stupid law that can’t possibly pass and the NRA will roll over to “compromise”. Nancy et al, don’t hate the NRA – they count on the NRA – oh sure, they TALK about the NRA, mostly because it is the ONLY pro-gun organization that 90% of their audience has ever heard of. And, as long as they can make out that the NRA is the devil, that keeps the opposition impotent.
      Stupid STATE laws in NY, CT, and CO have absolutely nothing to do with anything discussed in the article. Those are just a strawman that you are using because you cannot argue the facts (mostly because you can’t be bothered finding out what the facts are).

    6. @Tom

      I’m sure you have some citations to support your assertion that “EVERY anti-gun federal law that has been passed by the US Congress in the past fifty years passed with the endorsement of the NRA.” Please provide them so I can “look it up.”

  29. Getting him out of office will never happen, the people gripe about it but will never stand up and do anything. Their scared they will loose their easy way of life style if they had to go to war with the government to get him out. the constitution reads if a government is not working to the benefit of the people they have a right to abolish it and re-establish it to their benefit. The government wont do anything because their scared of a racial war and he is doing exactly what the gun control idiots want him to do and they are financing it all. stop crying about everything he is doing and grow a set and rally together and march against this unruley government. everybody is expecting one person to go do it for them so they can sit back and reap the benefits from the comfort of their easy chair. WONT HAPPEN. SO SHUT UP

  30. I am wondering what kind of collateral damage this may have. My wife is disabled by way of stroke, I am her representative payee. I have a vast gun collection including many so called “Assault weapons”. Can they take this as far as they have to be out of the house? I don’t know, but the implications are chilling.

  31. Were any of the shootings done by people who are receiving social security benefits? I just fine it so funny that he will try anything to push what he wants before he goes down as the worst president we ever had. If you read the 2nd amendment it’s there to protect us from an out of control government. I think were just about there. Our government is so hell bent on disarming its citizens and at the same time arguing for immigration rights not the rights of the citizens of the United States of America. There is really something wrong with that especially when they take an oath to protect our rights as citizens. Why is it that they always try to punish all of us for what only a few of us do. Where does it stop? Or will it ever stop?

  32. Rather than make new rules and battle against the 2A obviously seeking to confiscate and disarm millions of lawful citizens, how about correcting infringements of the Constitution first? Allowing what the citizen is Granted as Rights in all the Land would be more leadership-like.

    1. I think we need to realize that this kind of thinking belongs in “fantasy land”. Wake up America. Study the results of any country that has had gun confiscation – This is simply a rouse to disarm Americans so we can’t defend ourselves.
      After immigration is passed the gov’t, backed by Big Pharma – can declare Martial Law because of the coming rampage. A disarmed, illegally overpopulated country can and will not stand. Classifications become the rule and freedom is shelved “for the good of the people” does any of this sound familiar? Grab a history book and read, read and think.

  33. When was it ever written into law that the president has the ability or the right or even the duty to write law? That right and ability belongs to Congress, and to the Senate. Who can originate a tax? Only the congress, not the Senate nor the President.

    So why are we allowing this president to write so many laws? And pass so many new taxes? And how can we not see that he, the president, is bypassing the legal authority given by the Constitution, with every executive action he takes.

    The only conclusion that one can have is that he is a law breaker, or lawless, or that he believes that he knows better than everyone else what is right and just.

    Did he not take an oath, twice, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States? I seem to remember that this is part of the oath of office for the president.

    I think that he wants to be king.

    1. Absolutely Victor you said most of it. Someone should put a stop to him, Gomer Pyle even with ‘Citizen’s Arrest’! After serving my country honorably in Veit Nam, I never dreamed this would happen. I realize it has to be done right down to crossing every “T” & dotting every “I” in order to clear up what he has done, BUT the Cronies all want us citizens to “donate” for this & that. My mailbox is crammed full of political mail every day, all wanting a donation. I think our Congress should reduce it’s size & clear this mess up tomorrow. NOW!

    2. @ Victor Hauk.

      To date Obama has ONLY taken the Executive Order option 206 times, George W. make 291 such options. And a Presidential Memorandum is NOT an Executive Order.

  34. There are a lot of ex-military folks drawing monthly government checks for PTSD. Half of them are scammers, some who never deployed overseas.
    Those who really have PTSD should not have access to firearms, ie those who use PTSD as defense in their murder trials. The scammers need to be weeded out so the VA can fund those who really need help.

    1. @ deerslayer:

      You wrote: “There are a lot of ex-military folks drawing monthly government checks for PTSD.”

      Is that your gut instinct or do you actually have official facts and numbers to back up your claim?

      You wrote: “Half of them are scammers, some who never deployed overseas.”

      Is that another of your gut instincts or do you actually have official facts and numbers to back that one up as well?

      You wrote: “Those who really have PTSD should not have access to firearms, ie those who use PTSD as defense in their murder trials.”

      So which is it – anyone with PTSD, or only the ones that use it as a defense in murder trials? If it’s only the latter, by then it’s a little too late to deny them access to firearms since they’ve already committed the murder… don’t ya think? If it’s the former (anyone with PTSD), well in this country everyone has a right to a trial and must be adjudicated as incompetent by a court of law before a willy-nilly stripping of their rights may occur. Just a PTSD diagnosis is not enough to strip them of their rights.

      You wrote: “The scammers need to be weeded out so the VA can fund those who really need help.”

      It is not as though one can just walks in and claims PTSD. Combat duty is confirmed and then patients go through rigorous diagnoses by qualified doctors and psychiatrists with ongoing treatment. Would this process possibly be the “scammer weeding” you are referring to? Or could it just be these professionals are failing to do their jobs to meet your standards.

      And what should we do with the rest of the civilian population that also has PTSD from their professions as police, firefighters, paramedics, and E.R. trauma staff? But wait, there is also the PTSD suffered by those victims whom the previously mentioned professionals had to save; we mustn’t forget they are also now PTSD patients as well due to their traumas.

      Add to this the countless other PTSD victims of child abuse and rape, or anyone else that has experienced any type of life-threatening event or trauma and you will see why official stats reveal that 7-8% of the U.S. population will have PTSD at some point in their lives.

      I will assume by your strict opinion that they all should be stripped of their right to bear arms. I just don’t see how you really expect the police to do their duties if they aren’t allowed to carry firearms.

    2. @ deerslayer.

      G-Man and me/I don’t see “Eye-to-Eye” on many issues, BUT I have to agree with him on this issue. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK IS PROTECTING THIS COUNTRY? People on PTSD, 3, 4, 5 Combat Tours. That will give ANYONE PTSD. I have friends that have it, All they they want to do, is “Rip the Brain’s” out of the Heads and Start Over. It’s a “Slow Spiraling Death March”, you want too reach out and help. But the only Help you can provide is YOURSELF. I don’t know where to go NOW, There’s more needed to be said. But, How Do You Describe a INTANGIBLE. Sorry Guy’s I can’t go on anymore, on this ONE. Sec…

  35. Odamnahead says our senior citizens and our wounded vets are national security risks. But he says the Muslim Brotherhood, whom other countries say are terrorists, are not??? Biblical prophecy says things will be up side down and wrong will be called right and right will be called wrong in the end times. L&L

    1. Oh Ken Lynn your comments could get you put on a gummint list as the Obayme administration has determined that white middle class citizens are “an emerging domestic threat”.

      Don’t worry too much…yet. The above definition is heavily caveated as it would sure cover a lot of people, but if the Obayme watchdogs suspect an internet blog is too far from “center” they can get the names of the membership (it’s being tested in court right now where comments said that some judges should be taken out and shot). Search it to get all the particulars.

  36. odamnahead says senior citizens are a threat to national security. But the Muslim Brotherhood members he has put in charge of “our” national security aren’t ??? Bible prophecy says things will be upside down in the end times. L&L

  37. You say that he cannot do this. Look what he is already done to destroy this Country. He is a Muslim through and through. He dose not stand for the United States of America, he is four muslim and he is trying to take our weapons away so they can take over the country. He needs to be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible if not sooner .

  38. its common sense that if the drugs they force us combat veterans to take apparently dont work or they have no way of making us fit to protect our home family and service ,including lawenforcement,all of us had extensive traning we have had enough killing we know more than any goverment offical how to handel fire arms the time i spent in vietnam was including 4 major battels wounded we never had an accident (traning). i agree with the person who stated that we need to have a judge declare us dangerous common sense not some one at the va trying to get his big bonus, what happened to common sense a person goes through high training when he gets his carry my first teacher was an undercover cop for the highway patrol he had many awards for his bravey, lock and load company, his main exculvise lesson was saftey, over and over again, just ask one of your security guards president . i wish my family had your security. 25th i love america i fought for my rights was wounded during battel a lot of us died or have you forgotten. weapons are for food and defending our country. i grew up very my dad taught me how to stalk and track and how to resepet the source of food. i would bring home cotton tail rabbits squirrls which help feed my family when i did not have the money to by shells i would climb the tree and shack the nest and my dog would get the squrrils rocky okla popu. 400.

  39. Regardless of what Obama tries in an attempt to forbid individuals from owning a firearm. The bad individuals will gain firearms thru break in and stealing one from business or home. Yeat, still not solving the issue. But of course Obama is trying to change the gun laws to benefit his elected time, a win for his idiot gun activists. To All you gun right to arms individual’s we are more than them, fight for ower right to bear arms. Obama’s time is ticking away, a new world order is coming. Militia TX. Thunder

  40. Thiese order’s have nothing to do with crime prevention. It is a blatant attempt for gun control and to nullify the 2nd amendment. The seniors, or veterans he seeks to disarm are the ones least capable of physically defending themselves. They can not physically fight back. They have committed no crimes, they are not felons. Their only “crime” was getting older or being wounded fighting for this country. This is one of those ” common sense gun control” laws the anti gunners always talk about. Call your senators and congressmen today.

  41. @ Secundius: No offense taken Mr. S. Although I sometimes feel like I’m still in my [early] years, the creaking joints and sore muscles quickly bring me back to reality.


  42. After the latest criminal murder in LA, look for the Libs to start pushing gun control again. The Grand Theater where it occurred is a posted Gun Free Zone.

    Can’t imagine why the shooter didn’t respect the sign. But I do not patronize anyplace that is a Gun Free Zone such as Target and Starbucks, and haven’t been in a movie in years. We just use our home theater. If I absolutely have to go into a place like that, I carry anyway. That’s what the word “concealed” means.

    1. @ Mikial.

      I think the Last Time I was at Movie Theater of Any Kind was back in 2002. It’s Cheaper to buy a DVD or BluRay then a Movie Ticket. And I hate to say it, but even in 2015. Most Public Gathering Places and Buildings, STILL aren’t Handicapped Friendly…

    2. @ Mikial: I’m with you on that 100%. Although Ga. Code establishes [that] anyone retired with 10yrs or more State LE employment can carry Anywhere a certified LEO on the job can carry, (Which I do), I don’t give it much thought. I carry anywhere I choose and if ‘they’ don’t ask– I don’t tell. Right or wrong…..That’s how it is.


    3. @Mikial:

      Maybe the libs need to stop messing with ammo and guns and start thinking about the very worst problem, Gun Free Zones. The whackos and crazies have already got it figured out, and I’m sadly afraid that movie theaters are now firmly entrenched in every whacko’s mind.

    4. As do I. But I will not draw unless it is to protect me and my own. The store made the rule, not me.

  43. @ Secundius:
    Mr. S: I can deal with the meds [9 pills/4 times a day], but having to do the finger-sticks / insulin injections is what gets to me. You’re still a young pup….67 is in my rear-view mirror and if I’m around just one day after all this Obama BS is cleared up by some worthwhile incumbent, I’ll be satisfied. Never followed politics in the past…big mistake on my part. Hope it’s not too late to try and correct any wrong [past] votes.
    We’ll catch you later.

    1. @ will.

      I didn’t mean or tried to sound Offended. But the way you talk about yourself, I thought you were in you Early Twenties in 1991. Pushing the 50 standard in 2015. I Apologize to you Sir! Sec…

  44. @ Secundius:
    No. Mr. S…. I was with the 24th Bn. My unit was unloading heavy munitions off an FSS when the incident happened. It was across the harbor from where the Reservists were killed by the SCUD taking out the warehouse.
    I wasn’t depressed at our last commo, I had been experiencing some minor heart attacks, according to the Cardiologist, but to me it just felt like bad heartburn/indigestion. Ended up eight days in the hosp…stent….two large clots removed and two smaller ones being tracked. Mega doses of clot-buster and 35-40% function doesn’t make for a happy camper. Neurologist thinks maybe a slight stroke may have occurred around that time as I have neuropathy in both my arms and hands and signs of occasional memory loss. TIAs were discussed. But I’m just trying to take it all day-to-day.
    I still monitor, but it takes me a while to get things typed out so I don’t do much replying.
    BTW…. I’ve seen someone else on here with the name “Will”, but you’ll know it’s me by the way I have addressed you in response from the first time…About the .30-30, I believe.
    I’ll catch you later, Mr. S… Things are getting a little shaky, and I need to take some meds.


    1. @ will.

      I kow what that feels like, taking Med’s. Five Groupings every 3-hours, Thank God NO Injectables yet. For some reason, I thought you were on a Supply Ship, so that’s where I looked. May Bad! My Middle Name is Secundius, My parents had a sense of Humor. Family Member Name from the Past, still trying to figure from where. Just call me Sec. The “Mr.” makes feel OLD. Sixty-years young, but with the body of a Flabby 80-year old. AND, NO! It’s NOT the NEW “70”. Sec…

  45. FYI:

    According to the Military Times, the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004. Has been Amended, to include Service Personal while in Uniform to and from Homes and Workplaces. And Off-Duty (Plain Clothed) in ALL 50 States and the District of Columbia, buy at any of the US Territories at this time…

    1. @ Secundius,

      Hold on there. The way you wrote that gives the impression LEOSA (the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act) applies to all military service personnel. It does NOT.

      LEOSA only applies to Law Enforcement certified personnel with 10 or more years as an officer with arrest / apprehension authority. This ACT was amended in 2010 to include military personnel with the same 10+ years of law enforcement authority, e.g., military police.

      Just being in the military is not a qualification and I just wanted to clarify that for you.

      Also, LEOSA covers retired military and civilian LEAs that can prove 10 or more years in a law enforcement capacity as well.

      And finally, LEOSA authority does extend to all 50 States, Washington D.C. and all U.S. Possessions which of course includes Territories.

    2. @ G-Man.

      I APOLOGIZE. You are correct Sir. I went over it again, and saw it Covered the US Army. But it DID NOT violate the Posse Comitatus Act. I assumed WRONGLY. That that included the other services too.

      Then, I saw a notation on the HR. 5222(110)/S. 2596 – Securing Military Personnel Response Firearm Initiative Act (Semper Fi Act) of 2008/13, just to find out. It’s still Propping Up a Table somewhere either in the House or Senate. So, my apologizes too you, Sir…

    3. @ Secundius,

      No problem. Appreciate it. I just wanted to clarify to prevent some vets from getting hopes up. LEOSA is quite a privilege that I hope eventually all Americans will have.

    4. @Secundius and G-Man

      I just want you both to know that I respect your posts above anyone else here on this site . . no offense to anyone. And I’m not some young punk (again no offense to anyone). I’ve been shot at in multiple countries and did it all by my own choice.

      And no, in the words of Gunny Highway, “This doesn’t mean we’ll be swappin’ spit in the shower.”

      I just really appreciate your approach and that you both do your homework before spoutin’ off. So when you two discuss something, people should listen.

    5. Yes Mikial, I respect Secundius and G-Man too. Plus YOU! I like all 3 of your posts, even though G-Man can go really, really deep with his government knowledge, sometimes deeper than I’m prepared to read, but other times I do learn some interesting things.

      And G-Man, I just wanted to say I never got the opportunity to do that WASR-10 test I told you I would do with the mountable scope. I have not been going to the range as much as before, and I have gone with other guns, not the WASR-10. If I get to do it, I’ll still let you know how much it stays sighted in with dismounting and mounting.

    6. Thank you, ss1.

      I apologize for leaving you out of that email, because you have also shown yourself to be a gentleman and someone who communicates clearly and with true class.

    7. @Mikial:

      Well I wasn’t a perfect boy scout here in 2014, but it’s people like you that got me thinking about not getting into arguments here and being more cool. I’ve learned that you can learn more and gain more when you’re not trying to win arguments or use one-ups-manship here.

      Jeez now I have to live be my words 🙂

    8. @ss1

      You’ve just shown yourself to be more of a man than many. And don’t let me kid you, i still have a temper and get into pissing contests with people and then feel stupid about it later.

      My father wasn’t a great Dad, and never taught me much, but he did teach me one thing for sure, and that was to never argue with a fool, because people watching might not recognize the difference between us.

      But all this warm fuzzy stuff aside, the first thing anyone, including me can learn, is that we have a lot to learn.

    9. @ Mikial, ss1 and Secundius,

      I respect and appreciate you guys as well; along with a few other commenters I may have failed to mention.

      Just so you guys know, I am self-aware I go deep at times; and I am trying to work on brevity. I have always admired those that can say much with very few words (that includes you guys).

      I am also aware I can be harsh on some folks. I honestly think that is from having to remain professional and polite to perps that I know are really scumbags based on their Rap Sheets. I think sometimes I take it out on some of the jerks that pop up in here because there are no repercussions like there would be on the job. I know that is not a good excuse, but it’s honest and I am working to stop doing that so much.

      One think I don’t think I can change is my incessant need to correct false or inaccurate information whenever I see it. But rest assured, the only time I post is when I know what I am talking about.

      I also will probably never play nice with antagonist that try to be as asinine as possible or overwhelming proven wrong and persist at simply being obnoxious.

      So again, I’ve probably overstated my cause, but that is just me. Thanks guys.

    10. No worries, G-Man.

      If you were wrong when you spoke it might be different, but you’re not.

      And after more than a few years as a probation officer, I know about dealing with scumbags. I once dealt with a sex offender who could write down the names of over 60 little girls he had abused from memory. Believe me, it was hard staying professional on that case.

      Anyway, there’s a lot of wisdom in the world that I don’t have, so you and everyone else are more than welcome to school me on the things I don’t know.

    11. @ Mikial.

      I got Drafted and went too Vietnam, I was Never Shot at. I was there for less than 2-months, before being sent to Germany. Only in Civilian Life as a Bonded Courier, I was Shot at. Four times in 19-years and Robbed at Gun Point or Buffaloed 4-times. I was allow to carry a Bean Bag Stun Gun/Mortar, but with a 2.9-inch diameter Tungsten Bearing. But NOT a Gun, It would have cost me my Bonding License as a Courier. While Never Actually Hit, It did Shred my Clothes and Damage my car…

    12. @ Secundius

      That sounds pretty exciting.

      I was a little too young to be drafted for Nam so I enlisted in the Navy. After four years of that I went over to the Army because it seemed like more fun. Finally got out as an Armor officer. Never got shot at while in the uniform either. I tried to sign back up after 9/11, but they wouldn’t take me.

      I eventually went to Iraq in 2004 as a private security operator. After 2 1/2 years, several small arms incidents, an RPG barrage while escorting a client to a ministry, and four IEDs, l ended my contract and came home. Been doing security specializing in high risk countries since with trips to the West Bank, Beirut, Pakistan, Kenya and multiple trips to Afghanistan among others.

    13. G Man, put the breaks on please. The Act may cover all 50 states, but several states, and major cities have laws on the books that they enforce despite the act. The states of NY, NH, NJ, IL to name a few. If you go into Mew York (city or state) carrying you will be arrested and charged, irregardless of you credentials. New Jersey is the same way. Do your research folks before you travel so you don’t get screwed in a big way for a simple honest oversight.

    14. @ Barr H,

      You wrote, “If you go into Mew York (city or state) carrying you will be arrested and charged, irregardless of you credentials.”

      However, your statement is a preposterously incorrect. The operative phrase here being “will be arrested”, which should actually instead read, “might be arrested by an idiot officer that likes being unemployed and charged with rights violations”.

      With the LEOSA law now in its 12th year and several court trials to back its case-winning precedence, (the first of which actually occurred in New York and lost), it is highly unlikely that any New York law enforcement officer would ever make such a mistake by unlawfully arresting a LEOSA credentialed LEO ever again.

      Officers are trained on LEOSA in all 50 States now and know quite well that a violation of this Federal Act would lead to their own personal charge for unlawful arrest amongst other violations. There is simply no excuse now for an officer to claim they didn’t understand the LEOSA rules.

      Simply put, Federal Law trumps any other local, county or state laws, which mean all law enforcement, no matter their jurisdiction, understand they have no choice but to comply with LEOSA.

  46. This will not “fly” in court. To be deprived of the basic human right of armed self-defense, the government must PROVE, in court, that the citizen is not mentally competent. The statute, and due process, leave no room for guess, supposition, inference or presumption.

  47. There is not question that this President will do what ever he can to achieve his legacy. This new attempt at gun control is clearly overreach and I fail to understand why Congress consistently sits on their hands and mouths resolutions. Any attempt to change the Constitution or constitutional amendments must be put before the electorate and approved by Congress. This mealy mouthed, overeducated, progressive, left wing moron that was elected to the highest office in our land needs to be shown that he works for us, “We the People…”. He is the worst example of what our nations stands for…’-nuf said!

    1. this so called president thinks he is god! no one should be able to stop or change our constitution or our constitutional rights !he needs to sit down, by his self,with nothing on his mind and read the constitution very slowly so it will sink in.he might get it.he doesn’t know what it’s like to be in a position wear you need a weapon!like when a burglar is in your house and you and your kids are hiding in a closet with blankets over you! not a good feeling, obama! enough said.leave our rights alone!

  48. Sorry folks, but this is my entire fault. In another Shooter’s Log comment I used the Social Security Administration’s lack of reporting to NICS as an example to prove there is bias when it comes to VA reporting on Vets. I guess Obama read my comment and is taking action to cover his ass. My bad!

    All kidding aside, it is quite a coincidence. Here is my original comment link from just this past May….

    VA Sending Veterans’ Mental Health Information to FBI to Restrict Gun Ownership

    As I wrote, ObamaCare recipients will be next.

  49. Aaahh, to live in a country where anyone with the price of a gun, can prove that he is capable of using it without endangering himself and others and pay the equivalent of $25 US for a permit and then is able to carry said weapon anywhere. I do. I love America, went to war for it and received a Silver Star for action against an enemy sniper. I fear the present government and as a result expatriated myself sometime ago. Living where the above concerning gun ownership is a fact and not a dream. Will remain here until people come to their senses and elect pro 2nd Amendment politicians,or until I die of old age, ( am 68). Oh, and living expenses are about 1/3 of the U.S.. Sweet for me, because I am a disabled Vietnam vet on a VA Pension.

    1. Yes, Roy, we’d all like to know.

      I’ve been in a lot of places, and in most of Europe, Latin America and Asia the population cannot legally carry a gun anywhere. Canada, Australia, and even Israel do not allow their populations to be armed.

      Africa and most of the Middle East are so out of control that everybody who doesn’t have a gun is quickly murdered.

      So please fill us in on this place that is better than the USA.

    2. @ Mikial.

      According to Doubletapper, an Israeli Blogsight. Israeli Citizens are allowed to Open Carry weapons, as long as you have a permit to do so. Concealed Carry is against the law and it’s ONE Firearm per Person. With NO restrictions on the Amount of Ammunition you can carry…

    3. @ Secundius.

      How ya’ doing?

      I’ve been to Israel for my work, and actually have a Palestinian Christian friend who does security work there and I’ve run around the West Bank with him. Brilliant guy, fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, French, and English.

      Israel recently relaxed their laws enough to allow off duty security personnel who have a permit, to carry their duty weapon off duty because of all the recent attacks. In reality, they are pretty restrictive.

      However, many Israeli settlers walk their kids to the school bus stop in full battle-rattle (yes, I have seen this with my own eyes) to keep them from being assaulted by the Palestinians, but that is by special license.

      Anecdotal evidence is not very useful, so here is a link to a current article from an Israeli.

      Bottom line, ALL eligible Israeli citizens should be armed. In a country beset by enemies on all sides, I don’t get their mindset.

      And, nope, I’m not Jewish, so the trips to Nazareth (great Shwarma) and Bethlehem were awesome, not to mention Old Jerusalem.

  50. @ Secundius: Well, If that’s the case Mr. S, then we need to get someone in there with the balls to correct what Obastar—er– Obama has done to screw us. It might be worth the $50 to learn that bit of info. Thanks.


    1. @ will.

      I hope your doing well, Will. Last time we talked, so sounded kinda depressed, and just sort-of fell off the radar screen. The last time you talked about you Gulf War, experiences. And with what Little information you gave, went on a personal Hunt & Destroy Scavenger Hunt of my own. I hope you don’t mind, if you DO, just say so. But, did you serve on the (T-AFS-3) USNS. Niagara Falls. All the information I got pointed to that ship. Do well my Friend, Sec…

  51. OK Mitch PROVE IT.Jnstead of mouthing off about the Bushes come up with some validity. I hear statements all the time about Republicans and when asked to provide some proof the mouthbreather just looks at you.

    1. So you say to read a book about Kennedy, but you won’t look up info on Prescott, just to start???…

      What grade are you in???… By the way, there is a reply button that’s clickable… Don’t reply with Republican / Democrat crap… I’m neither

  52. Mitch I don’t know much about it but I wonder if in stead of trying to round up guns the order would be more like. Turn in you arms and anyone found in possession of a gun would be …… whatever. That is a pretty tall order too. If the penalty for possession was stiff enough a lot of people would turn in their guns but they would also have a revolution on their hands. They could try No sale of ammo to the public in which case we live with what we have on hand and no more. However that opens black market sales. Hmmm maybe it is just logistically impossible.

  53. mitch- you have your factoid wrong.It was the old man Joe Kennedy who was the nazi lover. He was the ambassador to Britain when his sentiments required the U.S. government to bring him beck home. If you want to be EDUCATED read a book called Flyboys by Evan Thomas and you will read about Geo. Bush Sr. who by any definition is a true American Patriot.Your ignorance is obvious .J.Kennedys records are still under wraps all these years later.

    1. Never heard of Prescott???

      Do you think the Georges and Jeb just forgot about their Daddy’s / Granddaddy’s love for the Nazi’s???

  54. I read the article and from what I got out of it, this wouldn’t apply to social security retirement benefits….correct?

    1. Essentially, any SS recipient who has to have someone else prepare their paperwork and be the agent to receive and disburse their SS benefits would be forbidden to own a gun on the grounds that they are not mentally competent to do so.

      So if you just didn’t feel like messing with it and your adult child did it for you, you would have your guns seized and not be able to buy another one. just like what’s happened to thousands of vets..

    2. Thanks for explaining Mikial. There are many twists and turns nowadays with government regulations. I’m glad CTD was on top of this.

      I’m still very mentally competent and not at retirement age yet, but I hate paperwork, so I need to be alert in the future as to who does paperwork for me.

      But I also hope we can somehow get a Republican President and this kind of stuff will go away for a while.

    3. @ss1: From what I gather….Makes no difference whether regular SS Retirement or SSI, SS Disability, or any other area; If you need help with your everyday needs/living, have any mental deficiencies, need help with taking meds, paying bills,or just about anything else they can think of to place you in any of the categories, they’ll classify you as not qualified to own or purchase any firearm, and place you on the “list”.
      One ‘doctor’ [and I use that title loosely] at the CBOC I have to attend asked me: “How many gun locks do you need”? “None” I answered. ” Why”? “Did you buy them yourself”? “We can supply you with all you need at no cost”
      ” I don’t need ANY, because you need to have a gun to need a lock, and I don’t need any locks” I told her. “I have an aluminum bat at each door, one by the bed, a stun-gun and capsicum spray. End of discussion”
      It’s none of her damn business what, or how many of anything I have in my house. And may his god help him;he who tries to find out, by entering my home uninvited.


    4. @ will.

      If I might make a suggestion, get a JUGS College-6 Swing Trainer Bat. It’s Solid Aluminum and is about as long as a “Walking Stick”. Put a Rubber Walking Pad on the Head of the Bat, and it could easily pass-off as a Walking Stick. But with a Lot More Skull Damage too it. Mine has a Added feature that I Put n myself. But because of TSL/CTD sensor’s, I Probably be REDACTED…

    5. @ ss1.

      What I’ve been able to piece together, NO. It’s been tried before by other President’s too. And ALL failed to see any light. I think it more of a Ploy to get Congress Involved. Because Congress is trying to Tap into the SS Financial Resources, like they did with the US Postal Service and Sadly to Say the US Military as well…

    6. @Will and @Secundius:

      Thanks for helping me understand this. I was not aware that these type of things were going on until the article was written yesterday. I’m in my 50’s, so it’s something to stay on top of.

    7. @ ss1.

      MOST DEFINITELY ! I’m sorry you didn’t hit of with a friend mine, from another Website “1 ab urb condita”…

    8. @Secundius:

      Actually him and I got along very well. I asked a humorous question about his tag name, and then he surprised me and told me where the name comes from. So you may have gotten me confused with someone else on that point.

      You and I have not chatted in a while, and I still enjoy your knowledge about many unusual types of guns. I think you were the guy who told me about the .50 Beowulf, which I’d like to buy some day if I get the money.

      I hope everything is going OK with you, and let me know if you’re ever traveling to Phoenix and we can have a drink together, or I can show you the local shooting range.

    9. @ ss1.

      I must have misunderstood him, he made it sound like it didn’t go to well. I just bought a Yugo M48 (98k Mauser) in 7.92×57 (8-mil), and am enjoying t a lot. Especially with all the Caliber Alternatives there are for the Rifle. One thing you can about the German’s, they make Great Rifles. Have My eye’s set on a Spanish Boito Br8 7.92x33Kurz, about the size of an M1 Carbine. But with a 600-meter plus reach and lot’s of stopping power. I’d like to get a .50 Beowulf too, if it wasn’t for the Price. But with a 22-inch barrel, instead of the standard 18-inch barrel. A friend that has one had some 350gr. (~1oz.) Millennium SOLID BRASS “Spitzer-Points”, a “Bruin” a 500-meteres, HISTORY. Did you ever get the DP-12? I almost did, until a Batch of Bad Press reviews started coming with it. I think I’ll wait unit I can afford the C-More M26 12 gauge MASS or a Reproduction Colt Mk.1 Defender 8-barrel 20-gauge “Volley Gun” Short Shorty. Talk to you later, Sec…

    10. @Secundius:

      I also own a Yugo 8mm rifle. It has been modified with a scope mount, and a sporter thumb hole wood stock, and I put a timney trigger on it, and cut the barrel down to 18″ (all done by a gunsmith). It’s not match grade accurate, but I put a real nice scope on it and I know which ammo is the best for it, Federal Powershock 170 grain. The PPU 198 grain soft points work well, but the PPU 198 grain FMJ’s are wildly innaccurate. Go figure!

      I lost interest in the DP-12 because I didn’t want to pay so much for a pump action.

      I really like the Beowulf 50 cal AR-15, and yesterday I saw the 4 options at Alexander Arms are fairly affordable. I really like the ballistics, and the cartridge is so much longer than a 50AE, and even a little longer than a S&W 500 magnum.

  55. They are really pushing this PTSD on Vets coming back from the sandbox. While some men are having issues coping with war induced PTSD those that can avoid claiming PTSD when applying for VA disability benefits should do so. By all means if it’s necessary do it, otherwise all it is giving “The Chosen One” and his ilk a backdoor in denying them their gun rights. As a disabled Vet that retired in 1989 this is just my humble opinion.

    1. Because they are afraid of us, Brother.

      They know that we’ve seen the bear and we’ll do what our conscience and our oath demands.

  56. Barry Hussein Obama Al-Sharif can sign any executive order he wants… I didn’t do 12 years in the Army to be told by a civilian with an unexplained background what to do…

    If they banned us from buying at gun shops, there is millions of other guns available everywhere else… I’m not worried about them taking them either, as they don’t have

    A) The manpower to begin with, even with the blue hats

    B) The manpower that would follow unlawful orders…

    The Nazi Bush family would have tried it a long time ago, and certainly Obama, if they thought that it had any chance of success

  57. And so the next totalitarian liberal tactic surfaces.

    And we will fight this like we have fought all the rest.

    But, since my wife is 30+ years younger than me, assuming too much rum and good living don’t kill me first, if I ever get to the point where I am collecting SS (doubtful since there won’t be any money left in it by then) I will “sell” all my guns to her with a legally notarized bill of sale.

    Besides, I can always say I sold them all through the “gun show loophole” and use their own idiocy against them.

  58. Barry won’t be satisfied until he completely “transforms America” into his vision of a Marxist paradise (aka Hell)

    Too many are still fooled by this pathologically lying Marxist statist – many because they see him as giving them underserved rewards paid for by other people, others because they’re too stupid

  59. So what other stupid laws does he want to make up before he leaves office? Sure as all soon to be former presidents he wants to leave his mark on America and the America people. Well they are never going to get that smell out of the white house, that will be just another mark that he has left on America. Take all of your stuff and dumb ass and move out. and take your stupid dog too! .Somebody call Mr. Clean and his buddy’s Ajax and Spic N Span, If Trump win’s Spic N Span will be out of a job!

    1. Not laws, Brother, “Executive Orders.” That’s how the Nazis get around the Constitution.

    2. @ Mikial.

      It WASN’T an Executive Order, it was what called a Presidential (Executive) Memorandum. It lacks the CLOUT of an Executive Order. It essentially get’s “Kicked” to Congress for a Clarification and a Bill. Which probably mean it will get “Booted” to the Supreme Court for a Ruling…

    3. Thanks, Secundus.

      I do appreciate that between all of us working together, we can sort out the Gordian Knot of the American political system, and I am glad it can be overrode or at least stalled and pushed into a long litigation.

      Either way, we have an . . . individual in the WH who seeks constantly to circumvent the checks and balances of the Constitution through the arrogance of the liberal mindset.

    4. @ Mikial: Not up to speed on Executive Orders, and this question was posed to me recently: [Can an incoming president’s executive order override/nullify a former president’s executive order]? As I said, I don’t know, but, I’ve got $50 riding on it says it can’t. Anyone out there know for sure? No guessing.. Gotta be sure.


    5. @WILL, excellent question and my money says it can be overrode by the sitting president, but may be subject to SCOTUS interpretation.

      Secundus seems to have done his homework on this . . what say you, Brother?

    6. @ Glock Guy.

      After that last Crack at John McCain (the Veteran and POW). Was Literally a Slap In the Face and a Kick In the Ass for ALL Service Men and Women alike. It was the Kiss of Death in Trump’s Presidential run. No In Uniformed Serving Man or Woman and Veteran alike, will vote for Trump now…

    7. @ McRuger.

      He may be the “Flavor of the Month” Now. But, seriously, I don’t see him giving up a ~$130-Million USD. a year job for a ~$400-Thousand USD. a year job…

  60. In my books The 3 last Presidents do not qualify for being a President. (Did not inhale – Dried out – Did inhale)

  61. In my books The 3 last Presidents do not qualify for being a President. (Did not inhale – Dried out – Did inhale)
    Trouble is that they got elected – Perhaps the majority is not
    qualify to vote. Hm… Thinking Thinking – Troubling.

    1. Scratch the last comment, it can out wrong TYPO’S, My Bad. It’s suppose to be:
      Venite, et fortitudinem, et honorem i per te veru morientis spirtum.
      A passage of the 9th Legion on the Thames (Timis) Britain. Translate to mean “Come and Take them through Strength and Honor, I Spit my Last Dying Breath at Thee…

    2. Great quote, I love Latin.

      We all know that in any struggle against a well trained and better equipped force, the tree of Liberty will indeed be watered with the blood of Patriots, so this has always been one of my favorites,

      “from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.” Captain Ahab, Herman Melville, Moby Dick.

    3. Very good! Star Trek rules!

      That’s where the script for the film got it’s inspiration.

    4. @ Mikial.

      That’s how I got Interested in Reading the Old Classics, Watching Star Trek. I wonder, though? Will I need a Permit for a 40-Watt Plasma Rifle…

  62. I just can’t wait to get this asshole out of office. I just hope that Americans are smart enough to put someone in office that loves Americans.

  63. “The Man” campaigned on ‘hoke’ and ‘chains’. We got the ‘hoke’ with “If you like your doctor…..”; now comes the ‘chains’.

    Oh, BTW, it’s no longer BS, it’s SS. The first S is for Steer. You do know how a Bull becomes a Steer, right?

    1. You can say that again he is the Manchurian Canidate. If there ever was one it’s him. It just all adds up .

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