Did Obama Have Intel that Attacks Were Coming?

You Will Pay

A British newspaper has quoted U.S. diplomatic sources as saying that the State Department had “credible information” two days before the attacks in Egypt and Libya occurred. The Obama administration is denying any such intelligence existed. You Will PayAccording to The Independent, senior diplomatic sources said that “the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and ‘lockdown’, under which movement is severely restricted.” In a report on, the Obama administration is “flatly denying a blaring British newspaper report that the U.S. diplomats in Libya were killed as a result of a ‘continuing security breach,’ and that ‘credible information’ about possible attacks had been ignored.” The CTD! community contains a lot of current and former LE, military, and probably some intel professionals hiding in the grass. What do you think happened? Is The Independent full of it, or did the Obama Administration and/or State Department disregard crucial information that ultimately led to the Benghazi consulate being overrun, and is now trying to cover that up? What should the Administration do next? Let us hear your thoughts and theories in the comments section below, and if you find helpful links, please post them as well.

— Cheaper Than Dirt! Chronicle Staff

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  1. Due to the fact that the adminstration lied about the attacks being a response to a video I very much doubt their denial of any intel. This administration seems so out of touch with reality that I doubt most of what I hear them saying. Admitting there was intel and there was a failure to act and Americans got killed would not be favorable to Obama’s re-election.

  2. My little brother talked with me tonight and topic of discusion was this thread. During the Bush years after the twin towers 9-11, Bush and his administration had a couple of spy satelites launched into space so we would have better way of collecting intellengence in that region and abroad. There’s a good possibility “Ears”, no let me rephase that, more than likely they watched it all unravel while the attack was happening. You bet they knew. All the pounding of the chest at the DNC about Al-Qaida weakened and Bin Ladin dead. Al-Qaida is in full swing and there are 1.6 billion Bin Ladins in that reigon alive and well. November 6 couldn’t get here any sooner…

  3. Of all times to let your guard down…9-11. The master of deception, prince of delusion and the clown of idiological agendas (ears) along with Broom Hilda steped on it and flattened it good this time. They sent these four people to their death,and now are tring to cover it up. Was this Bush’s fault also? The Ambassador in his journal which they found four days after the attack said in it the reigon was starting to build up with a great pressence of Al-Qaida in the reigon. They even told the White House that they felt they could die that evening. The White house said apologize…apologize for what???, the video was just a smoke screen. There was enough intellegence 48 hours prior and two wks prior to that of demonstrations at embasseys (US) in the reigon, to burn down the embassies and kill Americans.
    This attack was clearly planned…don’t have to be a rocket scientist to read the writing on the wall. On 60 minutes Sunday eve, “Ears” says that we hit a bump in the road. Say What??? A bump?? Nice to know that he could throw away the lives of 4 good Americans for his own agendas. That just adds to speculation of what he plans to do with the rest of us Americans (Fast and Furious, the Nato arms treaty he and Broom Hilda tried to back door us with). He and all his Socialist agendas & friends have to go!! This country is far too great and proud a nation(and another thing, I don’t need anyone apologizing for me when I did nothing wrong to them), to bow down to anyone to make us look weak and to destroy what my father, uncles and brothers fought for from WWII to present!

    In Their neck!!! We have an alternative, let’s exercise it before it’s too late…

  4. In my opinion, this is just another one of Hillary Clinton incompetence.

    It is impossible that 1) this was a spontaneous eruption over a film. 2) That a ambassador would actually go to a safe house rather than a embassy 3) that the people on the ground didnt have the best and most accurate intel. (Yes I believe the guys on the ground at this safe house knew very well what was in their neighborhood.)

    Obama and staff are just covering (much like Fast and Furious)

  5. Anybody with common sense should know that being an American in the Middle East on 9-11 is risky. Security was lax, this should never have happened. The response from a real leader would be a straight forward “NO EXCUSE”. We lost some good men because colluding, freedom-hating, bad people didn’t fulfill the oath of their office which made it possible for other bad men to kill these men. I’m disgusted by anyone who would make excuses for this administration’s failure. They are clearly culpable. It’s all too easy for those without a bloody nose to raise their dismissive and arrogant glances around a room full of other commiserating, guilty comrades while good men are buried and families morn their losses.

  6. BHO Middle-Eastern Policy is one based on “overseeing” that the U.S. role in the region is substantially diminished (simultaneously with that of Israel as well, hence his abandonment of our Ally) and to see the rise (he will say balance re-established) of the Muslim World. Essentially, he believes that American Policy in that region (actually the World at large) has been one of encroachment and colonialism.

    Folks, it’s up to us to see that this unmitigated disaster of which we are witnessing in our VERY HOME comes to an END on NOVEMBER Tue 6!!!!!

    May God Bless US All.

  7. O yea, On the day that happend he was off to 3 FUND RAISERS and knew about it. What a creep. VOTE M.R. We dont need gun grabers.
    This country needs to be run like a busness not a Fary Tail…..

  8. I dont see anything good coming out of the White House.
    They will just send Money 600000,000,00 to them and not fire a shot.

  9. > As far as Bush 43 knowing 9-11 was going to happen is better than saying he had it done.

    There is a wide gulf between “there was intelligence that indicated this” and “Bush/Obama had it done”. There is nothing to indicate that Obama knew that the embassy in Cairo or the Consulate in Benghazi was going to be stormed ahead of time.

    >I am just wondering why there were no Marines at the embassies

    Benghazi, where the killings occurred, isn’t a Embassy.

    > I had heard Hilliary ordered them out or to stay home

    Who did you “hear it” from? Alex Jones?

  10. If banack da-ho orama didn’t have intel, he should of (perhaps it was covered in one of the security briefings he did not attend). It’s Bush’s fault any how, orama can’t be held accountable for any errors, omissions or mistakes. I can’t wait to see Romney skin his worthless lying ass in political debate.

  11. Does it really matter ? Libya has just overthrown Ghadafi, how unstable does that place have to be ? In the absence of a stable foreign army to protect US embassy interests abroad, think maybe security ought to be provided by our own and at a level that is adequate and measures up to our standards ? It’s never going to be 100% safe, but better than what it was probably deters an attack ?

  12. Speaking as one with some experience with tactical intelligence during Vietnam, there is a big difference between “credible” information and “actionable” information. The feed-stream in places like the middle-east is immense and the process of analyzing and winnowing it down to the most credible data requires more than a couple of guys in a locked room. Then figuring out what to do about the information is way more complex than most laymen assume, especially in a diplomatic situation (combat decisions should be simpler but are often not). I seriously doubt that the people we have in any of those nations were totally unaware of the precariousness of their positions and the fact that Ambassador Stevens had security guards provided by an American firm (ex-SEALS no less)should indicate that (The Marines were at the Embassy but the Ambassador was not, so “Ernie’s Pile” might want to re-examine his sources). There was actually a person in the incident at Benghazi from my old Vietnam unit who escaped injury and is probably being debriefed now. With “The Wiz” on the scene you can bet they had the best ACTIONABLE intelligence available; you just can’t know everything. Oh, and JH; you need to adjust the aluminum foil in your hat.

  13. 9-11 is going to be the terrorists main attack date for the forseeable future. To ignore that reality by not being ready at all government and military installations is gross incompetance,but that has been our governments SOP for 75 years.Remember Pearl Harbour and the Phillipines.

  14. As secretive,and deceiving as the NWO regime is, it could have well been a staged inside job straight from the horses mouth himself to help set up his evil empires strategies!Many ignorant people proclaim that the NWO is a conspiracy theory,but in fact it has been recorded on you-tube,and other network sources a Naval Officer made the statement twice in the same sentence that there is a NWO movement taking place! So all these liberals,and deceived individuals when they stand to announce their loyalty by saying in unison “Hail to the Chief” unknowingly might be saying in reality hail satan!No wonder these intellectual morons can’t see past their master!

  15. I believe Maj Cole has it right. As far as Bush 43 knowing 9-11 was going to happen is better than saying he had it done. I am just wondering why there were no Marines at the embassies. I had heard Hilliary ordered them out or to stay home. This crud Obama is bad for America and I knew that before I saw 2016. Hell, his brother George is smarter economically than Barackward is!

  16. You have got to be kidding. If you think that Washington is pro America,republican, democrat,or any independent tickets all seem to be pointing toward the same agenda. Which would be anti American. Look James Carter, couldn’t fight Iran, Ronald Reagan the beloved, built more prisons than ever and more drugs were introduced even some you never heard of, than any period of time. William Clinton gave us NAFTA, George Bush Sr. Talked about family values but certainly did not value the family, William Clinton gave us NAFTA, George Bush Jr. Gave us two wars that were impossible to win, and Barack Obama, inherited all this and Washington continues to march right on top of the backs of all who believe in America. Look how many of them fought in any wars, had to live being over taxed, under paid, and totally disregarded.

    Surely any or of these treasonous indivuals clearly did some good, just to fail us on a social level. How long are we going to go along with our own denial. How long are we going to forget how to be American. William Clinton was named twice because WORK is important to everyone
    Except those who don’t work. And Mitt Romney hasn’t got a clue. A president would have to be one who is pro America not pro Washington .

  17. Glenn Beck (on BLAZE TV), using available information, laid out a very credible case that the “Ambassador” was in Libya with former SEALS (NOT Marine guards), on CIA business, likely to retrieve some weapons given the “rebels” prior to Quadaffi’s ouster. He was talking to the same people he’d given the weapons to and was easily lured in. Pure sunna! (for those who don’t know, sunna is “to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time,” from over seventy verses in the Koran) Sunna makes anything “spontaneous” in the Muslim world rather dangerous without approval from their clerics, and contact with clerics is frequent in the Muslim world. Muslims have no “Golden Rule” philosophy and their doctrine paints non-Muslims as less than human – hated by Allah. Yes, dehumanizing the enemy has always been a tool to get your guys to kill theirs. Killing us gets Muslims points toward paradise; if they die in the effort – pardise is assured! We may not be at war with Islam, but Koran 9:29, among others, surely describes a war. Want to learn?

  18. When the leader of Al Quaeda released a call for attacks on US Embassays & Consulates on to take place on 9/11, you would think someone in our government might think it would be a good idea to beef up security. But when we have a President who believes he can somehow cause those fanatical ragheads to change their ways simply by his awsome Obamaness, it’s easy to believe those threats were simply ignored. I guess it’s what we get for voting in a pathological narcissist as President.

  19. It wouldn’t be the first time our government ‘allowed’ something nasty to happen in order to gain public support for future actions they’re preparing to take that we normally wouldn’t approve of.

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