Obama Administration Releases Latest Executive Gun Control

Barack Obama

It seems the closer we get to President Obama departure from the White House, the more brazen he is getting with his gun control agenda. The administration’s latest action targets small manufacturers and gunsmiths—the heart of the firearms small business community. But make no mistake; an attack on one has a ripple effect and is an attack on us all. Here is the full release from the NRA-ILA: NRA-ILA logo On Friday, July 22, just as members of his party were gathering in Philadelphia to coronate Hillary Clinton as their presidential nominee, the Obama Administration once again released a sweeping gun control measure by executive fiat. This time the bad news came via the U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), which is primarily responsible for administering the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and its implementing rules, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The upshot is that DDTC is labeling commercial gunsmiths as “manufacturers” for performing relatively simple work such as threading a barrel or fabricating a small custom part for an older firearm. Under the AECA, “manufacturers” are required to register with DDTC at significant expense or risk onerous criminal penalties.

As with prior executive actions on guns, the administration released its dictate suddenly and without advance warning to or prior input from affected businesses, completely bypassing the normal formalities associated with a significant rulemaking. The guidance is also likely to result in more confusion than clarity and may significantly chill heretofore legal conduct associated with gunsmithing.

By way of background, the AECA and ITAR concern rules by which military materiel is exported from, and imported to, the United States. The so-called “defense articles” governed by the AECA/ITAR are compiled in what is known as the U.S. Munitions List and include some, but not all, firearms and ammunition, as well as their parts and components. Thus, for purposes of the regime, a spring or floorplate from the magazine of a controlled firearm is subject to the same regulatory framework as the firearm itself.

Barack Obama
As promised, President Obama is no longer relying on his phone, and enacting gun control with his pen through executive action.

The AECA/ITAR require anybody who engages in the business of “manufacturing” a defense article to register with DDTC and pay a registration fee that for new applicants is currently $2,250 per year. These requirements apply, even if the business does not, and does not intend to, export any defense article. Moreover, under ITAR, “only one occasion of manufacturing … a defense article” is necessary for a commercial entity to be considered “engaged in the business” and therefore subject to the regime’s requirements.

Adding to the confusion, the Gun Control Act of 1968 and its amendments (GCA) also regulate firearm manufacturing, importing, and exporting. Both of the laws also use the same or similar terms but apply them in different ways. Thus, what triggers the legal requirement for an entity to be registered as a “manufacturer” under the AECA/ITAR may or may not also bring that entity within the scope of the GCA, and vice versa.

DDTC’s new “guidance” only makes this situation worse by coming up with a confusing and counterintuitive list of activities that it considers “gunsmithing” versus “manufacturing” (despite the fact that it insists it relies on the “ordinary, contemporary, common meaning” of those terms).

For example, DDTC generally labels procedures that involve cutting, drilling, or machining of an existing firearm in order to improve its accuracy or operation or to change its caliber as “manufacturing,” even if they do not create a new and distinct firearm. This includes threading a muzzle for a muzzle brake or blueprinting that requires machining of a barrel.

On the other hand, DDTC contends that gunsmithing includes only very simple procedures, such as the one-for-one drop-in replacement of parts that do not require cutting, drilling, or machining for installation. But even then, if the parts “improve the accuracy, caliber, or other aspects of firearm operation,” “manufacturing” may occur. Finishing treatments for firearms generally are not considered manufacturing under the guidance, nor are cosmetic flourishes such as engraving. Meanwhile the mounting of a scope that involves the machining of new dovetails or the drilling and tapping of holes may or not be “manufacturing,” depending on whether the scope improves the accuracy of the firearm beyond its prior configuration.

Second Amendment
It seems the government only wants to pass laws to strip the weapons from honest gun owners. I have yet to hear of a single law being proposed that seeks to remove guns from the hands of criminals. Have you?

For those who are confused by the guidance, DDTC offers the option of requesting an advisory opinion through the agency. The regulation providing for such opinions, however, states they “are not binding on the Department of State, and may not be used in future matters before the Department.” Moreover, the request involves typical bureaucratic hoops to negotiate, including providing both an original and seven copies of the request and supporting information in hardcopy form.

DDTC’s move appears aimed at expanding the regulatory sweep of the AECA/ITAR and culling many smaller commercial gunsmithing operations that do not have the means to pay the annual registration fee or the sophistication to negotiate DDTC’s confusing maze of bureaucracy. Like ATF’s early “guidance” this year on the GCA’s licensing requirement for firearm “dealers,” it is also likely to have a significant chilling effect on activity that would not even be considered regulated.

The administration’s latest move serves as a timely reminder of how the politicized and arrogant abuse of executive power can be used to suppress Second Amendment rights and curtail lawful firearm-related commerce. That lesson should not be forgotten when voters go to the polls this November.

What’s next? What else do you think the President will do to assault the Second Amendment before he leaves office? Share you thoughts and opinions in the comment section.


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  1. Yeah, the biggest two issues here are drop in parts that require fitting (cutting, drill, or machining) and any drop in part that “improves the accuracy, caliber or other aspect of firearm operation” will now require ITAR compliance. That means even something as simple as a GHOST trigger in a Glock requires registration and compliance because it changes the firearm from its stock configuration (other aspect of firearm operation). Its not just registration, it is compliance as well. So we will have to keep records of all ITAR regulated gunsmith operations and sales of regulated parts.

    This will significantly increase my gunsmith rates and parts costs to comply.

  2. It’s not necessarily related, but this is exactly what they’re doing to try to shut down the electronic cigarette industry for small businesses. After recent FDA regulations, making anything at all that is intended for use in anything related to vaping is now considered manufacturing a tobacco product that you must register with and pay a hefty fee to the FDA to sell it. This includes rolling a simple piece of metal wire into a coil, it’s now a tobacco product that you manufactured…. it’s utterly ridiculous.

    So I’m not surprised they’d go down this same route with firearms.

  3. Another small step to disarm the American citizenry, which is what the anti-gun liberals want so they can have complete control over us.All hose little steps will eventually add up…right out of Sal Awinsky’s handbook on creating a socialist country.

  4. Someone with the capability and the means needs to file suit against Obama foe using executive order to legislate (that’s a no-no). In fact, it’s time to hold ALL these anti-gun/2nd amendment responsible when they ignore the law in quest for their progressive liberal agenda. They are the enemies within mentioned in the 2nd amendment and need to be treated as such.

  5. And what are their options, crimial underground, pay the fn fees (knowing that it is only the launching of even more restrictions and fees in future); or say the hell with it as they are a small group and they know that iother than gun owners enmasse whining and crying is a useless group.

  6. These are dark times, indeed. The very act of USING a firearm creates wear which “alters” the parts. So basically:
    1. Loading or unloading
    2. Disassembly/reassembly
    3. Target practice
    4. Mounting an accessory
    5. Cleaning
    or really just about anything else will qualify us as “manufacturers”.

    This is truly the beginning of the end for the Second Ammendment

  7. Just read-three times—the Executive Order in question. You can, too! Just simply Google “executive order July 22, 2016”. Since Mr, Dolbee has not clarified which EO Number, that is all we have to go on, the date.

    Get back to me when you read into that EO that the President is going to snatch our guns out from under us, OK? Or perhaps it was a different EO, in which case I would like to read that one, too. EO Numbers, please?

  8. All of the openly unconstitutional and asinine moves of this administration have not only weakened this country in every way imaginable, they have also made America a laughingstock among world powers, as every world leader knows that we have a weak, milquetoast, non-entity of a Community organizer in chief. His naked power grabs and numerous losses in the Supreme Court merely serve to expose his weakness. The stupid move of a fraudulent POTUS who wants to call you a “manufacturer” if you install a scope on your rifle is just another bridge too far. Of COURSE a scope will make a rifle shoot better, but nothing that you can do will make a gun shoot any better than it was already capable of shooting. You can add a $10,000.00 scope and it may make it easier to shoot well but it doesn’t make that barrel, or that action, actually shoot any better than the day it left the factory. Of course ANY rational, thinking human being would have to admit that these are openly and thoughtlessly unconstitutional laws and hopefully they will be overturned just like dozens of Bozo’s atrocities have already been crushed by the Supreme Court. Unfortunately the left has a supportive gang of propaganda ministers who gladly run interference for their lawless acts. It was inevitable that this leftist, gun-grabbing dope-fiend of a fake POTUS would attempt to over-step his lawful authority many more times before he’s forced out of OUR White House. Obama or any other corrupt, commie loving fraud of a President would do well to never forget that he (or she) is NOTHING more than a temporary employee of the citizens of this country and, as so beautifully stated in our Constitution, we ALWAYS reserve the right to kick ANY low-rent POS politician out on their behinds if they think that they can overstep the lawful limits on the power of the executive branch. This lifelong commie is, by far, the worst POTUS that this country has ever had to endure. He has gone out of his way to make many things much worse, yet we still survive. Of course his insane spending binge and his DOUBLING of our national debt will curse our descendants for many generations to come. The absolute worst thing that could happen to this country would be for the idiot sheep out there to elect a lying POS in an ugly pants suit to replace a commie loving dope-fiend. If that lying harpy is elected, it may well spell the end of this country as a Constitutional Republic. Until then we STILL, IN FACT, have a Constitution and that document remains as the ultimate law of the land no matter what the leftist Communist party USA members would want. We MUST stand together to protect our lawful, God-given rights that are so clearly spelled out in our Constitution. If we don’t stand together and FORCE these corrupt lying politicians to obey the law, then we will ALL be crushed by the tyranny that already runs rampant in the District of Corruption. I thank GOD for groups like Judicial Watch that work to STOP ANY politician who thinks that they can ignore our laws. Judicial Watch has beaten the Obama administration several times in OUR Supreme Court and if we can get a conservative back in the White House we can stop much of the illegal madness that we’ve been forced to endure for the last 8 years.

  9. Making guns illegal is a great idea, we should make meth and heroin illegal while we’re at it. That’ll keep all this bullsh*t out of the news.

  10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, OBOZO CAN GO F’K HIMSELF WITH HIS ILLEGAL BULLS–T, PERIOD…

  11. “Fear the government that fears your guns!”
    “The Tree of Liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of Tyrants and Patriots!”
    On entering military service many years ago. I took an oath to protect and defend The United States of America and The Constitution….. against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!
    I fear we have a domestic enemy problem…..

    1. As an Oath Keeper, do you defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic,mother Establishment Clause, the very first part of the very First Amendment?

  12. Next I suppose that – Polishing a FEED RAMP – will be considered “MANUFACTURING” by the MORON Obama, because MICROSCOPIC amounts of metal are being removed, which ALTERS the firearm.

    This JERK is out of his “MIND” and I use the word –mind– LOOSELY.

  13. obamalama is a P.O.S. who wants to leave a legacy before he leaves offic’e .His legacy now is he is a criminal, commie ,lying,racist muslim P.O.S. ! WHY would ANYBODY with a PEA BRAIN want to make their people DEFENSELESS? hillary is JUST LIKE him and they want guns out of our hands because they have BAD plans for us and they are afraid of gun owners because they CAN’T control us if we are ARMED ! IF hillary wins, say BYE to the GREAT U.S.A. ! EAT ME ! BOTH of YOU POS’S ! !

  14. Just as Rosa Parks decided that the law putting african americans in the back of the bus was unjust and she would not comply, the obama executive actions for gun control appear to be unjust if not
    un-Constitutional and it would seem that compliance would be optional as well.

  15. His a F……n %$#^. All he has to do is Enforce the existing laws in Detroit, washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, L..a, Oh, and guess their race?..

  16. Yeah, me and the idiot advocating lynching the President of the United States and Commander in Chief!?!

    You people are deranged nuts.

  17. There was a time when radar was first invented that an aircraft could avoid detection by literally “flying under the radar” and the term has entered the lexicon as meaning any sub-rosa activity. Obama infamously told Sarah Brady that his regime was working “under the radar” for gun control. Fortunately for the Second Amendment, we have a First Amendment which allows the Fourth Estate to detect “stealth” chicanery such as this.

  18. To elaborate I was thinking where the problem would be requiring all weapons registered even self manufactured. I can see you gettig stopped by a leo and becouse there are no registration markings on your lower they make big fuss

  19. All US government officials work of the UN. That’s the agenda. Read the UN ARMS TREATY. All elected officials take their oath of office at Title 22 CFR Foreign Relationships. The is an international issue. American politics
    on anti-gun issues in the smoke screen…WTF up! Mr Dolbee need to do research and stop parroting politiciansl

  20. Hi! Hi!
    All I know is I started shooting me Paps’ rifles when I was 6. By time I was 8, Iwas shooting crows for neighbors and earning $.25/pr o’ feet. I went to church every Sunday and was taught to always be honest and true. That meant to GOD, me COUNTRY, and EVERYONE who was honest and trustworthy. Well, I’s 53 NOW, and if’n spit keep goin’ the way it seem to be, I WILL BECOME AN OUTLAW. AND if’n me Mams & Paps were still alive, they WOULDN’T EVEN tan me ass for it. And if’n they EVER do pry me COLD DEAD HANDS off me weapons & take THE ONES THEY FIND. Me surviving family members will STILL HAS ACCESS TO THE ONES THE GOVERNMENT WILL NEVER FIND !!! GOD Bless America and ALL her Patriotic Citizens !!!

  21. Once again this president has sign an executive order on guns. First of all what part of “shall not be infringed” does he not get and second his executive orders are meaningless because all laws must be passed by the congress. He is a wanna be dictator and traitor to this country on so many levels. It will be nice when January 20th gets here unless of course Hillary is elected. In that case it may be time to revolt against these communists.

  22. Most people even the anti-gun control folks obviously don’t realize we
    went to war against England for less than what is being done to us now….. And people are SO SCARED to initiate AR2!

    1. “And people are SO SCARED to initiate AR2.”

      My point exactly, though the hyperbolic bile about doing so seems to be shared by all posters here. Just a bunch of loud-mouthed Teabillies with no clue about what they are talking about. It is not 1850 anymore, nor even 1750, but some truly wish to go back there (and take their antibiotics and Pop Tarts with them, of course). Just plain insanity.

      Thanks for the clarification.

    2. Hyperbolic bile indeed Mr. T. Nobody here is calling for a war. This is about civil disobedience over government intrusion on what has been viewed as a constitutionally protected right and found so by the Supreme Court. It’s your side of this that wants a fight.

      The “bile” on the left wing/collectivist sites makes the strongest statement made here look very tame. The common them is visiting violence on one group and the appropriation of other’s property in the name of reprisal for every wrong real and imagined in the last 400 years. Never anything but hate for my country and a desire for it’s destruction but I’m pretty sure you already know that. This is where your erstwhile friends and allies live.

      Just a word of caution though because this polyglot assortment of self serving ideologies, like the Apache of 150 years ago, will fight each other the moment no other “enemy” is available.

      It’s remarkable how smug and confident your side is about being able to control events if things do come unhinged. Nobody including and especially you has any idea where things will go if something like that begins and some of the possibilities are rather dark. You and your friends won’t like it any better than the people you mock as “Teabillies” despite what you may think.

      Perhaps some of your friends in Venezuela can give us some tips on coping with all the good things the cohort known as Millennials have in mind for us.


  23. I’ll give up my guns when Hillary goes to jail. Oh, yeah, wouldn’t it be nice if liberal progressive could spell?

  24. Executive Order is simply another word for a Dictators decree. It is VITAL that you get out and vote for Trump/Pence in Nov. if we are to prevent our beloved country from being destroyed.

  25. I imagine if I lap an upper for a barrel installation or replacement I will become a manufacturer? I better but all my gunsmithing tools tools now before a go/no go gauge becomes a NFA regulated item.

  26. I AM THE 3%R.
    For people who are free and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security

  27. Not my quote [and slightly paraphrased], but I agree with it wholeheartedly: The country can survive 2 terms of Obama. But it may not be able to survive with a majority of voters who would elect him to 2 terms.

  28. Don’t plan on obeying any of his BS EOs. It the FBI can make up it’s own mind on what laws to obey, I guess I can too.

    An unlawful government as this one is can not expect a lawful citizenry. Anyone else?

    1. Why not, after all its the government that works for us, so if they can disobey laws then so can we.. These ridiculous mandates are just the libtard anti gun nuts pulling at any straws they can. Instead of battling the real problem again they go after us, the law abiding citizens

  29. YES TOMINATER YOU MORON VOTE REPUBLICAN AND TRUMP /PENCE . It is not only conservative repubs and dems who know that HILLARY can appoint 2 to 3 SCOTUS justices and that weould lead to the reversal of the HELLER decision which in turn does away with our right to bear arms .It is not just isis we need to protect ourselves from and have the right to do it in America such as illegal felons ,gangs ,thugs ,racist black lives matter sympatizers the list goes on add the aftermath of possible natural disasters or some bio or small nuke attack or even an cyber attack on our power grid you will need a gun to defend what is yours .And against any and all threats to americans foreign or domestic wghich i will fight to protect in any means neccassary so a no vote is a vote for HILLARY Americas worst nightmare i rest my case there are only two choices my man her or him .

  30. Executive Orders apply only to the Executive Branch of government. Tell the a-hole to go F*&k himself.

    His actions are immoral and unlawful. He is the criminal. Remember your LAWFUL SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!

    When faced with tyranny it is our responsibility as Americans to FIGHT!

    1. Then DOMIT already! Take up arms and start the Revolution and Civil War you want so badly. Unless you’re just a coward running off at the mouth, that is.

    2. Tominator is a good example of the wack job liberal agenda. Peace love and flowers instead of guns, until they,re throwing rocks and bottles at conservative supporters in a rally or shooting at our brave first responders. Go get him Feds. He’s written enough on this blog to be proven guilty of subversive, threatening intent. Tominator, what’s your plan for president Trump? You wouldn’t happen to be from Syria, would you?

    3. Perhaps, I was too harsh…Like all Clinton supporters, Tominator is probably just worried he/she will lose his/her welfare check and food stamps if conservatives gain office.

    4. F* That! I already am! My gun and ammo are in my trunk! How many others are just full of diarrhea of the mouth!

    5. I have to wonder who will become Tominator’s spokesperson after he has handed over his 1st and 2nd amendment rights as well as all the rest of his rights to the liberal elite. Obviously he is on some sort of koolaid high. Remember that Stalin and Lenin were just socialists trying to do the right thing for their fellow citizens, but somehow around 20 million of them got mysteriously killed for not listening I guess. He wants us to allow king Obama to declare martial law and stay in office. Do not dismiss staying the course as being afraid, as being smart and waiting out the end of evil’s term is the best recourse.

  31. This ape is the ultimate criminal!! He should hang from a tree in downtown DC for all to see. . .

    1. Then quit whining about the man and GO DO IT already. That is, if you’re not the coward you must be.

    2. Tominator, you’re pretty loose with calling folks cowards. Put up or shut up, show us your bravery buddy. Otherwise go fawn over some Hill-a-saurus fans. You aren’t helping the discussion with your childish taunts.

    3. How about we start with you first and work our way up.

      Your Address?

      I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

      Domestic only. And yes,that would be you Tominator.

  32. The President is adding more fuel to the fire; he already instigates the random shootings and school shootings with his policies and media press. He already has proven himself to be anti-American and pro muslim terrorists as well as accommodating illegals and terrorists by giving them Constitutional rights, protections, benefits and immunity from the laws of the land. His executive orders are to stir up trouble…instigate a crisis…prod a gun owner into doing something stupid. Clinton’s declaration of guns being a national crisis is setting the atmosphere for this president to stir up more civil unrest so he can declare martial law and suspend the elections…this president would never be able to go after real criminals because he is one and would have to indict himself. All the blacks rioting, all the illegals criminal activities and the terrorist cells and muslim intimidations throughout our society is putting a big smile on muslim O’s face…he likes trouble….he has our troops all over the world (national guard who were trained to protect our soil) fighting 6-7 wars that Bush never had. He gives money to terrorists and muslims to infiltrate America and destroy it. With our troops gone, he might just get our police to turn against the American citizens…when they are not sufficient, he’ll bring in the UN peacekeepers. I have written and called congressmen and senators, judges and lobbyists over the past 8 years and voiced my concerns. Never has anyone responded with any solutions. The GOP does not care that Obama lies regularly and that his czars give money away that congress has nothing to say about. The GOP has to be in collusion because they certainly do not raise any opposition…they talk of the budget and health care…who cares when the money goes to build muslim mosques and feed terrorists overseas and our law enforcement is forbidden from offending illegals or muslims as they destroy this country. After 100 letters to politicians without ever getting anyone to say anything about the illegal activities of this administration; the treason Obama’s committed, and the perjury, the constant lies and the misappropriation of funds and the multiple war fronts that he sent our troops to without congressional approval…all I can conclude is that the GOP is on the take and covering their own tails to protect their own interests – they really don’t give a darn about the country or the honest, working, law-abiding citizens. Just don’t do anything to cause more gun laws…use golf clubs and tennis rackets. This corrupt administration has approved of the criminal activities of the illegals and the drug dealers and pimps and muslim hate groups because it sets us up for a big fall….I just can’t believe that people still approve of this administration…sin has indeed blinded the eyes of the people

    1. Well said John! I agree with everything you stated and I’m sure there’s much more where that came from too! As an Army veteran I do have to say that H. W. Bush did send National Guard troops to Iraq in 91and I was stationed with a unit that went over. As far as this current war you may be right. It’s unbelievable how many millions of Americans still believe their own government on anything at all these days. Barry still has a 54% approval rating? That’s total bull crap and the slave stream media knows it. I’m just wondering if the next economic collapse will hit before he leaves office or if it happens right after the next one becomes president. Trump is a really odd candidate but Clinton would be the end of the constitution for sure.

  33. Obama is the biggest threat to this Country and to freedom in general. He and the Clintons are nothing more than globalist enablers trying to suppress the American population to the point that Socialism and global governance can be instituted in the USA. You better have someone “improve the accuracy” cause you may need it to repel these traitors and their puppets. And be prepared to secretly cache your weapons if they want to get them.

  34. Can’t even pass a law to keep terrorists from buying guns. So why is anyone surprised that this administration is gonna look at every loophole possible to keeps guns out of the wrong hands. Even if it makes it harder for the good ones. Let’s grow up and talk compromise. Nobody is taking anybody’s guns. It’s outrageous to think that any gun law will lead to the impossible task of taking everyone’s guns.

    1. Yep, you are correct that the present Administration are insane, and as is commonly known that Liberals,progressives, socialists, DumbocRats will try their best to take as many guns,and limit what they can’t take. This administration already is preventing our veteran coming back from war from being able to possess, or purchase firearms with the designation of PTSD, and even depression. And if someone has a designated power of attorney, or a fiduciary and on Social Security, they check if they have any weapons and confiscate them too. It’s called “thinning out the herd” ,take what they can take, and make it as hard as possible on those that they can’t bully our weapons from us. But it is coming soon. Are you ready for that 4am knock….well, No Knock…..???

    2. @ RB,

      You wrote:

      “Let’s grow up and talk compromise. Nobody is taking anybody’s guns. It’s outrageous to think that any gun law will lead to the impossible task of taking everyone’s guns.”

      I’m certain you would have offered the persecuted Jews the same bad advice in a 1930s Germany or the Australians during their 1996 mass confiscation. Even here in the U.S. your misguided words of wisdom would completely repulse the realities of those that experienced hundreds of their guns illegally confiscated during 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

      And as I type this, your words are of little comfort to the thousands of citizens and veterans throughout the most draconian anti-gun states currently battling those governments for the return of their unlawfully confiscated firearms. It happens every day.

    3. Thanks GMan,your words of wisdom and clarity, are always appreciated. You tell it how it is, and not how people “see” it.

    4. The government can and will disarm us and won’t think. Twice about doing it. They know and expect major opposition and they expect bloodshed as well but they don’t care.. To them it’s worth it. I myself have quite the collection of weapons and ammo, as I have been collecting for some time.. I just recently retired from the United States Army Special Forces after 30 years and will tell you firsthand that this has been an readiness exercise we’ve trained for many times.. Not directly confiscating weapons from civilians but ” what if’s” in time of domestic civil unrest
      I can assure you a vast majority of our military and civilian law enforcement personnel wouldn’t obey any unlawful orders given by a gun hating dick swinging way left president. Remember, these personnel are the same as you and me and they see all lawful gun owners as one of their own.. In fact I’d think any orders given like that would be an all out revolution against our government. It’s still We the People and we’re still in control not them. We have the power to stop them but it takes more than us writing here. Write your representatives from your state on your stance be the voice after all they work for us and they have to abide by our wishes but we have to do it in overwhelming numbers. They don’t tell us what’s right for us its us that determine what is right for us

    5. @RB
      So we are supposed to wait until the come to take them right? I DON’T THINK SO! My family fought in the Revolutionary War how about yours? My family fought in the Civil War how about yours? My family fought in EVERY war this country as been in, how about yours? I get so tired of people saying “we need compromise” or “we need common sense gun control”. It’s all a matter getting people lulled to sleep. Keep drinking your fluoride and go back to sleep!

    6. Hehehe. It’s outrageous tho think that Herr Donald der Fuhrer Drumpf would be the undisputed, duly elected leader of the Republican Party (and possibly the Kremlin, too), but there it is, and no more outrageous than Obama and Hillary teaming up after the election to whisk away all the guns in America—including those in every single gun store and warehouse in the nation and beyond—right outta our cold, dead hands, and all accomplished in less than 2.5 hours on a Sunday night. After all, that’s how Bill Clinton got all our gunz in the ’90s, don’t ya know, you betcha!? *wink wink* VOTE REPUBLICAN, ya HEAH?!

    7. Never touch the stuff, I’m just high on watching what conservative voters have built over the past 3 or 4 decades. I am delighting in the spectacle, in fact.

    8. I wonder will this affect the finishing of 80% lowers by hobbyist it seems if not it may be heading that way.

    9. It would be impossible to stop hobbyists from making AR lowers – you can even bolt one together from steel or aluminum plate. Heck, I even saw a crude, but functional, AR lower carved out of pine once! I CAN, however, see the leftists passing laws that say that any parts bought have to be for a registered AR, and forcing sellers/manufacturers to require buyers to show a proof of registration before members of the general public can buy parts…or ammo…or accessories. OBozo and HilLIARy will always find ways to weasel their way out of following the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when it comes to the rights of those who don’t follow their communistic ideology. That’s why we MUST vote the leftists out of power this year!

    10. You sound like a Hobama , Killary lover. Good luck out there! My Father always said opinions are like assholes , everybody has one! We need a true patriot to lead this country out of this treasonous graft ridden Hobama mess.

  35. It really is time for massive civil disobedience from the firearms community. Every last shooter, collector, dealer and smith. I will leave the particulars to your creative imaginations; but I have read some good books on the subject.

  36. So if I go to online and buy a threaded muzzle brake for my Mosin that comes with a self-threading kit that makes me a manufacturer.

    Just wow….

  37. Oh! where ‘o where is the the Congress that we elected? Why cannot they get off their duffs and stop O’Bama from his unconstitutional deeds. Oh, yeah, I forgot, They’re too concerned with bi-partisanship to do anything. I contacted my state’s Federal Senator, (Jeff Sessios), a couple of weeks ago because I was concerned over O’Bamas newest trade agreement called TISA which makes our Immigration Laws moot, but haven’t heard a word. The information in the article above will cause a lot of gunsmiths to ‘go out of business’, but another scheme by O’Bama will, most likely, deplete their trade anyways and that is his agreement with the UN to implement its “Small Arms Treaty”. If the Senate ratifies this treaty, The 2nd Amendment will be compromised.
    Any nation that ratifies the treaty will be expected to utilize the International Small Arms Control Standards or ISACS including Mandated national screening for all persons seeking to own a gun, Licenses for gun and ammo sales, Restrictions on how many guns and ammo any properly licensed indidual may legally own, bans on magazines of more than 10 rounds, and bans ons on owning a firearm for self-defense. Note: In CT one must already sign a form before purchasing Ammo!
    I’ve been saying for several years now that the United Nations has outlived its original charter and if not disbanded, the US should withdraw its membership and tell the UN to find another country in which to have its headquarters!

    1. @Jim: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, my senator as well, is way too busy trying to maneuver himself into position to be anointed to the SCOTUS in the fantasy universe of a Trump presidency. Like all other conservative republicans, he has played the christianists for fools and doesn’t care about anything but himself. But don’t let facts get in the way of emotional hip-shooting, as it were.

    2. Mr. T: Some might say it is you who struggles with “facts.” I wouldn’t be one of them. You know very well you’re typing trollish ignorance which is why, I might point out, you are mostly ignored.

      Few politicians in US history have been more consumed with themselves than your friend and mentor Barry Soetoro. He worships himself and you pay homage.


  38. what good will my guns do when they come to my door to get them? Take down those takers ! I have yet to see any ballistic vest capable of stopping a 12 gauge slug at 10 feet or less from the muzzle, or a 308Win or 30-06 … or a riot helmet face shield that will stop any of those or 9 pellets of 00 buck at that range ! If I go down I will take as many of them with me as possible ! And while I am defending my home my neighbors can open fire on the vehicles the goons came in so their radios cannot call for backup !

    1. I am 100% with you brother. I swear to my God in Heaven that I will not go down without a fight to the death if necessary.

  39. I am concerned that we are taking this executive order too lightly. The way this order is worded, a single instance of repairing, modifying or construction on a firearm makes the worker a manufacturer. That would include any of us individuals that work on or modify our on weapons. It would also include all the people that have taken forged and 80% frames and built guns from them, and people that have bought kits of parts and fabricated a receiver for them. I think this order is much more comprehensive and onerous than most suspect. Any of us that fall into these categories could find a Federal employee at our front door with a search warrant and a warrent for our arrest.

    1. @ Richard Hinton,

      Good point. I pondered myself whether some over-zealous anti-gun prosecutor may try to use this on the average Joe to make an example. I was shocked to read some of the simplest of things they now consider as manufacturing. In just the past year I have done various works on my firearms which easily fall well within their new definition.

      I suppose what spares us is their phrase – “In the business of…” But that handy hunting buddy always willing to tap new scope threads for a six-pack had better watch out now.

  40. Bottom line HRC will sign more Eo’s then Obama has vote trump or lose them all that simple and pray he wins or the 2nd amendment will be stripped from our constitution.

  41. This is a much bigger deal than many people may realize. The majority of tasks we seek gunsmiths for are now considered manufacturing. The few things they have left unregulated for gunsmiths can easily be done by the consumer anyway; such as drop-in parts kits and scope mounting. There can be little doubt this was done to intentionally regulate the average mom ‘n pop gunsmith out of business.

  42. This administration never makes any laws that would oppress, fine, tax, restrict or use extortion against criminals. If you notice, all the solutions to gun crime is directed to the people who do not commit crimes with their guns. If this administration decided to indict criminals, they would have to begin with themselves. They are thieves, traitors, liars, killers and no more honorable than Al Capone, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Hitler or Stalin. They have done a great job of destroying this country. When the call for gun confiscation happens, will Americans have any will to stand up and say no? Will the people finally decide to take a stand when it is too late? The conservative members of government could have done something about the treasons and anti-American tyranny from the Obama administration, but they choose to protect their own interests by not rocking the boat. Either they are on the take themselves or they are just so self-absorbed they fail to see the consequences of this criminal government. Benedict Arnold and Richard Nixon should be exonerated; their crimes will never compare to the treasons and perjuries and stealing this president and administration has done to the people. Liberals continue to nurture the civil unrest and criminal behavior of illegals and Muslims who want to destroy us so they can eventually punish the law abiding gun owners on a pretense to stop crime. With our troops fighting a half dozen wars around the world they will declare martial law and bring in UN troops to keep peace…but, they will not go to illegals and muslims even if they have bombs strapped on their chests…they’ll go to gun owners and law abiding citizens. We are so darn law abiding that we will probably obey the laws right up to the confiscation of our guns, bank accounts, property and freedoms. Too bad the militias just blow a lot of hot air…we could have used them to save this country. America’s days are shortened and the next generation is absorbed in games and entertainment and entitlements that keep them bound to their own covetousness; they have a very compliant mob mentality that will be obedient to the tyrants. Sad to see the nation fall from within…we may have been great at one time but now we are just gullible…what good will your gun do when they come to your door to get it?

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