NRA’s Hammer: Florida Ruling is a Prescription for Trouble

In a July 5 letter to Florida-based NRA members and friends, Marion P. Hammer, NRA Past President and current Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director, wrote:

Marion Hammer

“…[on] June 29, in an order that reads like it was written by the Brady Campaign and the anti-gun lawyers of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Miami Judge Marcia Cooke struck down the so-called Docs & Glocks law, which would have protected Florida’s gun owner privacy rights.

“Judge Cooke’s order ridiculed the law, saying supporters of the law couldn’t provide anything but ‘anecdotal information’ to prove the law was needed to protect patients from discrimination. She said the state’s arguments in favor of the law rest on a ‘legislative illusion.'” Hammer’s letter continued, “Be very careful, ANYTHING you say or tell your doctor in confidence may not be confidential at all anymore, if they enter it or has entered it into your medical records. Particularly, whether you have guns in the home and where they are stored.” She said the Florida law, passed to stop doctors from interrogating children and their parents about gun ownership and guns in the home, and entering the information into medical records, is especially important now. Fears are escalating that government will have access to medical records that can become lists of gun owners, Hammer said.

She wrote, “If you doubt the government can access your medical records, ask yourself if you really believed the federal government could force you to buy health insurance.”

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  1. More cold dead fingers macho talk; for if it is the law you “WILL”tell. them the information.
    Feds already know the potential amounts of weaponry you have at home, just by the registered weaand espevially by hinting lisence (all cjeclef by homeland decurity for felons) and your petmits.
    Oh you will compromise for your wife and kids sake and tell yhen only those you purchasefd legally, but compromize is all any of us can do.
    Welcome to the real woeld of being dubjects to tje empire.
    Its your empire. you suppott it.
    ill from fear of bevoming a felon
    onry you purchased.

  2. NONE OF MY DOCTORS BUSINESS WHAT SO EVER. My weapons are not anyone’s business and it has nothing to do with my health providers. I don’t even know what my doctor or anyone’s doctor has to do with weapons in their patients’ home. I have never and will never discuss weapons in a conversation with my doctor or anyone else I do not care to have that conversation with. PERIOD!

  3. Not just this article, but so many others… we’ll see commenters swoop in acting as if their advice is somehow more level headed than anyone else’s in here. Acting cool as a cucumber, they instruct us on how unwarranted our concerns are. They tell us how we are over-reacting and wasting our time worrying about such things. Their comments usually end with snide remarks in an attempt to come off as superior while throwing hints of insults in an effort to make others look stupid.

    The mere fact that someone, somewhere, wants to know this information is cause for alarm in and of itself. Nothing further need be said. However I will say more. How can you go so blindly through life and not care about who and why they want this information? How could you not be concerned about how it will be manipulated and used? Where do you think the anti-gun activists get their data? If you don’t think it is used to lobby congress and sway opinion, then think again. I have worked in analytics and can tell you that anyone can make numbers work for or against any cause they deem necessary. My point is that it doesn’t matter how accurate the data is, it only matters that there was a collection of data. So the only way to prevent data manipulation is to stop its collection to begin with. That is why people that understand the dangers are so willing to go to court to stop it.

  4. let me tell all the doctors in this country it is none for you GDB what I and my family do in our house. if you want me to answer this question tell me how many whores you have been with with out your wives knowledge or how much money you make.
    any one that stands with this law is an period

  5. What guns I have at home is absolutely none of any bone headed physician’s business. Firearms are legally owned by virtually all (Chicago keeps trying to buck the Supreme Court). Keep your meddling nose out of my business. Don

  6. As a FORMER resident of the the stqte of Florida, it makes me glad that my children and I live here in Texas.

  7. As a Florida resident and NRA member, I thought the law went too far and should have been overturned. I have no problem with a doctor asking me about my gun ownership. However, I reserve the right to tell him it’s none of his business. And whatever I say should be kept private, and the doctor should not be allowed to refuse treatment based on my answers or lack thereof. That would have been a common sense law, but the what was passed went overboard.

  8. Keep them guessing. I’ve told the doc during my kids physical that we have a Katyusha rocket launcher in the backyard along with a few thousand rifles and pistols… all “made safe” so kids can’t accidentally operate them. When pressed to tell him if I was kidding, I just sat there stone-faced. So, he has to make the decision of whether to enter it or not.
    If he does and the gov adds that to their dark list, then they’ll be looking for a rocket launcher in my yard… glad to send them on wild goose chases while the rest of the country is busy filing “lost firearm” reports. 🙂

  9. Ya I completely agree with #3.

    The Doctor has to make a scary judgemet call about whether or not you pose a threat to others and his or her judgement may not always accurately reflect whether or not an individual poses a threat. Beyond that, the use a person’s MEDICAL records for purposes other than keeping than health should be a criminal activity whether it is the Government or anyone else doing it — let’s address the other end of this issue!!

  10. Who mentioned subpoenas (but you)? Under “Barrycare” they won’t need subpoenas. And YOU have no right to know where anyone keeps their guns or what they want to do with them!!!

  11. ….and precisely what could/would you possibly do if you personally, did have this information???? Nothing, that’s what.

  12. Anything you tell a doctor has always been able to be subject to a subpoena if warranted. Doctors also have a duty to protect others if they believe their patient poses a threat. I want to know if some nut is telling his doctor he has guns and wants to go on a killing spree.

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