NRA Women New Energy Profile: Molly Smith

Meet Smith & Wesson Junior Captain Molly Smith. Molly shares her passions for the Second Amendment, competitive shooting and safe firearm handling.  

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Comments (7)

  1. What a great ambassador for the NRA, S&W and the shooting arts in general. This kid has a quick mind and wants to go to law school. I hope I live long enough to vote for her.

  2. This is a video i would love to share with others.. I LOVE to see Ladies gittin involved with shooting… I have inspired, & trained a few myself, includin signin them up for NRA, & even got a few reloadin their own.. Good Luck on Yer ventures Molly, & KEEP havin Fun.. Thank You to CTD for sharrin this..

    Ed Whitney

  3. Another Politician, Supreme court Justice? And how much Brain Washing will she receive form the Liberals before she gets there? How much Freedom will she Concede in the name of Safety, saving just 1 Life, etc. All Gun Laws are Unconstitutional Already, because they Infringe on the 2nd Amendment.. Registration, serial numbers, computer chips, etc. It’ll probably all ready be in place by the time she finishes College. Will we even have a Supreme Court then, or just a one man Dictatorship?

  4. That was really a great video. She has an impressive level of energy. She also has an inspiring attitude.

    It made me happy to watch it.

  5. I couldn’t turn this off. Kept thinking of my own cutie daughter and her ability to safely handle a firearm. Keep up the great work Molly!

  6. WOW.
    What a great inspiration for girls and women everywhere. A testament to her parents, that proves if you spend the time to RAISE YOUR CHILDREN that it pays vast dividends.

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