NRA Warns About Gun-Info Ban

Google Censorship

The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is warning gun owners about an Obama State Department move to censor online speech related to firearms— including forums, videos, and blogs like the Shooter’s Log. Gunsmiths, manufacturers, reloaders, and do-it-yourselfers could all find themselves muzzled under the proposed State Department rule and would be unable to distribute or obtain technical information on and about firearms without a license.

The State Department claims to be “clarifying” the rules concerning technical firearms data posted online or otherwise released into the public domain in the June 3 issue of the Federal Register.

With the new proposal that begins on page 31525 of Vol. 80 No. 106 of the Federal Register, the State Department would have oversight over releases of “technical data” about defense articles, including, “detailed design, development, production or manufacturing information” about firearms or ammunition. Specific examples of technical data are blueprints, drawings, photographs, plans, instructions or documentation.

How does the State Department claim this authority?

NRA-ILA has warned gunowners that a proposed rule by the State Department could limit online communications of technical firearms details — under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
NRA-ILA has warned gunowners that a proposed rule by the State Department could limit online communications of technical firearms details — under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

As an NRA-ILA statement explained, “For the past several years, the Administration has been pursuing a large-scale overhaul of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which implement the federal Arms Export Control Act (AECA). The Act regulates the movement of so-called ‘defense articles’ and ‘defense services’ in and out of the United States. These articles and services are enumerated in a multi-part ‘U.S. Munitions List,’ which covers everything from firearms and ammunition (and related accessories) to strategic bombers.

“The transnational movement of any defense article or service on the Munitions List presumptively requires a license from the State Department. Producers of such articles and services, moreover, must register with the U.S. Government and pay a hefty fee for doing so.” Penalties for violations are severe and for each violation could include up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $1 million. Civil penalties can also be assessed. Each unauthorized “export,” including to subsequent countries or foreign nationals, is also treated as a separate violation.

The regulations regarding export of “defense articles” were originally promulgated in the days before the Internet. Some State Department officials now insist that anything published online in a generally accessible location has essentially been “exported,” as it would be accessible to foreign nationals both in the U.S. and overseas.

Also, in an attached regulatory analysis and notice in the Federal Register, the State Department “is of the opinion that its proposed rule is exempt from the rulemaking provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act,” which require disclosure under specified procedures. But the department is “publishing this rule with a 60-day provision for public comment and without prejudice to its determination that controlling the import and export of defense services is a foreign affairs function.” Public comment will be accepted on the proposed regulation until August 3, 2015. Comments may be submitted online at or via e-mail at with the subject line, ‘‘ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage.” Read More

Do you think this proposed rule is another backdoor attempt at curtailing gun freedoms, like the MX855 ammo ban? Or is NRA-ILA overreacting? Let us hear your opinions in the comments section below.


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  1. I had to fill out a form this, Nov. 2017, because i was buying 2 bump stocks and a knife. The reason given by the seller, Optical Planet, was that my billing address was different from my shipping addrress. which is true, i own 2 houses, one in Florida, one in KY. This apparently makes me be suspect of international arms trafficking…??? again, 2 bump stock and a knife. which i never recieved, bc they were out of stock and still are.

  2. The “militia” is an organizing societal principle, not a government creation. Terminating the bureau merely ends an artificial bureaucratic function, not a social concept.

  3. Dave; pretty impressive education. How does mine stack up. Ah not really bad. Let’s see. AS in GE majoring in accounting and anthropology, AS in Equipment Technology, and a Juris Doc in law.

    1. Well as said on Jericho. As Jakes Grandfather story telling went, I’ll say the same. Nuts!!!

    2. I can take the side comments. Really do not care. You raise all the speculation of what this new law will affect when it is written. There is one thing for sure the state department will be prepared to defend itself against a constitutional challenge. The delay in writing the law is based on state department preparing to defend itself in court. In law you study your opponent, find their resources they will use as a defense. In this matter the state department will use Prof. Kaufman, Constitution Law professor and his class at Harvard School of Law to presubmit briefs on a constitutional defense to the USAG. They will most likely use Princeton to presubmit briefs on consumer protection, and use New York International Law School to presubmit on International Trade and national security. Then they will write and impose the law. Writing the law does give anyone the right sue. The new law must meet the time test or constitutional challenges. Once the law is enforced on a private individual or corporation, they are ones that have the standing right sue based on a constitutional objection to the law.

  4. So, because of potential crimes in arms traffic — something that the US partakes in daily — Bob Smith from Dubuque Iowa “needs permission” for a blog entry about the proper way to clean an M&P Shield?

    OK, Obama…that’s enough. It’s time for you to go. And take Hillary I-can’t-satisfy-my-man Clinton with you.

  5. I just want everyone to know that I am new to the gun world. Yes I shot and hunted with a bb gun, pellet gun and a .22LR when I was a youngster. Now that I’m older and disabled I bought a hand gun with CW permit for protection and a 12 guage shotgun. I still have my .22LR and it works as good as the day I bought it. I bought some other guns as well and the best place I found how to clean the guns and take them apart is on the internet. they show you how to take it apart, clean it and put it back together. will all of this be banned under the new law?

  6. Sounds like we are headed for a book burning, hard drive smashing event, sponsored by the new “Brown shirts”.. now everyone without foresight or a spine say “baah”.. I find it sickening that a few liberals on both party sides backed by rich control freaks (one world order, Soros, Lewis, etc) could bring about such “hope and change” literally unchallanged, via media control and back door politics. Frank Zappa saw it coming in the 70’s, ala “I am the slime”. Look up the lyrics, uncanny foresight. Truly sad that a stoner saw it coming so clearly 40 years ago yet so few see it now, right in front of their noses. by the people for the people has changed to by the influential for the peoples own good. Land of the free, home of the brave is slipping from our grasp and under our watch.

  7. I don’t see any reference to firearms in the government document that is linked to this article. I don’t see that this rule we have any real effect on firearms related websites. What it does do is to make clear that publishing on the internet is an export. But, to qualify it would have to be an export controlled technical data item. This doesn’t include information that is commonly available.

    If this was the case then any discussion of defense weapons systems like fighter aircraft, tanks, ships or missiles, etc. would be banned. That is obviously not the case if you google the defense system of your choice.

    1. Cody Wilson has experiences.
      “In May 2013, Wilson successfully test-fired a pistol, called “the Liberator”, reportedly made by a Stratasys Dimension series 3D printer bought on eBay. After test firing, Wilson released the blueprints of the gun’s design online through Defense Distributed. The State Department Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance then demanded that he remove it, threatening prosecution. They claimed he was violating regulations against the international export of unapproved arms.”
      It is coming anyway.
      Refined developments are designed, tested and published outside USA.
      Reprringer is designed for Ladies in the 3rd world to carry in their purse. Target price in the shop is USD 3-4 with 2 bullets. Please keep in mind that there is a world outside USA.

  8. I see a lot of comments, even my own, from 2nd Amendment, CFR to some directed at the 1st Amendment. The issue is the Freedom of Publication on the Internet verses the Limitations of Government to censor such material based on insubstantial reasoning. The point is the legal right to publish that does not violate national security, it does not promote harm to anyone, and to prove such publication is to inform.

  9. Dave, I am going to end my participation in this thread you have going concerning the semantics of the 2nd Amendment, by recommending that you acquire, and read, a copy of the book “THE SECOND AMENDMENT PRIMER”, written by Les Adams, and published by Palladium Press in Birmingham, Alabama. I can’t tell you if it is still in print. The copy I have was printed in 1996. Perhaps you can get it at Amazon. com. I think it will resolve much of your confusion and misinterpretation.

  10. Dave, you have created a qualifier which is simply not there. Recall, at that time in our history, nearly everyone had a firearm of one sort or another — in order to eat, if nothing else. Further, “militia”, by definition, meant every able-bodied person who could fight. The Founding Fathers knew what they were saying, and said it plainly. Even though some of them were lawyers, the Constitution was not written in the double-speak, choose your own meaning, language which would be used today (even if the lawyers and courts of today would have you believe that it was).

  11. You have stood your ground on previous comments. Do you not understand want or why a comma is used in a sentence or paragraph structure. There is no under anything. It is normal English writing.

  12. “The only “vision of hope” in a WW3 is for Zionists to have totalitarian rule over the planet. They tried in the first two W-Wars, maybe the third time’s the charm. Their idea of “Freedom” is only for themselves”

    I sit back and laugh at some of the moronic things posted here by semi-literate paranoids, but you take today’s prize. Next is you saying, “Hey, I’m reading this great book called ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” right?


  14. Enough is enough there are how many thousands of infringements
    On our 2nd amendment already. Americans need to start taking
    These commie crats to task, and challenge all these illegal infringements.
    If I have some information And knowledge about a fire arm I would
    Like to share with a friend or anyone else about an accessory or an
    Upgrade I am going to do it and an illegal gun information ban is not
    Going to stop me.

  15. Ha ha, how funny. A rule can trump the Bill of RIghts. How very Communist. Just more communist rule(s) and violation of Oath of Office.
    Time to put all the communist in jail.

  16. I say screw the State Department. If they are unable to distinguish between military related munitions and firearms for domestic use, they certainly don’t need to be making up rules on the fly. BTW, who put them in charge of internet content??

  17. In no way do I believe that the NRA-ILA are overreacting. Obama and his party will do whatever it takes to disarm responsible gun owners. In my opinion he wants the government to be in control of every aspect of our lives. Healthcare, Housing, giving all the illegals Amnesty just to name a few . Now take a some of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. This cannot happen.

  18. I don’t hear a truck load of emails being sent to our legislatures we foolishly elected. Yah, the ones we thought really cared about this country and lied when they swore to protect the constitution. Pretty much all of them now that I think about it. I took the oath three times in my lifetime and it didn’t have a expiration date on it.

  19. Has anyone considered that just in the description of products, most firearm and ammunition retail sales have just as much if not more technical data as what exists in any blog? So, we gonna find a reason here to ban sales online??? I’d be shocked if they haven’t thought of this one as well. What a nice trick that would be.

  20. “I understand the NRA is constantly in need of new funding to fight the good fight that they do every day. However, contributing to hysterical claims does not bolster their credibility.”

    I believe “…beating the fundraising drums” was my exact quote.

    1. The credibility of tha administration beats their drum loudly as well. Except the funding comes from everyone who pays tax. Even if I do or do not support their dramatic fist shaking to rally the support they need. By the way , it makes no difference how much extensive it at training you may have had. Touting your work with a defense contractor and consulting experience is just like arguing you have a bigger house than us , nicer car, or more political smoke to blow up our skirts. You rank your self above others. Another pompous person with an I know what I am talking about cocky attitude.

  21. The government is too stupid to understand that gun laws do not take guns off the street. They do not understand that guns do not kill people. People kill people. If someone wants to kill someone and all they have is a hammer. They won’t ban hammers. Plain stupid.

  22. What will you tell your grandchildren? Why did we let this happen? At some point the giant ponzi scheme is going to come crashing down.

  23. As someone who has had extensive ITAR training when I worked for a major defense contractor and now have to register with the Department of State as a consultant, I can assure you that a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) firearm is NOT a defense article. The article above correctly states that if an item is not included on the Munitions List, it is not covered by the ITAR.

    Basically, an item is considered a Defense Article if it is designed or developed specifically for the DoD. If a COTS item is modified in some way to meet the special needs of the DoD, it may be covered by the ITAR. Your standard AR-15, AK-47, 1911 or any other firearm you have purchased commercially is by definition not a defense article and is not covered by the ITAR.

    I understand the NRA is constantly in need of new funding to fight the good fight that they do every day. However, contributing to hysterical claims does not bolster their credibility.

    1. Sorry Andrew, but if you check the US munitions list, first article letter a lists any semi automatic firearm to caliber .50.

    2. Andrew,
      I won’t argue that the NRA uses these types of issues to try to get funding and get their membership engaged. I’m sure they do. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

      Full Disclosure: I’m an NRA Life Member, Certified Firearm Instructor in several disciplines, a Range Safety Officer, and active firearm instructor. I am also a successful leader in a Fortune 10 company and devote 20+ hours a week to youth development and mentoring.

      Having said that, you need to understand NRA’s history in the political environment. Gun owners were sucker-punched by the 1968 National Firearms Act. NRA was founded in 1871 (in New York City, by the way) to promote Firearm Safety and marksmanship. Protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens never crossed their minds. They (and all US Citizens) were caught flat-footed and knocked to the ground by Congress (back when they actually passed laws). NRA-ILA was created for purpose of defending our 2nd amendment rights and works tirelessly at the Federal, State, and Local level to protect US Citizen and Permanent Resident’s rights.

      The question here is not of 2nd amendment but of First amendment rights. Proposed changes to 22 CFR 120.11 paragraph (b) are at issue. They limit free speech. This is not a case of someone shouting “Fire” in a theater. This is basic information that should be available to anyone interested.

      This proposed rule redefines the “Public Domain” which is exempt from ITAR to almost totally under ITAR as follows (22 CFR 120.11 para(b)):
      (b) Technical data or software,
      whether or not developed with
      government funding, is not in the public
      domain if it has been made available to
      the public without authorization from:
      (1) The Directorate of Defense Trade
      (2) The Department of Defense’s
      Office of Security Review;
      (3) The relevant U.S. government
      contracting entity with authority to
      allow the technical data or software to
      be made available to the public; or
      (4) Another U.S. government official
      with authority to allow the technical
      data or software to be made available to
      the public.

      In other words, the Federal Government gets to decide what is “Public Domain”. If this was another country, we would call that censorship.

      Is this language in 22 CFR 120.11 para (b) specific enough to prevent abuse of power?

      I think not.

      My family recently visited Patriot’s Point in Mount Pleasant, SC on vacation, which aside from the floating aviation museums (USS Yorktown (CV-10), USS Laffey (DD-724), and other exhibits, including a replica of a Vietnam era US Navy support base (which housed several helicopters, a PBR (Patrol Boat, River) and several artillery pieces in use during the Vietnam War along with other exhibits that depicted life for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, during those times…

      What if published information on how to maintain an M2 or M60/M240 machine gun (which the prior is positioned in a guard tower with sound effects) or how to properly position a M18A1 Claymore mine for the purpose of an accurate depiction for historical purposes would, with the implementation of this rule, make that a criminal act?

      As a person with extensive ITAR training, you should write to DOS and oppose this rule change on these grounds alone. It should also explicitly include any information that is by ANY federal government agency “Approved for public release”. For example, STP 21-1-SCMT (Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks, Warrior Skills Level 1), which includes all of the above.

      I respectfully disagree that these are hysterical claims. All too often, we have seen this administration (and those before them) that seek to push beyond the boundaries of the law to criminalize lawful activities to ‘appear tough on violent crime”.

      Attacking law-abiding citizens is just so much easier than the methodical and agonizing work of fixing the fundamental problems of violent crime and their base….

      The erosion of the family, the lack of safe and effective supervision/discipline, in raising our children to respect others & their property, to act in accordance with moral conviction, and to develop themselves (and others) to reach their goals (not by trampling others, but by building up themselves and others).

      Ultimately, my last paragraphs are what I most often hear from fellow NRA members, Boy Scout leaders, and others that I associate with youth development. We step up to these roles because SO many parents do not.

      We have tried (unsuccessfully I would argue) to “outsource” these responsibilities to our educators and law enforcement professionals.

      And now, our media cries “abuse” when our youth commit crimes and resist arrest, and are met with force. My in-laws are both retired Police Officers, one the Chief of Police (Colonel) of a Major US City, the other a Major. Neither would want to restart their careers in this environment.

      We need to go back to our basic understandings of right and wrong, and instill that within our children. For those without responsible parents, we must be those role models.

  24. Folks, to ignore the activity that the military is undertaking presently in this nation, and in the rest of the world, in violation of Constitutional restraints and directly following the dictates of a truly broken federal government is a huge mistake, I believe.

    Look carefully at what pushed this nation into everlasting war about the globe, (AKA 911), look carefully at the current goals, nationally, also world wide, by it’s overhead activity, announced by the Air Force years ago concerning “Owning the weather”, it’s silenced and hushed up “SRM”, Solar Radiation Management attempts, with truly damaging results seen everywhere. Look at the obvious broken federal government attempts to “push the nations police forces to federal military control”.

    Is it possible we have a broken military co-incident with a broken government? I suspect so, but in the end, what do you see and think about what is going on, worldwide, and this nations empire war footing?

    It may be the truth here is most upsetting, and most dangerous to us all.

  25. Obama and the “anti-gunners” (you know – the ones who have other people with guns guarding them…) have managed to toss-out the bait, and the unfortunately typical over-the-top reaction of most of the respondents here are just what the “anti’s” were fishing for. Civil war? Fighting our own military? Crippling the country economically to make a point? Really? Sadly, irrational comments and idiotic ideas like these have come to represent the millions of responsible gun owners who do not engage in such ridiculous trash-talking. This is why gun owners are easily branded “gun nuts”. This is the first time I have ever spoken-out about an issue like this, but I am weary and disgusted that the “nut jobs” are so easily suckered-in to making us all look like morons. Enough! These are political and economic issues (surprise – there’s money in the mess somewhere!) that require the same intelligent, reasoned (notice I didn’t say “reasonable”) and deliberate actions and responses that the anti-gunners are using against gun owners. These are sophisticated moves, and every foaming-at-the-mouth reaction just makes them easier to accomplish. Calm down. Think before you act or talk. Use the political and economic processes without harming anyone. This has been, and will always be an on-going process, not an end game. The political dynamics of this country will always make it so. Think, act, and comment like a law-abiding citizen, and the laws are much more likely to mirror what you want than to oppose what you rant about.

  26. I agree with peaceful means of showing displeasure with our government however I think we may be past that point. There comes a time in every great society to either stand up and fight or sit down and become slaves. I would not like to fight our military by any means and would consider it a last resort, I do not think we could win however I also firmly believe our military would not take arms against the citizens of this country given the state of our present government and leadership, I think they might even welcome the change.
    There is a civil war coming, Obama wants that to be certain. We are just one pen stroke away from the people of this country to march armed and ready on Washington to take it back. Let’s hope for a peaceful solution but prepare for the worst outcome.
    Freedom isn’t free. I swore to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic…. We have a domestic enemy amoung us.

  27. Tom is correct – waging a revolution against the US military IS a bad idea. However…….. it does not require violence to get the attention of the President and Washington as a whole. Peaceful action can reverberate throughout EVERY corner of this great nation if we act together. Social media works very well when college students are planning a massive party. It also works well for violent jihadists planning an attack. Why can’t the American Tax Payers use social media to plan a very simple, non-violent response nationwide – altogether acting as one united people?? Why not demonstrate our displeasure with our government leaders by tens of millions of work-force members agreeing to just stay home a few weekdays and not go into work??? Imagine all trains, planes, transport trucks and delivery vehicles sitting in their parking spaces unused for just a few days. Imagine store workers not there to man their sales stations. Imagine no cab drivers or air traffic controllers. No grocery stores being opened. No shipments from suppliers to end users being made. No automobile repairs being made. No welders, no plumbers or electricians, no HVAC repairmen, no roofers. No seaport personnel handling the imports or exports. If we do this for just two or three days I GUARANTEE it will attract the attention of the American leadership. I also can’t imagine the business owners and managers countrywide having the wherewithal to be able to fire tens of millions of workers nationwide as retribution for our protest. The American People need to speak up with ACTION NOW, to do so peacefully, and to let our elected leaders know we DO care, we will not be abused and we WILL show our displeasure when we are left with no other choices.

    Reshape America Wisely!!

    1. Absolutely well said, and undoubtedly an effective stand to take…IF…the masses will participate. A company sick out where I used to work, although against our labor laws, sure invoked a reaction from management.

  28. People need to quit ruffling their feathers and huffing and puffing. Follow the rules. Keep your mouths shut. Stop making ridiculous comments iluding to the military vs the citizens. C’mon it’s simply not going to happen. It’s the administration and politicians. They abuse their power by not acting in the best interests of their constituents. This is obvious. Be smart. Be peaceful. Let the other side loose control. Walk softly and carry a big stick. Strapping on your gun and camouflage then talking smack like the idiot militias makes us all look like complete retards. Have some common sense!

    1. We done all you said and it has done nothing but allowed these acts to continue. When will you draw the line. Can you look at your family and continue to say this. In a few months or year our country will be sold under our noses.I went to a land and never saw a enemy uniform. Gold.Oil.Drugs. now were training in our community for what. Help me understand please or I am missing something

    2. Spoken like a true sheep. As Thomas Jefferson said ” when the people fear the government there is tyranny when the government fears the people there is liberty” the problem is that the thugs and sociopaths that run our government have no fear of any repercussions of their actions because sheeple like you keep letting them get away with it. Wake up and stand up while we still have a country worth saving.

  29. They just might wake a sleeping giant,if they keep pushing our buttons.Americans love their freedom,and will fight to keep them.

  30. When and if we ever, we get to the breaking point. I hope the American citizens do not have to fight the best military in the world. Far easier to get rid of politicians by staging a nation wide strike. Or if you are in Ferguson just burn everything down.
    Everyone stay home, sign up for welfare, food stamps, WIC, Obamacare, and every other government program, whether you are eligible or not. File you taxes over and over with different information on each form.
    Flood the system, throw a shoe into the gears of government. They are 1% of us. If we only have 10% of us against them we win. But not with force. We could never win that battle.
    The people can bring any government to it’s knees without ever firing a shot just by sitting and stop working.
    If you pick up a gun and fight them you will end up dead or in prison.
    If you are willing to go that far, stop paying your taxes. That’s what really hurts them. Cut off their revenue and watch them choke to death.

    1. We wouldn’t be fighting the whole U.S. military. Most of them would be on our side.

    2. Colby, for a long time we could rely on the military to never never obey an order when it went against the oath they swore.

      With most of the patriotic flag officers in the military purged by this administration I am concerned the flag officers that remain would issue the command to shoot civilians if it flowed down from the White House.

      Fear of serious reprisal would compel them, I fear, to follow orders.

      It would be preferable to have a taxpayer revolt to force the government to shutdown until January 17 when the new President is sworn in… even if it’s (ugh!) Hillary.

    3. We wouldn’t be fighting the entire military..not at all. The military has taken an oath to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic..Most would be on the side of the constitution.

    4. We will be fighting Obama’s military that is comprised of so many illegals. They won’t give a rats ass about citizens. The other factor is the UN. THEY are already here.

    5. Exactly….. I read where many returning soldiers from iraq and affy have been considered medically unfit to have guns and had them taken…. and Im thinking ok you can see this a mile away…..

    6. @ TRUTH BE TOLD —

      The authority for what you are describing is the “Veteran Disarmament Act”, passed late on a December night. To those of us in the system (I am a physically disabled combat infantry veteran of Viet Nam, with full medical at the V.A.), it is obvious that the Federal Government is engaged, all out, through the Veteran’s Administration, in an aggressive program to encourage Iraq/Afghanistan veterans to VOLUNTARILY have themselves classified as having mental/emotional difficulties (most often called “P.T.S.D.”), thus disqualifying themselves (under current Federal law, if not the Constitution) from legally owning firearms.

      Veterans of every war that has ever been fought, have returned home with shadows behind their eyes, if I may appropriate a phrase. There have been a number of terms for the condition. “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” was coined, originally, for Viet Nam veterans (of course, we were generally considered to be drug-crazed baby killers, also). Governments and general populations never paid too much attention to the condition. Veterans learned, to one extent or another, to live with it and move on. Now, the Federal Government (which, truly, does not have the “people’s” best interests at heart) and the Veterans Administration, run television commercials cajoling veterans to call Mental Health hotlines. What does that suggest to you?

    7. Like any bureaucracy, the mission and top priority of the Veterans Administration is the care and feeding of the Veterans Administration. All other priorities are secondary.

    8. Ahhh but what happens is that if Marshall law were to happen then obama can suspend the constitution and congress cant take it up for 6 months and then through UN small arms treaty obama signed says no guns period and that UN member states are to send troops to help the means to and end…… then what does the military do when no constitution?

    9. Not paying your taxes won’t do any good, they have the federal reserve, that’s why we are 18 trillion in debt, if you try to cut them off at the knees by not paying taxes, they’ll just borrow more from the fed and put you in jail. It’s a system designed to keep us enslaved.

    10. “Everyone stay home, sign up for welfare, food stamps, WIC, Obamacare, and every other government program, whether you are eligible or not. File you taxes over and over with different information on each form. Flood the system, throw a shoe into the gears of government. . . The people can bring any government to it’s knees without ever firing a shot just by sitting and stop working.”

      You’ve described the Obama strategy to a tee. It’s known as “crashing the system,” as proposed by Cloward & Piven, and it seems to be working.

    11. Problem is the economy will fail and everybody will be fighting everybody for resources and add to famine pestilences and the only organized side will be them…. oh some terrorist somewhere took down the grid and marshal law and no consitution and small arms treaty after that and UN soldiers show up with obamas army after that….

  31. This is EXACTLY the kind of policy which would warrant a civil war. If we don’t defy and ignore these policies, defend those who are prosecuted by them and gun down those who execute them, we deserve exactly what we get. If you’re willing to give me 20 years in prison, I’ll force the feds to give me Life.

    1. You need to read about Torrent on Wikipedia.
      If you find a 13 year old NERD chances are you can get help. But be careful if you are in USA. There are restrictions already in place. “They” might come knocking on your door,
      Need a silencer? I can go and buy one in the shop as many as I like. In USA you need to pay for a tax stamp – First.

  32. Question is, will the government and all of its entities be held accountable for breaking such “rules” and/or penalties? Nope. This is designed to protect/benefit them, not the People.

  33. Powers in government change and along with it are the laws and commands of the CIC.

    Thomas Jefferson said;
    ” If a law is unjust, it is not only a man’s right to disobey it, it is his obligation to do so.”

    And with that the government can do what ever it wants. I will gladly be a felon in their eyes to protect the constitution, my family and community!
    I will do the same as our Founding Fathers did in 1776 until I can no longer breath.

    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    GOD BLESS this Great Nation

  34. But…but…I thought it was jihadists who threatened our freedoms and our way of life?

    There is no excuse for a country as large as the US, with a tremendously well-armed population, to be living under tyranny or the fear thereof. But there IS an explanation. It consists of equal parts stupidity, apathy, and cowardice.

    What good are all your guns if you’ve been conditioned your entire life to “respect authority” and “obey the law,” even when these are used to control and exploit us rather than protect human rights? What good is the Second Amendment if you’ve been conditioned to worship the military and police, the mercenaries who gladly receive money in exchange for slavish obedience to corrupt politicians? “Our” troops have never failed to turn their weapons against Americans when ordered to do so. The don’t “serve their country”; they serve Big Brother government. And that’s to say nothing of all the foreigners they’ve butchered in senseless wars of aggression.

    You have only those rights that you are willing to defend with whatever force is required, even if it means sacrificing your life. If more Americans had any courage, we would be in NO danger of losing our freedoms.

    Personally, I’ll continue to say whatever I please on the Internet, regardless of what “laws” are passed. If that leads me to an early death, then I’ll have died for a worthy cause.

    1. You are NOT ALONE. My self and every person I know have the same feeling on this matter. The problems in government will in time correct its self.
      This will happen because we are a nation of just laws and good hearted GOD fearing people. One must always be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

    2. Hey 50calAL…. I agree with everything you said. I see folks running around with Gadsden Flag stickers and MOLON LABE stickers on their trucks, but they are JUST WORDS, if a person is not willing to live by those words they should NOT be allowed to advertise them. Our society is filled up with keyboard warriors and folks say they want changes, but their actions don’t reflect those words. WE have become a nation of sheep and few wolves are amongst us. OUR forefathers would surely be shooting by now.

  35. Be careful when using websites such as Snopes as the arbiter of truth. First off it imbues them with the magical ability to collect all of the pertinent information and ascertain the difference between actual information and misinformation and also gives them the mystical property of having no agenda.,

  36. I have a question. How would they enforce any such blogs or info from web based sites in Canada or any other countries we are connected to?

  37. Take a kid hunting-fishing-teach them to grow a garden or to build or repair something….Oh wait…you can’t do that on a cell phone. The Dems got what they have wanted for decades….more to hang off a govt udder for everything….and votes if that has ever meant anything. Just how many would survive if there were no cars-phones-electricity-public services?

  38. The proposed change to 22 CFR 120.11 changes the definition of Public Domain (such as this website, NRA American Rifleman Magazine, or wherever else you get technical data (including pictures, drawings, performance characteristics, maintenance procedures, etc…) to not be in the “Public Domain” unless certain offices of the Federal Government have authorized it to be Public Domain. If that’s not Censorship then Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Sadaam Hussein were not dictators!

    I encourage you to read it and Comment. If wwe can inundate them with comments like the M855 ban attempt, we can (hopefully) force them to back off.

    Here was my comment to DOS:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Re: ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage

    I must give my deep objection to this proposed rule that would fundamentally change the Spirit and Letter of these laws (International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and the federal Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

    This proposed rule change would trample our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press.

    This proposed rule would also have no effect on crime, except to criminalize the actions of law –abiding citizens and journalists. Information publicly accessible on the internet would now have to be secured (adequately, which is not defined in the Federal Register notification) or the journalist/private individual would be subject the Export Licensure requirements (including the penalties for not having a license: Up to 20 Years in Federal Prison, a $1 Million fine, and potential Civil Penalties). If a criminal wants any such information that would be forbidden by this ill-conceived rule there are many publications that are freely available at any library or book store or will be accessible on servers located outside the United States.

    Posting of any information via email, internet article or blog, social media sites related to firearms & ammunition, including performance, technical specifications, maintenance instructions are considered “Public Domain and not subject to ITAR”. 22 CFR 120.11 Paragraph (b) gives the Federal Government the right to determine what is and is not in the “Public Domain”.

    According to 22 CFR 120.11 Paragraph (b), I would need authorization from one of the listed agencies to publish that information on my personally owned firearms, even the results from my most recent competition/training shoot.

    The Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are sacred to me and critical to our free and open society and may not be modified in any way unless through a change to the Constitution of the United States of America.

    The Federal Government of United States of America is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. The Executive Branch does NOT have the authority to make law… that authority belongs to the United States Congress (which is also bound by the Constitution) and this proposed rule does not meet the Spirit or Letter of ITAR or AECA.

    This proposed rule (Public Notice 9149) must not be implemented.

    Link to the Federal Register:

    120.11 Public domain.
    (a) Except as set forth in paragraph (b)
    of this section, unclassified information
    and software are in the public domain,
    and are thus not technical data or
    software subject to the ITAR, when they
    have been made available to the public
    without restrictions upon their further
    dissemination such as through any of
    the following:
    (1) Subscriptions available without
    restriction to any individual who
    desires to obtain or purchase the
    published information;
    (2) Libraries or other public
    collections that are open and available
    to the public, and from which the public
    can obtain tangible or intangible
    (3) Unlimited distribution at a
    conference, meeting, seminar, trade
    show, or exhibition, generally accessible
    to the interested public;
    (4) Public dissemination (i.e.,
    unlimited distribution) in any form (e.g.,
    not necessarily in published form),
    including posting on the Internet on
    sites available to the public; or
    (5) Submission of a written
    composition, manuscript or
    presentation to domestic or foreign coauthors,
    editors, or reviewers of
    journals, magazines, newspapers or
    trade publications, or to organizers of
    open conferences or other open
    gatherings, with the intention that the
    compositions, manuscripts, or
    publications will be made publicly
    available if accepted for publication or
    (b) Technical data or software,
    whether or not developed with
    government funding, is not in the public
    domain if it has been made available to
    the public without authorization from:
    (1) The Directorate of Defense Trade
    (2) The Department of Defense’s
    Office of Security Review;
    (3) The relevant U.S. government
    contracting entity with authority to
    allow the technical data or software to
    be made available to the public; or
    (4) Another U.S. government official
    with authority to allow the technical
    data or software to be made available to
    the public.

    Note 1 to § 120.11: Section 127.1(a)(6) of
    this subchapter prohibits, without written
    authorization from the Directorate of Defense
    Trade Controls, U.S. and foreign persons
    from exporting, reexporting, retransfering, or
    otherwise making available to the public
    technical data or software if such person has
    knowledge that the technical data or software
    was made publicly available without an
    authorization described in paragraph (b) of
    this section.
    Note 2 to § 120.11: An export, reexport, or
    retransfer of technical data or software that
    was made publicly available by another
    person without authorization is not a
    violation of this subchapter, except as
    described in § 127.1(a)(6) of this subchapter.

  39. The following article was translated from the Czech Republic’s ‘Prader Zeitung on 28 April, 2010: “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    1. @ Bob Blakey.

      Weren’t you also Debunked for Spreading this Same LIE on another The Shooter’s Log website.

    2. Very well said Bob unfortunately that’s what it all comes down to. The decaying of american morals and the american house hold. Gone are the days of working hard and always striving to better ourselves.

  40. Gemini, U go over the top. U R abusive & vulgar: “Unless your vagina starts hurting; really eaten up with dumbass; get your sh@# together.”
    U could make UR pt. w/o lowering URself 2 this level. UR message gets lost in the rhetoric & foul references. My guess U did not finish high school & have a manual-physical type job 4 hourly wages. Too bad!

  41. This is on SNOPES and it’s three years old, but you can read for yourself: I’m not an Obama lover, but you have to report the truth with the lies. The newer Executive actions and Orders are not on there, especially the newer ones causing Immigration and gun issues.

    There is a difference between Executive Orders and Executive Actions, you must acquaint yourself with the difference before you comment.

    Obama’s Actions and Orders are too numerous to list here and whether or not they affect the gun control issue is always up for debate, but for the most part, he cannot, on his own, regulate against the Constitution although he will try because he is a Marxist. The best thing that can happen is to wait him out and hope that the American People don’t vote for another Marxist for President. These will be trying times in our history. Obama will use his Administrative Departments, like he has done here, to circumnavigate the gun issue pecking away with onerous rules and regulations at our rights to own weapons. He won’t try to strong-arm our guns away from us, he knows that that will not work, but he will take away our ammo, or make it harder to get parts, or make it harder to get our guns fixed, or outlaw mail order, or whatever. He will make it more difficult to own weapons by disallowing licensing of automatic weapons and gun powder. There are many things he and the government will do to minimize our rights to own weapons.

    It bothers me to read bloggers on here saying there is nothing to worry about. They are throwbacks to the neolithic age of Nazism where Hitler said that he knew what was good for the German People.

  42. Hey gemini I DO have my sh@# together.I load my own.Shoot all the time and do not believe what this corrupted government proposes. I live where people are extremely PROUD to be Americans-unlike the pres. and the first lady. Barack Obama is a hardcore marxist in political doctrine and anybody who does not get that is an IDIOT.Thecountry is falling apart because the dems have been importing the 3rd world and 3rd world “values” for over60 years. Your guns and your cvil rights get in the way of THE BIG BROTHER . As mousillini said “There is nothing outside the State”.HUD wants to bring the city to the suburbs to equally redistribute race and ethnicity.Karl Marx is quite happy with barack.Are you ready?

  43. You people commenting in here,are really eaten up with dumbass.
    Any True Blooded American.would be ready for the sh@# and further more would not be crying about! Oh my,there coming to take our guns. Unless your vagina starts hurting,why would you ever have a thought of relinquishing your weapons by any means,unless y’all are just cowards.
    It’s sad that y’all are still buying this Y2K crap.
    Obama,does not have the power in this country,without the people of this country and by the people of this country….
    So,chin up people and get your shi#$ together .”

  44. That Slowpoke feller, must really love that Obama feller, disregarding all his so called executive orders that he wishes had the rule of law.

    1. @ Gateman.

      As far a I recall, BUSH Part I and BUSH Part II. Also had Executive Orders right’s, and used them too.

    2. Bush Sr. & Jr., along with every other president until Dear Leader, have issued executive orders that comport with our legal framework. Osamabama has done exactly the opposite numerous times and gets away with it because he’s half-white, knowing accusations of “racism” is like kryptonite to Republicans.

    3. i am aware of the bush family using executive orders, however, i don’t believe that they used them to over ride congress and claim dictatorial power over America and her people like the present “administration”.

    4. I do recall that busch jr didnt have congress’ approval to begin invading iraq untill after we held most of the country. Thus undermining congress.

    5. @ Bill.

      I suppose if Congress actually did there Job’s, instead of getting their Collective Palm’s Greased an getting Rich on Bribes. Obama, wouldn’t have too resort to Executive Orders…

    6. I suppose if you actually had learned proper grammar you would not have made such an ignorant comment.
      Contrary to your foolishly ignorant belief it is not the job of Congress to do whatever the president wants. Inaction by Congress is not an excuse for your precedent, who has had no problem having his own palms greased, to behave like a dictator.

  45. You need to take a good hard look at your elected government when they are so frantic to disarm the populace. These are not ignorant or uninformed people. They understand the premise that guns aren’t the problem, bad people are the problem. They also know , by the FBI’s own stats, that there are more people killed with knives than with all types of rifles put together. No knife ban? They have an agenda and it’s not in our best interest.

  46. Thanks for the insight, Woody! Bullies just never seem to give up, do they? In my generation, we KNOW how to deal with them.

    1. Genocide by caliber is what the current administration is after.
      By strangling our first and second amendments this nasty Constitution
      Causes such trouble for Obama. Therefore he and his band of thugs attack it with great fervor. Please stand against these Tyrants as Real Americans have banned together as brothers in Arms in the past!
      They will never understand …..will they…?

  47. This is what I wrote to

    I must post my deep objections to this proposed ruling. It would all but remove our First Amendment Rights. Stifle free speech and not have any effect on any crime. If a criminal wants any such information that would be forbidden by this ill conceived rule there are many publications that are freely available at any library or book store. The Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are sacred to the openness of our society and must not be modified in any way.

    1. Hey look!!!! It’s John Simpson. King of the leftist trash,DNC stoogie group. Hey John, you post on every blog. Kinda makes you look li9ke the leftist Democrat lackey that you are. Some day you may finally grow up, get a job, and be productive……..NOT!!!!!!!~

    2. Open your eyes Simpson — the Dumbocrates are in power now removing every Constitutional right they possibly can. Yes I know party D or R doesn’t matter much anymore. Both have stolen the Social Security money,destroyed the Constitution, caused one war after another killing -YOUR CHILDREN all the while with a smile . Finally let us not forget allowing illegals to fly their home flag in our country after taking the Stars & Strips down and stomping on it

    1. @M1917A1.

      Five-years before he was Born TOO, that’s One Hell Of A Feat.

  48. The issue is that small arms shouldn’t be included on this munitions list. If it is civilian legal I don’t see the problem sharing information between entities. Anti tank weapons? I get it. Small arms? Ridiculous. The munitions list criteria is what needs to be revised.

    1. why don’t you sit down, read the info presented and THINK. This is just one more way to get total control of the people of AMERICA. Once our rights are taken away ( one at a time and behind our backs ) they are gone forever.

    2. I don’t believe that Bill.

      The great experiment in freedom worked for the 200 years our founding father hoped it would… And the world saw that it was good.

      It my die for a time as we lose our sole here in the US and plunge into a National Socialism State complete with political prisoners, approved and disproved religions, national control of science, media, food distribution, law enforcement, courts, and education. And as the world is plunged into a world war again. But world wars can produce a cleansing of this tyranny.

      Look at the last world war. West Germany, the USA, Great Britten, Switzerland, even France and Spain saw a period of great gains in freedom where the possibilities of the individual were nearly limitless.

      Let us do our part to share and fight for the vision of hope and freedom in this new world war. Your potential is limited only by your self, not your government or any other circumstance. Preserver to rise above it against those who would say you are not able or allowed. Those that seek to have power over others will vilify you, but those that long for freedom will be inspired toward their own greatness.

    3. The BS meter on my screen just pegged. You talked a lot and said nothing. Wars are never good. They are a get-rich-and-powerful racket. World Wars are even worse. The only “vision of hope” in a WW3 is for Zionists to have totalitarian rule over the planet. They tried in the first two W-Wars, maybe the third time’s the charm. Their idea of “Freedom” is only for themselves.

    1. Why are you even on this blog?

      The fact that you would make a moronic comment like that is simply an indication that you are nothing more than a keyboard assassin troll looking for an argument. Not worth the time to debate.

    2. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed….. It’s popular opinion among many, that the time to use this right is now. Our rights must not be infringed. Period.

    3. Because there are so many idiots that can’t understand how to read the constitution.
      The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      The well regulated militia, not every person.

    4. I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.
      — George Mason

      The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age…
      — Title 10, Section 311 of the U.S. Code

      A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves…and include all men capable of bearing arms.
      — Richard Henry Lee

      The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [ when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.
      — Alexander Hamilton

    5. The “militia” is an organizing societal principle, not a government creation. Terminating the bureau merely ends an artificial bureaucratic function, not a social concept.

    6. Personally I think you should take or review an English course is sentence and paragraph structure before you start claiming any interpretation of the Constitution. Second the issue stated involves the 1st Amendment

    7. Joe,
      (Personally I think you should take or review an English course is sentence and paragraph structure before you start claiming any interpretation of the Constitution)

      I have an AS degree in Systems Analysis, a BS degree in Computer Science, A Masters Degree in Systems Engineering from GWU.

      How does your education stack up for understanding the constitution??

    8. Baloney. I am a Democrat, and I can see my right to own guns slowly slipping away! The Republicans are right on this issue.

    9. Mikhail,

      Maybe not, but I cannot resist.


      The article only cites the study, but does not share any of the facts or data. A study conducted by a school funded by Michael Bloomberg.

      I do not want to dismiss the study for that fact alone, I will read the study before I pass judgement.

      While I do that, I recommend that you read up on the National Socialist, aka Nazi, political philosophy and think hard about “NRA Nazis”.

    10. @ mgsothern.

      Bloomberg got great inspiration from the best teachers in this field, the Adelson’s and the Koch Brother’s.

    11. The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Note the word in all caps genius. Every one of the first 10 ammendments guarantees the rights of the people. Yet in your small fascist mind the 2nd mysteriously does not. As for nazis. They’re part of your commie-fascist bunch.

    12. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      The right of the people, (under) A well regulated mititia, shall not be infringed.

      This doesn’t mean every moron gets a gun. Think Much ????

    13. The rights of the people (under) A well regulated militia. DUH! Not every individual on earth. A WELL REGULATED MILITIA.

  49. OK, so the Obama regime gives free guns to ISIS terrorists through Benghazi, and guns to Mexican narco-terrorists, but wants to take normal law-abiding US citizens’ guns away. Go figure!

  50. Why should we worry about ITAR or tech info on the web when the criminals in charge are already providing the enemy with all the weapons they need…

  51. DG had it right it is geared towards defence contractors and military weapons advancements. I am a legal gun carrying black American in Tennessee and I’m not a Democrat! Some of you just want to vent and raise hell with anything the president or his staff recommend. I understand he has not done the best job,but damn! It’s clear it’s about his race and heritage! Don’t kid yourself your a raciest! He’s not trying to take away your firearms! That’s what the far right wants you to believe. Now Democrats will continue to push for stiffer regulations and penalties,but this President is not after your toys or trying to censor online discussions and data. He is trying to protect America from her less advanced enemies getting advance information! Read the update before you make ignorant comments like you actually read! Gos bless this Earth and America!

    1. Vince, I understand where you’re coming from but you need to understand that this administration ( and probably the next ) wants to disarm Americans so they can and will not be able to challenge them when they do things like take away social security which they call an entitlement even though you paid into it your entire life

    2. Vincent, I wish you were right, but I believe this Administration, being Liberals, wants to control every aspect of American society from what we eat to how much money we can withdraw from our bank accounts to whether or not we can own a gun.

      Race has nothing to do with anything, and in truth, you’re the only person who has brought up race in this discussion. I don’t care what color or gender or sexual orientation anyone has. All I care about is that they live by the Constitution, don;t try to rule by Executive fiat, and allow me to live my life and protect my loved ones. The entire racist argument is a Liberal straw man intended to deflect the discussion from the actual issues.

      Mr. Obama has demonstrated many times, along with his supporters like Michael Bloomberg and others, that he has no intention of doing that.

    3. President Obama is a sell out and don’t do crap for blacks. We waited years for a fair shot or a apologies and nothing but we still stand and fight for a country that nation have been trained to think less of us. Yep black and ex military , and other accolades. If its so bad lets go to the world court,get rid of the birth certificate, be sovereign, live free. The hell about my opinion this is fact . It got real when white school got a taste of what happened in our schools. Nobody gave a dam when we got shot up. 51% of prison is black but were 13% of population. Anybody want to help stand and fight on that. Be real they ban us with this new gun laws china will truly own us.

    4. Vincent, I must disagree with you on the race issue. I hate Obama. No doubt, but I don’t hate him any more than I hated Kerry, or Gore, Or Clinton, or Pelosi, or dotdotdot… It’s the liberalism that I hate. Period. Leave the race card in your pocket for this one, thank you.

  52. Free speech Biznatches!

    Are there any articles of the Bill of Rights that HAVEN’T been stomped on by the last 2 presidents?

  53. This needs to be stopped. As a reloaded, I depends on info from the net. We need to take Washington down a peg or two. If we all stand, we will win.

  54. “How many would tell you this is nothing to worry about?”

    Depends on:
    A) how honest they are and/or
    B) if they need to beat the drums to fund-raise

    1. Well, if you have to question their honesty, then I guess the Liberals are right and we’re on the wrong side and in the wrong organizations.

      As for fund raising, I’ve never yet seen a call for action that required you make a donation before being able to act on it. Many organizations carry non-members on mailing lists in order to get more activism from the gun rights supporters.

  55. Whether it only restricts gun manufacturers or individuals from accessing info, its a complete violation of our first amendment rights to free speech. Its also a way to phase out individual liberties such as free speech and the right to bear arms with regulations such as what there purposing. The worst part is the american public has no interest whether or not this is a big deal, because they’re too busy paying attention to B.S. stories like Bruce Jenner wanting and attempting to be a woman, and the mainstream media has no intent on covering something in favor of gun rights. As soon as we start giving up parts of our rights, what’s to stop them from seizing all of them?

  56. I’m an NRA member. but did anyone actually read the propsed update to the regulations BEFORE they started to make comments? I did. This regulation covers defense contractors and the release of classified or possibly sensitive weapons and weapons research information. No where does it mention small arms. This will not keep your favorite internet gun expert from reviewing the latest pistol or rifle offered to the civilian market.

    1. Just like trying to declare Green Tip as an AP round under existing laws that clearly indicate it does not qualify as an AP round, this law will mutate and be used to begin shutting down every form of gun discussion. It’s the concept of the foot in the door.

      Many people said universal background checks were nothing to worry about, until they began to mutate into outright registration in some states, then next came confiscation as occurred in Buffalo, NY last year when the police showed up shortly after a father’s funeral to confiscate his guns because under state law they couldn’t be transferred as part of the estate.

      Being an NRA member, I’m sure you’re active in the NRA-ILA, read the articles in the publications, and are a member of your local state gun rights organization, how many of them would tell you this is nothing to worry about?

  57. @ Slowpoke

    It’s not the rule. It’s the twisting around of the rule. It’s Obama’s administration that’s doing this.

    1. @ Gateman.

      No RULE becomes LAW unless you make it ONE. Just where in the Constitution does in Empower the President to Make LAW’s.

  58. And this is the reason we have the decloration.Government does not have the right and its our right to have freedom and our right to bare arms.Whats really going on in there world.They take the bible and burn it along with the American flag they are just plain out trying to control us.The problems were having today are problems the government created.You cant rull over people.The back bone of this country will not rulled over they will not give up there guns and they will not give into any form or act of slavery.THIS IS AMERICA YOU DONT LIKE IT MOVE THE F#$ OUT.

  59. I kind of curious on how Obama, can be blamed on a Ban the was Drafted in 1959 as the Gun Act of 1959.

    1. They can be blamed for making up rules based on a 1959 law that until Obama no admimistration has ever pursued. They are using this as a flimsy excuse to harass and intimudate law abiding permitted gun owners by attempting to stifle free speech. Anything to violate the first and second amendments, They will use it to attempt to muffleNRA publishing and notifyjng members of Obama executive orders and technical information about firearms.

    2. Damn straight they will.

      They have tried every dirty trick in the book to erode our rights. If these were trustworthy people, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now. Obama and his Socialist cronies like Clinton, want to rule the world, and using bureaucratic regulations and executive orders are the quickest way to accomplish that.

    3. Hey “Slowpoke” pick up the pace.

      Any administration that tries to squash the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments to our US Constitution, is a dirt bag and is an interloper and needs to be tired for treason.

      If you don’t understand and agree with that, you my friend, need to have your citizenship revoked and you need to be deported.

      Either your with us, or your against us.

    4. Please provide any reference to any attempted legislation anywhere in the United States of America regarding gun control. I was alive then and remember no such activity.

  60. Typical democrats. It won’t pass the courts. It will have to be challenged in the courts but once it is the courts will throw it out. A clear violation of the Constitution. Keep on voting Democrat. This is what you can expect.

    1. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that Republicans are any less hostile to freedom than Democrats. Both establishment parties want to control every aspect of your life from cradle to grave, and they charge you big money for the privilege.

    2. Here are facts. Gun control laws in the U.S. have been all passed by democrats. National Firearms Act 1934 Roosevelt a democrat. Gun Control Act 1968 Johnson a democrat. The Assault Weapons Ban Clinton a democrat. That speaks volumes to me. Now look at cities like Washington DC run by democrats anti gun. Chicago another city run by democrats anti gun. New York City anti gun. Baltimore anti gun. All run by democrats. How much more proof do you need?

  61. I believe this is a step closer to countries that turn off internet access at will, so people like us cannot ban together or pass information.

  62. They just keep pushin and pushin, its like they want us to create a civil disobedience so they can make more laws or institute martial law….its crazy but its going to happen….

    1. We’re already living under a de facto military occupation. The Constitution is simply ignored at all levels of government.

  63. It’s just another government attempt to gain more control over people, by illegally regulating first amendment rights through trickery. The word, essentially, is like the word virtually, used in advertisements. For example, certain animals differ from humans by only a 3% difference dna. Therefore, some animals are essentially human and should be governed by the same laws we must live by. They should be arrested for indecent exposure, right?

    Certain lawyers and politicians are experts at twisting words to prove things that don’t make any sense in an attempt to gain control. We must point out that the first amendment right to free speech includes public forums on topic, no matter the subject. As long as we are not selling government secrets, (to which we don’t have access anyway), or organizing against our country. I believe this was the original purpose for what they are trying to use freedom of speech.

    I don’t believe this is an attack on the 2nd amendment, but an outright attack on people’s freedoms as outlined in the first amendment.

    1. it is another attack on both the 2nd and 1st. For example under their legal fiction rule we could be prosecutecd simply for asking for technical information on our firearms, ammunition etc. Those would be unreasobable violations of our 1st and 2nf Smendment rights.

  64. Seems everyday brings us closer to s tipping point. One tipped, there isn’t going back; no “reset button” that will magically untransform. Silly me, the NRA has a bigger army than the USA.

    Intimidate and regulate that. Cops aren’t willing to be adjusted by the administration. So, who’s going to enforce civil disobedience? There comes a time for resistance. Maybe not today or tomorrow. Just getting closer.

  65. Looks like reason to revolt hardcore and show them them the 2nd was created. This is pure tyranny.

  66. Well I tell you what we can do-it is time for a form of civil disobedience.Suggestions can be made right here. If obama wants to play hardball so can we.Anybody out there who can be inventive?

    1. I’m with you. It’s time for the people to rise up and take our nation back. Will somebody with some backbone please stand up.

    2. If he did, would you stand beside him?

      Every now and then, some individual DOES get mad enough at the system and its enforcers to take action alone. And then what happens? Most “freedom-loving” gun owners dismiss him as a nut.

      Why should the occasional brave soul be expected to stick out his neck and take on the system single-handedly when he can’t expect his brainwashed, cop-and-military-loving, statist countrymen to back him up, even with words?

    3. Your so right . I hear a lot of talking no action. What can you do for your country, but what can your country do for you. America is good at sweeping things aside and say get over it. So for once lets get it right for feature legacy. Cut the head off the snake and burn it.impeach all foriegn policies and those who want NWO. WE DON’T WANT TO BE BOTHER BY BS THEN STOP TALKING AND DO SOMETHING LIKE THEY PLAN ON US DOING IT CAUSE THEY ARE READY FOR US ,BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    4. Ask friends outside USA to download with torrent and keep it up – FOSSCAD MEGA PACK 4.7 Aramaki – It is full of Cad files for weapons and fully legal in most countries. Some of the files was made by an American Soldier while in Afghanistan in his spare time.

    5. Out there. You need a torrent program and make a search on Google – FOSSCAD MEGA PACK 4.7 Aramaki

    6. Thanks, but I don’t understand the purpose. Citizens in this country already have plenty of weapons. Why bother making our own? It’s not like we’d ever surrender the ones we have. And if we did, what good would it do for us to then make more weapons? So we could chicken out of using those as well, and eventually give them up like the others?

      Don’t get me wrong. Being able to make weapons is a valuable skill. But it really only applies to weapons that can’t be obtained otherwise. Far more important factors include guts, physical fitness, skill, and ingenuity.

    7. There is a whole world out there. Look at England – They are mighty good with air-guns and shotguns but hardly anyone has a rifle. Christians in Iraq gave up their rifles when American and British soldiers came knocking on the doors and collecting rifles.
      With Online plans Kurdistan can make their own to fend off The Islamic State.

  67. You all have this correct. BO and the rest of the socialist fascists in Mordor on the Potomac DO want to take firearms away from the people. Many/most republicans also secretly want the same thing. They want total power over the little, ignorant people. The US Federal Government needs to be held in check with a convention of the States. This is not, nor should it be, some great gathering of State representative, but rather 36 States all vote for Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments and we chop their legal legs out from under them. Having gotten that off of my chest, I do sincerely believe that many of the appartchiks (sp) and elected slime will ignore the newly passed amendments and simply use force to impost their will. It is my opinion that GOVERNMENT thinks it can do anything it wants and the so called supreme court, who has no legal right to “interpret” the plain language of the Constitution will go along like lap dogs. Can you say Chief Justice Roberts?

  68. I’m pretty sure this all came about when the technological advances of 3-D Printers reached a level recently that some can now print METAL guns in 3D that can shoot thousands of rounds through them before failure.

    Basically, the government is afraid that people will be able to buy 3-D printers, buy the raw printing material, then print their own (unregistered) guns. And they are correct — that is happening right now. So, the government wants to restrict the “information” the CAD drawings. How stupid.

    I think the government is attempting to regulate the wrong industry. It needs to regulate the 3-D printing industry. LOL

    It used to be that you had to be an engineer with access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of machining equipment to be able to make a gun…not anymore. All you need now is a computer, a CAD program, CAD drawings of a gun, and a 3-D printer…

    I don’t know what the solution will be, but I’m sure nobody will be happy with it; me included.

    1. The 3D thing could be part of it, but I think they just want to make it as difficult as possible to engage in any gun related transactions or discussions.

      They’re trying to use the argument that it will somehow limit the knowledge of the bad guys about guns and ammunition, which is completely stupid. The Afghans and Pakistanis have been building homemade guns in their huts for decades without the internet.

      The real answer is that Big Brother is trying to take as much control over all of us as they can. Face it, Liberals are nothing but Nazis Soviets in another guise.

    2. It’s pretty clear the Framers had printing presses in mind when crafting the First Amendment, so I suppose they’d consider electronic printers to be an extension of that. By the same token, I’m not aware of any evidence they believed gun makers required government regulation, so I’m not convinced they wouldn’t consider the manufacture of gun parts on privately-owned 3-D printers to be protected under both the 1st and 2nd amendments.

  69. This is another in your face attempt at curtailing the press, freedom of speech and press….What else don’t they want us to know..

  70. It is now easy to see how Hitler happened

    America is all talk and no action


    1. First and foremost, America is a nation of law and order, who will give our system the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to function until the last straw. That could easily be mistaken for all talk and no action, until it’s not. Unless I’m sadly mistaken, that would be the ultimate element of surprise. Molon labe.

    2. Throw a frog in boiling water and he will jump out, warm it up slowly to a boil and you will cook him slowly without him knowing it…… We are being cooked slowly ladies and gentlemen!

    3. The problem with giving the “benefit of the doubt” in this context is that there is no doubt. The Constitution is obviously no longer in force. US officials and their armed enforcers no longer even pretend to follow it. “Law and order” now means “we make the laws, and you follow our orders.”

      What abelhorn said is correct. Americans would rather pretend they’re free and that our enemies are whatever impoverished foreigners the government finds it useful to target at any given time.

  71. Is it time to organize an armed march on D.C.? I knew that sooner or later this would become necessary. I hate to think that my country has come to this but I don’t believe that we can continue to talk or write to our “Congresspeople” to support the lil guy. This might be the straw that breaks the camels back. We may be the new revolutionaries in the fight to keep our constitution as it has been for 200 + years. Support our founding fathers and sign up to do the march. If it’s the last thing I do then it will be the most important thing I do. I’m an old guy so I don’t have much to lose, but I’m ready and willing.

  72. This another example of a socialist, anti-second amendment president, chipping away at our constitutional rights. I am more alarmed that a majority of voters elected him, twice! We have become a majority, socialist, nation. Otherwise, Obama would have lasted one term only. The so-called, Republican party has become a list liberal-center, collection of sell outs to the party of Reagan and Lincoln. We, collectively, get exactly what we deserve when we enter the voting booth. As much as I hate to agree with the “Socialist In Chief,” elections do indeed have consequences.

    1. Followup: If Republicans nominate another Bush, Bush, Bush, John McCain, or Lindsey Graham type, here comes President Hillary. We need a true conservative in the office,,,, Walker, Perry, Rubio, Cruz,,,, choose one!

    2. Agreed.

      We lost the last two because we didn’t have good candidates. Obama was the messiah, but the shine has worn off that whole effect. Time to get a true American in the race. Although I think we shouldn’t leave Paul off the list.

    3. “Walker, Perry, Rubio, Cruz”

      If any of those idiots get the nomination, that’ll guarantee President Hillary. If they’re the answer, America is asking the wrong question.

    4. “Liberals vs. conservatives”
      “Democrats vs. Republicans”
      “Blue vs. Red”
      “Sprite vs. 7-up”

      It’s all a dog-and-pony show intended to divide and conquer. Both establishment parties are anti-freedom. Both believe in huge, powerful, intrusive government. Both support crony capitalism. Sure, they bicker about wedge issues, but that only provides you with an illusion of choice.

      Anyone who isn’t vehemently opposed to the “War on Drugs,” the “War on Terror,” unnecessary overseas wars, the current state of US policing, domestic surveillance, worship of the military, etc., is part of the problem. How many Republicans or Democrats speak out against all these things? They are just as ruinous to our freedom as gun control.

      We had our chance when Ron Paul was running for president. Now we’ll just have to live with the consequences of choosing the status quo.

    5. I’m surprised that someone astute enough to realize that there no fundamental differences between the Dumbocrats and the Repugnicans isn’t also astute enough to realize that Ron Paul is every bit as corrupt.

  73. The NRA is not overreacting. This is clearly a give them and inch and they’ll take a mile situation.

    Everyone needs to take action. The NRA and other gun rights orgs have campaigns going to ensure people send their comments in and write to lawmakers. We backed them down on Green Tip, at least temporarily, so we need to take action now.

  74. This clearly ILLEGAL and Violates the U.S. Constitution. If this goes through, BO and his Administration are declaring War on “We the People” and the U.S. Constitution..!!! BO and his Commie/Fascist/NWO Cronies wants to start a Civil War with the American People and it’s not happening fast enough so they are going to push our buttons to force us into a fight..!!! If BO implements these changes he will have committed TREASON…this is right out of the Communist Manifesto..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

  75. This POTUS and his tremendously Bureaucratic, Autocratic Administration has been stymied again and again in its overt as well as covert attempts to role back the Bill of Rights, and, specifically in this case the Nation’s Sacred Second Amendment. It has been so largely due to the tremendous efforts of the NRA and its Millions and Millions of Proud Members all coming together in the fight to uphold The Constitution of the United States of America. There is no wrong in taking time to acknowledge such hard-fought victories for a SECOND…Then breathe deep, take a huge breath and jump right back into the FIGHT as this Administration’s Blatant and INCESSANT Assault on the Second Amendment (which our Glorious Founding Fathers understood would uphold the remaining precious nine) will continue unabated…God Bless America.

  76. The problem is the government cannot protect us especially from ourselves. It has an illusion of fantasy to believe that. Man is man and there will be disagreements and battles. This is the history of the world.

  77. With all the talk about controlling the internet and now this blurb, there is some credibility to how much information that will be available out there on any topic if full use of the internet is lost. There is some talk that there will be a private internet funded by subscriptions that will be available at some point, but when that might be…. The Federali’s are becoming just too powerful and at some point will be challenged in the streets either peacefully or not. There is just so much that freedom loving people will take before the become un-peaceful.

  78. No doubt our public “servants” are just looking out for our best interests by protecting us from ourselves, as usual. Given their limitless superior knowledge, they are aware firearms in private hands have minds of their own and can fire spontaneously, without any warning, so limiting citizens’ access to firearms is for our own good. Then, having dispensed with that task, they can send any and all references to the American Revolution and War Between the States down the memory-hole, just so nobody gets any unfortunate ideas.

  79. The people who are in government forget that we the people are the ones that elected them to uphold and protect the constitution and, and when the following people who signed the constitution coild of been roinded up and hung , so I think for anybody in the political position should think of the people before they think of them self because it is us the people who decide if they should elected officials

  80. What are going to do to the people like me that can turn out most of modern firearm on the market. As long as steel and brass is available and natural ingredients to make gun powder is so easily available.l’am a machinist proud of what I can do have ton info on modern firearm available and it not only me but thousands of us out there that can do the Sama as I. What you as a gun owner Have To decide are you going to give up your gun peaceful or are going let law makers know that this line of action is going end in another civil war

    1. I hear you, most guns are easy to make, been a machinist 40 plus years,
      I have seen people make a gun from 2 pieces of pipe a cap and a screw.
      Ban guns and then we could turn into Northern Ireland where people there gave up their guns and just decided to make bombs instead because bombs are even easier to make than guns, and you don’t need as many tools.

      How about the government just backs off and let’s us all live in peace.

  81. Not the first time. Remember a time, if you tried to look up anything about home made firearms on the internet, all you got was blank pages and/or die warnings about being prosecuted if you tried to make an unauthorized firearm. That changed. Guess they’re trying it again.

  82. Personally it’s a 1st Amendment violation, and another back door on gun control. Yet they are cutting their own throat wit it, because the government is the largest traffickers of illegal sales of firearms to foreign entities. Meaning they might supply the weapon, but the manufacturer does not have to release the literature to a foreign entity. That would be a law violation. Then based on the law the manufacturer can refuse weapons sales to the government

  83. Well there’s Congress for the People and then there’s Congress for Themselves, which do you think is going to Win Out at the END.

  84. This is NOT GOOD. Any attempt to limit our freedom of speech is a attempt to muzzle our rights to express ourselves. If they manage to get this to fly. Then it won’t be long until they try the same thing on other kinds of speech. This must be stopped at all cost. The First Amendment say they congress shall make no law to limit or free speech. Which exactly what this is, although a backdoor, bypassing the right channels, who they know would never let it passed. This is a another brazen attempt to limit our Constitutional rights.

  85. “The regulations regarding export of “defense articles” were originally promulgated in the days before the Internet. Some State Department officials now insist that anything published online in a generally accessible location has essentially been “exported,” as it would be accessible to foreign nationals both in the U.S. and overseas.”

    See encryption != munitions to see how overblown this extrapolation is.

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