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NRA Update: Colion Noir Speaks Out Against Gun Control

“I wish I had less bullets—said no one ever who’s been in a gunfight.” Colion Noir has a quick wit and a commanding delivery in front of a camera. He is a self-described firearms aficionado, concealed carrier, gun reviewer, budding attorney and YouTuber. He is the newest contributor to the NRA News Team and we’re excited to see what he has in store. Check out the trailer below!

If you haven’t yet joined the NRA, now is the time to join the fight!

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  1. Excellent! Mr. Noir needs to get greater exposure. We need more young people like Mr. Noir out their sharing their insight with other young people that worship at the liberal, big government alter.

  2. I’ve been hoping the NRA would noticed this guy, it’s going to be interesting to see where this goes.. Good one NRA

  3. i have watched quite a few of Colions’ u-tube presentations. He is very articulate, witty and deffinetly has a grasp of the entire picture. I am glad to see him get more exposure! I hope he is around for the long haul,NRA, you could not of found a better spokesman when it comes down to common sense in these difficult times for the 2nd and 3rd ammendents! I hope you post some of his prior work or at least add a link so that more people can see this young man is the real deal.
    Cort Stevens

  4. I’ve been a subscriber to him for some time now. Mr ColionNoir is a well spoken well reasoned individual who clearly explains the case for firearms and firearm owners…he has more self control than I do – I have no patience with these subhuman cretinous anti-gunners and would go medieval on them in less than a heartbeat…He is the voice of reason in this debate – among the subhuman detritus that unfortunately populates these once great Untied States…Mr ColionNoir for President – or at LEAST Attorney General!!!

    CB in FL

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