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The NRA: Offering You More Than Just Representation!

Sometimes the best part of joining a club or group is the free stuff. Whether it is a free T-shirt, free food, discounts at different places or some type of branded swag, getting something back for your money is always nice. The NRA offers its members many incentives for joining and by being a member you join the largest network of gun owners, hunters and shooters in the United States.

When joining the NRA for the first time, you automatically receive a free ball cap with the NRA logo, a membership card and a decal. You also get a free subscription to one of their four magazines: American Rifleman, American Hunter, America’s First Freedom or NRA Insights (for junior members). You can also opt in to receive e-mail updates from the NRA and the NRA-ILA letting you know about current legislation in your state or county.

As a member, you receive $5,000 in Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage ($10,000 for life members) at no additional cost. This insurance covers any accidents at or in transit to or from an NRA event, as well as any accidents that occur from the use of firearms or hunting equipment while hunting. The NRA also provides $25,000 for any member law enforcement officer who is killed in the line of duty. You have the option to get $2,500 in ArmCare coverage that will cover your firearms, air guns and archer equipment against theft, loss or damage. If you need additional coverage, the NRA offers life, property, auto, home, and casualty insurance through a variety of associate programs.

Once a member, you are privy to all sorts of discounts and affiliate programs. The NRA offers multiple types of affiliate offers such as credit cards, identity theft protection, moving and mortgage services, prescription drug plans, even a wine of the month club! Also, multiple hotels and rental car companies offer discounts through the NRA affiliation program. The NRA has a large selection of licensed products including gun safes, clothing and firearm accessories. The website includes a listing of all the companies offering discounts in your state. All types of companies offer NRA discounts, so be sure to see which places will honor your membership to save you money.

However, all the free stuff and discounts aren’t the best thing the NRA has to offer. Above all else, the NRA provides protection and defense for your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

To join the NRA and get all this great stuff, click here.

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  1. Pete, I’m sorry to hear that you left the NRA, but if your main reason is that the NRA supports gun manufacturers, your reasoning is misplaced. Without gun manufacturers, there would be no guns for NRA members and non-members to own for hunting, precision shooting and self-defense purposes. I fail to see how “grass roots values” conflict with gun manufacturers’ needing to make a profit to stay in business. If there is such a thing as “Big money,”(you fail to describe the term) it plays only a small part in funding the NRA; the organization is funded mainly by grass-roots members, such as me and formerly you.

    All gun-related companies, many of which operate on a very thin profit margin, have an interest in keeping the NRA alive, and rightfully so. If they didn’t we all could kiss our guns goodbye because those very companies would have no way to help the NRA sponsor lobbies in Washington to emphasize our Constitutional rights to gun ownership and responsible gun use. If “Big Money” companies donate to the NRA, I’m all for it! There are far more “Big Money”companies who donate to our PC liberal politicians, and I see nothing wrong with any company, large or small, that supports the NRA.

    You stated that “The real answers and solutions will be found in Mental Health, Crime, Gang Violence.” I absolutely agree; so does the NRA, and they have said so on many occasions. I suggest you go back and read the monthly NRA President’s statements by Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox before you throw in the towel on a wonderful organization that has supported our rights for many years and hopefully will continue to do so.

  2. TO PETE ABOVE: Pete, it is truly a shame to let politics get in the way of your membership. The NRA is fighting for the same things we all are, whether we are gun owners, suppliers, manufacturers, hunters, or whatever. Do you begrudge the gun manufacturers from making a profit? What difference does that make? Who cares if they make a profit? That is the nature of their business. If they don’t make a profit, they won’t be in business very long. If the NRA helps them make a profit, MORE POWER TO THEM. I thought we were all in this together. I will quote from a gentlemen who put it very eloquently : “There is more to these decisions than just appeasing a few members of the vocal minority. The more we internally fight about these menial issues, the more the anti-gun crowd wins. Don’t let them succeed in pitting us against each other. Now is the time we stand united and not bicker amongst ourselves.” To you Pete I say, swallow your false pride, look at the overall picture. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but you’re hurting all of us my not becoming a member of the team. We have a very wry adversary, in the liberals, progressives, and the obama administration. How about getting on board with the rest of us. And please, do not try to patronize me by say there are a lot of folks who think the same way. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  3. Many Im sure will take some exception at what I write here. It is my opinion and I am not the only one to have thought or acted in this manner.
    After some years of membership and support in and for the NRA I allowed my membership to pass as I no longer felt that the orginazation spoke for the, me, the gun owner or the Republics citizens. The inflexable line that is put forward by the NRA leadership has shifted from support and defense of its grass roots, law abiding, firearm owning, members to a position of how to defend the gun manufactures and their wealth by using the 2nd Amendment at the expense of the grassroot values. I was embarresed for the NRA and its current and past members, at the response of the organazation and its spokes person, their current presedent, durning and since the US Senate hearing. He was not the poster person needed to forward the values of law abiding citizens and made clear the that his adjenda is not the NRA’s founding values but the opinions of the big money which now funds it so heavely. the old axum holds true . .”Follow the money”
    Im sorry, but I belive in the Foundatioin Documents of our Republic and the fact that they are a set of documents that live and require care and feeding. When their definitions are forced to be locked in an inflexable position they are at risk of being broken. This can not be allowed.
    There are other good 2nd Amendment Rights national organizations that undestand this concept and the needs and values of firearm owners today. If we, as responsible firearm owners, do not take part in the national discussion and decision process in an intellegent and sensible manner we may indeed loose more that the republic can aford to recover from. The answer never was the “guns” that has only been the easy path for the goverment and its politicians to take. The real answers and solutions will be found in the real issues of Mental Health, Crime, Gang Violance. THE COSTLY, HARD TO SOLVE ISSUES. Start solving them and you start to s really solve the problems they create. Gun Control only looks as if its solved something . . . right up to the next time there is a national tragety. Then What?? What indeed! “Opppps, sorry, back to square one.” or maybe “Shotguns, might be the best solutions.”
    Its just one old vets opinion. Im sure it will find disagreement and possibly support. The point is do your own thinking, form your own opinion and position and understand it. Then, and only then, stand by it. Just because your a firearms owner in the United States dosnt mean that you havent allwed yourself to be one of the sheep too. Dont be the sheep! Be a Citizen of YOUR Republic. Band with like voices. Be respectful and LISTEN to your opisition and learn from them too. Choose to be an informed, involved member of this discussion.


  5. I applied for life membership last week. I’ve been a regular member since 1979. It’s money well spent for the only organization I am in direct contact with that represents me and will stand up for me against what has become a tyrannical government that provides only liberal senators and most liberal representatives in my state. I’m fed up with Washington and its corruption.

  6. One more point. I am obvoiusly a strong supporter of the NRA. Membership does offer a lot of great benefits like so many of the previous posts have said. But I just have to say ( and you know I’m not shy about speaking my mind) I sincerely hope you will join the NRA for far more important reasons than the so-called freebies. Like freedom itself-nothing is free. For what little it costs to join, NRA can get a lot of lawmakers’ undivided attention quickly while my voice and yours on our own, is virtually meaningless. After all – when the NRA speakes theirs is the voice of over 4 MILLION gun owners screaming loud and clear. Its kinda like 4 million bolts going home at once in a deafening roar! Got it?

  7. I hear a lot of folk proclaiming their steadfast belief in the 2nd Amendment and in the same sentence they pronounce their dislike for the NRA! These are the very same folks who call politicians hypocrits. You know who I’m talking about, we’ve all heard them. Just know this one thing – the NRA IS the 2nd Amendment. You cannot believe in the 2nd Amendment and not believe in the NRA! Our GOD given, Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms would have eroded away long ago were it not for the NRA! If you are a gun owner and you intend to remain one, and a free citizen as well, then whatever your issue you may have with the NRA, get over it and get on board. Otherwise you’re no different than those hypocrit politicians…

  8. The NRA has been a constant in my life since I was 14 years old and took my first Hunter Safety Class in Riverside, California in 1964. I took my sons to a Hunters safety course in Nevada. They have always been there to fight for our rights, and we appreciate it.

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