The NRA and NSSF Respond to Obama’s New Gun Control


Many people are trying to understand the full impact of the President’s latest gun control measures. As a quick synopsis, here are responses from the NRA and National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The NRA Position

The executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, Chris W. Cox, released the following statement on Tuesday regarding President Barack Obama’s Executive Gun Control Order: National Rifle Association NRA logo

Once again, President Obama has chosen to engage in political rhetoric, instead of offering meaningful solutions to our nation’s pressing problems. Today’s event also represents an ongoing attempt to distract attention away from his lack of a coherent strategy to keep the American people safe from terrorist attack.

The American people do not need more emotional, condescending lectures that are completely devoid of facts. The men and women of the National Rifle Association take a back seat to no one when it comes to keeping our communities safe. But the fact is that President Obama’s proposals would not have prevented any of the horrific events he mentioned. The timing of this announcement, in the eighth and final year of his presidency, demonstrates not only political exploitation but a fundamental lack of seriousness.

The proposed executive actions are ripe for abuse by the Obama Administration, which has made no secret of its contempt for the Second Amendment. The NRA will continue to fight to protect the fundamental, individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed under our Constitution. We will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be harassed or intimidated for engaging in lawful, constitutionally-protected activity – nor will we allow them to become scapegoats for President Obama’s failed policies.

National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF Statement: “Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and make Our Communities Safer” We all share the goal of reducing the intentional misuse of guns and enhancing the safety of our communities. As the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) will carefully review all aspects of the executive actions that President Obama announced today. Much remains to be spelled out. In the interim we have some initial reactions: National Shooting Sports Foundation Logo

  • We support further resources being allocated to staffing and increasing operational hours for the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to make the system more efficient and responsive.
  • We represent Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). The criteria for what will constitute being “engaged in the business” going forward needs considerable clarification and raises questions about enforceability.
  • The number of firearms lost or stolen while in transit to or from FFLs is less than 0.15 percent of the number manufactured and imported in a given year. In these rare occurrences, FFLs already actively participate in ATF’s long-standing voluntary reporting program and FFLs and common carriers work closely with ATF to investigate them. Proposals to make a shipping FFL responsible for tracking and reporting firearms no longer in their inventories, after the legal title has been transferred to the purchaser, are misdirected, as the receiving FFL is in the best position to know if it receives its shipment.
  • We have long called for the effective enforcement of the numerous laws already on the books regarding the criminal misuse of firearms and would encourage the administration to carry through on this directive.
  • NSSF has been working actively since early 2013 through our FixNICS initiative to encourage states to report all appropriate adjudicated mental health records to NICS and has succeeded in getting legislation passed in more than a dozen states. We welcome the administration’s attention to this issue.
  • With regard to the development of “smart-gun” technology, the industry has never opposed its development. How additional government research into this technology would advance it is unclear. Law enforcement agencies and consumers themselves will have to make the determination whether acquisition of firearms with this technology “would be consistent with operational needs,” as the White House itself states. We would continue to oppose mandates for this technology, particularly since there are well proven existing methods to secure firearms, and firearms accidents are at historic low levels.

NSSF will have additional responses in the days, weeks and months ahead, especially as federal departments and agencies begin the work of carrying out the executive orders. [dave]

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  1. Los Angeles compliance with the new high capacity magazines appears to be running about 0%.

    Pretty much the law abiding are in compliance with the state restrictions because that’s what law abiding people do. Criminals never have, and never will. Unfortunately, Obama and the rest are trying to make the law abiding into criminals in order to take away their 2d Amendment rights before moving on to the rest.

  2. I have. I have also pointed out how they seem to forget that while they represented on party when they ran for office, their duty is to represent ALL the people. That includes the POTUS. I’ve told them that it seems odd that a member of the armed forces can take an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” and put his life on the line for ALL Americans, while a great many politicians forget their oaths before the last words have crossed their lips and risk nothing.

    These weasels put their own spin on the Constitution even when the words of the authors still exist to tell We the People what they meant and what they intended. There is no reason why the POTUS, SCOTUS, or anyone else needs to “interpret” what our Rights are. The Founders spelled them out and based on their words, the several states ratified them. Thereafter, the states incorporated them into the state Constitutions.

    Today we have politicians who risk nothing yet seem to believe they have more vested interest in the future of America than the hardest working people, along with the members of the armed forces “who
    gave their lives that this nation might live” as the Founders intended… “with liberty and justice for all”… not just the elected.

  3. New Obama gun control restrictions 2016 – WHY?
    And, will it end? More to follow? Once he succeeds at these?
    No, none of these will make us any safer.
    No, none of these will prevent any future shootings.
    No, not even one shooting.
    So, why? I keep asking myself. Just to do SOMETHING? ANYTHING?

  4. While I agree with your premise, the only thing Obama will fully succeed at is turning good citizens into criminals in the same way the royals of European nations did centuries ago.

  5. Here in California, every transfer must be recorded (and fee paid). So, there is a paper trail on each weapon sold.

  6. The same is true of most politicians at every level, of the armed forces, and the police. We all pretty much take the same oath. The primary difference is that politicians seem to abandon their oaths of office before the words have finished crossing their lips.

    Politicians seem to forget that while they may be of one political persuasion or another, they are still elected to represent us ALL. Clearly, Obama has, for his entire career, forgotten that he was elected to represent ALL American citizens, not illegal economic invaders, foreign governments, etc. His oath is to “protect and preserve the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”, and thus preserve our society. Not to destroy it from within in order to make it over into HIS vision of what it should be.

  7. Until the NRA totally capitulates, who else is there to help stem the tide of battle? I can’t do it alone, and neither can you. I will, until I can, or some other entity comes along, use them to whatever extent I can. Personally, I place more trust in them than I do in the Brady Bunch or the Bloombergers.

  8. One thing about Trump… unlike Obama, Trump is not a majorly bigoted racist who hates America, anything white, conservative, military, etc. Obama is a egomaniac, but even worse, he is a total narcissist who cares only about his legacy and his image.

    Essentially, all politicians, CEOs, military generals, etc, are egotists. That goes wayyyyyy back in history of the human race.

  9. The vast majority of what Obama submitted requires Congress to ACT in order for any changes to take place. Congress not taking action nullifies what Obama submitted.

    The point which Obama’s submissions make a difference is what directs federal agencies like BATF to institute policies or policy changes. He has the authority to direct federal agencies to act in certain ways. An example would be for him to tell the Justice Department to actually begin prosecutions of violators of existing laws… like selling without doing background checks.

    1. While, in theory, you are correct, IN FACT Obama IS doing what he wants within the Federal bureaucracy. He is simply ignoring Federal law and instructing his minions in the bureaucracy to issue work permits to illegal aliens and simply telling them to not deport various classifications of illegal aliens such as “dreamers.” He is IN FACT by passing Congress successfully. Now, it is true that once he out of office that all of his executive orders and simply ordering bureaucrats to do what he wants goes away, but right now he’s doing damage to the country.

      As far as gun control is concerned as I have written here already, using the ATF and the ability to march into any FFL and ‘examine’ their 4473’s for the last 20 years, they can find several individuals to prosecute for “dealing” firearms if they sold a large collection of firearms over a year or so by gunbroker or where ever. This activity, if it occurs, will be heavily reported on in the news with big time perp walks, displays of “inventory” (what’s left of a collection) on tables piled high with weapons that look like drug house arms seizures. This activity will put a serious chill on individuals who want to sell a handgun or rifle that they no longer want.

  10. No argument from me.

    I have spent a great many hours educating people about the history of firearms, about how SCOTUS interpretations are in conflict with those of the authors, why any action by Congress without the DIRECT participation of We the People is illegal, and so on. How, not only the rights of law abiding supporters of the 2nd Amendment are being stolen, but the rights of anti-gun proponents to change their views in the future are being stolen. While I have had little success, I have had some, and for that reason, I shall never quit trying to get through to the other side.

  11. Four Words, “Proclamation One Zero Four”. Proclamation 104, signed into law in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln. Or the “Suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus Suspension Act of 1863”. IOW: The Suspension of the Bill of Rights. STILL LAW OF THE LAND.

  12. I wish people would stop being duped by the NRA and NSSF. They aren’t what you think they are. They are not true defenders of freedom, or the constitution or 2d amendment. They continually compromise away our rights and freedoms. They make a good show, and occasionally slow down the loss of gun rights, but they always cave and in the end ensure our rights are infringed.

  13. I have seen a lot of presidents, but never one with such disregard for the law and the constitution as Obama has…be glad to see him go. I just hope and pray that Hillary is NOT his successor..She’s just Obama in a skirt.

  14. I have the answer to the “Smart Gun” technology failures! Since everyone is concerned with the battery dying and making the gun inoperative, let’s make it a “fail-safe” that works all the time if the battery fails! That way, we are never at risk. ( I think we could actually make the Anti-gunners believe this would be a working solution. Since they know nothing about guns, it might work!) That way, we either just let the battery die, or remove it and TAH-DAH!, we still have our normal operating firearm. I really do think they are just stupid enough to believe this.

  15. @ Intrceptor,

    Your comment is a good jump off point for me to explain something I’ve wanted to clarify to this community for quite some time. With over 33 years in federal law enforcement I want to ensure readers that what I am about to impart is not my personal opinion, but is instead the hard cold facts:

    Over the years folks like yourself have been under the impression there is no so-called National gun registry or database, when in-fact there really is. While the registry is not in the form of a centralized data storage center run by the FBI, it nevertheless does still exist and is regularly accessed by the federal government.

    Every single gun ever legally purchased over the past 20 plus years is registered and stored in the filing cabinets of every single weapons dealer across the Nation. This is an effective database comprised of a consistent system of records, forced to be kept on a federally issued forms, and enforced by the federal government.

    You know each database record entry more commonly as the ATF Form 4473; but make no mistake, it is still a database managed on a National scale through a federally devised system of records.

    Each record contains the full name, address, birthdate, birthplace, social security number, ethnicity, height, weight, gender, gun make/model and serial number of every single gun lawfully purchased in the past 20 years. These records must be made immediately available to any federal law enforcement agent up request, and without warrant.

    In addition, any gun dealer that goes out of business must surrender all records to federal authorities for their continued management.

    No matter how you dice this up, it still amounts to a forced federal gun registry. It’s just the federal government was smart enough to place the maintenance and management burden on all the U.S. gun dealers without having to pay them a dime for their troubles.

    1. @G-Man: Here is where that theory falls flat on it’s bureaucratic face. Those are one-time records of the original purchase. The form 4473’s are never updated to reflect consecutive owners, so who may actually own a particular firearm is not 100% truly known. It is only a guess. Here in Kommiecticut, they want to track every purchase, including private sales between individuals, but that relies on voluntary compliance….so good luck with that. Our current non-compliance rate is estimated at 85%.

      For example, every firearm I ever purchased is somewhere on the bottom of Lake Poo-Poo Ca-Ca from when my boat capsized.

    2. Galaxi Man. Good point. I have been calling in background checks and now doing it electronically for quite a while now. I provide the ATF certain bio info on the potential buyer, number of firearms, but the manufacturer, type, or serial number of the weapon(s) is NOT provided. I transferred up to 16 firearms for individuals who have won an auction, like RIA. No problem. And again the ATF was not given any specific weapon data, other than quantity. The 4473 has NO real legal purpose once the individual has been cleared or flagged because the 4473 is NOT specific to any particular firearms(s). Only the sales receipt does that.

    3. @ Retired75th,

      Whoa there – completely inaccurate and risky for you if you have failed to comply with federal law. I am referring to your extremely erroneous statement as follows:

      “The 4473 has NO real legal purpose once the individual has been cleared or flagged because the 4473 is NOT specific to any particular firearms(s). Only the sales receipt does that.”

      In every gun trace investigation I have conducted the first thing I look for is the ATF Form 4473, which must be retained by the FFL dealer, where on Page 3, Section D (Items 26 – 30), you will find that by LAW you should have annotated every gun’s: Manufacturer/Importer, Model, Serial Number, Weapons Type, and Caliber.

      We do not care what you include on the receipt as that is up to you, but BY LAW you must put it into the 4473 and retain it for us to review for the next 20 years. Furthermore, I have used the Form 4473 as my primary piece of evidence in prosecutions of people that lied on the form.

      It is very very dangerous for you to tell folks here that, “The 4473 has NO real legal purpose once the individual has been cleared”. Because it does in-fact serve an exceptionally “legal purpose” for 20 plus years and can be key evidence for sending a person to prison. I can’t think of a more “legal purpose” than that.

      As an FFL, you do the industry a great disservice by spreading such falsehoods.

    4. @ Galaxie Man,

      Look, I am only trying to be helpful and provide insight into how a system, which should exist, can be used for nefarious purposes.

      That is great if you happened to sell, lose, or bury your previously registered guns. Regardless, the government still has a comprehensive list to the millions of other gun owners that have not sold their guns.

      But most importantly I implore you to think outside the box and consider the extreme side to all this – were the government to completely go rogue implementing martial law and outright tyranny. Just you having your name on any 4473 as a previous gun owner would make you a target for roundup to a compound, and at a minimum subject you to intrusive home searches with continued surveillance.

      Nazi Germany was not that long ago and took place in a relatively modern country during civilized times.

    5. ” … the federal government was smart enough to place the maintenance and management burden …”

      I would change the word ‘smart’ to ‘devious’. You make an excellent point.

    6. I have said elsewhere that the libs have been nibbling around the edges of gun laws going after gun makers, sellers and owners for decades in order to disarm the US. The next big milestone for libs to end all sales betw private unlicensed individuals and the govt being involved in all firearm sales via an FFL. The libs want to end all private sales betw two unlicensed private individuals, between family members, and end all firearms inheritances that are not legally transferred by an FFL. A legal and smart FFL will NOT sell a firearm to an unlicensed individual without a 4473 and background check or he’ll lose his license and probably do some time. He has to show the paper trail in which the weapon is transferred off his books. Stagg Arms was shut down because inventory did not match paperwork. Big fines. So it is the unlicensed private individual that is being targeted by obama and the libs. Again, the libs want every transaction registered and on one centralized database with a name, address and weapon specifics. As you know in the event of total weapons confiscation, the ATF does not have the manpower to physically walk into every dealer, than secure every written sales receipt and than proceed to physically go to that buyers home to affect the firearms confiscation. To complicate matters FFL’s die or go out of business. Gun owners also die, move or have a firearm stolen. Having one centralized govt database which combines IRS and Homeland Security and other databases will make things much easier when the time comes. Watch for Obama to create the scenario which justifies a mass confiscation in the next year.

  16. As “G-Man” said it, 23 New Gun Law by Executive Action and/or Executive Memorandum and YET none of them have been Repealed. And WE have a STACKED Republican House and Senate. The NRA can “Scream All They Want”, without a Functional House or Senate. IT’S TOTAL and YOU’RE SCREWED.

  17. True. “make no laws” does not appear in the 2nd Amendment. However, it does, I think appear in the Bill of Rights. Something about Congress shall make no laws abridging the rights of the People.

    1. You are correct, but it does say “shall not be infringed” and any law regulating gun ownership is an infringement.

  18. Except in Mexifornia where the state collects enough data to know whether someone who has purchased a firearm has been, or resides with someone, who has been confined to a mental health unit by court order or voluntary admission. And every day the two computers; the firearms computer and the mental health computer; compare notes. State agents have already been out to confiscate firearms of those who the state has determined can not possess a firearm for mental health reasons, or those who may share a residence with same. Under state law, a person residing with a denied person may not possess firearms because they would be accessible to the denied person. It does not matter that such weapons may be locked up and the denied person may not know the code or have a key. It seems that your word that the denied person does not have access means nothing to the state, and there is no such thing as due process (just like civil forfeiture). The state agents then submit a report to the local DA for investigation and prosecution. This has been documented and reported to us by our local sheriff.

    The Lt Gov has prepared a bill for the next ballot which will add additional hurdles to the already onerous infringements of the 2d Amendment, including banning the purchase of ammo except through a license dealer, limitations on amount of ammo purchased every 90 days, etc.

    1. CA and NY are the two most activist States in going into home to literally confiscate guns. New Jersey a bad State also. CA and NY are both literally ignoring SCOTUS decisions at this time; Heller and McDonald that, together, tell the States that while they can put some, “reasonable,” restrictions on gun ownership, they must allow possession and bearing of arms. This means that they cannot tell you that you cannot carry both opening and concealed. As I remember somewhere in history, some State said to a Federal court: “You have hour court order, now come and enforce it. Where are your troops?”

      CT and NY are also finding out the limits of what the State’s citizens are willing to put up with as both of their AR registration compliance are somewhere under 30% – I think.

    2. @SEAN KENDALL: While neither state has released any hard numbers, best conservative estimates of non-compliance rates are 95% in NY and 85% in CT. The Armed Civil Disobedience and underground gun economy is alive and well. These two blue states are FULL of RED-BLOODED PATRIOTS!


      Your move, tyrants.

  19. The 2 important words of the 2nd amendment are ” NO LAWS”, therefore any laws are unconstitutional.

  20. Jeez, I wasn’t aware that so many liberal, anti-firearms trolls had infiltrated this forum.

    I’m quite surprised that they can do the simple math problem to verify their posts.

  21. In the end, Obama remains what he always was . . . an empty suit elected by people who are just as uneducated and informed as he is.

    1. You are indeed wrong if you think obama is merely inept or incompetent. He is malicious and insidious. He is the biggest liar in history. He is intentionally divisive. He is power hungry to the extreme.

      He is flat out evil.

      He is not failing, because he is not really even trying to do good. He is succeeding at doing bad.

    2. Unfortunately I agree that Obama isn’t stupid and he is doing exactly what he wants to do which is to cause as much damage as possible to America as he possibly can.

      1. Financially he is digging as deep a debt and unfunded liabilities hole as he can to hopefully cause a massive dollar crisis in the world and hopefully cause a huge depression in America and the western world in general.

      2. Dividing the country and setting back race relations 30 years. Using every possible news event that plays into his story line he is whipping up racial discord. He is working overtime to get divide us along racial, gun control, abortion, gender, sexual orientation, immigration and any other factional dispute he can find. Obama had an historic chance to help race relations in this country and he has done just the opposite.

      3. Importing new voters for the radical left. Via the southern border and “refugees” he is planting democratic voters in Republican states all over the country. This is the most dangerous part of the strategy. The RINOs in congress seem to be blind to this unless they plan to simply switch to the Democrat side at a propitious moment. The only thing that can counter this is a convention of the States and a successful binding of the Federal government to a much smaller scope and tax base. The reason Al Franken beat Norm Coleman in Wisconsin was because of 50,000 Somalies who were driven to the polls and told to vote for Franken. This last sentence is what I have read in several places, but I have no proof. Coleman is a RINO, but at least he counted as a Republican.

      4. While he literally doesn’t give a flying F about the rest of the world as most, if not all of it, is steadily moving leftward on its own (as we have been), he obviously has a deep hatred for the Christian world and every single move he has made has been to support the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and any other radical sect that can kill Christians and put and end to western civilization. He hates America and believes it has raped the third world and enslaved the planet in an evil capitalist driven trap.

      Mikial: I do agree he is a rather goofy, intellectual light weight. He was tutored by Bernadine Dorn and what’s his name in Chicago in his youth, his father and mother were both communists and all of this is a Cloward and Piven strategy on a national basis from the inside. He is literally reading the book and trying to collapse the country under the weight of the problems he is exacerbating. He doesn’t have any original thought and cannot come up with cogent arguments for what he is doing. He is simply executing others plans.

  22. I bet that the majority of comments on this piece came from Trump groupies. Scary. The NSSF’s response is balanced and mature, as opposed to Mr. Cox’s which is purely emotional and lacks substance. It’s just opposition for the purpose of opposition.

    1. Hi Eddie, what is the point of your comment? You want to talk about Trump? If not, how about you add some cogent, on-point comment about Obama’s executive actions. Vague comments about what the NSSF and NRA say don’t seem all that on point to me.

      But since you mentioned Trump: He is popular now because, while he can put his foot in hi mouth and he is a raging egomaniac, he quite often says things that 75% (my guess) of the American people are thinking but generally don’t say because of the ugly politically correct environment that is intended to crush our freedom of speech.

      Now, I am NOT a Trump for president guy for several reasons; first, I think he would be bored three months into his term and become frustrated with the speed of change under Congress. Second, because he is all over the map with his comments about socialized medicine and other topics, I don’t trust him.

      If I was able to choose the next president it would be Ted Cruz, but, given a choice between Hillary or Bernie and the Donald, I would choose the Donald.

  23. The guy we call president has proven again what a actor in chief he is. He can lie with a straight face and shed tears to make us think he cares. His royal hindass makes yet another royal decree for his subjects to follow.

  24. Because the House and Senate are filled with wimps and presidential wannabe’s (who don’t want THEIR power questioned if they get to the presidency), who won’t do their overwhelmingly obvious duty to impeach and remove this disaster of a president, Obama will have the entire year to corrupt and twist the ATF into taking action against some small dealers and against several individual who sell parts of their collection on gunbroker or at gun show. While I don’t know for sure, I expect to see some white house pumped ATF action against two or three innocent sellers who will be put in prison. This will be done to chill the sales of firearms and scare gun owners. Of course, doing this won’t do anything to stop criminals and terrorists from obtaining and using guns to commit crimes and atrocities (NOT tragedies), but the Marxists do not care about stopping anything; they care about TAKING ALL THE GUNS AWAY FROM AMERICAN CITITZENS. That is their only goal.

    The Obama administration knows how to communicate internally and with other Federal departments in such a way as to leave no trail to get them impeached or arrested. The departments aren’t quite as good at hiding their perfidy against the American people as we see with the email evidence against Lois Lerner and her correspondents at Justice and, of course, HRC’s email trail of betrayal at the Department of State.

    I expect, right at this moment, there are hand picked people at ATF ILLEGALLY combing through 4473 records looking for several victims. Unfortunately, I could be one of them . . .

  25. President Obama was legitimately elected, not once but twice. He does, however, represent a MINORITY (As a member of a Minority) viewpoint regarding ownership of weapons. It is a vocal, arrogant, and ill informed minority, driven by beliefs that ignore facts. It is almost a religious belief that is as wrong as many other cockeyed religious beliefs. We have to endure him for 379 more days in this position. I suggest we all work VERY hard to ensure that his successor can act to repeal some of the laws and orders he has passed, and treat his presidency as another example of failed intentions, much like the Prohibition of the 1920s.

  26. Sure President Obama let’s put more guns on the streets for CRIMINALS TO KILL US WITH! As a Texas Peace Officer I know what’s going to happen and where he’s headed with his GUN PLAN. Hell give ISIS and CRIMINALS more guns and more RIGHTS THAN THE OUR LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. I’ll continuing supporting NRA until the day I die!

    1. Good thing Texas has you and not any other states. Stay there, please. The NRA must be proud.

    2. In Russia we would take wimps such as you and send to Siberia to ice farm. Give thanks for the gun freedoms that you have still to defend against tyranny of the state and vicious brutal criminal element here in this country.

  27. The president’s job is to enforce the law, not to interpret it or rewrite it. That is why I wrote my representative in the House and suggested why he should support drawing up articles of impeachment and moving them forward toward a vote.

    I cc’d my Senators as well and sent all parties both electronic and snail-mail versions.

    You may wish to consider doing something similar.

    1. The ONLY truly effective action would be for the Congress to DISBAND the AT f***ing F!

      The Constitution PROHIBITS ‘infringement’ so there is NO PLACE in Federal Statutes for the word “ARMS” and now they are trying to include ‘air powered weapons’ as well?

      The “interstate commerce” clause cannot be twisted enough to overcome a complete PROHIBITION!

      I do wish that we had a cohesive militia in every State so that we could provide protection for our Congressmen in Washington D.C. Maybe that would allow them to do their work effectively and eliminate the back-stabbing, racist, fascist, queer, muslim POTUS that we have today.

      If we were to physically eliminate the entire CIA, Congress could get back to controlling the other two Branches of Government!

    2. And CONgress’s job is to govern or at the very least, legislate. Seeing as how the GOTeaP is completely incapable, yea incompetent, at doing the very thing they were hired to do, then SOMEbody has to do something. Write your Senators and Mis-Reps and tell them to get off their duffs and actually GOVERN. Then you won’t have to stay up all night in your gun safe, cowering in fear because background checks are a sensible thing to enhance.

    3. The shibboleth of our State or the Federal government legislatures having to “govern” seems to mean that all these bodies have to be continually passing more and more and more laws. Actually, it is government job to do as little as possible and let a free and prosperous country go about its business. At this point in America’s history, I would greatly prefer to see my State, Texas, and the Federal government begin to literally unwind 85% of everything they do. JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY, and maintain a fair system of law; nothing else. For the fist time in my memory, a number of nationwide polls have the biggest problem in the country as: GOVERNMENT. Why? Well, anyone who pays attention knows that the Fed’s cause most of the problems they purport to solve. Just think about the EPA. Created by Nixon, it is arguably the most successful Federal agency ever. When it was created our air and water were terrible. By and large, with the notable exceptions of some super fund sites, our air and water are the cleanest on the planet. The EPA succeeded! Now the EPA should be disbanded in large part; maybe keep a very small monitoring capability. But, like all bureaucracies, that are literally living, breathing entities, the EPA needs to continually come up with another boogie man to fight. Now it’s what we all exhale and what green plants need to live: CO2! It’s time to drastically shrink government.

    4. LOL you actually thing anyone in DC would read a letter your or I wrote to them?

      Both parties are incompetent and no longer different.

      No law abiding gun owner fears a background check either. We do fear lists that have no due process on how they are used to usurp constitutional rights.

      In order for POTUS or Congress to govern and legislate legally they must adhere to constitutional law. I don’t see that anywhere as it relates to the 2nd amendment. They all want to guilt people or shame people into voluntarily giving up their rights. That has nothing to do with governing or legislating or adhering to constitutional law.

      Try harder.

    5. And what were they hired to do?

      Not to DO SOMETHING.

      Not even to make people happy, or secure, or prosperous.

      They were hired to UPHOLD THE US CONSTITUTION! That is what their oath is pledged to … not to the country or even the people.

    6. @ TyrannyOfEvilMen,

      Kudos to you for getting it right. The pure definition of an “Executive”, whether corporate or government, is limited to directing personnel to carry out or enforce rules as set forth by a separate policy making body.

      In the corporate world such policy is established by a voting Board of Directors, in the government world policy is set by a voting Legislative Body. When a corporate executive fails to properly enforce policy they are terminated and charged if it violated any laws, whereas a government executive is impeached.

      Obama has no authority over his Executive Office to make, change, or interpret policy as set forth by the Legislative Body. To do so is an overreach of his authority and thus a criminal activity.

      For your reading pleasure, below is a partial excerpt from an earlier post I made in another CTD article addressing Obama’s recent overreach:

      “Yes I am aware of Obama’s intent to redefine even collectors and hobbyist into criminals if they sell without a license. I can guarantee you that just as Obama’s immigration action was successfully blocked by the appeals court, so too will this.

      Granted, Obama states he is not changing the law, but rather he claims he is only “clarifying” the existing rules already in effect. That is remarkable BS given that only Congress can make laws, and only the Courts may make “clarifications” thereafter.

      Obama’s job is to only enforce the laws as established by Congress, not “clarify” them. These laws have been in effect for years without Obama’s so-called need to suddenly “clarify” them. I am certain this time around will lead to plenty of lawsuits against Obama’s overreach of executive authority.

      The only thing that remains to be seen is whether any Judge is willing to back Obama in his lie which apparently claims we’ve been misunderstanding the law all this time and it took his sudden wisdom to “clarify” it for everyone else in the Nation.”

  28. As usual, Obama caused a stir without really doing anything about the underlying problem. As usual, he just seeks to bolster his own image in the mirror he looks at all day long. It’s another progressive “feel good” action. None of the points would have changed anything in the past, and they won’t in the future. There are over 20,000 laws in place regarding firearms, and they have not prevented anything. How any idiot can believe that more will help when the existing ones are not enforced, is beyond me.

    What else should we expect from someone who is more concerned with his own image than in reality.

    1. DaveW, you underestimate the stupidity and tenacity of gun-grabbers and the gullibility of the uniformed U.S. citizenry. More unenforceable laws regulating and restricting gun ownership will not stop people with no regard for civilized laws from doing what they do. Those who know little of guns and less of gun-violence, statistics, will believe what their leaders tell them. After-all, this is the President, he wouldn’t deliberately lie, would he?

    2. You are correct. Quite a few commenters on TV and other places are saying these executive orders are a big nothing. They don’t understand the nature of a committed Marxist and don’t seem to have learned the obvious lesson of both the fast and furious debacle and the systemic IRS suppression of tea party groups’ applications for 501c3 status. Regardless of what the law SAYS, bureaucrats, many of whom agree with Obama, can be convinced to take actions that they won’t be punished for under a radical Marxist like Obama. Both Eric Holder and Lois Lerner have comfortably ridden off into the sunset; Lois even has her fabulous Federal retirement package intact.

      I believe it is entirely in the realm of possibility that the ATF and Justice are, right now, combing through illegally stored 4473 records, putting them into a database or spreadsheet and looking for patterns that will allow them to identify two or three unlucky gun collectors who have bought and sold actively. Once identified (and I think they have already chosen their victims), the Fed’s will move to prosecute them into bankruptcy. Why? It’s simple really: INTIMIDATION. Socialists, Marxists, and, especially, Leninists (communism) want to crush opposition. They aren’t interested in discussing things, or having a rational basis for policies; they want to RULE. People with guns can oppose their rule, therefore get the guns out of the hands of the people.

      Let’s not waste our time thinking that Obama is a paper tiger; his administration has proven that they WILL take actions that are clearly outside of executive authority; they don’t care what you think about them, they act. And Congress is complicit in all of these actions because they won’t remove him from office as they clearly should have done a number of years ago.

    3. 4473’s are stored at the dealer. If the background check information is in a database it wouldn’t include the specifics of the firearms. Handgun or long gun is as much as they get from what I have been told. The quantity of firearms purchased would be available but I was also told, by my FFL, that they don’t compile any of this information and it should be a pass/fail situation and nothing more.

  29. Where were the tears for the victims of San Bernadino and Paris, Mr. President? Oh, right, you were too busy talking about the weather to care. What a joke.

  30. I thought the NRA stance was more hopeful than the NSSF particularly on the mental health issue which is trickiest at best with regards to how and who someone is determined to be mentally incapable of having a firearm.
    I would like to think anyone put in that category has gone through a court ordered competency hearing with appropriate legal representation.

    I would expect the NRA and other gun rights groups to challenge all of the Obama Executive orders issued in the Courts and let the Courts decide what is and is not Constitutional. You cannot believe what a Muslim tells you since their religion allows them to lie to the infidels to get what they want. We of course have a Muslim President.

    Two points: He shed a tear and indicated if he saved one life all of this would be worth it. Did he shed a tear for all our Vets who died on wait lists at the VA and punish those responsible? No he did not.

    He said he was not trying to take our guns away. Did he not endorse the Australian gun confiscation program and say the goal should be to have a gun control system like the Communist Chinese? Yes he did.

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