NRA News Today: Politics and Ignorance

Colion Noir: Ignorance and Politics

Today NRA News commentator Colion Noir first in a series of videos debuts on the NRA News YouTube channel. Noir cuts through stereotypes and disinformation to talk about Second Amendment rights and the fallacy of gun control politics. Watch the video and share your feedback in the comment section.

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  1. Perhaps this vid should be posted on You Tube, with a picture of Obama, and a Title “If I had a son he would look like Colion”. Maybe some of the sheeple would watch it then… and maybe even get Obamas attention… Ok wishful thinking.

    How many folks out there have ever researched “Progressivism” in the early 20th century a lot of “Progressivs” openly identified themselves as Socialist … Didn’t we fight several wars, then the long lasting Cold war? Now Obama is going on like Progressive is a good thing… What gives?

  2. Exactly my point Jim. Where’s their conviction? Those people aren’t even on the same page. What makes complete sense to people who see guns as tools, seems pathalogical and crazy to ignorant fools.

  3. Well said Colion ! This video speaks truth and if you refuse to think about it,consider it, well your unreachable,you might just be a liberal??

  4. It’s useless to criticize Obama’s numerous “evolutions” because he has no core beliefs. He is purely a political animal and will move in whatever direction that will benefit him, not the citizens of this once great country. Most of his critics use facts and logic to argue against him, none of which matter to a committed progressive like Obama. All that matters is control over the populace and driving them into dependence.

  5. The problem is that we don’t need to see this. Don’t air it here.

    The people who need to see, and understand, and realize, and sympathize, and agree, and believe this,……don’t read this blog. They don’t know it exists, and if they did, with their head in the sand mentality, they’d rationalize it to be some kind of Republican propa-ganda. With their mentality, they’re like my ninty year old mom who watches re-runs of Dr Ozz every day, and the same show about “Super Brain” every day on PBS. I tell her that she’s just watching the same show over and over, but she says and believes that there are parts of the show that are added, that they show different stuff during parts of each show. These anti gunners are like that. It’s like you’re running along beside their vehicle, screaming your plea amid the noise of their engine, while they ignore you……..I believe Cam makes references to that effect in meetings held the last couple of weeks, where they’d play solitare, or talk on cell phones while people who had the floor were speaking directly to them.
    Yeah, for 100 and some odd responses here, you’ll have pro gunners commenting, drifting off topic, even belittling each other before it’s all over, but the people who need to heed won’t be here. Just my opinion.

    It’s true, but what venue can it follow, where it’ll do some good?

  6. Brilliant! Perfect!! It’s what we’ve all been trying to say in one way or another- it just took this eloquent spokesperson to put it in such a comprehensive, concise and convincing way. Now, how do we get Obama to watch and listen to this video? There is not one thing he could say to defeat the points made in this video. It needs to be shown to Sen. Feinstein during these debates. It’s our last hope because it seems like nothing else is working. It has to be done SOON to have any effect, though, .it might already be too late. I’m afraid just a threat to not vote for them won’t be effective enough, all the anti gun bills will be passed before the next vote.

  7. This young man just told it like it is!!!! Hey ruling elite, listen to us, we are the people that put you there and we can not vote you back in again.

  8. Satalite subscribers have a “fair use policy” and video’s get expensive in time online. For every 5 minutes of video I watch I loose 10% of my internet time. Wish I could see it but can’t

  9. Truth. I guess the government can’t handle the truth. This needs to be shared everywhere. Nothing else needs to be said, it is all here!

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