NRA News: “Shifting Perspectives” with Natalie Foster

Natalie Foster

NRA News commentator Natalie Foster applauds the efforts of a pro-gun media personality.

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  1. Nothing new, guys. This is what liberals have wanted to do to the Constitution: make it a “living” document, resulting in their being able to “interpret” it any way they wish.

  2. Typical bureaucratic BS. The law was made on purpose to be vague and nebulous.This serves the purpose of having no real world or definable applications.It also allows them their own interpretation to justify whatever they feel at that point and time. This is criminal and cowardly and typical of a Fascist Police State. I suggest that the legislators who passed this garbage be the test subjects for the new rile designs.

  3. Typical bureaucratic BS. They want some nebulous,indefinable law that has no real concrete applications in reality so it can be interpreted whatever way they want to.Cowards, criminals who should be the test subjects for the new designs. We’re devolving into a Fascist Police Thugocracy.

  4. I’m so glad to see a face that is recognized by so many households doing the right thing regarding firearms. I’m totally surprised the network even aired it. I hope they do a follow up when she does get her gun and training. As for Barbara, she is your typical uneducated motormouth, the type that spews her fears in order for someone to help her justify them. It would be great if the View followed the whole process, from the purchase, background check, gun safety schooling, range time and how it all adds up to her new self reliant life.
    I applaud this woman for taking control off her and her families lives!
    I would encourage her to attend Front Sight for her training, she could not find a better place to start out!

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