NRA News: Power Breeds Arrogance

In this week’s episode, Dom Raso addresses the matter of personal protection. Dom Raso is a U.S. Navy SEAL veteran and says there’s not many things that can compare to serving your country and defending your freedom. That freedom applies to firearms, too. “As long as humans exist, there will be weapons in this world. We’re better off knowing how to use them and apply them for the right reasons—rather than not knowing how to use them.”

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  1. Oh, and “Thank you for your courageous service,” those of you who served. All excellent points and comments, I can’t add to what I read here, except to say you’re certainly right about the preaching to the choir thing. Excellent video, that should probably be forwarded to those whom we know who aren’t necessarily pro-gun to possibly enlighten them.

  2. Wow, having read thru these post and the post for a couple of the CTD Shooters Logs it seems that the ANTI-Guns/2ndA/Constitution/Republic, PRO-Control/repression/ personal power//personal agenda movement is taking on the look and tone of the National Socialists movement of the 1930’s.
    It also seems that they have placed those who oppose and disagree with them, that would be you and I, in the position of REACTING TO THEM which is being on the DEFENSE instead of taking the fight to them and placing them off balance. This is a reverse of position that this nation has never seen. I will not side with either party as neither one has been able to form an effective government for this Republic that serves its best interests and the best interests of its people for years. They have instead turned our system of government into a ponz scheme for there own greed and power building agendas.
    If we are to have any effect on the outcome of our Republic we must stop being RE-active and on the defense and become UNITED and Pro-active and be on the OFFENSE.

    This is not about Gun Control, or the Second Amendment !!! STOP being short sighted, step back and look at what’s going on!!!!

    These are the issues (GC and 2A) that have become the wheels to the greater problem. We, the Republics Patriots for lack of any other term, are being treated like a dog that chases a car, running beside , barking and trying to bite the moving wheels, and while we’re doing that we’re not paying attention to what really going on around us. If we stay focused on the wheels we’re going to get hurt, bad! We are not going to see the movement, change of direction, or hole that takes us out!
    We are at the very center of an attempt to capture and use the power and control of this Republic and its people. ITS TIME TO BREAK THE CIRCLE! This attempt to take our republic from us can only be stopped if we stand! WE are the line in the sand.
    PLAIN AND SIMPLE FOR THOSE THAT DON’T GET IT YET. . . .This s a robbery on a national scale, a political smash and grab for the wealth and power that is your right as a citizen of this Republic by those that believe that they know what’s best for you and YOUR family thru their control of YOUR government and BELIVE THEY ARE IN A POSITION TO DO IT. It’s time to SHOUT OUT!
    This is not a conspiracy or an ultra right theory that reaches beyond the realm of common sense. This is simply the end game of years of political planing and power brokering to gain control of our nation and Republic. Most of this tragedy has taken place in the open,with our help and assistance, and in such a manner that it didn’t seem to invasive or threatening. These politically directed steps have brought us to the crossroads where we stand today. Hindsight is indeed 20/20 but it does allow a clear view of the path on which you arrived! Look now! Little is left to be accomplished now but to hobble and fence in those who would still stand as a Patriot of the Republic and see their oath thru. We, those Patriots, are the last hurtle, the last barricade, to the gate behind which is control, wealth and power that is our Nation. If we do not stand and say “NO, this is for ALL, not he few!” then what is all of ours today, will belong to the few tomorrow.
    History repeats itself unless you are willing to study its lessons. I am but one voice, you may turn your back to me saying “he doesn’t know anything, he’s just talking crazy”. But, when you turn from me you will face another saying the same, asking the same, angry about the same, wanting the same answers and willing to stand to post to be heard and defend this Republic.
    Although I may be only one voice, even if I may not fully understand all that is happening, why or how. I am a Patriots voice, one voice, one among an army of voices!
    I will give what I must and then more to protect my nation from all enemies Foreign and Domestic. This is my oath. I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, its Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers that brings understanding of our foundations of this Republic. I will serve the core values of this nation, protect those who need my protection and serve justice to those who would seek to destroy it. I do not do this out of hand or without thought or consideration. When those who I have helped choose to govern, turn their backs to the people and nation which they were chosen to leed at the expense of these people and that Republic. Then, it is time that I act in the best interest of those People and that Republic.
    This is the only viable choice that seems left to me should our current direction remain unchanged. I did not ask to be paced in this position at this point in my life, I do not see a bright future for what remains of my lifetime if we remain on this path, I must and will stand for my Children and Grandchildren and their future in this Republic, after all, that’s what the oath I took was about in the first place.
    Knowledge is Power. Educate yourself. Speak as one Voice when you must, do so in the knowledge that you are one voice in an army of voices! Do not just lift your voice to the choir, they already know the notes that you sing. Turn to the congregation of the Republic and let them hear your voice. They are who must be lifted up!

    One Voice,
    Pete in Alaska sends . . .

  3. Good commentary,unfortunately your preaching to the choir. The people who see this are all ready on the side of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. We need to spread the word in intelligent meaningful way. Oh and by the way, the average response time for law enforcement is 21 minutes. We will just tell the criminals to please wait!!! Don’t rape my wife abuse my children,pistol whip me., oh and don’t take any of my possessions. PLEEEASE you ignorant,pampas,egotistical,,legislative fools!!!!!!!!

  4. The most disgusting thing about the gun ownership controversy is Obama and his minions standing in the graves of innocent victims, using their parents to push his anti 2nd. Amendment agenda! It’s too bad he has all the Gov’t worshipping media not telling the whole story!

  5. I believe Bloombergs comment that the NYPD can handle the situation, was after Hurricane Sandy. You know what happened to the people that intrusted their homes to him. The NYPD couldn’t prevent the looting of their homes. But if you recall the riots in California, where the “armed Korean store owners” stuck together and stayed in their store not one business was looted. They put their trust in themselves and no one else. In this case the sword was mightier than the mouth.

  6. This is a very good video. Power breeds arrogance. ALL POWER! And make no mistake, those who once had power will do alot to get it back. I’ll tell you one thing for a fact, “when” the SHTF, I’m going to be more worried about the people who had power (police, military) being the ones who will try to enforce their will upon others, basically because they have been hard wired to do such. Not to say that the other people on the street are to be trusted any more or less, but recent events have made it very clear that it’s usually the last person you suspect is the one who is going to put a bullet in you, just ask Chris Kyle. Save your retorts, as I don’t give a f*** what you think.

  7. Having a wife with chronic pain, we have things in our house others are willing to kill for. So I have a .45 with me at all times. I also had the foresight to stock up on ammo for years. My son spent 10 yrs in the Navy, my dad spent 31 yrs in the USAF starting as a B-17 pilot. I have 10 yrs ipsc numerous training schools. They can have my guns when they pry them from my cold dead hands.

  8. Many/most firearm enthusiasts, the media and especially our politicians are simply not aware that there are already enough gun laws on the books here in CA and NY that can send you to prison for a long time. Large cities and too many DA’s are more than willing to disarm peaceable citizens and send you to jail. Know your current laws–you will be shocked at what law enforcement does not know about firearms. Pro 2nd Amendment citizens have been hiding behind the Constitution with a false hope of insured gun rights. Get politically active before the entire country falls to the arrogance and stupidity of our legislators. We have four more years to vote President Obama and his ilk out of office. We have no choice because the anti’s will never give up.
    Class of 1966-68
    19/20 year old Grunt.
    US Army’s First Infantry Division
    Combat wounded/decorated/Honorably discharged

  9. Mr. Raso is as eloquent as he is accurate, exactly what one would expect from an individual so committed to a greater good that he would knowingly and willingly die for another in combat, and for us. That is love & selflessness of an order that most of us will never have to experience. But Mr. Raso sought and pursued it. The issue is not hardware. The issue is human-on-human violence, criminal sociopathy, and an epidemic of mental illness that goes undealt with for many reason. To reduce a complex sociological and behavioral problem to one of simple hardware availability is to ask the wrong question. You will always get the wrong answer, just as the wrong diagnosis produces incorrect therapy, or no therapy at all. At a time when this country needed a calm, measured dialogue, the Piers Morgans of the country gave us sanctimony & diatribe, trapping us all in a binary linguistic and ignoring a large body of robust research in these areas in favor of viewership and voters. What they ignored in their attacks is that one of the reasons the gun was invented long ago was that humans hadn’t then learned to disagree agreeably. Alas…. Will we ever learn?? David J. Davin MD, Syracuse, New York

  10. The single most pressing problem with the recent gun purchases, Is people aren’t practicing, The fear of not having ammo, Panic buying and the government caused shortages, are leaving a lot of new gun owners unable to shoot as they should to become proficient with their weapon.

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