NRA News: Ginny Simone Reports on California Gun Confiscation

Investigative Journalist Ginny Simone

In a follow-up to the report on California’s Former Armed & Prohibited Persons System (APPS), Ginny Simone speaks with Department of Justice Special Agent Greg Cameron, who calls the program “gun confiscation under the guise of safety.

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Comments (4)

  1. Anti-gun zealots with a personal agenda cloaked in their trusted positions as
    so-called SERVANTS of WE THE PEOPLE are possibly behind this as a test for the rest of America! People such as these are working toward the Californification of the rest of this country. Sounds a lot like the old commie NVKD or the KGB? Keeping files on anyone they please – really? Feinstein, Pelosi and Bloomberg “types”? Not pointing in that direction. Just saying. I know MANY LEOs and military personnel who have openly stated they would NOT participate in confiscation of guns from Mister or Misses John Q. Public. Open carry laws should be in EVERY state in the union to DETER criminals. They would be less likely to perpetrate a crime when caught up in a heinous crossfire from otherwise law abiding armed Citizens who refuse to become a crime victim.

  2. I say go back to wild west times….every cowpoke in town and on the range holstered iron. That way most will think twice before wrong doing. The biggest issue I have is the God has been removed from everything. So has our constitution. Look at what happened with saddam and gamora…America is next.

  3. With all the laws that the law enforcement does not actually enforce, i.e. border control, it seems that going after people who’s only crime is owning a gun prior to being declared no longer legally able to own a firearm is nothing short of a cowardly act by said law enforcement. Instead of going after hard core gang members, who are regularly harassing member of the community, the police go after someone who doesn’t likely know they are in violation. AG Harris shows her true colors here, as yellow because she is a coward to ignore the real problems in our state and just go after people who are otherwise peaceful. Well done, AG Harris.

  4. So I watched the above one, then went to their website to watch the other. I guess my concern is this:
    1. The only example of egregious acts is against a couple who was involuntarily committed.
    2. Yes, it does seem like it’s an overblown police presence
    3. it’s doesn’t appear to be doing anything OTHER than attempting to enforce both state and federal laws (possession of a firearm by a felon or someone “who has been adjudicated as a mental defective or who has been committed to any mental institution”.

    I understand the law enforcement personnel saying that what is being done doesn’t necessarily prevent crime, however I still don’t see anything but enforcing federal/state law. Perhaps over enforcing, but enforcing nonetheless.

    I think most people (pro or anti-gun) were saying we need tighter restrictions on firearm ownership for those mentally committed.

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