NRA News: Dishonest Solutions with Colion Noir

NRA commentator Colion Noir takes a sharp look at violence in our country. He takes a broader approach and suggests we should look at the root causes of violence, rather than just litigate guns out of the hands of honest Americans. He suggests that emotional laws that make people feel better are not the answer.

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  1. Amen. I wish you folks would get this on MSNBC & CNN. Get it out there for everyone to see and hear. In less than 3 mins the man made more sense than Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer have in 3 months. Someone please throw some cornbread out the back door to these two. That should keep’em quiet for a while !

  2. Talk is cheap! Yakity yak! The gun ban is coming. The real issue is going to come down to what are You going to do once it is in place? When the local LEO comes to your door with a warrent to confiscate your firearms will you sheepishly hand over thousands of dollars worth of guns? What will NRA suggest that you do–give up your firearms or shoot the LEO?
    It is my understanding that most Law Enforcement indicate they will not participate with the law. I have about $7000 in firearms and most are semi-auto, even shotgun semi-auto. All small arms are semi except for one.
    The Russians discovered back in the 60’s (?) that Guarilla warfare is a loosing battle. Will these laws began to create bands of patriots? Will the guard be called up under Martial Law to confiscate firearms? Will real time soldiers be used against the citizens of America, and will they participate?

  3. It is my understanding that NRA has accepted a cigar and a glass of scotch and invited to the back room. Is NRA selling its membership out along with the country?

  4. Ah, the irony of it all. I’ve had to pass background checks to be able to volunteer with Police to protect the neighborhood. No big deal. Criminals don’t exercize that option, they don’t have to. The jails and prisons are certainly over crowded. They’re over crowded with long term residents who got caught with a pound or two of pot (God bless ’em), while gang banging car-jackers who fire at responding officers get probation, and back on the streets.
    As much as I’d love to have a few more guns, I can’t afford them, with prices going out of sight, and yet criminals have no problem aquiring them. If they don’t have any problems getting guns and the ammo for them, how do laws and restrictions imposed on us help to prevent crime?

  5. a-men brother, the laws we have are not enforced ,and they want more laws and to take away our right to protect ourselves

  6. I would like someone to look into administrative frequency. That is to say that, although high profile shooting happen no matter who is in office, it is my recollection that they happen with more frequency in liberal administrations than during conservative administrations. To me, that would suggest policies that create either an apathetic attitude or an attitude of anger an frustration.

  7. I am not able to watch videos. Isn’t there a way to get a written comment instead? A transcript? Something? I’m interested to read the comment, if possible.

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