NRA News Commentators: School Security

In “School Security,” Former U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso addresses the critics who oppose armed security in schools, yet have no plan to protect our kids. 

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  1. All makes sense. As of today, 7-7-13, the gun debate in schools has been quiet. Will it take another school shooting for it to re-surface? I am not 100% convinced that armed guards are the answer (am about 95%) but a common sense debate would be appreciated. Especially at the school district level. People in my town have the “it wont happen here” mentality.

  2. The first thing you do when a bad guy starts shooting up a school is to call for a good guy with a gun.
    The biggest complaint about putting armed guards in school is the cost involved. Some things are evidently worth more than the safety of the children.

  3. After more than thirty of my sixty years of hunting/fishing/camping, and never being a part of the NRA, I heard Wayne La Pierre say “The only thing that’ll stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun”, just after Sandy Hook. All the sheeple seemed so astonished and outraged by what he said. Immediately, it made me pick up the phone and join, something I’d not been inclined to do my whole life. That being said, I’ve been a Citizens On Patrol member for more than four years thus far. We not only patrol our and other’s neighborhoods, assist in security and traffic control at major events, and occasionally assist with surveilance details, either by surveilance in place, or moving, ferroting out the bad guy to waiting officers. Recently, they asked for volunteers to begin a new detail. Inserting us in the schools. This is not something I’ll be participating in. The ONLY time in my day to day life when I can not be armed, is when I put on the badge. That’s the rules. That’s ironic, huh? Schools are a killing field, period. That’s how the bad guy sees it. Why can’t everyone else? I’ll at least take the security of my vehicle over standing in a hallway, holding nothing but a Police radio. Wayne was right, people!

  4. I agree with JiminGA. They are not looking at the real picture, mental health and poor parenting. At least that’s my view. Wasn’t there a sheriff that moved his office into the school? That should have been the norm for every school! Law enforcement interaction and security at the same time!!!

  5. Progressives are never pro-active, only re-active. They will never have a workable plan because the real solution involves violating their Alice in Wonderland view of what society should be.

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