NRA: National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry Moving Forward

Purple-shirted woman with a 1911 in a quality IWB holster

In March, we reported on the details of NRA-backed concealed carry reciprocity legislation pending in Congress. The momentum behind those bills continues to build, with each attracting dozens of co-sponsors. Sen. John Cornyn’s Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act now boasts 37 co-sponsors. And 194 of his House colleagues have signed onto Rep. Richard Hudson’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.

Purple-shirted woman with a 1911 in a quality IWB holster
With a quality IWB holster, the 1911 is a good concealed carry handgun.

Concealed carry reciprocity legislation recognizes that Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms doesn’t end at their states’ borders. While most states already recognize this and have provisions allowing for reciprocity for concealed carry permits from other jurisdiction, a minority of antigun states have made a point of arresting out-of-state residents who carry or transport otherwise lawfully owned firearms in their jurisdictions.

This sort of “zero tolerance” enforcement has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with punishing people who believe in the Second Amendment. There is nothing legitimate about a state using its police powers to suppress the constitutional rights of fellow Americans.

That’s why your NRA has for years supported legislation to ensure that people who are federally eligible to possess firearms and who have state-sanctioned ability to carry concealed don’t lose their eligibility to do so simply because they cross state lines. This legislation would ensure that states would have to treat lawful concealed carriers from other states the same as lawful in-state concealed carriers. States would maintain their prerogatives over their own licensing regimes and the rules of behavior that govern concealed carry within their borders.

Gun control proponents have weakly argued that this legislation makes the most lenient concealed carry standards the de facto national standard. What that argument fails to account for, however, is that criminals who carry unlawfully with evil intent have no standards whatsoever. These bills are not for them. They are for law-abiding and self-regulating Americans who take pains to carry lawfully. And lawful concealed carriers have proven themselves to behave responsibly year after year in every U.S. jurisdiction.

Every expansion of concealed carry rights over the last 30 years has been met with the same tired rhetoric from gun control proponents about how it will result in a return to the Wild West and “blood in the streets.” But with some 15 million concealed carry permittees in the U.S. and untold thousands more lawfully carrying in the 12 states that no longer require a permit for concealed carry, those predictions simply have not materialized. And the handful of cases gun control proponents desperately point to simply prove the rule.

If your senators or representative have not co-sponsored the bills introduced by Sen. Cornyn and Rep. Hudson, please contact them today and respectfully ask that they do so.

We are closer than ever to making national reciprocity a reality, but the effort needs your help to succeed! Please contact your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative and urge them to cosponsor and support passage of S.446– the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017– in the Senate, and H.R.38 — the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017– in the House. You can contact your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative by phone at (202) 224-3121, or click here to Take Action.

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  1. I appreciate the efforts for national reciprocity, but please stop referring to concealed carry “license” as a “permit”. I know it seems trivial but there is a big distinction between a license and a permit.

  2. I just participated in the DC Project – where one woman from each state descended on Washington to meet with our lawmakers about 2A issues, the changing faces of gun ownership, stories from a woman’s perspective, etc. I brought up National reciprocity at every appointment. Most were very supportive, if not emphatic about it. The usuals will never be swayed.

    1. Thank you for your participation. This is what we need, and will always need. People (like yourself Kelly) who take the time and make the effort to speak on behalf of the Second Amendment and remind and/or educate legislators and citizens. Posting on websites is all well and good, but taking an active role is what is crucial.

    1. It would still be up to the discretion of installation commanders to allow personally owned fire arms on base. There was a DoD message sent out last November providing details on this topic.

  3. National reciprocity for concealed carry sounds like a good idea and a step in the right direction but it would still be an infringement on our 2nd Amendment Rights. The federal government should enforce the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and tell states they do not have the right to tell any law abiding citizen what, how, where or when they can carry a weapon. Pass laws that punish the illegal use and make them harsh. If you shoot someone unjustifiably you should suffer the consequences but just like any other crime you should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Your life shouldn’t be ruined because you shot some scumbag in self-defense.

  4. I still wonder why we are required to pay any level of government for a permit or seek permission for that which is already listed as an inalienable “right”. What’s next? A permit to freely speak or maintain your right against illegal search and seizure. A license of religious denomination.

  5. One gun free zone effectively makes the entire world a gun free zone for the law abiding. Did you leave your weapon at home because you are visiting a gun free zone today? If so, the whole world is effectively a gun free zone for you until you get back home.

  6. I think the solution would be a minimum standard be set by the federal government but the states issue the class and license.
    The states with constitutional carry can keep constitutional carry but anyone who wants to carry in another state would have to meet the minimum standards set by the feds and their home state would then issue them a license that would be good for all fifty states.
    If you didn’t want to carry in another state you could constitutional carry in your state.
    Furthermore feds would not be allowed access to state record’s.

  7. This is bullcrap… “Concealed carry reciprocity legislation recognizes that Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms doesn’t end at their states’ borders. While most states already recognize this and have provisions allowing for reciprocity for concealed carry permits”. If we have a 2nd Amendment right to carry, we should not need permission to carry. NRA sucks as usual giving away our Constitutional Rights.. The NRA even came to Arkansas to help give away our rights. So nice of them…

  8. I look forward to the day when you won’t NEED a license to carry ANYWHERE on American soil. However, I won’t hold my breath on that one.

  9. Most people do not realize that a reciprocal CCW does not protect you from the federal law that bans concealed carry within 1000 feet of a school, unless you have a valid CCW license issued from the state you are in. Granted, the feds are not going to go after you for this unless you get caught up in something else, but why take chances. Nationwide reciprocity will solve this.

  10. Unfortunately, I like many others don’t think this will ever pass. If it did get through congress, the leftists states would again just file lawsuits that would tie the issue up forever. The Supreme Court would have to weigh in and already even in heller I think it was Scalia who said states could impose different levels of “restriction”. The one item I can’t get around is how I always hear how people call upon the “states rights” issue. States rights although important are not supposed to allow states to infringe on constitutionally protected rights. This isn’t like “gay marriage”. Last time I checked “gay marriage” or similar social issues aren’t laid out directly in the US Constitution. How states are allowed to infringe upon any right guaranteed and protected by the Constitution is a mystery to me. The fact that States pass laws that are in direct contradiction to the Constitution is just something I cannot comprehend.

    Oh and one last item… to the poster(s) complaining about President Trump in relation to “not doing enough” for the Second Amendment, let me make one thing clear… President Trump is without question the “best ally” related to the Second Amendment probably in the history of Presidental politics… period. Now admittedly I don’t know what Presidents from the early 1800’s said or thought but at almost 50 years of age I have NEVER heard a President speak in defense of the Second like Trump. Trump is the best thing Presidentially to happen to the 2A in hundreds of years…. so maybe go and try complaining about something else!

  11. Believe it when I see it: have to somehow blend the different levels of requirements, e.g. prove ability to handle vs. be crime free only. Just like the Civil War it becomes a States’ Rights battle. Might lead to a national carry license which would also be a national confiscation list that the Totalitariar Progressive Filth has wanted for decades..

    Living where I do, surrounded by the Peoples Republiks of NY, NJ, MD, DEL. I find myself thinking, no can’t go there.

    1. Please, PLEASE, read the 14th Amendment. It has been made “fully applicable” with the 2nd Amendment. It IS NOT a “States Right” issue any longer. The States have NO RIGHT to diminish Our Rights…they can ONLY “add-to” a fundamental individual Right. This Right is NOT 2nd Class and is “fully applicable” in ALL States, see, McDonald, supra., of 2010, which FULLY INCORPORATED this Right. AND, read Case Law on Constitutional Rights in SCOTUS Cases–the States MUST abide by US Constitution; Judges are BOUND to follow LAW–NO DISCRETION!!

  12. And yet both the House and Senate nationwide reciprocity bills are rotting in subcommittee, having been ignored since they were introduced in January, while a rollback of internet privacy rules, which allows ISPs to sell our data, got the GOP’s and Trump’s immediate attention and passed in April.

    So far, nothing but lip service from these supposed 2A-friendly lawmakers and Trump, who wooed gun owners with big talk and was happy to accept endless rounds of applause as well as a load of cash from the NRA. Guess the wealthy corporatists at Comcast and Verizon are more important than blue-collar gun-owning voters.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing it or feeling this way. The same way they are more than happy to sell our internet data they are also happy in keeping their own health care plans and cutting/gutting what the rest of us use. I live from paycheck to paycheck and like most people I’m pretty sure either I or someone in my family is one medical catastrophe away from living on the streets. Sorry about going off topic, but it sucks seeing the Senate and Congress do all they can for themselves and big business and leave all the “regular” people to fend for themselves.

    2. Democrat or Republican.

      More of the same, from the same.

      LIE, CHEAT, STEAL and be very CORRUPTIBLE.

      It has always been the American politicians way.


      You know them, because you keep voting for them.

      And Sadly, the American citizen has become complacent too.

      “Ain’t Freedom Grand”………….”YOU better be serving and paying your Washington Masters.”

  13. National reciprocity of handgun licensing is a long time coming. When one compares it to national reciprocity of driving licenses, it makes a lot of sense, since driving is a privilege and keeping and bearing arms is a right. Of course the left-wing socialist states will fight this tooth and nail, but if it goes through Congress and is signed into law, it would go a long way toward rectifying a long standing problem.

    Now…..Having said all of that, I do not believe we need anything more than reciprocity that compels states to honor the carry licenses of every other state. I do not think that a national carry license is in the best interest of we carriers, since such a license would undoubtedly have some unpleasant and impractical federal “strings” attached to it. Such federal licensing would basically be a de facto form of registration, and that is a major infringement on the Second Amendment rights of We The People.

  14. The problem with national reciprocity is while the standards are the same to get a driver’s license, they aren’t for a carry permit. Some states you have to have intensive training, both classroom and on the range, and some others (like my PA) you just need no criminal record and a pulse.

    Sooo, then you’d need a national standard…which then contradicts the Trump administration’s “states rights” arguments. While I’m sure they’d try to have it both ways, they really can’t.

    1. Driver’s license requirements are not the same in each state. For instance, in NE you have to state if you have had certain medical conditions when you renew, which is every five years. AZ you don’t have to renew your license and it is good until you are 65 (although they don’t offer that any more because of lose of revenue).

      Yet my AZ license works just as well in NE as it does in AZ.

    2. “Driver’s license requirements are not the same in each state. For instance, in NE you have to state if you have had certain medical conditions when you renew, which is every five years. AZ you don’t have to renew your license and it is good until you are 65 (although they don’t offer that any more because of lose of revenue).”

      That’s renewals. But to get your license, you have to demonstrate that you know the laws, pass a written test on them, know how to drive and park, and demonstrate that you know how to do them. And that’s the same everywhere The analogy is one state does that and the neighboring state when a kid turns 16 they just hand him a piece a plastic and say “go drive.”

    3. There can NEVER be a “…license, Tax, or fee,” by ANY State or Govt entity to practice, protect, exercise a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!!! PERIOD!!! ALL of this BS has got to be exposed by We, the People–the Govt did NOT give us these “Rights” GOD did so. Try charging a Poll Tax to Vote and see how far it goes; the “…Right to keep and bear Arms” is NOT a PRIVELEGE or a “…2nd Class Right,” but is ENSHRINED in the Bill of Rights, and is NOW “fully applicable” in ALL of the 50 States, see, McDonald vs. City of Chicago (2010).

  15. As a CCW holder here in Reno, Nevada and a person who travels to and from Calif. fairly often, this bill hits close to home, so to speak.
    I have contacted my Congressman (who is a co-sponsor of HR 38) and both of my US Senators (one who is a co-sponsor of S.446 and one who opposes it).
    I suggest addressing this bill as being one that simply requires all 50 states to obey Article 4, Section 1 of the US Constitution. Obeying the Constitution is an issue that will be harder to oppose than “allowing out-of-state people to carry guns.”

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