NRA Supports Local LEOs, Troops and Veterans

The Life of Duty network

The National Rifle Association has a long-standing tradition of supporting our troops, veterans and law enforcement officers. The NRA founded the NRA-LED (Law Enforcement Division) in 1960 with the goal of providing the law enforcement community with a means to certify shooting instructors.

The NRA Law Enforcement Division
Founded in 1960, the NRA Law Enforcement Division offers an array of services for the law enforcement community.

Soon, thereafter the NRA-LED grew to include shooting competitions among law enforcement officers. In 1963, the NRA-LED hosted the inaugural the National Police Shooting Championship.  Each year since then it has held this and many similar competitions. In 2008, the NRA-LED started the Tactical Police Competition to offer LEOs more practice time with realistic scenarios. The NRA-LED chooses to stay apolitical, focusing on how to best serve our military and law enforcement community rather than get bogged down in legislation and party politics. Being a member of the NRA-LED has many advantages. It offers scholarships for the children of LEOs as well as awarding a sizable benefit to the family of any member officer that falls in the line of duty. Additionally, the NRA-LED provides liability and instructor insurance for current and retired officers at a low cost.  The NRA-LED also publishes a quarterly newsletter with news and offers pertaining to the law enforcement community.

NRA Officer of the Year Engraved Pistol
The NRA awards the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year with this engraved Smith & Wesson.

Each year, the NRA-LED awards a member of the law enforcement community the honor of Law Enforcement Officer of the year. The recipient of the award receives a custom engraved Smith and Wesson handgun as well as a high-quality ballistic vest from Velocity Systems. To further honor and assist law enforcement, first responders, and military members, the NRA launched the Life of Duty Network. Life of Duty is a broadband network dedicated to and specializing in providing quality content for the men and women who defend our country both domestic and abroad. The network features programs such as Patriot Profiles, Frontlines, NRA American Warrior, and others. The Life of Duty Network is expanding every year to provide for our nation’s heroes.

The Life of Duty network
The NRA launched the Life of Duty network to offer high-quality content for service members, law enforcement officers and first responders.

Specifically for our nation’s armed forces, the NRA-LED sponsors the Roll of Honor. This database allows family members, friends and the public to search through an organized database graphically displaying the branch, rank, awards and decoration of current and retired service men and women. The project is relatively young, but is expanding everyday.

If you wish to support any of the organizations, click one of these links: National Rifle Association Life of Duty Roll of Honor

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