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This month, NRA Life of Duty Correspondent Chuck Holton reports from Southern West Virginia – an area with the highest prescription drug overdoses in the United States. Look for the full report later this month and watch the trailer at the link below.

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  1. Every congressman in the U.S.A. should have to live under those conditions for a while. THEN see if they want to take guns away from law abiding citizens.
    This is what the entire nation will be like, if the liberals in washington remain in control. Then, THEY will move to switzerland or wherevet they’ve been stashing their bribes. It is very hard to follow the rules of this site when commenting on things like this.

  2. Well, I wish the WV State Police all the luck in the world in trying to change the the state of WV, because I live there also. God bless them and God help me. I live in Dunbar WV, which is a part of the southern part of the state, where probably half (it seems) of the population is not from here, they are from other cities and states(NY, Detroit,FL, Atlanta, NJ, Houston, Columbus OH, or anywhere else they used to live where they have committed their crimes and are wanted by the locals) and they come here to hide from the law. They think that by coming here they won’t be found, and then they set up shop here and or roll back and forth from their original residence to here selling their drugs, trafficking their whores, buying and or selling their illegal guns, robbing people, and conducting home invasions, or beating/slashing/shooting people on the streets and in their homes. This is probably the most beautiful state I’ve ever seen/lived in, and also one of the most dangerous. You have to be constantly aware of your surroundings, and be careful of who you make eye contact with, and never, EVER let anyone know that you take a prescription medication for pain, or anything for that matter. You do NOT walk down the street with a Rite Aid bag in your hand. I had a friend beat so badly that his brains were coming out of his head, just two blocks from where I live. So far nothing has been done about that. He made it through it alive, thank God. My wife and I pray every night for Jesus to protect us as we sleep. I keep a gun near me in the house at all times.
    My wife and I were sitting on the porch one day and this fellow decided to come to the edge of the porch and pull his pants down (making it look as if he were tucking in his shirt tail) we both looked away, but you know how vision is out the corner of your eye, he was trying to show us his winkie. Neither of us said a word to him just to try to avoid a fight between he and I, as I am disabled, had a 4th degree black belt in Kenjo, but can no longer use it because of my severe spinal stenosis. We were blessed that he just went away, and we went on enjoying our evening. About an hour and a crack pipe later he came back, obviously blasted out of his mind, my wife was on the porch, I was in the house and stood where he couldn’t see me, and I was near my 1911 Remington Rand .45 as he came up to the porch and started toward my wife, I told her to come in the house and told him to not touch her, getting his attention on me and off of her, she made it to the door as he was coming up the three steps on to the porch. He was very, very angry that I said anything to him, so cursing and saying he was gonna kill me, MF this and MF that, as he reached for the door with one hand and into his pocket with the other, I shoved the door open for him and held it with my foot as I raised my .45. He wasn’t looking at me at that moment, he was struggling to retrieve whatever it was in his pocket. When I said, “I wouldn’t”, he looked up, he was right at the door and he froze in his tracks, I said, “I’ll do it”. He just stood there for a moment with his eyes as big as saucers, then he backed up and started yelling “brandishing a weapon”-“Brandishing a weapon”-“I’m calling the law”. I said “ok” you give ’em a call, please. He just kept backing up and yelling at me, all kinds of ignorant stuff as if I did something to him. I was only trying to protect my wife, my house, my head, our lives. I didn’t know what this idiot was pulling out of his pocket. I found out later from people that know him, “homies”, that he carries a baton and goes around beating people up with it, sometimes for no reason.
    At the time when it was happening I remember thinking to myself, God I hope this doesn’t have to happen, I hope he goes away, I mean I was praying that this guy would just see the danger he was in and give this one up. Thank God he did and I didn’t have to kill that man, and I would’ve. As he was leaving he kept saying “you’d better keep that gun with you at all times, I’ll see ya’ again”. Of course I told I had a permit to carry and would be glad to carry it at all times. My CCW ran out a couple of years ago and I can’t afford to get another one. Four hundred dollars is a lot of food and bill money these days. Maybe someday I’ll hit the lottery as I can play once a week for a dollar. I don’t know why it has to cost so much to get a CCW. I don’t want to open carry, I’m uncomfortable with that, but I guess as long as I’m at home everything is gonna be alright. Heck, I’m afraid to leave the house anyway for fear they will run through it a grab the things I do have, couple guitars, couple guns, a poor musician doesn’t stand a chance here in this good ol’ state of WV. I hope they do clean it up. As for the WV State Police, more power to ya’ gentlemen. You have my vote.

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