NRA Counters Bloomberg’s Bogus Membership Claims

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The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action conducted a national scientific poll of its members and found near unanimity among NRA members on a wide range of issues involving mental health reform and firearm rights. Gun control advocates, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as various media outlets, have released data claiming to represent the views of NRA members, despite the fact that none of those surveys had access to the NRA’s membership list. The NRA survey of 1,000 randomly-selected NRA members across the country is the only legitimate survey of NRA members in existence.

nra-ila-logoThe data from this survey indicates that NRA members are united in their desire for Washington to focus on keeping firearms from the mentally ill and to reject unconstitutional gun control measures that infringe on Second Amendment rights.

“Mayor Bloomberg’s claims that gun owners are divided are totally false. It is nothing more than an attempt by anti-gun activists to further their long-standing political agenda,” said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox. “American gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are ready for Washington to put politics aside and come together to fix our broken mental health system.” Key Findings:

  • 91% of NRA members support laws keeping firearms away from the mentally ill.
  • 92% of NRA members oppose gun confiscation via mandatory buy-back laws.
  • 89% oppose banning semi-automatic firearms, often mistakenly called “assault rifles”.
  • 93% oppose a law requiring gun owners to register with the federal government.
  • 92% oppose a new federal law banning the sale of firearms between private citizens.

Methodology – The national survey was conducted by OnMessage Inc. Telephone interviews were conducted January 13-14, 2013. This survey consists of 1,000 NRA members and was stratified by state to reflect voter distribution in the 2012 presidential election. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 3.09%.

Full results available here.


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  1. This is reasonable….when will the NRA decide to become a citizen organization that strives to control the misuse of weapons by bad people? Either become part of the solution or lose. You folks (I don’t need to own weapons) have more rights than the kids who are killed on the streets by weapons that exceed the capability and rights of the user.

    1. Ric wrote:

      “I don’t need to own weapons”

      Just remember what the Right Reverand Martin Niemöller said when “they” come for YOU!

  2. All the politicians who have favored or recently flipped on gun legislation are hopeful their ‘loyalty’ will garner them a spot in the New World Order or some other organization such as NATO or The United Nations.
    There is no other reason. Why would any person in a position of responsibility in the US want to disarm the world’s largest army, the American Citizens? With the religious war, or what ever you want to call it, going on worldwide, our best defense is clearly armed citizens.
    Those who wish to circumvent the United States Constitution and disarm American Citizens are internal terrorists. They should be arrested, tried and shot, which is what this country historically did to traitors.

  3. The purpose of the Second Amendment is to arm people in order to prevent future tyranny. They need the tools to do this.

    The term “Well Regulated” in the Second Amendment meant “Well Manned and Equipped ” in 1791 as was determined in the 1939 United States v. Miller case after referencing the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The concept of Government Regulation, as we understand it today, did not exist at the time.

    United States v. Miller also determined that the term “Arms” refers to “Ordinary Military Weapons” (not crew operated). American Citizens have the right to Keep and Bear, which means Own and Carry, any weapons that a soldier carries into battle. That includes past, present and future weapons. A Militia consisted of armed volunteers willing to fight with their personal arms and not under government control.

    The 2008 Heller v. Washington DC decision reaffirmed that the Right to Bear Arms was an Individual right. The 2010 McDonald v. Chicago decision reaffirmed it yet again and made it clear that it applies to every state, every city and every town in the United States.

    To limit the Second Amendment to muskets would be the equivalent of limiting the First Amendment to the 18th century Printing Press.

    Liberty is worth the risk of death!

    Switzerland, who gives each person a firearm and teaches them how to use it has a crime rate so low it is virtually impossible to document.
    Kennesaw, GA who requires the head of households to own firearms had an investigative reporter on an Atlanta, GA tv station do a story on Kennesaw and two other similar communities surrounding Atlanta. Previously, some years ago, Kennesaw had a rising crime rate due to the sprawl so they decided to try the gun ownership requirement ordinance. As of today, Kennesaw has crime rates that are less than 1/3 of the two surrounding communities. That is hard, real data for Feinstein, Bloomberg and that other wennie, whatever his name is. Explain those facts away will ya?

  5. The Latin translation of LAW is something like “To Corral”. Ever feel corralled? Funny thing, the law is simply someone’s concept. Just not yours or mine. Its also unique the way freedom has been twisted around to mean “Freedom isnt free” because if it was really freedom it would be free. I think protection or the powers that be is what isnt free. So we have to send our young men and women abroad to protect those in power, one way or the other, through intimidation or filling the pockets of the military arsenal manufacturers who provide enormous amounts of cash for their reelection. The United States has been a war every year of its existence except for about three years.
    GO SEE:
    I may be off the subject a bit here but all these pieces help to connect the dots.
    Who IS in control is the Central Bank, the NWO and those wishing to take it all. But they have one serious problem The largest army in the world. Larger than all other armies combined. The citizens of the United States who are armed to the teeth and not willing to give one inch on gun control. Let’s keep em at bay guys!!

  6. Bloomberg, Feinstein and Polosi all need to be removed from office. Feinstein and Polosi hail from a state that can not even balance the budget or control immigration and yet, they poke their pie holes in to the business of the remainder of the Union? I don’t think so. As for Bloomberg, he needs to retire and play shuffle board somewhere. All three of these politicians have a personal agenda about controlling OUR personal freedoms. The elite in this Country, as they might consider themselves, working collectively toward disarmament of the populace. Together with Obama and his potty mouth hatchman Biden, they seemibgly have a vision for America which does not include rights for all, just a select few in the ruling elite. Use EVERY legal and lawful means necessary to remove these fools from office. VOTE and write your Supreme Court, Senators and Congressmen often. Flood them with letters, calls and e-mails about being fed up with interferring Government and the ruling class in Washington D.C. Let them know their own days in politics are numbered through the vote if they support any anti-gun ownership legislation. One vote is all it takes to get a fool elected…one person not votoing against them made it happen. The same principle applies here. If you do not let your voice be heard, then you have no right to complain when they enact laws to eliminate your rights under the 2nd Amendment. And once they do that, God help us all. That will just be the beginning. Safety and prosperity to all freedom loving people. And, to OUR beloved Country, longevity!

  7. Great comment Paul Lutteur. That is if I was a blade of grass like the republicans, everytime the wind blows they bend. I see the words coming out of the leftists mouths so, NO, I wont hold hands and sing Kumbaha, “We are the World”, or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I will never embrace thier skewed dope and alcohol soaked, food stamp, no work, philosophy. WHAT good is the left anyway, they wont fight because they dont believe in guns, they wont work because they dont believe education or earning your way, they dont pay taxes becasue they dont work, they dont make anything useful for society because they dont work, they have no usable skill because they have never sought a living that pays bills. So WHY, WHY would I continue allowing these people to inject their socialist moronic degradation in to MY Constitution. Not gonna happen. You want to see degradation completely and solely accomplished by the left democrats, here it is folks, DETROIT, CHICAGO, DC, LA, been democrat for years and they passsed laws that entitled them. Now they are waste lands full of gangs, muslims, and illegals. These democratic havens established by the democrats and allowed to prosper by the democrats will be the jumping off points for the riots as soon as the check stops coming.
    So no Paul, when it comes it’ll be answered. I will not pay for these socialist democrat programs that steal every dime from those that work. So heres my tax program. I will only earn whatever it takes to pay my bills, period not one dime more. Then I will pay taxes at the end of the year, this beats out the govt on FREE interest earned all year from your money, lastly get out of debt, pay the credit cards off. The way to answer this rogue govt spending is not giving them your money.
    Yes, the govt will just borrow another couple trillion, thats obamas MO. pelosi demanded more taxes and the ink on fiscal cliff #1 wasnt dried yet. Now theres #2 and set for #3. Give them nothing. Nothing. It is said property taxes will go so high that you wont be able to pay for that, communities will look just like Detroit and the rest.
    Mike in Afghanistan

  8. Funny the “left” is always the scape-goat. They, like you, are pawns. Everyone is being played. It all comes down to control. And the government certainly doesn’t have it. Time to wake up kids and see who is really running the show. It certainly isn’t Obama, lefties, righties or the NRA.

    All this talk about the Constitution. Maybe everyone should read it and research the reasons it was created in the first place. Control – by and for the moneyed (land owner) class. Do your homework. It’s time for some new thinking and priorities.

    Though it’s probably far too late. We’ve all sat on our asses for way to many years letting others write the laws, pervert our political system and use fear of everything to manipulate our thinking to create just what we have now. A country owned by corporations and run by corporations. Only it isn’t border defined. This is a global problem and the only solution is a global answer. Time to abandon the “us and them” concept. It isn’t difficult to see that has been the motivator used to control the masses for the ends we all share now. Well, most of us anyway.

  9. Pete Geller excellent point. Just because a law enforcement officer is carrying a gun means nothing. As a deputy trainer I was tasked with getting shooting skills of some up to speed. I THOUGHT this would be easy since after all there were basic training methods and so forth in place. NOT SO FAST, yeah they carried but werent proficient. One excuss was they didnt have the BUDGET to buy training rounds. The dept didnt supply training rounds. So the deputies bought their own. One female officer carried her gun unloaded. The holster almost new and no signs of draw training. I was appauled, another former Marine was a rifle man and could hit a dime at 100 meters, but a pistol, Get a helmet. Way back the NYPD shot a lady some 40 times, or the one where the cops shot a car up with some 50 rounds nobody was hurt. And the “suspects” were unarmed and had been lawful. Thank God for that.
    As Ive seen here there are some who’ve been in a stress fire conditions. You can carry a bazooka but who cares but if you cant hit the guy with the .22 may be very proficient. Police carry a gun for THEIR protection, NOT YOURS. New Jersey stated a long time ago that police would not be held responsible for 911 calls that went unanswered. Check their gun laws out.
    The photo op of obama shooting the shotgun file them with the fake tears he B/S’d about during the Sandy speech.
    Yes as a deputy I spent my money for rounds and practised weekly. We retired the 9 m/m S/W and went to a Glock .40. Poor choice. After a shoot with the 9 m/m the individual didnt go down he was hit 9 times. Shot placement and caliber was the cause. After the shoot with the .40, 3 hits. Same result. Common thread?.
    I hunt with a handgun becasue it requires more skill and puts the hunt into the hunt. Stalking, consealment, terrain, ect. Secondly the round is limited for distance.
    So know your firearm, stay within its capablities and practise. EXACTLY what the NRA instructor taught. If police were NRA trained there probably would have had a differnt outcome. But instead we have the NRA being crusified in the media. Those 9 citizens law suits cost more than the training and bullets. If I got hit, I would ensure that everytime bloomberg, NYC and the officers sat down they would feel a deep pain in the wallet.

  10. people forget what started it all for the people of this great nation. the framers were and are today some of the smartest people ever assembled. they intended for us to be armed to protect ourselves from what ever the threat may be. we are all americans and should not take a radicle view instead we should take a rational view. get some term limits on these fools put them in their place and by all means ask them personally to by all means enforce the laws that they would place upon us with their lives as they have asked people like me to enforce their laws on othewrs through the use of the military political machine. for a change they should put their lives where their mouth is. right on the line like i did for their so called betterment of the greater good. understand that if i had been in a posistion to do so i would have placed my life in front of gabby giffords as sure as i have done for the millions of people i have defended for the twenty years i served. if i coiuld have been present at newtown i would have placed my life in danger before i would have let harm come to those children. these are the words of a patriotic american who cheriches the freedoms and rights we have as americans. so please understand when i say i love my country and all it stands for i mean everything and i will defend it against all who dare to infringe upon the rights and do undo harm to her or the many veterans who have made the untimate sacrifice in defending thos rights

  11. BTW:

    I have served this Great Country myself, and damn proud of it.

    My war was long ago, but we all here have a new war, a civil one, because

    our right and freedoms are at stake..Stand up and fight.

    K W S.


    TO ALL OF YOU THAT COMMENTED, I love my freedom to keep and bear arms, I will fight to keep them no matter to what it takes. I love my guns and no SOB will ever get them from me. I am very worried as all of you are and I have been endlessly sending emails and letters to all the people I know and our elected officals. I support every thing the NRA and others are doing to fight this and I am trying to do my part as well.
    Guns are my life , since I was a 5 years old I have owned a firearm, my Dad, started me young and I have never stopped loving the feel of my guns shooting them and huntings as well with my so called assault weapons that I love to shoot and do every chance I can.
    I. was just stating that I havent seen anyone commenting about a lot of our shooting sport guys, why havent we heard more of them speaking out, sorry if I have offened anyone, I surely didnt mean too.
    Just keep up the fight to keep our guns and our freedom, thats all I want.

    K.W. Stephens

  13. The 2nd Amendment is a Civil Right just like each and every Amendment. it’s just the one that Liberals have villified and the most. Try and get the ACLU to back you on a 2nd Amendment violation though. The 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting, shooting clay pidgeons or target shooting. It is about protecting yourself and family from tyrants and criminals. It is the Tyrants and criminals who want to take that Civil Right away. They have been doing this since the beginning and the fight will be there to the end. If you give up the 2nd Amendment you lose all.

  14. I wonder what the correlation is between those that accept abortion and those that are for gun control? I know af several “young” ladies who believe in abortion and are dead set against firearms because they can kill people Ironic!!!!!

  15. K.W. Stephens: We need to stop talking about “shooting sports”. Instead, we need to focus on the Second Amendment, which does not mention sports of any kind, and really have nothing to do with sports. It has to do with “the people’s” absolute, God-given *right* to keep and bear arms. If you look at the words the Framer’s left behind for us, it is clear that they intended we be armed so that, in the last extreme, we would be able to resist a tyrannical government.

    When we talk about “sporting purposes” we are playing directly into the hands of the gun grabbers.

  16. well thats it tax ammo for more money for our freinds in washington to spend on liberating a nother country that will be bombing us in a year or two maybe send bloomberg and coumo over next time with hillary as their leader

  17. The Obama supporters want thorough background checks for our RIGHT to bear arms, yet would scream like little girls if before receiving the PRIVILEGE to vote, one had to pass the same background check.
    Let us all insist that before anyone can vote, the must also pass the same background check as required for a firearm purchase.

  18. Remember the video of the police shooting of Jeffrey Johnson after he shot a coworker in NYC where 9 bystanders were hit by police fire? Bloomberg bragged in the press conference about how his wonderfully trained new Anti-Terrorist Police Officers acted in a professional manner and brought down this callous killer. All I could think when I watched the video were two things. Why on earth would the police call out this suspect on a busy sidewalk (although the suspect was actually on the side of the street) after they had been told by a construction worker that he had just shot and killed a man?? And how could they possibly approach this suspect, then call him out, when they did not even have their firearms out of the holster? I can understand the officers dancing around after the subject turned and presented his firearm but I still can’t understand why an officer would approach a potential shooter while their pistols were still holstered!! This is what Bloomberg calls “well trained Law Enforcement”…. Anyone I know would only refer to this as a charlie foxtrot operation! We can only hope these officers learned from this experience since from all I know they were only given positive reinforcement that they performed flawlessly…..I’m sure there are at least 9 New Yorkers who don’t agree with that assessment….

  19. The basic problem with background checks is their history,which proves the basic lie thinking people need to avoid! It’s simple! Prior to the 68’Gun Control Act,and the prior 150 plus years,citizens of all types bought their guns simply by paying for them.Sounds simple does it not? Crime was lower,people were polite(I remember the 60’s & 70’s)!Whats left out purposely by the Left and those who’re ignorant of Rights and guns,is THE FACT that the citizens carried guns for defense,unencumbered by gun-control laws(carry licenses,registration etc.)and defended themselves and others!Both Criminals and Good People had guns!Cockroach criminals stayed in the shady cracks and crevises in fear of Good People exercising their 2A Rights!After 68′,with the hassle of registration,licensing and outright denial of the Right to Self Defense(gun bans),THE GOOD PEOPLE were disarmed,by gun-control laws,leaving “gun control law breakers(criminals and nuts)” armed!Gun Control=criminals(nuts) with illegal guns!Gun Control=Good Folks Unarmed,Defenseless,fish in a barrel!The Focus should be on “The People”,99% law abiding,disarmed,defenseless!Until We get back to the One law “thou Shall Not Commit Murder”,covered by The 2A,basic Law of The Land, prior to the 68’marxist stumbling block,We ARE NOT FREE,SAFE or at LIBERTY to DEFEND OUR LIVES,THE LIVES OF OUR LOVED ONES AND THE LIVES OF OUR FELLOW CITIZENS! PERIOD!

  20. “When liberty is removed by force, it can be restored by force, when freedom and liberties are relinquished voluntarily they shall never be recovered” – Author Unknown

  21. Nothing new. Feinstein is still telling people that the AR was used at Newtown. They’re all liars and the media is right there with them.

  22. Hello Gunlover’s,

    I am a C&R FFL license holder, shooter and reloader. I am just wondering why we havent heard more on the folks that take part in groups like “Three Gun Nation and other sport shooting groups”, To me there is not enough of those people not speaking out about there sport to help save multi-round magazines and semi-auto firearms. There sport is in bad trouble as all compatition shooting will be.
    Not only the ban on hi-cap mags, there is the talk of a tax on ammo, its there way of making it next to impossile for the shooting sports. To me there has been too many increases on ammo as it is, two years a go a box of 50 , 9mm could be bought for $8.00 at Walmart, now the same ammo is going for as much as $24.00 bucks a box. If the anti-gun lobbiests help get this tax passed through, there wont be any of us shooting because its going to be just too expensive for any of us.
    My final word, we all must say what is on our minds, speak up, keep sending your political parties emails, give them your mind and tell them we are the ones who elected you and we can be the ones to kick you out of where you are now. Fight for your RIGHTS and fight the Presidents anti-gun LIES.

    K.W. Stephens

  23. chris,
    I do agree in part. The vague gun laws are designed that way. A lawyers haven. Laws in this country are so weak and made so by agencies like the ACLU. If a crime is commited using a gun or a projectile discharging device that ends in murder then there is no life sentence. A death sentence is the only answer. A crime commited regardless of type using a gun or a projectile discharging device a minimum of 15 years. Stealing a gun 10 years. As a former deputy gun crimes were met with so little response, I could have wrote a ticket and got a better result.
    A mans or a womens home is his/her castle. If a person breaks in the home and is met with an armed home owner shot, killed or otherwise. Then law enforcemnet brings a clean up crew.
    biden put together a gun bill, then states a double barrel shotgun is what he recommends. Of course obama stated he goes skeet shooting. Untrue if you went skeet shooting, Whats the first question asked, What kind of shotgun did you used, its a natural inquery. I ask it like anybody else with that interest.
    The Marines were having a skeet shoot, obama showed up and left after 5 minutes. So I guess he did go to a skeet shoot. But he has no idea what your talking about and has no interest in it.
    Look up NPD by the Mayo clinic and you’ll understand why obama said this.

  24. Joe6pk, Your almost a leftist yourself.
    15 tours with the military and 5 as a civilian, thats me. Im in Afghanistan now. If the left wants to bring it, it’ll be answered. So keeping my firearms in some club aint working. An AR, isnt an assualt weapon. A machine gun is. I know the difference. Chicago had more people killed in that city than here, 2011. And we face AKs, RPGs, and high explosives. The worst problem we have is with the ANA, Afghan National Army, they shoot and kill more and more soldiers and we have dozens of incidents that never make it in the leftist news media.
    Not one answer about the shooters of those I listed. Guess what, already know the answer. That was my first blog and I was testing the waters. Found out exactly what I thought. Loaded with lefties trying to make some headway for their agenda. Wont work on me. The best weapon is the one inbetween your shoulders. Australia had the same stupid rule about keeping your guns at the club. Heres what they did, went to the club and took them all. Nobody knew. Thats a non starter.
    The 2cd amendment doesnt discriminate theres no racism involved, period. So how do I know your a leftist democrat, you used statements like “southern and dumber than dirt”, only leftists do that. They cant and dont use facts whatsoever instead attack by personal name calling, try to dehumanize and demonize as you did throughout your statement. You’ve been found out and Im calling you out. You didnt hide it well, but then again as a former deputy Ive heard every B/S story on the planet. However there is some truth in what you say. The people who are “rocking the boat” arent rocking the boat at all they are trying to dismantle the Constitution at each and every level. This is a Republic and not a democracy. Its By the People, and By the People only. So if your suggesting taking back the Constitution then I agree. The NRA stands for the 2cd amendment and thats what the left is attacking. Since I know people who were at the Ft Hood murders, I was not there, I was here, (obama stating it was work place violence and not a terrorist act) The Major was a democrat with a muslim twist. I do my homework and was just checking to see if anybody had something to add.
    IF there was one shooter that was an NRA member the leftist media would have screamed like the little b*tches they are. Piers Morgan come to mind. If you dont like the NRA dont join period. My life membership was paid in full back in 85. The NRA teaches safe firearms training, concealed carry and has special classes for women and the disabled. They are the consummate experts and I agree with you that all people should be NRA trained if they handle firearms and if desired have a CCW.
    Note: obama stated in 08 that he would have a national army, enter the DHS, Already accured 1.5 billion rounds of .40 caliber hollow point (hollows are against the geneva convention), and have recently ordered 7000 ARs, for “personal protection”. They aint out plinking bro.

  25. Same strategy the left employed in the elections… divide and conquer the opposition. Now is the time…. doesnt matter if you are a traditional hunter and only have bolt action rifles and doublebarrel birdguns or you’re a 3 gun comp/ personal defense weapon enthusiest… you either support gun ownership or you support the gun grabbers. Dont take the bait! The only common sense reforms needed in this culture are 1) return to emphasis of family values (ie: the antithesis of modern liberalism) and 2) improve access to mental health care and services for those who need it. The Grand Theft Auto style video games that these psychopath mass murders spend days on end marathons playing gotta go.

  26. Two points leading to one conclusion: First, the country which gives firearms to all of its citizens, Switzerland, has a crime rate too low to track. Two, during the DC case in the U. S. Supreme Court concerning their gun laws I researched another city about the size as DC. It is London, England. With similar cities, one with strict firearm control, London, and the other without, DC, London had TWICE the violent crime as DC over the most recent period that was published, a ten year period.
    Anyone who seeks to violate the United States Constitution is an internal terrorist and should be arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned or executed. Now THAT is the law!

  27. Bloomberg in a politician he would not know the truth is it ran over him. If his lips are moving he is more than likely lying, saying anything and everything he can to get what he wants. He tell NYers that when he steals their second amendment rights all crime will stop and they will be safe, problems is they believe him. He is a politician a democrat at that first and foremost who works for the Democratic party and places they interest above all else. Then someplace down the line he is an American with Anti-American view AND unconstitutional intent.

  28. I watched the little ferret-eyed mayor announce his poll results on CBS and immediately i wondered how he had access to the NRA’s membership list. As if the NRA would share it with this little dictator. I then noticed his poll was qualified as “conducted a poll among households with a NRA member”. Without a membership list that statement cannot be verifiable and besides who in the family responded to the poll’s questions? He’s a liar.

  29. Why can’t we get these obviously false claims out to the major media? Are all the media left-wing controlled? Why doesn’t anyone investigate the prior history of these mentally disturbed individuals and their pharmacological history? In almost every case, they were on or had stopped taking anti-depressant drugs which in the commercials state can lead to suicidal or violent thoughts. Apparently, patient-doctor confidentiality, even when public safety is at stake, is more defensibe than the second amendment.

  30. This is what we are dealing with. Creatures so vile, so false, that they would use any thing or anyone, to enhance their megalomania. No fear of being exposed on the world level. Only this is worse than the snake-oil salesmen of the old west. He wants us to buy something that is proven NOT to work! When there’s nothing left to say……….

  31. Good day,
    Ive seen many times that the Ft Hood , gifford, Aurora, Columbine(parents), Virginia tech, Connecticut, and possibly the Sandy shooters were all democrats. I say we know they werent NRA memebers because if they were the leftist media wouldnt have stopped screaming for years. That brought me to Reagans shooter, JFK, Robert and MLK. What do we have on this and why isnt it held to the same standard as the Cheney accident where the leftist media couldnt stop the presses.

  32. Looking for a simple solution to this weapons ban. As a member in Maryland of the NRA with my younger brother for years, we then drifted away after our military duty. Both of us were then shocked when the Charles Heston NoeNaziCon mentality engulf, absorbed and blackened the intent of the NRA goal inside our country. Since the crazy’s took over all we see and hear of the NRA, looks, sounds racist, southern and dumber them dirt. Worst their are many ways to solve this problem, but bad-mouthing and trying to intimidate our citizens is not one that’s not going to work. It should be obvious that requiring people to be checked to get guns in any fashion is not the only solution, but dam we have to register our cars for the road, a drivers licenses requires a test both practical and written, why in the world would you object to a background check? Additionally by appearing to be resistant to anything makes the NRA look obstinate, arrogant to an angry population. Which might encourage the water walkers into an unreasonable attitude. Which might justify the entire population ignoring anything the NRA say! Best you help the authorities get rid of the nut-bags, then sign-on to the background checks, then this will go away. And of course keep the dam assault weapons out of the churches and off the streets, then the assault weapon ban thing will go away. Must change the perceived NRA thought process of a spoiled child publicly. Be sure of one thing, many people are going to turn against all of this if the NRA do not in mass, of your own accord, help the authorities find and fix those who are rocking this boat… publicly.
    To make threats and worthless, better to do something positive for your imagine and stop the extremists pushing for a confrontation on both sides, the government will only act when it gives up other avenues, would think that time is at hand. When they do give up other avenues, one morning you will wake up and no weapons will be allowed in public, ever again. Or a prohibition will be imposed with penalties so great no one will push the issue. Also all these folks you see writing on these sites might be good with a computer, but a person who has been around the killing knows most folks cannot do what is necessary, no mater their passion against organized military. So cut your losses, grow a pair and help the authorities get the guns away from the nut-bags and unbalanced and keep the assault weapons on the farms and shooting clubs and so the American people do not think your trying to intimidate them, then all this will disappear, and would suggest it happen soon. Other wise you may get what they think your asking for, and believe me, you don’t want to go there.

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